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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  April 26, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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they joined us from sacramento to explain the legislation . annette. >> welfare spending is a popular target in the last few years with lawmakers cutting benefits. it is currently an average of 500 a month for 600,000 familis and how recipients are being targeted.
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>> they use california electronic benefits card to pay for their family's needs. it has been used in the past to get cash back from the atms and adult entertainment club. to this day the money was used to buy cigarettes and liquor. >> cal-works is here to make sure children are provided with the basic need and not for adults to purchase alcohol or gambling in the casinos. they are banning the cards to be used in the tabements or pay for those habits. ponents said the cash withdrawals in the casinos are less than half one percent of welfare spend pointed out it is not just about helping recipients, but get a job. >> it helps ones to make the right decisions. when we take the decisions away from the families, we lose that learning experience. >> the committee considered cutting the time period from
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four year to two years. kelly macadue is studying nursing and opposes reducing benefits. >> there should be an extension. in order for someone to be economically self sufficient it takes time. >> now a few minutes ago, the committee rejected the reduction and so it remains at four years. there is another bill in the senate that ban welfare recipients from using benefits to buy junk food. >> annette, thank you very much. governor brown continue to chip away from the budget deficit and banned all nonessential travel by employees . so no more trips to conferences or developments unless there is no cost to the state. all out of state trips have to
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be approved by the governor. >> add diapers to the list of things more expensive. diapers will go up by senpercent and wipes three percent and that's because the cost of the raw materials will be twice as high as predicted. food costs are spiking in wheat growing regions. diaper makers are counting on apparent loyalty. >> i will buy the same diapers i buy for my older child. i like it and they fit him well. >> it is amazing how you get attached to a diaper. >> it is crazy, but you do. >> usda predicts beef and poultry will rise between five and eight percent. >> oil and gas prices are going up. president obama called for major oil producers like saudi arabia to increase phrice
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hoping that that will bring the prices down. the average price was gallon of unleaded is up. it is up $1.20 from the past year. that reprieve may only be temporary. >> we are on a track going into the summer driving season where historically prices go up. >> the president advocates cutting four billion in federal tax subsidies to companies. they are scheduled to announce the first quarter profits this week. many drivers are eyeing electric vehicles as a way to get around. coming up after this news. abc's lisa starks had the results of the ever test for the cars. >> the line for the east bay hire evens stretched out of
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the door in the emoriville hilton. abc and job journal were co-sponsors. insurance agencis and retailers and law firms had 300 vacancies to fill . proof there are jobs out there. one prospective employer got his job from a similar job fare and now he is doing the one doing the hiring. >> we'll train the right people. we are looking for people who are willing to work and have the desire to be able to extend their careers. >> if you are looking for work, the next abc 7 journal hire event is in the double tree hotel in san jose. >> a chemical explosion injured a worker and two other people, one of them a firefighter. the blast happened in the lower floor of building one and that forced 110 people to be evacuated. a chemical flash explosion
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happened when the chemical epitaxi was being cleaned. the santa rosa press democrat took this picture of a worker take tonight hospital for severe burns. >> the oakland police department is calling the arrest of three burglary suspects outstanding police work. sky 7 hd was over head when iteppeded after the suspect's suv hit a parked car. that was at 92nd and ban crost. all three men ran for it police quickly caught them and they are under arrest tonight. >> chp closed all but one of the southbound liance of interstate 80 and freemont after a load of gravele was spilled on the freeway. itock -- it took crews hours
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to clean up the travel. >> a campaign to fix the pot hole in oakland started today. there are eight crews on the treat. twice as many as regularly assigned. >> we get service request daily that are called in from residents and city staff. we just try to even three spread out our resources in the city. >> they note that pot holes are the number one infrastructure complaint they hear about. >> thousands honor the victims of the chernobyl nuclear disaster in the ukrainian capitol of keiv. presidents of russia and ukraine placed flowers near the damaged reactor. the damage spewed clows of radioactive fall out over europe. soviet leaders waited until days to tell them about the severity of the mishap.
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today the russian president called that a mistake. >> coming up. another only in san francisco storey as the city may take on the vote on male circumcision. >> and the shoes that littered a san jose road. >> we are in a holding pattern tomorrow and windier and cooler briefly. i will be back with the details coming up. >> getting your home connected. which companies earned top ratings for the phone and
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> toyota is recalling more than 50,000 of the tundra trucks. the company want to reinspect the rear drive shafts that could include a component that could break.
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it is only the ones from the 20len model year. there are no reports of accidentings or injuries relate totted corrosion. replacements will be free of charge for customers. >> oracles american cup team escaped unharmed after a mishap. oracles a c45 catamirand capsized. the vessel sustained minor damage. no one was hurt. oracle expect to race tomorrow. we were not set up for the run the captain said. they encountered high wind and choppy waters. >> one day after the federal judge entered a lock out. they were around the league today . nearly every team did not allow playier to work out at the request of league management. the nfl want to keep things
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quiet until the judge rules on its chance to at a in the appeals process. >> for the work outs there is big money, too. one new york jet has an off season work out bonus in his count rye. >> we'll do everything i can to make sure i receive that. and trying to get the season started and make every effort to come in and do the things that we know will help with the building and successful in the coming year. >> the judge is expected to rule on the request tomorrow. >> in november, san francisco residents may decide whether to ban male circumization in the city. the lead proponent calls the medical procedure genital mutilation it is a sacred tradition for jewish and
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muslim families. >> it is cosmetic and painful and unnecessary and harmful. >> it is so deeply disconcerting about the proposed ban it is an attack on religion and an attack on the religious upbringing for the children. >> the measure hopes that violators and including the doctors to be fined a thousand dollars and face a year in jail. the election department has 30 days to make sure the signatures are val ed. being obese is a double whammy. teens would not engage in risky behavior. a study said obese teens are prone to using alcohol and drugs and having high risk sex as teens as a healthy weight. obese teens may combine the behaviors in more dangerous ways including a greater
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propensity to smoke cigarettes. >> we know about the benefits of diet in - fiber in your diet. there is a survey that shows fiber optics have a lot to offer. >> all of your news channels. >> he is just getting up to speed on the all fiber network she had installed in your home. it will deliver the tv and internet and phone. >> i feel good if that is the new technology and the way things are moving. she is not alone and a survey of 70,000 readers by consumer reports research center . highest levels of satisfaction were reported by those who got the telecomservice from verizon fios and a t & t uverse. >> those companies scored high in satisfaction but verizon
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fios outstored a t & t uverse on internet speed and quality and reliability on all three services. verizon fios runs it to the house and may help give it -- >> the a t & t uverse uses fiber optic lines up to a neighborhood station and copper cabling all the rest of the way. >> if you don't have it all the way home it is like funding traffic. pede and capacity can surf. if you are looking to get the services consumer services said beware. most get hohum ratings. if great television service is paramount and you can't get fios or uverse consider satellite tv. dish and directv scored above average for sound and picture.
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>> cable satellite and phone providers are hot for your business these days. consumer report said it can pay to bargain for discounts. >> this is what we are talking about. >> i was out downstairs and i hope you enjoyed it >> it was fabulous and we'll see it again tomorrow. >> and good. warm and not hot, it is perfect. >> unless you are at the coast, and it is not so perfect. it is cool. >> here is a bouncy camera live look from the camera. you can see that skies are clear and we do have wind out there. gusting right now. 25-30 miles per hour. especially over the higher elevations . they are gusting to 30 . live look from san jose. it is a sunny one and 64 degrees and not a cloud in sight. numberots coastline in the 50s .
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60s . close to 70 degrees in antioc and concorde and fairfield. another mild day tomorrow, cooler and windier for thursday and get ready for warmer weather this weekend. this afternoon, we had a nice cool breeze, clear skies and a northwesterly breeze and keeping the coastal areas and pacifica and half moon bay in the 50s. everyone enjoyed the sun and mild conditions arounted the bay. temperatures came up two-four degrees today. high pressure still controls the weather. it is going to be a mild one away from the beaches. we head into thursday, this trough will bring about cool and blustery conditions. the jet stream will drive over us . the wind will kick up on the coast line. and the trough moves through. it is dry . we are not expecting rain out
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of it the wind is kicking up for your thursday and the wind will hold on for friday as well low 40s for napa and santa rosa and getting down to 41 in fairfield and mid-40s for concorde and freemont . san mateo . santa cruz area. tomorrow afternoon, a mild one in the south bay, 69 in san jose and occasional high cloud and 68 in cooper tino and santa clara and on the peninsula a lovely day . los alto getting close to 70. cool and breezy in pacifica and 58 in half moon bay on the coast. downtown san francisco 62 degrees and sunset district. 58 and north bay. we'll keep it cool on the coast and mild in places like calaroga and low 70s and east bay . 65 in oakland and inland areas
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near 70 degrees in concorde and livermore . for the monterey bay. scen in watsonville and here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast. it is a sunny day for wednesday. cooler and windier on thursday. you will notice the temperatures bounce up on friday. it is a mild weekend, most bayside and inland communities in the cents and close to 80 degrees on sunday. coastal area in the 60s and temperatures will stay within a few degrees to start off the next week in the workweek. all right. just ahead. hundreds of lost souls found on a street in san jose . >> we'll have that story. new at 6:00 seasonal allergies can lead to eye "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> this is what it looks like when 200 pairs of old shoes fell from a truck in san jose. they are all over the place. the door suddenly opened and the shoes line the streets for a hundred yards. no word on who owned that truck and where it was going. >> new census figures show that women outnumber men for the first time when it come to holding advanced degrees. 6.10 million u.s. women earned a master's degrees or higher. when it came to finishing college. 1.5 more women than men earned a bachelor's degree. despite the number of women in the work force there is key industries including business
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and science and engineering. >> it is just days away from the royal wedding. inside of westminister abbey prayers and last minute administrations. a lot of attention is paid to security. this happeneds of police will be on hand and patrol boats cruising the thymes . guardian of the magib for will and kate. abc 7 will bring you the royal wedding live from 1:00 to seno'clock a.m.. we'll stream it live. abc will air a special edition of 20-20 on friday night. >> more coming up next. the offer to take a stranger's picture.
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>> i am carolyn johnson in the
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news room. real estate and the recession and how the economic down turn forced a developer to go to plan b for a complex . the search for extra terrestials runs in a snag. new after 6:30. new effort to revitalize a pran fran landmark. back to dan and sheril. >> what are the ouds of taking a family vacation in hawaii and someone takes a family picture. you get to talking and find out you are from neighboring towns and then you talk more. you have something else in common. rick hill and joe barker are half brothers. but until that day on the beach they never met. really what are the odds. buy a lottery ticket. >> he's a winner. >> absolutely . thanks for joining


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