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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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here more on the announcement. >> reporter: gas prices here in california, especially in the bay area, are well over $4 a gallon. today president obama and barbara boxer attacked both the billions of dollars in tax sub days given to oil companies and speculation in the oil futures market, saying they bloated gas prices and created huge oil company profits. in his weekly address, president obama called for an end to the $4 billion in tax sub days given to oil and gas companies. he doesn't have a problem with candidate making healthy profits. >> when oil companies are making huge profits already and you're struggling at the pump and we're scouring the federal budget for spending we can afford to do without, these tax giveaways robert right, they aren't smart and we need to end them. >> reporter: the president pointed to the fact that exxon had $11 billion in profit for the first three months of the year. senator bosh bra boxer blamed
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oil speculators for the cost of gas at the pump. >> speculation add between 21 and $26 a barrel. that's a fifth of the cost. >> she says speculators should be forced to play with high ever odds. >> by cracking down and saying, you can't just put down $5 on $100, you got to put down 50's in order to make this bet. >> reporter: republicans say it's a smoke screen and claim the obama administration is to plame for the high price of goil and gas. he is the vice-president of the california g.o.p. >> i'm not beg to fall into this trap that oil subsidies is a problem. it's a complete utter failure of their policies that are bringing this, and we should think of ways to make it easier to drill for oil, not raise taxes on oil companies. >> the senator boxer is also calling for oil out of the u.s. soil and the refined gasoline to
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stay in the u.s. as opposed to being sent overseas for higher profits. republicans say then more oil fields so be open like alaska, dakotas and the gulf. >> alan: oak maintained -- oakland police say a man walking home was shot and killed. police don't think the shooting was a ran act, although they did not suggest a possible motive. the murder is oakland's 3rd of the year. police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward. there was a protest against violence in oakland today. [chanting] >> alan: members of several different oakland churches marched in front of sweet jimmy's nightclub where two people were shot and killed last week, and several others were injured. at it just a public away from the police -- block away from the police station.
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their goal is to change the mindset. >> they become numb, apathetic, and they're used to hearing pat murder on the street. that why we made at it mission to stand at every location where there has been one committed so that they see the other side of it. >> alan: the leaders says poverty is a major factor that is driving crime up in oakland. they're encouraging neighborhood organizes to work together and combat violence. prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty against a mental patient accused of murdering a psychiatric technician at the napa state hospital. jeff massey is accused of strongling the technician. he the prosecutor said they decided nod to pursue a death sentence after talking with the victim's family. matthew was found not guilty by reason of insanity for burglary. the drug enforcement agency
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says those unused prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet can be just as dangerous as illegal drugs. that's why it's undergoing a major effort to take prescription drugs off the street today. lisa amin gulezian reports from a drug takeback program. >> drop them in the bin. >> thank you. >> lisa: it's a first for many. >> dry stuff in there. and liquids, ointments, sprays in the far box. >> lisa: people all over the bay area are trashing their stash of drugs, prescription drugged that are unused or expired. >> i have held them at home in a plastic bag for a long time, hoping to find a place. >> lisa: for one day only the drug enforcement administration is putting up special containers in cities all over the bay area for drug tackback day. part of a national four-get rid of drugs that end up in the wrong, very young hands.
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>> a majority of the individuals receive their prescription drugs from their family or friends, more so their own medicine cabinets. >> reporter: according to the dea, one in stenteenagers admits to abusing prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals are easier to get. 6.2 billion americans abuse medicine that is not prescribed for them. that more than people who use heroin, cocaine, and ha loses know generals combined. >> we saw for ourself last fall when we came to pill hill. the drug of choice these days is vicodin, according to police. it sold for $4 a bill. >> kids are resourceful. so, we're doing whatever we can to get rid of it. >> not a good practice to have met sick in the house that you
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don't need. >> lisa: the last time the dea had a drug takeback day, they collected 10,000 pounds of drugs in northern california alone. all the drugs will be taken away and burned. in san francisco, leigh glaser, abc-7 news. >> alan: the first signs of west nile virus showed up in sunny sail. at it more than two weeks earlier that last year's first sign of west nile. experts are concerned a warm may could trigger an increase in west nile activity. 800 human cases were reported in california in 2005. that number decreased to 100 cases in the past couple of years. santa clara county is encouraging residents to dump any stand water around their homes which can turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes. >> alan: delores park has a food cart. it's the first day of business for la cocina.
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several groups opposed the food cart saying it would lead tomer shallization, but the cart will eventually move to a curb space next to the park. that possible move may not happen until they can get the appropriate permits, a process that could take six months. >> we have to see how i get permits. from my dad, a cart for these people that manage the neighborhood and the parks. so, it was a little complicated. >> alan: last year oakland-based blue bottle coffee dropped it permit to operate in the park after facing similar opposition. thousands of people are arriving in rome tonight. the path to sainthood for pope john paul ii. the first rae commercial salmon season opens tomorrow for the
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first anytime three years. why many of the fishermen may not see many salmon for a while. and charlie sheen prepares to take the stage in san francisco. some. >> leigh: tomorrow is opening day on the bay. i have your forecast.-iwñwñwñwña
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: a northern california soldier has been killed in afghanistan. the department of defense says 23-year-old army specialist preston dennis of redding died thursday in kandahar province. his unit was attacked with an improvised explosive device. he joined the army in august of 2008. started his second tour of duty in afghanistan last month. he is survived by his parents and wife. >> volunteers are bringing food and water and other necessities to communities damaged by the second deadliest tornado strike in u.s. hoyt. some people are still being found alive, including three people in alabama. here's more. >> reporter: seeing the toward
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damage across the south is like touring a battlefield, one that spans seven states. whole neighborhoods, in some cases whole towns, were obliterated. the worth tornado devastation in 80 years has left casualties and many who cheated death. >> i remember flying in the air and tumbling. and i was thinking to myself, i'm not going to die. god, i'm not going to die. i'm going to make it through this. >> it sound like at least a thousand planes in the sky. the noise like -- >> reporter: thousands of lives have been reduced to shards. this woman created a lost and found page on facebook. >> as of today there's over 50,000 hits on the pain. we have over 500 pictures or documents that have been found by people.
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>> reporter: the scale of the tragedy has opened neighbors hearts. >> we're cooking food out of a trailer and taking cold drinks and food to people. >> reporter: intuscaloosa, alabama, one of the hardest hit, the mayor been spoke to the people. >> all is well with our souls. >> reporter: this family cooperate find their one-year-old son after the tornado. >> not impossible nobody could make it out. we did. >> one gleam of light in the darkness. >> alan: thousands of people arrived in rome for the beatification of the late pope john paul ii. thousands of pill grips -- bill grimes gathered on a field near st. peter's square. many encouraged his fast track to sainthood. >> your background religion,
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were not important for him. human beings was important for him. young people. we were important for him. so, he was open man. >> alan: for a person to be bee atty d -- beatified he must haye performed a miracle. this woman said she was cured by john paul. charlie sheen takes the stage and how part of the revenue will help a pay area man leigh glaser to tell you about the forecast. >> mike: update on the raiders
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>> alan: commercial salmon season opens tomorrow put it's unclear whether any of the fishing poets will good out because of the rough seas. local fishermen are hoping this will be a normal season after three years without a real catch. there is concern it won't be because the sport fishing poatz haven't had much luck out there. the season was virtually shut down three years ago because of a record low salmon migration the sacramento river. charlie sheen's stage tour is taking a softer approach in san francisco. sheen started a charity called sheen's corner. its first recipient will be
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brian stow. profits from the merchandise sold at the show bill will good to show. sheen standard in major league and is a huge baseball fan. he was recently fired from the sitcom "two and a half men". let's talk to to league about this incredible weather we're having. >> leigh: it will last through tomorrow. the wind died down today, allowing temperatures to come up. we got into a north to northeasterly wind flow. beautiful shot from our high definition sutro cam looks towards the golden gate bridge. the marin headlands. a take day for a hike or anything. 62 in san francisco. 67 right now, clear sky in oakland. antioch, 74. 72 in livermore. these temperatures up by as much as ten degrees in some locations after yesterday. this time yesterday temperatures
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were nine degrees below. we're up nine in san rafael, three in san francisco, redwood city up 12 degrees from this time yesterday, and antioch was up seven. we'll go with clear skies overnight, still keep it breezy near the bay. mayorer temperatures tomorrow, and if you're trying plan next week, mild to warm temperatures thought the welcome week. you can see high pressure building in. at it keeping the storm track to the north. so you can bank on clear skies. temperatures not as colds a last night. 45 for napa, 44 for santa rosa, santa rosa, 51, morgan hill evernight, 46 degrees. high pressure has parked itself along the coast and this is going to bring us those slight offshore winds tomorrow so expect more sunshine, and temperatures will come up three 0 four degrees warmer than today. the coast will see temperatures
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coming up as well. opening dayton the bay tomorrow -- opening day on the bay tomorrow, the parade of boats, 1 other of them, will begin on the bay at noontime, and for mariners, northwest winds inside the gate 5-15 knots. here's a look at the highs. warm things up a few more degrees. half moon bay, pacifica, with breezy conditions, sunshine, and temperatures in the mid-60s there. mid-to-upper 70s, even san francisco, 74 degrees. north bay locations, clothdale, 81. 79 for novato. 79 for napa. east bay, oakland, 78. 77 for hercules, interior east bay, the temperatures quite mild with a string of 80s. concord, pittsburg, 81 for liver oh, 79 for santa cruz, and 80 for watsonville. we're going to drop temperatures a few degrees, a little system
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will get very close to the bay area on monday, so temperatures come down maybe two to four degrees, and then we warm things back up into tuesday. wednesday, inland temperatures near 90 degrees expected, and then temperatures kind of mild. it will moderate thursday, friday, and saturday, and a terrific work week ahead. >> alan: amazing change. the nfl draft ended today. let's talk to the man who waited around and never got a call. >> mike: that was over 30 years ago so let's move forward. raiders got busy in the final day of the draft. filling in needs. they collected a buckeye cornerback. the fourth, taiwan jones. he played in antioch. in the fifth round, moor, and then gordon, another wide receiver, as berry, and for the local kid, taiwan jones, hopes to add another dimension to an already explosive backfield. >> i got a lot to offer, a lot
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of agility. i'm good with my speed, and how they want to use me. i just know i'm going to give it my all. >> mike: the raiders brought in their top picks, including stephan wisniewski. his uncle was an eight time pro bowl guard for the raiders. the second round will play silver -- center for the silver and black. >> my favorite color when i was younger was silver and black and i have pictures of me as a baby with oakland stuff with my uncle holding me. >> mike: the niners fulfilled their need with defensive end, a quarterback, and a cornerback. the team added depth. picks were highlighted by kendall hunter in the fourth round. hunter can be a valuable third down back similar brian
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westbrook. and kilgore, and ronald johnson and collins jones, bruce miller, and kurtis hole come out of florida a&m. several local standouts heard their names called. richard sherman the seahawks, and mike mohamed will be a bronco. congratulations to all. a dream come true. >> for the giants, pablo sandoval's mri showed a broken bone in his rightist. surgery is planned thursday. panda was hitting .314. taking on the nats. tough day for teddy root. time tough day for jonathan san chesms walked two batters in the first inning alone. the nats are up 1-0. in the third, showing some pop. the backup catcher drills one. his first home run of the season. game now tied at one.
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good-men un2-1. bases loaded for adam la rube. brian wilson on a full count gets him swinging. in oakland, on ricky henderson bobblehead day, ricky through out the first pitch. new father kurt suzuki can i hits one out for his daughter malia. in the third, michael young answers. two-run shot of his own off fred didn't ore sin. 3-1 texas. anderson not sharp in the fifth. cruz, three-run bomb. 6. anderson gave up seven runs. the sharks show game one from detroit with a 2-1 overtime victory. red wings led most of the day but joe pavelski tied it up in the third period and sent it to overtime. then ferriero snuck one past the detroit goal yes.
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-- goalie. >> it's a battle getting three periods in, and going into overtime, guys -- it is a character thing, and guys step up, and in this postseason, four different guys. so at it going to be the same kind of game. we're not going to change anything. we're going to play the way we're playing. been doing that for a long time, and for many years, and they're a good team. >> mike: both the niners and raiders filling needs. now all we need is a season. >> alan: thanks a lot. up next, a slight delay for the royal honeymooners. we'll tell you why.
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>> alan: the newly married royal company delayed their honeymoon, opting for a private weekend. the left buckingham palace by helicopter. the duke and duchess of cambridge planned a honeymoon overseas but today announced they would postpone the trip for a later date. william will return to duty on tuesday. been that's it for abc-7 news at 6:00. see you tonight at 11:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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