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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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crews were having a hard time resetting the alarms at the old prison. they are very loud and run a message telling everyone to leave the buildings, and you can believe the tourists took note. >> it was kind of a ripoff. we should have got our money back. >> we just got in and then the fire alarm came on, and they had us exit out of the building. then we had to wait for like forever. >> machine stood there for two hours. i didn't finish my tour. >> reporter: this is what the shot looked like from sky 7 this afternoon. the only crews on the island now are those that are trying to fix the alarm. the tour company says it is refunding anyone who had their trip cut short, but for so many visitors from out out of town, t was their only opportunity to
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see thelandmark. park rangers are working to reset the alarm and should have everything up and running by tomorrow. >> alan: we have more breaking news to tell you about. a high-speed crash has just ended in -- a high-speed chase just ended in oakland. sky 7 is over the scene on highway 880. police say the chase lasted only ten minutes. both the suspect's car and the police vehicle were both damaged and the suspect was taken into custody. there were no reports of anyone being seriously hurt. oakland police called in the highway patrol to assist with the investigation. police have one southbound lane shut down while they investigate, and there is a pretty big backup in traffic out there. the 28-year-old san jose woman and her three passengers are in custody after their car crashed it way through a san jose neighborhood and killed a pedestrian. this was the scene where the victim was killed.
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the damage to the house shows the force of the collision. investigators say the driver was attempting to leave the scene of another accident when she lost control of her car. >> in the process of making the left turn, ran up on the sidewalk and struck a pedestrian and drove up into the house located on the corner and pinned the victim up against the house. the suspect then put the car in reverse and backed away and fled again. >> alan: the incident was just one part of a trail of deinstruction. the investigators say the some suspect first hit a parked car around 9:45 this morning. a few blocks later, police say she hit the woman and crashed into her home, and then dre into a second car before police were able to stop her. the driver and three passengers were taken into custody as they tried to get away from police. a socal pot club was damaged after someone threw a
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fire bomb through the door. lillian kim joins us from santa cruz with more. >> reporter: the owners of this pot club just finished cleaning up for the day. two people set this place on fire after throwing a molotov cocktail into the lobby. security cameras captured the two men on video. one man used a hammer, the other tossed the molotov cocktail inside. it's called capitola healing association. the oregons say the firebomb set off the burglar alarm and that's how they were notified. they came within minutes and used a garden hose to put out the fire. the dense -- dispensary sustained a lot of damage and the oregons suspects it was a competitive who was responsible. >> we changed the market for medical can bus in santa cruz, $65 plus tax then, and we charge 45, no tax, and everyone pretty
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much had to drop their prices after that. so i think that it was probably pause we were undercutting people. >> this isn't a competitive market. we're serving medicine. supposed to be nonprofit. i would hope that didn't happen. >> reporter: capitola healing association has 1200 patients. this fire bombing happened early saturday morning. the owners hope to be back open on friday. the video will be a big help trying to catch the people responsibility. >> alan: in oakland, investigators are trying to figure out ocause of a fuming fire this morning. flames shot high in the sky as an old boarded up victorn burned. the fire started at 2:30 and destroyed the three-store apartment building. it was under control in 45
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minuteses. no victims were found during a preliminary search of that building. overseas now where one of the largest vatican masses in history, 1.5 million people were there to watch pope john paul~ii's beatification. thousands cheered as pope benedict pronounced john paul blessed. the beatification is the fastest in modern times. he is one step closer to saibthood. he need another miracle attributed to him. reports of inex-mickable cures are already pouring in. >> enthusiasm for pope john paul~ii stretched to st. mary's cathedral here in san francisco. we have a report from a well-attended sunday service. >> they came to sunday services with one thing in mind, to celebrate a man on his way to becoming a saint, and while they represented countries from
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around the world, no one was more proud than those who share the same homeland as pope john paul~ii. >> i love the man for this charismatic values and everything he had to offer to people, how kind and polite and caring he was. >> more than two decade ago the pope's visit to san francisco packed cathedrals and filled the stadium. on the day he was beef at -- beatified in room, the bay area faithful turned out again, celebrating on their own. >> a proclamation by the church of how great passport god -- how great god is. >> it was here in 1987 when pope john paul~ii held a four-year-old boy dying of a.i.d.s. that still connects him. >> we're part of the family, and my mother received communion from him in his costume when he was herin' '87.
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>> was he here seeking presents from people to protect the children? >> not everyone is celebrating. a small group of clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters protested outside. to them pope john paul represents a dark chapter. >> in the face of charges he did nothing. >> he basically was the guy that was giving the instructs to cover these things up. >> reporter: others see it defly and -- differently. >> couldn't be prouder and happier today. >> reporter: in san francisco. abc-7 news. >> alan: an update on the giants fan who was beaten into a coma. the giants farm team pitched in and presented the family of brian stow with a donation today. the san jose giants and the triple-a fresno grizzlies presented a $43,000 check to stow's family. his two children were also
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there. stow's cows sick -- cousin says the team has gone above and beyond. >> the support from the san jose giants and the community is phenomenal. they opened their house up to our family near san jose, and shown us an amazing outpouring of support. >> alan: both teams worked with stow's physicalow employees to collect donations for the brian stow fund. stow remains in a medically induced coma. up next, fear and anger in libya. why angry mobs set fire to the italian and british embassies, and sarah palin makes an appearance in california where she is speaking tonight. >> leigh: it has been a terrific weekend today. temperatures in the 80s. we're seeing a few clouds gather along the coast. a sign that things have changed slightly for us. a
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: angry mobz are attacking western embassy and united nations offices in tripoli after nato bombed moammar gadhafi's family compound. it killed his son and three grandchildren but did not stop gadhafi forces. the libyan government says the attack is proof it's targeting gadhafi. nato shifted its focus from support for rebels to attacking gadhafi's communication centers. the national weather service
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is reporting new details of the tornados that killed at least 342 people across the south last week. experts now say one deadly tornado in bam had winds stronger than 200 miles-per-hour and measured three-quarters of a mile wide. it was on the ground for more than 20 minuteses, ripping a 25-mile long path. richard cantu has more. >> reporter: in a sea of devastation, this sunday was day of thanksgiving across the south. in one small alabama town, tornado towards apart their chart but brought together it congregation to war worship. so many people, grateful to god to be alive, maggie and her husband are newly wes but her mud-stained wedding dress is all mother nature left her. >> only have this injury right here on my leg. >> the twisters hurled maxine
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50-yard from inside her home. >> survived. a hand of god. >> faith-based charity efforts are blooming,. >> the message is hope. we can do this. >> when all is gone, all you have is hope. >> help profoundly appreciated. >> over in thought i would need to borrow ice from. some people blessed us, coming in to help us. >> efforts continue to restore electricity to thousands. federal officials got a first-hand look at the damage and recovery effort. >> like a bulldozer blade now alabama. >> these children are homeless. >> what were you thinking to yourself? >> i was thinking god is going to protect us. >> also among the home, hundreds of lost pets. the humane society rescued these cats and dogs. hoping to reunite them with their families. helping all crete creatures
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great and small. >> sarah palin spoke at west hills college. they paid the washington speaker's bureau $115,000 to land palin, the former governor of alaska caused controversy when cal state stanislaus refused to die vulnerable the terms of the pay speaking fee. the school recoups a fee by selling tincts -- tickets to a private dinner with pallan. >> ercommercial salmon season starts. and changes coming in the weather this week. >> mike: the sharks came out with a purpose against the red wings. slashing their way to the lead in one of the
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>> alan: california's commercial sam summon season opened today. just a few boats went out and one boat caught just 12 salmon by noon. on a big day, typical fishing boat might bring in 100. the california salmon council says the boats may be fishing in the wrong place. they're expecteded to fetch 5 to $6 a pound. >> leigh: a terrific day for opening day on the bay. a lot of folks headed out there. you can see from the high definition east bay cam, a few
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high clouds starting to venture in, and that is a sign we're going to see changes tomorrow in our weather. a little cooler, but really the next five to seven days, dry and start to warm things up as we head into tuesday and wednesday. here's a look at current readings, with sunshine. antioch, 81. we still have 70 in oakland. redwood city, 80 degrees. 66 in san francisco. north pay, 75 in santa rosa. fairfield right now, 78 degrees. we'll go with some high cloudiness overhead. this is the bay area, but some of the coastal cloud will return overnight tonight. some high clouds for your monday, and that will translate to cooler temperatures tomorrow, and then by mid-week, we'll start to warm things up. inland temperatures by wednesday, possibly in the 90s. started off today clear skies put you can see to the north of us a scraggly cold front. you can see the high cloud here,
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and they will venture into the bay year tonight and tomorrow. overnight new jersey the -- temperatures in the 40s. low cloud near half moon bay. 45 degrees there. high pressure actually bringing us a terrific weekend, but we're already starting to see at it starting to weaken a little bit. look at the clouds in advance of the cold front starting to move in. so as i mention ode, most of the energy from the system to the north of us, few passing clouds tomorrow and also a cooler air mass will start to sink in. we get more of an onshore wind component and that will mean temperatures will come down four or five degrees. overnight tonight, clear and the clouds, waves here and the will move through for the morning commute, and then by tomorrow afternoon, once we get on the back side of the front, we should start to see some clearing. here's a look at your highs tomorrow. temperatures not in the 80s. rather in the mid-70s. 57 for campbell.
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sayre towing da, 75. 64 for half moon bay. high clouds. 75 for palo alto poovment san mateo, 73. san francisco, 67, high clouds and sunshine for you. north bay, santa rosa, 75. oakland as well. high clouds and sunshine, 73 there. union city, 74. interior east bay, concord, 77. brentwood, 78, and around monterey tomorrow, a bit cooler as the westerly winds return. 63 there inled gilroy, 80. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we call it a slight dip for monday as we pass -- that system passes to the north. then after that high pressure rebounds. by wednesday we're talking inland temperatures, 90s there 80s around the bay, 70s at the beaches, and then after that the high starts to weaken a bit and temperatures come down. >> alan: let's change temperatures and talk about hockey. >> mike: on a beautiful day today, going inside.
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in playoff hockey, home i ice advantage is key. you have to win in your house. sharks struggled in around one with the kings but held serve against the red wings. ante neimi got some early start. white rockets one from the point. on line to the twine. his first career playoff goal. in the second, sharks on another power play. darren helm and the steal and the brakeaway, but miami neimi stuffs him. it trickles into the net. neimi was brilliant. he stopped three shots in the third in a span of three seconds. 33 saves. sharks hole on for the 2-1 victory and head to motown with the 2-0 series lead. >> different guys seems to be stepping up, and those two defensemen tonight so everyone is going to be key. at it playoff hockey so never know what can happen.
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>> outstanding, and goal tending was fabulous, and just as 20-man unit, everyone pitched in and got going on the power play as well. >> mike: the a's showing the range jersey they're a threat. this guy giving a new meaning to the term big begun. a's brought the lumber. jackson going the other way. two-run double in the second, coco crisp, back in the lineup, good look and a good result. two-route rbi single, 4-0. gonzalez was money in the third. mitch moreland, you can take a seat in the seventh, david murphy, singing. gonzalez, seven k's. a's down the rangers 7 #-rb. >> giants and washington, game three. peetz a always a good choice. as was the decision to stat nate sher holes in right.
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he bloops one to left. that is fair. two-run double. 2-0 g-men. bottom of the frame. alex cora lines one to right. gave up three runs in six innings. bottom eight, 3-2 nats. rodriguez to center. >> now to the nba on abc, double-header today. we tip off with the series we have all been waiting for, miami and boston. a chance to see dwyane wade up close and personal. first quarter, miami in control. lebron exploding off the glass. in the fourth weed to james. watch this. visual alley-oop jam. heat up 12. paul pierce sets a hard screen. me and wade get into it. double technical. pierce's second of the quarter, gets ejected.
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wade takes advantage. 3 of his 38. the heat take the series lead with a 99-90 victory. >> western conference semis tip off with the frizzlies and thunder. memphis, spurs not missing a beat. kevin durant trying to bring the thunder. the jumper. two of his 33. oklahoma city within seven. randolph too much. 34 points, 10 boards, leads the grizzlies to a game one victory. final round of the zurich classic. if you have a turtle here, what's your plan? webb simpson had a one-stroke lead over bubba watson, but his ball moves. that's a one-stroke penalty and was the difference between a victory and a playoff. second playoff hole. bubba for birdie and the win. bubba's mom talked him into playing here so she could drive over to watch him play, and he gets his second win of the year. that's an early mother's day
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gift. more from she sharks at 11:00. see you then. >> alan: bubba did it. a new film is ruffling the feathers of last week's number one movie. the weekend box office is next.
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>> alan: the fifth movie in the fast and the furious series left
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its competition in the dust. "fast five" had an $83 million debut, the biggest opening of the year. it expands the franchise from a traditional racing flick to a crime caper. rio slipped to sect place, earning $14 million, and rounding out the top three is madea. that's it for abc-7 news. thank you for watching. see you tonight at 11:00. don't forget to connect 24/7 at #t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#tñ
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