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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> so many memories coming back today. >> that's what's united states has conducted operation that killed osama bin laden. >> it's words that many americans have waited for years to hear. the death of osama bin laden. good monday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> security has stepped up this morning as u.s. airports and other potential terrorist targets the world's most wanted terrorist osama bin laden is dead, his body buried at sea. new details on the elite u.s. military raid on his hideout in pakistan. he died in a gunshot wound with
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u.s. navy seals. no americans were injured in the raid. now live from washington, d.c. >> for months, u.s. intelligence had been focused on a suspicious mansion in pakistan and some signs that bin laden could be inside. president obama authorized the mission to find out and u.s. forces took out the number one enemy. >> in a nine minute statement late last night. he announced the end of a nearly ten-year manhunt. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader of al-qaeda and terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. >> nearly 3,000 people died in the 9/11 attacks. by the end of 2001 u.s. forces were bombing in afghanistan searching for bin laden. yesterday a team of navy seals raid this had mansion in pakistan.
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3 minutes after a fire fight that bin laden fought back and he was dead. >> we are ones remind that had america can set our mind whatever we set our mind to. >> jubilant crowds were outside white house and celebration continued in times square. 9/11 family victims weighed in. >> we beat them at their own game. >> there is no doubt that al-qaeda will push attacks against the u.s. >> i think clearly the death of osama bin laden will allow people to justify attacking even if they weren't prepared to attack us. >> in fact overnight the state department issued a worldwide travel alert. police officials say they are stepping up security, officials tell abc news they are hearing no specific threats against any
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specific targets. more now on the celebration in new york and washington right after the news of bin laden's death broke. >> at ground zero, people waved american flags and chanted pro patriotic slogans. the crowd was pleased to here the man behind the mastermind 9/11 attacks is dead. and this was the scene outside the white house immediately after the president announced his death last night. people waved american flags and shouted pro-american slogans. >> we're getting poignant local reaction to the death of bin laden directly from those that lost family members on 9/11. there were many bay area residents on board united flight
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93 on 9/11. family members are now saying justice has been served. one of those watching tv coverage of bin laden's death mark bingham who was a passenger on flight 93. he was among the group of passengers who tried to storm the cockpit and retake control of the plane from terrorists. >> relief. my son was killed on september 11th. the lives of so many people were snuffed out on that day and it's such a glorious day that a measure of justice has been reached today. >> she says it's taken ten years to kill bin laden makes little difference. in a far difference response from a man that lost his pregnant wife on 9/11. that is coming up later. the president says
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intelligence officials received a tip on bin laden's whereabouts back in august. this that led them to a mansion in islamabad, pakistan. navy seals killed bin laden during a fire fight. they say the body was handled in accordance to islamic practice and tradition. the person that is suspected to succeed bin laden, he is said to have a major role in the 9/11 attacks. this morning a top al-qaeda member has promised revenge for the killing of bin laden. it's the first jihadist admission of the terrorist death. by going on an online name posted a eulogy and promised to avenge his killing. >> the military bases were on high alert this morning because of concerns about possible
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retaliation. a u.c. berkeley expert says it's a real threat. >> the surviving leadership of al-qaeda will want to demonstrate that they are active that they are redoubling their efforts and certainly will try to perform acts to demonstrate that, whether that would be to try to kill american government officials or civilians that are traveling in europe or asia. >> the san francisco police department says it's been in contact with the department of homeland security and on the lookout for demonstrations or gatherings in reaction. los angeles and new york police are actively stepping up security and intelligence measures. >> jackie speier says she found out about osama bin laden's death just like everybody else, on television. she was kind of shocked by the news. >> it seemed like it was out of the realm of possibility for so
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long. we had heard so little about bin laden. truly from a perspective in congress many of the leads have grown cold. this was a stunning success. >> here is the ranking democrat on the homeland security commission on counter intelligence. she expects to be briefed by the operation in the coming days and if more people had known about it beforehand, it may never have happened. >> many others are commenting on the facebook page. it is great news, we must not sit back and relax. >> one says, hopefully the u.s. can start coming home. one sums it up all up -- they say they got him. we encourage to share your
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thoughts, as well. we have posted opponent's statement and reaction around the world. >> its huge story and hearing about this much more all morning long. >> the other story, it's turning warmer. it was pretty warm last week. today we'll take a few of those degrees away as we have a cold front that is going to stir us to the north. you can see clouds developing along the coast. that is where we'll notice the cooling the most. from land breeze to a sea breeze. look how warm it is compared to this time yesterday. one degree warmer in santa rosa to 12 in fairfield to 8 in concord, 3 in oakland, redwood city, san jose. let's take a look what is going organization from 62 in antioch,
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to 47 down to the road in livermore. we have low 40s around napa to low to mid-50s around the bay shore. a little pd mid to upper 70s and upper as soon as along the coast and san francisco and richmond. down around monterey bay, temperatures will run in the mid 70s and near 80 degrees near gilroy and hollister. ten degrees warmer on wednesday and ten degrees cooler by the end of the weekend. >> we'll take you to the macarthur maze. we've got an accident, 80 westbound meets 880. fairfield, air base boulevard, accident in the left lane, southbound 680 in tri-valley area, some sort of debris in the
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we'll keep following this once again. this is the macarthur maze approaching the bay bridge. we'll check back in a few minutes. >> city manager is due to release the budget. it's expected to include the layoffs of more than 600 city workers to help reduce $115 million budget zpist. police officers offered to slash their pay by 10% for a year. they report the concession should save the jobs of 155 officers but not enough to prevent other pink slips. national park service says tours on alcatraz should resume this morning following a scare that forced evacuation of the island. nearly 2500 tourists were evacuated after someone reported smelling burning in one of the
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buildings. alcatraz confirmed there was no fire. many visitors tha disappointed that their tour was cut short. >> we just got in and all of a sudden the fire alarm came on and then we had to wait. >> two night tours were cancelled and 1100 people were also evacuated. tour company says it's refunding anyone who had their trip cut short. >> they are hoping a security camera video will help them find two suspects that vandalized a medical marijuana dispensary. one threw a molotov cocktail inside. they say the discount prices may
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have changed the market. >> they were $65 and we brought it down, we charge $45 and no tax. and everyone pretty much had to adopt prices after us. so i think we were undercutting other people. >> they say they serve about 1200 patients. they hope to have it open by friday. >> coming up the latest on the death of osama bin laden and why the u.s. buried his body so quickly. >> and fear and anger in libya, next a deadly nato airstrike that sent mobs into the street that set fire to western embassies. >> as folks clean up debris by deadly tornadoes, communities across the south face a new weather threat.
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welcome back. 4:48. look how cool in the midwest. chicago, st. louis and down to dallas. it's warm in the east where the rain is going right now. we don't have any delays and there could be the possibility around dallas and memphis and up to cincinnati. word out of sfo, should to need the change airport security. they will announce a change. otherwise things look like it's going to remain around the airports. if anything does change, our flight tracker will have that for you at >> we're learning more about the death of osama bin laden during a pre-dawn u.s. military raid on
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his fortified compound in pakistan. they say the body was buried at sea overnight in an immediate ceremony respectful of muslim tradition. one helicopter was shot down but no americans were injured. bin laden was shot in the head during that confrontation that ensued with navy seals. a son of bin laden was also killed along with three unidentified males. >> curbing turk can i's foreign minister says it is closing its embassy in tripoli. it's in retaliation after a nato airstrike that reportedly killed a son of moammar khadafy setting fire to the british and italian embassies. rebels released pictures that showed damage to the british embassy. the british foreign officer says the buildings have been
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ransacked and destroyed including the ambassador's residence. tennessee is now eligible for federal disaster assistance after last we could tornadoes killed 34 people in that state. heavy rains occurred and flash flooding problems also occurred. flood levels have risen four feet in the last 24 hours forcing residents and animals to higher ground. the storms killed a total of 342 people in the south. president has already signed disaster declarations for alabama, mississippi and georgia. >> water officials will take a survey near lake tahoe. as expected the snow pack is starting to melt. last readings showed the water content at 165% of the full season average.
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some of snow has melted in the spring runoff. it was down in march and april and that downstream. >> 151%, that is pretty good. >> it may be ironic. >> temperatures very warm up in the sierra, we'll show you that in just a second. how it's going to spill in this first week of may. good morning to you. it's may 2nd and we're looking at few clouds along the coast. those are going to try spo spill through the golden gate. almost looking like a summer event but not going to quite be that strong. temperatures outside, 46 at half
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moon bay, low 40s around napa and mid 40s around redwood city and santa rosa. antioch at 62 degrees. monterey bay, temperatures 49 in santa cruz, watsonville. extreme, 41 in gilroy to monterey's 50. our highlights, not quite as warm today but still temperatures pretty close to average. a few more clouds along the coast. pockets of sunshine but some clouds will linger. warmest afternoon, wednesday and thursday and then we warm this weekend, complete opposite this coming weekend. cool trend will start to roll around but it will remain dry throughout the weekend. mid to upper 70s for the rest of neighbors in the east bay valleys. richmond, 67 and rest of the east bay shore low to mid 70s. doun south bay, 78 in los gatos.
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mid to upper 70s around the peninsula. mid 60ss and low to mid 60s in soun set. to about 71 in south san francisco. throw mid-70s in the north bay valleys. low to mid 60s and kind of breezy along your beaches. breezes around monterey, of you. low to mid-70s in santa cruz. check out the temperature in tahoe, 60 degrees at lake level. warm spot, l.a. at 88 then san diego, 87 and then palm springs at 86. quite warm down in southern california. low to mid 40s up in the north bay valleys. any had to upper 40s for the rest of us. look for a few more clouds around the coastguard lining this morning. temperatures tomorrow will be a lot like today and then the winds reverse and that land breeze develops. we could touch 90 inland and
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even some low 80s around the bay on wednesday and 70 at the coast. then look at the cooling trend. 10-20 degrees cooler by the time the weekend ends. we are getting off to a start busy monday morning commute. earlier we had a fatal accident. at san pablo dam off-ramp. that is not blocking anything at this time. let's together maze where we have another situation, 80 and 880 the road is shut downed and traffic is being diverted off to the 580 to 980 south. crews are on the scene and traffic is not getting through southbound 880 at the maze. toll plaza, reports of a stall west of the tolls. metering lights remain off but traffic is light. no problems getting into san francisco. before you leave, check out all thiszy,, "abc 7 ne"
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a busy monday morning. >> in oakland, investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a huge weekend fire. flames shot high in the sky as an old house burned on 32nd street and martin luther king way. it destroyed the apartment building. firefighters had it under control in about 45 minutes. no victims were found during a preliminary search of the building. >> santa cruz police have released a southwest photo suspected of a strong armed robbery and kidnapping attempt. he is six feet tall and 250 pound, he was wearing jeans and a blue sweatshirt. investigators say around 10:15 a.m. saturday he walked into a retail store in the 1300 block of pacific avenue and demanded money from an employee. when the employee refused to open the cash register he
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dragged the employee by the arm to the rear of the store. the suspect fled after the employee screamed. if you have any information call santa cruz police. >> sarah palin is getting positive reviews for people that attended a take at a small community college near fresno. west hills college paid the washington speaker's bureau to land palin $115,000. they officials wouldn't say what palin would receive but the school rekoups a fee with a private dinner after the speech. >> a state law that would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 to use tanning booth dz goes under scrutiny today. measure quotes scientific study
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shows that the ultimate from a violet radiation can cause cancer. >> he was most wanted terrorist mastermind in the world. next at 5:00. what we're learning about the hours leading up to the death of osama bin laden at the hands of u.s. troops. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. i'll have bay area reaction to bin laden's death and those that lost family members on 9/11 coming up in a live report.
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