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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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video inside the compound where bin laden lived and died. we begin in 60 seconds video inside the compound where bin laden lived and died. we
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he. >> as americans learn that the united states had carried out an operation that resulted in the capture and death of osama bin laden. [applause]. >> standing ovation for president obama tonight as he appeals for a renewed spirit of national unity. >> the president will visit ground zero on thursday an area as you can see that is coming back to life nearly 10 years after the attacks. >> good evening everyone. tonight people around the country and the world are celebrating the end of the most wanted terrorist on the planet. >> and we are learning more about how he was located and killed. risky operation conceived by some of america best minds and executed by some of our best warriors. el navy elite seal team 6 flew in on 2
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blackhawk helicopter. the target this sprawling compound sounded by high walls topped with razor wire. the plan as two repel into the compound from the choppers. but one stalled forcing a hard landing outside the compound walls. the seals made their way inside and found bin laden in the main building. they shouted at him to surrender but he resisted. they aimed straight for his head. giving the weapon a double tap of the trigger he was hit in the head and in the chest. the president monitored the entire operation in real time from the white house situation room. watching and listening to the fire fight. >> it was probably one of the most he anxiety filled periods of time i think if the lives of the people who were assembled here yesterday. the minutes passed lake days. >>reporter: before leaving with bin laden body the seals blew up the cripple chopper and used a black up aircraft to evacuate. the mission was originally set for saturday night the night of the white house correspondent dinner but bad weather pushed the
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operation to sunday. the president and his team attended the dinner acting as if nothing was unusual. >> people think bin laden is hiding in the hindu kush but every day from 4 to 5 he host a show on c-span. >> we obtained this video of the compound. home appears to be ransacked. in one room there was a large amount of blood on the floor that you will just 500 feet from pakistan pre-eminent military institution. their equivalent of west point. >> military basis just right there. how is it possible, how is it possible that no one would know he was living there. >> many for the cia team hunting bin laden it was clear that al qaeda leaders vulnerability rested with his personal courier. when one of the courier picked up the phone last year he unknowingly led american purchase sewers to bin laden hide out. cia initially learned about the courier from dayes in the secret prison network. >> tonight the white house is
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considering releasing graphic pictures of bin laden body to paragraph he's dead. u.s. says bin laden burial at sea was carried out aboard the aircraft carrier karl sin haven't in the north arabian sea within 24 hours of his death in keeping with muslim tradition. several steps taken to confirm the body was in fact bin laden. first 2 women at the compound identified him then navy seals measured the body at more than 64 inches. also sent photo become to the cia where facial recognition analysis show add 90 to 95 percent match and dna sample tent to dc why 99.nip percent match. during the raid the seals confiscated hard drives, dvd and other documents. the cia is already looking over the material for information on al qaeda and the organization presumed successoral is a which are i. for the bay area family whose lost loved ones on september 11, bin laden death has brought about much
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reflection. jack san rafael lost their wife and unborn child when it crashed in pennsylvania. he appeared on 7 live. >> you will never have closure. always have the scars but l it's like a book. there's chapters of closure. and it's relief to know that he no longer walk this is earth. he was a very p.m. terrible individual. he hatred was his ideology. >>reporter: pieces the idea of paying it forward has helped him cope with the loss of his wife. he donated a birthing room at marin general hospital and working to build a permanent memorial for all the victims of flight 93 in pennsylvania. >> reaction from all quarter investigators what has happened. past 10 years not easy for bay area muslims. many are telling us tonight that theory lead that bin laden is dead. he has they say done more harm to their religion than anyone else. lillian is here with that part of the story. >>reporter: many bay area muslims say 9/11 put their people under attack which is
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why they are grateful the man they say is responsible for their woe is dead. >> fremont little kabul is home to largest afghan community in the u.s. stan owns this little market and says bin laden death came as well come news. >> avenues big devil so big relief. >>reporter: many here left their homeland years ago. they still resented him for turning afghanistan into a home base for terrorists and later a war zone. >> unfortunately they use that beautiful land and finally finally it's over. >>reporter: but now that l bringing back memory of 9/11 along with it, many in the muslim community worry that anti-muslim sentiment will resurface. it already has in portland, maine where vandal targeted a local mosque spray painted osama today, islam tomorrow. this is executive director for care, the council on american islamic relations. >> historic day for the u.s. it should be a union finding
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moment for so many communities and yet there are still individuals throughout who would perpetrate that kind of an action. >>reporter: members of the muslim community want to reiterate that bin laden was not an accurate representation of their faith. they say the death is a milestone for them and non-muslim. >> war on terror has turned the world upside down for many people both here in america and abroad and so we are hoping that this ill will be a new page, new chapter. >>reporter: that's what members of the san francisco mosque are hoping, too. they say the killing of bin laden should send a message to other terrorists. they believe are a disgrace to their religion. >> no matter p.m. the way they handle this. >>reporter: and those of the muslim state are hoping that in time the stigma associated with the religion will change. they say bin laden death helps. >> all right lillian kim reporting. >> the fbi says homeland
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security are warning police department across the country that bin laden death is likely to pl inspire attack by homegrown extremist and in response bart put 7 member counter terror team patrolling trains and platforms with the help of another 8 regular bart officers assigned to keep a sharp eye out for potential threat. >> i don't think you could ever fully be prepared. i think vigilant and people help being observant is the best deterren deterrent. >>reporter: san francisco police didn't add any officers but ordered those on the job to make mass tlans it and places of warship their top priority. the golden gate bridge district says it has been on high alert ever since the first hours after 9/11. nba ordered increase security at all the remaining play off games. chicago police use metal detector to screen fans arriving for the bulls game at the united center. >> republicans are congratulating president obama tonight for yesterday successful mission in pakistan.
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they say the death is a great victory for america and caution the war on terror is far from over. >> what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us. i make last night news unified our country in many the same way. >> every reason to believe that further attack attempted against the united states and for us spend so much time patting ourselves on the back because we got bin laden but we miss the next attack would be a terrible tragedy. >> former vice president dick cheney also says the cia controversial enhanced interrogation program which started during the george w. bush administration was key. early tip leading to bin laden courier came from some of those interrogations. >> navy unit responsible for the raid on bin laden compound is known as navy seal team 6. but they won't ever claim the credit publicly. that team is based in virginia. made up of a few hundred members all recruited from existing seal teams. members are often gone
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300 day as year. they last about three years before burning out. former member says they know that failure will not be an option. it's they succeed or they don't come home. >> amazing. coming up next. war on terror does continue. what the death of osama bin laden means to bay area service members who have been to iraq or afghanistan. >> also the army corps of engineers blew up a levee in illinois saving a city but at what cost? >> and pg&e has big problem with its smart meters. hundreds are simply not working properly. that's coming up then on "nightline". >> i'm l coming up next on fight line. the incredible inside story of how navy seals took out al qaeda leader osama bin laden from l exclusive footage inside his hide out to the white knuckle moments in the white house l until that message came l, we got him. the white house l until that message came l, we got him. that's on >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> news of osama bin laden death sparked celebrations across the nation but for those on the front-lines of the war on terror, there's mixed reaction to his demise. allen
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spoke with veteran and active duty military tonight. >>reporter: jordan session he got a sobering reply after he facebook his marine friend in afghanistan and jubilantly wrote we got him. >> that's great. i'm glad you guys found osama bin laden and killed him but i'm still out here fighting the taliban is stale real threat for me. >>reporter: towers a marine who serve entered iraq realizes the death of osama bin laden does nothing to relieve the pain of losing friends in war. but he says it is breathing new life into the war on terror. >> i can't tell you how big of a morale boost this was. >> usaism suchl a. >>reporter: service members say it didn't have them dancing in the streets like mobs of americans who celebrated last night. >> for me personally it was more somber only because having deployed to combat zone and serving with marines in a combat zone you appreciate pl cost of war. >> my reaction?
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l really surprised i would say mostly because it's been so long. you know. almost among some of my friends, you know, it has become like a joke. whatever happened to osama bin laden? >>reporter: for some bin laden death just brought back more painful memory. >> more than a good thing. a lot of people get hurt physically mentally. not good. >>reporter: his death really doesn't do much for you at all. >> no. no. i could care less about him. i don't want to give him the l dignity of caring about him. >>reporter: in the east bay, allen wong 7 news. one washington man inform longer needs to fear his beard. gaerl whittle a middle school teacher started growing a beard on 9/11. he pledged not to shave it until osama bin laden was brought to justice. so for nearly 10 years he let his beard grow. as soon as he heard the news of bin laden death last night, fell cried then shaved it off. >> we have more on osama bin
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laden death after our newscast on extended 1 hour edition of "nightline". >> 2 other news now. fire this afternoon red woot city cement plant clouded the sky with thick black smoke. happened when an asphalt tank at the factory burst that flames. witnesses say it started with an explosion. blaze was contained in about half an hou hour. only one minor injury was reported. cause of the fire is under investigation. >> if pg&e smart meter program. the utility announced today it will have to replace 1600 smart meters because they ran fast and over charged customers. the meeters were made by the land and gear company. pg&e offering full refund and 25 dollar credit for the inconvenience. tomorrow by the way is election day in the bay area. voters in marin, contra costa county, san mateo, alameda county vote on supervisor races to parcel tax measures.
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>> u.s. army corps of engineers blew up a large section of mississippi river levee tonight in desperate attempt to protect illinois town from rising floodwater. blast itself as you saw lasted only 2 seconds. corps says the break will relieve river pressure protecting the town of cairo. missouri officials say it would ruin 130 acres, 130,000 acres of farm land and cause the region economy to suffer. >> here in california the department of water resources conducted its final snow survey of the season today and looks like there will be plenty of water to good around this summer. final snow pack reading 144 percent of normal and melting slowly as spring temperatures begin to rise. >> which is terrific news for our water supply in california. and now we can enjoy the next few sunny days guilt free. >> nice warm no worries. let's check in with sandy. >> that's right. you won't have to worry about any of the water situation. we are going
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to be enjoying a warm-up. it is going to get up that the 90's inland. not tomorrow. but by wednesday. today we did have some fog in the morning and then the fog cleared away later in the afternoon. left with us a spectacular sunset from the sutro camera. few wispy clouds going through. sundown at 8:01 and right after the sun set couple hours later, low cloud began to return near the coast line. this is the latest satellite picture and you can see that the coast is socked in. looks a lot like summertime pattern. temperatures right now in the 50's and the 60's. here are the highlights coastal low clouds tonight. sunny mild tomorrow and it is going to get much warmer for your wednesday. talking 90's inland. today it looked a lot like summer with pacifica feeling the breeze. dealing with the fog only 56 degrees but you get out towards antioch and it was 25 degrees so almost 30 degrees spread pretty warm day in antioch. tomorrow temperatures will be
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within a few degrees of today's highs. breezy mild conditions expected for your tuesday as this cold front comes through and then things will really start to change as we head into wednesday. higher pressure. one center moves inland. we start to see the wind flow coming off the warmer land blowing out towards the ocean. this is offshore flow and that warms us up for your wed. temperatures at the beaches are going to be in the 70's on wednesday. 90's inland as i mention so get ready for a one day warm-up. feel a lot like summer. overnight tonight low 40's to low 50's and tomorrow afternoon you are looking at temperatures much like today. 76 in san jose cupertino, 78 in los gatos. sunshine on the peninsula. upper sdpris millbrae to san mateo. 72 in palo alto an menlo park. coast line breezy 60 degrees. half moon bay. see the sun in downtown san francisco. 65 degrees south san francisco 64. but you will start out with some fog in the morning. and
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in the north bay you are looking at upper 50's around bodega bay. upper 70's for santa rosa. east bay communit communities sunshine mild weather 72 oakland hercules inland area near 80 for concor concord, fairfield, 80 degrees exactly in brentwood. these temperatures down a little bit for inland area. around the monterey bay. 72 for new salinas. tomorrow night if heading to the game, we are talking about the a's taking on the indians. 7:05 clear and breezy. temperature upper 60's there dropping to the mid 60's tomorrow evening so just perfect ball game weather. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. that is not a typo. that is 90 degrees on wednesday inland. 70 at the beaches. beaches will be a popular mraichlts we go with a cool down beginning on thursday. just a little bit but much cooler weather heading into the weekend. temperatures dropping back down to normal by saturday below normal on sunday mother's day l. few clouds around but
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who cares. >> no rain drop noychlt rain drop. >> thanks. >> coming up next. bay area kids back from a prestigious national science competition. >> the prides they brought home national science competition. >> the prides they brought home tonight.
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. >> students from san ramone middle school arrived home from washington, d.c. tonight with a sense of accomplishment. >> and 1,000 dollar prize team defeated 40 other schools for the science bowl competition. >> culminated in a round robin jeopardy style competition defeat ago team from vancouver, washington. >> it was harder than what we thought. there were a lot of good teams from all over the nation so to win was like a real challenge. >> 1,000 dollar prize goes to gale ranch science department. good for them. >> congratulations. way to go. awesome. >> sports next. baseball to talk by. larry here with that. >> nice finish by the a's. walk off homer in front of invitation only type crowd. why did bruce say of his giants we are awful right now? well that's part of the reason l we show you the rest. sports well that's part of the reason l we show you the rest. sports is next.
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good evening. took awhile but matsui first home interthe coliseum turned out to be a game winner. playing a rare monday matinee. series finale with texas. attendance just over 9,000. none better than this. in the fourth suzuki says goodbye. fair ball for the new daddy. third of the year ties the game at 2 appease a's down in the fourth. josh unloads. this ball headed for mount davis. we are tied at 4. they go to the tenth. oliver the pitch. matsui club the a's first walk off home they are season. first of the newly named over coliseu coliseum. 5-4 the final. >> what is that like after that. doesn't semi-like he shows emotion. >> he does. he gets excited
11:29 pm
more than you see but he gets real excited. he's such a great teammate the. it was a great thing. >>reporter: in washington the couple just married and they love the torture. are they talking about baseball or -- well any way. torture for giant hitters. tom threw 8 scoreless. look at the replay in the fifth. that was a catch. got the glove out of that bull. struggling at the plate. on defense, surrounded from wilson. hit at first later ruled an error. all the way. proved to be costly because ramos driven in by moore and giants with only 3 hits tonight and get shut out yet again 2 nothing. third shut out in the last 6 games. nba giving the city of sacramento one year reprieve. kings staying for now. they were set to move to anaheim but sacramento mayor johnson coaxed businesses to pledge millions of dollars to keep the team in
11:30 pm
sacramento. next task fillings to be tougher. come up with funding for new arena or the team will move most likely to an ham. kings try to build a new facility for more than a decade. play offs with lakers and mavericks. ron unthe skin of dirk. elbow draw as technical. la led by 9 at the half. kobe bryant for 36. the answer. so strong in the lane. had he 28. la goes to kobe here late. leading by 1. kid forced the steal. like a tackle. arms wrapped around kobe no. call. lakers down 2. last chance. for 3 and the win. oh. back iron. look to be good but no. dallas l steals game 1 in la 96-94. johnson and hawks. first round to chicago tonight. johnson could in the miss in the second half. 3 after 3 after 3 making
11:31 pm
it rain 5 of 5 from beyond the arc for 34 points. final seconds. up 8. dominic lighting it. rolls the aevrj. now listed as day-to-day hobbling around the ankle injured on the previous series. hawks take them. odd thing about that play is they are down 8. no need to swarm a guy. end up getting hurt on a play that was meaningless but he said ice ice ice and 2 days to rest. he will be playing game 2. >> good luck with that. all right thanks larry. >> "nightline" is coming up next. >> for larry and sandy thanks for joining us. >> hope you have a nice evenin evening. appreciate your time as always and see you tomorrow vl. as always and see you tomorrow vl. >> good night everyone. [ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic...
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