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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm janelle wang, white house may release a osama bin laden corpse to prove that he is dead. more information coming out this morning about the overnight mission that took out the mastermind terrorist. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in
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san francisco. pg&e is admitting smart meters can't take the heat. story coming in a live report. >> bay area voters decide on school parcel tax measures. it was a one-day cooling trend for the coast and bay. warmer weather and then winds of change will bring up higher temperatures tomorrow and thursday. details in a minute. so far delay free at the toll plaza. >> thanks a lot for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> good to see you back frances. >> president obama recently release his birth certificate to convince skeptics that he was born in hawaii. now, he may have to release
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photos to prove that osama bin laden is dead. >> the white house is talking about releasing one of photographs sometime today. c.i.a. director leon panetta heads to capitol hill to talk about it. it was recorded by cameras strapped to the helmets o by the navy seals. two blackhawks flew in under the radar carrying an elite team. one of the helicopters stalled. they switched to plan "b" bringing in a shi nook helicopter to replace it. bin laden was shot twice, once in the head and once in the chest. 12 to 15 women and children were flex handcuffed and left there. >> during the presence you never
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knew where he was? >> no, never. >>. >> we thought he was someplace in the tribal areas between afghanistan and pakistan. it raises an important questions questions that really the pakistanis need to answer not just for us but themselves. >> meanwhile, the c.i.a. is poring over confiscated hard drives that ob tainted at the compound. they are hoping to find information to lead them to find his successor ayman al-zawahri. the white house says they have not seen an increase on terror chatter in the aftermath of bin laden's death. as you can manage, assault force got a trove of computer drives and disks during the raid on the compound. one u.s. official called it the mother lode of intelligence. can you imagine what is on the
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hard drive? >> here is what we do know. he was identified after his death by two women at the compound which was raided. c.i.a. did a facial recognition analysis on the scene and dna samples were matched with several of bin laden's relatives for a 99.9% positive i.d.. pg&e is promising credit at least after admitting for the firearms that more than a thousand smart meters were detective and overcharged customers. terry mcsweeney is live at pg&e headquarters in san francisco with more. pg&e says there are 1600 meters malfunctioning and problem when they get too hot they read more electrical use than is actually occurring. take a look at some of the smart meters. the problem is again when they get hot. they sent send out a signal to themselves to pg&e reporting the problem.
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some say the meters overread electrical and gas usage. others say it's health, protestors were arrested in rohnert park complaining that headaches were caused by the smart meters. they say pg&e says they are more accurate. there has been other problems, caused meters to misread gas usage. the problem with the 1600 is electrical overreading. pg&e says they will take care of the problem. it's going to send the customers a $25 credit plus a refund of the overcharge. you do not to have have your smartmeter installed you can get on the delay list with pg&e. they will be waiting until puc decides if people will be able to opt out in having a smartmeter. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news."
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>> it's just about 6:06. >> a gun ban at alameda county fairgrounds has won a key legal battle. they have ruled the ban does not violate the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. gun show promoters have been challenging the ban since 1999 when supervisors made it a misdemeanor to bring or possess a firearm on county property. they say they will amend their complaints and continue to fight. >> today is election day in the bay area. voters in several counties will elect new supervisors and other government officials. voters will also decide the fate of 12 school parcel tax measures. they say without the additional taxes they will be forced to make further budget cuts. the president of the now defunct tri-valley university has been arrested on federal charges.
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sues san sue was arrested at her pleasanton home today. she is charged with 31 counts with conspiracy of harboring illegal immigrants. prosecutors say she collected millions of dollars from students, mostly from india in order to provide illegal student visas. they say hundreds of students listed their address as a single apartment in sunnyvale. >> two people are facing with embezzlement charges charged with stealing half a million dollars from a church. they both worked at the same church and one was a volunteer there. they fell under suspicion after funds went missing last summer. they made fraudulent credit card charges and checks. they say they have better controls in place to prevent future problems. >> a tomato grower is recalling
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grape tomatoes that have been distributed in california after testing positive for salmonella. they have been sold under the cherry berry label. they were made by taylor farms in tracy and potentially tainted products have expiration dates up to may 9th. if you have the products, return them to the store and get a full refund. so far there are no reports of anybody getting sick from the tomatoes. >> 6:08. check it out, it's a summer picture or what? >> definitely. >> check in with mike with a look at the forecast. >> sea breeze is back, marine layer clouds hanging around this morning. that will be the big difference between today and yesterday. good morning. take a look what is expected when you step out. 50 at half moon bay, low to mid-50s around oakland, concord, fremont, mountain view, los gatos and antioch.
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everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. wind are relatively calm in our valleys. northwest wind at 8 at sfo. 6 at oakland. and southwest 14 at fairfield and 9 at concord. those will change and become more northerly that is why we don't see clouds along coast because the northerly wind will get rid of them. low to mid 60s around half moon bay to mid to upper 60s to richmond. you can see the mid to upper 70s throughout the bay shore and south bay. upper 70s to 80 in the north bay and east bay valleys. around the monterey but, 63 and as you head inland, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. seven-day forecast, near record highs tomorrow, probably not on thursday as the cooling trend begins especially at the coast. by the weekend, by mother's day, 10-18 degrees cooler than tomorrow. >> a stall on the upper deck of
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the bay bridge, still not causing any delays. check out the commute across the golden gate bridge, a pretty shot here. no problems out of marin county heading into san francisco. it's been a quiet ride along the san mateo bridge, more crowded in the westbound direction. "h" train number one is getting into the south bay about ten minutes late but "h" train number three has been running on time. a plan to build homes, 8,000 residential units in treasure island gets a thumbs up at san francisco city hall. >> and middle school students that have won a national competition. an extra $1,000.
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welcome back, 6:14. long delayed treasure island redevelopment plan has cleared it's first hurdle. board's land use and development committee voted to approve the plan and send it on the finance committee. under the proposal, 8,000 residential units would be built on treasure island along with retail space, 500 room hotel and 300 acres of parks and open
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space. students from a middle school are back home after a trip to washington, d.c. that led them to an accomplishment and a thousand dollar prize. gale science team beat 40 other schools to win the science competition. was a contest that competed with kids from vancouver, washington. >> there was a lot of good teams all over the nation. so the win was a real challenge. >> congratulations to them. $1,000 prize will go to the science department at the school. >> future meteorologist there? >> yeah, they can do anything.
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>> here is your forecast. >> very proud of fact it only took me five years to get it. 6:16, my goodness, you don't need a degree in weather to describe this picture. let it speak for itself. nice job today. is that peter, jerry? he is doing a great job with these shots over the last couple of months. let's talk temperatures outside and we have still a lot of mid to upper 40s until you get to half moon bay, fremont, oakland, concord and antioch, low to mid-50s. around the monterey bay, upper 40s to low 50s. so for today, coastal clouds, that will bring us warm weather to the coast and also to the bay as the sea breeze will really slow down this afternoon.
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near record warmth is possible tomorrow afternoon and significant cooling trend for mother's day. as far as today. temperature change, one degree in concord but still in the low 80s. fremont, 76, san jose, oakland, santa rosa, san francisco, all two to six degrees warmer than yesterday. we'll get an additional 2 minutes and two seconds of extra sunshine today. he to mid-70s for most of the peninsula. with upper 56's along the coast. upper 60s in downtown san francisco. low 50s at your beaches. low to mid-70s along the east bay shore. gilroy and hollister, low to mid-70s, salinas and a breezy 63 around monterey. heading to the game tonight, it will be gorgeous out the coliseum, 7:05. as the indians are in town.
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with warm weather this afternoon won't be quite as cold but tomorrow morning, you were warm this morning, open the windows and handle the pollen. low to mid-50s around the bay shore. mid to upper 40s elsewhere out to the coast. so this is what is coming down. this high pressure, going switch our winds more in a northerly direction and we'll see the clouds dissipate around noon or 1:00. as the high moves into the great basin, clockwise flow, down sloping wind that chases all that cold air back out over the ocean. that is where we're going to leave it for wednesday and thursday, but it marches right back to the coast on friday. hits the bay on saturday and makes it inland on sunday and temperatures will be 10-18 degrees cooler than tomorrow. >> the altamont pass, we have a couple accidents, one is eastbound 580, near 205 and then
6:19 am
then there is another one not actually on the freeway at carol road. look out for that. typical delays as you make your way out of tracy on westbound 580 into livermore. "h" train number three, it's reporting no delays. isms train number one was running about ten minutes late this morning. other mass transit systems look good. live shot for you. traffic is developing in the south bay, still flowing well for northbound 280 and then highway 17 and no problems on the peninsula where the live shot of 101 in millbrae where these cars are moving northbound toward san francisco. interstate 80 in berkeley, an injury crash but traffic looks good westbound, delay free down to the bay bridge toll plaza. get traffic whenever you wanted
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by going to >> just about 6:00 20. >> coming up, social website talking about osama bin laden's death may have had a malicious viruses. >> and new attack by hackers do you know what's in your spread ?
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hackers may have taken personal information from an additional 25 million user acts. sony is expected to begin restoring their computers to play station. they apologized that they still don't know who was behind the outage. fully the will be offering customers free service to make amends. >> hackers haven't wasted any time to use the death of osama bin laden to scam unsuspecting computer users. a cloud based security company, says internet thieves knew people would be online looking for latest information so the scammers with a there waiting. >> at the time the time the president was announcing the news that facebook pages were circulating and saying, if you want to see the video of bin
6:25 am
laden being shot click here. those who clicked on the pages were taken to sites that were fake or infected. people looking for video actually ended up downloading a virus that steals passwords. to protect yourself stay with known news services. >> and twitter, news of the death broke twitter's record for the most people tweeting about the event. 35106 tweets per second. last year's superbowl had 3,000 tweets per second. it sent internet traffic soaring. they were having key word searches as quote, volcanic.
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they are deciding whether to raise their own property taxes in the bay area to help out school districts. >> and efforts by students and teachers to get out voted in support of school funding. >> and one city's promotional efforts. and the world may soon see a world authentic photo of a dead osama bin laden. white house is thinking about releasing one picture to prove to skeptics that the al-qaeda leader is dead. leader is dead. the story is next.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. zbloofd. [ bell ringing ] >> opening bell is ringing. investors are anxious to see new earnings reports today. auto reports and big sellers are small cars and trucks. top story, white house says it would rather not release gruesome pictures of osama bin laden's body after he was shot but they may have to release them to prove that he is dead. janelle swank live in the newsroom. >> that is exactly right. white house is talking seriously about releasing at least one of the photographs of a dead bin laden sometime today to give the
6:31 am
world proof that many are asking for but says it's a sensitive matter and wants to make sure it doesn't spark retaliation. more details are being released about the compound in pakistan where the al-qaeda leader had lived. one of his most trusted aides led the u.s. to the compound after they trace add telephone call. in the early morning hours, the navy seals sent two teams of 12, they killed a total of five people including bin laden and 12 to 15 women and children were left there handcuffed. they have known about the compound for years but they suspected bin laden would be surrounded by security guards and this home was not. pakistan is denying any suggestions that the country's security forces may have sheltered bin laden. >> the investigation is ongoing. they are pursuing their leads. they are trying to determine themselves were there were individuals within the pakistani government who were
6:32 am
emergencyable about his residence there and. counter terror advisor was in the situation room with the president watching the whole mission unfold reported all reported by cameras strapped to the helmets of the navy seals. they are poring over other documents obtained at the compound. leon panetta have plans on briefing the house and senate later today. republicans are congratulating president obama for the successful mission in pakistan. they call the did it a great victory for america but they caution the war on terror is not over. >> what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us. i think last night's news unified our country in much the same way. >> there is every reason to believe there will be further attacks attempted against the united states and for us to spend so much time patting
6:33 am
ourselves on the back because of bin laden that we miss the next attack would be a terrible tragedy. >> former vice president dick cheney says the interrogation techniques to the key to get information. for those on the front lines on war on terror, there is mixed reaction. many veterans and those on active duty who spoke to us said they did not feel like dancing in the streets. jordan powers says he is got a sobering reply after he facebook a buddy in afghanistan and said, we got him! >> i said it's great, you found bin laden but i am still fighting and taliban is real threat for me. >> he served in iraq says he doesn't relieve anything to relieve the pain of losing those
6:34 am
in war. and we have more reaction to the death of osama bin laden as well as constant developments on the story on our website at in other news, police agencies if all over state converge at the state capitol. the annual memorial ceremony at the memorial dedicated to officers that gave their lives in the line of duty. oakland paid tribute to four officers killed. it begins at 10:30 this morning on capital grounds. >> hayward mother is returning to the scene of her son's murder. samuel nava was shot and killed a year ago at industrial parkway in hayward. police say the shooter stood on the center median firing into the car in which he was a back seat passenger. now his mother and friend will hold a candlelight vigil and hand out flyers hoping the anniversary will stir up information in the case. >> in san jose, they will hear
6:35 am
next week on the coming fiscal year's budget proposal. they report 588 city positions could be cut to help close a $115 million deficit. layoffs could include 122 police officers. it would be the first in city history. 64 sworn firefighter positions would cut. libraries could lose 72 positions and parks and recreation stand to lose 182 positions. >> thousands of oakland students are expected to rally tonight to protest the state's attempt to collect millions of dollars in fines from school districts. students and teachers have gone through this before. the state wants $25 million in finds when the state was running by a state appointed administrator. many bay area districts are voting on special taxes in
6:36 am
schools, richmond, san leandro and hayward there will be picket lines to call attention to the budget crisis. a promotional campaign to help schools is getting out of hand. kid have been going into stores and taking box top coupons right off the shelves. the program from general mills is widely regarded as one of the most effective and inexpensive fund-raisers across the country. one store owner has complained to her general mills distributor about the problem. it's gray but mike is promising some. >> hello later on today. >> absolutely. once those winds shift to the north, it will scour the clouds and bring sunshine and warmer weather to the coast and bait where the clouds kept us cooler yesterday. as we head inland, pretty warm yesterday and plenty of sunshine to be pretty warm again.
6:37 am
temperatures above average and here we are at 8:00 in the morning. low to mid 40s around fairfield and santa rosa. everybody else in the upper 40s to low 50s. by noon, most of the clouds will be gone. pushed away by the northerly wind. mid to upper 50s around half moon bay to low 50s around san francisco, oakland, san rafael. mid to upper 60s by 4:00. we'll be in the low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys in the south bay. upper 60s to near 70 by the bay shore. poll echb, it's going to be pretty high. probably be even higher tomorrow as the temperatures will climb and sea breeze will bring us more. that ocean breeze returns on thursday and look at our temperatures, it drops 10-18 degrees. >> back up to the west grand and
6:38 am
we also have a slow ride through the altamont pass. couple accidents for you. one on altamont pass road, it's not on the freeway and another one in the eastbound direction on the right-hand side. as we check out the drive time coming out of tracy, not horrible but pockets of slowing, almost half an hour, worst ride is westbound 4 out of antioch, lone tree way to 242 is 26 minutes, mass stricken reporting no delays. in the south bay, 101 at 880, looks good. northbound 101 and 880 and pretty good ride across the san mateo bridge. newer accident on the dumbarton bridge but that was quibbling cleared to the quickly cleared
6:39 am
to the shoulder. >> a live report from the stock exchange straight ahead. >> salmon season office but so far, commercial fishermen are disappointed with what they are finding. >> and series of explosions blasting holes in midwest levees part of the army corps's plan to prevent massive flooding.
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6:43 on a tuesday. live doppler 7 hd, very quiet over most of the west coast and that includes us. we have a lot of sunshine and temperatures above average. coolest conditions, 50 in eureka and 52 in tahoe. then you see the low to mid-80s in the central valley and 90s around san diego and l.a.. talking about tahoe where the snow pack measurement confirms what we already know. this will not be a drought year. near record snow pack water content is 144% of the season average. readings will help them forecast the runoff.
6:44 am
san francisco private e-mails made public in a lawsuit over the stone lake concession agreement is raising more concern from critics. they report the e-mails show employees of the parks department worked with a lobbyist to win the contract for a new mexico company. attorneys for bruce mcclellan who has run the concession for more than a half a century say the process was corrupt. a lobbyist says ortega enterprises was selected because they promised to fix up the old boat house and improve food rentals. >> and caltrain ridership has increased but, ridership increased 4% in march, but trains arrived as scheduled only 93% of the time that will s less than 96% goal.
6:45 am
they say mechanical and signal problems were to blame. >> first full commercial salmon season is getting off to a slow start. northern california fishermen sa it fell below 27 inch minimum were plentiful but mature fish were difficult to find. they cancelled the season in 2008 and 2009 and shortened last year's because of diminished salmon population. this year they predicted the population 730,000 fish, triple last year. we're going to hearing more and more about things like this. new details about which products osama bin laden liked. >> jane king joins us from new york stock exchange with this morning's money scope report. >> who would want one of these things? we'll have the story in a second commodities falling right now,
6:46 am
very interesting we have seem them do nothing go higher since last september and this morning, we're down shopper sharply. exxon mobil and numont mining. it's still falling. dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq still under pressure, we lower. not by a lot but where we closed yesterday, down and flat. bloomberg index is trading a little higher. and clorox, they are cutting the top end for profits and it's fighting rising commodity costs and more news apple, apple is to get 7 million ipads this quarter. williams sonoma trying to remake itself as a internet retailer.
6:47 am
it's the fastest source of revenue and they say the plan is to make most sales online. a shopkeeper telling bloomberg that have xeerns helped them but big food orders major brands of equal brands of coke and pepsi. live from the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. honda is expanding a recall to check driver side air bags that could inflate with too much force. these are the models on your screen here. 2400 faulty air bags were
6:48 am
installed after crashes. if you have the original air bags you are okay but if you have one of these models and a replacement air bag. get a check. army corps of engineers are fighting two more explosions along a mississippi river levee to protect a town from rising floodwaters. >> engineers say the initial blast will relieve water pressure on the levee. they wanted to stop the move that intentional levee breaks would ruin farmland and cause the region's economy to suffer. it's 6:48, and let's check out the forecast. >> i was just looking on online
6:49 am
and found a site google earth had put before and after the damage passed through alabama. i tweeted about that it's pretty incredible. check out blog. it looks like a lot like summer the cool whip is back but it will retreat and eventually disappear this afternoon but light now swallows all of san francisco except for sutro tower as we look to the south from mount tamalpais. again a wonderful job of capturing images, peter. thank you very much. talk about the temperatures outside. we are running to the mid to upper 40s, everywhere except for half moon bay, oakland, concord and antioch, throw mid-50s. around monterey bay and inland, upper 40s to low 50s. coastal clouds will stay, warm
6:50 am
the coast and warmer bay because the winds pushed some cooler air into the bay yesterday. near record warmth, that is going to happen tomorrow as the wind shifts once again. then the wind shifts again for the weekend and bring us significant cooling. wind shift because there is no rain in the seven-day. compared to average, one degree warmer in redwood city. four in livermore and san francisco. oakland, san jose, 5, napa 8 and sun will set at 8:02. east bay valleys, widespread 80s and all the way out to to brentwood and fairfield. pat in richmond, low to mid-70s for the rest of the east bay shore. plenty of sunshine. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s. 59 in millbrae. pacifica at 58. half moon bay, daly city and sun set, mid to upper 50s.
6:51 am
a little breezy along the north bay shore, low 50s and breezy, that push that clouds to the south and eventually evaporate. so if you want sunshine, you have to deal with the breezes. low 50s around monterey and carmel. low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay and upper 70s to near 80s inland. indians in town to take along the a's and indians with the best record in baseball, mid to upper 40s -- land breeze develops tomorrow that will mean high pollen count and record high temperatures. you'll notice the cooling and temperatures will drop 14-18 degrees over the weekend. >> we're checking out a live shot from the bay bridge toll plaza looking at the incline section and stall reported,
6:52 am
third stall this morning so it's a little slow as you make your way toward the base of the incline. backed up to the overcross egg. check out the rest of the bay area, 680 still looking good. so far in contra costa county, no problems here, southbound, normal slowing out of antioch and through the altamont pass. heading back to san jose. southbound 101, tulley on-ramp, eastbound will be closed from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. detours are in place. use the capital expressway and northbound looking good toward santa clara. no major problems but there is some slowing on 280 as you make your way out of downtown area. north bay, it's been very quiet ride and also looks fine right now as you make your way southbound towards 580.
6:53 am
get traffic whenever you want by going to >> new survey measuring the well-being of mothers and babies show the best place in the world to be a mom is norway. that is where the maternal and child mortality rates are low. women's life expectancy are high and average maternity leave is one year. australia, iceland, sweden and denmark round out the top five. u.s. placed 31st. recapping top stories, pg&e is aj go there are technical defects in their smart meters. >> pg&e for the service first time they have a technical problem with 1600 smart meters. the problem is when they get hot they record more electricity than is actually being used
6:54 am
buyer the customers. the problem is scattered all over northern and central california. smart meters reading gas and electrical usage. they say they notified the utility by sending out a beeping signal letting them know there is some kind of a problem. pg&e says it has installed 8 million meters and only 1600 are malfunctioning. the solution is to send out a $25 credit to these customer refund the overcharge. other people, people who are upset with smart meters, they knew this was going to be a problem and have issues with the health of radio signal being sent out by the smart meters and there is also concern about privacy invasion. pg&e says it's taking care of the problem. the white house may release one photo of osama bin laden's corpse to prove to skeptics that the al-qaeda leader is dead. meanwhile, c.i.a. director leon
6:55 am
panetta heads to capitol hill to brief the senate and house. the entire mission was recorded by cameras strapped to the hell had mets of navy seals that raided the compound early monday morning. one of bin laden's aides led them to the compound after they traced one of his telephone calls last year. then the navy seals sent in two elite teams of 12. they killed a at some time of five people including bin laden and 12 to 15 women and children were left there handcuffed. meanwhile, the c.i.a. is poring over confiscated hard drives and other documents obtained at the compound. as for terror chatter, she they said they haven't seen any increase since bin laden's death. final check on the weather and traffic. great start. >> gray around the bay bu and out to the coast. increasing sunshine.
6:56 am
look at those temperatures, mid to upper 40s. low to mid-50s. temperatures are pretty close to average. heading to the afternoon hours, look at the bay, low 70s and 80s inland. but the big difference compared to yesterday will be the sunshine we see as the winds will shift out of north and push all the fog and low clouds away. by tomorrow that wind will push all that out to sea and the cooling breeze that usually comes with it, we'll see record high temperatures. friday, saturday and sunday, big drop of temperatures we could be below average by mom's day. >> bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the overcrossing. third stall this morning trying to clear from the left lane. and your ride through the altamont pass, there is an accident on altamont pass road at carol.
6:57 am
it is not on the freeway but it is blocking part of the roadway. slow out of tracy, you may want to consider mass transit because "h" train number 3 is reporting no delays heading into the south bay. also on friday, it will be free all day on "h" trains for passenger appreciation day. so we're starting to see the normal traffic pattern around the rest of the bay area. >> good to have you back. >> thank you. >> that is it for this edition. >> back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning! the
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