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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> and the replacement that is no substitute. the young bay area woman desperate to get her rare violin back. abc7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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he didn't have a gun, and his wife wasn't a human shield. good evening. tonight the white house is clearing up facts on the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> lisa amin gulezian is here with new details on the military operation dubbed "neptune star." >> carolyn, the white house blames the inaccuracies in their haste to get information to the american public. but five people died in the raid including osama bin laden. photos of a dead osama bin laden will not be released tonight. but u.s. officials who have seen them describe bin laden's corpse as bloody with a massive gunshot wound to his forehead. >> it is fair to say it is a
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gruesome photograph. >> reporter: while some at the white house grapple with the need to provide proof of the al-qaeda leader's death, cia director leon pineta says a photo will be released, and there is new information that bin laden was unarmed when navy seals burst into his room. >> the authority here was to kill bin laden. on obviously their rules of engagement, if he had thrown up his hands and surrendered and didn't appear to represent any kind of threat, they were to capture him. >> the seals had no idea whether bin laden was wearing a suicide vest, or if the room was book be trapped. -- boobie trapped. and his wife, we are told, was used as a human shield. she did make a move, was shot in the leg, but was unarmed. >> it was a gutsy call on the part of the president. >> dianne feinstein is demanding answers from pakistan about how the government didn't know about
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osama bin laden's half -- lavish hideout. >> either the pakistanis are totally incompetent, or they are playing a double game. there is probably a little truth to both explain igs thats. >> he says our relationship with pakistan is now more important than ever. the war on terror is on going. >> we need to attack terrorist movements and terrorist groups within pakistan itself. it will make it hard for the united states to say, we will pull everybody out of afghanistan and pakistan and let the world go down into a dust bin. >> tomorrow they will go over more details on the raid. they will look into what information they had on the compound. >> lisa amin gulezian reporting. a frame by frame analysis of bin laden's compound provides new insight into the daily
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life of the terrorist mastermind. on his medicine shelf, eye drops, anti-accept tic creams. there were no serious medications despite years of rumors about bin laden's poor health. outside the house, evidence of what bin laden ate, two cans of imported olive oil and local sunflower oil. in the pantry there was enough food to sustain a family for weeks. they never had to ef loo the come powbd. -- they never had to leave the compound. the raid does not change plans to pull troops out of afghanistan beginning in july. the draw down is still on track despite concerns on retaliation from al-qaeda. it has been almost a year and a half since president obama announced the start of a troop withdraw. there is heightened alert at travis air force base. travis units have been order #ed to check identification and increase random searches of people entering the base.
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former president george w. bush has turned down an invitation from president obama inviting him to a ground zero ceremony on thursday marking the death of osama bin laden. a bush spokesman says the former president prefered remaining out of the spotlight since he left office. in los angeles, the dalai lama suggested killing bin laden was justified. the tibetan religious leader was speaking at usc. according to "the l.a. times" the doll law llama says he may have deserved compassion and forgiveness, but he also said, quote, if something is serious and necessary to take counter measures, you have to take counter measures." the search for the gunman who opened fire on a police car in pittsburgh ended a short time ago with his surrender. it started hate this afternoon near atlantic and railroad avenues near the atlantic plaza shopping center. they showed the neighborhood was locked down for hours with guns drawn and searched for the suspect. alan wang is live in pittsburgh tonight.
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alan? >> at 9:00 when i was reporting from this spot, police believed the suspect was somewhere within the a nine-block radius. when we got off the air they realized he was right behind us in a home right back there. after police shouted on a bull horn for the man to come out, 27-year-old jones, dirty from hiding in the attic limped out with his hands up. before he came out a resident in the home who lived in the home told me he was derell's friend and he used gauze and peroxide to patch up the wound behind the suspect's knee. > was there an exit wound? >> no. he is still carrying the bullet. >> so he climbed up in the attic? >> apparently. >> did he call you or you call him? >> he called me. >> what did he say?
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>> well, it was no laughing matter earlier in the day when police say jones fired seven rounds at an officer behind the wheel of his patrol are ka. jones ran a stop sign so the officer followed the suspect driving a brown cadillac around the atlantic plaza in pittsburgh around 5:30. police say the suspect hoped out firing a semiautomatic pistol. the officer returned fire and the suspect ran to his friend's house across railroad avenue. the bullet hole struck around the officer's head. one of them hitting the headrest, but that police officer was never struck. they still can't figure out how. they believe he was extremely lucky. police say jones was on parole for an armed robbery conviction. this entire neighborhood behind me had been locked down for four hours. tonight the situation has been cleared. reporting live from pittsburgh, alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> alan, thanks, very much. in oakland, police are looking for a man they say slammed a stolen car into another car carrying a mother and her two children. the mother suffered serious injuries. you can see why when you see the damage to this vehicle. her kindergarten-aged son es up asked with a bump on his head. his one-year-old sister is apparently okay. officers know who this wanted man is, and they plan to obtain an arrest warrant. santa clara county prosecutors are warning that hundreds of drunk driving cases could be in jeopardy because police used faulty breathalyzers. police in san jose and palo alto stopped using the device called the alco sensor 5. palo alto introduced this model in april of 2010 and san jose started using them last november. the district district attorney learned of the problem today, and that means notices will go out to 865dui suspects and their attorneys about potentially incorrect readings. >> we use them in this department as an all call screening device which is not
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an actual determination for the blood alcohol content, but rather to enable us us to make a determination whether to take the person into custody or not. >> the maker has sent san jose police replacement units while the ones under recall are fixed. pg&e started the process of testing 150 miles of pipeline to make sure they are being operated safely. >> crews are starting this work in mountain view. they will use water pressure to see if the lines have defects or leaks. they are similar to the ones exploding last fall triggering a firestorm that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. an unusual crime in san francisco. more than $20,000 was stole -- stolen from a student at the conservatory of music. the thief was caught on camera, and they hope that will help them track him down.
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>> emily cox can still make beautiful music, but it is not the same with the violin she had to borrow with a friend. >> her violin, the one she played for 11 years when she was a teenager was stolen. it is a one of a kind violin made in the 1920s and worth $23,000. >> it is sad for me to think it is in the hands of a complete stranger. >> last tuesday afternoon she left her violin in a classroom on the fifth floor of the conservatory of music to check her e-mails. >> in between the time i was gone the suspect came in and grabbed the violin and fled the building. >> as the suspect left, a classmate followed him to the muni stop where he got on a train and bingo. >> that's our boy. >> police say a camera on the train captured a clear shot of
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the suspect getting on board with what appears to be emily's violin case strapped to his become. -- his back. he traveled four minutes and got off on powell street. >> every lawen enforcement agency will be given these fliers on this case. >> for emily cox, getting her violin back is more than a bit of sentimental tee. >> it is my entire livlihood. i play my violin for work. >> emily has played with the symphony and the phil harmonic. her vee lynn is insured, but that's not the point. she needs it to fulfill her career. abc news. >> police set up a tip line. you can find that information and more pictures at >> a lot more to bring you here tonight. smartphones are going to med school. at home eye exams using a new app developed in the bay area. >> and what's in a title? san francisco's police chief found tens of thousands of
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dollars just by changing a dollars just by changing a couple words.
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technology developed here in the bay area is offering doctors a new way to look at your eyes potentially alerting them to trouble before you make it into the office for an eye exam. diane jensen has scheduled dozens of eye exams with her smartphone. now she is about to use it to perform one. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought, wow, this is the next level of medicine and eye care. >> like a regular visit to her op that you monthly gist office she starts with several tests including reading a digital eye chart to find out where her vision drops off. and with the help of a colleague she uses the camera to snap photos of each eye. within minutes the images and the test results arrive via e-mail. >> you can see with incredible clarity the whites of the eye and you can determine external diseases. >> dr. harvey fishman is the developer of eye snapy. it is for patients experiencing difficulties, but can't make it into the
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doctor's office right away. >> it is a great way to communicate and then i can get objective data. i can look at their eye and see the verbule uh cutie. >> he cautions the e-mail is followed up with a phone conversation, but the data can be powerful in making a preliminary diagnosis. one screens for defects and that's a loss in a specific area with us kas from macular degeneration to a brain tumor. >> this is a visual field from another patient, and the patient had a brain tumor, and i was able to confirm with this iphone app. >> the app designed for the iphone is not meant to replace a traditional eye exam, but he says it will be used to perform pre exams to give detailed information, perhaps hours or even days before a patient walks through the door. >> it is a little like in trauma cases where some emergency rooms will get -- the ambulance had been sending
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data to the emergency room. >> it takes several steps for patients to start the interface. once the app is launched, they can complete the test in a matter of minutes. >> if i can send a picture in without having to come into the office i will be comfortable doing that. >> it is currently a free download. you will find a link at our website, just click on see it on tv. san francisco's police chief is saving $60,000 a year with a simple change. sf weekly reports that the chief has done away with the assistant chief title held by jeff godown, denise schmidt and shoyer are. the three are deputy chiefs which comes with pay cuts of at least $20,000 per year still deputy chiefs make $250,000 annually. he gave back his own raise. they say he is not only trying to reprimand the top bass, but
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save some money. they held some vote by mail elections to decide on parcel taxes to help the local schools. the preliminary results show the parcel taxes passed by a two-thirds majority in the los gatos, saratoga and joint iewn yep high school district. parcel taxes failed and the pleasanton and new haven school districts along with the jefer on union -- the jefferson union high district. >> the heat is on. tomorrow will be warm. >> sandhya patel is here with a change for us. >> absolutely. warm and even bordering on hot, almost summer like as we look at 90s inland tomorrow. temperatures right now running pretty warm. look at antioch. close to 70 degrees at this hour. we do have some very gusty winds in the north and east bay hills. anywhere from 30 to 40 miles an hour holding the temperature up. redwood city, mountain view,
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san jose and fremont. a big warm up for tomorrow. record temperatures are possible, and much cooler weather is expected by this weekend. you look at today's high temperatures compared to tomorrow and you can see what i'm talking about. it is going to be a significant warm up. san francisco 65 today and going up to 79. 14 degrees warmer. concord from 80 to 90 you are up 10. san jose 75 today and expected to reach a high of 86 degrees. 11 degrees warmer. you are going to feel the heat tomorrow. it was a nice, sunny day as the higher pressure built in. the northerly wind flow provided the dry flow and cleared up what we had at the coast. what is already starting to happen is the higher pressure will shift inland. this will continue to the morning hours. so the wind flow basically coming off the land and blowing down toward the ocean with an offshore flow providing warmer weather tomorrow and the warmth is going to hold on for your thursday as well.
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it is not just here locally, but statewide and 101 in palm springs. 91 in los angeles. the central valley, 89 degrees. lake tahoe is 65 and 89 degrees for you in chico. so if you are doing some traveling, it is going to be a warm day all-around. breezy as i mentioned in the north and east bay hels. temperatures from the low 60s. and tomorrow afternoon it is a warmer day in the south bay. 86 in san jose and 85 for milpitas. all in the 80s. 86 palo alto. great day to head to the beach. it is shorts weather. 74 half moon bay and 72 in pacifica. sunset district, 74 degrees. downtown san francisco, this is the kind of reading you expect to see in october. it is only may. 79 there. upper 80s for calistoga. 90 in ukiah. get out toward the east bay and oakland expected to be at or above record territory.
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83 would be a record. inland areas up to 90 degrees in concord, pleasanton, brentwood and for the monterey bay, 85 in santa cruz. that would be a record. 90 degrees inland in gilroy. warm through thursday. the cooling begins on friday. and by mother's day, we are talking about much cooler weather. but don't you wore ree. i don't have any rain drops. just a cooler forecast. >> it is about to get a lot more crowded. >> and there will be
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the san francisco zoo is getting a new siberian tiger named martha. she comes from omaha, nebraska. she weighs 300 pounds like tatiana, the tiger shot and killed by police after it escaped and killed a san jose teenager more than three years ago. martha will arrive sometime next month. the san francisco zoo says the tiger grotto is safer than it was in 2007. the walls have been raised 10 and a half feet. the world is going to be getting a lot more crowded in our lifetime. right now the global
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population is nearing seven billion people. the united nations now estimates it will reach eight billion by 2023,9 billion by 2041 and 10 billion at some point after 2081. most of the growth will be in sub saharan africa and asia and low birth weight. can you imagine? >> larry beil, one person he. > i am already feeling clawser phobic. drafted by the giants and tosses the first no hitter and thankfully it wasn't against the giants.
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the first complete game in 95 career starts. the giants finally found offense in new york. but it took extra innings and a slump buster to end their misery. the mets hauled out the heavy lumber. beltran with a three-run rocket and 3-0 mets in a flash. giants answer with four in the third. they score 4-3 giants. 5-5 game and shier holtz uh. lats this. i think they picked it up onrush sheen radar. there is word that the giants may be interested in trading for jose reyes. three for three tonight and tied the game. 10th inning and here it comes and there it goes. aubrey huff in his wheel house. only hit of the night. he was 0 for his last 20. but that's the game winner. giants win in 10. a's and indians series opener. suzuki, the qekness and
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sniper-like precision to gun down everett to end the inning. a perfect throw. just turn and fire and right on the money. in the seventh and the a's nursing a 1-0 lead. in the 9th orlando cabrera with a base hit and the indians go on to win it 4-1. they have the best record in baseball at 20 and 8. it has taken dare vic rose to go from college ball to the top of the nba. he was named the mvp. youngest ever, just 22 years old and in great company. rose and michael jordan are the only bulls players to win this award. chicago is lead with the best record. the celtics not getting along. rajon rondo does not want career advice from paul pierce. dwyane wade turns them inside out. lebron james 35 points. and treats rondo like a rag
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doll. rondo wanted the charge. james like a mac truck. fourth quarter and make room for the keening. he had 35. miami wipes it taking a -- miami wins it. per kin -- perkins cross checking and 2 minutes on gasol. they are back in the series. kevin durant had 26 and he came off the bench to hit six of seven shots. even their series with the gridlies at a game apiece. >> we have the celtic series with miami that is saturday neat at 5:00 p.m. >> thanks, larry. "nightline" is next. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel, thanks for joining us. >> appreciate your time. as always, great to see you here. >> good night.
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