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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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"good morning america." have a great weekend, everybody. thanks so much for watching. >> happy mother's day. in the news, san jose cinco de mayo celebration takes a rowdy turn. one person is stabbed and others beaten up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. you talk about a happy friday. the word is gas prices are going to reverse course and start coming back down. how low will they go this time? >> speaking of dropping, so are the temperatures. you see the wind blowing in from the ocean. coolest over the weekend. >> good morning, i'm sue hall in for frances is morning.
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>> also this morning, an unusual twist in the case of a stolen rare violin, a man who apparently took it returns it but he ends up behind bars anyway. good friday morning. it's mother's day weekend. make sure you remember that. thank you for joining us. >> i'm kristen sze. >> san jose police are tallying up the damage after rioters showed up at sink sink celebration and one report of a stabbing. store windows were smashed and shot out. they broke up multiple fights along santa clara street which had been closed for traffic for the night. the group clashed again at king and story road. one person was treated at a hospital for a stab wound. they describe the troublemakers as outsiders that only came in to wreak havoc. >> pg&e is working to repair a
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natural gas leak that issued a shelter in place in pleasant hill. more than an hour earlier, they heard a hissing sound on oak park boulevard. so far no word on what caused the gas leak. pg&e hopes to finish the repairs by 5:00 this morning. >> if you are looking for gas prys to fall, crude oil places plunged to a marker that experts say may signal light at the end of the tunnel. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco. >> it dropped to less than hundred dollars a barrel first time in two months which could mean, we would like to use words like could, maybe, it could mean lower prices. people are wondering why is it the prices shall dropping. yeah, we talked about the price of oil coming down. it's because people are driving
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less. strengthening dollar is dragging down oil prices, a rough employment news is bringing the pricing down. how low they might drop. >> 3.50 is relatively cheap over the next couple of years. up in alaska, gas going for $6.73 what are we complaining about? other companies are charging more than $9 for gas when people don't bring their rental car back and have to fill it up. nationally it averages 3.99, up a $1.078 over the last year. we maybe seeing a drop in gas prices by next week, seven to ten days, they say.
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4:33. labor department is set to release the latest unemployment figures in just about an hour. some analysts are forecasting the economy to add 185,000 jobs in april and some also worry the job figures could be weaker than expected due to the rise in gas prices. pg&e will be allowed to make customers pay the cost of replacing old meters with smart meters. they approved the request to raise the rate to recover losses. it gives pg&e shareholders a 6.3% rate of return on the investment of the old meters. utility customers of $90 a month will see it go up 9 scents. meanwhile, they rejected a request to track the cost of gas
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improvements following san bruno disaster. consumer advocates that opposed it it would amount to giving pg&e a check to bill its customers. a san francisco violinist is thrilled she is getting back her very rare and valuable instrument after it was stolen. san francisco police arrested a suspect and recovered the violin. lilian kim reports, it couldn't have happened without tips from the public. ♪ em hadly cox is playing with a borrowed violin. her one of a kind violin valued at $23,000 was recovered. she went to the police station to confirm it was hers. >> as far as i can tell, it's been man handled a little bit
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but nothing that i can't fix. >> the violin was stolen from the san francisco conservatory of music. emily is a student here when someone snatched it. she was devastated. fortunately a classmate saw the thief board a muni train. video led to several tips confirm his identity. they did talk to his mother. she said her son, 27-year-old scott sylvester would return the violin not a police station but at st. mary's cathedral. >> the lady was answering for him and she said she would like to leave this package here, her friend had made some sort of mistake he would like to correct. >> for emily all of it comes as a shock before she knows the lost instrument never gets them back. police say they arrested the
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suspect after receiving reports that a man was acting strangely on the bus. they immediately recognized him as at violin suspect and arrested him. san jose city leaders decided there is no good reason to change the name of the airport. mineta with a name would include silicon valley but they decided to table the idea. if a major airline wanted to nash deal. it would be reconsidered. >> san jose sharks have a commanding three games to none lead over the red wings and advance in the finals with another win tonight. they beat them wednesday night and face them in detroit again tonight. history is on the sharks' side. only three teams in history have
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ever come back from an 0-3 deficit to capture a stanley cup playoff series. >> meantime, giants are doing a home stand at at&t park. >> are we still going to see the temperatures drop? >> absolutely. inland sizzled once again, we reached a low 90s in the east bay valleys but things have changed. look at the fog developing along the coast. you may notice the flags are blowing from west to east and that is the sea breeze coming back. winds are gusty, up to 36 miles an hour. sustained around 26 gives you another idea the sea breeze is back. westerly winds in oakland, hayward and napa and out to livermore. still pretty mild at concord, 61. los gatos, 62 degrees.
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rest of us in the 50s. as we head toward the 8:00 we'll remain in the 50s with a few 60s lingering especially in the east bay valleys around antioch and up to fairfield. by noon, clouds will shrink a little bit. then temperatures in the upper 50s from half moon bay to san francisco. mid to upper 70s as we head inland. today is the beginning of the slide for all of us that will culminate again on sunday. still a slight chance of a stray shower and then warmer and calmer starting tuesday of next week. good morning, sue, already an accident? >> unfortunately, pretty light friday morning but we do have an accident, eastbound highway 4, port chicago highway, just passed that exit there, lanes are blocked apparently with this accident. also on highway 4, overnight road work has the highway closed
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between leverage and summersville. mass transit is running on time. "h" train is running free service today, free friday for rider appreciation. it's 4:40. >> two california moms put their concerns over cuts to education into action. online tool to help other parents understand the impact that budget cuts on their children's school funding. >> oakland mayor heads to china, business opportunities for the city she is hoping to bring back.
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a live, high definition picture from rooftop camera toward the embarcadero. you see a few dollars. giants game tonight celebrating willie mays 80th birthday. probably the best in history. keep that in mind as you decide
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whether to buy tickets tonight. we'll have more on the forecast for this weekend, mother's day weekend coming up. more news, oakland mayor jean quan heads to china along with officials hoping to do business connections. it will be a week long mission to bring more export to the port. last year the port of oakland did $14 billion worth of business. they think they can expand that. quan is the first chinese-american mayor wants direct air service between oakland and china to increase jobs. >> new online tool to help parents that want to get numbers on how state budget cuts will affect their school. its click away, and education reporter lyanne melendez shows us how it works. >> new online tools that map funding of california schools. just click on your school district and the information
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pops up. it shows how much districts will lose if the tax extensions proposed by the governor do not pass. >> every school district potential cuts for that district you look down the projection, if there is no additional revenues in the state budget. >> take oakland unified, facing $35 million in cuts, for a child that represents 764 fewer dollars with 30 kids in a classroom. that is $22,922. and number of teachers that received layoff notices. we talked to one of the creators of the website from los angeles. >> we got our hands dirty and realized that we need to try to simplify the information. >> cynthia is also a mother of a elementary school student. she and three other people worked on it for a month volunteering for their time.
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one of them worked for google, the maps are powered by the internet search giant. it's one more tool to help them deliver the facts. >> it has a very complex school funding system, any help in that regard is certainly appreciated. anyway we can make it clearer to parents we want to do that. >> the website also has ways for parents to contact their local lawmakers. it's 4:45. some of california's largest food chains recall a popular product. a health hazard that poses for people that bought. >> it he survived terrorism and lot everything. how a 9/11 survivor ended up in a local homeless shelter. >> a hint of a fire season to come. firefighters battle to protect homes in from a fast moving blaze. >> and collecting money from
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victims from japan's earthquake, it exceeded
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welcome back, 4:48 on a friday, most of the country is seeing a heat wave. low and mid-70s along the eastern seaboard. near hundred in phoenix, chicago 65. coolest weather, upper 50s seattle and portland and it is quiet across the country once again. i don't expect any weather related flight delays but anything else may delay i, our flight tracker will have it at it's 4:48. in pakistan police say four people were killed and 15 others wounded in a rocket and gun attack in southwest region. people waited for word of their loved ones at a local hospital. the attack took place in a crowded soccer field where people were exercising.
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it appears to be a sectarian attack. it's been nearing ten years since the first plane hit the world trade center on september 11th. president obama laid a wreath at ground zero. lisa amin gulezian spoke with someone that survived the attack but long time partner did not and still struggling with life after 9/11. >> he come here to the cemetery to think. it's one of the few places where he finds peace. >> i was on my way to the office. >> that is when flight 11 crashed into the north tower. he was in the lobby and then a second plane hit tower two. >> my partner worked in tower two as tower one came down, my life with him ended. >> the nightmare begin. life isn't easy with this 52-year-old who moved to the bay area to escape new york and find familiarity. he and his partner used to live
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in san francisco but the struggle got easier when osama bin laden was killed. >> i'm glad to see that president obama took it upon himself to make this a significant time. >> the president met with 60 9/11 families including glen james walls, he was an executive. david was a mortgage analyst there. since 9/11 he barely worked. >> it was very emotionally, everything was heightened to excitement to being depressed to having anxiety. >> every week he goes for therapy, he has come to realization about bin laden's death. >> i don't think it's necessary to see photographs and things like that. but essentially he got what he deserved. it's 4:50. fire season is off to an early start in southern california as
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our wet winter produced an abundance of fuel for the summer. fast moving brush fire threatened homes in eastern los angeles county. three fire fighting helicopters made repeated drops to keep flames from away from homes. 60 firefighters worked the fire on the groundz ground. >> we'll be in fire season pretty soon. how do we look? >> all the fuel out there, i would say when it's bad when you pass it. we get too much rain, we get the rain we need and then we get grass that will be dying fuel for those fires. 4:52 as we look down on san francisco from sutro tower. fog is along the coast but right
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now, that is where it's staying. sea breeze that is creating that is going to eventually push into all of our neighborhoods and bring that cooler weather with it. take a look at temperatures, we're running in the 50s until you get to concord and antioch, around the low to mid-50s. santa cruz, mid-50s. cooling that moved in today, it will be cloudy at the coast. at least the peninsula, elsewhere we may see some sunshine break through. coolest will be on mother's day and less clouds and warmer for next week. east bay valleys, 80 in brentwood. castro valley and fremont around 70 degrees. low to mid-70s down in the south bay. we have some fog shooting
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through the gap. temperatures to manipulate m i had to upper 50s. menlo park, palo alto, low 70s. we'll be near 60 around daily the city and sunset. north bay beaches even with increasing sunshine late this afternoon, only mid to upper 50s. mid to upper 50s for sausalito and san rafael. throw mid-70s through the north bay valleys. cloverdale, low to mid-80s. near 60 in monterey. near 70 for salinas and upper 70s for gilroy and hollister. traveling in the state is, some of the cooler weather may hit sacramento and 90 in fresno. 95 in palm springs. you see the clouds around l.a., temperatures in the 70s around there. giants are back in town, cool and breezy, 58 down to 55 during the game.
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few is on a around san rafael, palo alto, san jose and in to antioch. accu-weather seven-day forecast, we'll drop another 2-4 degrees tomorrow and about another 2-4 degrees on sunday. a slight chance that of a shower still lingering in the forecast, calmer, brighter and warmer monday and tuesday. we're going to start off, with you are traveling between concord and pittsburg, we still have an accident blocking lanes at port chicago highway. eastbound is closed between leverage and summersville. and free on the "h" train that shows rider appreciation. no problem past sfo and friday light at the tolls. not a free ride at the bay bridge but before you leave the house, check out all the traffic information at click on bay area traffic.
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it's 4:54. the family of a giants fan nearly beaten to death on opening night at dodgers stadium homes new surge will bring him out of a coma. they will try to drain flew fred bryan stow. they have been trying to bringing bring i am out of a medically induced coma. they have toyota identify any suspects in his beating. >> registered nurses at children's hospital in oakland begin day two of a five-day walkout. union leaders claim it would cost each nurse $4,000 more each year. hospital officials say it's merely asking them to pay a portion of the new optional premium health care plan. they say they are prepared for the walkout and it will not
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affect operations. >> safeway have recalled grape tomatoes that may have been contaminated by salmonella. florida grower's sample tested positive for the bacteria. they were sold between april 26 and may 3rd. california is among ten states they were sold. no illnesses have been reported but salmonella can cause a serious even a fatal infection. >> good news for people who want to take their bikes on caltrain. caltrain's board of directors voted to set aside $300,000 to convert ten standard rail cars into bike cars. that means each weekday train will have 80 spaces in two cars in which to store bicycles. in most trains only have one bike car. new service should be in place by late june. >> a benicia business owner says fund-raising for victims in
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japan have exceeded his own expectations. he pledged to match customer donations. $50,000 by the end of april. the donations have been pouring in since the middle of march. he says the final tally has raised nearly $68,000. half of that with matching donations from the store. 1500 people donated. next on "abc 7 news" at 5:00 a.m., the murdered of a german tourist in san francisco. the suspects in the case claim police may have botched things. >> and san francisco prepares to defy a controversial immigration program. why hundreds of suspected illegal immigrants may just go.
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