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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield. where the cinco de mayo did he live breaks got rowdy at this last night. >> i'm janelle wang in the newsroom. president obama heads to kentucky to personally congratulate the navy seals that took on osama bin laden. meanwhile, there is more information. >> fog and sea breeze is creating cooler weather and it won't stop cooling until mother's day. >> i'm sue hall in for frances dinglasan this friday morning. we have a free friday for "h"
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train commuters but they are reporting delays. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. our news starts in san francisco. >> on the fatal seen of a hit and run accident. a pedestrian was killed near golden gate park. terry mcsweeney has the latest details on it. >> this is masonic, between turk and golden gate, here is where the accident happened at 2:30 this morning. a pedestrian hit by a car. the car kept going only to crash later on. the driver of this car is in custody. take a look at video we have of the scene earlier today. again, about 2:30 this morning, according to san francisco police, a 23-year-old driver was coming southbound on masonic, coming down, hit someone who may have been in a crosswalk. then kept going.
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the person who was hit. dead at the scene. the body is still out here. the driver kept going and it was a short while later. we have video of what happened to the suspect car. it crashed at st. mary's hospital, crashed in the flower pots over there. the driver was dazed and injured as a result of the crash that high impact crash that happened out on masonic. he was arrested on the scene and taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. according to witnesses, he seemed dazed and he may be facing driving under the influence and certainly a fatal hit-and-run. he was a black male, 55 years of age and he was crossing masonic at turk. he was hit by the vehicle at a high rate of speed. the body was thrown more than a hundred feet.
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san jose police are gearing up to patrol more cinco de mayo celebrations this weekend. but at one celebration last night, things turned rowdy resulting in broken windows and at least one stabbing. amy hollyfield has details for us. >> they seemed to have the most problems on alum rock in the 1500 block. check out businesses behind me that had to board up last night. there was shattered glass on the sidewalk at alum rock right at highway 101. it started turj violent around 11:00. there were several fights. police say one person was stabbed last night. that person walked into the hospital and asked for treatment. several other people suffered minor injuries. police were ready for the chaos. this celebration gets out of hand about every year. they have more than a hundred
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special officers out on the streets last night. they haven't announced how many arrests they made last night or how many businesses were damaged. they're going releasing those numbers later this morning but last year, there were 8 felony arrests and 10 misdemeanors. we'll bring you more coming up. live in san jose, amy hollyfield "abc 7 news." five of the seven men arrested for the murder of a german tourist in san francisco are scheduled to return to court in next monday. he was killed by a stray bullet last august near union square. different gangs were shooting at each other when he was hit. armed with new evidence, police made their arrests early wednesday morning. five homes in san francisco and one in owning and one in fremont. family members that went to yesterday's arraignment say their loved ones are innocent
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and public defender they have denied their client a right to an attorney. >> a marin county judge is expected to decide whether a man accused of killing four women will be allowed to represent himself in court. joseph naso says he knows the case better than anybody else. prosecutors believe he has million dollars in assets and doesn't qualify for a public defender. four women were killed in the 1970s and 1990s throughout northern california. authorities say the victims first and last names had matching letters. president obama will visit with the navy seal team that carried out the daring raid that eliminated osama bin laden. janelle wang is live in the newsroom. >> president obama, he will personally congratulate the navy seals when he meets with them in
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kentucky later on this afternoon. the independent investigator is calling on the u.s. to reveal more details to allow experts to assess the legality of his killing. in pakistan, officials interrogate bhd's three wives that lived there with him. one of the wives had been living there for six years without ever leaving the upper floors. they say bin laden was cash strapped and al-qaeda had split into two factions, controlled by the number two leader ayman al-zawahri. it revealed that al-qaeda was looking in doing something on the 10th anniversary this year but no concrete plan yet. >> if they could put explosives on it, on a train, to cause the train to derail, that is a lot
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easier than going after an aircraft. >> documents also indicated al-qaeda's desire to hit major u.s. cities on anniversaries and holidays. the president has not -- has been careful not to politicize the killing. it's approval rate has jump 11 points now at 57% in two weeks. 20/20 will have most complete picture of the raid that killed osama bin laden. you can see the special report right here tonight at 10:00. san francisco says it plans to defy federal immigration officials by releasing undocumented immigrants that have been arrested for low level crimes. san francisco examiner reports that san francisco sheriff starts the policy june 1st to uphold the sanctuary ordinance. immigration officials require
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cities to hold undocumented immigrants until ice picks them up. under the new policy those arrested for misdemeanors will be released with a citation just as a u.s. citizen would. ice officials have not comment. >> california department of education has released the state's top schools. santa clara county topped the list with 30% of its schools ranking among the best in the state. when it comes to elementary schools, santa clara has the top three. however, six schools were among the lowest achieving in the state. rankings are based on student performance on 2010 standardized tests including high school exit exams. >> time for a look at the forecast. >> all right, for kids, this weekend represents a break from the heat.
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>> my school district they have been doing testing all week. break from the heat is on the way. you can see it as we look gusts around sfo, 36 miles an hour. oakland, hayward and livermore, the sea breeze is back. you may not notice it this morning, the temperatures are mild. concord, low 50s, 68 in antioch. rest of us in the 50s but by the afternoon hours, temperatures will drop around 8-15 degrees compared to yesterday getting closer to average. you see the clouds lingering along the peninsula coast. 50 at half moon bay, mid to upper 50s around san francisco, oakland, richmond and san rafael. low to mid-50s in south bay and north bay valleys. upper 70s in the east bay valleys. a lot of sunshine away from the coast. monterey bay, monterey bay at 50. upper 70s for morgan hill and gilroy and hollister.
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seven-day forecast for this weekend, coolest day and probably the breeziest will be on mother's day tuesday, wednesday and thursday we'll have low to mid-70s inland. touch 70 by next thursday. around the bay, still cool at the coast with mid to upper 50s. >> good morning. we're back to eastbound highway 4 where we have an accident. it was a big rig and this is right by port chicago highway. lanes are closed there. also eastbound highway 4, road work sench and somersville and we were mentioned -- work leverage and somersville. >> this a little bit of delay at this point. an accident in downtown san francisco, terry mcsweeney was out there reporting live. it's masonic between turk and anza that is closed due to the hit-and-run accident.
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we've got light flows this morning. friday light. so far no metering lights at the toll plaza yet. still ahead, a warning for parents, children's safety at risk. >> sony gives users of attacked play station a big -- we're sorry. >> and new tenants that promises to create hundreds of jobs. ♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪ my mom makes any day sunny. sunnyd does, too. with 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. ♪
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good morning, oil companies of three of four biggest companies on fortune 500 list. walmart is number one, followed by exxon and conoco phillips. just for home buying season, mortgage rates are at the lowest level. average rate is 4.71 but it's not as low as last november which was the record. usda say americans spend half their food budget in restaurants. fathers should be encouraged to eat healthier and eat at home. good friday morning to you. freight trains could be rolling through novato as soon as next month. they cleared the way by reopening a north bay rail line that was shut down in 1998 due to flooding from a series of storms.
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62-mile rail line will run from napa east and then north through novato, petaluma and cototi and santa rosa and windsor. they still have to work out a deal with other transit lines and city of novato before the freight service can start. >> chief of sony is issuing a new apology for the hack that go reached hundred million gaming accounts. he has posted a blog page saying they are dedicated to restoring safe service as soon as possible and will reward customers for their patience. sony shut down the playstation network a cyber attack compromised credit card data and other personal information. nearly half a million are voluntarily recalled. they say the wooden side rails that hold up the mattress can split and cause the bed to fall. there have been 23 reports of
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cracked or broken side rails and seven reports of bruises or abrasions, no serious injuries. the beds were sold at wal-mart, k-mart and target stores from september 2004 to september of 2009. if you have one, contact the rail asia for a free repair kit. target is coming to san francisco as part of a plan to revitalize the downtown metrion complex. the new improved metrian is expected to relaunch in october of next year. target says it's store will have 85,000 square feet, about half the size of the suburban franchises and uniquely san francisco feel. >> we taylor target stores to fit the location.
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>> the project is expected to generate 600 construction and 700 permanent jobs with half going to san francisco residents. they are making it different because of a smaller location, what they will carry in bulk and size. >> but the kids won't be small. >> i think they'll carry smaller products, not smaller kids. >> let's take a look at weekend forecast. >> take a look outside and -- i have to give that to my wife. >> you need to make a song about that. >> i wouldn't give it to her on mother's day, try flowers.
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>> look down in embarcadero. look at the fog on the ferry building and blowing from west to east. that is that sea breeze kicking in and bringing us the free air-conditioning. take a look at our temperatures. we are running did -- running in the 50s. upper 40s in gilroy and danville. most conditions will linger along the peninsula coast today. windy and coolest day will be on mother's day and then loss warmer weather next week. here is a look at the temperature drop, in the santa rosa. double-digits everywhere, concord, some degrees cooler. and fremont 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. let's start down in the south bay, low to mid-70s. 74 in san jose. mid-50s in millbrae all the way to 70 in palo alto.
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half moon bay, looks like everybody else will be in the upper 50s. south san francisco, breezy today, 52, downtown about 53 degrees with more sunshine. 53 in sausalito and 68 in sarn and low to mid-70s in north to central valleys. castro valley fremont, around 70 and 71. otherwise we have temperatures in the mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. near 50 and monterey. near 70 into salinas and mid to upper 70s inland. for tonight's game against the rockies, 7:15, cool and breezy at at&t park, 58 down to 55 degrees. if you are up early tomorrow morning, cloud along the coast and mid 40s. mid to upper 40s and low 50s for the rest of us. sea breeze will drop our temperatures another 4-10
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degrees by the time they hit their bottom on sunday. then calmer and warmer for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. hope you have a great weekend and mother's day. >> busy start. take you outside, terry mcsweeney has been reporting on this hit-and-run accident in downtown. masonic is closed between turk and anza. terry will have more on that in just a few minutes. another accident, at port chicago, westbound may be slow as they get that cleared up. road work has been picked up. "h" train number one is running 5-10 minutes late this morning and they are also are providing free service, free friday for "h" appreciating immigration day. go to for all traffic information.
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at least its free. >> celebrated ago milestone, big birthday party san francisco giants for one of the most beloved players. >> ever and showing off his new gig, a sea lion that was a victim of a brutal attack gets a new home today. [ male announcer ] this sunday is one of the best sundays of all,
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welcome back. 5:24. the kid turns 80 years old. giants' legend willie mays. he will be celebrated at at&t park. he arguably the greatest all around player in the game. he can hit, run, throw, hit for power -- all that stuff. he had 660 homers, 338 stolen bases. governor swarzenegger has agreed to first post-politics film role, cry maclo about a horse trainer hired to kidnap a
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9-year-old boy. it will be directed by a man behind the fast and furious franchise. he will earn $12 million, 25% of gross ticket sales. >> a sea lion who was found shot in the head and nurtured back to health gets a new public home today. silent night made headlines. his right eye was destroyed and left eye was not functional. today he is getting used to new digs at the family sea lion pool where another rescued sea lion henry is also moving in. government is just minutes away from releasing the highly anticipated jobs report. we'll have all the numbers next at 5:30. >> san jose is cleaning up after cinco de mayo celebrations get
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out of hand. i'm amy hollyfield and the aftermath for you up next. >> also next at 5:30, pg&e says it's only fair why it's driving up your power bill. >> you probably won't need the air conditioner today. coolest weather will be seattle and portland. over on the eastern seaboard, all is quiet with low to mid-70s there. no flight delays and none expected because of weather. flight tracker will have them at
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here is a live look from sutro tower looking down on san francisco, the fog is at the coast, cool sea breeze is here for all of us. i'm sue hall in for frances dinglasan. have a new accident on eastbound 80 and terry mcsweeney has an update on that accident. >> good morning. it's 5:29. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> let's begin with developing news in san francisco. >> a pedestrian was killed in a hit-and-run accident. police are still on the scene. terry mcsweeney is there live with the latest. >> i'm about five blocks from the golden gate park panhandle right at university of san francisco and on masonic. they have just taken away the body of man who was hit and killed as he was peawl crossing
5:30 am
ma son sick at turk in a crosswalk. the suspect facing a charge of vehicular manslaughter. take a look at the pictures. it happened around 2:30 this morning. a man was hit while cross masonic at turk. pedestrian was thrown about hundred feet, killed internetly and that victim is described as a 55 bishop instantly, they say he was killed. >> now take a look at pictures at st. mary's hospital, this is where the suspect driver ended up in this white toyota. but this was not the only accident that he was involved in. he hit this gentleman according to police at 2:30. after that he crashed into a couple of cars at fell and clayton. he then got into a crash with a couple of parked cars on shrader
5:31 am
and then he was found at st. mary's hospital crashed into a flower pot. san francisco police had given chase toward the last accident trying to get this guy. he got out of the car and was taken into the hospital and treated for minor injuries but facing vehicular manslaughter. if you are trying to get through this busy part. masonic is closed and at least for a little while longer between golden gate and o'farrell. their investigation is still going on. businesses in one stretch of san jose will be busy cleaning up this morning after another cinco de mayo celebration turned rowdy last night. fights broke out and at least one person was stabbed. amy hollyfield is live downtown with a look at what happened.
5:32 am
i'm on alum rock boulevard. a boutique and tax service building all got their windows knocked out. this is in the 1500 block next to highway 101. still shattered glass all over the sidewalk. crowd started heading this way about 11:00 last night. police say there was a lot of cruising up and down the streets and unruly crowds, fights broke on out. one person was able to walk into the hospital and ask for treatment. other people were injured. police haven't said how many people were hurt or how many arrests they made. they plan on releasing those numbers later this morning. president obama heads for ft. campbell, kentucky to congratulate the navy seals that carried out the mission that killed osama bin laden.
5:33 am
janelle has more. >> they have issued a first confirmation of osama bin laden death lie al-qaeda. statement says bin laden's blood will not be wasted and it will continue attacking americans and their allies. meanwhile, we're learning more about the c.i.a. they had a hideout months before the operation. according to reports from the "new york times," satellite and infrared devices and doing surveillance for months but they still never got a positive i.d. to bin laden nor did they get his voice recorded. it shows how well hidden he was in compound and how disciplined he was not to risk exposure. the evidence seized it reveals that al-qaeda was trying to attack a train on the
5:34 am
anniversary of 9/11 this year. >> if a train were to derail off a bridge, hundreds of people could be killed. which would have the same effect as blowing up an airplane. >> in pakistan officials continue to interrogate the three wives that lived at the compound, one of the wives said she was living there for six years without ever leaving the upper floors of the complex. president obama will personally congratulate the navy seals for taking out bin laden when he meets with them later this afternoon. pg&e will be allowed the customers to pay the cost for new smart meters. they approved the request to raise the rates to recover its losses. rate hike gives shareholders a 6.3% rate of return over the next six years on their investment in the meters. utility customer west side a bill of $90 a month will see it
5:35 am
go up by about 9 cents. they rejected a request to track the cost of implementing gas safety improvements following the san bruno disaster. they report consumer advocates who oppose the proposal it wo amounts to giving pg&e a blank check to bill customers. san jose city leaders have decided there is no good reason to change the name of their airports. there have been discussions about replacing mineta with the name that includes silicon valley but they have decided to table the idea. the mayor says if a major international airline that wanted to negotiate a deal the issue would be revisited. >> labor department just released the latest job figures, just a short time ago.
5:36 am
they show the unemployment rate for april stood at 9%, that is up .2% and they say 244,000 jobs were created, biggest hiring spree in five years. >> san jose sharks have a commanding three games lead over the detroit red wings and could advance to the finals with another win tonight. they meet beat red wings on wednesday night and face them in detroit this evening. history is on the sharks' side, only three teams in history ever have come back from an 0-3 deficit to occur the stanley cup series. >> big night for giants fans. willie mays will be there. >> happy birthday. and here is a look at the forecast. >> good morning.
5:37 am
first pitch taking on the rockies, a rivalry game so we need to take them out as far as baseball goes. 58 degrees and it's going to be breezy at at&t park. look at the clouds move down the coast as we talked about. cold front is moving to the nourth north. that is the sea breeze. that is moving in rather quickly around sfo, west winds gusting to 36 miles per hour and these winds will blow east and take over all our neighborhoods and take away with record high temperatures we've dealt with. 8:00, clouds along the coast. we'll have sunshine everywhere else and still stuck in the 40s to low 50s. everybody in sunshine around the noon hour, with mid to upper 50s in inland neighborhoods. by 4:00, mid to upper 50s around the bay with low to mid-70s in most inland neighborhoods.
5:38 am
upper 50s with fog around half moon bay. cooling trend will spread throughout the weekend and culminate with the coolest weather and windiest on mother's day. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, calmer, brighter and much warmer. good morning, mike. friday light but that is not the case. we have a new accident. this is the east shore freeway, highway 80 and the taillights are headed in the eastbound direction, a new accident reported at 580 sflit. right lane is blocked, fire department is on the scene. also in san francisco, panhandle area an accident hit-and-run that terry mcsweeney has been reporting has masonic closed between turk and apza. -- anza. the 5521 and in and out muni buses are running at delays.
5:39 am
"h" train one running with a delay. thanks a lot. >> still ahead, moms that turn their concerns over cuts to education into action. >> and oakland mayor heads to china today. business opportunities for the city she is hoping to bring cñcñ
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, 5:22. >> oakland mayor jean quan heads to china in hopes of boosting business connections. it will a week long mission to bring more exports to the port and to increase tax revenues. last year they did $14 billion worth of business city leaders say they, eastbound panned that. they want to develop direct air service between oakland and china to increase jobs in the travel industry. there is new online tool to help parents to help get the numbers on how state budget cuts may affect their child's school. its click away and education reporter lyanne melendez shows us how it works and what you'll find. >> new online tools that map funding of california schools. just click on your school
5:43 am
district and the information pops up. it shows how much districts will lose if the tax extensions proposed by the governor do not pass. >> for every school district that has potential cuts, to that district, it's based on projection. if there is no additional revenues in the state budget. >> take oakland unified, facing $33 million in cuts. per child that represents 764 fewer dollars with 30 kids in a classroom that is $22,920. it also shows the number of teachers who received layoff notices. >> we got our hands dirty and realized that we needed to simplify the information. >> cynthia lu is the mother of an elementary school student. she and other people worked on it for a month.
5:44 am
one of them worked for google. maps are powered by the internet search giant. for school districts it's one more tool to help deliver the facts. >> it's very complex school funding system, any help we can help is certainly appreciated. any way we can make it clearer to parents we want to do that. >> the website also has ways for parents to contact their local lawmakers. gas prices may drop just in time to take mom for a drive on sunday. block berg business report coming up. >> and speaking of, can a business own the word mommy? a san jose winery questions it. >> and southern california firefighters battle to protect homes from a blaze. >> and collecting money from
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nothing beats the taste of honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's full of sun ripened strawberries. and 10 grams of whole grain per serving. mmmm delicious! nothing's better than honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. coming up on 5:48 this friday. you can see the clouds along the
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coast. notice the lack of radar returns so it's pretty quiet across the state. some of the cooling will take place around eureka and big sur at 56. not noticeable and sacramento and 90 in fresno. yosemite, 86 and tahoe 59 and cooler conditions around san diego and los angeles, 70 and 77. mother's day is this sunday but no motherly love between a local vintner and east coast wine maker. the two are embroiled a bitter legal battle over the word, mommy. >> among winemakers, this one has a different flavor. the battle is over mommy, a label. it shows a woman with a house, teddy bear and computer.
5:49 am
>> i thought, that would be an interesting name for a wine. >> interesting and taken according to a rival. new jersey distributor of mommy's time out warning mommy juice to drop the "m" word. >> i would like the court to declare that mommy is generic word and you can't own the word mommy. >> they say mommy's time out can make an argument for owning the word. >> i think someone can clare theirs because you wouldn't expect to see the word momly on wines. -- mommy on wines. >> so she would be more likely to buy something with the word mommy.
5:50 am
>> it's a unique pressure that we are under, like right now. >> as for the other side, as for the maker of mommy's time out. they say, the wine maker should stop to use the trademark and to cease their use of selective trademark. mommy is a word that big business, big dollars. a lot of clubs specifically for mommies and putting on jeans on everything. >> the legal argument to everything and there is a common sense argument to everything. mommies is a word that everybody used. >> but for wine specifically, we'll follow up. >> with the weather forecast, trademark the word weather and see how that goes.
5:51 am
>> show you what is going on. we have 5:51 and sunshine. you see haze hanging around and that will start to break up once the sea breeze starts to kick in. let's take one more perspective, sun doesn't come up for 15 minutes but a beautiful picture from sutro all the way over to mount diablo. you see the clouds on the east bay shore. we're going to have a lot of sunshine today. temperatures outside in the 50s, except for around concord and los gatos where we have 50 degrees temperatures. cooling moves inland and clouds still linger at the coast. a cooling will take away our two days of record high temperatures. windy, coolest day, mother's day sunday, warmer next week. as far as 24-hour temperature change, 9 degrees cooler in santa rosa.
5:52 am
that goes from 12-16 degrees cooler than yesterday in many areas. low to mid-70s in the south bay. saratoga, san jose, 74 degrees. low 70s on the peninsula down to 55 as you head northbound to millbrae. daily sit and sunset should be in the upper 50s. more sunshine in downtown san francisco, throw mid-50s but notice the beaches in the north bay, even when they clear this afternoon, still only going to reach the upper 50s. speaking of wine country, napa and sonoma, low to mid-70s for those folks. mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore. 80 in brentwood. livermore, 77. well have mid to upper 70s,
5:53 am
gilroy and hollister. drop down to 69 and all the way to 60 in monterey. it's going to be breezy and cool at at&t park tonight for the big game with the rockies, 7:15 first pitch, 58 dropping down to 55. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in north bay valleys. rest have us around 50 degrees. sea breeze continues and on mother's day, it will be below average and then warmer than average away from the coast, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend and happy mother's day. we're going to take you outside. panhandle area of san francisco earlier hit-and-run accident at masonic, still closed at turk. terry mcsweeney has been on the scene and the investigation is continuing. they should be reopening soon.
5:54 am
muni and area is affected, there are delays on the 521 and 31 in and out muni lines. "h" train reporting a delay of five to ten minutes. it's free, free, rider appreciation day. your tolls and metering lights are off. before you leave house this morning, good idea to check on the latest traffic conditions, and click on bay area traffic. >> ain't that the truth. nation's unemployment picture. >> here is jane king with bloomberg business report. >> good morning. it is friday. labor report on job creation in the u.s. this report coming in much better than expected, 244,000 jobs added in they were
5:55 am
expecting 185. the unemployment rate picked up to 9%. people that had given up and seeing some recovery in the job market. this is the best job growth we've seen since february 2006. healthcare, construction leading wait for job growth. yesterday we did have a down day economic slow down and big drama in the commodity markets, futures are plunging. and gas prices may drop. just in time to take mom on a drive on sunday. oil prices did fall. aaa puts the national average of 3.98 a gallon. in the meantime, sony offered an apology offering customers a
5:56 am
year of free identity theft protection. possibly in retaliation after they sued a hacker for playing on unauthorized games on consoles. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> fire season is off to an early start in southern california as the wet weather from the winter produced an abundance of fuel to burn this summer. this fast moving brush fire spread to homes in eastern los angeles county. three fire fighting helicopters kept flames away from homes. 60 firefighters worked the fires on the ground. lack of strong winds allowed them to save the homes. >> a benicia business owner, for victims in japan have exceeded his own expectations. gene pedratti pledged to match his donations to the red cross.
5:57 am
he set out to raise $50,000 by the end of april. donations have been pouring in since the middle of march. hits final tally has raised $68,000. half of that with matching donations from the store. 1500 people contributed including people that raised money on their own and passed it on to the store to double donations. >> just ahead at 6:00 a rowdy cinco de mayo had in the south bay. businesses had windows broken while san jose police had to work to disperse the crowd. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live on masonic avenue where the fire department is faced with the task, a driver went on to do with three more hit-and-runs. i'll have the story coming up in a live report. 1i1i1i1i1i1i1icpcc
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