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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where one man is dead and another in custody for vehicular manslaughter after a hit-and-run. i'll have details coming up in a live report. i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where business owners are cleaning up after cinco de mayo got out of hand. >> beautiful picture of the
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impending sunrise as we look to the east. cooler temperatures all over. how cold it will be for mother's day and if there is rain in the forecast. >> i'm sue hall. we have a new accident in a antioch that will be affecting your commute and also a couple of transit delays that will be affecting the drive into san francisco. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with developing news we've been following in san francisco. police have a suspect in custody following a failed hit-and-run accident. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. >> reporter: firefighters out here walking down the street where the man was killed out on masonic between golden gate and turk. they are wrapping up according to san francisco pd, this scene should be cleared in a short period of time.
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about 2:30 this morning, a man crossing the intersection, probably in the crosswalks crossing masonic at turk when a car coming southbound on masonic hit him at a high rate of speed, more than 50 miles an hour. knocking him more than a hundred feet, killing him instantly and vick continued on. take a look where it ended up. that is next to st. mary's hospital. along the way, that same car according to police crashed into vehicles that were parked at clayton add and fell, crashing into other cars, on 136 shrader. the man has been taken into st. mary's to be treated minor cuts to his face and charged with vehicular manslaughter. he is described as a 23-year-old male. the gentleman that was killed, 55-year-old.
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the street about to reopen but it's been a traffic interference to say the least, golden gate all the way up to o'farrell but it should be reopening fairly shortly. san jose police are hoping for calmer cinco de mayo celebrations this weekend. last night, some shattered windows and started fights that resulted in one stabbing. amy hollyfield has our story. so cleanup underway this morning. >> the situation got out of hand on alum rock boulevard. look at the mess behind me, six businesses had their windows smashed out. one business owner told us he is upset that people who are out celebrating would do harm. the chaos started around 11:00 last night. police say there were several fights. there were people throwing bottles at police officers and a crowd even stopped a bus that had passengers on it.
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one person was stabbed in the crowd. he was able to walk into the hospital and ask for help. one business owner told us the violence surprised him. we saw all these people walking by. they walked into the place and we called the police but they couldn't do anything last night. this morning, we make a report. >> he has had his business for about eight months. he doesn't know how much it will cost him. police were out last night and 100 special op police officers last night. they haven't released the number of people that were arrested or the number of people that were hurt. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news."
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five of the seven men arrested for the murder of a german tourist in san francisco are scheduled to return to court next monday. he was killed by a stray bullet year union square. members of different gangs were shooting at each other on mason near geary when he was hit. police made their arrest early wednesday morning at five homes in san francisco, one in oakland and one in fremont. family members who went to yesterday's arraignment say their loved ones are innocent and public defender they have denied their client a right to an attorney. >> a marin county judge will decide if a man will be allowed to represent himself in court. joseph naso says he knows the case better than anyone, prosecutors believe that he has a million dollars in assets and doesn't qualify for a public defender. four women were killed in 1970s and 1990s throughout northern
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california. authorities say the victims' first and last names had matching letters. >> san francisco has plans to defy federal immigration officials by releasing undocumented immigrants arrested for low level crimes. they plan to start a new policy to uphold the city's sanctuary ordinance. right now immigration officials require cities to hold undocumented immigrants until ice picks them up. under the new policy, those arrested for misdemeanors will be released with a citation just like a u.s. citizen would. california department of education has released the state's top schools for this school year. santa clara county topped the list with 30% of schools ranking among the best in the state. they have the top three elementary schools. however, in mount diablo school
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district, six schools were the lowest achieving in the state. rankings are based on student performance on 2010 standardized test, star test and high school exit exam. >> a lot of heat for the students in more ways than one. >> they get to cool down this weekend. >> and they get to stop those tests today. i think they'll enjoy, pampering mom. big story, the winds are gusting around 21 miles an hour at sfo and shooting through the san bruno gap so would have a stout sea breeze developing. defend no-hitter sign that free air-conditioning is back and going to move toward inland neighborhoods. upper 40s around napa and santa rosa, cool spot. low to mid-50s.
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upper 50s in los gatos and concord and 55 in antioch. no-no more record high temperatures. clouds will linger around half moon bay, around 50. mid to upper 50s and san back pab low, low to mid-70s. same thing in the north bay valleys and mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. heading down to monterey, 50 in monterey. 71 in santa cruz up to 80 in gilroy. temperatures continue to tumble through the weekend with the coolest weather on mother's day, probably the cloudiest day and windiest day. we'll start to see more sunshine and warmer weather tuesday through thursday. good morning, sue. >> we're going to take you back outside to the intersection of masonic and turk. that is wide open now. earlier fatality that terry mcsweeney has been reporting on. all the streets are reopened. it looks like muni delays in the
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area affecting the 521 and 31 muni lines. "h" train number one delayed five to ten minutes. it's rider appreciation free friday. we have an accident coming out of antioch, westbound 4, cleared to the median but speeds are dipping below 10 miles an hour. >> just ahead, freight trains could be rolling through novato next month. >> and sony giving users of play station a big, we're sorry. >> and sea lion moves into his >> and sea lion moves into his
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good morning, 6:13, we're just seeing the beautiful sun rising over mount tam. gorgeous and we have a cooler day today. mike is checking temperatures after the heat wave and who has a chance for a little rain on mother's day possibly. freight trains could begin rolling through novato as soon as next month. they cleared the way by reopening the north bay rail line that was shut down to 1998 due to flooding. 62-mile rail line will run from
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napa county east through novato, petaluma, santa rosa and windsor. north bay rail officials have to work out a deal with other transit lines and the city of novato before the freight service can start. >> the chief of sony corporation is issuing a new apology for the hacking that affected hundred million gaming accounts. they have posted a blog page saying they are dedicated to restoring safe service and will reward customers for their patience. they shut down-play station after cyber attacks that compromised data and other personal information. >> this morning, a major recall on kids bunk beds, half million asia bunk beds are being voluntarily recalled because of danger of collapse. wooden rails on the side that hold up the mattress can split and cause the bed to fall. there have been 29 reports of cracked or broken side rails and
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several reports of bruises or abrasions but no reports of any serious injuries. bed were sold at walmart and k-mart and targeted soles from september 2004 to september 2009. if you have one, contact the company for a free repair kit. that information is at >> more information on target coming to san francisco, as part of plan to revitalize the downtown complex. they will open a new dining area and dozens of smaller retail stores. new and improved metrion is expected to relaunch in october of 2012. the store will occupy 85,000 square feet. half the size of suburban franchises and have a unique san francisco feel. >> we taylor target -- tailor
6:16 am
target stores for the location. >> half the jobs will be for san francisco residents. >> target in the city. time to look at the forecast, a beautiful sunrise. >> as we look from sutro tower, sun is up and it looks like it will be a warm day. it won't be record setting heat in inland neighborhoods and much cooler along the coast. temperatures getting back closer to average as we head through the holiday weekend. let's talk about temperatures outside. most of us in the 50s. we do have santa rosa and napa in the upper 40s and still holding on to the 50s around antioch, 50 in monterey. 53 in salinas and mid to upper 40s santa cruz, watsonville and gilroy. cooling moves inland, clouds will linger along the peninsula. it will be windy with coolest
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temperatures on mother's day and looks like less clouds and warmer conditions next week. 24-hour change, 9 degrees cooler to oakland, san francisco, concord all double-digits, 12-15 degrees cooler than yesterday. low to mid-70s down in the south bay. campbell around 75 degrees. 72 in loss at toss. 50 in half moon bay. same thing with daly city and a little more sunshine around 53 in downtown san francisco. a breezy 62 in south san francisco. sausalito, also 53 and 68 in san rafael. mid to upper 50s at the beaches, exception, castro valley, fremont should be around 70 degrees. 80 in brentwood with mid to
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upper 70s for the rest of theest bay valleys. near 50 in carmel and also monterey, kind of cool compared to the rest of monterey bay where we're around 70 degrees this afternoon. mid to upper 70s, it's going breezy at at&t park this evening. rockies are in town. first pitch, 58 only dropping down to 55. 47 in napa. mid 40s along the coast. rest of us in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. here is a look at the sea breeze it's moving inland and strengthening as we head into the weekend. that is why we're not stopping today with the cooling but we're going to keep it going. we're going to lose two to six degrees tomorrow and another two to four degrees on sunday. monday will be about the same. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, warmer weather away from the coast.
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happy mother's day. happy. >> we have a little bit of delay muni delay, earlier issue an accident at masonic and turk. that is now clear. all lanes are open. there 521 and 31 muni lines are still delayed. "h" train number one about five to ten minutes. westbound 4, you'll see very slow traffic flowing well below 10 miles. a stall 580 at basco, slow through the livermore area. that is lane number four where that stall is. toll plaza, very light so far this morning, it looks like metering lights are off. sun is rising and no problems getting into san francisco. is your one stop shop for all transit information
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especially your bay area traffic. click on that and you are ready to go. it's now 6:19. >> a giant celebration, find out how they are going to honor willie mays on his [ female announcer ] mother's day is not for celebrating moms.
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welcome back. 6:23.
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a sea lion that was fined shot in the head and nurtured back to health at the mammal center gets a new home tonight. silent night made headlines when he was found on the beach with a gunshot wound. he would never be able to survive in the wild. today he is getting used to his new digs at the sea lion pool where another sea line is also moving in. >> sports legend turns 80 years old, slugger, outfielder, all time favorite, willie mays. his birthday will be celebrated in a ceremony before tonight's giants' game at at&t park, arguably the greatest all around player in the game's history. 660 career homers and 330 stolen
6:25 am
bases and dozen golden gloves. first 20 fans will get a replica of the statue that sits at the front of the stadium. >> now the latest on the fatal hit-and-run in san francisco not far from the golden gate park. >> crews work to repair a gas leak that triggered a shelter in place order last night. >> and how police tracked down a man that stole a rare violin. >> they are cleaning up this morning after windows were bashed in during cinco de mayo celebrations last night. i'll have that story coming up. >> and we're looking at nothing as far as airport delays go. all of our airports, major ones running on time. with the lack of weather i would expect them to do so, flight tracker at >> we are tracking a little bit of a delay on public transit
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this morning, that might affect your friday commute and we'll
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and 40% more absorbent than training pants. lighten the night at >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, just a couple second away from opening bell on wall street. new york stock exchange and investors are reacting to the
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labor announcement. [ bell ringing ] on unemployment that came out about an hour ago, up 8.8% in march but the economy added 244,000 jobs in april. that is the third straight month they added more than 200,000 jobs. the gains shows businesses are confident in the economy even though growth was weak earlier in the year. we'll go back to the new york stock exchange for the latest. our top story, san jose business owners have cleaning up after last night's cinco de mayo celebration turned violent. is th corridor got the bankrupt of it. on alum rock boulevard. look behind me the businesses had to board up their windows because they got bashed in by vandals. it started around 11:00 last night when it started to turn
6:31 am
violent. police say there were several fights along santa clara street. the crowd was throwing bottles at police officers a person was able to walk into the hospital and ask for treatment. several other people suffered minor injuries and about six businesses were damaged. people's property, it's not pretty rite to do that. if you want to demonstrate but do it peacefully. >> not damage other people's property. >> this celebration gets out of hand every year. they have more than a hundred special officers out on the street. they haven't announced the how many arrests they were able to make last night. we're estimating about six businesses but maybe there are more. last year they made 8 felony arrests on cinco de mayo and ten
6:32 am
misdemeanor arrests. san francisco police have detained a possible d.u.i. suspect that may have been involved in a fatal hit-and-run didn't. it started around 2:30 this morning on masonic near golden gate avenue. a 55-year-old man was hit and killed near the intersection, the car did not stop. it was located a short time later several blocks away when it crashed into some street flower pots outside st. mary's hospital. the driver was injured and taken away in police custody in an ambulance. >> pg&e crews are still working this morning to repair a natural gas leak in pleasant hill that triggered a shelter in placed on for neighbors last night. more than an hour earlier, residents reported smelling gas and hearing a hissing sound.
6:33 am
no word on what caused the gas leak. they hope to finish the works about an hour and a half ago and they haven't. pg&e will allowed to make customers pay the cost of new smart meters. the puc approved their request to raise the rates to cover its losses. it gives shareholders a 6.3% rate of return over the next six years on their investment in the meters. utility customers with a bill of about $90 a month will see it go up 9 cents. state puc rejected a request to implement gas safety improvements following the san bruno disaster. san francisco chronicle consumer advocates opposes it it would amount giving pg&e a blank check to bill customers. a spokesperson says they have filed a new request.
6:34 am
6:33. a san francisco musician will get her rare, valuable violin back now that the suspected thief has been arrested. emily cox plays with the conservatory of music. last week she sat down her one of a kind violin for just a few minutes and it was gone. she was sure she would never get it back because the value was $23,000 but a classmate saw the thief board a muni train. cameras captured his image and police arrested him yesterday. the violin, it's now safely locked up as evidence. as far as i can tell, it's been man handled a little bit. nothing that i can't fix. >> the suspect, 27-year-old scott sylvester of san francisco is booked on burglary, grand theft and possession of stolen property. >> san jose city leaders have decided there is no good reason to change the name of their
6:35 am
airport. they have been discussing about replacing mineta with the name include the words silicon valley but the city council committee has died decided to table the idea. the mayor says if a major international airline wanted to consider a name, it would be reconsidered. >> the sharks beat the red wings 4-3 in overtime wednesday night. it will face them in detroit again tonight. sharks have history on their side, only three teams in the nhl have ever come back to capture a stanley cup playoff series with an 0-3 deficit. >> we hope there will be good weather at giants game. >> as they celebrate his birthday, 58 degrees and
6:36 am
dropping down to 55. what happened overnight, we talked about, you see the clouds developing along the coast. here. that is the sea breeze returning and we're starting to see some of those clouds spill into san francisco for the first time. we'll show you that here in the and winds are coming out of the west and gusting 21 miles an hour at sfo. we've got west the material wind out to hayward and all the way out. we'll see what it does with the temperatures. sunshine except for along the coast. we'll have mitt to upper 40s in a santa rosa and mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. by noon, still in the mid 50s, and only 50 in san francisco and oakland. upper 50s to low 70s in the north bay and east bay valleys. low to mid-70s by 4:00, low 70s in the south bay with only mid-50s around the bay shore,
6:37 am
low 50s in san francisco and 58 with lingering clouds at half moon bay. we're not finished here we have more cooling, coolest and windiest day is mother's day. maybe mother likes that, my kind of day. warmer weather away from the coast. earlier accident in san francisco that is now cleared at masonic and church, that is good news. muni delays and panhandle area, now we're getting reports "h" train number three, major delays due equipment problems. just ironically a free friday for "h" trains, that is good to know. highway 4, very slow westbound out of antioch, earlier accident now cleared but very slow traffic westbound, well below ten miles an hour. is a stall in livermore area, at
6:38 am
bas could have lane number four, find brake lights as you head toward the dublin interchange. 280 northbound, reports of a stall at byrd avenue but traffic is getting through the area with no problem. >> 6:38 is our time. >> trading is under way at wall street. live report, here is a live look at the big board. the dow is up 145 points. >> also ahead, the mayor of oakland heads to china hoping to bring back business opportunities for the city. >> can a business own the word mommy? a santa clara winery wages a legal battle. >> i'm janelle wang, al-qaeda has released its first official statement confirming the death of osama bin laden. we'll tell you what it says and the threat it makes against americans coming up next. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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welcome back. 6:42. california forecast, see a lot of low clouds around the coast but no radar returns on live doppler 7 hd.
6:43 am
let's talk about what is going on to happen around the state. los angeles, san diego, will keep you in the 70s. on the in fresno but 95 in palm springs. let's head to tahoe and high elevation snow is possible as tops drop 20 degrees there. southern california, morning fog will dominate the coast not only in l.a. and temperatures will cool into the mid to upper 50s by sunday. this morning, al-qaeda issued its first confirmation of osama bin laden's death and warns of retaliation. janelle wang is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> they issued the statement on militant websites. it confirmed the killing of its leader and threatened americans, your happiness will turn to sadness. they plan to release a voice recording weeks before his death. we're learning that c.i.a. had a hideout around the pakistani
6:44 am
compound. according to the "new york times," agents had satellites, infrared devices doing surveillance for months but they never got a positive i.d. to bin laden nor did they get his voice recorded. it shows how well he was hidden in the compound, never leaving his home to risk any kind of exposure. they have released about the evidence seized at the compound. al-qaeda was looking to derail a train on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 but no concrete plans yet. >> if a train were to derail off a bridge, hundreds of people could be killed, which would have the same effect of blowing up an airplane. >> in pakistan officials continue to interrogate bin laden's three wives. all three lived at the compound. one of the wives said she had been living at the hideout for
6:45 am
six years without ever leaving the upper floors. president obama will congratulated the navy seals when he meets with them privately in kentucky later this afternoon. 20/20 gives the most complete picture yet of the raid that killed osama bin laden. you can see the special report here on abc7 tonight at 10:00. >> oakland maim jean quan heads to china along with officials in hopes of boosting business connections. it will be a week long mission to bring more export business, create local jobs and increase revenue. last year the port of oakland did $14 billion in business but city leaders think they can grow that. quan, oakland's first chinese american mayor, wants direct air service between owning and china to increase jobs in the travel
6:46 am
industry. giving nation's unemployment picture the ones over. >> jane king joins us with this morning's market report. we opened with a big rally this morning. >> yes, we did. it's going to be an interesting week on wall street. as we mentioned, monthly jobs report. labor department says 244,000 jobs created in the u.s. in april. that is way better than expectations. unemployment rate actually picked up to 9%. people that were discouraged or gave up looking for work maim more optimistic that is why we saw the numbers, manufacturing, retail and healthcare, that a good report. the dow and s&p 500 all up about 1% at the moment. and bloomberg index trading up
6:47 am
as well here this morning. crude oil futures continuing to slide today, but even the job reports helping them take off their lows. we have had a broad sell-off in the commodities market with regulations with speculation, especially silver. and moms can clean up, i'm not talking about cleaning up your house, clean up otherwise, spending on pampering mom thanks to improvements. they say expecting on moms to go up 18%, $16 billion, big spending on smart phones and tablets is what they think. look at that sun, it's gorgeous and not going to be too warm. >> great day to play frisbee or anything you want to enjoy. >> you to go the beach, it will
6:48 am
be a little cloudy. >> bring a jacket. >> you may want to cover up. >> exactly. >> are you a twitter follower. >> oh, my. somebody stumbled upon, more clothes on at the beach at one point. >> wasn't cloudy enough. [ laughter ] wow, good friday, everybody looking forward to the weekend. some of the clouds trying to roll over san francisco as the sea breeze is back. we're looking northbound from sutro tower. mount tamalpais off in the distance. let's talk about temperatures. we still have santa rosa and napa in the upper 40s and antioch at 55. monterey and salinas low to mid-50s. still cooling and moving inland,
6:49 am
clouds will linger at the coast along the peninsula coast. windy and coolest day will be mother's day, clouds and warmer weather as we head towards next week. highs compared to average, are closer as we drop about 10-15 degrees from yesterday. that is how much cooling we're going to have. livermore and napa, 2 degrees warmer than average. san francisco 2 and sun will set around 8:05. south bay, low to mid-70s. mid 60s to around 70 degrees on peninsula. clouds along coast from half moon bay, pacifica up to the sunset. breezy 52 in south san francisco. a little sunshine downtown at 63. 68 in san rafael. low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s at your beaches. mid to upper 50s along the east bay shore. fremont, 70.
6:50 am
80 in brentwood. monterey bay, 50 in monterey bay and mid and upper 70s inland. giants game, first pitch, cool and breezy 58 dropping down to 55 degrees. clouds around the coast. some of those could spill into the bay. most of our temperatures to near 50 degrees. temperatures will drop another 4-10 degrees. it will be windy and slightly warmer and calmer with temperatures closer to average tuesday wednesday, and thursday. happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day, love you. still a major delay with "h" trains this morning. they are not saying how long but there is equipment problem, "h" train number three, major delays it is free, free day for "h" train for rider appreciation but not showing much appreciation with that delay.
6:51 am
earlier muni delays clearing up an accident. still westbound 4 out of antioch an earlier accident clear. slow through the livermore area. a stall cleared at bagsco. and road hazard at the golden gate bridge, southbound past the toll plaza, apparently there is a sledge hammer in the center lane there. traffic isn't affected by it too much. slow traffic behind the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound metering lights is on and no major back-up as you head into san francisco. "abc 7 news" go to to click on traffic. benicia business owner says the fund-raiser for victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami has exceeded his own expectations. he has pledged to match his customer's donations to the american red cross. he has set out to raise $50,000
6:52 am
by the end of april. the donations have been pouring in since the middle of march. he says the final tally has now raised nearly $68,000, half of that was matching donations from the store. he says about 1500 people made contributions including people who raised money on their own and passed it on to the store to double their donations. >> mother's day is this sunday but no motherly love between a local vintner and east coast mine maker. the two are embroid in a legal battle over the word mommy. >> trademark rights as common as grapes but this one has a different flavor. the battle is over mommy juice. the bottle shows a woman with a house, teddy bear and computer. >> i was doing the laundry and you would have mommy juice at the end of the day. that would be an interesting
6:53 am
name for a wine. >> interesting and taken according to a rival. the new jersey distributor called mommy's time out warning them to drop the "m" word. that prompted them to file a lawsuit in san francisco federal court. >> i would like the court to declare mommy is generic name. >> the napa trademark lawyer says mommy's time out can make an argument. >> it's definitely someone could claim as theirs because you wouldn't expect to see the word mommy on wine. the term doesn't have anything to do with wine so it's not generic. >> jennifer she would be more likely to buy something with the word mommy. >> it makes sense, they understand some of the things, unique pressures that we're under, like right now.
6:54 am
[ laughter ] >> as for the other side, the maker of mommy's time out, they tell "abc 7 news," quote, they have told them to stop using trademark. we'll continue to follow-up on this case. >> the mommy battle. >> recapping top stories, they have suspect in custody following a fatal hit-and-run zblent terry mcsweeney is live with details. >> you take a look at masonic avenue between turk and golden gate, you have no idea of the tragedy that happened out here. take a look where this, according to san francisco police a hit-and-run occurred. a man was crossing when a car south on masonic going more than 50 miles per hour knocking him hundred feet, killing him instantly. where the driver ended up
6:55 am
according to police, over by st. mary's hospital crashing into a plantar box. he was injured, facial injuries, he has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter. she described as a 23-year-old male. we don't have any more of description on him. between this accident and that accident, he sideswiped cars and two other locations and he is in custody right now. no identity on the 55-year-old black man that was killed out here at 2:30 in the morning. amy hollyfield is down in san jose. good morning. >> good morning. cinco de mayo celebration got out of control. check out the buildings that had to board up windows last night after they were bashed in by vandals. now, the cleanup is under way. we met alex weaver, he owns the strip mall on alum rock avenue. he says this happens every cinco de mayo.
6:56 am
these is upset -- he is upset. the crowds are getting out of control around suggesting last night. there was a lot of fights. one man was able to walk into the hospital but he is expected to be okay. several others were hurt. police say they were throwing bottles at them. at one point a crowd stopped a bus that had passengers on it and vandalized it. they haven't announced how many arrests they were able to make last night. live in san jose amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> final check on mother's day weekend forecast. >> start out, 47 in napa and 49 in santa rosa. today's temperature about 10-15 degrees cooler than yesterday. temperatures will continue to bl through the weekend about another 4-10 degrees cooler.
6:57 am
>> maybe free friday for "h" train riders but major delay for "h" train number 3. they won't say how late it is but mechanical problems are the culprit there. 80 westbound through berkeley, see a little bit of crowding as you head into the bay bridge maze. no major problems. metering lights are on. no delays into san francisco. pretty light past the toll plaza. so happy mother's day. >> thanks for joining us on "abc 7 news" morning news. >> back with a local update at 7:24 and join us at 11:00. 7:24 and join us at 11:00. have a great day and great
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