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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 6, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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disgraceful to the holiday. >> business owners are cleaning up in san jose after cinco de mayo celebrations turned rowdy and violent last night. >> now the worries turn to what may happen this weekend. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san jose. amy? >> business owners are not taking any chances. look behind me. they ordered new windows, but the guys that are here to install them have been instructed to cover up the new windows with boards so they will be protected just in case
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the parties get out of control again this weekend. alex weaver says this is how he spends every may 6th, cleaning up after a destructive sinco de mayo celebration. he thinks it will cost him $5,000 to $7,000 to replace the windows vandals smashed at this strip mall last night. >> of course, i can't uh ready to it, of course not. i don't know what to do. what are you going to do? let's get the council people down here. let's get the mayor down here, i don't know. what do you want to do? >> the crowd turned violent around 9:00 last night and started heading down alan rock avenue from downtown. the mab smashed in win -- the mob smashed in windows at least six businesses. >> i was upset because they damaged other people's property, and it is not right to do that. if they want to celebration something, do it peacefully. >> the crowd also turned on police officers. about 300 peel confronted police who defended themselves
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with pepper spray. >> the crowd pretty much rushed the officers. i don't know if they were doing it to assault them or beacon 10 shoes. the end result was one of the motorcycle officers was knocked off his bike. >> police responded to several fights, a carjacking and vandalism. >> i have two feelings. one is outrage. the other is disappointment. >> javier represents this area on the city council and lives three blocks from where the mob caused the problem. he has concern that the cinco de mayo parties will extend through the weekend. >> anyone that wants to come and celebrate the holiday in san jose is welcome. we welcome anyone. do it in a good, wholesome way. >> police arrested five people for misdemeanors last night, two for felonies. one person was stabbed in the crowd, but that person is expected to be okay. despite the violence, san jose police say it was a middle of the road sun co day mayo. they have seen quieter ones
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and they have seen worse. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc news. >> thank you so much. a dui suspect is in custody accused of an over night fatal h it and run crash. police say a speeding car killed a 55-year-old man at ma sonic and turk street. the driver kept going crashing into several more cars. police say the suspect's car finally stopped when it crashed into a planter box outside saint mary's hospital. investigators are still trying to put all of it together. >> when you have a lot of things, it takes more time to investigate because you have to put the pieces together. you have to collect evidence from all of those scenes and see where they match up. it is like a puzzle piece you have to bring together. it does take time and they have to investigate like a separate accident. >> the driver has been identified as 23-year-old jose jimenez. he suffered fatal injure gees and was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. president obama is calling
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the jobs report a sign the economy is resilient. >> there will undoubtedly be more challenges ahead. but the fact is we are still making progress, and that proves how resilient the american economy is and how resilient the american worker is and we can take a hit and keep on going forward. >> the labor department says employers added 244,000 jobs last month beating analysts' eek -- expectations. private employers added the most jobs since february of 2006. but the unemployment rate rose to 9.0 to 8.8 in part because more people resumed looking for work. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live with the bay area's job picture. terry? >> yeah, we went out to get a snap shot of the economy and to see what is going on nationwide is going on here. and we found some people who say it definitely is. case in point, a young man we met this morning by the name of din nis coo.
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-- dennis coo. he has a job in accounting and he has high hopes. >> i would love to work for a web company where i could oversee how everything works. >> and there is reason for work. and it is called optimism abound in a variety of fields. >> i think there is an up tick. i feel very optimistic. i feel possible -- positive. i think the economy is changing and shifting. we are seeing our temporary employees transitioning from temp to long-term hires. we are noticing that if we are not able to place a candidate immediately, they are getting jobs very quickly. >> ironically, the good job news could have a negative impact on gas prices. the price of oil dropped while $100 a barrel yesterday. the lowest price in two months. but an improving job picture and increased demand from consumers could put a damper on the anticipated drop in gas prices.
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>> number one is about time. it is probably going to be temporary because they always seem to come up with ways to increase it regardless of economy. >> i would like to see a tax imposed on gas so it can be a game changer in terms of alternative energy. we need gas prices. >> he knows a better job will ease pain from an increase in gas prices or anything else. >> and i feel that jobs are pretty much available out there. we just have to look for it. >> that was terry mcsweeney reporting. in other news this morning, there is no school at the mount de crab blow unified school school district, but teachers and students are heading to class anyway. they are upset teachers have been forced to take an up paid day off. abc7's laura anthony is live at mount deablo high school with more. laura? >> we are here at mount diablo high school, and it started at 9:00 this morning. the students are actually the
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ones who came up with this idea after the district and the teachers actually negotiated three furlough days as a way to save money and to avoid layoffs. the students decided rather than take the day off, they would organize this event through a series of boosts and many classes all designed to make themselves heard during this era of deep cuts to education. >> why didn't you stay home today or do something else? >> because as a student i believe if i would have stayed home nobody would do anything for me. nobody is going to talk and speak out for what we believe in for our education. >> monica happens to be a senior here at mount diablo high school. the students are the ones who are actually do the teaching. among the booths here, one of the students learned to write a letter to a law i can maker. they are encouraging students who are 18 years of age to get
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out and vote. behind me you can see there are speeches rallying behind the cause of education. this event goes until 1:00 this afternoon. in concord, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. oakland mayor jean quan is traveling hoping to build connections that will create jobs in the city. she will be traveling with the port land oak of authority. she will meet in beijing and hong kong. oakland's first chinese-american mayor wants to increase trade and focus on exports that will increase jobs and wants to develop direct air service between oakland and china to increase tourism. intelligence officials say they are seeing a rise in internet and phone chatter about possible cheap, small scale terror attacks to avenge osama bin laden's death. this comes as al-qaeda released its first official statement today acknowledging the killing of their leader and calling him a martyr. it threatens americans saying,
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quote, your happiness will turn into sadness. there are also reports that plans to released a voice recording of bin laden made a week before his death. and we learned the cia had a hideout near bin laden's pakistani compound for months before carrying out the top secret operation. the spies used satellites and infrared devices and audio recordings. they never got a possible -- positive id on one and nor did they get the voice recorded. it shows how hidden he was in the compound and disciplined he was never leaving his home in the town of uh bat -- uh bad tau bad. they have arrested 40 time in that town with possible ties to bin laden. >> good job, national security team. i'm proud of you. >> and new video out of the white house showing president obama and vice president biden congratulating their team and calling former presidents
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clinton and bush with the good news that bin laden is dead. mr. obama heads to fort campbell,en c ken this afternoon to personally congratulate the navy seals behind the operation abc's "20/20" gives the most complete picture of the raid on bin laden. you can see the special report on abc7 tonight at 10:00. you won't believe where a baby made his arrival into the world last night. that story is just ahead. and a woman's secret weapon for longer eyelashes may now be a man's best friend. and later, happy birthday to a giant legend. the special celebration honoring willie it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to federal regulators are going after on-line ticketing servicesthat don't tell customers booking a flight that a leg of their trip will be operated by a separate regional carrier. fair portal, american travel solutions, air gorilla, whole sair travel center and automobile bill club of new york are being fined a come -- combined $175,000 for failing to disclose such co sharing arpg ment's -- code sharing arrangements. it happened in 2009. passengers booked flights on continental airlines, but the buffalo leg was actually operated by colgan air. a product used to enhance women's eyelashes is now being tested for hair and eyebrow loss. a florida doctor says he is prescribing an fda drug for
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balding men, but says it is not a miracle cure. doctors say it works for men who has thin, wispy hair. he has seen positive results in 70% of his chai yents. >> i was worried about losing it, and it started coming back. >> just like you would for your eyelashes, and that would be once a day, and you use a little topically on the scalp. >> the drug is pricey. latice, a small bottle, runs up to $150 a month. the company that makes the drug says it well start testing the safety and effectiveness of latice for hair and brow loss in june. usually at bus stops people wait for buses to arrive, not a baby. but that's what happened in south lake tahoe this morning. mu rai yaw and her husband were waiting -- maria and her husband was waiting for a cab to take her to the hospital. dispatchers got a call after midnight and coached them through the birthing process. officers arrived just as baby
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david did. he weighed six pounds, three ounces, a little cold, but otherwise healthy. >> nothing like an on time arrival. >> a little bit of a cool down. >> and maybe even snow in the higher elevations. we'll talk about that and whether you will need a sweater if you are going to visit downtown san francisco or a sweatshirt as the cooling trend could push us into the 50s over the weekend. >> and two sea lions begin their new life today in san francisco after beating the odds and surviving up credible ordeals.
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happy birthday willie mays. the say hey kid turns 80 today. the san francisco giants legend and hall of famer will be honored during a pre game ceremony at the giants' game. the first 20,000 fans will get a mini replica of the mays
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statue outside the ballpark. they say he has a lifetime contract with the team, a deal that stretches into the afterlife, money well spent, many believe. but for now willie keeps going and going. >> that's great, a deal that stretches into the afterlife. >> he is just using his name. it is great. >> and the weather is not too bad here, but not elsewhere around the country, mike. >> yes, the storm is over here, but it is lagging behind in the areas where it rains heaviest. we will take you to memphis where prep -- preparations are underway for some flooding that may take place along the mississippi. residents were urged to leer thousands of home near record flooding on the mississippi river. and some of its tributaries. theynd thated out bright yellow fliers that read, "evacuate. your property is in danger right now." officials don't have the authority to order people to evacuate, but hope the fliers will persuade them. and speaking of the big celebration, yeah, the boys are back in town and playing
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the rockies. so a divisional game here. and it looks like it is going to be breezy and cool, kind of as you would have expected. and this is the reason why. the fog is gathering along the peninsula coast. that is the sign that the marine layer is back. so are the clouds and so are the cooling winds. let's look at it in a different perspective. you can see just hugging the peninsula coast. the loma reen layer cloudiness as we look at the visible satellite. more is on the way. the rest you can see up stream which is to the northwest. that will come in tonight. let's look at temperatures and see what the breeze is doing. it was 55 in half moon bay all the way to the low 70s inland. so a 20-degree spread and looking more reminiscent of summer. the same thing happening around the monterey bay. mid to upper 50s in santa cruz. so the cooling conditions move inland. no more 90s. no more record high temperatures. the clouds as you saw there at the coast will linger. the north bay will still see
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sunshine. windy and coolest on mother's day and then less clouds and warmer temperatures next week. 24-hour temperature change. look how dramatic this is. santa rosa, 9° cooler to oakland, san francisco, concord, san jose and fremont. 12 fremont and 12 to 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. sunsets at 8:05. we start in the south bay where it is low to mid70s. san jose about 74 degrees. we will start in the low 70s and then go to the mid60s. the clouds will keep half moon bay at 60. everybody else along the peninsula in the upper 50s. on the other side downtown san francisco 63. same with sausalito and low to mid70s in the north bay valleys. even with the sun, midup toer 50s. mid to upper 60s through most of the east bay shore with mid to upper 60s. 60 in monterey to near 70 for everybody else and upper 70s as you head toward gilroy and morgan hill. here is the forecast for the 7:15 first pitch. a breezy, cool 58 and dropping down to 55°.
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temperatures dropping to the mid40s and upper 50s. watching the onshore flow strengthen right now as this cold front approaches, and because of that the temperatures will drop another four to 10° by mother's day. i really think it is going to be dry. once we get past that look for more sunshine and weather the first part of the week. happy mother's day. >> yeah, it is dry. >> yeah, maybe some high snow in the sierra. you know, today is not a bad day for the zoo. two rescued sea lions make a public debut at the san francisco zoo. and by the looks of things, both are acclimating nicely to their new home. the sea lion nicknamed silent night was found on the beach with a gunshot wound. he ndley was found starving on another beach. both are blind and would not have survived if returned to the wild. they are sheltered at the
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marine mammal center until this week. >> they will be a very popular attraction. coming up, friday's perfect pet. mike will be back to introduce you to tale, next. oprah: all new -- oscar winners julia roberts and tom hanks, together -- their "oprah show" farewell appearance, and -- >> bring out the elves. oprah: it's julia and tom's favorite things. you can see
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5:00, the blue tooth bandit making rounds at coffee shops and making off with something from women's purses. and the big thanks military wives received from the white house today. these stories plus the news friday free stuff includes a favorite snack chip. it is coming up on abc7 news at 5. and now it is time for friday's perfect pet. >> heads or tails? >> we are not going to flip him to find out, that's for sure. he is a lover. hi, how are you? >> very well, mike. how are you? >> doing well. >> good, good, good. >> tell us about tails and chiuaua-palooza. >> tails is about two. he is a happy, handsome little guy. >> he is, what, 13 pounds? >> yes, a real bruceer. -- broiser. he is energetic and also a snug leer. >> he seems to like kissing a lot. and this weekend at both our
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shelter in oakland and tri-valley we are having chiuaua-palooza where there are lots of events and 50% off on adoption for chiuaua and chiuaua mixes. >> how about the spay and neutering? >> as a matter of fact we did a big spay and newter event where we spayed and neutered more than 50 of these ladies and gentlemen. we would be happy to have it for the family and it will be great and we want to see some of these guys have a great home. >> give them a call for the oakland spca. nice seeing you. >> you too. a great dog. >> maybe even for a mother's day gift. >> good idea. >> thanks for joining us on the abc7 news. >> have a great weekend, folks.gcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgc
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