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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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good evening, i'm alan wang. mothers of murder victims are using today to put the spotlight on their children's unsolved cases. they are still hoping for justice. heather ishimaru was at the san francisco rally and joins us. >> it's bad enough to lose a child to violence and even worse when the case goes unsolved for years and years. mother's day reopens the wound for these mothers outside san francisco city hall, they brought pictures and hope. never tiring asking for witnesses to come forward and
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never asking and pleading for violence to go away. one obstacle is a lack of witnesses, people are afraid to come forward. >> we need people to get involved. a lot of times people see these homicides. you can have as many as 200 people witness a homicide but when you get there no one knows anything. >> paulette brown says her son was killed in 2006. she wants a secure public place to display reward signs offering $250,000 for information leading to an arrest. there have been 20 homicides so far this year in san francisco. police say that represents a downturn and freeing up resources to work on older cases. a san jose city councilmember is admitting he made an error in judgment after he was arrested yesterday for driving under the influence.
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he invited the media to apologize. tower was pulled over saturday morning. police found the blood-alcohol level to be over the legal limit. he says he will take full responsibility. >> i feel terrible for what i did. the bottom line i shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel and i did. i'm now suffering the consequences of that. >> tower is serving his first term representing district two in san jose. >> police are investigating a deadly crash on a sonoma county coast. chp says a car drove off highway 1 north of bodega bay. it tumbled down a 60 foot cliff landing on the roof. the driver was killed. she had no passengers. investigators are still trying to find out how it happened. what authorities are calling a potential security threat diverted a delta flight today.
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the plane was headed to san diego when it landed in albuquerque, new mexico instead. all the passengers were reveend and the plane took off to san diego. it's scheduled to land in about ten minutes. neither the f.b.i. for a spokesman would clarify what that potential threat was. one passenger said the pilot said a note with the word bomb was found in the bathroom. >> to immams kicked off a flight said the passengers didn't want to fly with them. it happens from memphis tennessee to charlotte, north carolina. they were on board as the plane taxied to the runway but it returned and they had to undergo another security screening. >> the luggage and they look at
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everything. they say you are goe good you are go. when we returned to the plane, the supervisor, mr. russel, he said, i'm sorry. it does not allow you to go. >> interestingly the imams were going to charlotte, north carolina to participate in a conference on prejudice against muslims. >> more on the killing of osama bin laden. president obama said that bin laden had a sophisticated support network in pakistan. he talked about it in an interview for the cbs show 60 minutes. he also said it's still not clear whether pakistani government officials knew he was hiding out in a military suburb near the capital. the national security advisor says c.i.a. wants to ask bin laden's widows if pakistani government or security officials
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helped them hide, an advisor is calling on them to give them access to bin laden's three widows. he has been in pakistani custody since the raid. the secretary of state condoleeza rice for bush, says pakistan should be sure that u.s. is demanding a thorough investigation. >> who is responsible for tha is phone that osama bin laden is hiding at a military base? >> i think it's probable that high ranking people didn't know. but if it happens in your country you have an obligation to find out and do a thorough investigation and punish anybody that may have been responsible. that would be very important message. >> rice currently works at a professor stanford and a fellow at hoover institution. >> witnesses reported two loud explosions in the town that osama bin laden was killed.
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pakistani authorities might destroy the compound from attracting the media. u.s. investigators continue to mine that compound to find out how he loifd and what he was planning. here a report on the newly released home videos found in the hideout. >> it's the most candid we have ever seen of bin laden, there he is with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. a gray beard. as he flips around channels looking at pictures himself, holding a rifle and telling the person with the camera to focus on that. vanity, possibly but this was more. >> he was ahead of his time as a media producer and innovator. >> we were able to match it on the scene as of january last year. also released, four other clips showing bin laden making propaganda statements. look at the difference, candid
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shots the gray beard, propaganda tape, the beard was dyed black. >> he was obsessed with his image. this is al-qaeda's most powerful tool was the use of video and internet. >> they stripped all the audio from the clip. a light goes out and bin laden seems to miss a cue. in this candid video we see a second tv, a computer and calculator and all the files scooped up here proves an intelligence official says that bin laden was an active player not a figurehead. he was planning attacks and had a continuing interest to attack u.s. transportation and infrastructure systems and was relying on his courier to get out orders. this compound was a command and control center for al-qaeda and it's an attempt to send the message to the terror network. >> just a fraction of the materials has been released. as one official says this is an
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intelligence victory perhaps for a generation. back in the u.s. people living along the swollen mississippi river are deciding whether to stay put and ride it out or pack and get out of town. it shows where flooding is folk to hit from 49ers to mississippi then down to louisiana. barbara hall has details on what could be record-breaking floods. >> it's fully submerged as residents prepare for flooding that could break the record high set back in 1937. >> we have highest levels as we've met with the national weather service this morning that the crest will be around 48 feet. >> the record is 48.7 feet. some residents in shelby county, tennessee to evacuate. but bob mason the director of the office of preparedness
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agency, they are not panicking. >> this is a dangerous event but by and large our communities are functioning. >> they say to use good judgment in deciding whether or not to pack up. >> use common sense tips, look out the backdoor, if the water is there today and it wasn't there yesterday, you need to be concerned. >> tourists are worried they will be strand first-degree they don't leave town. >> we are very concerned. we realize it's all unpredictable and we don't want to be stuck here in memphis and we don't want to sleep in a shelter. >> the river will crest tuesday night a day earlier than originally predicted. it is finally getting better. when we can expect a significant drop in gas prices. one silicon valley giant
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overtakes another. >> it's been a cool and windy day for our moms out there. >> i'm leigh glaser. a little warming. i'll have the seven-day forecast and which day i
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drivers may get a reprieve from four dollar a gallon gas. gas prices should drop by as much as 50 cents by june. anticipated drop is due to the fall of crude prices. currently the national average for a gallon of gas is $4. in san francisco the average price for a gallon of gas is 4.24. >> popularity of the iphone and ipad has helped apple overtake google as the most valuable
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brand in the world. that is according to an article. the brands top 100 puts the capitalization at $390 billion compared google at $172 billion. two silicon valley companies going strong. >> seven weeks and renewed hope. rescuers get a boost after finding a woman alive in a remote area of nevada. how she survived, ahead. it's been a chilly day for mother day brunches but things are changing for the workweek ahead. leigh glaser is coming up with the next forecast. >> all new. oprah: the only child of sonny and cher. when did it fully occur to you, i'm in the wrong body? >> oprah's world exclusive with chaz bono. oprah: how did you tell your chaz bono. oprah: how did you tell your mom?
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search teams in a remote section of northern nevada spent i day looking for a man. they found his wife on friday.
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rita was inside her van when rescuers spotted her on a national forest logging road. she says she hasn't seen her husband on foot a few days after they got stuck. family says rita survived on bottled water and trail mix. >> she is relatively good condition. she is coherent and speaking with my nephew. >> doctors say she is doing better and been able to eat meals. >> pg&e will begin pressure testing tomorrow stag in mountain view and antioch. testing is done by filling a section of pipe with water and then pressurizing it at a much higher level than the pipe would ever operate with natural gas inside of it. the pipeline is monitored for eight hours, any section that show weaknesses will be replaced
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immediately. residents might smell natural gas? the pipeline ruptured in san bruno that killed eight people last september and destroyed dozens of homes. >> san francisco's sunday streets came to the mission district today. ♪ valencia and 24th streets were shut down so people could walk and bike down the road. it featured dance performers, skating lessons and a bike expo. it promotes sustainable transportation. next event will be june 12th in the bayview district. >> saw a lot of coats. >> a lot of mothers were blowing in the wind today. >> a cool, windy air mass settling over the bay area.
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that is what it look on top of mount tamalpais. winds gusting out of the west at 30 miles per hour. we are seeing a lot of blue sky out there this afternoon. here is another wind gust. check them out. gusts in oakland at 32. at the sfo 39 miles an hour 29 and 22 in concord and north bay and santa rosa, 21 miles per hour. we're going to keep it breezy overnight tonight. here is a look at current readings, 55 in san francisco. influence of a strong westerly winds, temperatures oakland, redwood city all the way out to livermore in the mid to upper 50s. a few 60s, napa 60 and sunshine in antioch, 62 and san jose, 61 degrees. our highlights for you, looking in towards next week, cool and breezy overnight tonight. slightly warmer for our monday and then warming trend will continue right through the
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middle part of next week or i should say this week. you can see we had a weak system move across the bay area. live doppler 7 hd showing you the moisture is well to the north and to the east of the bay area. south lake tahoe, dusting of snow overnight. it's been low pressure to the north, jetstream pushing down on the bay area and bringing cooler air mass. tomorrow all of this is going to shift a little bit more towards the east. that will allow higher pressure to build in. winds will die down a bit and temperatures will gradually begin to warm up for the next few days. here is a look at our lows tonight. we'll keep them cool with touches of clear. 43 for napa. breezy for san francisco, 48. 44 for livermore. highs for monday, a few degrees warmer than today. we'll see a few more 60s rather
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than 50s. mixture of sun and clouds at sunnyvale at 64 degrees. at our coast, westerly winds will be pretty brisk. half moon bay, 59. 54 for menlo park. 55 for redwood city. san francisco tomorrow will be close, in the low 60s. upper 50s for the sunset district. 70 for santa rosa, 66 for napa. mixture of sun and clouds for oakland. east bay flirting with the 70s. 72 for brentwood and of tomorrow for watsonville. accu-weather seven-day forecast, look for the 70s to return inland with near 70-degree temperatures by wednesday near san francisco. 50s at the coast and much cooler air mass comes back in next saturday. sunday we may be talking about showers. >> happy mother's day to you and all the mothers out there. >> let's talk to shu.
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>> you stole my line. >> lakers get swept by the mavericks, swept and dallas knocked down three. create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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you can see they'll be no three feet as the lakers were swept by the mavericks. first quarter, kobe is driving. a little fade away. he finished with 17 points. down by 4 after one.
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led by jason terry, 32 points tying an n.b.a. record. dallas is up 24 at the break. the rout was on. and dirk nowitzki and it got ugly. he is leveled by andrew bynum and odom is ejected in the first quarter. dallas advances to the western conference finals with a 122-86 victory. >> and giants swept the rockies first of the season and now only one back of colorado in the west. cody ross is well, single to left. there is going to be play at the plate. he is going to beat that throw. 1-0 giants. took a no hitter in the sixth. with two outs and a run other second, catches him swinging.
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one hit and bottom of the frame, ross, towering two-run jack to the left. g-men are a game out of first. mothers are at kansas city, as well. up two and eric lines one up the middle. he slips to second and gets past pennington. but diving for the base to tag him out. unbelievable play. now in the sixth, still 2-0 and kevin rips a rocket to center. 3-0 and suzuki, home run and they take it. >> and players observed a moment of silence for balesteri that
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passed away yesterday. that is a birdie and in the clubhouse for the lead. byrd needs to birdie 18 to force a playoff. he drains it. we head to sudden death. bogeys the first hole but needs this putt to win, it's in the side door, glover's first win since 2009 open. >> madrid open, joke co-it's very is playing out of his mind. we got a mind, nadal's backhand and straight sets win. watch out for novak. >> sharks and red wings on the ice and updated highlights at 6:00.
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coming up in half an hour at 6:00. a little tampering goes a long way for homeless moms and even a nurse' strike turns into a mother's day event at children's hospital. join us at 6:00. finally, thor hammer hit hard at nation's box office this weekend. >> i'll take from you your power. >> thor kicked off the summer movie season strong taking in $66 million during the opening weekend and securing the title of this weekend's number one movie. it's the story of myth logical god of thunder sent to earth as punishment. and fast five came in second with $32.5 million. that does it for abc news at


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