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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where officials want to know if the man surged toward the cockpit pounding the door screaming is tied to a terrorist group. >> also in the headlines, investigators are looking for a cause at a massive fire at a home overnight. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where, they will be getting a lot of work today. teachers will be playing hooky for a cause. here is a live look from roof cam. you see the clouds as it passes to the east. brings rain to the central valley. we could have our own chance of showers and another chance the
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weekend could be cooler than the one we just got through. >> and compute at bay bridge toll plaza looked like it opened up another lane. i'm kristen sze. we continue to get new details about a major scare in the air as american airlines flight approached sfo. a flight attendant and passengers had to wrestle down an unriel rulely man after he begin pounding on the door. >> something else we're learning those two passengers were not your normal air travelers but the suspect was screaming and rushing toward the cockpit door with a yemen passport, california i.d., the question is whether he is a terrorist? federal investigators are talking to him this morning. take a look at the scene last night outside san francisco
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international. flight 1561 from chicago, more than a 160 people on board. 30 minutes out of sfo a man gets up from his seat and according to american airline officials rushes toward the cockpit door he is screaming and he started pounding on the door. a flight attendant pulled him away. >> at that point, another flight attendant came to assist, another male attendant as well as two passengers seated in the immediate area. they were able to is subdue that passenger and place him on the ground. >> we're finding out more about the so-called passengers. american airlines say they are retired police officer and another retired secret service agent. interestingly two other incidents yesterday a passenger tried to open a plane door over the midwest. he is under arrest this morning. another incident called a hoax,
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there a note was found aboard a flight to san diego. getting back to the sfo incident the suspect was slightly injured. he was treated for minor injuries and he is now at san mateo county jail in redwood city being interrogated. he is charged for the time being for interfering with flight attendants. >> in south san francisco, police are investigating a report of an attempted rape. a 26-year-old woman says a man grabbed her and dragged her into bushes yesterday. the woman says the man ran away after she started struggling and screaming. she described him as a latino man, about 5'9" and 200 pounds. he was wearing a short leave
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buttoned up shirt and long pants. >> in east contra costa county they are looking into a cause of a fire that seriously damaged a home in oakley. this fire started shortly after 11:00 last night near the intersection of bay view drive. flames were shooting out of second floor of the two-story house when firefighters arrived. fire crews were able to keep the fire from spreading from nearby homes. nobody was at home at the time of the fire. san carlos city council will decide whether to cut salaries for firefighters. the plan approved last month calls for san carlos and redwood city to create a new combined fire department that the city will provide managers and san carlos firefighters could be re-hired but mercury news reports city staff is recommending cutting firefighters by 5% to put san carlos in line with other nearby cities. staff himself recommends
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reducing pension benefits, vacation and sick time and writing new work rules. educators are gathering all over the state to begin a journey to sacramento. they have a week of high profile activities to urge lawmakers to take tax extensions into their own hands to save california schools. you may not see the teachers in the classrooms today. they are getting ready for statewide protests. here in san francisco they will be boarding buses soon and heading to sacramento. teachers say they feel like it's their duty to get in lawmakers faces and let them know how drastic the situation is. they want lawmakers to extend taxes on sales, income and vehicles, otherwise they warn of a shortened school year and massive teacher layoffs. >> here is san francisco, our
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art music programs are decimated. we have seen so music teacher layoffs, art teachers. we're down to the bare bones. our kids deserve a well-rounded full education and they don't get it without the funding. >> republicans are pushing back on the tax issue because they believe schools can be funded without raising taxes. they point to the $12.5 billion the state now has in unexpected stated revenues. republicans say that money should go to schools. the debate rages on and you are going to expect to hear a lot more. they have protests scheduled all week. you'll see them in malls and street corners. they will really bring attention to this issue. >> kristen: u.c. regents are weighing varying tuitions that
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would charge more for more popular campuses. they would pay more u.c. berkeley or l.a. and less like santa cruz or riverside. supports of such a plan it would raise funds for the entire u.c. system which has seen state funding cut forcing tuition hikes and layoffs. opponents say the idea is elitist and could harm the u.c. system. >> check in with mike and see if it's cool and not as breezy today. >> mother's day wasn't quite as cool and breezy. saturday was the low watermark. yesterday we saw a rebound and another small rebound as we try to get temperatures back to average. winds are out of the west at 14 at sfo. one of the fastest right now. elsewhere, about 3-8 miles an hour.
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temperatures are still pretty cool, 39 in santa rosa. 42 in napa along with redwood city. everybody else, los gatos at 39, to about 50 degrees. what we're going to see the small area of disturbed weather comes through. this disturbance will kick up a shower possibly in the north bay. so a scattered shower is possible. temperatures well below average for all of us even those of us that don't receive any rain. low to mid-50s around the bay shore. mid to upper 60s in the north bay valleys. about the upper 50s along the coast. as we head down towards the monterey bay, increase in clouds once the morning clouds give way a little bit. low to mid-50s through most of bay shore. seven-day forecast, warmest two days tomorrow and temperatures may not make it back to average before the big cooling trend on
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thursday. we see temperatures just as cool this coming weekend when another chance of rain on sunday. >> good morning. the only place i can find a slowdown was antioch. lone tree to leverage. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays at all heading towards the toll plaza. we'll also check out the north bay and show you 101 in san rafael, drive time still 19 minutes in novato down to the golden gate bridge. also a good ride on the peninsula and in the south bay. live shot in san jose, headlights moving well out of downtown san jose up to cupertino and that is 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains. we wanting live to los angeles where we have breaking news. this a huge fire burning in l.a. county in huntington park, an l.a. suburb. you can see firefighters on the scene, roaring flames and huge
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black plumes coming from an industrial complex. witnesses say there was an explosion about half an hour ago at this industrial plant, a tire store according to some reports. flames are visible for miles. >> back here, using the web to big a wall. arizona's controversial new plan to prevent undocumented workers from crossing the border. good news for drivers. some say prices are about to come down at the pump. stealing from the dead, a stunning crime that have some wondering how far thieves will
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good good morning, 6:14. live look at huntington park in l.a. county where firefighters are battling a huge blaze at an industrial complex. there was an explosion and you can see a black plume that can be seen for miles. arizona's governor says he has new plan using the internet. the state approved legislation to build the fence. it calls the construction to be using labor with permission of
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landowners along the border. arizona is considered a business gate way for undpoyd workers coming into the u.s. >> 6:15. hope you had a nice mother's day. it was very nice. they are helping a neighbor trying to set up a batting cage and no matter what they did it kept flopping over because of wind. >> the kids in the batting cages we had to cancel practice. no, we're not having practice on mother's day even though it was scheduled. i'm the one that cancelled it. happy wife. [ laughter ] >> we got a double hitter today
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so we are looking for good weather. we are seeing some, clouds off in the distance. had to let go of the sunshine this morning. it is up and looks yellow so a little bit warmer than yesterday. take a look at temperatures that bait for you outside. we saw 39 in santa rosa. 42 in napa. 39 in los gatos. rest of us in the mid to upper 40s to fremont and antioch around 51 degrees. 50-degree temperatures in monterey and sls and mid to upper 40s around santa cruz. cool and breezy, not quite as breezy as the weekend as air mass is slowly shifting to the east. a stray shower is possible and right now the best bet for rain reaching around is the north bay. warmest afternoons, tomorrow and wednesday. for today, we actually warm up a little bit. five degrees warmer in fremont
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and four in san jose and three in santa rosa. these temperatures are still five to ten degrees cooler than average. mid to upper 50s tloutd throughout the south bay. as you head up the peninsula, you drop down to the low 50s around millbrae. low 50s around downtown and south san francisco. green painted across the north bay, best area for the scattered showers. upper 50s as your beaches. one of the stray showers could move into the east bay shore. low to mid 50s and one or two could spill into the east bay valleys as they will be moving from northwest to southeast. toid mid to upper 50s and highway 4, pittsburg, we could touch 70. 60 around monterey. inland the warmest weather around 71 in gilroy. clouds will dissipate slowly. mid low to mid who's in the
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north bay valleys and also out to livermore and mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. area of low pressure and especially for may. it is moving off to the east taking the coolest of the wet weather with it. that is why we're going to have severe weather in the upper midwest today as the cold air clashes with warm air. behind us the warm air will come in tomorrow and wednesday. two days and we are finished. cooler air rolls in on thursday. so just when we get close to average cooling trend begins. check out the temperatures. 10 degrees cooler by friday, saturday and sunday and another chance of rain on sunday. new crash reported in san ramon area, apparently a car went right off the freeway on northbound 680. bollinger canyon off-ramp and crashed into a tree. they are sending an ambulance. so far, no slowing on 680. what is slow is actually
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westbound 580 as you make your way out of livermore to pleasanton. so the slowest one is antioch. westbound 580 has some slow spots but drive time from 205 to 680 is 28 minutes. "h" train number one is just reporting a three minute delay. not a big delay but something to look out for. check out the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights have been turned on and back up towards west grand. 680 in walnut creek, southbound traffic still looking good there as you make your way towards highway 24. get traffic when you want by going to drivers may soon get a repreview from $4 gallon gas.
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analysts expected gas prices to decline and drop by as m as 50 cents by june. it's due to the fall of crude prices. currently the national average is $4. in san francisco the average price is higher, 4.24. >> coming up, relying on sun. how a especially network in how you get your news. >> call it a delay. sony tries to restore ieieieieiee
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with welcome back, it's 6:24. several atlanta families is wondering if there is any limit in how thieves will go to make a buck. they visited a cemetery to pay tribute to mothers that passed away and they found that someone stole 80 copper plates off the graves. the cemetery says they won't pay to replace the plates which can run as much as $600. >> sony play station users to have wait longer to resume playing online games. sony missed its own weekend deadline to restart online gaming service. they say they need to more tests in the wake of a massive data breach. hackers got into a hundred million accounts exposing credit card and other personal information and even posting
6:25 am
some online. sony has not given a new date for restoring the network. >> facebook is playing a role in what get read online as most popular hangout to share content. a new study says they facebook funneled 3% of traffic to 21 major news sites. that is small compared to google. google pushes 30% of traffic to the news sites. facebook could begin to eating into google's dominance. still ahead, an arrest and apology. a councilman says he made a huge mistake. plus, why pg&e is telling residents in mountain view and antioch not to panic as they smell natural gas this morning. >> i'm terry mcsweeney at san francisco international airport where an investigation is under way into an incident aboard an
6:26 am
aircraft last night. was it terrorism? a man pounding on the cockpit door screaming. details coming up in a live report. >> all is quiet at major airports right now. you see the yellow from denver and chicago and st. louis. an area of possible severe weather. if any delays develop we'll have them at never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days.
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. [ bell ringing ] >> 6:30. stocks are going to start trading. they appear to be heading to a higher opening because of commodity prices returned to higher prices. investors, we'll see how they are reacting coming in 13 minutes. >> is a man is being held in san mateo county jail accused of banging on a door of a cockpit of a jet. he fought with flight attendant and other passengers had to take action. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo. >> one thing we can take away all of this, how far we have come from 9/11. here is a man rushing the cockpit door screaming. two flight attendants wrestle
6:31 am
with him, and two special passengers, question is 28-year-old man, was he a terrorist? he had a passport from yemen, a california i.d. federal investigators are trying to figure out that question right now. take a look at the scene a little after 9:00. flight 1561 from chicago. 160 plus people on board. about 30 minutes from sfo a man got out of seat and coach. he rushed toward the cockpit door. he was pounding on the door. a flight attendant grabbed a hold of him and started what turned out to be a very violent arrest. >> at that point another flight attendant, male flight attendant came to assist as well as two other passengers that were seated in the immediate area. they were able to subdue that passenger, place him on the ground. >> american airlines tells me that the two passengers, one a
6:32 am
retired san mateo police officer the other retired secret service both working for american airlines. another indication of how far we have come since 9/11. the suspect slightly injured. he was treated at a hospital important minor injuries. now, he is being interrogated by federal terrorism officials and charged with interfering with flight attendants. that is a federal crime. federal investigators are talking to him right now. >> kristen: thanks a lot. pg&e will begin pressure testing pipelines in two bay area locations, mountain view and antioch. pg&e warn residents might smell natural gas when it gets vented from pipes. they will pressurize the pipes
6:33 am
to much higher levels they would operate with natural gas. the test sing part of to test the complete system. >> a worker at napa state hospital is recovering from an attack yesterday by a psychiatric patient. it's the latest incident in a series of violent attacks at the facility. hospital officials refuse to give details but a union representative a male patient started acting up and went after a female technician. a male colleague wound up being assaulted. employees have been complaining since a person was strangled a technician. hospital staffers say it's a dangerous place to interact with patients. >> the fact we're getting younger and sometimes more gangster like mentality coming into the hospital.
6:34 am
>> kristen: workers want police officers who currently patrol outside a barbed wire fence to be permanently stationed inside. >> the man police say shot a three-year-old girl, a grandfather and another man on last halloween is now dead after a shootout with police in houston. 20-year-old man pulled a gun while he was stopped while dries to board a bus. after exchanging gunfire with officers, brown ran to a nearby parking garage. they heard a single gunshot and later found him dead in an apparent suicide. they believe he has been on the run since the shooting at an apartment in san francisco last year. three people were wounded. san jose city councilmember says he made an error in judgment after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. ash kalra admits to drinking
6:35 am
before getting behind the wheel. a highway patrol pulled him over for a broken taillight. a test found his blood alcohol was well over the legal limit. he says he takes full responsibility. >> i have. >> bottom line i shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel and i did. now i have to pay the consequences of that. >> kristen: kalra is serving and representing district two in san jose. >> 6:35, a little sunny but clouds but how windy it is. >> the breezes are still out there, mainly along the coast and into sfo. they will pick up a little bit in speed but not quite as fast over the weekend. northwesterly flow and area of wet weather that is falling and
6:36 am
bringing snow in the sierra. system for the coming weekend could bring snow in our neighborhood. first, let's talk about today. winds at 7 miles an hour at sfo. same at fairfield out of north and everybody else calm about 3-5 miles an hour. as far as the temperatures, they are much cooler than yesterday, from 1 degree in antioch to about 12 in santa rosa. afternoon hours, we'll be a little warmer so today, bigger extremes. 42 in santa rosa and everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. few 50s around fremont and antioch. as we head towards noon, upper 50s from the coast to the bay shore to the south bay. low to mid 50s. scattered showers develop mainly up in the north bay this afternoon. low to mid-50s there. same thing for the bay shore into the south bay. mid to upper 60s in the east bay valleys. another area where the showers could move to as they move in northwest to southeast and along
6:37 am
the coast upper 50s. seven-day forecast, temperatures get closer to average with a warming trend on tuesday and wednesday. then mother nature has a cooler push of air and coolest on sunday when the rain hits and the snow levels could be around 4,000 feet around the bay area. >> the commute is going pretty well but still an injury accident in the san ramon area. it's on bollinger canyon off-ramp from northbound 680. not causing delays on 680 but traffic is slug in addition the usual spots. westbound 580 through the altamont pass and westbound 4 out of antioch. at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and traffic is backed up to the west grand overcrossing. you can see that. we'll also check out another
6:38 am
live shot are interstate 880 in berkeley -- 80 in berkeley is accident free. no major delays out of fairfield as you head toward the bay bridge toll plaza. 680 in walnut creek, traffic is southbound as you make your way towards highway 24. 24 is fine all the way through caldecott. no major accidents or problems reported elsewhere. >> kristen: now 6:38. trading is under way at wall street. google's plan for green growth, what the tech giant is about to do that it has never done before. >> president obama takes you inside the situation room. his view on the final hunt for bin laden coming up. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where you won't see teachers in the classroom this morning. instead they are out here. it's going to look like this across the state.
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take a look at live doppler 7 hd. some of the cloud cover, you see it extensive along the coast and sierra where it rained and snow is falling right now in f you are heading up 80.
6:43 am
50 is still pretty wet. as far as what will happen this afternoon, lower elevation rain from tahoe to yosemite. even rain around palm springs and 74. clouds will keep san diego and los angeles in the upper 50s. we should touch the low 70s with pockets of sunshine through the central valley. >> kristen: just moments ago, pakistan's prime minister they will probe the shooting of bin laden on questions whether they knew the terrorist leader was living in the country. president obama is sharing more what went into his decision to kill bin laden. emily schmidt reports from washington. >> president obama says the 40 minutes he waited to see if navy seals had found osama bin laden was some of the longest minutes in his life. >> but he told cbs news the
6:44 am
chance outweighed the risks. bin laden was killed in a pakistani home where he lived for five years raising questions of a support network there. >> we don't know whether there might have been some people inside of government, people outside of government. that is something that we have to investigate. >> a senior pakistani official says based on years of experience, he believes, quote, elements of pakistani intelligence probably rogue or retired were involved. >> come on guys, fess up. if you knew he was there, tell us. >> this week the pentagon released a few second of video seized in the raid showing a gray bearded terrorist. they say it send a clear message. >> he looked very beaten down, really not the vigorous fighter that you would think. what has been depicted globally
6:45 am
in many videos and audiotapes. >> president obama told 60 minutes, all the seized material that the u.s. has a chance to what he calls a fatal blow to al-qaeda if there is a aggressive follow through in the months to come. >> kristen: google begins what the biggest hiring search ever, they are about to do something, build its own office space. media partner citizen the company is planning to build what is describing as the most green sustainable building possible. google has agreed to pay mountain view $30 million to lease 9.4 acres for the new facility. new construction could begin as early as next year. more signs of the housing market still hurting. apple takes it's title away from google.
6:46 am
good morning. if you owe more money than your home is under worth, underwater, 28% of u.s. homeowners that is up last year ago. in las vegas, it's 85%. prices in san francisco, a year ago it was about 26% of homeowners so chief economist fell as much as 9% this year and won't be firm until next year. stocks this morning, we are positive across the board. we have the dow up 22. nasdaq is weakest, barely in positive territory. mountain view based company, value between the website in a deal in more than $3 billion. in january the plans involved
6:47 am
raising $175 million so a billing change there. and apple overtaking google to be the world's most valuable brand. a new versions of iphone and ipad helping give apple that boost. the report is clear that every single employed they have been nurturing their plans. >> that is pretty incredible. >> forecasters in tennessee now say the mississippi river could crest in memphis later tonight instead of tomorrow. it continues to gush through parts of tennessee as it reaches 48 feet that is a foot shy of record sed set back in 1937. they spent the weekend telling people they should evacuate. many memphis residents have been abandoning their homes in low-lying areas now inundated
6:48 am
with water. incredible pictures there. back here, it's dry for us but precipitation in the form of snow, mike? >> absolutely. you can see the coating of snow and slickness on the road as the morning sun is reflecting off some of the melting snow the roads. definitely enough on the side to make a nice little snowman. we've got more in the way of up there as we talked about but not here at home. computer mod else are hinting we could have a snow level down to 4,000 feet on sunday but that is a long way away. first, let's talk about this. doesn't it look beautiful this morning, limited cloud cover from sutro tower. some of the showers we showed you through the central valley
6:49 am
are pushing clouds through the east bay. talk about temperatures, 39 in santa rosa. 42 in napa. 39 in los gatos. most of us in the mid to upper 40s. how about fremont, 51 degrees. 50 in monterey. 51 in salinas. it's going to be cool and breezy today. not quite to the extent we dealt with over the weekend. stray shower is possible. warmest afternoon tomorrow and wednesday, short-lived because another cool weekend with showers is possible. for today, compared to average we'll be 3 degrees cooler in oakland, san francisco. 5 in napa, 6 in livermore and 9 in redwood city. the sun will set at 8:07. fairfield, 70, pittsburg, low 70s to livermore. mid to upper 60s through the san
6:50 am
ramon valley. the showers could move into your neighborhoods and bring sprinkles. east bay shore low to mid-50s. south bay, mid to upper 60s with san jose and cupertino at 56. redwood city around 55 degrees. upper 50s for the coast this afternoon where it could be breezy at times. low 60s downtown in south san francisco. mid to upper 60s in the north bay valleys. best chance for rain is up here. 60 in monterey, mid to upper 60s in monterey bay. for tonight, fairly clear and cooler than average with low to mid 40s in the north bay valleys. >> the low responsible for the breezy weekend is moving away. jetstream will move away also. in the next couple of days we will be relatively calm with high pressure and warming trend. just when we get our temperatures back to average, another cold front slams the
6:51 am
door on that and brings us the cool weather that could see temperatures 10-12 degrees cooler and snow possible around 4,000 feet. here a frances. >> if you are heading out the vacaville area, just reported at midway, apparently a big rig is blocking a couple of left lanes. speed sensors showing only 6 miles an hour right at the scene. it's slow through the bay area approaching san pablo dam road. a concrete block was reported in the eastbound direction but i'm starting to think it's westbound because of slowing around richmond. metering lights are on. san mateo bridge is fine. no trouble across the span. looks good westbound out of hayward into san mateo. we'll show you the ride on peninsula through millbrae, traffic is still light.
6:52 am
southbound looks got all had way to mountain view. check out 101 in san jose. this is 280 and 17 interchange in san jose. that is northbound. things are a little more crowded 101, 880 interchange, that is looking good. no problems in the north bay. get traffic when you want by going to our website at >> kristen: california may be getting hundreds of millions of dollars in high speed rail fund that go florida's governor has rejected. they report the u.s. department of transportation have privately notified california officials they will get at least $213 million of the $2.4 billion that had been earmarked for florida high speed rail. an official announcement is expected this week how the money
6:53 am
will be divided. california still needs $15 billion to build a line between san francisco and los angeles. two citizen groups plan to file an appeal over an expansion of the oakland zoo. city approved a master plan covering the zoo's next 20 years but the zoo amended plan. last week oakland's plan of making 54 acres of park land. expansion opponents say it would destroy the popular park. recapping top stories, an american airlines passenger is sitting in the san mateo county jail accused of pounding on the cockpit door of a plane as it was approaching sfo. terry mcsweeney is live at the airport with details including
6:54 am
some background on this passenger. >> right now the suspect is being interrogated by members of the federal terrorism task force. take a look at the suspect. he is identified as a 28-year-old man. he had a passport from yemen and a california identification. federal investigators are trying to figure out if there is a terrorist link. yemen a hotbed for al-qaeda. scene at san francisco international about 9:30. flight 1561 out of chicago originated out of laguardia in new york. 30 minutes out of sfo, he gets up and officials rush toward the cockpit door pounding on the door. two flight attendants and two passengers that turned out to be american airlines employees, one a former san mateo police officer, the other a former secret service agent they grabbed him. he was slightly injured, treated
6:55 am
and released. now being interrogated by federal terrorism experts. he has been charged with a fairly simple crime of interfering with a flight crew. more are charges could be added. keep in mind of a similar incident happened over the midwest. a flight had to be diverted to chicago when someone tried to open one of airplane doors. was eight terrorist attack? those are the questions that federal terrorism experts are trying to answer right now. >> good morning, amy. >> good morning. teachers are playing hooky today. they want to take their lesson plan out of the classroom and out on the street. here in san francisco the protest is under way on the steps of the state building. then they will be taking it to sacramento. teachers have declared what they say is a state of emergency and they have protests planned for the entire week. they want some of the current taxes extended. if they aren't, teachers say we
6:56 am
can expect massive layoffs. republicans are pushing back on the tax issue. they believe we can fund education without raising taxes. they give the example of the unexpected $2.5 billion the state now has in additional tax revenue. governor's office say the costs for the state will go up, too. the teachers say, legislators need to get it figured out. they need to fund the schools and that is why they are out of the classrooms out the streets. they will be at the capital all week. protests are scheduled all week to get attention. >> kristen: one final check on weather and traffic. from amy's shot it looks breezy out there. >> it still will be breezy but not as fast over the weekend. temperatures in the upper 30s to
6:57 am
low 40s. by the afternoon hours, temperatures well below average. a stray shower is possible in the north bay and possibly the east bay. >> final check bay bridge toll plaza, backed up to the 880 overcrossing. and westbound 80 at midway road, traffic is slowing down as you make your way toward the vacaville area. >> kristen: sounds good. that it for this edition. back for local update at 7:24. have a great day and we'll see
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