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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  May 9, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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6000 and we need priority landing. >> you are receiving it. the suspect is now in federal custody and is 28 year old almurisi. abc's reporter was there in vallejo and tracked down his country. >> his cousin told me he is not a violent person and not an extremist. he's not even that religious. he was living in new york and ready to move back to vallejo. >> it was not a terrorist attack or harm anybody. >> almurisi shares the same name as his couse and i know the man who the f.b.i. is investigating for unexpectedly jumping out of his seat. >> under the stress he may not understood him. he may have going to complain.
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>> the police spokesperson said shortly before landing in sfo, the 28 year old rushed the cockpit. >> the flight attendant asked him to return to the seat. when he refused to, the flight attendant put his hands on the passenger and physically pulled him away from the door. >> andrew wei was on the plane last night. >> passengers were crying and flight attendant was trying to soothe the passengers. >> almurisi had lived in vallejo for a year. his cousin said he tried to learn english in the adult school. no records of him being there were found today and he later went to new york. >> he couldn't find a job and his brother told him to come to new york and work with him. when his brother return to
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yemen, almurisi decided to give vallejo another chance. he was flying back after a lay over in chicago. >> we are trying to find out what went on. we are going to be here. >> almurisi will appear in a san francisco federal courtroom tomorrow morning. his cousin said almurisi has a young wife and daughter all still in yemen. >> thank you. chances the value of your home has fallen once again. according to real estate website the homes are eight and half percent lower than this time last year and a quarter are under water worth less than what their owners owe. laura anthony is in walnut creek and it is hit by foreclosure. >> bad as the numbers are nationally and in the bay
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area. home values have declined to levels not seen since november 2000. horrace and regina are living the nightmare. they are upside down on their mortgage. >> we are here in the 500,000 range . a house that is around 230,000 in value rate. >> does it make you feel better you are not alone? >> it is stressful situation having to go through this. >> more than 38 percent of contrahomeowners owe more on their homeowners than their houses are worth and since the peek of the market home values are falling further . that is compared to 25 percent nationally. >> homeowners are getting very frustrated. pittsburg mortgage counsel
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said homeowners are giving up in a county where home values have dropped 51 percent. >> the banks are not doing principle reduction and homeowners are losing hope and if your values continue to drop and we haven't hit the bottom yet, wow, that is a hard one. >> the bottom of the market may be a year away. it seems to me that we still have very, very fickle buyers in this market. >> oakland realtor said buyers feel like they are calling the shots. >> i think that people really want deals now . they are afraid that the market is going to continue to go down. if they feel like they are buying something for not too much money, they are better off. >> hardest hit market in the bay area solano county and 58 percent of the homeowners are currently upside down in the mortgages, and 59 percent home
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values have plunged 59 percent since the peak in 2006. laura anthony abc sevennews. >> thank you. thousands of california teachers kicked off an unprecedented week-long protest in the state capitol. angry educators are urging governor brown to twist the republicans arms until they extend sales and vehicle taxes to save education cuts without a special election. >> we have a budget that is slashing off services and slashing services to our students and raising class sizes. that is extreme. >> it is not going to change minds. people correctly see that they are taxed enough. >> highway patrol officers stopped the illegal sit in, in the capitol. bay area teachers rallied before to. >> people coming out of their
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classroom and spending all of their time and making the focus in the entire week. we'll make it longer if we have to. it is the disruption of public education that hang balance. >> they would like to see make cuts and combining school districts rather than raise the taxes. >> in nevada they are working to identify the 4000 photographs linked to the accused serial killer. according to the partners. the detectives seized photos from the county. they show naked or lingerie women posed to look lifeless or unnatural. maso had never been charged with a violent crime until april. investigators think he may be responsible for other murders. he is suspected of killing
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four californiay women. >> a young woman in the center of an explosive case in san jose walked away with a mully million settlement agreement. she accused nine baseball players of gang rape after a party near a home in downtown san jose. the jury sided with some of the players see - she sued. there is a settlement involving two of the ball players. >> with mr. gardenas, the evidence showed he was actively assaulting . mr. bogdali he was in the room and serving liquor. >> this has been hounding - hawned - haunt them for four years. >> the agreement doesn't allow
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the plaintiff to collect money from the stunes and their families it stipulates she must go after the insurance companies. >> officials confirmed an attack on atf by agitated patient. few of the employees suffered minor injuries. it is the latest in the series of attacks there and including one with a skull fracture and one that led to the strangling death. workers are demanding a campus wide system and police officers to be stationed inside of the hospital. >> pg&e successfully completed the first in a series of pressure test. the pipes came through with flying colors and no leaks are found. heather has the story from mountain view tonight. >> engineers held the gauge at will you pounds per square
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inch. they hold the water forced in the 24 inch pipe. the natural gas it normally holds was emptied last week. >> we operate at less than of you pound and testing at 600 pounds we are getting a significant margin of safety. >> the pipe dating from the late 1950s, indicated there are no weak wells or defects that could lead to the disaster like the san bruno explosion that killed eight people. >> the first thing that has happened since san bruno okay, we are turning the corner. pg&e plans to test and replace 150 miles of pipe similar to the ruptured san bruno line. they are located in the densely populated area in san bruno . they will be done 15 a month
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hoping to be done by the end of october. >> we are doing other things this year to help. we are doing internal pressures . we are excavating pipe lines and extreming the wells. it is not cheap. 150,000 to 500,000 a mile. what is happening right now. pg&e shareholders are not granting rate for this. so this is part of doing that. >> they said over the last decade there were two failures on 11 test . odds are there are multiple failures on this year test. this is abc 7 news. >> and a pipe line under antioch will undergo the same type of testing next week. pg&e vented a gas line, they
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warned residents they may smell gas in the venting process. testing is scheduled on monday. >> still to come. a bay area business that is letting dozens of people go in order to get a tax break. >> the competition for jobs between two california cities. >> and the foundation on which our freedoms was built. >> i am spencer christian. we have a warm up coming our way with the return of the 7-day forecast. >> thank you, spencer, coach keith smart his first interview since getting the boot.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> you know times are tough when a fight breaks out over one city taking jobs over another. there is a twist your tax dollars are involved. abc explains why the peninsula isad odds with the central valley. >> the only thing missing from the hearing was a pair of boxing gloves. battle royale is over vwr. it called bricbane home over 50 years. they plan to move to a city that offers tax incentives. this is not ripping out the jobs in one community and transplanting them in another community. that's not what it is about. we need to address it. >> 100 workers will lose their jobs and many have worked
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there 15-30 years. >> i have a wife and three kid and a grandchild that lives with me now. my wife lost her job last year and i am supporting the family. >> bricbane, will be a victim, too. losing the one company will translate in a hit for the general fund. two-thirds of the annual police department budget. >> it is not good for anybody. i don't think that in a silver moment a city looks at this and say it is good either. >> we don't anticipate benefits from hiring and credits at this time. no one at vwr will turn their calls or e-mail letters. >> i hope they will rethink this move altogether. i will make it living hell for
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them moving forward. abc sevennews. >> the city council in san carlos tonight will decide whether to cut the salaries when they report to bosses in redwood city. they will join a fire department. the city staff in san carlos reminds a five percent pay cut to bring the firefighter's pay scale in line with other nearby cities. >> business leader in south lake, tahoe are concerned about the closure of highway 50. starting on wednesday they will shut down the highway for two weeks and build new safety barriers. the altnewt alternate routes.
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south lake, tahoe survived more drastic road closures and fires and economic down turns. they are offering special deals. go to abc 7 news.comand look on seen on tv. >> it is snowing up there. >> we'll show you a live view. light snow still falling. few inches on the ground. it is not going to be a major snow storm. back to the bay area. live doppler 7. we have had active weather by salinas. it was more active around holister. we had stormy weather with lightning and thunder and
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gusty winds. it is tapering off and weakening as it moves southward and away from the immediate san francisco bay area. you can see by way of the time lapse view from the camera, we had mainly sunny skies and no stormy weather here. it is pleasant and calm and temperature readings 70 in fairfield and antioch and santa rosa. 61 in san francisco and 61 in half moon bay. cooler conditions overnight and warmer tomorrow. quite a few degrees warmer . a chance was showers on saturday. it looks like an active pattern for the weekend. it shows the upper level low. we have a blustery weekend. that is moving east ward inland and high pressure is building in for sunny and mild weather tomorrow. by wednesday we'll see the air mass moving in our direction.
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we'll have a few extra clouds and the warm up will last one day. >> we were chill net north bay and we'll look for lows in the 40s . might see locations dropping in the upper 30s. most will see overnight lows in the mid-to upper 40s and it will be cool and not cold. tomorrow sunny skies and highs in the low 70s. 71 in santa clara . we'll see pleasant conditions with highs in the mid-to upper 60s and cool on the coast with a presence of fog there as well highs 56 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 62 . north bay highs range from 75 in sant rosa and 72 in nap a. 68 in oakland and 69 in union city. bay nice and mild with 75 in
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walnut creek. 77 in pittsburg . look for a high of 66 in. gilroy and 74 in morg an - morgan hill. it will begin to cool down a bit and by the weekend cool with a chance of showers likeliy on saturday and sunday. inland highs on sunday 62 degrees and lingering chance of showers on monday. weekend is looking less beautiful than the week. >> not warm. >> and coming up next, new controversy over the arizona law.
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>> the governor jan brewer wants to bypass the ninth circuit court of appeal in pran fran and go to the nation's highest court. last month the three judge panel of the ninth circuit upheld the order that prevented key parts of the law from being enforced. >>im confident arizona will
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prevail. we are in the position because of the federal government's failure to secure our border and enforce immigration law. >> the justice department argues that the law burdens legal immigrants by allowing the police to question the immigration status of those they suspect in the country illegally. >> florida's loss is the california's gain. california will get 300 million to build a high speed rail line. we'll get money to help pay for new state of the art rail cards. the state of the florida cancelled the high speed rail plans. >> san francisco is giving drivers free fuel for the next year and half it is for electric cars. electric vehicle chargers will be available in city owned
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garages and sfo through 2013. the idea is to help electric car drivers to top off the charges when they are away from home. >> nasa said it will try again to launch space shuttle endeavor. it is the second attempt to send the endeavor on the next to last shuttle flight. >> the mission is being lead by mark kelly. husband of congresswoman giffords. giffords plans to attend the launch. >> stay with us, there is more coming up. the mighty mississippi spills its banks from memphis to new orleans tonight. spring flooding of near record porportions. >> the government of the pakistan promises an investigation of how osama bin laden managed to hide there
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for years. >> michael finnie, why you may have to visit the black market to visit yosemite's popular sites.
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>> the mississippi river is fast approaching record levels tonight and forcing happens of people to evacuate. over the past week rain and snow backed up nearby tributaries and flooding nearby homes and farm land. the city of memphis is under a flood watch tonight. at the crest, water levels could reach 48 feet. >> our mission is to reduce the risk to the civilians and people who live behind our levees and flood walls.
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>> what if it happens here and the levees break like in new orleans. >> hope for the best and prepare for the worst. >> down stream in louisiana, engineers opened a spill way north of new orleans in order to spare the city from severe flooding. >> government of the pakistan promised to investigate how osama bin laden stayed hidden there for years without being detected. he said the notion of the pakistan government aided or abetted bin laden is outrageous. >> it was al-qaida and affiliates that have bombed in nearly every town and city in pakistan. so far u.s. officials found no evidence that anybody in the
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upper echlons of pakistan's military and intelligence organization knew bin laden was there. the elements of intelligence probably rogue or retired were involved in hiding the leader. back at home yosemite national park is a popular destination and this year, it will be impossible to make the climb because ticket scalpers got the permits. they want big money. >> we consider this ours in the bay area. turns out everybody else considers it their park, too. first time it will be limited on every day of the week. safer and so with a limited supply of permits and big demand for hikes, scalpers are moving in on a national park. >> the family and their friends remember fondly the
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midnight hike up half dome in yosemite national park two years ago. >> we got up there in time to see the sunrise. it is spectacular. >> marti was only 15 at the time. here he is in the summit. after they climbed 5000 feet. >> it is an experience that everybody should do once. it is upsetting that we don't get tompt >> indeed, the group will not climb half dome in june as planned. the park service requires permits to climb to the summit with a limit a day in order to reduce the crowding on the final stretch. this video by the national park service shows them hiking to the summit. like the hottest tickets, they are snapped up within minutes when they go on sale each month. many park visitors complain
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they are shut out. >> we can only buy four at a time. we tried to get our group of 25 to the top. >> permits go on sale 7:00 a.m. on the first day of the month. they are sold by phone and on line by a park service website. they couldn't get in fast enough. permits for june were sold out in 12 minutes. >> it seems hard to believe that 400 permits can be gone in a space of five-10 minutes for 30 days. >> to be gone so fast, it seems like how can that happen? the park service directed me it call the attorney general's office and i called seven on your side. >> there is a black market for the popular yosemite hike. >> they are buying the permits
6:34 pm
and turning around and selling them on the internet on craig's list for exorbant prices. >> the yosemite rangers said scalpers are scooping up large number of permits before consumers can type information on line and selling them at huge inflated prices. 7 on your side found half dome permits for $40 . craig's list is filled with pleas from hikers wanting the perm i wants. - permits. >> it is a big fabric of the american society and people using our national parks. it is infureating. >> infuriating for the climbers. >> they complain they have to pay a tour company to take them to the top but turns out
6:35 pm
they can't get tickets either >> ticket scalpers are getting the tickets and we have clients who confirmed and booked in 2010, and we can't get the permits and so we don't get special treatment. >> why explore tours said he's taking half as many groups up the dome and fewer hikers in each group. will the dome sit out of reach even with those who can manage the climb? the park service is hoping to stop the sales. >> it is a fact of life, but we feel that here in yosemite national park, it just shouldn't happen. >> this is a crown jewel of the national park. >> it is upsetting that we can't go. >> it is not just half dome, scalpers are reselling
6:36 pm
yosemite reservations. the park service permits are not transferable and federal officials are investigating whether scalpers could be prosecuted. the park service said the permits are a temporary solution until they can come up with a long range plan to control the traffic up and down. >> thank you, michael. >> coming up next, the fuel problem that -- could lead to recall. create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby?
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marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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federal regulators are investigating a problem with the best-selling vehicle in the country. the national highway traffic said the steel straps that support the fuel tank on the ford 150 pick up can rust and break. no injuries have been reported but there have been two fires. the investigation is focused on the model years 19nen to 2001. they are the best selling vehicles in the united states for more than three decades. >> rebound in commodity prices and crude oil set up to for than $100 a barrel. last week there was a 15 percent drop.
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stock prices went up today. dow gained 46 points. nasdaq added 15 and s&p 500 is up 6 . youtube announced the edition of 3000 movie titles that doubles the size that youtube hopes with apple and zon zon. >> first full transplant . 24 year old dallas wiens in tax texas joined surgeon in the hospital in boston today. she suffered burns and was blind coming woo contact with a power line painting a church. today he offered a public thank you to his doctors. >> i could never express what
6:41 pm
has been done and what i have been given in this procedure . i am indebted to the doctors and their team for the rest of the my life. >> dallas said all he wanted was to be able to smile and kiss his daughter next month. the u.s. military hopes to use the findings to help soldiers with severe facial wounds. >> still to come tonight. detecting strokes. >> our system is fast and can get a diagnosis in under 90 seconds. >> new device to help research and the technology with the navy making it happen. >> and the magna carta, now
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>> >> a new device developed here in the bay area could detect deadly strokes in a matter of minutes. it uses technology associated with the navy than medical imaging. >> i am going to tap her head
6:45 pm
gently. >> there is nothing wrong with this young woman's brain. but if there were the engineer would hear it first. >> you can see how the signals are to be disrupted. >> the head set is a scanning device and based on technology used to interert sonar. they are detecting the pressure waves in her head. >> we are measuring the variations on top of the pulse signal and that includes details of how the aneurysm is activated. >> the ceo of jam medical. he said it is sensitive enough to detect the strokes and heading off the symptoms. >> we can get a diagnosis under 90 seconds.
6:46 pm
>> after settling on the sonar principle. he returned to the experts and the decades in experience in a wave generated by sound and pressure. >> it expands the blood vessels and through the brain matter and through the fluid . through the skull and through the skin. we pick up that pulse wave and that vibration. >> the the team tested the stroke application in clinical trials in john hopkins. they turned the device to concussions. in a study with bay area high school football players. researchers from stanford identified the patterns associated with concussions. >> with our 29 players we developed a signature that we validate through the rest of the trial. >> there say portable unit that saves lives on the field
6:47 pm
and off. >> now large stroke trial testing the device is expected to get underway. if that data is positive they hope to apply for fda clearance next year. >> one of the most important documents in human history is on display in san francisco. the magna carta is the basis of democracy as we know it. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has a look at a profoundly important document from 13th century england. >> it is a document that explores liberty. >> the king is not above the law and get your fascing tackle out of the river. >> yes, not everything is monumental at that timus. the magna carta was written in 1215 to reign in the monarchy.
6:48 pm
>> it was patched together by rebel barrons who were rebelling against king john of england. >> the same king john who is the villian in the robin hood film. he was unpopular. look at it close 56 lines and small letters and translated in english it is 16 pages. >> parchment was rare and expensive and a lot to say in the magna carta and so it is all jammed in there. >> the magna carta is an inspiration and a symbol around the world of freedom and the rule of law. >> 17 copies were taken and from village to village. this is one of four that survived. it is usually in the university of the oxford library where it is not on display. >> we didn't know much more than that other than the fact it was there. >> you have to come here to
6:49 pm
see it. >> that's correct, yes. ironically. >> this is a rare chance to see it the magna carta will be on display through june 5th. >> it casts a long shadows and the front doors of our supreme court shows the signing of the magna carta. >> it is abc 7 news. >> what a rare chance to see something so important. >> it is indoors. >> it is cooler. >> spencer christian. >> there were places that provide indoor entertainment and looking at live doppler hd. we have active weather to the south and east. thunderstorms southward and some locations in it is valley. light snow isn't sierra around tahoe and there is still light snow falling. this afternoon, snow squall moving through here and we have a break and threatening clouds moving over . another squall develops and
6:50 pm
moves over the lake and not a big snow storm. back here in the bay area. it will warm up . low clouds are going to hang out on the coast and so it is cool. we'll warm up to the mid-to upper cents . warming up tomorrow and mild and clouds gather.
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>> is your iphone obsolete. join me on cable channel 13. experts call the next step in smart phone technology. >> a battle taking shape of the next generation of recorded music. tonight at 11:00, the songs you will own and never have to download. >> hope to see you then . now to sports and shark to talk about tonight. >> they have it tough. >> wob - one of the toughest is former player turn analyst. san jose lost to the red wings last night. >> unbelievable comback by
6:54 pm
detroit . patrick, a gutless, gutless perance by patrick mar low. >> he said jeemy has a right to his own opinion. this is a team game and having a lead, you would think they would move in and end the series. red wings had only six shots on goal but they made three to force a game six. >> we gave them 20 some odd shots and we feel good about ourselves. yeah, it is a tough loss. >> we are going into their building and we played two games there and know what to expect and we'll be ready to go and not baking down, we still have the lead here. >> i sat down with a former
6:55 pm
wariors head coach. keith was under contract and limited to what he could say about the players. >> i felt that i had a chance to move the team in a direction they needed to go n they played hard all year for the most part . the expectation was that i would get myself ready for the summer. >> are you surprised when you got the word? >> no, i knew it would take something extraordinary to happen before it fell into place. i did what i was supposed to do and trying to do to develop a coaching style and adding to that and looking forward to the next phase in my career. >> how is the experience for you as head coach? >> i couldn't get a better group of guy to start my career with. >> understanding and not just coaching the game but how to manage the baseball team . i think you have to go through the painful part of it.
6:56 pm
>> i won't be coaching the team next year, but the positive part is that i show case what i can do in game settings and seasons. what are you going to miss the most? >> you have relationship that is last a lifetime for you and the experience in the bay area for eight years has been great. the fans have been wonderful. >> all right. celtics and heat . rondo dislocated his elbow. there was a early boston lead. you know what is coming, miami's first of the game. and paul pierce setting up for the final shot and no chance for an ot. miami up with less than a minute to play. >> josh has been suspended for one game. he was not happy with the call. they gave him a chest bump.
6:57 pm
he's in the line up tonight against texas. it is his sixth of the year. look at this knucklehead. he wanted no part of the baseball. he throws it back. but then he -- hey, did you see me on tv? >> it is interesting to see how mar low react to the comments. >> if you want to see the magna carta, a lot of people want to see it. it that's it for this edition of abc sevennews. i am dan ashleigh see captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here is our first group of semi-finalists-- a high school english teacher from philadelphia, pennsylvania... a middle school history teacher from santa monica, california... and a high school english teacher from ellettsville, indiana... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny.


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