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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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maria shriver ending their marriage. >> bay area man that went berserk on a flight at sfo and he pounded on the cockpit door and passengers thought it was terrorism. news begins in 60 and passengers thought it was terrorism. news begins in 60
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>> good evening everyone. unexpected announcement tonigh tonight. arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver are splitting up. >> in a joint statement tonight the 2 say this has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us after our great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. >> now the couple marriage has come under scrutiny before especially in 2003 when the los angeles times reported on arnold schwarzenegger history of groping women. >> at the time shriver defened her husband. it was thought her support helped lift him to victory against governor davis. she apparently moved out of the brentwood mansion weeks ag ago. >> former governor is 63.
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maria is 65. 2 have been married 25 years and have 4 children. >> tonight the fbi is holding a bay area man with a yemen passport. >> he is accused of trying to burst into the cockpit on a flight headed to san francisco from chicago. >> flight 1661 we need priority handling on arrival. we have a conflict here. >>reporter: pilot requested a private landing and got it. >> lillian is here now with more for us. lillian. >>reporter: carolyn authorities say the man has no known ties to terrorism so why he acted out the way he did last night remains unclear. many passengers on american airlines flight 1561 feared the worst. that perhaps this was 9/11 all over again. witnesses say the man appeared fidgetingy during the flight from chicago to sfo. when he started saying god is great it in arabic passengers became nervous. >> as he was going down to the
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cockpit he was yelling allah actane bar and yes obviously everybody was flipping out about that. >>reporter: according to the criminal complaint filed in federal court today he left his seat near the end of the flight and headed straight to the cockpit trying to enter by manipulating the door handle. he then lowered his left shoulder and tried to ram the cockpit door. that's when a flight attendant grabbed him. this is a photo of take down in progress. >> could i hear the russell up front. giving a fight. took couple guys to subdue him. >>reporter: several passengers subdue the man. retired secret service agent and retired san mateo police officer was among them. this is a photo of authorities surrounding him after the plane landed. as for the pilot, he remained calm as he requested a priority landing at sfo. >> american 1561 we are going to need priority handling on arrival. we have a conflict here. american. as soon as
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possible in san francisco. >> we need priority. >> you are receiving it. >> cool. >>reporter: the man has lived in vallejo for about a year but originally from yemen home to one of the most active branch of al qaeda. his cousin insist the man is not a terrorist. not an extremist and not even that relimb us. >> i'm thinking they might have mistreated him in a certain way and he wants to go complain to somebody. i don't know what he was thinking. i can't tell you because i wasn't there. but he was not he had no intention of hurting anybody. >>reporter: the man is scheduled to appear in federal court tomorrow morning interfering with flight crew carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. >> thank you lillian kim reporting. there were 2 other incidents in the sky this weekend. continental flight from houston to chicago had to stop in st. louis after passenger tried to use the exit
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door in flight. and delta flight to san diego was diverted to albuquerque after flight attendant found a note with the word bomb written on it. >> there is a raid that killed osama bin laden. "new york times"is reporting that the president insisted the navy seal be large enough to fight its way out of pakistan if necessary. that resulted in the decision to send 2 members carrying additional troops and the forces pakistan decided to allow american investigators to enter view the 3 widow in pakistani custody rate now in. sacramento tonight the highway patrol arrested dozens of teachers staging a protest in the state capitol. demonstrators trying to prevent further cut to education spending. [ yelling] about 65 teachers and students who stayed in the capitol after it close idea taken into custody. protestors are urging governor brown to push republicans to
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agree to extend income sales and vehicle tax without a special election. more budget cuts and protest is scheduled to last 5 days. >> when off budget that is slashing services, laying off 40,000 teachers, slashes services to our students, raising class size, that's the extreme. >> won't change any minds. people correctly perceive that l they are taxed enough. >>reporter: republican party leaders say they want sacramento to make cuts including combining some school districts rather than extending any taxes. >> on to the budget trouble. san jose fire department has proposed rolling brown out at 4 stations starting this summer. that is raising fear that service is going to be affecte affected. this morning 3 fires broke out in san jose within 30 minutes. firefighters responded quickly and nobody was injured. however they warn once the brown out are implemented that mate not be the case. >> any time that you have a reduction in personnel, you are
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going to have a reduction in service. we don't want this in economic times push us in this direction. >> during a rolling brown out either fire truck or engine will be out of service at one of 4 san jose stations. the brown out are part of an effort to help the city bridge 100 million dollar budget short fall. then this. san carlos city council voted to cut firefighters salary when the fire department joins forces with the one in redwood city later this year. city staff is recommending cutting firefighters pay by 5 percent to bring the city pay scale more in license with other nearby cities. >> praises for used cars hit a record high in april and are expected to climb even hivrment it seems car production cut back in this recession are making used vehicle a hot commodity. here's allen wong with the story. >> today i notice the prices are indeed a little bit more than i expected. >>reporter: since january the kelly blue book says the average trade in value for a mid size car rose nearly 2000
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dollars. >> expecting to spend between 9 and 11,000 and i'm finding between 16 and 17,000 for the car i'm looking for. >>reporter: high gas prices are slowing down the market for new cars. owners are hanging on to their old ones. fewer trade in make it to the used car lot. this honda of oakland used car lot usually has about 80 vehicles on it. today they only have about 55. >> if on a weekly basis. >>reporter: he's one of hundreds of used car dealers who buy the vehicle from the man i'm auto auction in hayward. about 3000 cars used to be auction on off each wednesday but now only about 1,000. prices are 20 to 30 percent higher. >> 03-04 i used to maybe 17, 1 18. 20 grand for it. now you can't, if you site through the auction you can't touch it less than 25 maybe to 30 grand. >>reporter: now some used car prices are just a few thousand
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dollars shy of the exact same brand new one. >> if you can negotiate good deal on your car with zero interest or zero down zero interest it makes sense to buy a new car, yes, versus a couple year old used vehicle. >>reporter: now u.s. dealers say they are expecting to exhaust their inventory and there could be a severe shortage of more economical japanese cars by jichlt i guess acting sooner rather than late later. is the key here. >>reporter: in the east bay, allen wong abc 7 news. >> good news for drivers when analyst forecast gas prices would drop by as much as 50 cents by june. but so far the prices are static. according to triple a the current national average for gallon of regular gas is 3.96 up 1 cent from a week ago. and in san francisco the average price per gallon is 4.31. same price as a week ago. >> there is a good chance the house is worth less than it was
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last year. some say we still haven't hit bottom. new all right on sinking home value. >> that's coming up. seeing is believing. where we spotted snow falling tonight this late in may. >> and then on "nightline". >> come up next on "nightline"the mississippi river rises to record levels. we are on the scene of the giant flood. plus chas bono the only child of sony and cher shows us how and why he went from being a woman to a man. shows us how and why he went from being a woman to a man. that's on
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>> closed captioning brought to is elementary. >> chances are the value of the home has fallen once again according to the real estate web site bay area home values are almost 8 and a half percent lower than they were this time last year. startling number, 25.7% are under water. worth less than what the owners owe. laura reports tonight from walnut creek. place that has been hit especially hard by foreclosures. >>reporter: forest and regina a are living the nightmare that is the bay area real estate market. discovery bay kim is among a growing number of
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homeowners who are upside down on the mortgage. >> we are in the 500,000 range and the house would i say is somewhere around 230,000 dollars in value right now. >>reporter: make you feel better at all that you are not alone. >> somewhat but it's an awful stressful situation having to go through this as long as we have been going through this. >>reporter: according to this web site more than 38 percent of contra costa county homeowners owe more on the mortgage than the house is worth. home value just keep falling. since the peak of the market home value have fallen even further. close to 35 percent in the bay area sentences the peak of the market compared to 25% nationally. homeowners are getting very frustrated. >>reporter: pittsburg mortgage counselor elaine cox says homeowners are giving up in a county where home value have dropped 51 percent sense the peak in 2005. >> bank are not doing principal reduction and homeowners are losing hope and if the value are continuing to drop and we
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haven't hit the bottom yet, wow! that's a hard one. >>reporter: according to the web site the bottom of the market may still be at least a year away. >> it seems to me that we still just have very, very fickle buyers in this market. >>reporter: oakland realtor tracy says buyers still feel like they are the ones calling the shots. >> i think it's just that people really want deals now and they are afraid that the market is going to continue to go down so if they feel like they are buying something for not too much money then they are better off. >>reporter: hardest hit market in the bay area solana county where 58 percent of homeowner are currently upside down in the mortgages and where home value have plunged 59 percent since the peak there in 2006. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. the wall street journal is reporting that san mateo county are expected to lose millions in bankruptcy court because of their investment in lee man brothers. meanwhile a henl fund manager is expected to
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make hundreds of millions of dollars from lee man debt that he bought after the bank collapsed. john paulson is expected to make nearly 7 26 million dollars while l this company will last 68 million and san mateo county would lose 115 million dollars on the same bond because they bought them before lee man failed. >> danville police are looking for the thieves who smashed through the doors of a costco and stole an atm. they ram the doors early yesterday morning and used the struck truck to remove the atm from the foundation. they left the truck hand and got away in another vehicle with atm and all the money inside of it. >> canadian woman found in remote elko county, nevada after being lost for seven wee weeks is eating normal food tonight but her husband is still missing. hunter found 56-year-old rita open friday in her van surviving on trail mix,
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fish oil pills, hard candy and melted snow. she and her husband were on their way from british clump bay to las vegas when at the took a wrong turn on dirt road and stranded when the van got stuck in the mud. albert went for help. the couple son is still holding out hope that his dad will be foun found. >> about we have the biggest miracle we could ever ask for and still one more to come in and so we are still praying for another one. >>reporter: authorities say albert wasn't dressed for the cold weather. they say they are hoping he will be found, he found shelter in a hunting cabin nearby. >> business leaders in south lake tahoe concerned about the economic impact of the closure of highway 50 starting wednesday cal-trans will shut down the highway for two weeks to build new safety barrier at echo summit. this map shows the alternate route nearly all of them will require an extra hour of travel time. >> cal-trans promising to get it open by memorial day. in the mean time snowing up there. >> pretty remarkable. let's
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check in with sandy. >> i company. can you believe it was snowing in lake tahoe today. time lapse to private. take a look from the haechbin haechbingly camera. 8300 foot elevation. we saw scattered snow showers up until about 7:00 o'clock tonight you can see the showers going through there. not much accumulated but certainly is late in the season to be getting snow and we may be seeing a reboat of that this weekend. talk about that in just a moment. temperatures right now mainly 50's. half moon bay one of the cooler spots at 45 and it is mild in antioch right now. 64 degrees. clear and cool overnight. a little warmer tomorrow. chance of showers beginning saturday. weekend may look a lot like winter if things verify. so just to give you an indication as to how much rain we 7 in may san francisco/100ths of an inch and three days average rainfall for san francisco just over half inch. we do get our springtime showers in may as we transition
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closer to summertime in june. so not out of the question. here's satellite radar cold trough certainly was spop for showers in the gilroy morgan hill area today. and the snow in the sierra nevada that you just saw. this is shifting out of here. higher pressure starts to build in tomorrow. lacking at sunny mild weather for your tuesday. temperatures coming up just a little bit. by wednesday, though, turn cooler again as this system knocks down the ridge. brings in an increase in the marine layer and we start to see the breezes kicking up on wednesda wednesday. overnight tonight. temperatures run on the chilly side in the north bay valley looking at low 40's. low 40's around places like half moon bay, morgan hill, san jose 46 degrees. same thing for concord and fairfield 45 tonight. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay numbers will run mild. 72 in san jose cupertin cupertino. sunshine on the peninsula. 65 in san mateo o. 68 for you in palo alto. along the coast it is going to turn cloudy in the afternoon as low clouds return. pacifica 56 and
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cool afternoon. daly city 57 degrees. low 60's for south san francisco. downtown san francisco and in the north bay 56 at bodega bay mid 70's from sonoma out to santa rosa, calistoga, 67 in san rafael. nice day in the east bay. 68 oakland. 67 san leandro. inland area running a little bit warmer than today. 76 in concord. 78 for antioch. livermore, pleasanton mid 70's. around the monterey bay 60 in monterey. 77 in gilroy. going to the jints game tomorrow night they take on the diamondbacks. it's partly cloudy. temperatures running on the cool sichltd mid 50's dropping to the low 50's as the game gets under way. here is the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. minor up and down until friday when you notice pretty good cool down over the weekend showers becoming likel likely. both computer model are indicating a wet forecast and sunday the warmest location
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only 62 degrees. well below normal for this time of year. almost going to feel and look like winter. >> it sure is. thanks sandy. >> battle is taking shape over the next general rigs of recorded music. >> as we continue tonight. songs you will own but never have to down load. we explain in a
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prepare your taste buds. >> mike solve the klotion to deal to buy the inpet phone service skype. it would be the biggest deal in the software maker 36 year history, too. according to the "wall street journal"the deal would be worth 8 and a half billion dollars. roughly 6 63 million users worldwide use skype to make voice and video calls. buying skype would give microsoft more clout as it tries to become a bigger force in the smart phone market. the deal could be announced tomorrow. >> google expected to launch long awaited music service at developer conference in san francisco tomorrow. it will be called music data to start difference between this and i tunes is users will up load and store the songs on a cloud base server and then listen to at the time music on phone tablet or computers. the music if he ever down loaded on to devices. keeping it out of the hands of music pirates.
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>> that cloud thing is so odd. you never know what is in it. mike is up next. >> you always have a cloud over you. >> yes. there you go. >> about dark cloud. >> all right 2 great nba games on tap. we have the highlight highlights. a's with let's out in texas but he was playing with a cloud over his head. in texas but he was playing with a cloud over his head. we'll explain next in sports ♪ ♪ ♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team,
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you need a car you can count on. ♪ about.
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>> a's outfielder josh has been suspended one gym and fined undisclosed amount of cash for making contact with umpire this past saturday. he's appealing sew played tonight. 3rd inning 2 on for josh. sixth of the year. oakland with a 3 nothing lead. willing8 ham with a 5 ri night. watch this knuckle hea head. he guess back on to the field. he text his friends. you see that throw i made on t tv. meanwhile l trevor. improve 6 and o on the season
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and win gig big 7-2 the final. former warrior head coach keith smart sat could you be with me saturday first interview since fired. he improved the temperature by 10 win this past season and looking forward to off season to get them back into the play off. with that said i asked if he was surprised when the ax fell? >> i wasn't surprised no i knew it would take something extraordinary to happen to fall 52 place. but i did what i was supposed to do. did what i was trying to do. >>reporter: all right had. celtics and heat game 4 in boston. rhondo dislocated elbow on saturday. start ised tonight. lebron james l you know is what come. miami first lady of the game. fourth quarter. game tied at 81. ray allen nobody buries a 3 better. heat reresponsible. lebron corner 3. finish with 35. tied at 86. paul pierce setting up the final shot. no. game to over time. miami scored the first 6 points in o t the. wade deep. take the
11:30 pm
game in a 3-1 series lead. in the west memphis and oklahoma and it was a wild west. grizzly jump out to 18 point lead. here comes the thunder. kevin packing the rim. final seconds thunder up 3. grizzly conley high arcing 3. game into over time. then the game gets interesting. tied at 109. for the win. no. second over time tied at 119. west brook for the win. no. west brook would finish 40 in the game. durrant with 35 and take control in the third over time. runner and then the jumper check out this shot. 133-123 oklahoma city. series now tied at 2. well former shark jeremy now an analyst called out his former l teammate marl owe. >> unbelievable come back by detroit but unbelievable poor effort by patrick marlow. gutless gutless performance by patrick marlow. >> wow! marlow not registered
11:31 pm
a upon the in the series and said jeremy has writ to own opinion but this is a team game. shark ought shot detroi detroit. force game 6 with 4-3 over time victory. >> we gave them them twe some odd shots. we are still feeling good about ourselves. it's a tough loss but we have to go in and win in detroit which we have done in the past. >>reporter: game 6 tomorrow night in detroit. catch my entire interview on 7 mike brown, kevin and jeff names to replace. see what happens. >> thanks. >> "nightline"coming up next. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you tomorrow.
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