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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> okay. peace and calmlm in the news this wednesday morning, gunfire erupts at a san jose state garage. three people are dead. >> developing news out of iran the trial for the three u.c. berkeley graduates accused of spying has suddenly been postponed. >> good morning. check out the breeze. clouds over and all of us and the breezes will make cooler conditions and colder this weekend. rain is looking more impressive. in fact it's so windy out there. we don't have a live shot. but the san mateo bridge and wind advisory is in effect right now.
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>> state budget cuts hit the california state university system again. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas acre. >> we begin with developing news for the second time in four days they are investigating a triple shooting. all three victims were shot in a parking garage at san jose state university. terry, what do we know. >> reporter: it happened right here last night about 8:30 at this parking garage at south tenth. take a look at the chaotic scene. outside this garage last night, police are quoted as saying that all three of the shooting victims have died including the gunman. they are not saying who shot the gunman. police do say it was not random. not gang activity.
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not a drive-by and they are not saying if any of the victims were students. many were not allowed to get into the cars as the investigation was going on. they were upset, the university's campus wide notification system. i heard a lot of people didn't get texted but nobody got an alert about what happened. my son heard it in the library but i was in the classroom. san jose university spokesperson says the threat was over before they could get out. those warning texts. they will be open business as usual. again three people shoot down, not random and not a drive-by and police are quoted as saying
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all three are dead. >> look just getting word that iran has expanded the trial in iran of three u.c. berkeley that are charged with spying. >> there is no word on why it was postponed but the lawyer says the two were never brought into court and he is not sure why. iranian officials have given no explanation yet. they were scheduled to go on trial today. two young men along with sarah shourd were arrested along the border. iran accused them of espionage. hikers said they got in the country accidentally and if a family says there is no evidence to the contrary. >> it's clear if they were, had anything on them thing would
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have done and over a long time ago. more obvious it it has become political. >> shourd announced she would not return to iran for trial because she is suffering from depression and ptsd. she was the one one of the three that was granted bail last year on and on bail $500,000. we will be following this all morning and bring you the latest from the newsroom. janelle wang, "abc 7 news." >> mount diablo school district board voted to lay off 180 teachers in a way to deal with the budget crisis. they rallied before the meeting in concord. declining enrollment prompted board officials to make the staff cuts. another anticipated shortfall
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caused by state funding deferrals is expected in june. >> cal state trustees is dealing with a plan to $1 billion in state budget cuts. trustees say it will only happen if the state legislature adopted an all cuts budget. they plan to delay admission decisions until the budget is finalized. a stated hike would increase it to $1500 to over 6,000 a year. they will vote on the proposal at the july meeting. a yemeni man is due back in court for a bail hearing. we're hearing two different views about the suspect. john alston reports. >> it appears the man from yemen tried to storm a cockpit, one of
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them was larry wright that fried to grab him. >> he started running and as he did, he yelled out allah ang bar. from my training experience from the san mateo police department i knew there might be a problem. >> reporter: the passenger placed under arrest was rageh al-murisi who had lived at time in this house in valz. he left for new york last year looking for work to support his wife and children in yemen. he says rageh al-murisi attended the vallejo adult school to brush up on english. school officials say he was here from 1999 that was picking up extra credit. he that was federal court where they called him a significant threat. rageh al-murisi who no luggage on the flight from chicago but he was carrying other items, including $47 in cash, two postdated checks totaling $13,000 and several expired forms of i.d. from california and new york. >> i felt he was trying the
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flight crew and -- >> he is a nut. a terrorist. -- he is not a terrorist. he is not a terrorist. >> john alston, "abc 7 news." two bay area counties are cracking down on owners that can't control their pets. an ordinance would require stray dogs to be neutered after they are picked up several times. an ordinance in santa clara county gives animal control officers wider authority to declare a dog potentially dangerous. this is after a dog attacks. >> crews are trying to restore
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water service to hundreds of homes and businesses in napa. they have been working to repair a water main break in a water line. it happened in the area of foster road shortly before 6:00 last night. crews have rerouted water. homes and business in the napa and several other areas are experiencing low pressure and seeing some muddy water. >> we're taking about wetter. rain might be in store for us this weekend. >> have you seen the drizzle this morning. >> in parts. >> i didn't need to use the windshield wipers. good morning. there is patchy drizzle but the big story the rain that comes in this weekend and doesn't leave for several days. it's an interesting pattern and very unusual. before we get to that. you can see the onshore flow developing. all of us is waking up to cloud
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cover. you can tell when the sea breeze has kicked in. they are going to shoot through the carquinez strait right up through 80 in fairfield. southwest wind gusting to 30. strong onshore flow that is going to keep the clouds around and drop our temperatures below average. mid 40s around los gatos and upper 40s in santa rosa. rest of us in the low 50s. off to a mild start but because of the sunshine, temperatures are ten degrees cooler than yesterday. low to mid 50s around the bay shore. mid to upper 60s as you head inland. we'll see quite a bit of cooling monterey, 58. low to mid-50s elsewhere. more sunshine inland and low 70s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures hold steady the next couple of days within a couple of degrees. another cold front cools us saturday, saturday night into sunday, let the showers begin with chances of rain monday and tuesday. how often do we get three to
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four days of rain in may. there it is. hopefully not. here is a live shot of san mateo bridge. you can see that traffic is flowing well. there is a high wind advisory. mike was talking about the onshore flow and breezy conditions out there. both hands on the wheel as you drive across the span. there is major road work going on in antioch. eastbound 34 completely closed. reverse commute directions from leverage to summersville and detours are posted around the closure. it's now 4:40. >> still ahead turning up the pressure on pg&e. tests they may need to do. >> and berkeley man demands an investigation after his wife dies in thailand.
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good morning, 4:42. live look at high definition from rooftop camera toward the embarcadero. almost none kiss tenant traffic there. there are cars that are moving across the bay brimming. change in the forecast. you may notice it's cooler as you step outside. it will be cooler still a chance of precip over the weekend. >> more news right now. an administrative law judge has tentatively ruled that pg&e test gas pipelines that is far more than what they were originally going to test. san jose mercury news reports if a decision is upheld it would be the most far-reaching order yet to hit the utility following the explosion and fire in san bruno. eight people were killed and dozens of homes were destroyed. process for pg&e to verify the
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oldest pipelines could take five years at a cost up to $350 million. >> a berkeley man is calling for an investigation into his wife's mysterious death. she died in thailand where she worked for a travel company. she was sick and healthy which makes her sudden death so hard to understand. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> i'm trying to come to grips we may never know. >> he is in mourning, his wife soraya died january 11th, two days before he was supposed to leave thailand and join her husband in brazil. a berkeley travel tour company she worked for. she did a six day bike tour in thailand. she died three hours after her husband got to her hospital room. now nearly four months later her death is still a mystery. she is one of seven people that
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suddenly died in a three-month period. many were staying in the downtown inn but she was staying in a small house in a guesthouse. some families believe they die from a chemical. thai authorities insist that all seven deaths are a coincidence. >> we all want estimations including family my family and all the other victims. i imagine we might have to come to terms that we're not going to come to sure what this was. >> but another victim from new zealand. meantime, she has gotten the world health organizations to look into his wife's death. coming up. the about-face the navy is making in a surprising policy
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change regarding same-sex marriages. >> also important new earthquake research. see how quakes on the other side of the earth can trigger changes right here in the bay area. >> the odds. >> new details on osama bin laden's death coming up. >> and san jose teacher chosen for an elite mission. the big story she'll be able to tell her students.
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75 and watch out for severe weather in the carolinas. denver, 49. dallas, 86 that is the best area for bumpy weather today. whole area in yellow. kansas city and omaha. no delays unless slight departure delays but the same
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thing develops. go to the navy is backtracking this morning on a plan to train chaplains to perform same sex civil unions. after some members of congress objected they issued a memo they are postponing the plan pending a legal review. if the pentagon lifted the ban on gays in the military. the unions could only be performed on military bases in states where gay marriage is legal. >> kristen: one of osama bin laden's sonlz has weighed in is on his death saying it was assassination. em it will schmidt has more. >> president obama speeches have new references to campaign promise now fulfilled. >> osama bin laden will never again threaten the united states of america. >> it went in a texas
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fund-raiser last night. the president's approval rating is the highest in two years. but the u.s. commander in eastern afghanistan says the death of bin laden won't change strategies. >> he is the leader of al-qaeda and that organization but one man doesn't make this war on terrorism. >> in pakistan this open there is no proof that he is dead. pakistan hasn't allowed the u.s. to interrogate the wives that lived in the compound. >> white house opted not to release the photos but the c.i.a. has invited senators from two key committees to view the photos. they must make an appointment to do so. >> eric: the swollen mississippi river is continuing to flow south toward the gulf of mexico.
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the crest of the mighty river has moved passed memphis causing $320 million in damage. communities downstream are now preparing for the worst. louisiana has mobilized 500 national guard troops to help. in mississippi about 600 people have been evacuated where the river is inching towards its 48-foot crest. much of that, it's so fertile because the river used to flood that all the time until we put levees in. >> we'll probably be watching it for weeks. >> and it will be interesting when it gets to new orleans. >> you worked in minnesota where it starts at trickle and going down in new orleans. you know this river. >> i wish i would have gone and seen where it starts. i never got a chance. vacation some other time.
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4:52 and unfortunately if you like the warm weather, not for you. if you are the kind that likes the clouds, dampness and fog we're known for. i have a forecast for you. with the cloud cover. let's talk about temperatures outside. we have 49 in santa rosa. 44 in los gatos. low 50s everywhere else. 49 in monterey. low 50s for the rest of bay and gilroy and salinas. much cooler breezes. temperatures could drop of 10 degrees. clouds again tonight. drizzle minimal like it is this morning and wet pattern starts saturday night and hangs around at least tuesday. this is may. it's supposed to be dry this month. we get rain once in a while with you it's an unusual pattern. cold front is changing our wind
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pattern ahead of it. that is why the cooling will spread inland. here is a look at the clouds this morning. just about all of us covered until at least 2:00. then we'll start to see breaks out at the coast. with that strong sea breeze. 50s, 60s, maybe a few 70s around the bay area today. let's start down in the south bay, mid to upper 60s under a partially cloudy sky. more clouds as you head northbound, 57 in los altos for 59 in millbrae. mid 50s along the coast today. clouds will be stubborn around san francisco no matter where you are. same thing in sausalito. mid to upper 50s. low to mid-60s through petaluma, sonoma and napa, upper 60s northward. the fog could linger around berkeley and richmond keeping you right around 60 degrees. low to mid-50s for the rest of the east bay shore.
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mid to upper 60s for most of the east bay valleys. antioch and brentwood could hit 70. same thing for morgan hill and gilroy. mid to upper 50s around carmel and monterey. warmer weather as you head towards fresno at 81. sea breeze is talking sacramento 71. 77 in chico and sprinkles around eureka and 54. 71 in al-qaeda today. for the game tonight, for the diamondbacks, cloudy and cool and breezy. temperatures 54 to 52. >> temperatures will not budget because the stubborn sea breeze will hang around. another cold front brings in the wet pattern for showers. thunderstorms on sunday and chance of showers on monday and chance of rain on tuesday with temperatures running about 10-15 degrees cooler than average, in the 50s and 60s. i sure hope you like summer last
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week. >> i already missed it but you will like the commute. it's pretty quiet. no problems or delays at the bay bridge toll plaza, but 101, a couple things going on. there is an event at infineon that goes through sunday. if you are planning through highway 37, plan on extra traffic between 80 through vallejo and also on 101 out of the area. highway 50 is closed near south lake tahoe. you will be deterred on highway 88 or you may want to consider interstate 80. always get the latest at "abc 7 news." earthquakes that happen half a world away could have an impact on faults here in the bay
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area. a distant earthquakes including the 8.8 quake in chile caused the san andre just fault to slip and it set off smaller earthquakes. there is still evidence large quakes in one part of the world can set off large quakes right away on faults thousands of miles away. seismic waves did cause minor tremors on san andre just. >> they will board educators on a flying observatory. marita teaches science at brandon high school. nasa has selected her to be one of the first teachers on board on the observatory for infrared observatory. the flights take place later this month and in june. >> it's mounted in the back and
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opens up the window so you expose the elements but the people inside is like a regular airplane but it's higher than normal commercial jets fly. >> she submitted applications and agreeing to share what they learn with their students. next up at 5:00. advertise to go catch a criminal. offering a big new tool track down the suspects in the bryan stow beating. >> and quiet night at san jose state. live at the shooting that left several people dead.
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