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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." and have a great thursday. we'll see you again tomorrow. zbleef in the news this thursday morning another twist in the contra costa county narcotics scanned. one of cops ran a brothel. >> and search for missing bay area girl. police say she was abused by her mother and her mother's ex-boyfriend. >> more sunshine, still breezy and warming trend is on the way, but the cold wet washington, d.c. is still in the forecast. >> and live, in the weekend. >>. thursday. if you got a bike pull it out.
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>>. >> topping our news this half-hour there are new allegations involving the embattled head of a task force. first he is accused of stealing drugs from a police locker and now he is accused of running a broth. >> well according to the private investigator this is where the brothel was operated. it's on gregory lane and apparently it wasn't a well kept secret. butler has written a 34-page statement that he and former narcotics officer norman wielsch ran the brothel. they have been charged with stealing drugs taken from the police evidence room. the attorney says he is lying. >> he was saying in one part there was brothel that he started along with my client
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norman wielsch. i am saying that is not true. that is absolutely not true. that is a butler fairytale. >> they say he may be making up the story to reduce his prison sentence for selling the drug evidence. if he is convicted. he was commander of the contra costa county task force he is facing charges on selling narcotics and now the allegations of possibly running a brothel on gregory lane in pleasant hill. >> kristen: the family of an east bay man that was shot and killed by police three years ago will have their wrongful death suit heard in court after all you a. they reversed the decision to allow the case to move ahead because two of the people were involved with cnet. since then commander norman
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wielsch and lombardi have been accused of drug dealing in the growing scandal. >> i just all along felt something was rotten. that there are some things that have been covered up that will come to light. >> kristen: in the civil suit for timothy mitchell's death. they will hear arguments from both sides and decide if the case will go to trial. >> eric: campbell police have located a missing three-year-old girl that they believe was abused by the mother and mother's boyfriend. they found the girl with her mother. the mother jane marin was taken into custody. >> it's an area where we have information she may have had some friends in that area. so they developed some leads that she would possibly going to this particular parking lot. they set up on the parking lot
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and located them. >> the girl was taken to a hospital and is now with child protective service. the mother's former boyfriend george rodriguez is also wanted for child abuse. they searched for her after getting a lead that the toddler was the victim of severe child abuse. while at the house on the border where rodriguez lives. >> san francisco's public defender has release a surveillance video that he says shows undercover cops breaking the law. they show them arresting a man at jefferson hotel in the tenderloin. the public defender claims the officers wrote reports that don't match what appears on the video. the tape shows an officer shoving a bystander and taking a bag. the police chief is ordering the internal affairs investigators to immediately look into the claims. >> eric: five oil giants will be on the hot seat as they face
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tough questioning from a powerful senate committee. they want to know how much those companies are really making. >> reporter: hearing gets underway in 90 minutes. democrats are calling for an end of billions of dollars in tax breaks for oil companies, executives from shell, exxon mobil and conoco phillips are scheduled to testify. they say they pay more in u.s. taxes than people realize. objection on says it's paying, property, state and state and gasoline taxes and that adds up. the company estimates it only makes 9 cents of every dollar of sales where pharmaceuticals and computers make twice as much. they are calling an end for the tax breaks but oil companies say
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it could discourage investment and led to higher gas prices. gop leaders agree that it would increase dependence on foreign competitors. the average right now is 3.98. here in california it's 4:25. >> it's 4:36. >> a.c. transit riders will see fare increases. yesterday they voted to raise regular fares by a dime. in addition senior and disabled fares will increase by five cents. district officials say the increase is a small portion of what it needs to reduce the projected $20 million deficit in the next fiscal year. so another round of service cuts will likely be seen. >> and weather forecast time cooloff is well underway.
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>> and check out what is going on. >> if you are biking heading toward the ocean, stiff wind from time to time. here is a look at the cold front. notice the rain staying to the north, as we talked about yesterday, the cold front will roll through later this morning break that marine layer and see sunshine and warmer weather. until then, looks at the west winds, 12 miles an hour around hayward. 10 miles per hour out of fairfield and southerly wind 10 in concord. biking around mountain view and san jose, calm conditions. mid to upper 40s in los gatos, napa, santa rosa, everybody else a little bit warmer than yesterday and low to mid-50s. this afternoon, warmer than yesterday. more sunshine around, 58 at half moon bay. upper 60s in the south bay. you can see low to mid-70s in the north bay and east bay
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valleys. we'll have sunshine and more of it around the monterey bay. 50, and upper 50s into sflz. seven-day forecast forecast, we could see at warmer weather tomorrow and hammer stops in saturday and saturday night. more storms possible on sunday and chance of showers monday, tuesday and wednesday. good morning, frances. any potential trouble spots. >> a freeway closure in antioch. overnight road work going on until 5:30 this morning, eastbound leverage to sommersville and detours are posted. check out the rest of the wide, walnut creek, southbound traffic around 24. if you are traveling northbound on 680 some lanes are blocked between sycamore and ferndale and sycamore on-ramp are also
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blocked until about 6:00. >> eric: just about 4:39. >> kristen: still ahead, one community secret weapon against vandalism. >> and they defend the frisking of an
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zboof good morning. live picture from rooftop high definition camera. traffic is rolling right along and cooling off that mike was telling us about is under way and threat of showers. he'll tell you more coming up. >> kristen: tsa says airport screeners were doing their job when they frisked an infant. it gained worldwide attention after a cellphone picture was posted on twitter. the screener found nothing.
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then he apologized for tweet go the photo because it caused so much attention. >> police hope a camera will be a deterrent. a story from the media partner. alan wang shows us how it works. >> when the officer rusk miller l his voice will be working overtime all over brentwood. >> the park is closed. the picture has been taken and will be forward today the police department. >> it's a motion act elevated portable camera that can read a sign or capture a license plate from 250 feet away in dark. >> after it goes to dark the system automatically activates itself. >> the first assignment is in this neighborhood near creek
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side parks where groups have been causing trouble at night. >> the officer can wirelessly download the photos in seconds. >> it gives me more peace of mind. >> similar cameras are used to catch illegal dumpers in richmond. this department thinks it's a wise investment. >> replacing copper wire and metal boxes that are being stolen. so 'if we can identify one of those persons it will pay for our cameras. >> the park is closed. the picture has just been taken and forward today the police department. leave the park immediately. >> alan wang, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: coming up the bill pg&e faces from police and firefighters that were on the scene of the san bruno pipeline disaster. >> and baby's fight for survival. why doctors had given up on her
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were proved wrong. >> osama bin laden in his own written words. what we learned from his journal coming up. >> kristen: and investigators finally get this their hands on the black boxes from a 2009 air france airliner crash. next, the answers they say the devices may contain.
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let's talk about what is going on at home. we are definitely going to see showers before the weekend but how about traveling around the country, still pretty warm and humid through the two-thirds of country. denver is 53. you see the severe weather,
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dallas, oklahoma city, houston and also cincinnati, detroit and washington and new york. no flight delays anywhere but our flight tracker will have them. >> kristen: money is still being paid by pg&e to city agencies, fire departments and county offices that have asked for $4 million for reimburse also in san bruno's pipeline explosion. payments by pg&e are being coordinated by the california emergency management agency. they received 60 applications from various agencies. $4 million in costs include $758,000 for fire fighting. san mateo county got $850,000 related in expenses in the disaster and have received about 20% of it from pg&e. >> oakland police are asking for your help in finding a person that shot and killed a security
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guard. it happened at an auto zone store about 16 months ago. police released these surveillance images of two people of interest in the case. both men appear to be in their 20s and thin. one about six feet tall and one 5'8". a reward of $15,000 is being offered. >> bryan stow could soon be moved to a hospital in the bay area. stow remains in a coma after being severely beaten in l.a. following the l.a. opener between the giants and dodgers in march. 300 billboards with this ad will start going up in l.a. urging anyone who recognizes these two men who beat stow to call police. the family says depending on the results of a brain scan, he will be transferred by the end of next week. >> a toddler is about to celebrate her first boyfriend
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birthday thanks to doctors. >> two doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy but they heard about a doctor that specializes in pediatric heart surgery. they performed a lifesaving procedure when kennedy was born. >> everybody is amazed how well she is doing. she is definitely showing she is a fighter and she can handle it. >> kennedy still needs more surgery and years of remembering checkups to ensure that her heart is functioning normally. >> he is a cute i at this. no doubt about it. >> and watching the giants game weather 12:45. >> and it's on the road. >> torture last night. >> i was asleep. what happened. >> it was down to the wire. >> get your money's worth. >> get your money's worth in the
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form of sunshine. it won't be as cloudy as yesterday. it will still be breezy and cool. if you are standing or sitting in the shh sunshine, might feel toasty from time to time. cloud cover not as widespread as it was yesterday morning. warmer weather today. still a little breezy from time to time as we look from emeryville back towards san francisco. let's talk temperatures, stepping out right now. mid to upper 40s in los gatos. santa rosa, throw mid 50s for the rest of us. monterey bay, mid to upper 40s inland. it's actually warmer, low to mid 50s for salinas and gilroy. breezy and warmer today and clear and cooler tonight and wet pattern saturday night and hanging around through at least wednesday. today's temperatures getting closer to average, 59 in dublin and everybody else in the low to
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mid-70s. over on the east bay shore, low to mid 50s. you may have a lingering cloud through the morning hours but afternoon will be sunny. sunny in the south bay, temperatures short of where they should be, by five degrees we're in the upper 60s to low 70s. heading up the peninsula, 56 in palo alto to 52 in san mateo. millbrae, breezy 61. as we look over to the coast. mid to upper 50s. low 60s for downtown san francisco and sausalito. as you head into the valleys, upper 60's to low 70s. monterey bay, few lingering clouds around monterey, near 60 for you. inland to salinas check out morgan hill and hollister. mid-70s. pretty comfortable in most areas. speaking of comfort, at at&t park, 12:45 first pitch, sunny and breezy, 56 degrees and jump
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up to a game ending 60 degrees. if you are traveling around the state today you can see the sunshine breaking out all up and down the coast. we have mid-70s around sacramento and chico a sunny 64 in tahoe. to 93 in palm springs, we'll have afternoon sunshine near 70 in san diego and upper 70s in l.a. back home tonight. low to mid 40s in the valleys and mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. notice the lack of clouds as the drier cleaner air mass. that will bring us warmer weather for friday. just a tease because look what happens saturday, most of us drop ten degrees and then the showers roll in saturday night, become scattered thunderstorms for sunday and lingering chance for wet weather and cool conditions for monday, tuesday and wednesday. we could use some rain. find out if anything is unusual
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in the commute this morning. >> i'm happy to report that it's not. so things are quiet out there. no delays right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. minor delays for caltrain lane. check out new interstate 80 in berkeley, it's delay free. road work scheduled on interstate 80 between carquinez and highway 4. left lane may be blocked up to 6:00 in both directions as you make your way towards hercules. also if you are heading up to the sierra again, we've been talking about this for a couple of days. highway 50 is closed heading out of south so you may want to consider highway 88 or heading up there this weekend, interstate 80 a possible alternate and may want to consider mass transit. so far everything is looking good. no major delays reported. always can get traffic when you
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want it by going to our website at it's under the bay area traffic link. new york city police have two men in custody this morning accused of plotting terror attacks involving synagogues. they were trying to buy weapons in a plan to stage attacks in manhattan. they are expected to be charged under the terrorism law. the city has been on high alert since navy seals kid osama bin laden a week and a half ago. >> eric: information from the raid shows that bin laden urged his followers to find new targets in the u.s. here is more. >> reporter: officials say osama bin laden's writing says he wants the next attack to be even bigger than 9/11. spread out in smaller cities
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that don't expect it. >> it makes it more difficult to track because we are looking for more symbolic locations. >> it comes from computer files and handwritten journals when they raided his compound last week. it shows that while bin laden stayed inside his compound for years, he was still in command of al-qaeda. relying on a courier to send information to followers worldwide. a plan to attack the u.s. rail system, they say it's good reason not to cut back to funding the u.s. intelligence community. >> 87% of americans think the killing of osama bin laden was justified. 64 am say the white house made the right call in not to release photos of his body. the black box flight recorders in a crash of an air france jetliner arrived in france today. they located them in atlantic
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and 13,000 feet deep. it plunged into the ocean while flying from rio de janeiro to paris. all 228 people were killed. investigators say it will take at least three days if information can be recovered from the recorders and it could take weeks before that information can be deciphered. >> thousands of people spent the night outdoors after fears of more earthquakes. yesterday a magnitude 5.3 quake shook madrid bringing down large chunks of brick from the side of a church. it came after a magnitude 4.5 earthquake rattled the same spot before. eight people have died in the quakes with dozens injured. seismologists say the quake was relatively light but damage was heavy.
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>> new numbers show home foreclosures is down but next, why that may not be such a good thing. >> and big thumbs up in one of the most criticized transit agencies are getting in a just released survey. >> put down the car keys. it's bike to workday. i'm live at golden gate bridge. i'll have the story for you coming up next.
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