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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in pleasant hill where a former police officer is accusing another former police officer of running a brothel here in plain sight. a story is coming up in a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield where activists have pulled out bagels and waffles anything to get you to bike to work today. >> let's take a look at the winds you'll be dealing with if you are website to go work. clouds around mount tamalpais. still cool this weekend with several chances of rain spilling into next week. >> it's been a really good
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commute this morning so far. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza and no accidents to slow you down. you might want to bike to work. biking into work. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm chris chris. there are new allegations against the former drug counselor. in addition to charges selling drugs, he is accused of running a brothel out of a pleasant hill business park. terry mcsweeney is there live. >> reporter: private investigator and former cop chris butler is accusing another former cop of running a brought el together right here in plain sight in a business park. name of it was, my divine skin. take a look. chris butler put out a 34-page report claiming that he and former contra costa county officer norman wielsch ran the brothel together. recently charged with selling
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drugs taken from police evidence lockers. no while's attorney says the story is not possible. >> what he saying in one part there was brothel that he started along with my client norman wielsch. i'm saying that is not true. that is absolutely not true. that is butler fairytale. >> reporter: according to cardoza, butler fairytale may be because he is trying to get his prison sentence reduced for selling the drug evidence. he hasn't been convicted. if he is might get him a better sentence. norman wielsch was commander of the task force. brothel operated between 2009 and 2010. >> the brothel investigation isn't the only new twist of the investigation of norman wielsch. family of an east bay man that was shot and killed three years
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ago will not get to hear their wrongful death suit. they reversed the decision to move forward because two officers involved in timothy optimism el's death were part of cnet. judge had dismissed the case because the officer committed an act of justifiable homicide. since then, norman wielsch and lewis lombardi have been accused of criminal wrongdoing and drug dealing in the growing scandal. san rafael police are investigating a triple stabbing that left one man dead. the body was found by a resident on wood street last night. it followed reports of a group of young males teasing. >> a red pickup truck and white pontiac were seen leaving the scene. they are still looking for pontiac and questioning the two other stabbing victims.
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>> a judge will hear arguments on whether construction should continue on a controversial memorial to the victims of the 1978 jonestown massacre. on monday, four plaques containing the in names of 918 people who died at jonestown were installed at the cemetery. a pastor who lost 27 relatives in the incident has filed suit to block construction and have jim jones' name taken off the memorial. he founded the people's temple of san francisco and moved to guyana where he convinced hundreds of his followers to commit suicide. a lot more makes on the road today, you are not imagining things. today is bike to workday. amy hollyfield joins us live from the golden gate bridge where some of the energizer stations have been set up. a little pedal power.
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>> it's like a party atmosphere. there are all kinds of snacks for you. just in case you get hungry on your way to work. they have bags and pulled out all the stops to try to convince you this is a way to get you to work. >> it started in 1994. it has picked up momentum in the last three years. they have said they have seen a 250% increase in participants. last year they saw a record the largest number in one spot. so it's becoming quite mainstream, they say. they they think the car drivers out there are adapting. >> i think it's gotten a lot better. people realize that exercise is important, people are wishing they are riding their bikes.
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>> reporter: you see a lot of people that look like regular bikers, some are biking to work for the first time. so organizers are hoping all this excitement will encourage people to try it today to see what you think. they have the snack stations throughout the bay area, 25 in san francisco and one in berkeley is offering waffles. yum! so if you want a list of all the activities we have it at 57. bike to go work isn't your thing. you might want to think of public transit and you live in the best places in america to do that. a report ranks san jose-in santa clara metro area as the second best place in the country to commute on public transit. oakland san mateo rated number
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18 in the nation. they checked hundred cities and charted how people can get to their jobs. number one was honolulu. what would you suggest this morning, a light wind breaker. >> absolutely. strong pedal power, we have a west wind 12 at hayward. sfo around 15. northwest wind in napa is at 7. 5 in livermore. southwest wind blowing to the northeast in fairfield. calm in san jose and up 101 toward santa rosa. talk about temperatures and what is going to happen to those. it's going to remain fairly steady, we have had cloud cover but we are in the mid to upper 40s around los gatos, fairfield and low 40s around napa and low
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to mid-50s for the rest of us. lack of thick clouds like we had yesterday, marine layer was 2500 feet. you'll see more sunshine and warmer temperatures in the afternoon. low 60s along the coast. mid-50s throughout the bay shore to upper 50s in san jose. low 70s in the north bay valleys and low to mid-70s in the east bay valleys. around monterey bay 50. 74 warmer in gilroy. even warmer tomorrow, temperatures back to average and then the cooling trend begins saturday and rain rolls in saturday night. we keep chances of wet weather in the forecast sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. good morning. traffic is still looking great out there. here is a live camera in contra costa county, 680 looks good through walnut creek but there are a couple slow spots. lone tree way to 242 and 23
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minutes. westbound 580 through altamont pass, overall the ride is not horrible but are under the speed limit in sections from 205 to 680 so the drive time is 25 minutes. no delays on westbound 237 toward mountain view. just ahead, new worry about the nation's slowing home foreclosure rate. >> we talked about it. i know she was complaining about her face and wrinkles. >> and meet the bay area mother who giving her 8-year-old daughter botox shots. daughter botox shots. why she says
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and get a coupon for frontline plus. parentheses have a place. but not on your face. juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling, bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc. welcome back, 6:13. new report shows the number of homes in the u.s. being repossible po says had by banks dropped since last time last year. foreclosure listing firm says 25% fewer homes begin foreclosure proceedings from last year but it may be due to an increase in processing delays. banks had to revisit thousands of foreclosure problems. if the delay continues it could drag out the recovery from the nation's housing crisis. >> tonight it's do or die time
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for the san jose sharks. they are trying to avoid the fourth team of losing after 3-1. they are playing the red wings. they have gotten away in third period leads and tonight an injury could prevent the leading scorer from playing. it starts at 6:00 p.m. at the tank. good luck. >> good luck to the giants. going up against the diamondbacks. >> take your broom with you. it will be chilly. >> you need to inconvenient a broom that squirts out sunscreen >> i can do that. look forward on ebay for that. it's beautiful sunrise and marine layer is much less of an influence on our weather with
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2500 feet deep yesterday. now it's about thousand feet deep. extra sunshine and warmer weather. let's talk about temperatures right now. had he in napa. mid to upper 40s santa rosa, fairfield, livermore and los gatos. mid to upper 40s around the monterey bay. number one highlights, still going to be breezy but brighter and warmer today. then tomorrow also, sandwiched between that, clear, calm and cooler conditions tonight. cooling trend and big wet weather pattern, especially for may develops saturday evening hangs around through wednesday. four and a half days almost. as for today, we are warmer than yesterday. fremont, oakland, san francisco, san jose, all five degrees warmer. concord, 6, you'll notice this most in santa rosa as you jump 9 degrees today. had some hours and 7 minutes of sunshine before it sets at 8:10.
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take a look at today's temperatures, 69 in san jose. rest of the neighbors in upper 60s to low 70s. on the peninsula, low to mid-50s redwood city, 64 with a breeze along our coast and sunshine today. low 50s for downtown san francisco and sausalito. as you head northbound, mid to upper 60s and low 70s around santa rosa and cloverdale. much cooler at the beaches. low to mid 50s on the east bay shore. hayward and san leandro around 64. low to mid-70s for the rest of the east bay valleys. cooler and mid upper 60s around the monterey bay. hugging the 60-degree mark. sunscreen today because it's going to be sunny unlike yesterday but breezy. temperature at 56 at 12:45. as we go to sweep the diamondbacks. we'll end up 50 degrees. mid to upper 40s for the rest of
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us. so let's jump ahead and take a look what is going to happen on saturday. we wake up with cloud cover in the morning. breezes pick up. clouds thin out late in the afternoon hours. then right around say 10:00, to 11:00, you can see that wall of water start to move in. it's that change in the pattern that brings us showers saturday night. thunderstorms possible sunday, a chance of more showers on monday and rain for tuesday and wednesday. a wet and chilly pattern for may once we defeat into the weekend. have a great day. >> no hot spots. if you like an easy commute, good morning for you. no delays at bay bridge, no metering lights, check out the san mateo bridge, 880 is still looking good through hayward as you make your way westbound out of hayward into foster city and san mateo. 101 also fine, a live shot in san jose at 880 interchange.
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headlights are northbound and find it delay free as you make your way up the peninsula all the way up to millbrae. continues to move northbound into san francisco. check out 101 in north bay, not very crowded as you make your way southbound through san rafael down to the golden gate bridge. mass transit, everything is looking good. reporting no delays. get traffic whenever you want for your ride to work by going to >> eric: 6:18. from a hot, cold war review to models virtually walking on water. don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ >> cold war turns hot in silk stockings. broadway musical.
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at the eureka theater. automobile classics at the third marin, sunday at marin county fairgrounds. greek food and dance at the greek festival at greek orthodox cathedral. its trip to an exotic paradise as models walk on water at the center fashion show on saturday. ♪ >> a bay area treasure, they create musical magic at hotel nikko. >> one night of extraordinary tastes, meals on wheels sunday on fort mason. >> luminous connections, is creating dance magic school of arts. friday and saturday at a palace of arts. >> bob wier and others
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celebrating saturday in richmond. >> magna carta, once in a lifetime experience at the legion of honor. and they offer poor artists a place the on create. join me with a fund-raiser. an amazing performance at the curren theater. >> san francisco mom says she injects her eight-year-old daughter with botox to get rid of wrinkles. she says she does it to keep up with other kids on the out beauty pageant circuit. >> how a lot of moms give them botox. i'm not the only one that does it. >> it urts sometimes but i get used to it. >> you would not believe the buzz on this online. a lot of people have strong
6:21 am
feelings in many different ways. you can see the complete story on "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. just about 6:21. coming up, smile you are on candid camera. >> a new lelelelelelelelelelelele
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notify consumers when their information has been compromised. it will require industries to better protect systems that run critical infrastructure such as power plants and electric grid. >> you never know what the kids eat when you are not watching them. one school in san antonio has installed cameras in the cafeteria to record what students put on their plate and when they finish lunch. the images will be examined to determine how many calories the students consume. it's funded by the grant. they hope they will change eating habits at home once they see what they are eating at school. >> new video have people asking questions. >> and damage done. how destructive a magnitude earthquake can be. >> and it will be more expensive to get on a bus in the east bay.
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>> live in the newsroom, we could get answers to why we're paying so much at the gas pump. executives are testifying right now on capitol hill. >> and flight arrival delays nearly an hour in washington, d.c. and where you see this, d.c. and where you see this, it's going to
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good morning,. [ bell ringing ] u.s. department of labor says less people filed for unemployment benefits though applications are still high. and retail sales rose for 10th straight most mo but a lot has to do with the higher price of gas. higher price of gas is the hot topic on capitol hill this morning. within the last half-hour, u.s. senators ask tough questions to the men on who run the biggest oil companies. janelle has been monitoring the hearing. >> the hearing is being held by the powerful senate finance committee. we want to bring you a live picture where the top executives from biggest oil companies are testifying right now. this is dr. john watson, ceo of chevron. he started his opening
6:31 am
statements. the she haders of the big companies will all be testifying. senate democrats are calling to an end in tax breaks for the oil companies saying they make so much money. in fact they are track to having the most profitable year ever but the companies say they pay more in u.s. taxes than people realize including federal, property, gasoline and payroll taxes and their profits are not as high as people think. they say changes are necessary especially mountain midst of america's economic troubles. >> businesses should have, of course, make a profit. that is the american way, but to very profitable companies actually need taxpayer subsidies. energy incentives should help us build the energy future we want to see. oil companies say if they don't get the tax breaks it
6:32 am
could cost jobs discourage investment and lead to higher gas prices. gop leaders agree it would increase america's dependence on foreign competitors. the average for gas in california is 4.25. it's estimated that families will pay $800 more in gas this year. gas prices, they are high but thousands of bay area residents are going to do what they can to avoid having pay for gas completely today. that is once again, the annual bike to workday. that means there there will be energize are stations to help cyclists to give them boost as they get going for their commute. let's check in with amy hollyfield live at the golden gate bridge. >> i'm willing to bet if you are in your car, nobody is going to be offering you free bagels.
6:33 am
here a good reason to hop on your bike. they've got food, t-shirts, doing everything they can to get you out here. bike to workday trying to convince what is healthier, what is better for the environment and what is cheaper. gas prices are painful. take your bike today, save some money. organizers of the events do think that all of this effort will lure first time riders to try taking their bike to work. we did find someone today who says it's not easy to do riding his bike to work but today he decided to do it. >> i have to get up 5:00 in the morning, it's way too early. but today is bike to workday so i thought i would give it a try. >> the weather cooperated for everyone. look at the gorgeous day, beautiful view from you are a
6:34 am
marin county commuter. the stations are throughout the bay area. there are 25 in san francisco alone. my favorite one is at the berkeley bart station, they are handing out waffles for the first couple hundred bikers so there that is reason. ditch the keys and grab your medical met if you live in berkeley. there are events all morning going on. we have a list at,. >> eric: in the south bay, campbell police have located a missing 3-year-old girl they believe was severely abused by her mother and mother's ex-boyfriend. a tip led police to a parking lot where they found the girl with her mother, jane marin was taken into custody. >> it's an area where we had information she may have had some friends in that area. so they developed leads she was
6:35 am
possibly going to this particular parking lot. the girl was taken to a hospital and is now with child protective services. the former boyfriend george rodriguez is still a wanted man. they begin searching him after they got a report, that the toddler was a victim of a severe child abuse. san francisco public defender has released a video showing undercover cops breaking the law. they show them arresting a man. they claim the officers wrote reports that don't match what appears on the video. video shows officers shoving the bystander and taking a bag from them but the bag was never checked in as evidence. police chief is ordering to immediately look into the claims.
6:36 am
a.c. transit riders will see fares increase. they voted to raise regular fare bias a dime to 2.10 in addition, senior and disabled fares will increase by five cents and youth pass will increase to $20 a month. increase is only a small portion of what is needed to reduce a $21 million deficit in the next fiscal year. they say another round of service cuts will likely be seen in the next 12-18 months. >> waking up to a gorgeous morning. take a look at that it's beautiful and check in with mike. >> marine layer, much thinner than yesterday. because of that temperatures are going up this afternoon with the extra sunshine. cold front to the north is going to keep all the rain away from us. changing of the air mass as high pressure moves in. that is the reason why we'll see clouds erase quicker from the skies. we do have a wind blowing from the west.
6:37 am
so if you are biking that way, you'll be going into head wind. 18 miles an hour and sfo. 25 in fairfield. concord, mountain view and santa rosa, less than 5. break down the thursday, sunshine at likely, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. morgan hill, santa cruz and rest of us in the low 50s. by noon, just about total sunshine. temperatures in the low 50s throughout the bay shore and into the south bay with low to mid 50s in the inland valleys. mid 50s at the coast. coast will top out to low 60s as you head into downtown san francisco. mid-50s around the bay shore. upper 60s in the south bay. north bay valleys and upper 60s to low 70s in the east bay valleys. temperatures about 5 degrees warmer than today but still below average. we get back to average as we see the warmer weather continue tomorrow and cooling trend
6:38 am
begins saturday and saturday night all the way through wednesday, waves of wet weather and cool conditions rolling through our forecast. there was an accident southbound 101, it's already cleared over and speed sensor near the area, it's not causing any trouble at this point. what is causing a delay, metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza which are on. it looks like the fastrak lanes are backed up toward west grand. interstate 80 in berkeley, doing well for headlights moving westbound toward the maze. still a good ride out of solano county and fairfield down to the maze. golden gate bridge commuters have a smooth commute this morning with another beautiful shot heading into san francisco.
6:39 am
280 and 17 interchange, that is northbound 280 just past highway 17, no accidents to slow you down in the south bay. >> eric: it is 6:39. >> and trading is under way on wall street. we have a live report straight ahead. >> osama bin laden and his own written words, in washington, what we learned from his journals coming up. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in pleasant hill where a former police officer already accused of stealing drugs and selling them, is now accused of . not together, anyway. i'm in t.j.maxx every week. i used to think it was old school, but it's not. i get this season's designer clothes
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welcome back. 6:43. we are watching the cloud cover and across most of our skies. california looking sunny, take a look the temperatures. eureka, 57. big sur is 52. tahoe at 54 and mid-70s for sacramento to low to mid-80s around fresno. sunshine and near 70 in san diego. 93 in palm springs for the warm spot. >> eric: new york city police have two men in custody this morning accused of plotting terror attacks involving synagogues.
6:44 am
the men were reportedly trying to buy weapons with the idea of staging an attack in manhattan. they were arrested and expected to be charged under new york state terrorism law. police have had their guard up after bin laden was killed in pakistan a week and a half ago. >> information from journals seized in that raid showed that bin laden urged his followers to find new targets in the u.s. while the al-qaeda leader stayed secluded in his compound. >> reporter: officials say bin laden's writing showed he wanted the next attack in u.s. to be bigger than 9/11, across the country in los angeles and in smaller cities that may not expected to be terrorist targets. >> it makes it more difficult for us to track because we are looking at more symbolic locations. >> the information comes from computer files and handwritten jumpers when the compound was raided last week. it shows that while bin laden
6:45 am
stayed inside his compound walls for years, he was still in command of al-qaeda relying on a cure year. describing plots like attacking the u.s. rail system. lawmakers say it's good reason to not cut back funding on the u.s. intelligence community. >> they also say 87% of americans the killing of bin laden was justified. 64% say the white house made the right call to not release photos of his body. >> eric: finally some relief at the pump for bay area drivers. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange to tell us all bit. >> good morning. looks like we may get more relief. gas prices is getting relief, a penny a gallon but it's kind of in right direction. san jose is down three cents and
6:46 am
gasoline futures are down sharply again this morning. falling demand and rising supply. big executives of oil companies are expected to take a beating on capitol hill about the tax breaks they get. economic growth impacting oil and stocks are down again this morning. a trend jobless claims. we have been seeing those improve in recent months. and it got below 400,000 so here are the numbers. dow is down 76. and nasdaq and s&p 500 each down, as well. bloomberg is also down 1% at the moment and cisco leading it with the losses. employees bracing for another round of job cuts.
6:47 am
also taking the forecast, 12-17% sales growth so it plans to lay off contractors and some workers and announce more by the end of summer. cisco is down and lower at the moment. more improvement in the housing market in bay area, in san jose area it fell compared to a year, down 22%. and new way to get a movie. go to are a by's and you get free movie. go to facebook and you can get a one need dvd renting a al and return it on time or you'll get a late fee.
6:48 am
tsa say air screeners were just doing their job when they searched an infant. it was at kansas city airport, traveler posted this cellphone picture on twitter. a spokesperson says a stroller set off an alarm that indicated traces of explosives. they snapped the picture. in southeastern spain thousands of people spent the night outdoors in fear of more earthquakes after two strong tremblors. yesterday a magnitude 5.2 quake shook 220 miles south of madrid bringing down bricks and facade of a church. eight people have died in the two quakes with dozens injured. seismologists say the quake was
6:49 am
so light but the damage was heavy because it was centered half mile below the surface and it magnifies the destructive power. when i first it, 4.3. >> those are incredible pictures. >> mike has got incredible video. it's a little unnerving. >> maybe of after you see the end result. it won't be. you can see air flight landing in london. it gets hit by lightning but a couple times especially coming up. and shooting right through the top and coming out the bottom. 500 passengers aboard the plane, thankfully ma planes are equipped to handle this type of lightning and there wasn't a scratch on this plane. >> no damage to the plane.
6:50 am
>> let's talk about what is going on here. you have to have some clouds to have lightning. look how cloudy the coit tower is standing in the sunshine sitting on top of telegraph hill. let's take a look at another perspective, we couldn't see the bay yesterday. the lack of clouds this morning compared to yesterday and lead to warmer temperatures this afternoon. most of us in low to mid-50s. we still have low 40s and mid to upper 40s, fairfield, livermore and los gatos. around monterey, mid to upper 40s and inland, low to mid-50s. breezy and brighter and warmer today and tomorrow. sandwiched in between, clear and calmer. saturday night all the way through wednesday. you are going think it's winter again with cool temperatures and chances of rain. for today, we warm about 5-6
6:51 am
degrees and still cooler than average. napa three degrees short. livermore 6, redwood city 11 degrees cooler than average. >> let's start in the east bear valleys, some of the warmest weather, 59 in dublin. everyone else in the low to mid-70s. low to mid-60s along the east bay shore as you head to castro valley and fremont. upper 50s to low 70s in the south bay with santa clara around 68 degrees. low to mid-70s as we head up the peninsula, low to mid 50s. over on our beaches. mid to you were 50s. low 60s downtown san francisco and sausalito with upper 50s to low 70s. beaches with sunshine and mid to upper 50s. near 60 in monterey and rest of the monterey bay, mid to upper 50s. low to mid-70s gilroy and hollister. 12:45, first pitch, sunny today and breezy with 56 degrees that first pitch to about 50 pie the
6:52 am
end. low to mid 40s up in the north bay. much cooler and mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. take a look what is going to happen. starting 8:00 this morning but here we go into saturday evening. you see the wall of water starting to move in. it tapers by sunday morning, but scattered showers for sunday afternoon with thunderstorms. summon looking a little drier than all the other days because tuesday, another system rolls in. you see the light rain developing tuesday and hang around all the way through wednesday. what an unusual pattern for may. temperatures by then will be about 10 degrees cooler than today and tomorrow except the coast where we'll be stuck if the 50s. check out a live shot of bay bridge toll plaza, no delay at all. just half way through the parking lot. yesterday we had a lot of problems and accidents but right now, it looks really good.
6:53 am
check out 680 in walnut creek for you. more cars southbound but flowing well and slowing around antioch around westbound 4. south bay for you, 101 and 880. going into santa clara, 880 still delay free through the downtown area. mass transit systems reporting no delays. "h" train 3 was running a minute late. heads up, extra traffic especially this weekend heading to the infineon. look out for traffic around 37 and highway 50 is closed up towards south tahoe. consider highway 88 as an alternate or interstate 80. >> our time is 6:53. >> recapping top stories, an investigation into alleged
6:54 am
misconduct by a commander of narcotics task force expands. terry mcsweeney has the details. >> officer norman wielsch is accused of running a brothel out of that business park. the guy going doing the accusing he ran it with him. take a look. person doing the accusing is chris butler, said to have written a 34 page statement that he and norman wielsch ran the brothel, two worked at the antioch police department. the attorney says story is not true and butler is probably making it up to see if he gets his prison sentence reduced. top story, let's go to amy hollyfield over on the golden gate bridge. good morning, amy. >> good morning. how often are your morning
6:55 am
commutes do people greet with you bagels and coffee. that is what they are doing throughout the bay area. there is a catch. you have to commute on your bicycle. this morning is bike to workday. it's gaining momentum. since 2008. participation is at 250%. gas prices still high that people will be motivated more than ever to participate today. there are events scheduled all over the bay area including the stops on the north end of golden gate bridge. and the berkeley bart station, they are serving waffles at that one. for a complete list of all of today's activities go to our website at final check on weather and traffic. >> one issue may be a little head wind if you are heading to the west.
6:56 am
good morning to you. cloud cover, it's broken this morning. so temperatures are all over the scale from 42 in napa to 54 in fremont. by the afternoon hours, we'll be a little more homogenized with temperatures in the mid-50s around the bay shore to mid-80s as we head inlansd. coast, mid to upper 50s. tonight, low to mid 40s in the valleys. with mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. high pressure will bring us warmer weather tomorrow. temperatures get back to average finally and then guess what happens? winter returns to the forecast. we have rain saturday night and thunderstorms on sunday and waves of showers and light rain tuesday and wednesday with temperatures well below average. 50s along the coast and low to mid-50s inland. what a crazy weather pattern we're going to have. it's been really mellow and you can see from the live shot
6:57 am
of the bay bridge toll plaza. barely a back-up and new accident has just been reported on the lower part of the peninsula. southbound 101 at north shoreline boulevard. chp is en route. it is blocking the slow lane. slowest spots are in the east bay. westbound 4 out of antioch. lone tree way to 242 now a half-hour. southbound 242 still looking good. mass transit reporting no delays and you may want to bike to work today. >> you may, bike to work. that is it for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back an update at
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