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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, amy hollyfield live in the newsroom. san francisco officials want to know why a mother is giving an 8-year-old botox injections and they have launched an investigation. details coming up. i'm terry mcsweeney live at millbrae bart station where bart officials may soon be saying to their riders, tell me all your troubles or text me for your troubles. i'll explain in a live report. >> good morning. a cooler start. we will see clear skies, sunshine and pretty nice day today. changes on the way for the weekend. >> all is quiet on the bay area freeways. bay bridge toll plaza but there are things you need to know for the weekend. >> kristen: and bay to breakers.
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all right. we'll tell you more. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. child protective services wants to talk to a san francisco mom who made an admission in a tv interview. she admitted that she gives her eight-year-old daughter botox injections. amy hollyfield is here now. she is following the story for us. >> reporter: she is not the only mom doing it. terry campbell says she helps britney compete in beauty contests and other pageant moms gave her the idea. she administers the shots her search and regular gives them to britney. but child prefb services received several telephone calls and has decided to investigate. >> we need to sit down to talk with the mom and talk with the child and see what is going on. >> its tough world. but being confident is something she has to be. >> does it look better after you
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get the botox? >> yeah. >> how? >> like beautiful, pin like. >> they are often painful and she says it does hurt and she cries a little. the fda does not recommend botox for anyone under the age of 18. she has tried wagging and she says that was too painful and she is not going to do that again. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: a lot more on gma this morning. bart is considering a new way to keep passengers safe and happy reporting problems, security or otherwise. it may just be a text message away. terry mcsweeney is live at millbrae station to tell us more. >> reporter: you have to think it's going to be a private program soon because bart president bob franklin really likes the idea. take a look at bart passengers. we were talking to some a little
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while ago. passengers, if they get a text message phone line set up, could quickly and quietly, maybe an out of control passenger, violence at a station. as it is now, riders can report all that stuff but they have to call bart police or tell a train operator or fill out a comment card. it a text would be obviously and faster and we got reaction from passengers. >> it's a good idea. it's nice to know the option is there. >> i think it's a great idea. i think it will keep people on their toes. i think it would be great. >> one of the things that riders may not be reporting is a dirty bart car because they are going to spend surplus to get a mint car program started.
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maybe a rollback of the recent bart increases or maybe have four free commute days per year. the text message idea looks like an idea whose time has come. a pilot program may be set up soon. live at millbrae bart station, "abc 7 news." >> muni is on the verge of exceeding overtime budget by $18 million this year. the san francisco chronicle reports a board of supervisors oversight committee that muni's 55% cost overrun is out of control. muni officials say the system needs only 1500 operators to provide service and the transportation agency can be down 300 drivers on any given day. it leaves management with little choice but to leave operate others overtime. a yemeni man accused of trying to ram his way into a cockpit is due back to federal court this morning. a bail hearing is set for
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28-year-old rageh al-murisi who is facing one count of interfering with a flight crew. it happened yesterday and he was restrained by two attendants and two officers. it was revealed that he was carrying several valid and expired forms of i.d. and two checks totaling $13,000. he also had no luggage. >> kristen: this afternoon a police officer who is part of growing law enforcement scandal some s scheduled to be back to be arraigned. he was arrested earlier on five felony counts including grapd theft and possession of stolen goods. it's connected into the investigation of cnet. if commander norman wielsch is accused of stolen drugs. >> a memorial service will be held for san carlos mayor who
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passed away from an heart attack earlier this week. this morning, vice mayor he was arrested under the influence of alcohol. it's unclear how the decision on may 23 on whether to report cline as interim mayor. the service is open to the public for the mayor. >> a patient is in custody charged with attacking a fellow patient. state hospital officials say a man attacked another patient inside the victim's bedroom. a detailed report obtained by staff members say they found the victim on the floor with his face covered in blood. the latest in a series of violent incidents since a nurse was killed last october. >> i know the state is a
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financial crisis but people's lives are at stake, individuals who reside here, their lives are at stake as well as staff. >> they have arrested two other patients in the last few days for attacking staff members. fron six unit houses criminally insane and violent patients. >> thousands of runners are getting ready for the bay to breakers race in san francisco. it's going to be a lot different. only 55,000 runners are allowed to register for the big race this year. police and security guards will be on hand from the downtown area to ocean beach. they will make sure that runners signed up. those that didn't pay the $75 registration fee will be asked to leave the race and not allowed to return. they will be confiscating open containers of alcohol and runners suspected of being
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intoxicated will be arrested. >> rain and cold this weekend. >> the temperatures will be pleasantly cool and most of rain will be to the east of us. we'll look for thunderstorms in the afternoon. definitely cool out there for the early run on sunday. 50 in oakland, 48 in redwood city. san jose waking up to 50. sunny and mild for one more day and then cloudy for saturday. rain comes late tomorrow into sunday and by the afternoon, and cooler weather stays with us through early portion of next week. the front is offshore. we have high pressure, 60s and 70s. sea breeze kicks up in the afternoon. here comes front. it will spread the rain our way mainly while you are sleeping saturday night. today the warmest day we'll see out of next 7, then the
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temperatures really go down. best chance of rain late into sunday and scattered showers right through early next week. good morning. traffic is good around the bay area but if you are heading to the breakers. you may want to think about bart. they will be running long trains. the cable power nation line is out of service today but they do have buses in place. muni buses will be running and caltrain reporting no delays. we have some road work going on eastbound 4 as you make war y are way through antioch. completely closed from leverage to summersville for another 20 minutes. other big event is infineon so plan on extra slow traffic on 37 out of novato and out of vallejo and even on 121 as you make your way through the napa area. >> it's 5:09 now.
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>> kristen: still ahead a warning if you shop at a store. how your credit card information may have been stolen. >> and new problem for prius, how long new buyers may have to wait to get behind the wheel. >> and expensive costs of fertility treatments got more manageable for accumulates trying to conceive. >> and young boy that is given a new chance for a healthy life thanks to a giast from his bay area cousin.
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good morning, topping america's money, another retail security breach. michaels says stores were tampered with. it took debit card information available to crooks. >> the average 401-k vermont up 12% from a year ago. account balances are the highest level in 13 years. almost $75,000. mortgage rates are the lowest point of the year. fixed rate loans averaging 4.63%. fixed mortgages are under 4%. nabisco is confirming the triple-double. one is vanilla and the other is chocolate. no word on when it will be available but it will be first in line. that is america's money.
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>> eric: u.s. postal service says two cities are on the top for dog attacks. houston had 62 attacks followed by san diego tied with collected with columbus with number five. sacramento is ninth. san jose is 15th with 23 attacks. oakland was 19th with 18 attacks. >> aol is muscling it's a way into the online video. they rolled out a service called az. it doesn't require users to log in or download any software. up to four people can chat at once. users be type messages while chatting. expect delays of nearly a year, for a toyota trius.
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it may be april of next year before it can deliver the prius alta. a battery shortage caulked by the earthquake and tsunami. it destroyed auto suppliers in japan. >> new financial help for couples using costly fertility agreements in trying to conceive. they range from $10,000 to $15,000 that is per cycle. a nonprofit organization called inside can help with couples for the expense. they help fertility and doctors to provide the services for free in exchange the patients must agree to provide $3500 to inside for their assistance. we have a link to the virginia nonprofit company at >> four-year-old boy and his
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parents made a journey from lima peru to undergo surgery that would save the boy's life. he was born with a rare and deadly kidney disorder and desperately needed a transplant. a northern california pediatrician was a perfect match. she donated one of her kidneys and the life saving operation took place at lucille packard's children's hospital at stanford. >> the kidney serves like a coffee filter. and you need it to grow and thrive but his kidney had holes in it so he leaks proceed pro teen. >> relatives have plans around the world to start a fund-raising campaign to help with costs. >> hopefully he can enjoy the bay area before going back. this weekend may not be a good time to do a little sightseeing.
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>> in could be snow in the mountains. very unusual weather headed our way. >> today a nice one out there. sfo this morning where no delays and clear skies but the winds will be gusting this afternoon out of the west. cool at our beaches. 50s downtown. around the area, it is cool at half moon bay, 41. 46 in redwood city. and 51 in san jose. temperatures are cooler. yesterday we had a lot of cloud cover that kept us warmer. 8 degrees cooler in redwood city and 13 degrees cooler in half moon bay. lots of sunshine. it will be mild. temperatures in the 70s away from the bay. then tomorrow, everyone will see increasing clouds as much as 10-12 degrees cooler tomorrow. 20-25 cooler than average over the weekend. we've got a very cold system
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originating from the gulf of alaska headed our way this weekend. today it will be sunny. high pressure holds on for one more day and with the cooler air we're talking late saturday night. it could be slick on the roads in the evening. here is the time line. you'll notice 5:00 saturday night we have a cloud cover by about 9:00 the north bay is getting wet. sonoma and marin, the peninsula by midnight into the early morning hours, but by say 6:00, it looks like most of the activity will be to the east of us. now is when the cold unstable air is going to move in. by sunday afternoon, we could see some thunderstorms around the bay area. nice day in santa clara at 71. 67 san mateo, getting windy here later on with upper 50s. 65 in millbrae. san francisco, 62 today. well below the average in the upper 60s. 69 in sonoma and nice afternoon
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in sonoma. near east bay, union city and 70 in fremont and out over the hills. danville and livermore at 75 and down by the monterey bay, it will be cool with a sea breeze, 62 and 72 in santa cruz and 77 in gilroy. seven-day forecast, sunny, mild day and warmest day out of next seven, much cooler tomorrow. lane comes in late saturday. thunderstorms into sunday, chance of rain monday, tuesday and possibly into wednesday. frances has good news on the morning commute. >> in the way of the rain coming we have a light rain. zero accidents and not even a stall report. san mateo bridge, the drive on the right-hand side westbound that is looking great. no trouble eastbound into hayward and check out the 680 ride through walnut creek. in contra costa county all is well. southbound traffic flows well on the right-hand side, right on
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north main as you make your way down to highway 24. if you are heading up to tahoe this weekend, a lot of folks getting ready for the amgen tour in california, highway is could closed at the summit so best best is take highway 88 if you are heading to south tahoe or take 80. get traffic any time you want by going to a popular local american auto contestant gets bounced for the show. why he is in a double dose of disappointment. >> and how much you can plunk down for america's cup. >> and new life
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>> eric: 5:23. if you were on top of mount tamalpais. this is what you would see. san francisco across the water and a little bit, what is it fog cloud cover. lisa argen is in this morning to tell us about more what we can expect weather-wise for the weekend including bay to
5:24 am
breakers runners. >> santa cruz is shocked and dismayed to learn that their home-grown idol contestant was voted off. they sent him packing. many considered him a favorite to win it all. to add insult, he cancelled a day in santa cruz which would have included a concert on the boardwalk. durbin will still go on idol publicity tour. >> eric: you can't buy happiness but you can buy a pretty good view on the bay. two apartments were dead on views, according to the san francisco business times, a two bedroom goes at bargain price for $208,000 for two weeks. a one bedroom, $158,000. meantime, anti talian team has
5:25 am
dropped out. they say they are having fund-raising problems. >> a las vegas land morning ma re-electing have its own museum to make it easier to see it. it's a place where all the old signs of of businesses are stored from the heyday. the project has been in the works for the past 20 years as las vegas keeps reinventing itself. it will be the last piece in place. >> it's unique. there is not another city in the world that has this neow and part of its history and artwork. i'm very excited about it. i can't wait to have a martini here. >> construction on the site begins in september. >> next at 5:30, very unfriendly charges against facebook. the underhanded things they are doing against google. >> investigators in san francisco wants to know why a
5:26 am
mother is giving her eight-year-old daughter botox injections. the latest on the story that has sparked outrage across the country. >> the bomber's plerm. the unusual auction that has had his belongings. >> no travel delays locally here. we're waking up to patchy fog. rain shower in the midwest. it will be wet a cool port next several days along the east coast. your local weather forecast is coming up and if you need more weather or check your flight, that is at our flight track other our website at ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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i'm amy hollyfield. the mother of an 8-year-old girl they want to know why she is injecting her daughter with botox. >> also in the headlines, a man charged with ramming the cockpit door of an american airlines jet headed to sfo is back in court this morning. good morning. we have a little bit of patchy fog the our coast. it's a clear start and cool one. big change for the weekend. all right. good commute on the freeways and live shot of the oakland maze as traffic heading toward the bay bridge. where traffic could jam up this weekend coming up. >> eric: and san jose sharks get it done! playoff shutdown against detroit in a game that went down to the final seconds.
5:30 am
thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: and i'm kristen sze. child protective services are investigating a san francisco mother who shocked the nation giving botox shots to her eight-year-old daughter. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: san francisco child prefb services was inundated with phone calls and has decided to look into it. >> pretty pretty unusual for a mom to be ini didn't recollect go an 8-year-old with botox. >> reporter: the mother gives her injections regularly and 8-year-old britney she thinks she looks way better after receiving botox. she is not the only mother doing it. she got the idea from other moms. she makes her more competitive in beauty pageants. >> it hurts. i get used to it.
5:31 am
>> do you cry? >> yes, a little. >> its tough world in the pageant world and things are harsh and being confident is something she has to be. >> the fda does not recommend botox for people under the age of 18. teri campbell says she buys it online from a trusted source. investigators plan to talk to her and the child so what is going on and also they are working with san francisco police. >> eric: 5:31. yemeni man accused of trying to ram his way into a cockpit to a flight to sfo is due back to san francisco court this morning. a bail hearing is set for 28-year-old rageh al-murisi who is facing charges. it happened on sunday night from
5:32 am
chicago to sfo. he was restrained by two flight attendants and two passengers including a retired san jose police officer. on tuesday, it was revealed that he was carrying several valid forms of i.d. and two checks totaling $13,000 and he was not carrying luggage. >> seven teachers are out of jail after being arrested during a protest in a outside a downtown oakland bank. this is video from youtube. of dozens of protestors picketing in front of wells fargo bank. seven temperatures were arrested for unlawful assembly. they say the federal government needs to change its priority. schools should be bailed out. banks received bail out money in 2009 and 2010 and they called an end to foreclosures. they ranged a meeting with a
5:33 am
bank official. >> this morning, san jose city council will hold a meeting on public safety. they are dealing with a serious budget deficit. last night, most vulnerable residents, senior citizens and students demanded their programs be spared because the entire staff of the alma community center for seniors could be laid off and the nutrition program faces a huge drop. at risk youth programs get $4.3 million and that could be cut in half. >> you have a heart. you guys don't have one. [ applause ] sch it isn't okay to treat seniors this way. >> eric: san jose has a $115 million budget deficit. the mayor blames the unions and rising pensions for the short fall. >> facebook admits it secretly hired a public relations company to cede negative stories about
5:34 am
google. they tried to convince people google was invading privacy. facebook would not allow the pr was working for them. a blogger uncovered the quote, unquote, dirty tricks. facebook says no smear campaign was intended. >> eric: stanley cup fever is in full swing. tickets go on sale for the sharks' home game against vancouver. tickets will be sold at ticketmaster locations or last night in game seven, they survived a determined detroit team and advanced to the conference finals for the second straight year. patric marleau that was ridiculed proved to be the game
5:35 am
winner putting the sharks up 3-1. detroit pulled to within a goal with six minutes left. san jose held on to beat the wings 3-2 and take the series four games to three. >> it's great to be the team. we still have a long ways to go. we're going to continue to do our best. >> eric: the sharks will meet the canucks for game one is sunday night in british columbia. >> kristen: tickets go on sale and 8:00 and 9:00 will hand out wristbands to determine priority. >> it will be clear out there. you shot behind you. it will be a nice start for the day. a little patchy fog at the coast. it's 50s in oakland. 51 in san jose. 48 in fremont. santa rosa and napa on the cool side as well as half moon bay, they degrees.
5:36 am
sunny and mild, mainly in the 60s and 70s. the if you are at the coast, cool and breezy, much cooler and by saturday night into sunday we got showers. high pressure holding on for another day carving out a nice afternoon with temperatures in the low 60s downtown but mid-70s in our inland valleys. look for the breeze is to pick up this afternoon but that is nothing compared to what is on the way for the weekend. a late, strong storm that is going to bring the rain saturday night into sunday. thunderstorms with temperatures as much as 20 degrees below average over the weekend and then a series of systems headed our way next week to bring us showers and cooler air. good morning, frances. >> good morning, great commute everywhere around the bay area. here is a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza, delay free and into san francisco, cable cars power makes is use but they
5:37 am
are going to be using muni buses to replace that line. and if you are heading to the bay to breakers, consider bart. they are opening earlier and running extra longer trains. 6-,. >> eric: how would you like to earn $128,000 a year by working 12 days. the positions that governor brown wants to slash. >> and a local official is drawing a huge pension but he is still on the public payroll. >> and a little later. berkeley bionics, how a senior is preparing to walk across the is prep[ female announcer ] the a revolutionary conditioner from dove.
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their skin looked they had only one question... ♪ new dove visible care creme body wash. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate restoring lotion with coq10 to help skin renew itself. gold bond ultimate restoring. this stuff really works. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld good morning, it's 5:40 and we are waking up to gorgeous shot mount tam camera and all the fog developing this morning. >> just a quiet storm on the way. there you go. >> that is not my specialty. >> but you are using to dovetail into the fact that we have rain this weekend. >> we do have that. let's talk about it. >> okay, we will. >> we have this story for you.
5:41 am
highly criticized state board could get the ax under a budget plan. governor brown will unveil on monday. seven members of the california unemployment insurance appeals board make $128,000 a year but they usually meet once a month. six of the people on the board right now are termed out lawmakers. they are proposing deep cuts to social services programs under a budget plan. it calls for 10% for state employee costs but leaves funding for education alone. republicans call it a pathway for negotiations with democrats. they say it's possible to close the $15 billion budget deficit without cutting taxes. >> in contra costa county, one public employee is doing very well. she collecting a hefty pension and big salary. it's called double dipping, some say it's saving taxpayer money.
5:42 am
>> after 37 years of service, contra costa health services director william walker retired in december. 65-year-old walker is still performing the same job as a contract employee for the county. >> state law allows public employees who retire to work for their agency up to 960 hours per year pay. so what dr. walker is doing is working full time for the half time pay. >> in 2010 his gross income was $291,000. a sum that included more than $80,000 in pay as an on call physician. now had he is retired she collecting half of the $190,000 base salary plus a pension a that the county subsidized. he nearly gets $360,000 per year. >> its smart decision to make to the county, not so much because now that pension is there, in
5:43 am
addition you have this additional salary to pay. >> the general manager of public employees local 1 which supports that would curtail the process of retiring one day and returning the next. >> if it's earned and paid for and you can do it, it's right. if we want to change that, we can change it. >> county leaders say in dr. walker's case his arrangement saves contra costa county $300,000 a year. that is money they would hire in hiring a replacement. >> if you are looking for a job. how does working for disney in hawaii sound? bloomberg business report coming up. >> and how a senior is about to make medical history at his graduation. >> and small army of volunteers that will soon be on call to protect the bay area against oil spills.
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good morning, we are looking at nice day across the state. temperatures will climb into the upper 60s along the coast near big sur. 87 in fresno. a dry day. enjoy it. we have much cooler air headed our way tomorrow and wet storm system on sunday and continue
5:47 am
cool with chances of showers into next week. >> eric: it's now almost 5:47. >> kristen: time to take a look at stories. they want to talk to a san francisco mom who admitted on "good morning america" that she gives her eight-year-old daughter botox injections. she helps her to compete in duty pi ti pageants and other pageant moms gave her the idea. yemeni man trying on get into cockpit returns to federal court this morning for a bail hearing. rageh al-murisi was restrained by two flight attendants and two passengers. he was carrying several valid and expired forms of i.d., and he also had no luggage. >> kristen: tickets go on sales for the san jose sharks home game against van cure. last night in game seven, the sharks finally eliminated the
5:48 am
detroit red wings and advanced to the conference finals for the second disintegrate year. very latest is coming up at 6:00. >> unibomber belongings is will be sold to the highest bidder next wednesday. proceeds will go to his victims. includes type writers and other equipment to make his letter bombs. original handwritten versions of manifesto which he condemned the technological revolution will also be auctioned. he was arrested at remote montana cabin. three people were killed and 23 injured in various parts of the country. he is of the and serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. 80 people were killed in pakistan. 120 others were injured by the blast. it happened in the northwest
5:49 am
region of pakistan. a spokesman for the pakistani taliban says the attack was to avenge the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden and they warn attacks will be against americans living in pakistan. >> they are close to open a massive spill way the tha would protect two major cities. with the threat looming, some 25,000 people known for an area of small farms are packing up because the homes may soon be intentionally flooded. army corps of engineers could open a flood way north of baton rouge to relieve pressure on the levee system. the move would put several thousand homes in the bayou at risk. >> get ready for a big change coming this weekend. >> with the heavy coat on, you
5:50 am
are ahead of the game. it's nothing against you eric. good morning. we are looking at some beautiful pictures this morning with a clear sky but sutro and closer to the coast we do have a few clouds around. temperatures with clear sky have bottomed out to the lower 40s in half moon bay, santa rosa, 46 in redwood city. it's sea in mountain view. and 53 in los gatos. 24 hours ago we were much milder. we woke up to the cloudy skies and saw the sun quickly. 8 degrees cooler, redwood city with 7 degrees cooler in san rafael. back to the sunshine and mild conditions today. we'll see numbers, still a little cool for this time of the year compared to how things will be tomorrow and the days ahead. you are going to have wait some time to get back to normal. we have cooler weather tomorrow and showers headed our way late saturday.
5:51 am
mild today, high pressure holds on for another day and then this weekend is cold area of low pressure heading down from the gulf of alaska could bring snow to the sierra nevada. here is the time line on the rain. dry tomorrow and increasing clouds. it's not going to be until 11:00 at night until we see the rain move on in to the north bay. then it sweeps across the bay area. early morning sunday, bay to breakers, it will be chilly. we could she thunderstorms in the afternoon but for the actual run, you'll have the cool air with you and probably dry conditions. so plan on an unsettled weekend. 73 in campbell and mostly sunny day out there. 69 in redwood city. san francisco, low 60s today. a few clouds around late this afternoon and in the north bay. warmest locations up by santa rosa, 75. near east bay look for mid-60s for richmond today. of you in hayward.
5:52 am
so a little breezy and cool, but the sunshine it will be nice mild afternoon in danville. 75, 73 in dublin with 70 in watsonville. take a look at the seven-day forecast, warmest day we're going to see for the next 7 then the bottom falls out with ten degrees cooler tomorrow. it will be dry and cloudy. rain comes in overnight. scattered thunderstorms on sunday. another system and yet another providing a slight chance of showers and cool highs into next week. frances, has the friday commute for us. >> it's been this way all morning. i'll take you around the bay area, start out with a live shot at 101 in san rafael. looking great down to the golden gate bridge. south bay, 280 and 17 interchange. that is northbound 280 that is traffic merging with northbound 17. no problems out of the santa
5:53 am
cruz mountains. heading over to the east bay and interstate 80 in berkeley moving at the limit as you make your way westbound off the carquinez bridge. there are a lot of events this weekend. there is one at infineon raceway so plan on extra traffic through sunday on highway 37 out of novato and out of vallejo and even on 121. get traffic conditions when you want by going to our website, click on bay area traffic link. >> eric: it's 5:53. >> disney which owns abc7 is hiring mode, in paradise no less. >> here is jane king. >> walt disney has agreed to pay $3 million fine to settle charges it collected children's personal information without parents consent if you are shop at michaels
5:54 am
store check bank statements. fees in 20 states have been skimming debit card data and then used that data to loot customer bank accounts. watching rising commodity prices and we did have a higher close on can commodities day. if you looking for a job, disney is hiring 800 workers for a new resort in hawaii. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> department of fish and game is recruiting 30 volunteers to train so they will be able to help save birds in the event of disastrous oil spill. officials say there were only a few locally trained volunteers to wash off thousands of birds covered in oil following the cosco busan spill. they will get hands on skills for working on day to day tasks in major oil spills. applications should be submitted by may 27.
5:55 am
training begins on june 22nd in cotati. >> a los angeles mark study on hiv prevention. if patients get treatment immediately it vastly reduces the risk of transmitting the disease to an uninfected partner. the finding is part of a four-year study by the national instituted of health which isn't waiting to get the word out. >> a student hopes to walk across the stage to get their diploma but for one student that walk will be a dream come true. austin whitney has been in a wheelchair since 2007 when he severed his spinal cord in a car accident. come tomorrow he plans to walk across the stage thanks to a robotic device deefld by a group of u.c. berkeley engineers. >> we have motors which executes leg motions. >> when austin wants to walk, he
5:56 am
asks the system to take a step or stand up or sit down through some sort of user interface. that send a command to the computer and the computer executes a motion. so basically there are feedback mechanisms within this power transfer system that tell the computer where we are in space as to where the leg is relative to the body. >> it's just the beginning. i would not quit. there is just one person walk with a short time. >> i think austin, by seeing him to go and get his degree, that my first step of what will be in the future. >> after graduation, he says he hopes to attend law school. >> kristen: just ahead at 6:00, new problems for prius. why some, buyers could wait for a long time. >> would you giver your
5:57 am
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