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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 13, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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with natural menthol. it gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. good morning, america. and there's breaking news. the first revenge attack. two suicide bombers blow themselves up, killing over 70 people in pakistan, to avenge bin laden's death. also, the president speaks out about the threats against his grandmother. and we learn the deepest secrets of the al qaeda playbook. the maverick. ron paul, the congressman called dr. no, joins us for a major announcement in the presidential race. we'll hear that live this morning in a "gma" exclusive. botox backlash. our report set off a nationwide storm, after seeing this mom giving her 8-year-old botox. >> this is the dumbest mama i have ever seen in my life! in my life. >> now, an investigation. will she lose her child? plus, who's winning now?
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ashton kutcher signs up to save one of the biggest shows in television. can he revive what charlie sheen wrecked? good morning, everyone. yep, friday the 13th. but it says friday. that's all that really matters. we have so much to get to this morning. the wives of osama bin laden, all interviewed together overnight. a senior u.s. official telling abc news that the interview did not, quote, go very well. >> it did not. but we're getting a lot more information from the osama files. turns out he was a prolific e-mailer. brian ross will have a lot more on that. also in politics, ron paul is standing by right now in new hampshire. he showed surprising staying power in his 2008 run for the white house. since then, his son's been elected to the senate. a lot of his ideas have been picked up by the tea party. will he get in this time? how far can he go?
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we'll get to that in a minute. >> you're going to hear it first on "gma." let's get to the revenge attack overnight by some of osama bin laden's followers. our brian ross has been tracking all of the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, robin, george. the first revenge attack came not against an american target, but a pakistani military facility overnight. reports grow to 80 killed overnight. the pakistan taliban claiming responsibility for going o going after what they call the american ally. they learned more about al qaeda in the last ten days than in the last ten years. going through and estimated 1 million pages of information. and it's all becoming very personal. bin laden writing, he wanted to find ways to kill president obama. and the president acknowledging that new threats against his grandmother are being closely monitored. at the kenyan village where she lives, the president's 88-year-old stepgrandmother, sarah, shrugged off the death
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threats against her by an al qaeda group. but the president seemed concerned when asked about the threats by univision television. >> after killing bin laden, there may be a desire on some al qaeda members to exact revenge. and that's something that we have to be vigilant about. and we're monitoring all these situations very carefully. >> reporter: the threats against the president's grandmother came from the al qaeda affiliate in somalia, al shabaab. he was heard on tape this week. >> today, we remind obama and the rest of his cronies, that he has entered the wrong war. >> reporter: the american turncoat from alabama, has been issuing threats against president obama, going back at least two years, in keeping with orders from the top. bin laden's own writings, discovered at his compound, indicate he urged his followers to assassinate the president and find ways to disrupt the 2012 american elections. >> i would say this is probably
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very personal on bin laden's part. to kill a president that he believes has probably violated the muslim faith. >> reporter: in fact, the video of bin laden watching television in his hideout, shows whenever president obama came on the screen, bin laden quickly tried to change the channel. one more development overnight. u.s. officials say they were finally given access to bin laden's three wives. but the session did not go well. in fact, it was very hostile, according to what we're told about the demeanor of the three women. >> as we might imagine. we're getting more details of what exactly happened during the raid at the compound. >> that's right. each of the navy s.e.a.l.s wore a helmet camera during the events. they also have been debriefed now. and we're told as they approached the third floor landing where osama bin laden was, they saw him. they opened fire but missed. he then ran into the bedroom. the s.e.a.l.s went in and pulled the daughter and children away. one s.e.a.l. fired in the chest and one in the head.
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and that's how he was killed. very dramatic developments there. >> we're going to learn more. everybody has a helmet cam. it takes time. >> to sort it all out. now, to the race for the white house. firebrand texas congressman, ron paul, has been gearing up for another run. and he's standing by in new hampshire to make his final decision public. first, here's jon karl about a candidate who has no qualms about counting controversy to advance his principles. >> reporter: ron paul may be the godfather of the tea party movement. >> congressman ron paul. >> reporter: he's been a crusader for spending cuts before the tea party got into the act. >> just a few years back, like 1976. >> reporter: at conservative events, paul's supporters are often the most loudest and most energized. he set a record in the 2008 campaign, by raising $6.5 million online in a single day. that was his second run for president. the first came in 1988, when paul, disgusted with the
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republican party, ran as a libertarian. he still parts ways with his party on foreign policy. he opposed president bush's decision to invade iraq. and more recently, he even took issue with the operation to get bin laden. >> it was absolutely not necessary. and i think respect for the rule of law. what's wrong with that? >> reporter: he also favors decriminalizing prostitution and drugs. >> how many people would use heroin if it were legal? i'll bet nobody would put their hand -- i need the government to take care of me. i don't want to use heroin. so i need these laws. >> reporter: this puts ron paul outside of the republican mainstream, a place he doesn't mind being. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> and congressman ron paul joins us now from new hampshire. good morning, congressman. you ran in 1988. you ran in 2008. are you running in 2012? >> i am. today, and at this moment, i'm officially announcing that i am a candidate for president in the republican primary. >> why?
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>> because time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what i've been saying for 30 years. so, i think the time is right. >> well, this is a big step for you, congressman. congratulations. and you say -- >> thank you. >> as i said at the beginning, you're not afraid to court controversy. you seem to be doing it again right now. just yesterday, we showed it in jon karl's piece. you came out against the way the president obama conducted the raid against osama bin laden. more than 90% of the american public support it. why are you against it? >> well, i was talking about the procedure. you know, i endorse the whole idea of going after him. i supported going into afghanistan. i thought we blew it then. we had him cornered. we let him get loose. and then, we went and invaded iraq. we've spent $1 trillion. we've lost 5,000 american lives. we've killed many, many innocent
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people. so, the process has been very bad. so, i have no qualms about getting him. i'm delighted he's gone. but the whole thing is, we could have done it differently. and besides -- >> how could we have done it differently? >> -- ignoring the pakistani government doesn't help us at all. it looks like we're trying to be more antagonistic against the pakistanis. they have helped us in the past catch many terrorists. and i don't see any reason we can't do that. i think the process is definitely different. if you compare what we did after world war ii. think of the worst nazis that committed the holocaust. we arrested them. we tried them. and we hung them. i don't know why we have to embark on a whole, new system just because the people get riled up. the politicians can rile the people up. after the dust settles, they might say, it could have been a better way. and the other thing is, to make a decision on this whole process is premature. every day, we hear a different story about exactly what happened. i was asked whether i could do
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it differently. and i said yes. and i think the goals and the results would have been better. but i'm really worried about, you know, building this animosity with the pakistanis right now. i'm all for cutting the foreign aid. i wouldn't have ever given them any money. but i'm afraid we've already expanded the war into pakistan. we've been bombing them. at the same time we bomb them, we give them foreign aid. i think the whole process now is to build up the enemy in pakistan so we have a massive invasion there and spread the war. those are concerns i have. >> let me turn to issues at home. celia from ohio wants to test how far your libertarian issues take you? do you think everyone should just be responsible for themselves and if a flood washes your house away, no fema? sink or swim? >> i think that's how a free society works. that's the way the constitution mandates. i'm on the gulf coast. i have a house on the beach, or had one recently. and i don't think somebody in new york or new hampshire or
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iowa have to pay for my flood on the gulf coast. >> so, how far would you -- >> no. so, insurance is an old-fashioned way of doing it. buy insurance. and if the insurance won't sell it to you, it means it's too dangerous. if it's too dangerous, why dump the responsibility on the taxpayer? it doesn't make economic sense. it doesn't make good moral sense or constitutional sense. >> jon showed in his piece, that you would give states the right to legalize heroin if they wanted to. and you're at odds with the republicans on so many issues. why not run as an independent, given your differences with the republicans on so many issues? >> well, i would like to qualify a little bit about the drugs. but the question is why don't i run as an independent? because we don't have true democracy in this country. we lose lives going overseas, spreading our goodness and great democracy. and we orchestrate elections. we don't like them. we void them.
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we ignore them. if we don't get the people we support and the people the cia supports. running as an independent here is just about impossible, unless you're a billionaire like ross perot. if i wasn't in the base, you wouldn't have me on this morning. i've been a republican all these years. elected to congress. my family was republican. and i was out of the republican party for one year. there's nothing wrong with nudging the republicans to a true constitutionalism. >> we only have a few -- >> stick to their guns on fiscal conservatism. >> we have a few seconds left. last time around, you bet me everything i had in my pocket that you would win the presidency. it didn't quite turn out that way. how do you define success this time around, in ten seconds? >> my success is, i always win. you know? because i, you know, the victories are one thing. but we win elections when people said we never could win elections. so, i define by doing very well,
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i believe right now, we're coming in number one in the republican primary is an absolute possibility. many, many times better than it was four years ago. our troops, our supporters, the grassroots are enthusiastic. more so where i was impressed before. i'm superimpressed now with the enthusiasm we're getting. >> good luck, congressman. >> thank you. >> robin? >> never shy about speaking his mind. new details emerging about a senate sex scandal sending shock waves across capitol hill this morning. republican senator john ensign resigned from office just days ago. now, a new report claims ensign broke federal laws when he tried to cover up the affair he had with one of his aides. jake tapper has the story for us. >> reporter: just a few days ago, senator john ensign, nevada republican, brought his senate career to its sad and pathetic end. >> i was blind to how arrogant and self-centered i had become. >> reporter: it was hard to
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imagine that ensign, just a few years ago, was talked about as a potential presidential candidate. that ended when he admitted his affair with this woman, wife of his closest friends and top senate aide, doug hamptson. >> it's absolutely the worst thing that i have ever done in my life. >> reporter: worst, cheap, crude. pick your adjective. doug told "nightline's" cynthia mcfadden about a trip he took. >> i asked him if i could use his phone the call cindy. instead of controlling to cindy hampton, he scrolls to aunt judy. like covert cover-up for cindy hampton. and i realized, wow. wow. something is seriously wrong. >> reporter: after that trip, the senate ethics report says, ensign was confronted, here at his d.c. home, by his spiritual adviser, tim coe, and others,
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and agreed to end the affair. but two days later, doug saw ensign's car and his wife's car in a parking lot. coe called ensign and said, i know exactly where you are. i know exactly what you're doing. put on your pants and go home. ensign said he would not leave the hotel room, telling mr. coe, i can't. i love her. the allegations are that ensign violated civil and criminal laws. false or misleading statements, shredded documents and other destruction of evidence. hush money. ensign tells officials to hire hampton as a lobbyist. and after one declined to hire hampton, ensign told his chief of staff to, quote, jack him up to high heaven. and told him he was cut off from ensign. at times the ethics report reads like a criminal investigation. at times, like a cheap, dimestore novel. but ensign's attorney says he has done nothing against the law. george?
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>> thanks. we have new warnings this morning that your bank account could be in jeopardy if you use your debit card when you shop. the u.s. secret service is investigating massive case of fraud at the michael's chain of craft stores. it's spread to 20 states. and elisabeth leamy has the story. >> reporter: these two chicago area women didn't know each other. but somehow, they figured out the key to what has become major case. crooks had made withdrawals from both their accounts. >> they were from atms from nowhere i ever been to. >> reporter: the women told friends about the theft. those friends introduced them on facebook. and when they started chatting, they discovered they both shopped at michaels, known for its crafts and the last place you expect fraud. >> i couldn't believe it. it's such a well-known score. there had to be a skimming device that was capturing and assuming our p.i.n. numbers. >> reporter: she's right. sophisticated crime rings know
7:16 am
how to replace or reprogram p.i.n. pads right in the checkout lane. >> when we're using technology that's as old as a magnetic strip that can be duplicated, i would definitely be worried. it makes it extremely easy for the criminals to clone our cards and steal our identities. >> reporter: in fact, i was able to buy a card-cloning machine on the internet. security consultant chris o'farrell showed me how to clone my own card. you put in the card and p.i.n. then, swipe a blank card in the machine. >> this now is a duplicate of your credit card. it took two seconds. >> reporter: that's it? >> that's it. that's all there is. >> reporter: the fbi says low-level criminals called cashers, use your cloned card to hit atms and drain your account. and here's the worst part. debit cards tap straight into your own bank account. so at the very least, you're going to be without your money while the bank investigates.
7:17 am
worst case scenario, if you fail to notice the theft for 60 days or more, by law, you are liable. and the bank does not have to reimburse you, george. >> that's scary. the money's gone before you know it. eli, thanks very much. now, let's go to josh elliott with the headlines. good morning to all of you. thousands of people are being sent packing in louisiana. that's because for the first time since the 1970s, engineers are about to open the spillway on the flooded mississippi river. it is to protect new orleans and baton rouge. but thousands of properties will be inundated. meanwhile, high drama on the highest peak in the country. two climbers fell thousands of feet. one was killed. another was rescued by helicopter. at one point, winds topped 70 miles per hour. in utah, a woman survived a terrifying avalanche that swept her 1,000 feet down a mountain.
7:18 am
and however remarkably, she's going to be okay. not so, for homes in southern california, as flames tore through this row of million-dollar beach houses. it took 100 firefighters to get it under control. and you can see there, cameras rolling when the middle house collapsed. no word yet on what started the fire. and a major smuggling bust this morning in bangkok. not drugs. not guns. exotic baby animals. a first-class passenger bound for dubai is in custody, arrested for carrying suitcases filled with baby leopards, panthers, monkeys, even a bear. all the animals had been drugged. you wonder what on earth they thought they could do. i mean, it's incredible. it is absolutely incredible. and, well, again in custody at this hour. >> we have happy animals with jack hanna coming up later. >> we do. >> and beautiful video coming up. thanks so much, josh. happy friday, sam champion. >> happy friday, everybody.
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there are no good answers to that flooding situation. even if they open up the more began zarks that's polluted water they're flooding with. we watch thunderstorms from new orleans all the way towards st. louis. this is the worst thunderstorm shaded in red there. keep up with your local abc station. here's how much rain is hitting the mississippi river area right there. it's more than two inches of rain. one to two inches of rain in a lot of locations. that's too much water for that zone. we remind you that 50% of our state of texas is in the highest level of drought possible.
7:20 am
>> unbelievable pictures of a tornado in taiwan when we come back. robin? >> sam, thank you. coming up, so many of you outraged by our botox story. the mom giving her 8-year-old injections. now, an investigation is under way. will her child be taken away? plus, ashton kutcher is in. charlie sheen, definitely out.
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[ male announcer ] beggin' strips! made with real bacon. there's no time like beggin' time. [ dogs] bacon...bacon... bacon...bacon... a yemeni man accused of trying to ram his way into a cockpit on a flight is due back in court this morning. a judge will determine 28-year-old rageh al-murisi is free on bail. he is charged with interfering
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with a flight crew in the sunday night incident. they had to restrain hill. he had no luggage but was carrying several forms of i.d. and $13,000 in checks. take a look at the friday morning commuted. >> light at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays, metering lights are on, you will still find heavy traffic like westbound 4, lone tree way to 242, 30 minutes and almost 40 minutes with an accident livermore, westbound 580. >> thank you. when we come back, lisa argen and the weekend weather forecast.
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good morning, temperatures range from the low 40s in the north bay, 55 in los gatos. clear start but low clouds filling in along the shoreline. sunny and mild day. 60s and 70s, much cooler and we're talking rain by the evening hours. 62 in san francisco today. >> eric: the news continues now
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he is a real-life tarzan, living with the animals. we're going to take you inside his wild life and his search for a woman to be his jane. we say good morning, america, on this friday morning. >> got a new twist on taking over the family business. >> he does. >> that's coming up. also ahead, look who is winning now. ashton kutcher. looks like he's going to be taking over the role for charlie sheen. the role that charlie sheen made famous on "two and a half men." it happened late, late last night. we're getting some tweets. >> winning. we're going right to a story that provoked huge reaction when we first brought it to you yesterday. we introduced you to a mom who says she injects her 8-year-old
7:31 am
daughter with botox before beauty pageants. we asked you to weigh in. overwhelming response. 18,000 of you voting that you were outraged by her action. but it wasn't just our viewers. it touched a nerve nationwide. lara, you brought it to us yesterday. >> reporter: without question. viewers believe what this mother did, injecting her little girl for so-called wrinkles, was wrong. so many questions for us. is this a crime? and could britney be taken away from her mother? and how could a little girl look in the mirror and see anything but innocence? >> i just don't like wrinkles when i see them. >> reporter: it is the story sparking outrage. what did it feel like to get botox? >> hurts. and i get used to it. >> reporter: on thursday, we showed you this mother injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox. does it look better after you get botox? >> yeah. it looks way better. >> reporter: now, abc news has learned that the san francisco
7:32 am
human services agency is investigating britney's mom, kerry. >> pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an 8-year-old with botox. certainly, is grounds for an investigation. >> reporter: kerry told me, she does not believe she's endangering britney's health in any way. and that her daughter asked for the injections. >> i do the botox myself. it's safe. >> reporter: but many others disagree. from the ladies of "the viewvie" . >> this is the dumbest momma i've seen in my life. >> reporter: on, we asked if you think it's okay to inject botox in an 8-year-old. and 97% of you say it's wrong. on twitter and facebook, more than 2,000 responses. most claiming kerry's actions are a serious offense. >> that is sick. botox is a choice for adults, not kids. >> our job is to protect our children, and nurture them.
7:33 am
not to alter our children's appearances. >> reporter: dr. doris day said the injection is safe. but she would never inject it in a minor. >> there's no reason to use it for cosmetic purposes in an 8-year-old child. any risk is too much of a risk to take. >> reporter: and remember when kerry told us that botox is a secret that pageant moms share. >> i'm not the only mom that does it. a lot of moms do it. >> reporter: one pageant coach disagrees. >> it's not what pageantry is able. and this woman is doing a disservice to her daughter. >> reporter: is this the case of a well-meaning mother going too far? or is it simply child abuse? now, it's up to san francisco child welfare services to make that decision. and sources say the reason child protective services had to get involved because there were too many unknowns here. not clear on what the mom's training was. not clear on where she's getting the botox. and not clear on whether or not
7:34 am
she consulted britney's pediatrician, which is california's state law, to have supervised botox. especially -- fda doesn't even say it's okay to use botox in this type of case for a child. not okay. >> just opens up a lot of questions. and some answers for us here. we have dr. richard besser, of course. and dr. logan levkoff. she is author of the book "third base ain't what it used to be." the fda guidelines when it comes to botox. >> fda approves drugs. and botox is not approved for the use of cosmetic purposes in children. it is used for some other things. in children who are cross-eyed, it's a very effective treatment. children with painful twisting of muscles, it can be very useful. but not approved for cosmetic purposes. >> what about the side effects? >> this is a toxin. it works by paralyzing muscles.
7:35 am
it gets rid of the wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles that cause your skin to wrinkle. if you inject it in the face and it drifts to your throat, it can prevent you from following. if it gets to your diaphragm, it can stop you from breathing. and young child, if you use it on the face, it can change the shape of your face. the muscles form with the phones to form what your face looks like. >> and lara reported more on "nightline" last night. and a lot of it had to do with people outraged saying, this sends a wrong message to a young girl. >> it's sending a terrible message. that her worth and success in life is measured by her face and her looks. and the mother/daughter relationship is so fraught and complicated to begin with. how is the little girl going to grow up seeking approval. and this is part of the beauty pageant culture to begin with. oversexualized little girls. and girls trapped in this one time where this is their one
7:36 am
image of beauty. and it's unhealthy. >> what about the boundary between parent and child? the same person that is injecting something that clearly hurts the child, is supposed to be the person who nurtures and makes the child feel better? there's clearly a boundary being crossed there. >> yes. and it's our job as parents to tell our kids every day that they are kind and special and beautiful as is. and this mother clearly hasn't done that. >> she was saying that. she repeated it as nauseam. my daughter is beautiful as is. but if she wants botox. >> okay. but kids don't say, i have wrinkles. >> come on, you think the 8-year-old was saying, i want botox? >> she learned that from someone else. >> right. >> from this whole body, this idea that we have one standard of beauty. surprised that an 8-year-old knows what wrinkles are, and know what botox is, is a scary commentary on society today. >> what would you have done as a
7:37 am
doctor? >> as a doctor, if i had seen this mother, i would be required to report them to protective services because it's maltreatment. and you don't need proof. but that would require an investigation. any doctor who would give a parent botox to administer to their child should lose their license. i mean, that's a given. there's no state where you don't need to be a licensed doctor or under direct supervision of a doctor to inject this. >> let's be clear now what happens next. they are looking into it. an investigation has been launched. >> right. >> this doesn't necessarily mean that britney will be taken away. >> absolutely not. it may be that they're put into parenting classes. they're redirected. she's taught. when a child asks for things. as a parent, my children ask for things all the time. it doesn't mean that you give them all of those things. >> the question, number one question from our viewers, is she fit to be a parent? >> just because people can be parents biologically doesn't always mean they should be. but i think the more important
7:38 am
question, can we use this as a mirror to look at our own lives and say, what are the values? what are we giving our kids? are we telling them to meet these unattainable standards? and are we sending them the right messages every day? >> thank you very much. i'm sure a discussion that will continue. and join the thousands that have weighed in on this controversial story. go to our website to cast your vote. time for sam. and i think you said it best yesterday, when you saw this story. no, no, no, no, no. >> it's just what you think when you see it. i still feel the same way. let's get to the boards. an incredible storm that created a tornado in taiwan yesterday. take a look at this. this is 20 stories high. lasted a while. moved through new taipei city. about one a year in taiwan. but an interesting stat came out today as we look at the storms in the u.s. that's one of the largest global
7:39 am
insurers in the country, said we had five $1 billion weather disasters since the start of this year in the u.s., from blizzards, to floods, to tornadoes, to storms. that's an amazing stat on its own. gorgeous weather on the west coast today. how about drier and better from portland all the way to san francisco to fresno to l.a. today. we haven't talked a lot about the west coast. here comes the line of storms moving east today. and once the system kind of gets into the northeast, looks like it's a cloudy, off and on showery ti it's friday. robin, all that weather was brought to you by lens crafters. >> you tarzan, me jane. next, he's the real tarzan. where is his jane? a story of animal attraction,
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now, your home life may feel a little crazy at times. but imagine if you were actually living with wild animals. that's what a 21-year-old guy in south carolina is doing. and it's all to make sure he is ready to take over the family business. matt gutman spent the day with tarzan man. here's matt. >> reporter: george, good morning.
7:44 am
every tarzan man is probably looking for his jane. and who wouldn't want to wake up with a bunch of these guys crawling over you in the corning. behind us there's 67 live adult tigers. they require so much dedication. 500 pounds of meat just for breakfast. and that's not something that everybody, every potential jane, is willing to put up with. so, this is the preferred mode of transportation here. imagine going to work on an elephant. >> take a ride, bubbles. >> reporter: swimming with tigers. and taking work home with you, with fur. you'd be some kind of tarzan. that's what cody calls himself. >> i believe i have a connection with them because of the way i have been raised. >> reporter: which is with tiger cubs plunked right in his crib. and with his sister, growing up. >> it's interesting. don't have to have a car. >> reporter: doubles is 30. and kody, 21. like the fictional tarzan, kody
7:45 am
is typically quiet. this is how he best communicates. and yes, tigers, apparently do like water. and we learned his friends are pretty curious. when they're cubs, it's cute. when they're 350 pounds, scary and not so cute. this preserve has more tigers than anywhere else in the world, 67. and kody is a star of a three-hour, $200 immersion into the animal world here. it can be lonely, as i learned in a conversation, where else? up in a tree. like the fictional tarzan, kody has had a hard time finding his jane. >> the best and the worst things in the world. but it certainly is the most amazing thing you can do. >> reporter: locally, folks got used to the sight of kody taking his buddy for a walk. >> we're going to go around the corner here. >> reporter: george, so, this
7:46 am
looks pretty natural to someone like kody, playing with the tigers. it looks like a lot of fun. for a lot of folks, doing something that kody is doing, basically hypnotizing the tiger, to learn. >> you have to pick up the tiger cub like a mom. your fingers have to go in the same spots where the teeth would go. you can take him for a walk. >> and he is getting all floppy. >> all relaxed. it is fun and cute. baa lot of work, too, george. >> pretty cute. pretty cool. kody, i'll bet your e-mail will be lighting up today. thanks for coming on. you can see much more of the story tonight on "nightline." and coming up, we have triple-double trouble on set. the new supersized oreo. plus, how far would you go to look better after a breakup. why some women are going beyond getting a hair cut. it's called revenge plastic getting a hair cut. it's called revenge plastic surgery. ♪ and i feel like... [ female announcer ] kellogg's® wants to make kids happy one tummy at a time. because 9 out of 10 kids don't get the fiber they need,
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this morning. we have breaking news on the snack front. it has leaked. the triple-double stuffed oreo. that's not the triple-stuffed. not two, but three layers. >> has his own version. >> deconstructing the oreo here. >> we've been building different kinds of oreos. it's like a lego project. >> i think we all agree, though. you don't mess with perfection. >> yeah. >> you don't mess with opposable thumbs. this is a perfect ratio. >> bottom line from josh elliott. with an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem. today we have pradaxa to reduce the risk of a stroke caused by a clot. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin.
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
smoon on track to exceed overtime budget by $18 million this year. san francisco chronicle reports muni can be down 300 of the 1500 drivers need order any given day that means working operators need to be on overtime or there would be fewer buses providing service. >> good morning everyone. 45 in redwood city. 51 in san jose. more 60 ace and 70s. we got a rainy cold weekend. rain arrives late tomorrow. >> unfortunately not completes
7:57 am
delay free on westbound 80. traffic is a little sluggish. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays at all. but crowded conditions 680 through walnut creek. >> news continues now with "good the same thing twice.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
[ cheers ] one story of animals at a time. we have an exceptional "your three words" this morning, that we cannot wait to show you. i love this video. >> jack hanna. all his friends at the columbus zoo. they had a lot of fun, with how they start their day. we'll have a little of that coming up. that's coming up. also, the -- i did not know about this trend. but it's out there. people going under the knife,
8:01 am
after a nasty breakup, in order to get revenge. >> i heard about, you know, losing weight and wanting to look your best. but to take it to that degree after a breakup. >> ashleigh banfield talked to a lot of women. we're going to see that. and we've been calling him our new guy. he is our new guy, josh elliott. but does he have bad habits? and how can those bad habits affect your health? we put his everyday routine to the test. >> sleeping and showering. >> i'm telling you. we have ashton kutcher, a big star in his own right, taking over for charlie sheen on "two and a half men." charlie was the highest-paid sitcom star. >> pretty happy about it on twitter. >> he is tweeting a lot. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> ow. oh, stop. >> reporter: it's been tv's
8:02 am
top-rated sitcom. now, the task of saving the billion-dollar hit, "two and a half men," from a month-long savaging by charlie sheen, may be falling to ashton kutcher, who began his career on "that '70s show." ♪ you may think this song is stupid ♪ >> reporter: and in the monumentally moronic, "dude, where's my car?" since then, he has risen to prominence, due to his mtv gotcha show, "punk'd." his 2005 marriage to demi moore, 15 years his senior. and his million-plus followers on twitter, who received this tantalizing tweet last night. what's the square root of 6.25?
8:03 am
the answer, 2 1/2. kuchar has no box office bonanzas to his credit. but his i'm up for anything, figures to make him a kinder, gentler hedonist, compared to sheen, who earned $1.5 million an episode. no word on what kuchar will make. his hiring, like the news that hugh grant was also in the running for the role, suggests the "two and a half men" producers will move from the audience and cast the lead to set female hearts aflutter, like hers. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> chris, thank you very much. we have a great audience down here. i don't tell you what part of my body she's going to put on facebook. she already made me aware of that. sam has to get prepared. first, back upstairs. new guy, josh, with the developing stories right now.
8:04 am
>> thank you. we do continue to follow some breaking news at this hour. what's being called the first retaliatory attack for the death of osama bin laden. the taliban, claiming responsibility for the bloodiest attack in pakistan this year. dozens of military recruits have been killed. our nick schifrin has just arrived at the scene. nick? >> reporter: the 800 recruits who were training here were just about to go home. they graduated yesterday. they had a party. and this morning, they boarded these vans in order to leave. and that's when two suicide bombers drove up in motorcycles and exploded in this group of vans, killing more than 80, injuring more than 150. the pakistani taliban are claiming credit today, saying this attack is in revenge for osama bin laden's death. the fact is, they attacked this area before. over the mountains, there's a war going on between the taliban and the pakistani army. this area has been so affected. there's killings, kidnappings. when i come here, i have to wear
8:05 am
local clothes to blend in and not make myself a target. more than 4,000 pakistani police and soldiers have died her since 9/11. and this war is going to get more violent. the pakistani taliban is vowing more attacks for osama bin laden. in the meantime, u.s. intelligence officials say they learned more about al qaeda in the last ten years than in the last ten years, all thanks to the material found inside osama bin laden's compound. they've finally been given access to osama bin laden's three wives. but we were told the wives were hostile and not cooperating. texas republican congressman ron paul made it official this morning here on "good morning america." he's joining the 2012 race for the white house. the now three-time presidential hopeful is a fierce critic of government spending. and is considered the intellectual godfather of the tea party. meanwhile, looks like facebook has been caught red-handed. the company admits of hiring a p.r. firm to plant negative
8:06 am
stories in the media against google. facebook says it denies it was a smear campaign, saying it only wanted to highlight privacy concerns. now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> a great good morning to you, josh. tonight, a sign of the times. the women trying to help their husbands become president by putting their own past and the secrets of their marriages out in public? will it pay off? what does it mean? as you watch tonight on "world news," we'll try to tell you. see you then. >> thanks, diane. and getting a parking ticket is never fun. especially when it's going to cost you $835. that's what one woman in iowa got because she parked on the grass outside of a sports complex in council bluffs. she's fighting it. says the fine doesn't fit the crime. city officials disagree. they used to charge $15 for the offense. but they multiplied that by 50 when people just weren't getting the message. so, it's now up to $750, not
8:07 am
including an $85 processing fee. so, note to self, and to you, sam champion, do not park on the grass in council bluffs, iowa. but sometimes, josh, it's the closest place to the door. i'm only kidding. there's a big crowd from council bluffs. council bluffs, give us a big wave. big crowd in the audience this morning. first of all, huge friday audience. you guys, thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for making the sign. i appreciate it. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on. you picked a young picture of me. that always works better for me. let's get to the boards. wgno, everything we know about new orleans comes from them. it looks like into the deep south, a line of strong thunderstorms and thunder showers. and new orleans is awaiting the crest.
8:08 am
probably not next monday but the monday after that, is when we think the crest will be on the mississippi towards the new orleans area. nice things on the west coast today. drier from seattle to portland. we haven't talked about you enough. this week, san francisco's at about 58 degrees, as well. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." you don't want to miss this. what's the best revenge when you get out of a divorce? is it maybe a brand-new face? we're going to show you the trend of people coming out of a divorce getting a whole, new
8:09 am
look. also this morning, the dusting, cleaning the grout. is that that really bad for your health? josh will tell us if it is or not. and what would you do if you saw a really tough mom going at it? what would you do? she's yelling. she's screaming. are you going to get involved? we'll find out in the "what would you do?" coming up next. [ woman ] jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage while i took refuge from the pollen that made me sneeze. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
8:14 am
that old saying, living well is the best revenge, is being rivaled by looking well is the best revenge. one of the trends in plastic surgery is revenge surgery. going back under the knife to get back in the dating scene and maybe get back at their ex. ashleigh banfield is looking into this. >> you look very young and married this morning. i have to be honest. about a quarter of people, according to a new study, are walking into the plastic surgeon's office, newly divorced. they're getting everything from a shot of botox, to a whole, new, set of -- you know what. and it seems to be a message to their ex-husbands. you see what you're missing?
8:15 am
alicia hunter, married mother of two. alicia hunter, single mother of two. a transformation even she can't believe. >> to feel good within your own skin. i always thought it would be a little bit life-changing. and it has been. >> reporter: she's 60 pounds lighter with new breasts and a few tweaks of botox. and alicia says she never felt better. >> if i didn't lose some weight and did some tweaking, i don't think i would step foot out of the house, except to go grocery shopping and picking up my kids from school. i wouldn't have the nerve to go out on the dating scene. >> reporter: surprising, especially thins alicia works in the beauty business. married seven years, she and her husband split over three years ago. and strangely, she says he compliments her more now than ever before. >> he was complimentary, when he was not when we were together.
8:16 am
>> reporter: really? >> very much so, yeah. imagine that. >> reporter: is it revenge surgery? >> i believe for some people it probably is. for me, fortunately, it was not. i think it would be hard if it were a petty reason for doing something other than for yourself and for your own self-confidence. >> reporter: what do you say to the people who say, that is just so wrong? >> there's a lot of people that do feel that way. >> reporter: she says men get a break from the damage that pregnancy does to a woman's body. >> a little softer. a little wider. women are not really allowed to -- >> reporter: look like moms. >> look like moms. >> reporter: she is not the only one that feels this way. dr. marina peredo got a couple tweaks of her divorce. >> it's hard to pick up and start after many years of marriage. i think the fact they've taken time and doing something for themselves for a change. >> reporter: dr. jon turk agrees, a new york plastic
8:17 am
surgery, whose clients include supermodels. he says about 25% of his patients are post-divorce. some trying to get in a procedure before they lose the credit card. but he says he warns angry ex-wives about taking drastic action. >> looking to use surgery to make their spouse jealous or to just, you know, fill some type of emotional void, those are the ones that i think we need to really counsel carefully. >> they say, the best revenge is looking good. >> reporter: this is kelly langford before. she saw dr. turk after her divorce, for a little nip and tuck in the face and neck. >> seeing dr. turk, after seeing your lawyer, probably the most important step after that. >> reporter: regardless, when alicia hits the single scene now, she is surprised at the kind of attention a 40-year-old single mom can attract. >> i would say probably in their late 20s, which is not somebody
8:18 am
i personally would date. it's beyond flattering. >> reporter: has she set a limit on how young or old she will date? >> i think the sky's the limit, personally. it's a wonderful time to be a woman. i think it's a wonderful time to be a woman in their 40s. >> reporter: amen, alicia. and alicia and kelly said they did not see their procedures provenge. the majority of post-divorce patients are women. but, george -- >> are you suggesting something? >> have been men, more and more, starting to rise. and i am not admitting, suggesting for a moment, that you need anything. you look lovely. lovely mr. stephanopoulos. >> hey, robin. >> you can come over here, george. we're showing nothing but love for you. here with josh. why are they hanging out? this segment has nothing to do with those two. >> yeah. they're lurking.
8:19 am
this is never good. >> just hanging out. >> this is about you and your daily routine. >> or distinct lack thereof. it turns out, there are all sorts of things we do every day that could actually be harming us. things you would never consider to be the least bit harmful. i, myself, make at least three, major unhealthy mistakes before i even leave the house in the morning. >> just three? >> at least three. three, et cetera. let's take a look at said three. everyone knows that smoking, drinking, bingeing on junk food are all bad for you. but did you know there are other seemingly benign daily routines that could be bad for our health? like getting too much sleep. sleep experts say the idea of getting eight hours of sleep each night could actually leave you feeling more tired. humans have evolved, have very flexible sleep patterns. and a short 15-minute nap during the day can be as effective as
8:20 am
an extra hour at night. first thing i do every morning when i get up, brush my teeth. our second bad habit. rinsing after you brush your teeth. some dentists say rinsing washes away the protective fluoride coating after brushing. so, fight the urge to wet your toothbrush. or drink anything after you brush. but that might be tough. and who doesn't love a piping-hot shower in the morning? another bad routine, showering every day. experts say using super hot water with soap, can strip the skin of its oil. resulting in dryness, cracking and infection. if you can't stand the idea of skipping a shower, use cooler waters. if you're like me, right when you get home from work, all you want to do is clean. but housework may be bad for you. a recent study found that those who take on most of the responsibility for running a
8:21 am
home had significantly higher blood pressure than those who left it to someone else. plus, some studies have linked household clinic products to asthma. so, give yourself a break. nap more, chill on the showering, and maybe, just maybe, ask somebody else to pick up the housework. it's good for you. >> all right. two weeks in. and you're already showing us a bare shoulder. two weeks in. >> i can't believe that america was clamoring for anything. but -- endless loop. thank you. i really appreciate that, voice in my ear. oh, good. we have some "b" roll. the shower outtakes. >> please, don't show the shower outtakes. >> no. i will say this, though. with regard to the piece. apparently being a 17-year-old slacker is really healthy. who knew we were at our healthiest? >> they put in a good 10, 12 hours a day. >> easily. >> did you change anything? >> i changed exactly -- of course i didn't change anything.
8:22 am
i'm not going to walk around with toothpaste in my mouth for 12 hours. anybody forgoing the shower in the morning? who is forgoing the shower? the morning? >> why is everyone looking at me. why am i the dirty one? >> and no cleaning for me. but that's nothing. we got something fun right now. >> i love this. >> one of our favorite features. "your three words." and we asked jack hanna to team up with his friends at the columbus zoo, for a very special edition of cheetah, penguins and lions. set to "the sound of sunshine," by michael frente and spearhead. ♪ one, two, three ♪ i wish i had some time today i wish i had a dime for every
8:23 am
bill i got ♪ ♪ some days, you lose, you win i jump back in ♪ ♪ learn to swim keep my head above it ♪ ♪ the best i can that's why ♪ ♪ here i am waiting for the sunshine ♪ ♪ and that's the sound of sunshine, coming down ♪ ♪ one, two, three you have a little work ♪ ♪ i open up my hand he said, i'm glad to see ♪ ♪ they can take away my job but not my friends, you see ♪ ♪ and here i am just waiting for this storm to pass me by ♪ ♪ and that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ and that's the sound of
8:24 am
sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ you're the one i want to be with when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ you're the one i want to be with when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ you're the one i want to be with when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ you're the one i want to be with when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ and that's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down when the sun goes down ♪ >> so, we have to thank our
8:25 am
filmmaking genius, allen. let's bring in jack hanna right now at the columbus zoo. look at those cheetahs. jack, tell us about them. >> i'll tell you what. that is one of the finest pieces. i've done animal shows for 28 years. what "good morning america" did, that 2 1/2 minutes, that is a prize you had. already a prize. i had to get up early in the morning to chase them 50 miles per hour to do what you want me to do. you could have picked a turtle or something. aren't they beautiful, though? >> you got them calmed down. >> these were born in the wilds. our beautiful place here at the zoo. people can see the cheetahs roam in the 30-acre field. they're gorgeous. about nine months old. fastest mammal in the world, by the way. >> we saw you with a large animal in the video. a rhino. were you really brushing its teeth? >> i was brushing that rhino's teeth. it's hard to brush my teeth. when you get older, whatever.
8:26 am
they smell. you try to brush the teeth at 8:00 in the morning. >> we saw you feeding a palm sivet. a lot of people aren't familiar with that animal. >> what i should have done, is not eaten the banana after the palm sivet. a lot of people lost their lives. i didn't realize what i was doing. he doesn't have sars. but i ate a banana after he had it. i'm trying to do things. "good morning america," i try to do everything i can for you. >> remember the penguins, when you and i -- this is sam, by the way -- when they got away from us. and you had them, as well. >> sam knows the penguins. we opened the water slide. and sam and i jumped in to make sure they weren't in the filtering system. >> we have to go with the picture of the penguins.
8:27 am
hd 3 h@ >> guest: yemeni man accused of trying to ram his way into a cockpit into flight to sfo is due back in court this morning. a judge will determine if rageh al-murisi is going to be free on bail. he is charged with interfering with a flight crew. investigators say he had no luggage but he was carrying several forms of i.d. and $13,000 in checks. is it friday light out there? >> except in one spot. mountain view, on shoreline, almost like yesterday. traffic very heavy out of sunnyvale. it's not backed up to san jose
8:28 am
like yesterday. you'll find very fry light traffic and a toll plaza, fine across the san mateo bridge. >> at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
8:29 am
good morning, we have sunshine and some fog out there. 47 in redwood city and 50 in san francisco. today more sunshine and cooler at our beaches with strong onshore flow. getting breezy in the afternoon.
8:30 am
take a look at this, cloudy and cooler tomorrow, showers move late into sunday and chances of rain ne ♪ i hope everybody comes back two weeks from today because we're counting down to the event of the summer. lady gaga live in central park. only here on "good morning america." all the little monsters are so excited about this. it's friday may 27th, two weeks from today. our most spectacular summer concert series to date. no doubt. >> it's going to be unbelievable. we want all of you to channel your inner gaga and make a video of you dancing to lady gaga. and send them in to and you might see yourself right here on "good morning america." >> you know the heels that she can wear, lady gaga, off the charts.
8:31 am
kelly ripa, though, she let us into her closet to talk about her addiction to wearing shoes that are sky-high. our good friend, juju, who is now on "nightline," brought this piece to them recently. we're going to have it here today. look at this. watch it right here. we have a mom blasting her daughter in public for getting an a-minus on a test. what are the patrons watching going to do? "what would you do?" coming up. >> yeah. somebody's missing. sam. outside. he knows. he's with the people, as always. >> of course. look at all this. look at all this. this is just our little corner of the world in times square. and, as i like to say, if these people aren't here, this is not exciting on the corner. it is this morning. where are you from? >> virginia. >> wait a minute. you had something to do with this sign? like honestly? >> my sister is virginia. and so, i wrote hi. >> you wrote that part. hi, sis. that's pretty cool.
8:32 am
say your name, so she knows. >> nathan. >> her name. >> allison. >> very good. now she knows. you said hi. let's get to the boards. we'll show you our favorite town. hey, lara, wabc. lara spencer and i both came from wabc in new york city. they know everything there is no know about new york. this morning, it's a little cloudy. we'll stay dry. we think for awhile today. but the weekend is not as nice as the week has been. this is why. once the low and associated front gets shoved into the northeast, it's likely to want to hang around for a while. it's not wet the entire next three days. but it's on and off wet for the next three days. philadelphia is involved in that. over the weekend, the storms squeeze down into central florida. it's nice and dry in texas. texas needs some rain. and a brand-new system moves in in the second half of the weekend. you're from texas? yeah.
8:33 am
>> from outside times square to inside times square. >> all right. girls love to wear high-heel shoes. you have little girls. they slip on the shoes like that. >> sure do. >> let's show them, lara. these are like little three-inch heels. >> these are our sort of relaxed shoes. >> we're not trying to hurt anybody. it really helps. >> something about the way you feel. the way you stand. i don't know. >> yeah. all that. so, people think if you have three-inch heels, you look good. six-inch heels, does that mean you look even better? our dear friend, juju chang, looked into it. >> let's go. ♪ >> reporter: sky-high platforms are trademark lady gaga.
8:34 am
so, a little tumble is no shock. but when mariah -- yikes -- starts falling head-over-high-heels, not to mention a bevy of supermodels, it has to be the shoes. designers are daring woman to scale new heights, in platforms, wedges, stilettos. and even claws. cow and horse hoofs. higher than ever. the higher the better. 6, 7, even 11 inches high. high heels have doubled since the 1970s, rising from an average of three to seven inches. and the queen of high-heels, kelly ripa. >> how are you? >> reporter: i'm well. >> welcome to my humble abode. >> reporter: the inner sanctum. >> the inner sanctum. the inner shoe sanctum.
8:35 am
>> reporter: she's famous as regis' sidekick. but infamous for her stilettos. do you like it because of the way you feel? or the way they look? >> for whatever reason, i look taller and skinnier. i look for confident, because i feel more confident. >> and an eight-inch heel. this is like a stiletto. >> isn't that something? at my foundation, i have no life. so, this is like, it. this is my hobby. this is what i have. >> reporter: a good hobby. new york's bergdorf goodman has a legendary shoe department. look at these! >> don't you want those right now? >> reporter: "us weekly" fashion director says heels can't get much higher. they're close to seven. like six and change. >> yes. >> reporter: or much pricier. this is $6,000. >> but they sell. >> reporter: why is this shoe synonymous with sex? >> i just think it's something so superhigh, and dangerous, and
8:36 am
sexual that women grave tate toward, and men. everybody, wear those shoes and, boom. >> reporter: explain to me in the macro, women's love affair with shoes? >> it changes your outfit. it changes your posture. men love cars. women love shoes. >> reporter: but do men love women in sky-high shoes? are you dating this girl? or this girl? >> ooh. it depends. >> i think someday you want to end up with this girl. but right now this, is where we're leaning. >> reporter: maybe they're leaning towards these girls. >> we're here with crunch with stiletto strength so you can rock out the heels whenever you want to. >> reporter: working on stiletto strength in the aptly-named crunch gym class. for some, the quest for altitude can get treacherous. podiatrists say they're seeing an uptick in broken ankles, shortened achilles' tendons and bunions. that hasn't stopped thousands of women joining kelly ripa in a foot race dubbed the
8:37 am
high-heel-a-thon. she started it two years ago. >> initially, it just seemed like a fun idea. i thought that i would win. i thought, i will blow these women out of the water. it's different to maneuver. >> reporter: one woman this year did a full face-plant. >> yes. she dove across the finish line. >> you're in a lot of pain. you're bleeding all over the place. what happened? >> i won. >> atta girl. >> reporter: they say pain is the price for beauty. and kelly ripa herself stirred up controversy, for being a little too devoted to her fashionable footwear, even during a stress fracture. the blogosphere went a little bananas, though, when you came out in krichs, wearing high heels. >> yes. that was probably not my finest moment. my hip doctor went insane. >> reporter: but she cannot resist the high she says she gets from her heels.
8:38 am
>> i'm never confident about what i'm wearing on my body ever. ever. i always feel like i made the wrong choice. but i'm always confident about my shoe choice. here we go. >> reporter: who knows? maybe next year, i'll run in the high-heel-a-thon. >> these are too high. >> reporter: those are way too high. then again, maybe not. >> so good to see juju again. i'm telling you. it's something we're talking about. from a small age, it's put into us. >> you, as a woman think high-heels and you think sexier. it's what kelly said. there's just something about it. you have to admit. a nice pair of legs and heels, it's not a bad thing. >> i'm not opposed. i'm a flip-flop guy myself. i can't comment here. >> far more important, we just saw your next assignment, josh. >> the high-heel race. josh. >> i'm going to tell you right now. i'm going to squash all the rumors, there's no way. okay? there's no way. in fact, i'll quit. i'll walk out right now. >> that's the third time you've tried that. >> it's going to happen. one of these days, it's
8:39 am
happening. nice two-week stint. >> it's two weeks. >> i'm done. i'm done. >> he's coming back. does this mother make the grade? it's a provocative "what would you do?" when unsuspecting diners meet a loudly critical you do?" when unsuspecting diners meet a loudly critical mom.
8:40 am
my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter...
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it's time, now, for our latest "what would you do?" this week's dilemma, whether to confront the ultimate tiger mom. john quinones is back with us. >> amy chua wrote the book on strict, asian parenting. she ignited a firestorm of controversy when she did so. and even received death threats.
8:43 am
so, we wondered would people be as outspoken if they encounter a tough tiger mother in person? we gave our actors a scenario straight from the pages of the tiger mother book. an a-minus is a bad grade. a tiger mother can order her kids to get perfect grades. >> a-minus. just like an "f." in our family, everybody gets an "a." it's unacceptable. >> reporter: we set up our cameras in white plains, new york. and we wait for reactions. >> we've been through this how many times? it's ridiculous. nobody in our family gets an a-minus, period. >> a-minus? >> reporter: remarkably, it only takes a few minutes for diners to step in. >> can i say something, please? you talk to her in that way, it's not going to help her.
8:44 am
>> i want her to be excellent. that's why i'm doing this. you never listen. and on top of that, you're lazy. >> reporter: gina and her mother, ann, look stunned by the harsh words they're hearing. >> you're sorry? i didn't raise you to be mediocre. you're a disappointment. and you know what? you're not going to eat now. >> reporter: not going to eat? as outrageous as that sounds, in her book, author amy chua, made a similar threat to take away meals and more. >> no daughter of mine is going to get an a-minus. make me look like i'm a terrible mother. everything i do, i do for you. >> reporter: for 20 agonizing minutes, the women stay silent. >> you can't keep trying. you have to do it. how many times do i have to tell you? come on. you just don't listen. you know what? i'll be right back. >> reporter: now, ann feels comfortable enough to check on the young girl. >> are you all right, sweetheart? can i do anything for you?
8:45 am
>> my mother is so hard on me. >> i know that. everybody in this diner can hear that. >> reporter: when the tiger mother comes back, the women are ready to explode. >> are you bothering people? what's wrong with you? >> lady, chill out. >> leave her alone. leave that child alone! >> she is doing her homework. i need to -- >> you're screaming at her. it's ridiculous. >> you are the worst parent i have ever seen. >> you are a disgrace. >> no, she's a disgrace. >> no, she isn't. she's a little girl! >> you see what you did to me? >> no, please. she didn't do it to you. you did it to yourself! you have this child petrified. >> reporter: this is rachel. she's an actor. >> i hated you. but now i don't. >> reporter: this mother of two says her heart was breaking for the young child. >> i didn't want to leave because i didn't want to leave this baby with her. >> reporter: now, your mom jumped in, screaming. >> she will attack like a caged raccoon, my mother. >> reporter: your message to people who see this and do
8:46 am
nothing? >> step up to the plate. >> a reaction to that tiger mother is fierce. but you'll be surprised at who comes to the defense of the mother. >> what i wasn't surprised by is they waited a while. i think people would be reluctant to get between a mother and her daughter. but you could just see her explode. and it was very powerful when she did. >> it's a familiar issue, especially when it's another culture. folks are afraid to step in. but not in this case. they came out strong for the little girl. >> you can watch the whole show tonight. "what would you do?" at 9:00, on abc, 8:00 central. we'll be right back with a little lady gaga. y gaga. switching to progressive could mean
8:47 am
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it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. ♪ that huge concert, two weeks from today. lady gaga, live in concert, right here on "gma."
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counting down, starting now. take a look at the file, the music, the life of one of our favorite stars. ♪ she may be in love with judas. but the world has fallen in love with lady gaga. ♪ she said, 'cause he made you perfect, babe ♪ ♪ so, hold your head up, girl ♪ i'm beautiful in my way 'cause god makes no mistakes ♪ ♪ i'm on the right track, baby i was born this way ♪ >> reporter: she is a phenomenon. five grammys. topping the starts with seven number one songs. and 51 million singles worldwide. her videos have been viewed over 1 billion times on youtube. her single "born this way" broke industry records, selling 1 million copies in five days, making it the fastest-selling single in history. >> "born this way" is bigger than me.
8:50 am
it's -- i knew it was destined to reach so many people all over the world. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory >> reporter: her latest single, "the edge of glory," is already climbing the charts. she's teamed up with some of the biggest names in the business, beyonce, and elton john. she is the god mother of his new son, zachary. she is a classically-trained pianist that writes all her own songs. an artist? an activist? you see yourself as both? >> i'm very much an activist for equality and for youth protection and social justice. we peel don't ask/don't tell. >> reporter: lady gaga has made her mark. she's been on the list of "time" magazine's most influential people. and landed on "forbes" list of 100 most powerful women. and knows how to make an entrance. her fashion knows no boundaries.
8:51 am
but it also comes back to her music. her anthem, packed with messages of positive self-esteem, have touched throngs of followers, named little monsters. in a recent documentary, lady gaga revealed how much the little monsters mean to her. >> i sometimes feel like a loser still, you know? it's crazy because it's like, we're at the garden. but i still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school. and i just got to pick myself up. and i have to tell myself i'm a superstar every morning, so i can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be. >> reporter: she says she does not do it for the fame. >> it's so not about the glitz of the tour and the moneymaking machine. you get to touch people. you get to mean something to one person. or you get to show one little girl or one little boy somewhere
8:52 am
in the world that they can be somebody. for all of this to have happened, what a gift. i don't want to, for a moment, take it for granted. ♪ >> two weeks from today. kicks off our summer concert series. and it goes on and on. mary j. blige, jennifer hudson. i love my country. miranda lambert and brad paisley. all of that. >> it will be fun. >> how about nicki minaj. have you seen the dresses? she's just over the top. >> when we closed 44th street for beyonce, that was my favorite concert that year. she works the stage like nobody's business. ♪ all the single ladies >> florence and the machine. florence welch can belt. >> yeah. >> i cannot wait. thank you very much. >> i love how ever time we mention something -- this song. >> florence and the machine.
8:53 am
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we are getting ready to start our weekend. great week. >> thank you. i had a great time. feels like home. >> that's fantastic. we have a lot more to come. you can follow us online at twitter and facebook. always online at watch "world news" later today. and robin's going to sing us off the air. >> this weekend, watch dan and bean jana, too. next week, reality week. ri at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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there will be changes at the bay to breakers race. this year's race to limited to 55,000 registered runners. police and security guards will be asking those that have not officially the race to leave. they maintain intoxicated runners until they are sober. >> and sunniest and warmest days in quite some time. mild conditions for the weekend, not only cooler air. we got showers headed our way late tomorrow and still chilly next week. bart reporting ten-minute delays due to a technical, powell-mason street cable car line.


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