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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 13, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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i couldn't believe it. it's a trick, a gimmick and it's wrong. >> this assemblyman is blast ago local company is firing employees here and moving to southern california to take advantage have tax breaks. >> jerry hill is introducing legislation to eliminate tax breaks for any company that fires employees in one city and hires them in another. >> she targeting a company that worked in brisbane for 50 years. amy hollyfield is live in
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brisbane where he husband is made the announcement. >> the law intended to encourage companies to come to california, not move around within it. injury ri hill suspects that some other companies have taken advantage of this loophole before but haven't gotten caught. >> it needs to be fixed and that is why this legislation will that and go back to january 1st of this year so it will not allow them which is get $37,000 for the employees that he hire in visalia while they fire the employees in the bay area. >> they take in $2.1 million from the company, that is 18% of the tax base. amount that pays for the fire department. the mayor is grateful that jerry hill is stepping in to help.
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>> only is going to help us in this situation. it's beyond our power to stop them. >> nobody returned our calls this morning from the company but a company representative spoke from via skype. >> our decision to build in visalia was based on capacity restrains and to reach all of our customers. >> reporter: the company says it has not filed anything. the offices are scheduled to open next year and hundred people here will lose their job but the assemblyman hopes the bill will pass and at least won't get tax money to make the move. teachers and parents from sequoia high school rally
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against stated cuts to education. in total, students and teachers and four peninsula high schools to protest the cuts and the possible cuts to balance the state's budget. it's part of the teachers association week long state of emergency campaign. protests are expected to culminate in a major rally at 4:00 p.m. at san francisco city hall. >> the city of san francisco is trying to make bay to breakers race a timer event than in the past. they want fewer runners this year and no booze at all. terry mcsweeney joins us live from city hall. the mayor lee tried to set had into mood for the race? >> we have controversy leading up. mayor lee says he wants to keep rowdy people at bay but others say give me a break.
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>> you can anything that you want, unfortunately my wife got rid of my spider-man out fit a long time ago so i won't be able to do that. >> mayor lee says he is not interested in running the mayor's race won't be running into the bay to breaker but he did issue a proclamation. police chief gave one of his own. >> if you got to go, but please hit one of port-a-potties instead of going in somebody's garden. >> they will notice a big difference, a ban on alcohol and checkpoints along the way to make sure that everybody is registered and sober. not registered you are tossed out. not sober you go to a tent until you are. and all those crazy floats, they are banned. >> he thinks it's a great idea. he lived along the race route. >> i would see broken flasks and
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a huge mess. i hope it cleans up the neighborhood. travis disagrees. he lives right there and plans to watch from the balcony but the new rules will hamstring his xeiys. >> that is the funniest thing. everybody was having a good time. it was mostly all fun. >> organizers say you can come costume or naked but come sober and play pay the registration fee. >> 55,000 registered runners, 100,000 spectators and zero tolerance. we'll find out how it all adds up. if you are planning on going just watching the bay to breakers, lisa argen has the forecast. >> you may have heard about it. a big pattern change coming for the weekend and into next week.
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featuring cool and blustery weather to start out. today is the last day of high pressure holding on. we are looking for the front to be poised off the northern california coast tomorrow. so by midnight, here is the picture. we have got rain all the way across the bay area but look what happens. it slides to the east rather quickly. here we are 7:00 in the morning. if this cold front doesn't slow down, it looks like we will get a break for the bay to breakers but if the revellers are out in the afternoon, we have plenty of showers. there will be showers around and temperatures will be cool in the 40s. full forecast including the cold extended outlook coming up. a glitch in the computer aided dispatch system forced police and fire to manually field calls for more than two hours. the system failed and they had to revert to the manual system to continue handling calls.
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as of this morning, dispatchers are still operating in back-up mode. the remote computers in patrol cars are not working still. dispatch and 911 service was not impacted. this morning, a judge ruled that the yemen man arrested trying to break in a cockpit will be held without bail. it happened on sunday night during a flight from chicago to san francisco international. 28-year-old rageh al-murisi had to be restrained by several flight attendants and passengers after charging the cockpit door while yelling god is great in arabic. he was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. he told investigators he had heard voices and planned to killed himself in his own way. next time you run into an issue on a bart train, help fixing it could be a text message away. the president of the bart board
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of directors wants the agency to make a specific text line that will allow passengers to alert bart about problems by sending send ago text message. the proposal covers issues from dirty trains to suspicious packages. the text would be forward today a call center and immediately relayed to the right department. bart riders like the idea. >> i think it's helpful. everybody has a phone these days and quick access to it. >> right now, if you use it, but it's nice to know if that option is there. >> the proposal calls for creating a pilot program focusing on one specific issue. if it proves to be popular they would expand it. stanley cup fever in san jose. 10:00 this morning, tickets went on sale for the sharks upcoming home games in the western conference final against the vancouver canucks. tickets will be sold at
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ticketmaster or last night they held on to beat a determined red wings team. they advanced to the conference finals for the secondly straightyear. it begins sunday night in british columbia. >> they made it exciting, won the first three, lost the second three and now down to the wire. >> lottery winners that had their tickets revoked. >> and a brutal choice, why the army corps of engineers is now considering flooding out thousands of residents in hopes of saving a million others.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the mississippi river is now threatening louisiana's cajun country. army corps of engineers is opening a key flood way that will flood out hundreds of homes to relieve pressure on the downstream. >> division to open the flood way could be any time between saturday and tuesday. we continue to ask the corps for five days notice for at least three days to let sheriffs enough time. >> across the south and lower midwest, about three million farmland are covered in water. in arkansas the estimated damage
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to the state's ago debris kill to your could top half a billion dollars. >> ron paul has officially announced that he is running for president next year. he made the announcement on "good morning america." he first made a presidential run in 1988. in 2008 he made an unsuccessful bid for gop nomination but he is an internet sensation and drew support of thousands. 50,000 potential u.s. immigrants are getting disappointing news today. the u.s. state department says it is voiding the result of a worldwide lottery for u.s. immigration visas because of a computer glitch. a state department official says it caused the drawing to selected 90% of winners from entries submitted on the first two days after the 30 day registration period. nearly 15 million people entered that lottery. 50,000 are selected to apply for
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immigrant visas without needing a u.s. sponsor. a new lottery will be hold july 15th. >> the taliban says they carried out a deadly attack in pakistan in response to the killing of osama bin laden. at least 80 people were killed, 120 wounded when a pair of suicide bombers on motorcycles attacked a crew leaving a military training center. in a statement the taliban cited anger at pakistan's military for failing to stop the american incurs on their soil. and lisa argen is ahead with the forecast. >> it looks good out there. 63 right now in san jose. northwest wind at 3. so it feels good but you see the mountains there, they could get a dusting of snow on sunday. mid may, forecast is next. and a new twist in the story of the bay area mom who admitted
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injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox. >> and a record that nobody wanted to break the milestone the u.s. has reached. >> you can help stamp out hunger this saturday. you don't have to leave home. put a bag of non-perishable food by your mailbox and letter carrier will deliver it to the local food bank. they ask you don't include any glass containers. create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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this is so cool. a big honor for a local high school march band. >> today, saratoga high school learned that its band is going march in macy's parade in new york city. only 11 were chosen. saratoga will be the only band from california in that parade. >> not so good news here. this has been the most costly
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for weather events. the u.s. has been hit with five weather disasters that is costing more than billion dollars each so far in 2011. there were three billion dollars disasters in april alone. tornadoes and storms have pushed up the cost because they have been so severe and hit populated areas. keep in mind we haven't even begun hurricane season. >> we have been expecting spring and summer. >> and we have fall. >> and winter even. >> for the middle of may, as we head outside, it looks like you see the sunshine. this is mount tam and temperatures in the 60s. wind are picking up a bit through the gap around the bay today. small craft advisory and east bay we're looking at more sunshine. that will be the order today.
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temperatures right around normal. right now we are looking at temperatures warmest. 58 in oakland, 56 in san francisco. pretty gusty winds, up to 30 miles an hour. 51 in mountain view. and 65 in los gatos. so from 24 hours we are cooler from the north bay, san francisco, identically and redwood city and couple degrees warmer around san jose and livermore. sunny and mild with cooler weather tomorrow. temperatures dropping as much as ten degrees. winds are going pick up. it's going to stay gusty right through saturday night when the cold front pushes through the bay area. then we're going see very chilly air stick around. here is the cold front, sitting far offshore. here is the relatively strong area of low pressure that will slide to the south and east. then we have one more day of sunny and mild weather. then not only this cities is
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headed our way but another one on its heels. we're not talking about a lot of rain but it may mess up plans but impressive. a for the middle of may. quarter of an inch in some spots. here is the front midnight on sunday. you'll notice how quickly it slides to the east, 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, here we are early sunday morning with higher elevation snowflakes and then by 1:00, we've got more rain in the north bay and east bay. then we'll see sunshine and also see pretty good downpours and by monday, cloudy skies and then another system is on the way to keep the showers with us and temperatures on the cool side. today we're talking about 70s in the south bay. 69 in redwood city. upper 50s in pacifica. san francisco a few degrees below average, 70 in novato and it will be breezy and bright. 62 in hayward and out over the
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hills, mild temperatures and 75 in concord and down by the monterey bay, 70 in watsonville. if you thought was going to be cool, it is. >> new twist in the story of a bay area mother who inject her eight-year-old daughter with botox. child protective services is now investigating the case. teri says she helps her daughter compete in beauty pageants and the other pageant moms gave her the idea. she administers them herself and regularly gives them to britney. they received several concerned phone calls after the interview first aired on "good morning america." >> coming up. marin humane society shear. >> this week's perfect pet coming up. oprah: all new -- the show that changed everything for me -- you think because i'm black, we're
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today at 3:00, video of a bus driver using not one but two cellphones behind the wheel. >> and then at 4:00, oprah's most memorable guests. >> and then new is troubles for
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the city of san carlos, the one that is going to replace the deceased mayor. we'll have those stories and more later at 5:00. >> right now, it's time for friday's perfect pet. >> lease is here with a whole bunch of little friends. >> thanks for bringing these. in. >> i've got bo and bart. the brothers are more ram if you think,. >> they are only two months old. i brought them today because it's the beginning of kitten season. you are going to see influx of kittens who need homes. these guys are siblings they can be adopted together or separately. they are absolutely adistort dorable, super social. they are great.
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>> how much s it to adopt a cat? >> it's $125. all the animals come vaccinated and so forth. they are super fun. >> there is an event this weekend in mill valley for dogs? >> there is, a huge call going on in mill valley. find out more on our website. if your today is super photo genic, you can come down to mill valley with your dog and do a photo shoot. >> i have a little friend. they need a home. if you are interested please call the marin humane society. >> thanks very much. >> thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> bye-bye.
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