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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 13, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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year to 400 million in five years. late today he laid out a 7 page memo to bring the costs under control. >> i am the mayor and i have to take the lead and i will have to do that. we don't have enough money to continue doing what we are doing. the average cost is doubled in the last decade. >> we have waited for six month to have meaningful discussions with the mayor. he's not looking at solving the problems . >> you can expect a tough fight from the union. the mayor wants to set limits on retirement limits on the new and current employees. he is looking at raising the retirement age by 10 years. public safety officers would be eligible for full retirement after age 60 and not age 50.
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all other employees at age 65 instead of 55. these are ideas that are so transformative they would require a change to the city charter and that would require voterss approval. we'll have more on this developing story, coming up on abc 7 news at six. >> thank you, very much. >> we have breaking news in san francisco. firefighters are battling a fire that erupted in the missiony district. >> this fire is in a dense housing district in the 500 block of capp street. it appears three buildings have burned. >> you can see from sky 7 three firefighters and others are on the roof. apparently crews have gotten that fire under control. it certainly threw up a lot of black thick smoke and very dangerous for the firefighters being on top. they called for back up to
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stop the fire from spreading. >> no word on how many people will need the red cross. we'll keep an eye for this on abc 7 we'll bring you an update at 6:00. >> listen to this. the state is closing 70 parks out of 278 parks in california because of budget cuts and the bay area will be severely affected. 14 parks are on the list including china camp in marin county. that is where wayne is now. >> we knew this was coming. when and where and how many? >> the good news that california still has 208 parks that are not affected. but if you enjoy china camp, you have problems. >> this would be shades of things to come at china camp state park in marin county. his car filled with camping gear and finding no ranger to
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pay for an overnight payment. >> it is a drop box and hopefully they get it. >> he still has the option but not for long. in july 2012 china camp will close. part of a 11 million budget reduction in annunced in sacramento. >> we have experienced budget short fall. our general fund is down 40 percent. >> say goodbye to candlestick point in san francisco. in sonoma and the bay. >> hardest part of my day was getting the news and having to tell my staff and partners that this is reality. >> she runs a state park in marin county which will lose four of six. >> the state parks were not on the closure list. >> if they had been, that would be all of the park in
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marin county. >> china camp is a shrimping village dating back in 1800. it is one less place for elane to take her grandson jake on friday afternoon outings. >> once you close them, it will be harder to reopen them. >> one legacy among many and now expendible. >> as a case in point. we broke down the numbers here in china camp. it has are you i visitors and the state spent 486,000 on the park last year and generated 143,000 in revenue and a net loss of 343,000 that the state doesn't have anymore. from china camp in marin county. wayne freedman abc sevennews. >> the man who tried to barge
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in a cockpit will remain without bail until the next court appearance. the judge ordered ragey al-murisi to undergo a mental evaluation. he tried to open the cockpit door twice as the american airline's jet tried to land in sfo. prosecutors revealed that al-murisi heard voices and he was going to kill himself and in his own way. >> the accused leader of a police corruption ring claims he did not play a role in running a brothel. chris butler gave investigators a written statement detailing the operation of a brothel. the former commander cnet norman wielsch came up with the idea. >> i was disturbed to learn that the attorney for mr. wielsch called my client a
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rat. >> butler signed the lease and bought the furniture for the brothel. >> another defendant in that case luis lombardy made a brief court appearance. they face charges of stealing seized drugs from an evidence locker so they could sell them. >> teachers in california are wrapping up five days of protest in a big way. this is the massive demonstration in san francisco. all week they have tried to focus the attention of the public and lawmakers on the consequences of slashing the education budget. can you see how many people gathered outside of city hall. >> several thousand people were expected to attend this rally here in the capitol. if you look behind me, it is a good mix of teachers, parents and students . here we are after a week of activitis and no additional votes for tax extension.
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friday's protest in several california cities capped off a week of demonstration over education funding. teachers are trying to pressure gop lawmakers to extend tax hikes that are set to expire. without the extension. more lay offs and a shorter school year will happen. >> engage the media and community and bring attention and the plight of our students who are having education robbed of them. >> the wisconsin-style protest in the capitol never materialized as teachers behaved during the building hours. after the building was closed at 6:00 it was a different story. >> they arrested more than two dozen teachers as they protested outside of the offices of republican leaders. among them was president of the california teacher's
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union, david sanchez. (chanting) he and others spent the night in jail and given a hero's welcome when they bonded out. >> i hope that somehow, we can have the assembly people listen to our needs. >> despite the arrest, protest and activities state wide, none of them changed the republicann's minds on extending the taxes. >> the voters understand yes, we are in hard times and we value education but throwing good money in a bad system is not the answer. >> what we accomplished is the opportunity to speak to the legislature and send a strong message to republican colleagues that we need their support to get funding done now. republicans do believe in protecting education fund proposed giving two billion of the tax wind fall to public schools. abc7 news. >> and a store owner in
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mountain view was indicted on arson, and insurance fraud charges in connection with a fire that gutted a strip mall. the 51 year old overinsured her postal express business and set this fire in may to collect on her inflated claim. the fire spread and wiped out three other businesses. lodi is out on bond and faces 20 year in jail and a $250,000 fine and restitution. >> the highest paid workers in the western united states are here in the bay area. the metropolitan areas in san jose and san francisco and oakland finished one, two, three in a survey. san jose and silicon valley workers received an average salary of 66,787 in 200# a. others earned 69,000 . oakland and east bay residents collected 54,000594-- much
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upon. finding out what suspects know about other criminals. the police department is searching hot spot in an effort to call operation spring cleaning. 38 people were arrested and police are going after 32 known bad guys today. >> members of the oakland homicide and robbery and assault division are debriefing individuals to see if we can get a true analysis from an intelligence standpoint of why we have a spike in violent crime. >> overall crime is down. but homicides are up 13 percent and shootings up 39 percent compared to a year ago. >> the taliban is claiming responsibility for today's deadly attack on a military academy in pakistan and did so it said in response to the killing of osama bin laden. 80 people were killed and 120
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wounded when a pair of suicide bombers on motorcycles attacked the troops leaving a training center. the assault took place in a region frequentlyy targeted by the al-qaida-taliban linked group. and then there is this. rueters is reporting a unexpected fine in bin laden's compound. porn videos were found by the same commandos who killed bin laden. it is unclear where or who was viewing them. they have found pornography in investigation of other islamic militants. >> president obama led a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the situation room. they huddled in the center as nave seals broke in the
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compound and killed the al-qaida leader. he called jfk the father of the situation room. paper mats and notes covered the walls in the days of johnson and nixon. later they had video for the other presidents. >> google ads that may cost the giant dearly. >> and the local procedure reducing the scars from treating carpel tunnel syndrome. >>im meteorologist sandhya patel. unseasonably cold storm coming this weekend. that means showers in the bay area and snow isn't sierra. >> plus a bay area animal shelter hope you can help little guys find a new home. stay with
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>> all right breaking news in san francisco. firefighters are battling the fire that erupted an hour ago in the mission district. sky 7 is live overhead. fire crews have it under control. everybody is still in place because firefighters are dealing with hot spots. that's what they are focusing on right now. they had to close off the streets, of course. firefighter from three stations responded. the red cross was called out since three of the residences were burned out. we'll keep an eye on this for you on abc7 bring you the updates as they are needed. >> in the meantime google is preparing to shell out half billion to settle disputes with ads over the federal government. it is running drug ads that may be in violation of u.s. law. they offer discounts and don't require a prescription. pharmacies cheer the crack
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down. >> it is a manufacturing process. you don't know where those medications are coming from. it is a huge hit to look at and really evaluate when they are buying on line. >> google is not talking about the case. the 500 million payment would cause profit in the first quarter to drop 22 percent. >> if you spend time on the computer, you may experience pain of carpel tunnel syndrome. here there is a relief for people who struggle with repetitive motion pain. it means less scarring and recovery time. >> as a busy public television executive sandy sends e-mail and text messages and ultimately her wrist and hands sent a painful message back to her. >> i woke up with a burning sensation in my three fingers i couldn't sleep. >> diagnosis carpel tunnel.
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the ligaments push on the nerves. >> push over like that. >> sandy was scheduled for surgery near her home in florida and at the last minute decided to fly to san francisco to consult with dr. bruce mccormac who has a less invasive. >> this minimizes the incision and least invasive way of relieving carpel tunnel. >> he uses a cath tar like device put through the wrist and minute. >> it is blunt. >> in the operating room, mr. mccorpac is preparing to sever the constructed tendon. he places the cathetar and making sure it is not contacting nerves before he makes the cut. >> carpel tunnel is one of the common orthpedic proceedures.
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we are not changing that success. we are taking away the invision so the patients don't have a disfiguring scar. >> it is a grinding sensation. >> sandy is away and less than 10 minutes, dr. mccormac releases the pressure by cutting the tendon. >> surgery is over and with with draw the divorce. >> patients receiver in a matter of days than weeks. >> people can get back to an active life style faster. >> sandy is planning to play in a golf tournament. >> we have a great fundraiser coming up and i will attempt to pay. >> carolyn johnson abc 7 news. and the procedure is treated the same as conveptional open incision surgery for carpel tunnel. >> meteorologist sandhya patel keeping an eye on the forecast. >> tonight and bay to breakers this weekend.
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>> there is a chance there could be a couple of showers for the bay to breakers this weekend. look for the umbrellas, we have a cold storm coming. from the heavenly camera, it is beautiful in lake tahoe. sunny skies and scen - 67 degrees. that will be a thing of the past when you see fresh powder covering the ground on sunday. another picture from south beach camera looking to the bay bridge. few clouds there and nothing to be concerned about just yet. temperatures at this hour, 70s in the warmest inland locations. coastal areas in the 50s. highlights are partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow. showers on saturday evening and a chance of thunderstorms developing on sunday, as colder and unstable air moves in and you get heating from the sun. we have had plenty of sun today as you lookk at the satellite picture. a cool breeze knocking
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temperatures down. most areas are running cooler this afternoon. that is a beginning of the colder air that is coming. there is a cold storm for this time of year. this is the kind of storm you expect to see in the wintertime. you will have showers and you will see when it happens. tomorrow, it is going to be okay. clouds and by tomorrow night, things start to really change as we head in the 10:00 hour, showers start to develop on the coastline saturday night and then becoming widespread in the overnight hours and by 7:00 a.m. when the bay to breakers race takes place, most of the bay area will be dealing with clouds. there could be a isolated shower or two heading in the next couple of hours and by evening all done and overwith. tahoe forecast. snow and a winter storm for sunday. snow above the 7000 elevation
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. travel delays are a possibility. keep this in mind if you are heading to sierra, nevada this weekend. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow afternoon, numbers are little bit lower than today. 65 degrees in san jose . 64 in santa clara and partly cloudy and 63 in redwood city and on the coastline mid-50s . downtown san francisco 58 degrees. north bay you are out of the 70s. santa rosa 64 tomorrow and 60 in san rafael . oakland 63. inland areas are below average. 65 in concord and 64 in live more and 63 degrees in monterey bay. much cooler weather for the weekend, you will notice the showers developing saturday night and thunder possible for
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sunday . chances was showers continuing in early next week. temperatures in sunday look more like february than may believe it or not . so unseasonally cool this weekend and we'll have to deal with it. >> it is kind much a bummer. >> right. what a better word. >> out door, okay for saturday but not sunday. >> coming up next, bay area animal shelter offering adoption specials on chihuahua. >> and also robots are the rage. a new generation of mobile technology call would mobots. how they hold a word of create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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>> sonoma animal shelter has stow many chihuahua it is nearly giving them away. here's the deal. you can adopt them for $25 instead of $126. so it is a terrific deal. that covers the spay newturing and shots and a micochip. that is a bargain. animal experts stress that chihuahuas are not for everyone and thrive with older children. >> they are loving. we have an easy way to stamp out hunger on saturday. put a bag of nonperishable food before your mail gets delivered. they will deliver the food to the local food bank. staples such as peanut butter and rice are option. they'll not pick up glass containers. >> stay with us. strike up the band. strike up the band. >> another bay area school is
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>> i are chair lin johnson in the news room. trouble in communicate nothing san francisco. failure that forced police officers and firefighters to get information the old-fashioned way. >> plus. >> i understand everything. except that wig. >> and a sneak peek in the next pirates of the caribbean movie. don sanchez talkwhat is new and exciting in the fourth installment of the series. back to dan and cheryl. >> listen to this. a big honor for a local high school marching band. >> three, two, one. >> why all of the confetti? saratoga high school found its band is selected to march in 2012. they applied to take part. >> only len were chosen. they are chosen a


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