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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield where doctors are preparing for the arrival of bryan stow the injured giants fan. this story is coming up. >> also this morning, a 300-year-old tree faces chainsaws but dozens of people are demanding it be saved. >> here a life look downtown san francisco, all the way over to the east bay hills. it's relatively dry. it won't be 12 hours from now. we have a nice rain coming in and record cold, high temperatures coming in. >> quite a few early morning accidents so far but it hasn't caused any delays. however, in antioch there is some slowing.
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>> transportation leaders meet to decide on a significant hike in cab fares. higher costs of gas is threatening to drive them out of business. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. the san francisco giants fan that has been in a coma since he was brutally attacked is set to return to the bay area arriving as early as this morning. amy hollyfield has a look what he'll face there. >> his family considers this a good sign but they realize he still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. bryan stow was beat up in march while leaving a giants-dodgers game and he suffered from brain damage. he is still in critical condition but he has opened his eyes and they consider that a good sign. they think he is stable enough to come home to the bay area. >> the time has now come where
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brian is stable enough, that we can safely transfer back to the bay area and to our exceptional colleagues at san francisco general hospital. >> we never had any bad feelings about the city of los angeles. we said it was too two individuals and we had press conferences let had the it be known we never held dodger fans accountable or the citizens of l.a. it was not their fault. >> reporter: police are still looking for the two men that attacked stow. they have created sketches based on witness descriptions. they are trying to get them out as much as possible and plastering them all over the l.a. area. police will hold a press conference tomorrow to update the investigation. the father of two will be treated by the head of neurosurgery at san francisco general. his family says the move is
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actually bittersweet, they are excited to get back to the bay area but they will miss their friends and doctors at the hospital they've been at in l.a. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> eric: governor brown is set to unveil his revised budget today with new projections for the coming fiscal year. the state faces a 15 bye budget deficit but revenue for the state at the end of april was more than $2 billion above forecasts. according to the los angeles times, governor brown may postpone asking for higher income tax rates until next year but he would still ask for an extension of the sales tax and vehicle registration fee increases to avoid further cuts in education and public safety. >> kristen: a group of concerned neighbors tried to prevent crews from cutting down a 300-year-old tree in menlo park today. they want to bring down the 100
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foot tree to make room for a new pipeline. they say the puc is not considering alternatives to cutting down the tree. >> we think there are viable options. some include digging under it and option piece of pipe above ground for that section only. >> kristen: they say digging under the tree will destabilize it and threaten nearby homes. >> transportation officials are holding a here to consider proposals that could set a record high for cab fares in the city. it includes a $5 surcharge for picking up passengers at home and increasing metering rates by 10 cents for every fifth of a mile. san francisco examiner reports under the new proposal a passenger picked up at home on a friday night for a three-mile ride would end up paying $20,
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increase of more than $8. >> santa clara health officials will take to the skys to look for places where mosquitoes breed. water born mosquitoes spread the virus. more than a hundred people have died in california since west nile virus first arrived eight years ago. birds are also known carriers. so far this year, three dead crows in santa clara have tested positive for the virus. >> eric: organizers of the bay to breakers race is calling this year's event a success. it was much tame where a zero tolerance policy but police made more than two dozen arrests most of them for alcohol. lilian kim reports. >> reporter: crews begin the daunting task of cleaning up the mess. it was clear that many who participated in this year's bay to breakers ignored the alcohol ban. >> a lot of drinking.
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>> others carried them right out in the open but this year there were consequences. there were several checkpoints along the route. officers stopped anyone with an open container. what was left inside was poured out. floats were also banned. they pulled in this one off the route. >> you can't have that. >> reporter: those that lir along the route say the crackdown made a difference. michael lives on mccarthy street nobody is urinated or vomited on his property. it was festive and much more cordial. >> they came up to me, can you recycle this for me? you would never have gotten that before. >> reporter: police did make 17 public intoxication arrests. at one home, officers had to shut down a house party after a
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3-year-old man fell off the roof 30 feet. race organizers are calling the bay to breakers a success. >> this race was in danger of not going on if the drinking kept happening. i think this year really helped to make everybody keep it in context. >> kristen: glad they didn't get wet, but today, we have another round to deal with. >> eric: how about that. more rain on the way. >> not unusual but unusual pattern that is bringing it to us. that is what we're dealing with, as far as the cold conditions and wet weather. you can see how everything is quiet overnight. few showers developing up around mendocino county and they will continue to rotate to the north.
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focus on the nice, bright white patch of clouds. deep moisture that is coming to us that will bring steady rain unlike the scattered showers yesterday. mainly dry, 42 in fairfield. 45 in livermore to 46 in santa rosa. me in los gatos. everybody else in to incendiary 50 degrees. by the afternoon hours, look at the rain come down. morning commute dry, evening commute, no. everywhere should be touched by some form of rain. it will be heaviest to the coast. upper 50s to low 50s in most neighborhoods today. seven-day forecast, once this rain rolls through we have showers in the forecast for tomorrow. we could get a third to two-thirds of an inch of rain and some of mountain tops could get up to an inch. by thursday and friday the warmest days of weekend and cooling trend hits for saturday
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and sunday. >> the earlier accidents have cleared so the only slowing we're seeing in antioch because of road work that blocks the entire freeway right now from lone tree out towards leverage to summersville and another 20 minutes. so we'll check out a few live shots and show you how it looks elsewhere. notice the roads are wet. live shot of 101, northbound traffic heading southbound and also check out 101 in the north bay for you. looks pretty dry as cars make their way southbound out of novato down to san francisco. >> eric: nation hits the debt ceiling. what it will mean for the u.s. government. >> and game on for play station
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users. >> how very determined volunteers are about to turn paper into help for the japan's earthquake survivors. for those of us who have lactose intolerance, let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. price of gas is hovering around $4 a gallon. president obama has asked to
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increase production but they agree there some on quick way to lower gas prices. >> and shaping up as a bad summer for students looking for jobs this year. a study, one in four looking for a job this summer will actually find one. the worst youth employment rate since world war ii. the movie brought in $35 million thor. the suns poised to hit the debt ceiling today. it will no longer to be able to borrow money to pay its bills. timothy geithner is expected to temporarily dip into funds from the federal retirees program to keep the government going. if congress does not vote to raise the debt limit by august 2nd, geithner says the government will likely default on some of the obligations. that would cost enormous
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economic harm and suspension of government services. >> sony says the playstation network should be restored by tomorrow. network has been down since april 22 when was attacked by hackers. they exposed user information of the hundred million customers. operations will initially limited to certain services. they believe credit card information was not breached but they can't be absolutely sure. >> eric: tens of thousands of victims in japan are about to get much needed help. how one company and millions of volunteers are proving a japanese legend by turning it into clothes. >> right now these fill the stockroom in milpitas.
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a company called cranes for kids. they would make them at home and send them in. the company would donate money to the victims in japan for each crane received. they got far more than 50,000. >> in nearly two weeks, 2 million paper cranes came in. why cranes? the idea hatched from a well known japanese legend. >> cranes are very important and japanese believe if you fold a thousand cranes l you will be granted a wish. this is kind of the thinking, we can't granted everyone's wishes we can do this. >> companies and senior centers and even prisons donated them. they brought the idea to school and it took off. >> fourth and sixth grades, they
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folded 1701 cranes that we donated to the fund-raiser. >> they gave up their lunch and recesses to fold cranes. >> the feeling we got that to help someone is really magical. >> now they get boxed up and sent to japan with much needed clothing for earthquake victims who are just beginning to rebuild their lives. >> it's also a symbol of peace, as well. congratulations to those students and everyone that sent them in. the limit was 50,000 and they got 2 million. >> kristen: a lot of cranes. >> a couple of days and steady rain. it will be a lot heavier. right now, scattered showers. here is one that moved through
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san jose. you can see 280, 101. that is a little bit of wetness that we're dealing with. so far, no problem there, frances is tracking other areas and difficulties this morning. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. there you go. expressway, tully road, sierra road, milpitas, san jose, heading down to morgan hill, that is whener we have the wet weather. headed to the north bay, northern parts of napa county, just around st. helena. you can see rain there. we zoom out, it's rotating south to north so that storm in napa is going november out in the next 15 minutes or so. the one to the east of san jose that could move up to the sunol grade and eventually hit pleasanton and altamont pass. so watch out if you are coming through there in the next 45 minutes. mid to upper 40s inland. we have upper 40s to low 50s
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around the bay shore and out to the coast. monterey bay, mid to upper 40s, santa cruz at 52 degrees. record cold-high temperatures are possible again. record cold-high temperatures tomorrow. rain returns this afternoon and showers for tomorrow and warmer and drier for wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures are well below average but look how steady the rain is as we head into the afternoon hours. upper 50s to low 60s. same thing will happen across the monterey bay and inland. low to mid-50s elsewhere with a steady rain develop after the lunch hour. tonight you can see some of the showers still lingering. 50 in san francisco, oakland and antioch. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. take a look what is happening. we have a cold front and a warm front. warm front is leading edge of warm more humid air but also lighter so it rolls up and over
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this cold dome we have over us. that is what creates the steady showers. second part, cold front comes through tomorrow. that is what brings us the showers. so with the warm front today, steady rain, cold front scattered showers. here is a look at some of the showers through the morning commute and steady rain spreading by 5:00. last baseball game of the season tonight, you might not. as we head towards tomorrow afternoon, more scattered showers. looking at about third to two-thirds of an inch of rain and those temperatures will be just as cool tomorrow. four degrees warmer on wednesday and big jump on thursday, 8 degrees warmer as temperatures hold to seasonal levels on friday. cooling trend on friday and saturday. if you are thinking heading
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up to tahoe highway 50 is which closed until may 24th as they do road work. as we go outside. live shot. in the south bay, no problems there. much drier here across the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic is on the right. also north bay commuters, very mellow commute as you make your way into san francisco. himself problem free on east shore freeway. headlights moving westbound, the drive time is still 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge. get personalized drive times by going to our website at find it out the bay area traffic link. >> eric: thank you. 5:20. >> kristen: a british company, it claims it can tell how long you'll live. why critics say it may not be
5:21 am
such a good thing. >> eric: and dianne feinstein sees the osama bin laden death photos. and vandals hit a community radio station in the east bay. why they are investigating it as a hate crime.
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning, it is now 5:24 on this monday morning. look at san jose, live on 101 the roads are a little wet. as mike has been reporting it was wet this morning but big round coming later today. as for the timing, check that out for us and frances is keeping your eye on your commute. >> eric: after african-american owned radio station need your help to find the vandals. taggers struck at the radio station on georgia street in vallejo. they even targeted a vehicle that they use to promote itself in the community. >> it offends me personally. you work so hard to bring to a
5:25 am
community as my wife and i have for five years. >> eric: vandalism comes after someone shot out a window of station's car earlier this month. >> kristen: senator dianne feinstein says she last seen the death photos of osama bin laden and believes they should not be made public. feinstein chairs the senate intelligence committee. she had a c.i.a. briefing and informed that bin laden was tracked to a compound in pakistan. >> they have revealed plans to sell a $700 blood test that claims how long you might link. it measures certain carcinoma chromosomes.
5:26 am
scientists believe they are the most accurate of the speed in which a person is aging. researchers believe the testing will become widespread within five to ten years but there are concerns that insurance companies may consider the results when offering coverage. >> kristen: next at 5:30. very special flight this morning that is expected to bring an injured giants fan back home to a bay area hospital. >> i'm john hendron where endeavour is lifting off for the very last time. more on that coming up. >> eric: one of the most powerful men in the world facing criminal charges. the head of the international monetary fund responds to accusations of sexual assault. >> check out the temperatures across this morning. upper 50s in seattle and boston and flight delays in laguardia
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are over. low clouds developing in san francisco we may develop flight arrival delays also. we'll have those next hour and z
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i'm amy hollyfield live at san francisco general hospital where the head of neurosurgery will take over the care of injured giants fan bryan stow who will be transferred from l.a. to san francisco today. >> eric: countdown to history. nasa making final preparations for the launch of space shuttle endeavour. we'll take you live to the kennedy space center. >> we make some of our own history. scattered showers this morning, a record cold-high temperatures are possible and rain, a steady rain is on the way with more showers tomorrow.
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>> slick roads and live shot this morning and few accidents but so far no major delays. live shot from the bay bridge toll plaza. >> and governor brown releases his plan to close the budget deficit and how the increase in tax revenues may make it easier. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. space shuttle is fueled up to launch. wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is at the kennedy space center to see her husband, commander mark kelly lift off. john hendron is live where nasa anticipates a launch date crowd possibly in the hundreds of thousands. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. and abc news has learned that commander mark kelly and his wife gabrielle giffords
5:31 am
exchanged wedding rings before this mission so by the time it's all over, she will be able to tell people her wedding ring in outerspace. >> the crew is suited on and on board before one last mission but they sorry soar to last frontier, retirement. joining gabrielle giffords to watch husband mark kelly command. >> she has been working really hard to make sure that her doctors would permit her to come. >> they come as far away as california where endeavour will retire in los angeles. >> i want to watch endeavour launch and land and then i'll follow her back home to california. >> it kind of like shakes the ground. >> they scrubbed a launch attempt two weeks ago over an electrical problem, now resolved. >> we're in really great shape. no issues at all. >> this is the second time where
5:32 am
giffords has made the trip to houston after being shot in the head in january. >> she understands everything, almost everything. she is really there. she follows directions. she laughs at jokes. >> on 16-day mission, they will deliver a cosmic ray detecter to the space station that scientists hope will give a glimpse of moments after the big bangs. they are wearing the blue bracelet celebrating giffords' life. >> the liftoff on the platform marks the beginning of the end of an era. this the next to last shuttle launch. when atlantis takes off this summer, it will mark the end of the 30-year shuttle program. >> kristen: thanks a lot. >> san francisco giants fan severely beaten is expected to return to the bay area today to
5:33 am
continue his long road to recovery. meantime, investigators looking for his attackers will take new action tomorrow. amy hollyfield has more. >> reporter: bryan stow is considered stable enough to move at san francisco general. his mom and dad said he'll be closer to the santa cruz home. stow has been in a hospital in l.a. since ma may 31. he was beaten up while leaving a giants-dodgers game. his parents say they don't have any negative feelings towards l.a. quite the opposite they are going to miss the doctors and nurses who have cared for brian saying it's truly the city of angels. they do consider it a good sign that brian is stable enough to move. >> obviously peace of mind would be to have brian come back home.
5:34 am
>> the recovery is what we're looking for. it started pretty good this week. he's had a lot of movement. we look at that. i think it will continue. we hope it does. >> reporter: here is a sketch of the two men police are looking for. they haven't made any arrests but they are holding a news conference to update the investigation. stow was taken out of a medically induced coma a little more than a week ago but he is still unconscious. he has opened his eyes and his doctors and friends are hoping he'll get better soon. his mom says she would love to see him smile and say, hi, mom. >> eric: five of the seven suspects arrested for the murder of a german tourist in san francisco are set to return to court today. he was killed in crossfire when members of different gangs were shooting at each other after a
5:35 am
party in the city's theater district in august. police arrested the suspects nearly two weeks ago at homes in san francisco, oakland and fremont. two of the suspects are juveniles. at least one of them will be tried as an adult. >> kristen: governor brown is set to unveil the revised budget to try to rae the $15 billion deficit. they have new protections for the fiscal year and revenue for the state was more than $2 billion above forecast. according to the l.a. times he may postpone asking for higher income tax rates until next year. but he still ask for extension of the sales tax and vehicle registration fee increases in order to avoid further cuts. pg&e will resume pressure testing in antioch. residents might smell natural gas as it gets removed from the
5:36 am
pipeline before the testing begins. crews will pump water into the section and pressurize to much higher level it would ever operate using natural gas and any leaking sections of the pipeline will be replaced. they ordered the death after the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. >> this morning hundreds of professional cyclists will try to start the amgen tour. it was supposed to start in lake tahoe but was ultimately cancelled because of snow. they will try to pick up the second leg from squaw valley to sacramento. it's too bad they couldn't do stage one today but they have to stay on schedule. so unfortunately that snow, it's crazy. >> it really is. let's check the forecast and get a look at rain we're going to get today. >> and the snow they are going to get up in the sierra, western
5:37 am
slope around 4:00 is when the snow begins. if they can sneak through there, once they get down placerville it will turn into rain. 4:00 this afternoon, that is the time frame for snow up in the sierras. it's pretty quiet. still watching this lone shower move through the santa clara valley and heading into the diablo range. clayton road and the sierra all the way down to yerba buena road 2-5 degrees warmer than yesterday. with the cloud cover getting thicker, i wouldn't expect these warm conditions to continue. we could set record cold high temperatures for the third day in a road. you can still see scattered clouds around. by noon, the rain is moving into the bay, heaviest along the
5:38 am
coast as it moves from west to east. mid to upper 50s, but it will be there around 4. mid to upper 50s everywhere with light to moderate rain at 4:00. morning commute, relatively dry. evening commute, wet. tomorrow morning, scattered showers and those will linger through tuesday. drier on wednesday. warmer back to average by thursday and friday before cooler again this weekend. let's find out about that monday morning commute. >> good morning everyone. live doppler 7 hd showing you rain. crash in the south bay, at capitol expressway. but in contra costa county, pretty good ride, road work on eastbound 4 has been cleared. most commuters as you make your way southbound toward highway 24. south bay, 101 and 880 interchange. you see how roads are wet here. northbound traffic and again that crash is southbound at the capitol expressway but it looks
5:39 am
like it's off the shoulder. we'll check out the 280 and 17 interchange, here, headlights moving northbound on 280 and highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. >> eric: new developments in the sexual assault case against one of the world's most powerful bankers. new information released. >> and manhunt for a killer and the surveillance video they hope will lead them to the person they want to question.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, live look at cape canaveral. that is the space shuttle endeavour which is about to launch set for 5:56. we invite you to watch it live. latest we got nasa is fueling the shuttle up. so all things looking good so far. >> eric: san francisco police need your help to identify someone investigators are calling a person of interest in a homicide case. this man has been accessing the bank account of a homicide victim in a variety of locations in san francisco and around the bay area. she described african-american, in his 50s, 5'3" to 5'5".
5:43 am
he can be seen after making a purchase at a target store using the victim's account. the victim was killed inside his apartment on folsom street on may 12th. medical examiner has determined he was murdered. >> the head of imf faces arraignment today on assault charges. a hotel maid picked him out of line-up, dominique strauss-kahn was going working to save several nation's economies. he is accused of emerging naked from the bathroom and attacking her. she fought him off and attacked again before he broke free and escaped. he now faces several charges. >> he intends to vig us rousely
5:44 am
defend these charges and denies any wrongdoing. >> they pulled him off an airline flights to france minutes before it was set to depart. he is expected to leave his imf job and run as a candidate for president of france. >> eric: you may soon be able to get an iphone from sprint and of the mobile. >> and sharks and canucks put on quite show in game one in the western conference finals. it all came on down to the on goalie. >> and weekend walk across the berkeley stage that my just prove nothing is impossible. ♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪
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scattered showers around the state right now. especially northern california but all is fairly quiet. look at the wall of water from big sur and northward. low to mid 50s in the central valleys. mid to upper 50s along the coast. sunshine around palm springs, 75 and san diego and los angeles, 63 and 67. >> massachusetts senator john
5:48 am
kerry met with the pakistan's prime minister amid tensions following the death of osama bin laden. he is delivering a list of specific demands about u.s. suspicions that pakistan is harboring militants. kerry is the first u.s. senator to visit pakistan since the raid killed bin laden. >> kristen: a lot of towns in cajun country are empty. four floodgates were open to rereese pressure to protect baton rouge and new orleans. the governor have asked that 11 patient parishes to be added. >> in the stanley cup playoffs the sharks lost game one of the western conference finals to the
5:49 am
canucks last night. the sharks led 2-1 after patric marleau redirected a shot into the net but the sharks couldn't hold on on. in the third. >> canucks scored two goals in two minutes to take the lead and the game 3-2. sharks will try to even things up when they return to vancouver for game two on wednesday night. >> kristen: all right. better luck this time. but meanwhile, we've got not just a little rain but this afternoon. >> pretty steady rain and it could you could turn the sprinkler system off. we are definitely going to see some rain. scattered showers as we pan from north to south as we are looking to the east from our roof cam. you can see treasure island the bay bridge and look how scattered nature the clouds are. one lone shower moving up to
5:50 am
mount hamilton and another in the extreme part of napa county heading up to lake county and away from us. we could have a few more scattered showers during the morning hours but the big story is what happens later today when the steadier rain rolls in. if you are stepping out. 40 in fairfield. 40s in the midland valleys. we have mid to upper 40s for most of the monterey bay and about 50 if santa cruz. here are the highlights. record cold high temperatures are possible today. rain returns this afternoon. cold again tomorrow with showers developing and then warmer and dry for wednesday through friday. we have a warm front. we will have a steady rain. once we get past that, a cold front that will bring us the showers tomorrow. here we are at 7:00 this morning. few lingering showers around. a little bit of a lull before the rain rolls in at noon and overspreads all of our
5:51 am
neighborhoods by 5:00. morning commute. relatively dry, evening commuted and then rains become more showery in nature and continued to be scattered showers during lunch and in the afternoon hours. cold front will go through tomorrow night. you can see how it clears us out by wednesday morning's commute. rainfall amounts, third to two-thirds of an inch with more than a an inch in higher elevations. wednesday a clearing trend, slightly warmer and back to average for thursday and friday before a cooling trend this weekend. this could be a hot spot. eastbound 80 seventh street on-ramp as you make your way towards the downtown area. we have a live shot of fourth street on-ramp, seventh street you can't quite see it but apparently it's an overturned big rig and it is blocking an off-ramp and several chp units
5:52 am
headed to the scene as well as ambulance. it could mean delays, it could back up traffic on to north 101 heading into the san francisco sky way. elsewhere, still looking pretty good. headlights moving westbound toward the bay bridge toll plaza no delays there and fine across the sm bridge with -- san mateo bridge with this live shot here. go to our website at click on the bay area traffic link. >> kristen: a popular lar vehicle by ford is under investigation for uni believe tended investigation. >> here is swrian king. >> good morning. ford cross over suv under investigation after thousands of complaints about unintended luggage go at low speeds. 2005 to 2007 models are looking
5:53 am
at. sonny, play station partially up and running again but more problems it had to shut down for 30 minutes because it was overwhelmed by so many people trying to reset passwords. it shut down three weeks ago after a hacker attack. college may not be worth it. they say higher education fails to provide students good value for their money. next iphone, it will come out in the fall and be compatible with sprint and t-mobile. right now at&t and verizon are the official iphone service providers. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> eric: one u.c. berkeley student started a new chapter of his life this weekend not only graduating but he took his first steps in more than three years at the ceremony. austin whitney has been in a
5:54 am
wheelchair since a car crash in 2007. he was determined to walk and he got help needed from students. robotic and human engineering team built an exoskeleton specifically for him to use and as thousands watches, austin rose to the occasion. >> i knew when i stood up here in front of all these people today.... >> eric: austin used the exoskeleton that is still in the development stage but creators hope to have one on the market soon for the same cost as a motorized wheelchair which is about $20,000. >> space shuttle endeavour is set to take final journey in
5:55 am
space. here is a special report. report. good morning. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. we're going to the kennedy space center for the launch of the space shuttle "endeavour." it's going to happen any minute now. originally scheduled for april 29th. it had to be postponed. it's commanded by commander mark kelly, the husband of congresswoman gabby giffords. she's going to be there today. she's there today at the kennedy space center, watching her husband, commander mark kelly, lead the last mission of "endeavour." there will be one more space shuttle mission taking off later this summer. this is the last for "endeavour." commander mark kelly will take his wife's wedding ring to space around his neck. let's go to the voice of mission
5:56 am
control, george diller. >> standing by for the handoff to defr dvr's on board computers. t-minus 31 seconds. the handoff has occurred. >> 25. 20. >> firing chain is armed. pressure water system is armed. >> 10. >> remain in the start. eight, seven, six, four, three, two -- zero. and liftoff for the final launch of "endeavour." expanding our knowledge, expanding our lives in space. >> houston, "endeavour," program. >> roger roll, "endeavour." >> houston is now controlling
5:57 am
"endeavour," beginning to pull over on to its back, the roll program on the way as "endeavour" begins the heads down position on course for a 51.6 degree, 136 by 36 statute mile orbit. >> three engines now throttling down as "endeavour" passes through the area of maximum dynamic pressure on the vehicle in the lower atmosphere. approaching 1:00 into the flight. >> "endeavour," go at throttle up. >> roger, go at throttle up. >> "endeavour's" three main engines now back at full throttle. all three engines in good shape. "endeavour" is already traveling
5:58 am
1,300 piles per hour at an altitude 11 miles downrange from the kennedy space center. now 12 miles. >> as "endeavour" heads into its final mission commanded by mark kelly. taking off if the kennedy space center in cape canaveral florida. every time you see it, it gives you chills. let's go to bob at the kennedy space center. hey, bob. >> i gotta say. i gotta tell you. you can hear the, feel the vibration when they goes up through the clouds. it goes from zero to 17,000 miles per hour in 8:30. it went right through the clouds. there is fear of danger if the cloud is there over the top, it could be canceled. as long as it's 5,000 feet in the air, it's safe, not too thick. so they can in terms of visually, they can see what's
5:59 am
doing. headache sure it's going in the right direction up through the sky. it's not just the radars they need. they want to have people placed around the area here in florida to watch it as they go. but there it is. it's unbelievable sight. >> the last flight of space shuttle "endeavour." the second to last mission for the space shuttle program. commanded by mark kelly, the husb >> eric: we'll follow the endeavour mission for you. it's 5:59. thanks for joining us. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. sunny skies, not too bad


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