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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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like here where we're going to get some rain. >> strong system will roll through in the afternoon hours. good news, most of the shower activity is dissipating or moving into the higher elevations like around mount hamilton. still wetness down in the south bay from the earlier shower. north of napa county and this one is moving up to the northeast away from us. morning commute is going to be relatively quiet. a scattered light shower is possible during the morning hours. if you are heading out the next couple of hours, watch out for that. heaviest rain will come in after the lunch hour. this is not a one day event. first we want to find out monday morning traffic. >> better news in san francisco, we heard about overturned big rig on sky way on the off-ramp, chp got there, it's not there at all. so the off-ramps are open. traffic is fine.
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no hot spots should be developing because of that. at the bay bridge toll plaza, delay free. there have been accidents including one in san jose. live shot of 101 and 880. crash is? s in southbound direction of the capitol expressway off-ramp. >> kristen: the san francisco giants fan who has been in a coma since he was attacked outside dodgers stadium is set to return to the bay area rivaling as early as this morning. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general what bryan stow will face there. >> he'll be treated by neurosurgery that specialize in brain and spinal cord injuries. he has opened his eyes that they consider a good sign. he is no longer in a medically induced coma but still
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unconscious and is still in critical condition. he was attacked in march as he was leaving a giants-dodgers game in l.a. police say his attackers were wearing dodgers jersey. stow was wearing a giants shirt. family says they are glad to have him home and do consider it a good sign that he can be moved to san francisco. >> we have indications it could be a long road to recovery. we are looking at over a year of rehab. so we're prepared. we're prepared to take that next step with brian, definitely. >> reporter: police are still looking for the two men who attacked bryan stow. here is a sketch they are working from based on witness descriptions. police will be holding a press conference to update the investigation. his parents say leaving l.a. is bittersweet think are happy to have him back in the bay area but they are l miss the doctors
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and nurses that have supported him through this calling it truly a city of angels. >> eric: san francisco transportation officials are holding a public hearing to consider a plan plachb that could create record high fares for cabs in the city. proposals being considered a five dollar surcharge for picking up passengers at home during peak times and increasing meter rates. there is recommendations for fuel surcharges. they report if the new proposals pass, a passenger picked up at home on a friday night riding just three miles would end up paying nearly $20, eight dollars more than they pay right now. >> just hours from now, governor brown is set to unveil his new budget. revenues for the state after the
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end of april more than $2 billion above forecasts. according to the l.a. times, governor brown may announce he'll postpone requests for higher income tax rates until next year but he is asked to ask for an extension of the sales tax to avoid further cuts to public safety. set to expire at the end of next month. >> a group of concerned neighbors trying to prevent crews to cut down a 300 year oak tree in menlo park today. they want to bring down the 100 foot tall tree to make room for a new pipeline to transfer water from hetch-hetchy reservoir. they say they are not considering alternatives to destroying the tree. >> our position is there a viable options. some include digging under it. another option is having a piece of pipe above ground for that section only.
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>> digging underneath the tree will destabilize it. >> a zero tolerance policy for alcohol tamed the crowd at bay to breakers race. police still made several arrests. they found hidden containers of alcohol along the race course. there was one serious accident. a man fell 30 feet while watching the race. he suffered life-threatening injuries. they set up check points taking away any booze they did see. residents say the crowd behaved somewhat better. >> people came up to us and asked, oh, can you recycle this for me? which you would never have gotten before. so usually the entire street would have been trashed. >> they arrested 17 people for public intoxication but overall race organizers delivered it a success. >> eric: santa clara health officials will take to the skies to look where mosquitoes breed.
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they are concerned about the spread of west nile virus. water born mosquitoes spread the virus. more than a hundred people have died in california since west nile virus first arrived here and birds are known carriers. so far this year, three dead crows in santa clara county have tested positive for the virus. >> kristen: this morning, hundreds of professional cyclists will try the amgern bike race. it was supposed to begin in south lake tahoe but it was ultimately cancelled, you can see it, snow. they will try to pick up the second leg from squaw valley to sacramento. it passes donner summit and it's set to arrive here in o wednesday. so one quick note about the unusual late snow, i understand squaw valley and alpine meadows will be opened for skiing 4th of
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july weekend. a lot of snow up there. >> i guess they don't have snow tires on those bikes. >> i saw that over the weekend, parties and cookouts and bands and discounted lift tickets. it looks like it will be a lot of fun up there. quiet over the area of the tour but look what is going to happen over the western slows. winter storm warning from 4:00 to 5:00 tomorrow morning. snow level will drop down to 4500 feet. we'll get five to ten inches above 55,000 feet. so the sooner they start that the better off they are. here is a look what is convincing on. a quieting pattern but right behind me, you can see the thicker clouds which is the rain that is moving in later today.
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40s and 50s later today and we'll only make it to the low 60s. record cold temperatures today and 5-14 degrees cooler than average. it's set to repeat tomorrow. rain will move in the afternoon and be steady throughout the evening hours. more showery in nature tomorrow. things will not be as steady as today. wednesday we dry out and thursday and friday back to average before a cooling trend. >> another new accident. we had half a dozen accidents but this one is livermore, westbound 580, airway. they are already on the shoulder but you can see heavy traffic as you make your way out of altamont pass. we will keep an eye on this and check drive times. checking out 680 in walnut creek. so far that commute is fine heading southbound there. also if you are heading across any of the bridges, it's pretty
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quiet. live shot of the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic is on the right. just ahead, don't let the rain fool you. why one fire fighting agency they are very concerned about this year's fire season and the extra steps it's taking to prepare. >> and an attack on a radio station have them asking to catch the vandals. >> shuttle endeavour's final liftoff that took place about ten minutes ago and continues the flight to the international space station. we'll continue to follllllllllll
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good monday morning, 6:13 on the morning news. a stunning start to your monday. look at the sun rising in the east. this is a picture from the rooftop camera. let's hope your day goes as well as this picture is starting our day. >> kristen: the country exceeds the so-called debt ceiling it will no longer to be able to borrow money. timothy geithner is expected to dip in the federal retirees
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program to get the country going. if they don't raise the debt ceiling the country could default on obligations. it could be suspension of services including the mailing of social security checks. >> they wanted to find the vandals that skruad racist graffiti at the studio. they struck at oz cap radio in vallejo. they even targeted a vehicle the nonprofit station uses to promote itself in the community. >> it offends me personally, you work so hard to bring something to a community as my wife and i have for five years. >> eric: the vandalism comes after someone shot out a window of the station's car early this month. >> kristen: santa clara county will hire more firefighters to help an increase in wildfires
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this summer. cal fire officials humidity is expected to decrease and temperatures should go up will which will dry out grass. cal fire says they plan to hire crews to address the risks. >> eric: all that grass. let's check in with mike. that stuff is going to start later. >> this morning, scattered showers in and this afternoon steady rain and tomorrow showers. we are looking at clouds that are trying to drop a few sprinkles on your morning commute from mount sutro. we can't see mount diablo because of the cloud cover. we were tracking a shower but it's fallen apart but you will find wetness on the streets and frances was covering a couple of accidents because of that.
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in napa county we were watching a shower but since moved to the north and moved away. let's put the last few hours in motion. you see anything that does develop will move from south, southwest to north-northeast. let's talk temperatures since most of us shall dry, 40 in fairfield, up to 51 in san francisco, pretty mild morning. 50 in santa cruz. record cold high temperatures, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. that is very unusual and could set record cold-high temperatures today. the difference between rain and showers, rain is steady and showers intermittent. rain today and showers tomorrow and warm and dry wednesday through friday. upper 50s to low 60s. we are anywhere from six to 15 degrees cooler than average.
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58 in monterey. low to mid-50s for the rest of the bay and inland. heading to the coliseum, the rain will be well underway by 7:05 and chilly as the angels are in town. 56 dropping down to about 54 degrees. let's take a look at tonight's temperatures, 50 around oakland and antioch, everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. wet weather falling from our skies. warm front, steadier rain because the warm air is lighter and tends to ride over the cold dome and cold air lifts the air faster and creates the scattered heavier showers. showers this morning and steady rain moving in from the coast. if you have a baseball game this afternoon, soccer, softball, it's going to be hard to get it in if you are playing on natural grass. overnight hours, showers will continue and cold front starts
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to roll in around noon and into the afternoon hours. watch the by a in the showers from 6:00 tomorrow evening with the cold front moving through, to 7:00 wednesday morning. then it clears. before it does, about a third to two-thirds of an inch of rain. that is turn the sprinkler off type of weather. wednesday temperatures are still cooler than average, back to average thursday and friday. still looking at a cooling trend dry right now for saturday and sunday. >> check out slow drive times in the east bay. westbound 4 out of antioch, lone tree way 242, 27 minutes and the ride has slowed down from livermore because of that crash on the shoulder. you notice how the realtime drive time is 28 minutes. westbound 580, 205 to 680, accident in livermore on the
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shoulder. live camera shots around the bay area, north bay, great heading southbound out of novato down to the golden gate bridge where traffic is light into san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza, pretty much delay free. on the peninsula, we have quiet commute on 101. millbrae, headlights move northbound toward san francisco. in the on soub south bay, 280 and 17 interchange where you won't find any problems northbound on 280. that is 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains. get traffic at you'll find it on the bay area traffic link. it's now 6:19. >> coming up, the over-the-counter medication, some are calling it a dangerous idea. >> and walk across a berkeley stage that might shu is just prove that nothing is impossible.
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listen to this one. a blood test that claims to tell you how long you'll live will be on store shelves later in britain this year. it measures chromosomes and s they believe is accurate indicator of aging.
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there are concerns from some who believe in insurance companies to ko ultimately use the results to alter insurance costs. >> eric: one u.c. berkeley student started a new chapter of his lie. he not only graduated but took his first steps in more than three years at the ceremony. 22-year-old austin whitney has been a wheelchair since 2007 but he was determined to stand up and accept his degree from cal. he got help from students, the engineering team built him an exoskeleton and as thousands watches, he rose to the career. -- occasion. >> i knew when i stood up here in front of all these people today, it would be different. it truly was. it was truly the greatest gift anyone has given me.
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>> eric: the exoskeleton is still in development but creators hope to have it on market as the same price as a motorized wheelchair, about $20,000. >> kristen: still ahead, headed for history. a look back at picture perfect launch of the space shuttle endeavour. >> and i it appears pot is paying off for san jose. >> injured giants fan bryan stow will be coming home to the bay area this morning. we'll have an update for you on his condition up next. >> we have flight arrival delays in new york but elsewhere it is quiet this morning, flight tracker is always there for you, tracker is always there for you, at ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to black silk from folgers.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, opening bell is about to ring to start the trading day on wall street. today's stocks, to start off with losses following an earnings miss by home improvement store lowe's. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange in early trading coming up in about 16 minutes.
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[ bell ringing ] >> eric: 6:30 let's make it. space shuttle is rotting go towards the international space station as we speak after a picture perfect launch from cape canaveral. ron hendron is in florida where hundreds of thousands of people lined the roads to witness history. >> liftoff. >> they lifted off on one last mission as they soar to the final frontier retirement. >> half a million americans have lined the roads to watch the flight. gabrielle giffords joined mark kelly to command. >> she has been working really hard to make sure that her doctors would permit her to come. >> they come as far away as california where endeavour will retire in los angeles. >> i want to watch it launch and land and then i'm going to follow her back home to california. >> engineers scrubbed a launch attempt over an electrical
6:31 am
problem now resolved. >> it's really in great shape, no issues at all. >> this is second time giffords has made the journey in houston where she is recovering after being shot in the head in january. >> she is really there. she follows directions. she laughs at jokes. >> on the 16 day mission they will deliver a cosmic ray detector to the space station. on board the astronauts are all wearing the blue bracelets celebrating giffords' life. >> it marks the beginning of the end of an era. it is the next to last shuttle launch. >> kristen: space san francisco giants fan since he was brutally
6:32 am
attacked opening day is set to return to the bay area arriving as early as this morning. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general with a look at what he'll face once there. >> reporter: he is considered stable enough to move to san francisco. he'll be closer to his santa cruz home. he has been in the l.a. hospital since his attack, march 31. he was beaten up after leaving a game. he was wearing a giants-dodgers shirt. the parents don't have any negative feelings toward l.a.. they will miss the doctors and nurses who have supported them throughout this. they say it's truly a city of angels. they are excited to come home and consider it's a good sign that he is stable enough to move. >> obviously peace of machined to have brian come back home.
6:33 am
>> that is what we're looking for. it started pretty good this week and he has had a lot of movement we look at that as positive. we hope it continues. here is a sketch of the two men police are looking for. they haven't made any arrests. l.a. police will be holding a news conference tomorrow to update the investigation. stow was taken out of the induced coma a little more than a week ago. he has opened his eyes. doctors say is good sign but doctors are hoping to see more movement once he gets here to san francisco. his mom says she would love to see him smile and have him say hi, mom. >> eric: it's 6:33 now. five suspects in murder of a german tourist are set to appear
6:34 am
in court today. the tourist was killed in the theater district on mason near geary back in august. they arrested them at two weeks at homes in san francisco, oakland and fremont. two of the suspects are juveniles. one of them will be tried as an adult. in oakland, police are investigating two weekend shootings that left one person dead and three others injured. first shooting happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon in the 6600 block of macarthur boulevard. three people were shot. police have not identified the victims or saying how serious the injuries are. second shooting happened around 10:00 last night on bancroft avenue. when police arrived they found one person dead and no word on the victim's identity either. >> medical marijuana clubs are bringing in big bucks for san jose. they released figures showing that medical marijuana clubs paid $290,000 in taxes during
6:35 am
march. first month since the city's new tax was implemented. it's good news for the city that is facing $115 million budget deficit but the new revenue could be short-lived. last month the city council to number of pot clubs from 110 to just 10. >> this morning, pg&e is continuing its pressure testing of a natural gas pipeline in antioch. they say residents might smell natural gas as it is removed from the pipeline before testing begins. they will pump water in the section being tested and pressurize it to much higher level than it would ever be operating as natural gas. any leaking sections will be replaced. the state ordered the tests after the deadly gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. the storms in northern california of left hail in parts of the bay area and new snow in
6:36 am
the sierra. mike has been talking about that. a viewer uploaded a video of hail in napa. you can see the small ice pebbles on the ground there. our weather producer shows this picture what appears to be a weak frontal cloud off the coast of pacifica. this is what it looks like at heavenly ski resort in tahoe. it's closed for the season but you can see a good coating of snow at the top. and amgen tour of california, stage one had to be cancelled. now, we're getting stage two may be affected, as well. 12:15 is when it started and nevada city because the snow level will be down to 4500 feet. so you have some of the scattered showers we have could
6:37 am
have some hail on them tomorrow. some of showers we have tomorrow those could have hail but today it's a steady rain. right now, pretty quiet. let me back out of the picture and look to the left side of screen, you can see the clouds. it's breezy and deeper and wider and a lot of moisture in them. we're going to get a good soaking this afternoon. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. as we head into the afternoon hours, 6-17 degrees below average. that is how cold it's going to be as we threaten some record cold-high temperatures today. upper 50s to low 60s. rain moves in around noon and it keeps going. it becomes more showery in nature tonight and we could get a third to two-thirds of an inch of rain.
6:38 am
higher entanglements higher elevations. thursday and friday, temperatures back to average before a cooling trend saturday and sunday. a couple of slow spots all in the east bay. here is a live shot in berkeley. still no trouble on the east shore freeway. looking good from the carquinez bridge, bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up to the west grand overcrossing. 680 in walnut creek, so far as you move southbound on the right coming off benicia bridges heading down into the valley and through the sunol grade. san mateo bridge has been fine all morning with the drive time 14 minutes westbound from 880 to 101. it's also light in the eastbound direction. in the south bay, you have no trouble for most commuters heading northbound out of morgan hill. southbound at capital expressway
6:39 am
clearing a much earlier accident. and if you want to take mass transit, systems are reporting no major delays. >> eric: time is 6:39. >> kristen: trading is under way on wall street. here is a live look at the big board. dow is down 30 points. >> eric: one of the most powerful men in the world facing criminal charges. the head of the international monetary fund responds to accusations of sexual assault. >> and turning paper into real help for tens of thousands of help for tens of thousands of japan's earthquake survivors. ññ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. scattered showers across northern california. we may have a few for our morning commute but it's pretty quiet. look at that wall of water from big sur and north ward. higher elevation above 4,000 feet. snow. winter storm warning from 4:00 this afternoon to 5:00 tomorrow morning. two to four inches above 4,000 feet. nearly a foot around 5500 feet and foot and a half above 7,000 feet. driving will be very dangerous tonight. >> kristen: governor brown is
6:44 am
set to unveil his revised budget in an effort to erase the deficit. they are required to update the spending plan in may. revenue was important than $2 billion above forecast at the end of april. governor brown may announce to postpone asking for higher income tax rates until next year but he would still ask for extension of sales tax and vehicle registration fee increases set set to expire at the end of next month. >> eric: the head of imf faces arrangement in new york today on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. police say she picked him out after police who line-up. dominique strauss-kahn was supposed to be buries they also morning. police say the trouble started at a posh hotel where he was
6:45 am
staying when a housekeeper came in to clean his room on saturday. she claims that he rushed out of a bathroom naked and attacked her. police say she fought him off only to be dragged into the bathroom and assaulted again before she finally escaped. >> he intends to on defend these charges and denies any wrongdoing. >> they arrested him on on board a flight to france. the charges could bring big political fallout. he was believed to be the front runner another race to become the next president of france. >> kristen: fallout on the markets. they are having impact on global markets. >> eric: check in with jane king >> we are down this morning in part of the arrest of dominique strauss-kahn. he was supposed to be attending
6:46 am
a meeting of european finance ministers to determine whether greece would get more aid. concern about the european situation and now it's complicated and who may head the imf might be. we've got the dow down 45 points and, new york manufacturing area that is not helping area. manufacturing nationwide is starting to slow down. bloomberg index is trading down a third of a percent. they are saying 20% or more a year, shares are up this morning on those comments and they are higher. if you got the to your knowledge splurge on a cruise, you are not alone. most americans are fed up being pent occupy and they are going on vacation this summer no
6:47 am
matter if it costs more. >> kristen: thanks a lot. we kind of all need it. >> eric: tens of thousands of victims of devastating tsunami and earthquake are about to get much needed help. take a look out hoi one company turning cranes into clothes. >> right now 50,000 paper cranes feel the stockroom in milpitas. it's called cranes for kids. people would make the cranes at home and ex in exchange they would donate a piece of clothing to tsunami victims in japan for each crane received. they set a cap of 50,000. they got far more than that. >> it was tremendous and generous out pouring from the community. >> in just three weeks, nearly 2 million paper cranes came pouring in, but why cranes? the idea hatched from a well
6:48 am
known japanese legend. >> cranes are very important and japanese believe if you followed a thousand you will be granted a wish. this is kind of the thinking, we can't grant everyone's wishes we can help other people that were affected by the tsunami. >> even prisons donated cranes. a teacher at the elementary school brought the idea to school and it took off. >> fourth and fifth grades folded 1701 cranes that we donated to the oshkosh fund-raiser. >> they gave up their lunch and recesses to fold cranes. >> the feeling you get when you know you help someone is really remarkable. >> now the cranes get boxed up and sent to japan along with much needed clothing from earthquake victims who are just beginning to rebuild their
6:49 am
lives. >> 50,000 and they got two million. people were really interested and somebody did a good job. >> kristen: i was going to ask you, do you know how to fold a crane? >> no. so sorry. >> kristen: they might get a little wet if you do them outside. >> you can make an umbrella because that is what you'll needed to. some of the cloud that are bringing scattered sprinkles to the morning forecast, for the most part, live doppler 7 hd has been on a drying trend. as you step outside, 40 in fairfield. mid to upper 40s in inland valleys. to near 50 degrees around the bay shore and out to the coast. mid to upper 40s around the monterey bay to santa cruz at 50. very interesting weather pattern developing with record cold-high
6:50 am
temperatures again today. rain returns to the forecast as quickly as noon. then we'll have a pretty wet afternoon. cool again tomorrow with showers developing and difference between rain and showers, showers are enter mitt enter and heavier. warmer and dry, wednesday through friday. as far as temperatures, record cold highs, about 6 degrees cooler than average in san francisco, that should be oakland, sorry about that. san jose, redwood city and napa 13-17 degrees cooler than average. all of our temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. notice how steady the rain gets in the afternoon hours. same thing around monterey bay, upper 50s to low 60s around the bay. heading to the game at coliseum, not sure how they'll get it in with this rain. it will definitely be raining by 7:00. down to 54 degrees as the angels are in town.
6:51 am
rain will continue but not as quite as heavy this afternoon. let's take a look what is happening. setting the stage for this unusual event. warm front, any time a warm front comes in, it overtakes the colder air. this creates a steady light rain. that is what we'll have this afternoon and during the evening hours. once the cold front comes through, that is when you get the sharper showers and heavy rain but it doesn't last all day. you can see by noon, the rain is moving in. by the afternoon hours, any kind of outdoor activities let's hope it's on turf and not dirt because it will be muddy. overnight hours, it will change into showers. more showers for tomorrow afternoon. then a steadier rain will move in with the cold front and watch how it sweeps everything away by wednesday morning. we'll get a third to two-thirds of an inch of rain with almost double than that in our mountains.
6:52 am
record cold-high temperatures possible again. temperatures warm to average thursday and friday. then it cools again, looking dry for saturday and sunday. bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up to the 880 overcross. golden gate bridge, good ride. traffic is flowing well into san francisco. still looking good as far north as san rafael. if you are heading out of novato a few brake lights but overall it's looking good down to the golden gate bridge. check out the peninsula, 101 in millbrae is problem free all the way northbound up into san francisco. no major problems 101 or 280 on the peninsula. and check out the interchange? san jose for those cars moving northbound and that is highway
6:53 am
17 at the very top of your screen. slowest drive is still in the east bay but check out the drive times. over half an hour out of antioch and 36 minutes on westbound 580 ride out of the altamont pass to 680 with an accident in livermore on the shoulder. get your drive times by going to find bay area traffic link and. chp is trying to determine what caused a four-car collision on the golden gate bridge. officers shut down traffic on both directions on the bridge for about half an hour. three people were taken to the hospital but the injuries are minor. all four vehicles had major front end damage. chp couldn't confirm it was a head-on collision because ongoing investigation. bridge officials say there will be a movable median barrier in place some time next year to
6:54 am
prevent head-on crashes. >> the new medical center in burlingame opened its doors for the first time this weekend. the renovation took you years and cost $618 million. patients from the old mills hospital will slowly be transferred to the more safe building. new facility has wireless patient monitoring and private rooms with foldout couches for visiting family members. it's designed to remain fully operational after an 89.5 magnitude earthquake. >> a santa cruz man nearly beaten to death following a giants game in los angeles is heading back to the bay area today to continue his recovery. >> eric: amy hollyfield is live at the hospital with the latest. >> bryan stow will likely be arriving here this morning. his parents say they consider a good sign to be transferred from
6:55 am
los angeles. he was beaten up in march while leaving a giants-dodgers game in l.a. he is still suffering from brain damage. he is still in critical condition. doctors have taken him out of the coma, but he is unconscious. they have seen him open his eyes. doctors say that is a good sign and they consider him stable enough to come home here to the bay area. police have not made any arrests in the attack. they are still looking for the two men who beat up brian. they have created sketches of the suspects and going to be holding a press conference tomorrow to put those sketches on 300 more billboards in the l.a. area tomorrow in the on hopes that tracking down who did this to this 42-year-old father of two. brian will be treated by the head of neuro surgery at san francisco general. the doctor specializes in brain and spinal cord injuries. his family says they will miss
6:56 am
his friend but they are happy to be coming home. >> checking other top stories. space shuttle endeavour is rocketing towards the international space station after an early morning launch from the kennedy space center. gabrielle giffords was there to see the launch. it's commanded by her husband, mark kelly and the final mission into space will include delivery of the cosmic ray detector. and weather delayed amgen tour is being moved from squaw valley to nevada city because of weather. it forced races to cancel the first leg. the tour arrives in the bay area on wednesday. >> eric: we have more precipitation on the way, rain and snow. let's check in with mike. >> healthy soaking of rain is on the way, but right now, all is pretty quiet. we do have a few scattered light
6:57 am
showers. they in fairfield. 51 in oakland and san francisco. you see the upper 50s to low 60s and steady rain that hits us around noon and just increases and moves to the east. one-third to two-thirds of an inch in rain. >> east shore freeway, westbound 80, live shot at university where it's crowded. slow approaching powell where we have a stalled bus now blocking the car-pool lane. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the 880 overcrossing. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> back with a local update at 7:24. join us at 11:00. have a great day and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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