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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 16, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. in just hours, this world finance leader faces a judge in criminal court on shocking charges of sexual assault. overnight, the accuser picks dominique strauss-kahn out of a lineup. the case is shaking global markets. what happened behind this door? torrent of terror. the floodgates are opening up all over cajun country this morning. small tons waiting to be sacrificed to save louisiana's bigger cities. we're live from the flood zone. face-down fad. the strange fad of lying down in strange places. it's taking the internet by storm. now it's been blamed for at least one death at the weekend. we go inside planking. anchors away. it's reality week here on "gma." bhaps when george heads to the
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hottest spot in sin city for the hit "pawn stars?" will it be deal or no deal? happy monday, everyone. robin, i was ready when i went to vegas. >> i think you need to explain a little bit more than you picking that up and saying -- >> but it's all coming up. all part of my pawn star adventure. >> you the man, george. we'll get to that later. so much to get to now. the all-night drama in new york city. the shocking case against the head of the imf. he awaited arraignment on charges of sexual assault against a new york city hotel housekeeper just around the corner from here. >> police took samples of his dna this morning. hard to overestimate the importance of this man, d
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dominique strauss-kahn, one of the world's most powerful moneymen. the leading candidate for president of france. now the career is shattered. >> not the first time he's faced these accusations. we'll have that coming up. we're also following the launch of the space shuttle "endeavour" this morning. with gabby giffords' husband on board, commander kelly carrying something special to both of them, taking off since -- >> all systems go this morning. >> let's go the stunning charges against the head of the international monetary fund. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning. it was in room 2806, a $3,000 a night hotel suite where the alleged incident took place on saturday. arraignment is set later today for dominique strauss-kahn was the head of the biggest financial institution. this morning instead of navigating europe's debt crisis he'll be trying to navigate
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through the u.s. court system. once seen as a legitimate con tender to be france's next president, instead he wore a scowl and new handcuffs last night, charged with three crimes. >> attempted rape, criminal sex acts, and unlawful imprisonment. >> reporter: as he was driven to a new york hospital for forensic testing, his attorneys addressed the charges. >> he intends to vigorously fight these charges and denies any wrong doing. >> reporter: hours earlier he was identified in a police lineup by a hotel housekeeper who said he assaulted her in this hotel suite. the housekeeper entered room 2806 at the sofitel hotel in manhattan. strauss-kahn allegedly came out of the bathroom naked, chased her through the rooms, forced her into a sex act and tried to tear off her underwear. she escaped and called police. in the room, police found his
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cell phone. he had left in a hurry but called the hotel asking for the phone to be brought to him. the new york police department gave that information to the port authority police. at jqt airport and just as doors were closed for takeoff they boarded the plane and arrested h him. he lives with his american-born wife, ann sinclair, at this house in washington. she's one of france's most prominent television journalists. this is not the first time this allegations of ess -- sexual e escapades have surfaced. in 2002, a woman said he tried to come after her. she said it ended violently. i clearly told him but real violent. not just a slap in the face. we really actually fought each other. i kicked him, he unhooked my bra. he tried unzipping my jeans. and in 2008, the married father of four had an fair with a fellow economist, earning him the nickname, the
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great seducer. today, his wife is standing by her man. in a statement, she says she doesn't believe the accusations. age and quote, i have no doubt his innocence will sfwaebed. his wife came to his defense back in 2008 as well. she's on her way to new york from their home in paris to once again stand by her man. >> okay, bianna. thank you very much. let's bring in dan abrams. our chief legal analyst here. so many questions to get to. one of the first questions they face, he's the head of the international monetary fund. a diplomat. the police said no diplomatic immunity. >> this is not like someone here from the french embassy working on behalf of that country. the question becomes, can he get immunity based on being an imf official. he might have if he was here on imf business. that's not what we're talking about here. we're not talking about someone who, in the context of their work for the imf, allegedly got into trouble. this is someone who apparently,
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and there might be an argument to the contrary, we'll see, once the court proceedings start, who was apparently not here acting on imf business. >> that's why the police ruled out immunity. we learned that allegedly mr. kahn was desperate to get his passport as quickly as possible and try to get home. >> there were all sorts of early reports about his cell phone. that pam a crucial question, had he left the phone in the hotel room. it appears now he didn't. he thought he had and called the hotel to get it back. if he was sort of running, and this is the sort of thing you have to be careful not to jump to conclusions early on, because the facts start to come out. as you get to know more about the case. if he was effectively running, that could be used as evidence against him. >> might have been difficult to get him back here. the case itself, we know now that he was tested for his dna. that could be significant. the fact that the hotel maid
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called in so quickly with this report. >> when you're talking about a sexual assault allegation, people say, it's a he said, she said. actually, it's not. there is other evidence, like dna. that's why they're looking for example under his fingernails. was there a sense of a fight? she had minor injuries. that is relevant. the fact she might have gone running and screams. we'll have to see the details, but the fact that she reported it immediately is another crucial detail that helps her case. >> we'll bring you back in the next half hour. we want to talk about his past encounters. would they be relevant as well. bottom line, these are incredibly serious charges. he could face real time. >> this is not someone going to get released on bail and going home. he could get released on bail. i'll be surprised if they let him go to france. >> up to 15 years? >> very serious allegations. we'll talk more in the next half hour. meanwhile, down south in
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louisiana's cajun country, mad rush to get out as dangerous floodwaters pour in. the swollen mississippi river gushing through an area that is home to 25,000 people. it's being flooded to save larger cities downriver. our yunji de nies is in butte la rose with all of this. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the army corps of engineers says at its peak the flooding could reach 15 feet in this town. that would cover water above this roof top. a frightening prospect for the people that live here. the water is well on its way. the floodgates are open and there is no turning back. that torrent of water could nearly swallow up tiny butte la rose by friday. this is what 15 feet of water would do to the town's fire house. this home, whose owners have already evacuated would almost be totally submerged. this laund ro mat, 13 feet tall
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would disappear under water. like so many, these people are packing up. they're newly weds. married less than a year. >> she's doing great. i'm worse, think. >> reporter: why is that? >> i -- i didn't marry her to make her life harder. >> reporter: they're heading for higher ground indefinitely. >> this is all i have ever wanted. and i'm here. and we'll be back. >> reporter: it's not clear when they'll return or what they'll find. the water could sit here so long that the wildlife, snakes, alligators, and a host of insects could be waiting inside. some residents are going to extremes, building hand-made levees around homes. ron angele is wrapping his home in heavy plastic. >> i put some v-screen to block the water. and then i came back to put some sand. >> reporter: they say the water is going to be taller than the two of us, how will this make a
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difference? >> we have different levels. it may be 15 feet, it may be 3 feet here. >> reporter: a hopeful man there. the problem is not just how high the water could get but how long it could stick around. the army corps of engineers will keep the spillway open for several weeks. which means that once the water gets here it could stay for some time. robin? >> thank you. we're thinking of those affected by that rising water. an emotional and dramatic morning at cape canaveral. watching her husband make history, commander mark kelly and his crew blasted off on the space shuttle "endeavour's" final flight. and our bob woodruff saw it all up close and personal. good morning, bob. >> reporter: goorjs robin. this was just a remarkable launch. about a mile and a half this way on the pad where it took off. the first thing that we felt was the power of that air as it came across from the shuttle into our chests. it went from zero to 17,000
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miles per hour in just 8.5 minutes. and gabby was watching it from a plg not far away from here and very romantic aspect to this story. both mark and gabby decided to actually swap their wedding rings, so up in space he's wearing hers around his neck and she's right down here on the ground wearing his around her neck. >> here is commander mark kelly -- >> reporter: this morning in the final moments before the launch the crew of the "endeavour" suited up and headed out to board the shuttle. while at this private setting yesterday, astronaut mark kelly bid good-bye to his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords, a special good-bye, the final launch of the "endeavour" and first one for kelly since the tragic shooting in tucson. >> gabrielle giffords is too tough to let this beat her. >> reporter: this was the last time we saw her, two weeks ago, leaving houston for the first
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attempted launch. her chief of staff says these trips have been therapeutic. >> it seems that she understands everything. it's not everything, almost everything, she follows directions, laughs at jokes, recognizes friends. >> reporter: once in space, kelly's crew will deliver a cosmic ray detector that may give scientists a glimpse into the very first moments of the universe, just after the big bang. this is the next to last shuttle launch. one remains, "atlantis" in july. we learned more about gabby's condition. they say that she's speaking, actually quite clearly, not really slurring her words although she's lost her memory for many of those words. she's also singing as a kind of speech therapy and also very comfortable, knows the lyrics of most of her favorite songs and she's walking better than she did two weeks ago. >> get chills every time seeing that. thank you. >> george?
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now to presidential politics. the republican field is taking its final shape. mike huckabee announced he would not run. donald trump expected to signal today whether he's more committed to "celebrity apprentice" or the presidential campaign trail. and candidates are crisscrossing iowa, new hampshire and south carolin carolina. jon karl has more. >> reporter: huckabee's decision takes a big-name republican out of the running. mike huckabee would have been a front-runner. but -- >> all the factors say go. but my heart says no. and that's the decision that i have made. >> reporter: huckabee won the iowa caucuses and came in second overall to john mccain in 2008 and was at or near the top of the polls this time around. his decision leaves a republican field crowded with candidates and problems.
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there's mitt romney. conservatives hate his massachusetts health care plan. almost as much as they hate obama's. newt gingrich, loads of personal and political baggage. and tim pawlenty, struggling to convince people he's not too boring. then the wild cards. but will they run? indiana governor mitch daniels could be a force. the harley-riding budget hawk has tea party appeal. he says he'll decide closer to memorial day. today, we'll get a hint about donald trump's intentions. >> you're fired. >> reporter: his popular reality show is slated for another season. today, we'll find out if he's out as star of the program, freeing him up to run. former ambassador to china and governor jon huntsman heads to new hampshire this week and is already looking like a candidate. what about sarah palin? she recently hired a new foreign policy adviser. is that a sign she's running?
7:15 am
and new jersey's straight-talking governor chris christie? >> no, i'm not running for president. >> reporter: some republicans are refusing to accept no for an answer. they say there's a chance he'll jump in. as for mitch daniels, it looks more and more like he's in. late last night two top republicans told me that they believe daniels is running. >> thank you very much. the big hurdle was his family. thank you. let's bring in josh elliott after his weekend. >> good morning to you. for the first time since the secret raid that kill ed osama bin laden laden, a u.s. senator, john kerry, has arrived in pakistan this morning, with a list of demands. he's confronting pakistan about their failure collectively to find bin laden. nick schifrin joins us from islamabad. >> reporter: john kerry is here to try to convince the pakistanis just how angry the u.s. is right now.
7:16 am
he's looking for cooperation. cooperation from the pakistanis on fighting the taliban and arresting senior taliban members believed to be living here in pakistan. but today, the pakistanis are in no mood to cooperate. the u.s. is desperate for access to what it left behind in bin laden's compound, including books and documents. the pakistanis refused. the u.s. has asked to question bin laden's wives again, the pakistanis refused. and pakistanis are doubtful of everything the u.s. says right now, including finding a stash of pornography in bin laden's bedroom. >> nobody believes it. >> reporter: the u.s. is saying they found pornography inside the house. >> honestly, just like you don't trust us, i don't trust president obama either. >> reporter: the most radical deliver that message much louder. the u.s. calls this man a terrorist. he lives openly in pakistan. this weekend he called bin laden
7:17 am
a martyr and he demanded that pakistan prak ties with the u.s. officials on both signs don't want that to happen but cooperation needs to increase. >> we need to find a way to march forward if it is possible. if it is not possible, there are a set of downside consequences that can be profound. >> reporter: and just to give you a sense of how difficult it will be to convince this country, a new poll says nearly half of pakistanis believe bin laden died a martyr. half the country believes the whole story has been staged by the u.s. josh? >> our nick schifrin in pakistan. meanwhile, israel's military is on alert. a day after thousands of palestinians tried to storm the boarders with gaza, lebanon and syria all to protest the date that israel was founded. 16 people were killed in the clashes. and some dramatic moments for 136 passengers flying to indonesia. the engine of their cathay pacific jet caught fire.
7:18 am
midflight, making an emergency landing in singapore. where crews quickly doused the flames. passengers heard two loud bangs before the lights went out. many reportedly got together, prayed aloud, something worked. because no one was hurt. meanwhile, the family of late hockey star derek boogaard says they will donate his brain to research. friends and fans attended the memorial in minneapolis last night. he was found dead friday. there is speculation that brain trauma may have been the cause. he missed most of the hockey season with a concussion. have row seen the video of the guy being called the worst bus driver in the world? take a look. guy in rome, italy, steering with his ole bose while using two cell phones. he's getting instructions of how to set up e-mail on his smartphone. the video went viral.
7:19 am
outrage is said to be growing. he could still keep his job. >> he wasn't fired? >> he's only been suspended. pending a hearing. i want to state for the record, however qualitatively. i understand the safety concern, but the worst bus driver in the world? there's an argument to be made. he's the best bus driver in the world. if he's doing that with two. >> we're not going to condone that here. let's get to sam. let's get to the rain as well. a good part of the country will be very wet. detroit, cleveland, buffalo, all of the way into boston and new york city. let's show you how wet. the next three days, the red zone could be up to three inches of rain. that will be a big difference. we drop down to the mississippi river, the atchafalaya basin is the next zone. it's dry here but they'll shunt that to keep the flood level at new orleans at about 17. that's the whole idea there.
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and coming up, the planking fad. it's all the rage online. now a big accident is causing serious concerns.
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you asked for it, america.
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to relieve the pain of sensitivity. while i took refuge from the pollen that made me sneeze. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. hershey's bliss. one square inch of indulgence... joy... pleasure. one square inch of extra smooth, rich chocolate. hershey's bliss. injured giants fan bryan stow is expected to return to the bay area to continue his recovery. he'll be transported from usc to san francisco general hospital this morning. the family says he is being transferred there to be at the
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trauma center. he will be treated with a top specialist in spinal cord injuries. >> slowly if you are heading toward the bay bridge, an earlier accident past the toll plaza, traffic is backed up to the 880 overcrossing. slow ride in san jose on northbound 280 as you make your way up to cupertino. new accident reported in san jose. injuries as well, northbound 87 at taylor. when we come back, mike has a look at the forecast. >> all new. the biggest controversy in "oprah show" history. now, five years after "a million little pieces," they meet again. oprah, james frey. the interview.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.
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welcome back. look at the clouds that may drop a stray shower you on this morning. rain comes in around noon and doesn't stop during the evening hours. sets the stage for record cold-high temperatures. steady rain will be more showery and intermittent by tomorrow. by the end of it, wednesday morning, two-thirds of an n of rain. >> the news continues now with
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so what are these people doing? it's called planking. it's kind of a bizarre new craze. it's caught fire on the internet. here's the problem, it cost one young man his life. we'll get into that this morning right here on "gma." >> and the places they're doing that, george. and also, an update on the student banned from the prom. oh, he's going to the prom. he hung the invitation in big cardboard letters outside the school. at first because of the suspension he could not go to the prom. now the school reversed itself. he got the girl, got the permission. the power of facebook. >> the power of facebook. and the power of reality tv this morning. we're all going behind the scenes of some of the top reality shows. you see me there with that big sword i was trying to get rid of in las vegas. with "pawn stars."
7:31 am
had so much fun. it is such a hit. the place is a phenomenon. you go to las vegas, the lines are around the block. >> i can tell you didn't get rid of the sword. it's there. it's making me nervous. we'll return to the shocking charges against world financial leader dominique strauss-kahn. the head of the imf. set to be arraigned on charges of sexual assault against a hotel maid. sheeye d eye dent -- identified in a lineup. we'll show you the hotel where the alleged assault happened. it's not the first time he came under fire. a reporter that went to interview him said strauss-kahn turned aggressive. let's bring in rikki klieman and dan abrams. you know each other well. >> very well. >> the prosecution, what are they doing right now to build the case?
7:32 am
>> looking for victims. or alleged victims. this is a case that ultimately, he'll say it was consensual or it didn't happen at all. what the prosecution needs, in addition to what dan said in the last half hour, saying scientific evidence that it happened, they need other women to come forward and say, this happened at other hotels, in other places. if he's a sexual predator, it's happened before. >> you talk about former victims. there was someone, a journalist who said that he did become aggressive. french, and so we want to take a little bit of what she said happened to her. >> translator: he then called me, offered to meet and gave me an address that i did not recognize. which surprised me. i went to the address, parked my car, went upstairs. it was a completely empty apartment with a television, a video recorder and a bed.
7:33 am
he wanted me to take his hand for the inlter view because he said i won't make it if you don't. it went from the hand to the arm and then a notch up. i put an end to the interview. it ended badly. we got into a fight. it ended quite violently. i clearly told him. but real violent, not just a slap in the face. we really actually fought each other. i kicked him. he unhooked my bra. he tried unzipping my jeans. i talked to him during the fight. i said the word "rape" in an attempt to frighten him. it appeared to have no effect whatsoever. >> this is from a french tv show, filmed in 2007. she said it happened in 2002. this goes to what you were saying. about more people coming forward. >> it does and it doesn't. it does because it sounds like an aggressive potential sexual assault. first of all, it's a 5-year-old complaint, from 2002 to 2007. she's not quite in the same position.
7:34 am
she's not exactly subservient to him. what you have from a poor hotel housekeeper, someone that goes from room to room to room who might be afraid to complain, who might be afraid no one would back her up or believe her. or if you have an immigrant, she might lose her job. you need more people like her. >> there's no indications she has a record or a connection whatever with him. >> and everybody seems to like her. >> and in these cases, generally, we say you can't introduce evidence of someone's bad behavior in the past to prove another kind of case. the exception is when you have a pattern of behavior. and in this case, what prosecutors are going to try to do is establish that pattern of behavior and therefore, their argument is, hey, we're not saying he's a bad person and we're try to prove that. we're trying to introduce it for the very specific reason that
7:35 am
this person has a pattern of behavior that fits with what happened here. >> dan's right. you need those people to say he became aggressive, overpowered me. he's called the great seducer. the defense is, i can have any woman. why would i have to attack a woman? >> you both know that it's hard for women to come forward. he's a powerful man. >> the fact that she came forward so quickly will help her credibility. she didn't wait. she didn't talk to people. she didn't shop her story around. the bottom line is, the minute it happened, she ran out and told someone about it. >> right away. >> that will help her a lot, i think. >> his wife? >> standing by her man. >> coming to new york? >> absolutely. he didn't do it. he's innocent. we're going to forgive him. this is all a false accusation. she'll be a help to him. she's probably going to say, i know he does these things. but --
7:36 am
>> french and american are very different in terms of the way they're going to respond. what she said before, he's a seducer. that is not going to go over here. >> it's not going to give him any help legally either. >> no, but it may be it becomes part of his defense. i don't need to do this. i don't need to assault women. i can have women on my own. >> like deja vu with these people. >> we have had fun for a long time. >> i'm sure we'll bring you back time and again. thank you. let's turn to the casey anthony trial. after a marathon ten-hour selection the jury selection will continue again today. they're making headway, but they still have a long way to go. opening arguments set to begin this week. judging by how hard juror selection has been, it could be a tough deadline to meet. ashleigh banfield has the latest. >> reporter: the it's the start of another week in the first degree trial in florida. they're picking a jury in clearwater. it's been slow going. across the state in orlando,
7:37 am
they're readying a big courtroom for a trial the judge has suggested could be bigger than o.j. six days into picking a jury, so far, only 12 people are through to the next round. they need 20 people for a full jury that includes alternates. >> next week, the perry plan. >> reporter: the judge, belvin perry, is behind schedule. and wants to speed things up but there's no getting past the hurdles in finding a fair jury in this unusual case. >> the only problem is i'm totally opposed to capital punishment. >> reporter: those that can't vote for death can't be impaneled. >> do you believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth? >> in a simplistic way. yes. >> those that can't be impartial are off the jury, too. >> in the last two years, i've had two heart attacks, quadruple bypass, three stents, i'm diabetic, i'm on 14 medications a day.
7:38 am
>> reporter: many have been stricken due to the gruelling demands of being s ining sequesd the length of the trial. then there's the facebook effect. >> is facebook your home page? >> no, msn is when i log on. >> do you have a twitter account? >> yes. >> reporter: the cable tv news machine is on overdrive. casey's parents filed suit against their former attorney. they say brad conway breached their confidence. he appeared on tv last week suggesting a defense strategy. >> what he's going to say is that she didn't report her child missing because of the abuse, the emotional abuse, the alleged physical abuse, sexual abuse. >> reporter: the trial will get under way soon enough. after all, it's taken three years to get this far. it's unlikely opening statements will begin earlier than
7:39 am
wednesday. each side still has nine preemptory strikes. think about it, 18. they still need 18 people to round out that panel. when they do fill those seats, every one of those jurors will have to pick up their life, head across the state and leave their lives and families for two full months. it's a tall order. >> that's why is so tough to get a full jury. >> you'll be on the story, thanks very much, ashleigh. now let's go sam. >> pictures out of tucson, scary moments when a dry air, a twirling dust devil pops up. everybody knows what this is. it's a jumping castle. they got the kids out. but it picked up that jumping castle and spun it around. some folks were injured by that flying debris. here's the deal, in that part of the country, the dust-nados are happening there. they happen a lot there. they had time to get everybody out of the way there. in the southwest today, awfully wet west coast,
7:40 am
wet in the northeast, the east coast, the west coast. chicagoland, 38 this morning. you'll get up into the 50s. not quite 60. >> all that weather was brought to you by kibbles and bits. >> the weather is crazy, sam. coming up, the fad for going face down in strange places has taken a deadly turn. we go inside the planking craze. [ male announcer ] if you've been to the hospital
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. . how many of you have tried the plank? it can be a very effective exercise. a bizarre and a potentially deadly twist has made its way to the u.s. from australia, where at least one death was reported. jeremy hubbard has the story. >> reporter: it's a huge craze in australia and europe. matched in popularity only by its risks. it's called planking. it involves laying flat on your face in different, often dangerous situations, while someone snaps a photo. type "planking" into youtube, and there are dozens of daring planks. like this one on a moving car and this one of a man on a motorized bikes. facebook is buzzing with fan pages boasting tens of thousands of members. this page has over 100,000 likes.
7:45 am
it inspired numerous other pages, planking australia, pl k planking usa, with unique ones with this baby one and this one on a cop war, landing the planker in handcuffs. even sports figures are joining in. watch as a rugby player strikes a pose after scoring. plafrpging turned deadly for one australian man after he fell to his death as he tried to plank on a balcony rail this is the first known death from planking. ing seven stories high. with its rising appeal, police are worried it will happen more. will it catch on big here in the united states? >> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: some media outlets have begun taking notice. after two australian news program dissos did some plank i,
7:46 am
this denver area fox station had a planking prank of their own. >> jennifer broom, planking. >> reporter: but there are real risks and real consequences. jeremy hubbard, abc news. >> keep it in the gym. more backlash over the story of the 8-year-old getting botox. what's happened to the little girl at the enter of it? the gym. more backlash over the story of the 8-year-old getting botox. un. and dan. he never lets high cholesterol get him too low. and amy with her arthritis well in hand. they go to walgreens... where their pharmacist not only refills prescriptions but gives advice... immunizations... and health tests. staying on top of your health starts right in your neighborhood. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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7:50 am
we have an update about the dramatic story we brought you last week. the 8-year-old girl given botox by her mother. lara spencer brought us her story. we learned that now the girl is no longer with her mom? >> i've spoken to someone close to the case. she's out of her mother's home. she's doing well. the case is under investigation by cps. we should have new details within a week. but the main thing here, she's doing well. she's doing okay. and it continues. >> you say cps, child protective services. they're investigating this. we don't know a whole lot about this. the girl was taken away for her
7:51 am
own protection. >> you need to. it's the obligation of the state to make sure that a child is living in a safe and stable home. and they're doing just that right now. >> while they investigate. >> thanks, lara. we'll be right back. investigate. >> thanks, lara. we'll be right ck now, avoiding those fees, brought to you by ally bank. you hate the atm fees. in 2010, which five cities had the highest fees and which cities had the lowest fees? is your city on this list? find out now on is your city on this list? find out now on . hey rufus. who do we love ? we love our bank. we love our bank. we love our bank. we love our bank. yes, yes. you really love your bank don't you. ally bank customers love our 24/7 customer care that allows you to talk to a real person anytime. ally. do you love your bank ?
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7:55 am
you can see
7:56 am
it is the middle of may. not your imagination but there is more rain expected for the bay area. >> it looks like it could be a good soaking. light steady rain most of in by noon and moves east by 5:00 and it will be record cold levels. >> and heavy traffic in northbound san jose, earlier injury accident on the shoulder. bay bridge toll plaza is totally jammed, backed foupt foot of the maze, san mateo bridge
7:57 am
southbound 880 is slow in hayward with a new snaul stall reported at the san mateo [ telephone rings ]
7:58 am
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8:00 am
rainy days and mondays usually get me down. not with a crowd like this. this week, it's gonna be real. real fun. reality week. we're starting with some of your favorite reality shows. >> i am first up today. i went to las vegas for "pawn stars." see what we got right there. i was trying to get rid of some stuff from home. i picked up a couple of things. rick right there, is the host and star of "pawn stars." that is one smart guy who knows how to drive a bargain. >> he's the host of pawn -- >> pawn, p-a-w-n. don't say it three times fast. >> when you're in vegas, baby, who knows?
8:01 am
and oprah ends her daytime talk show next week. so many people are really down about this. truly sad. if you're feeling that way, you're not alone. we're going speak to her fans. get advice on how to face a loss after oprah's final show. we're not kidding here. 25 years. >> boy, is she going to go out with a bang. >> i can't wait. >> first, the other top stories on josh will bring us up to speed. >> good morning to both of you. good morning to all of you. one of the world's most powerful money men could be facing serious prison time here in the u.s. dominique strauss-kahn, the head of the international monetary fund, will be arraigned this morning on sexual assault charges. his alleged victim, a hotel maid. our bianna golodryga is learning more about the case at this hour and joins us once again. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning, josh. it was in room 2806, a $3,000 a night luxury suite at this hotel
8:02 am
where the man in france known as the great seducer allegedly sexually assaulted the housekeeper. the 32-year-old was said to have identified him in a lineup yesterday. he faces arraignment within the next few hours. this morning in downtown. he's charged with three crimes. unlawful imprisonment, a criminal sex act. and attempted rape. quite a fall from grace for the 62-year-old who, just two days ago, was in charge of the world's most powerful monetary institution, the international monetary fund. he was also expected to announce his candidacy for the next presidential election in france. quite a shock for the financial community and the political community around the world. josh? meanwhile, british police said they received three bomb threats in london from an irish dissident group. the warning did not include a specific location or a time. the threat comes as the queen prepares to visit ireland tomorrow. she'll be the first reigning monarch to do so since irish independence. meanwhile, space shuttle "endeavour" is launching into
8:03 am
the history books on its final mission. the commander, mark kelly, his wife, wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords is one of the spectators at kennedy space center. parts of louisiana look like ghost towns. as thousands of evacuated residents brace for the oncoming floodwaters. floodgates opened for the first time in nearly four decades are sending water surging into cajun country in order to spare new orleans and baton rouge. waters could be 20 feet deep in some areas and stay very high for weeks. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? a good monday to you, josh. hope it's a great week ahead. we're going to solve a medical mystery tonight. a common cold robbing a mother of four from being able to speak with anyone for months. turns out she's not alone. so ten minutes changed everything for her. how? we'll tell you on "world news" tonight. >> i'm in. and finally, at the movies
8:04 am
this weekend, the new film, "bridesmaids" starring "saturday night live's" kristen wiig opened with a better than expected performance. $24 million. opened to big numbers. it wasn't enough to outmuscle "thor." bringing in $34 million. every person i talked to said it was great. it was brilliant. >> ally and i went saturday night. there are scenes that are so funny, i couldn't breathe. >> have you seen it yet? >> i haven't. but everybody across the board. absolutely brilliant. this is the early runaway for the summer. >> sam, have you seen it yet? >> rainy day movie. sounds good to me. we're in new york city, standing out in times square. we might as well be in detroit. where are you from? >> detroit, michigan. >> oh, oddly enough. this is your high school trip. what high school? >> bethany christian school. >> this is your big senior trip? >> yes. >> anybody you want to say hi to? >> my sisters, parents, mom and
8:05 am
dad, and liz. >> that's everybody you left behind. you're on your own. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. we start with the wabc live shot. why? look at that. this is what we're dealing with. you know there are airport delays there to philadelphia. the giant northeast swirling pattern. there's philly, not much different. the pattern will be up for days, maybe through the week. low after low swirls up here. keeps heavy rain at moments, light rain at others. kind of misty. i guess
8:06 am
>> i think i'm more wet from the umbrellas than i am from anything else. robin? george? >> it looks that way. hey, josh and i are going to see "bridesmaids." you in? >> i'm in. when? . >> it's raining, nothing better to do. george has seen it. >> totally in. prom is a big night for so many high school students. one daring young man almost didn't get to go. you know he became well-known for how he invited his date, posting the giant invitation on the wall at his school. now the headmaster that banned him from the big dance has had a change of heart. david muir with the details. >> reporter: he was the boy banned from his prom, after his courage, creativity, backfired. honor student james tate cut out cardboard letters and taped them to the side of the school, all in an effort to get the girl. the date for the prom. there have been many before him, including the high school student that showed up at class
8:07 am
with his guitar. ♪ i would like to ask you to the prom ♪ >> reporter: the one that made the splash with the roses. she said yes, too. james thought he was in good company, asking sonali, would you go to the prom with me? she said yes. then the school said no. saying james trespassed after hours. his punishment? no prom. >> i was telling her for the longest time, i was going to go with her. i was waiting for a special time, a special way to ask her. i did that. this is what happened. >> reporter: within the first four days, 10,000 twitter defenders. 175,000 hits on facebook. a local state representative drafting an appeal. an appearance on "jimmy kimmel." >> i guess they're worried that the cardboard would flutter to the ground and injure ladybugs? >> reporter: even diane taking up the case on "world news."
8:08 am
who says he wants sonali to go without him, and dance for both of them. he'll wait outside in his tux. we're rooting for you. >> reporter: over the weekend, an about-face. the hoedmaster announcing that james will be allowed to go to the prom after all, that cases like these will now be decide on a case by case basis. even the superintendent said the kids taught them a lesson. >> students are much more adept at the social networking media than we are as a school system. >> reporter: perhaps a lesson learned by the school, and james, too, who discovered that wearing his heart on his sleeve might be safer than the school wall. he did get the girl in the end. david muir, abc news, new york. >> he did get the girl in the end. school officials said, the moral of this story, don't mess with facebook. let's get back out to sam. what else do we have coming up? as we settle in for the second cup of coffee -- can you get cash for trash? and what is the most popular destination in vegas now? could it possibly be "pawn stars"?
8:09 am
pawn stars. george is there. behind the scenes in a sneak peek behind those reality shows. plus, what will you do without oprah? and how would you get through the phrase, what would oprah do, if she's not on tv every day? we'll look at the last shows. the big farewell. and behind the scenes with "dancing with the stars." we'll be right back. [ woman ] welcome back jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage while i've been sneezing from the dust in here, and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most. ♪ lilly and i are back on the road again, where we belong. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] get up to $6 in savings on zyrtec® products at
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8:13 am
and a twist of cracked pepper. made with imported olive oil and infused .with cracked pepper... it adds gourmet flavor to recipes, sandwiches & salads. try kraft mayo with olive oil and cracked pepper. what is that outfit you have on? >> thank you. >> i like it. >> now everyone is going yell at me. >> we all wanted to ask. >> there's everything going on
8:14 am
there. >> is it way too casual? >> it's just got everything going on. >> thanks. hi. >> listen, here's what i like about it. >> come here, come here. a little on-the-spot tailoring. the phrase truth is stranger than fiction is behind the reality series. it takes us to get the behind the scenes and you were up first. >> it went to las vegas. "pawn stars" one of the hottest shows on reality television. take a look. las vegas, casinos. shows. the kind of fun you don't talk about at home. but now the hottest spot in sin city just may be there. a pawnshop on the edge of town, that is also home to the hottest show on reality tv "pawn stars." >> what can you help you with? how much do you want for it? >> reporter: as fan, i've come to meet the guys and make an appearance on the show. but first, i have to get in.
8:15 am
it will be a little while. some of us wait longer than others. you're not letting me in? inside, i get ready to wheel and deal by checking out the most random collection of stuff you have ever seen. want a super bowl ring? an olympic gold medal without having to train? and if you need this rake, this is your place. the surprises are not just the things you can buy it's the guys selling them, some of the unlikeliest tv stars ever. >> i'm the nerdiest bookworm you have met in your life. >> reporter: rick harrison is in charge. he calls himself a blue collar historian. i've been known to get huffy at times. his dad, they call him the old man, started the business. >> trying to get same price. >> then how would i make any money? >> reporter: rick's son corey grew up in the store, learning the business before they all became famous. how has it changed your life? >> i still live in the same house. i still get yelled out by my
8:16 am
wife for not taking out the trash, i still have the same two bosses yelling at me to do stuff. do you need me to negotiate this deal? >> reporter: then, there's chumlee. he's's corey's best friend and the show's court jester. what is your job? >> just to be chumlee. >> reporter: which is a pretty big deal. you walk into this store, he's a rock star. you walk into this store, people start skrooming. >> i feel like justin bieber when i walk into the store. >> reporter: with the pawn stars' cameras rolling, we get down to business. i spot a first edition hemingway. >> have you read this book before? sure. you haven't? >> i have not read many books. >> i have done our house a service and our kids a service by bringing this huge sword. it's too dangerous to lie on our shelf. it does. i'm going see what i can get for it.
8:17 am
tell me something about this. this is something my wife brought on to marriage. it looks pretty cool. >> that's a heck of a thing to bring to the marriage. the sword he brought in was really neat. there's a lot of weird things in the world. that's one of them. do you know what she paid for it? >> $125. >> it's an incredibly rare sword. it's early 1800s russia. >> russia? i thought it was just junk. i didn't know it was really worth something. dangerous junk on top of it. what's it worth? >> they go for like, 800 bucks in good shape like this one. >> how much will you give me for it? >> i'll give you 400 bucks. >> you said it's worth $800. >> yeah, that's at what i'm trying to sell it for. i have rent. people get things, i tell them what it's worth, something snaps in their brain.
8:18 am
>> now that i've been here awhile, i think i'm getting the hang of things. as soon as i'm suited up, rick makes me the newest member of the "pawn star" team. what's the most important thing i need to know about getting a good deal? >> negotiating? never give the first price. otherwise, you're negotiating against yourself. don't fall in love with anything. always be willing to walk away. >> two rules? piece of cake. i've got this covered. until ken walks in. >> what do we got? >> i have an autographed note card from jack ruby. >> jack ruby. >> "don't fall in love with anything." >> that image of jack ruby shooting lee harvey oswald is one of those images burned into my head since i was a kid. fascinated with everything to do with john f. kennedy. >> we don't know how much this is worth.
8:19 am
we've had museums interested. >> i would say 600, 700 bucks. >> that's less than we thought. >> how much were you thinking it was worth? >> we were hoping several thousand dollars. >> several thousands? >> what will you offer me? >> i'm going to let the newest member of my team take care of that for you. >> i'll give you $500. >> first off, you should have asked him what he wanted for it. never make the first offer. broke the golden rule right off the bat. >> i was so dumb. i'm going to blame jet lag. i jumped. i panicked. oh, man, i'm failing already. i've fallen in love with the letter. how much you want for it? >> $1,500. >> i'll give you $800. i can't do more than that, right? >> no, no. >> i would like to. >> i don't think george should be thinking of a career change soon. >> i don't think so. i thing we'll keep it for that. >> no deal again.
8:20 am
at the end of the day, ken keeps his letter. i keep ally's sword. rick is right. this pawnshop business is tough. i'm going to stick to my day job and leave the art of the deal to these guys, who do it best. josh, how much you give me for it? >> now you want it. >> that's where i was. >> how about five bucks? >> five bucks? >> i got five. >> can we talk about how he distinctly told you how to do it? how to negotiate and you just threw a number out there. >> like i said, i panicked. didn't get the deal, nothing, didn't get anything out of it. >> the jack ruby letter- >> i cannot say how much i paid for this. this is part of the reveal. i'm going to be on "pawn stars" coming up. >> but can we expect they took you? >> i think we can. >> i think that is a fair bet. >> you're going to be on the show.
8:21 am
it airs on the history channel. >> and tomorrow, bianna. >> "billy the exterminator." >> she took this along with her. gator wrangling and bianna. >> we'll have that tomorrow. >> so funny, bianna who is so beautiful and ladylike is wrestling gators. >> she's tough, too. >> bring in the next story. oprah, week and a half countdown. >> it's hard to believe oprah's last days are upon us. everybody is getting. they have given it a name. it's called empty oprah syndrome. millions of her fans are starting to exhibit symptoms. i'm not kidding, why are you laughing? it's understandable for 25 years she's been there for us. we laughed, we cried. she's made us feel good about who we are, no matter what dress size we're wearing. so, all she's ever asked us is
8:22 am
to live our best life. >> i'm oprah winfrey, welcome to the very first national "oprah winfrey" show. >> reporter: for a quarter of a century she's made us smile. shake our heads in astonishment. and scream in delight. >> you get a car, you get a car! >> reporter: but next week, after 25 years of a-ha moments -- >> 67 pounds of fat. >> reporter: "the oprah winfrey show" comes to a close. >> these years with you, our viewers, have enriched my life beyond all measure. >> reporter: placing legions of viewers in a state of sad disbelief. how depressed are you that oprah is leaving us? >> devastated. don't go! >> i've been watching oprah for the last 25 years of my 50 years of life. and i'm going to miss her dearly. >> reporter: some psychiatrists say the feelings of sadness and loss are real. >> people have been in love with
8:23 am
her and the show. they associate it with a point of stability, a rock in their lives. people are going to have to grieve it. >> reporter: the queen of talk has outlasted four presidents, played a critical role in electing a fifth and has been a daytime con trant throustant tha pair of wafrs and a deep recession. mary ann douglas is among fans who have filled the dvrs with episodes. >> she's one of our girlfriends. >> reporter: comforting douglas, some of the favorite things she scored. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: douglas was invited to the special giveaway show to reward her for an anti-bullying program she founded. >> she's been a role model. for not only me but for millions around the world. she's a model of what we can be if we really want to be. >> reporter: tina says in the 20
8:24 am
years she's been watching, oprah has changed her life. she credits winfrey for giving her the strength to quit a job she hated. and to embrace the inner passion she's laid out on an oprah-inspired vision board. >> i don't think there's anyone out there like oprah. other shows are enjoyable. nothing that touches your spirit and reaches your heart, mind, and soul the way that oprah was. >> reporter: the nebraska woman says she can't bear to watch the final show alone. she'll join hundreds of other nebraska fans and watch the finale at a movie theater. similar parties are being held throughout the nation including at the paley center. a veritable shrine to the history of television. >> oprah was unique, perhaps the last great broadcaster to bring the country together. the thing about oprah is, even if you didn't watch her show, you were aware of what was going on on the show. it was part of the national conversation. >> reporter: not to worry. the legacy will carry on in her magazine and her new television
8:25 am
network. "own" which launched in january. loyalists say television won't be the same without her holding court on the mainstream airwaves every day. >> she's the best woman to look up to. in modern day society as a hero. >> reporter: will anybody fill herve beautiful shoes. >> no. >> reporter: you have a crush on her? >> i love her. i would love to marry her. >> reporter: now's your chance. >> will you marry me, oprah? >> reporter: what is a fan to to do when the curtain falls on may 25? >> with empty oprah syndrome, you look elsewhere. you're glad she's on to whatever else she wants to do. you remind yourself of what she's done for you. she's given you a gift for 25 years. that gift won't disappear. that's the way she would want you to think of it. >> thank you, america! >> so if you have colleagues or employees who are mysteriously ill on may 25th, understand they
8:26 am
are suffering from an acute case of oprah syndrome. give them a hug and say the cure is tuning into own. >> there will be a run on kleenex. >> i watched her back in high school, every single day. every day. it's remarkable that it's finally coming to an end. >> i'm going to file that one away. is that true? >> absolutely true. she's oprah. >> from the very nifirst? >> from the very first. >> and she she got the nation reading again. that's another thing. losing the book club is a devastating thing. i hope that continues. she got us reading again. >> i'm sure she would approve of the thermal hoodie that sam has on. >> wow, we're back to it. >> a christmas -- >> favorite things. >> the shoes are my favorite. >> the shoes are my favorite.
8:27 am
is. concerned neighbors are gathered in men microloe park to try to prevent crews from cutting down an oak tree. they want to bring it down to make room for a new pipeline for water. puc is now considering all alternatives to cutting down the tree. check in with frances. >> very slow at bay bridge slow. backed up to the foot of the maze, about 20 minute wait. if you are heading over to the san mateo bridge, slow down to 29 and 101 on the peninsula, southbound from sfo into san mateo and northbound from sfo to san francisco.
8:28 am
>> we'll check in with mike and z
8:29 am
temperatures still in the 40s and 50s. pretty dry outside right now but that won't be the case starting a noon when the rain moves to the shore and moves flew by 5:00 keeping us record cold-high temperatures. with upper 50s to low 60s.
8:30 am
♪ you can hear the music. >> now let's see the dancers. chelsea kane, mark ballas doing the samba on "dancing with the stars." they make it look so easy. how much work does it take to get there? we have an insider this morning. cheryl burke will take us behind the scenes. what you don't see as they get ready. we have an update on some news. kym johnson got hurt over the weekend. taken away from rehearsal in a neck brace. one of the big questions, is she going to be able to dance tonight? >> ouch. it is down to the final four. now that the wedding is over the royal wedding. what is next for the couple? inside secrets of will and kate's honeymoon and how well is kate coping with global fame, that's just ahead.
8:31 am
andrew morton already wrote a book about the royal wedding. he gained fame doing the authorized biography of princess diana. and get ready to gleek out. matthew morrison is here, he gave a private singing lesson to cameron mathison. but first, let's go back to sam in the orange hoodie. >> you know what? we're standing out in the rain. tell me your name. >> flodyana. >> see, i couldn't say it. >> your family is from serbia? >> who is the tall guy? >> my husband, serge. >> how tall are you? >> 6'9". >> so we're not short, by the way. >> no, we're not. >> yes, you are. >> he's just -- really tall. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. where is it dry in the country today? because a lot of places are coming in cool and damp. in texas, they could use some
8:32 am
rain from oklahoma city to dallas, el paso, san antonio, they need the rain but they're not getting it today with some of the driest numbers on the board. san antonio at 83 today. the skies are pleasant all through the flood zone. dry skies there. we have the rainy system staying in the northeastern corner for quite some time now. >> we're in times square. robin, george? >> thank you, sam. down to the final four on "dancing with the stars." as the couples get set for tonight's show, we wanted to take you behind the scenes. what it takes to create the amazing costumes, magic choreography as we talk to two-time champ,
8:33 am
cheryl burke, she pulls back the curtain. ♪ >> it's tuesday. i'm here in the wardrobe department. the show has not even begun. i'm here with mark and chelsea, they need three outfits for monday night's show. you have the book of the designs you want. >> we go through to it get ideas. >> tell her the flavor of the dance. she brings in her ideas. >> you're designing for what? >> the argentine tango. >> who came up with the design? >> me. >> the color? >> me. >> do you like it? >> i do. i do like it. >> the rumba. i want her to come down the stairs and the dress as long as the stairs. all in all, probably about 25 feet. >> like the royal wedding. >> sometimes couples will reserve a color two weeks in advance. if they know they have a rumba
8:34 am
coming up and they like lavender, they'll say, hey, save lavender for me. >> the winner takes all cha-cha. >> i don't want brieshths something more warmer for me. >> orange? what about ostrich feathers? >> are you serious? >> look how excited she is. she was like ostrich feathers? >> you will be dancing in the semifinals. >> tuesday night is, like, we made it. you wake up wednesday morning and it's like, oh, we have four dances to learn. we're doing the rumba, the argentine tango. and the winner takes all cha-cha challenge. if we win the first round, we get to cha-cha again. >> cha-cha, cha-cha, new yorker. up on two, three. now you're going step on the right foot and turn. turn, arm up. very good.
8:35 am
>> i don't think people at home know how hard and technical this is. i mean, when you look at the final product, everyone is like, oh, my god, it's so easy. >> nice. >> we're going to go bam, bam, bam. >> mark loves finding any reason to physically abuse me. >> rumba is the same as cha-cha without the cha-cha. you know how we go, two, three, and cha cha cha. rumba, it would be two, three, four. turn the back foot out. that's horrible. hold one. go back two. very good. >> so now, we're going to see their argentine tango. this is the first time they have done argentine tango. take a look. >> wrapping this arm around my waist. oh, yeah!
8:36 am
up you go. that's all we got. >> whoo! that's awesome. >> bring it in. high five. ah. good job, good job. ♪ [ playing theme from "dancing with the stars" ] >> i love it. ♪ >> like the prom. so, that's what it takes. >> see you tonight. >> gee, is that all it takes? my goodness. i didn't realize it was the day before that they got the costumes. it's surprising they haven't had more wardrobe malfunctions. >> you see how much goes into it. i remember talking to jen grey. she said it was the hardest job
8:37 am
she had. a lot of injuries. ralph macchio's knee. over the weekend, kym johnson taken out of rehearsal in a neck brace. on friday, goes to cedars sinai hospital. they've been tweeting all weekend. hines is standing behind her, saying she'll tough it out and she's doing amazing. one of the producers saw her outside the studio yesterday. we don't know yet whether she's going to be able to dance tonight. of course, we all hope so. four couples left. >> "dancing with the stars" airs tonight, at 8:00, 7:00 central. while you're waiting, join us on twitter. usually sam leads the twitter party. it's a hoot. coming up, andrew morton, biographer on princess diana. has a new book out on will and kate. details on what's in store for them. has new book out on will and kate. cacacacacacacacacacacacacacacaca
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
well, you know the man trusted by princess diana to write her biography is now breaking new details about her beloved son and his new bride. andrew morton put the final touches on "william & catherine" just days after the big wedding. andrew is here to talk to us. did you get a chance to enjoy the wedding? you were so busy. it. >> was a great day. i was up at dawn. i went to bed at about 2:00 in the morning. it was a tremendous day. everyone will remember where they were. >> and you're going to feel that way in picking up the book. the pictures from the book are beautiful. >> the pictures are great. it's the only book out, of course, that's got their story, their life story.
8:42 am
but also taking you all the way through to the wedding. it's a complete package, as it were. >> it's unique. you tell their story through the eyes of somebody who knew his mother very well. his mother trusted you. her biography. you watched him grow up and to see him on his wedding day. >> and in many respects, diana spoke to me a lot about william, about her dream, hopes, ambitions for him. and she set this running, the fact that she didn't think that prince charles was good enough to be king. and the crown should jump a generation and go to william. and that in a way is something william doesn't want. he wants a life less extraordinary. >> and that's indicated in your book. that's different. what he wants with his wife is different from what his mother experienced. >> he's bringing her, introducing her into the royal scene, a lot more slowly than diana. she felt literally overwhelmed.
8:43 am
she felt, as she said to me, like a lamb to the slaughter. you didn't get that sense with catherine. just the fact that within a couple of days, she's out shopping at a supermarket. >> was that for real? some people thought she knew the cameras were there. >> oh, yeah. i think what you're going to see with catherine is very few interviews. a lot of iconography. you'll see her tell us what she's really thinking through pictures. she's saying to the world, i want to be -- just, to live an ordinary life. but i broke the story a few days ago that they're coming to california, on my website, the morton report. that, really underscored the fact that they'll be the king and queen of hollywood, as well as a couple that wants to live an ordinary life. >> that will be her first trip to the u.s. >> her first trip to america. obviously, william's been here before. they've got an advanced guard in canada. they're going to canada. they're looking at possibilities in hollywood. meeting with some of the stars, some of the celebs there.
8:44 am
talk of them going to the golden gate bridge and yosemite. there's a lot to play for. >> a lot of people out there are bracing for their arrival and they're looking forward to it. right now, they're on their honeymoon. seychelles. there's a significance to where they are for their honeymoon. >> they rekindled their romance there after the breakup in 2007. it's a place where william went as a teenager. he wrote his university thesis on the coral there. beautiful part of the world. great diving. they're both accomplished divers. they'll be having a great time there. i found it interesting they didn't go on a honeymoon straight away. they tried to say, business as usual. then they blind-sided the media by going off privately last week. >> i probably will get in trouble for this. but i hope they continue to blind-side the media. that was such a problem for princess diana. you can tell that prince william
8:45 am
really wants it to be different this time. >> one of the points i make in the book is the fact that he's genuinely suspicious of the outside world. and i thing it's one of the -- i think it will be one of the tensions he faces. i think catherine, once she gets her feet under the table, she'll calm him down and soothe him, a bit like the queen mother did with george vi. >> i loved that movie, too. >> "the king's speech." >> there's enough going on with their siblings for everyone to leave them alone and talk about pippa and harry and others. >> obviously, the talk was harry and pippa. pippa, this weekend, she was in madrid with an old flame. i don't see pippa and harry. much as we would like to see the hollywood ending. and also, by the way, there's previous for this. the middleton family, catherine's grandparents, they -- two brothers married two sisters. so, you know, you never know. harry and pippa?
8:46 am
>> what was the phrase you used, feet on the table? >> when catherine gets her feet under the table. >> i want to see your feet under the table. can we get a whole shot? this is very british. the whole shoes and -- >> yeah. very swanky. >> it's spot on. i just couldn't let it pass without that. andrew, thank you. as always for your insights and perspective. the book is out -- >> it's out now. "william & catherine: their story." >> their story. and it is. coming up next, cameron mathison's singing lesson with matthew morrison.
8:47 am
it's cookout season, and we honor this all-american tradition with the red, white, and blue. ocean spray cranberry, white cranberry, and blueberry juice cocktails. [ coughs ] okay, i believe this one is yours? [ clears throat ]
8:48 am
"glee" has been all good for matthew morrison. now the man who plays choir director will schuester on the hit show is out with with a solo album of his own. cameron mathison sat down for an interview with mr. schue. and the amazing guest stars who appear on the album.
8:49 am
>> he plays a choir director on "glee." but -- can he teach me how to sing? believe me, he had his work cut out for him. >> it's booty camp time. five, six, seven, eight. >> reporter: he leads the choir every week on "glee." but it's not every day that you get a private voice lesson from mr. schue, singer matthew morrison. >> aah. >> do that note again. >> aah. >> i think i sound horrible. most of us know him as will schuester, the optimistic choir director on "glee." >> we're going to nationals and we're going to win. >> reporter: today, he took a break to meet me at one of his favorite spots. a park near his home in los angeles. how different are you from your character? >> i think there's a lot of me in mr. schue. i'm a lot more driven. i knew i wanted to go into this. i feel like he decided to stay
8:50 am
in ohio and not go for his dreams. >> reporter: which is far cry from real-life morrison, who performed on broadway until his voice carried him all the way to hollywood. now he's releasing his first solo album. he gave us a personal sneak peek. ♪ if you're not home, i sit here on your doorstep button up my coat and wait ♪ ♪ we'll go upstairs, close the curtains and we're all set ♪ >> i knew coming from "glee" i couldn't do an album that was like covers. i really wanted to get into the songwriting process. ♪ on the roof top thinking it's about to pour ♪ >> reporter: he co-wrote the first single, "summer rain." and also collaborated with some of music's greats. sir elton john and sting and a duet with one very special guest. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> gwyneth came on to the show.
8:51 am
we became really great friends. i asked her if he wanted to do it. she said yes. of course. everything just happened perfectly. >> reporter: on "glee" she played a substitute teacher and a love interest to will. >> i happen to be an excellent educator. >> reporter: their duet on his album is one of his favorite songs that he played on "glee's" season finale. ♪ why then, oh, why can't i >> it's my favorite song, ever. there's a prelude to the song that no one ever does. it's -- ♪ when all the world is a hopeless jumble and the raindrops tumble all around ♪ >> reporter: the song has personal significance, it was his audition song that landed him the role on "glee." you actually learned the ukulele for that audition? >> i did. i thought it was a teeacherly
8:52 am
instrument. i learned to play. >> reporter: the rest, as they say, is history. what does all this feel like? >> all my dreams are coming true. i got to do this album. i'm on such an amazing show that i'm so proud of. this life is so short. i try to have a positive attitude. give that off. hopefully people get that from me. i can't wait for what's next. ♪ in the summer rain >> i was lucky enough to know matthew a little bit before he became a big star and to sit down with him now and to see that he's the same down-to-earth, genuine guy is inspiring. he said his stardom hasn't hit him yet. that he's still very frugal and doesn't spend a lot of money and leads a simple life. that's my next lesson. how to live like that. >> good luck with that. that strikes you watching you two talk. he just seems like such a nice, warm man. >> yeah, he really is. he's great guy.
8:53 am
he's going to be live in times square studios tomorrow morning, right? >> oh? >> robin. be still her heart. >> i didn't know that. really? really? >> surprise, guys. >> happy tuesday. >> i knew that. you didn't. i love that. >> we did it just for you. >> i don't like tuesdays now it can stop pain from any angle, with no mess. [ male announcer ] icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain.
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little ones visiting for the first time. >> what do you think? thumbs up? >> there it is. >> thumbs up. >> not so bad for rainy monday. >> you're going to be wearing that. >> more? >> cut it out. we're always online at twitter and facebook. watch "world news" later today. and billy the exterminator with bianna tomorrow. have a great day. and billy the exterminator with bianna tomorrow. have a great day. ccccccccccccccc
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santa clara county health officials will take to the skies to see where mosquitoes breed. so far three dead crows have tested positive for the west nile virus. if you see a little bit of sunshine, grab on to it right now. >> its ray of hope for a dry morning but during the afternoon hours, wet weather moves from the coast all the way to the east bay by 5:00. we'll be the upper 50s to low 60s, record cold-high temperatures are possible. >> an injury accident in in as many has been blocking a lane at hillsdale. traffic heavy from sfo. bay bridge toll plaza


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