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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  May 16, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that began six weeks ago have been moving. it is no longer the dramatic shifts of late march and april he doesn't understand why the city doesn't think it is an emergency. >> my house is red tagged and i am unable to live in it. can i live in my home and the neighbors below me live in their homes. >> in all likelihood his house will have to be torn down. the city manager said it is no over. >> we are no longer in the emergency status. the rains have stopped and the situation remained relatively stable. >> it has slipped five feet and continued to move. >> walker said it is continuing to rain. it will rain today and probably tomorrow and last night and it is not good. it will get worse because the
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city will no lorning be eligible for the emergency funds from the state or government. >> we have indications that the this is a private property situation and funds will not be coming to fix this situation for the homeowners. >> the manager said the state never had money available and while congressman george's office was sympathetic the feds will not have money coming. >> it is hard for us to say it is an emergency situation when the situation is stable at this point. walker feels that the city is closing the door on federal aid prematurely. >> i talked to george miller's aid who said they are still investigating it. until they are finished, the emergency should be still in affect. >> the city of san palo offered a temporary fix to the land. neither side could come to
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terms on the liability issue. homeowners expected to address city city at 7:00 this evening. we'll have a crew covering it for abc news at 11:00. mark matthews abc news. >> the weather took a turn for the worse tonight. it has been wet for many parts of the bay area. this shot from san francisco today. spencer christian is here. this could turn into a storm tonight. >> it could indeed. we'll have heavy rain and strong gusty winds. they are picking up already. we have a wide path of rainfall from north to south along the bay area and look at what is going on now. we'll step back and show you it has dried out in western moran county and long path southward and continuing southward pass the san leandro . much of san francisco and san bruno and points on the
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peninsula are getting a break for a moment. we have a wider area of heavier rain and it is easying up . we have strong gusty winds building. over in the sierra of tahoe. snowfall is picking up and get heavier as the night goes on . the big storm that is centered off shore and we are feeling the force of it and will continue to do so throughout the evening. >> and alcatraz started to use longer and wider trams when an accident injured two tourist. they were riding on a tram carrying visitors from the dock to the prison when one of the car hit a pipe out of the wall and dented the canopy that collapsed on the tourist. >> the tram was traveling slowly and not moving quickly at all. it hit a wall on the straight
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away part of the trip. >> the national parks service said were testing the new carts without problems. both tourist had cuts to the head and the another with an eye injury. >> governor brown released his budget plan. he's pushing for the extension of temporary taxes. abc's capitol correspondant reports from sacramento. >> they tell me california is looking good. >> even though the revised budget proposal reflects the economy. he will try to get the tax extension through and turning to voters to ratify them after the fact. >> this is a program that is honest and all laid out there and i think it makes sense for california. >> brown's plan includes more than six and half in extra revenue over the next 14 months . the deficit shrinks and more than a billion in reserve .
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schools are slate to get three billion more than brown proposed in january. he will extend the car registration fees for five more years and cut the income tax extension to four years. governor brown said the tax extensions are necessary because of a wall of debt. bills coming due after previous administration used accounting to push the deficit to later years. >> i proposed a stable balanced program. if that is defeated in the legislature, or defeated by the voters, there will be other efforts to deal with this wall of debt structural deficits. >> republicans look at the begin the economy is doing better and slowly filling state cofferings. i am not confident as he is that there are votes for tax increases.
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>> and a few disabled protestors are uneasy about the budget that could mean fewer hours of in home care. >> if i don't have help my life could be in danger. >> governor brown's plan said if tax extensions are not improved schools be cut off five billion. that is another five weeks cut off and 5,,000 community college courses eliminated. >> on its face governor brown's revised budget sounds like it is good for education but not all school officials agree. it would pump three billion back in education and three million would go to the mount diablo school district. faced with the gap, the school board voted to send pink slip to 111 teachers and other employees. the appearances aside, the revised budget does little to
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solve the district's problem. >> they are kicking the can down the path father and dependog tax revenue not established. >> he said the shift to local districts would cost mount diablo five million a year and that would set off three million gained in the budget. >> dramatic budget involving the botox mom. her eight year old daughter was removed from the home. the national controversy exploded when the mother admitted on giving her daughter regular botox injections. >> that's right, it is hard to get complete details because ofitate and confidentialitiy laws when it comes to child abuse allegations. we talked to the mother's cousin and said it is no hoax. the mom's name is kerry campbell and yes, she lives in the bay area but not the city
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of san francisco and she said the botox injections started as a treatment for the little girl rash. >> the eight year old britany campbell told the nationwide television audience that her mom injected her with botox so she would be beauty pageant ready. the california girl was taken from the mother's custody. >> it is the obligation to make sure they are in a safe home. >> the department investigated the case. he said the child's removal from the home is the last resort. >> i trust if that is indeed what happened, i would trust the social worker's judgment. again, the reports from the doctors that we consulted with indicated there is serious ricks to a kid who is subjected to botox injections. >> the story originate british
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tabloid the sun. other pageant moms got upset about the botox revelation and campbell went on gma to admit she did it and encourage other mother to stop. >> the tv appearance back fired. her daughter was taken away on saturday and placed with a close family friend. san francisco's investigation is over and the city have a roll in the case. but another child protective agency has stepped in carolyn. >> the giant's fan nearly beaten to death on opening day outside of dodger's stadium is back in the bay area. bryan stow's condition improved enough to let him be transported back here. but he is still in a coma. heather ishimaru has the developments. >> a cousin of stow said his parents and sisters are with him here in the hospital .
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a special team of brain injury doctors and nurses are evaluating him but can't give us an update on his condition until tomorrow. stow was flown here from the la area this morn family and friends were able to watch at the airport as his gurney was transported from the jet to the ambulance at sfo. san francisco general is the only trauma center . the brain injury unit has special equipment to monitor patients like stow. he was put in a medically induced coma after being severely beaten. he was successfully taken off of the drugs on may 1st. on friday he opened his eyes but the family said he couldn't focus. >> we have to make our own assessment and go through the information and do everything that we can to assure he has the best outcome possible.
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>> we are praying to have something something special for brian and staying positive. >> for now, stow is in the intensive care unit. he can't see if there is a possibility of being removed from there. the doctor said they have to look at images of the brian and pour over piles and piles of medical information. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >> police break up a sophisticated identity theft in the east bay. it is a good thing they found it when they did. >> a man charged with mortgage fraud and he recruited agents in the country. >> a peninsula neighborhood rallied around ing you year oak tree and saves it from destroyed from now. >> and we'll show you the weather conditions
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> vuchecked to see if you are the victim of identity theft. a sophisticated operation was in the east bay but not before stealing the personal information of thousands of people. >> david louie has the story. >> nothing about the hayward apartment makes it stand out. the one bedroom unit was packed with equipment and computers to make fake ids and credit cards. >> located printer used to
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print the credit cards. >> oakland police and secret service arrested 40 year old michelle williams who faces 20 counts of felony theft and forgery. the investigation was triggered when an oakland city employee had her identity stolen. >> just due to the information they had stored in a sophisticated record-keeping management system would lead us to believe that it was going on for a while. >> database numbered in the thousands and information to allow bogus credit cards and id's and signatures on checks. it could be national and international in scope. they had no idea what was going on he was surprised how much evidence was removed. >> taking things out. >> the arrest may put a lid on
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damages to victims, and on a thousand worth of forged checks were carbed on -- cashed. we were lucky to stop it. >> and with the theft ring information for thousands of individuals, oakland police say they may have to notify them all of their identity was compromised. in oakland david - on david louie abc 7 news. >> a medical student was being remembered today. he was beaten to death. they released showing the asian male with a sleeve tattoo on his right arm. they arrested tracey long on an assault charge. she attacked a friend of hernandez with her high heels. joe hernandez's parents accepted his diploma. >> it is going to be real hard. i mean, he's supposed to be
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here today. we are here for him. the school is establishing a scholarship in joe hernandez's name. >> the late start today in the lake tahoe area. they kicked the race off nevada city. they had 60 miles was racing. stage three from auburn to modesto tomorrow . stage four from livermore to san jose on wednesday. >> pictures e-mailed showed what the conditions are like up there. here is the photos from the el do rado national forest. 4000 feet elevation is covered with snow. there is pea-sized hail stones that fell in the back yard in the afternoon. if you have video go to abc 7
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news. or you report at >> it may be a while before you e-mail sun picture. >> we'll see an increase in winds. we had gusty winds and they will get stronger later. we are getting breaks in the rainfall in some locations, but there will be more rain overland tomorrow. here is the camera looking northward. you can see dark clouds overhead and menacing looking skies. it does not appear to have rain falling. but rain is falling in the bay area. here is the live doppler hd. a break in western marin county and parts of the peninsula. but lots of rainfall moving from vallejo south card and
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concord and and walnut creek and livermore and higher hill country. down just over in the santa cruz mountains. we have a area of light to moderate rainfall there. it is going to be a wet evening and overnight. winds have diminished and winds are out of the south at hayward and southeast in mountain view and gusting to 18 miles per hour and we can expect to see those winds intensifiularity on in the evening. showers tuesday and thursday, drying out thursday and friday. satellite radar shows the approaching storm is a big storm. energiic and unusual for this time of year. usually stormy from midmay, but maybe this is the new normal. in sierra including tahoe. winter storm warning and expect 12-20 new inches of snow above 7500 feet .
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winds will be gusting up to 40 miles per hour with the snow and we'll see blowing snow and hazardous driving conditions. starting off with the forecast at 7:00 this evening. it is wet and continue overnight. beginning of rush hour, we'll see pockets of rain and it will be broken up. pockets of rain will continue throughout the day tomorrow and later in the afternoon, rain will be better organized and heavier and steadiier . that will continue to wednesday morn the report starts to ease up and 10:00 or so rainfall totals around one inch in the north bay and santa cruz mountains . three-quarters of an inch in the area. upper 40 to 50 and relatively mild and a soggy and windy night. high temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s and rains near monterey bay and showers or
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periods of showers in the day. here's the 7-day forecast. after the showers wind down on wednesday. we'll chect expect clearing and thursday and friday sunny and mild . it is still below average for this time of year and we have a chance of showers over the weekend and into monday. we don't have much much a break. >> we sure don't. >> coming up next, holiday weekend surprise for everyone who uses the bay bridge. memorial bay detour that finishes things up early. >> abc 7 and the job journal and go to abc 7
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>> an audit made public today reveals that pedge -- pg&e didn't spend all of the money to replace the underground pipe lines. jackie spear said more than over 12-year period pg&e spent 183 million less than authorized for pipe line updepraids and now millions to conduct safety test. one test was conducted in antioch. pg&e said they are committed to enhance the safety of the pipe line. spears said the public commission should have been more diligent. >> ing you year old valley oak
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tree named granny has been spared. activist gathered around the tree in the park. it was scheduled to come down today. five feet in diameter. but the san francisco public utility commission will not cut it down before they explain. >> it is not an issue of property value or possession or anything. it is an issue of this has been something that happens way too fast without adequate notice and we want to make sure there are no alternatives. >> neighborhood supporters want the pipe line rooted above ground or below the tree. >> caltrain plan to detour eastbound traffic over the upcoming memorial weekend. they will have temporary lanes as shown in this animation and
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build a connection to the new bay bridge under construction. it will touchdown where the westbound lanes are now. it will not require closure of the bridge itself but will allow caltrain to open the bridge opened ahead of schedule. >> and michael finney investigates a east bay mortgage fraud and a man who recruited agents in the country. >> french politician jailed in new york declared his innocence tonight in the sexual assault of a maid in manhattan. >> and donald trump lets go of the ambition to be president. he fired him in the gop race.
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>> good evening once again. a las vegas man scheduled to be arraigned on 29 counts of
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mortgage fraud. he was indict in alameda county on charges of cheating distressed homeowners out of thousands of dollars. it is a story michael finney broke earlier this year . there is evidence that the program extends far beyond the east bay. >> he has been in the san francisco home for 20 years. >> i think he lied to me. he promised one then after six months, i never hear from him again. >> this los angeles man who asked not to be identified has been in his home 15 years. >> you know what, i got conned because i was willing to believe something that was unbelievable. >> both paid $1500 to $2000 after signing up for what they would be a mortgage rescue program. willie's home was in foreclosure when he signed a contract with a mortgage
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reduction company. they agreed to reduce specific debt it is by 75 percent. >> he promised to buy the house for me and i still would be in my name. >> mike was skeptical of the program because his home was already foreclosed. >> when i said let's go and do this, it is because i had run out of options and i didn't have anything else to try and so why not? >> a document recorded in los angeles county by the company. katn trust claims that mike's loan was paid in full. the lender refused to recognize the document and has not reversed the foreclosure. teco was extradited las vegas and he was charged with
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conspiring to commit mortgage fraud and filing false documents. the rescue program promised to pay off the mortgage and mike and willie said it never paid off the mortgage. his mortgage date was pushed off to june. mike said he will file for bankruptcy and sue to stop his eviction. >> my agent came to me and said something is wrong here. this is not working out. people are losing their home >> his agent who we are calling john asked not to be identified. john told us that he believed that the program would work. >> i started to helping family and friend and everybody that we knew that were in trouble . basically you know, there is a lot of people in trouble so we
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didn't have problem that. >> he said techo recruited hundreds of agents in the country. this thing took off like wild fire. people had an opportunity to help people. >> clients were recruited from nevada, oregon arizona and illinois. >> it is 80 percent of my savings. he talked about the 2000 he gave to try to save his home. 10 months later, he gave up all hope of keeping his home of six yearings. >> it was a scam. it was a last ditch hope. i had hope in the system. >> his attorney declined an on camera interview. he cautioned that he was not charged in the case outside of alameda county and has no knowledge of other
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allegations. i am michael finney, 7 on your side. >> the attorney defending the international monetary fund said his client is innocent. dominique strauss-kahn had his first court hearing. he is accused of trying to rape a maid over the weekend and prosecutor are investigating other similar claims against him. strauss-kahn is one of france's best known political figure and favorite to run against the president sarkozy. >> i think it is important to understand that this battle has just begun. we believe and we'll prove that mr. strauss-kahn is innocent. >> the ims is an international lending agency to provide emergency loans to countries facing financial difficulties. the ims remains fully operational. >> the united states reached
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14.3 trillion borrowing limit. treasury secretary timothy githener informed congress that he is halting all investments in two big pension plans so he can finance government operations for two and half months. the government ever ofy for every two dollars it spends. nine spillways and gushing water and louisiana residents know it is a matter of time before flood waters reach them. it will take pressure off of levees off heavly populated cities. thousands could see their homes and businesses disappear under the flood water. >> it is something that we knew could happen when we built here. that's how come we built. >> approximately 10,000 cubit feet. that is 90,000 cubit feet per
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second. >> flood waters could reach the depth of 20 feet. the riggest concern is how long that water will linger. >> celebrity billionaire donald trump said he will not enter the race for president next year. trump's office issued the statement. just as he announced the renewal of the celebrity tv sereese. he was confident to win the nomination and go on to beat president obama. however, he went on to stay business is my greatest passion and i am not ready to leave the private sector. trump's decision romney and gingrich and pawlenty. huckabee bowed out over the weekend. palin and bachmann has yet made their announce want to run. >> and the love story that
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went hand in hand with today's launch . you can see
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sure, pulling the mold, miew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> and lift off for the final launch of endeavor. expanding our knowledge and lives in space. and there it goes. headed for the international space station with a two billion particle physics
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experiment on board. it will go on display in los angeles. the commander is mark kelly. husband of wounded congresswoman gabreille giffords who watched the launch from the wheelchair. >> there is not a lot of words in the viewing. but she did at the end say to me; she looked up to me and said good stuff, good stuff. >> before the flight giffordss and kelly exchanged wedding rings and he took her in orbit and she's wearing his on the chain. money scope headlines, bay area housing market loses traction. year over year prices are down for the seventh consective months. banks are making jump bow loans and there are fewer foreclosures sales.
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the dow jones lost 47 points and nasdaq off 46 and s&p 500 dropped 8. oil prices continue to drop. crude oil dropped 97. and some chac . gasoline prices have dropped 3 cents a gallon on average since. >> comedian jerry lewis announced he is retiring from the lot of of the labor day muscular dystrophy. he will perform you will never walk alone. the 85 year old has suffered from a number of medical conditions including heart issues. he's hosted the telethon for the last few years. all total they have raised more than a billion dollars. when we come back, a look at the giant ship that is being torn apart in vallejo . z
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>> two more down and two ships gone from the national reserve fleet. known as the moth ball fleet. they were towed to san francisco and cleaned from marine growth and they will head to texas where they will be recycled. they're the 20 and 25th to be removed in the past two years as part of an effort to clean up improve the waters of the bay. >> one of those ships is dismantled on the island in vallejo. wayne went there to fine out what is involved in tearing a giant ship apart. the project it hoping to rebuild lives and hope. it is a doomed old cargo ship. she is rusty and she's peeling and as people watch she's disappears piece by piece and that makes her first of the kind in a way.
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>> we were ship builders and not wreckers. when the navy abandoned them they left behind an empty shell. 6,000 people lost their jobs. the city of vallejo went bankrupt. >> things went down hill you know. a lot of hard times when you don't have money. tony lived it, his father was laid off from the base. that closure started a personal skid that led tony to drugs, alcohol and prison. he went so long without a job he is paying off a car repair by working as mechanic after hours. tony saw it as a way to support wife and daughter that lost faith. >> she never saw me so persistant. i stood there monday through friday every single day and they would say no, we are not hiring . i wouldn't hear of it. i kept standing there and told me, sir, if you need my help
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in case you need me. i just want a chance. >> tony finally got a break because he had training as a welder and jhanis wanted to hire locals from vallejo. >> it is a bit of the pressure and everybody expected whistle blowing fure times a day. we are not that big but we are a small component in the revitalization of this area. >> a small component doe vouring a 90 foot ship douring steet one chunk at a time. >> it is fairly straightforward and matter of cutting and lifting and displace disposing. when they weigh 40,000 pounds, you know it gets complicated. it is the bcbs and led based paint. >> glena burner, the air is filled with toxins. it may be a dream job but hard
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work and it is dangerous. you get burned because it is hot and you are sweeting and - sweating and it is constant. >> move it away from the other piece. >> removal process happens on a large scale from top to bottom. bill mcneal calculates the pieces. >> it is just 10 percent looking at the piece. >> imagine all of those tons balanced so perfectly a 200 pound man can push them around with either hand. >> she will yield steel and finally chewed up . what began as a ship finishes as scrap. in a once busy place, these are far cry when ships arrived
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in pieces and left intack. but the moth ball fleet has 50 others . as tony knows all too well, pieces can make a man and a city whole again. >> what would your dad say about this? >> oh, man, my dad. he would just say i am proud of you, my son. from vallejo. wayne freedman abc sevennews. >> wow. >> that is nice. >> we'll go back and update the weather forecast. >> spencer christian has more for us. >> we still have rainfall over much of the bay area but it is lighter and less widespread than it was 40 or 40 minutes or so . areas near the coast are getting a break. near livermore and to the pass there getting light rain . southward from that point to
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the higher terrain east of the morgan hills and gilroy. santa cruz mountains under heavy rainfall, but now seeing light rainfall or nothing at all. this afternoon, northward from the high definition camera by the way of time lapse. there is clouds building up over the bay in advance of the heavy rain we received earlier. tomorrow, we'll see showers in the day. showers off and on and high temperatures in the narrow range from 50s to 60s and cooler day on average from this time of year. showers again, tomorrow and tomorrow night overnight to wednesday, easings up late wednesday and dry up 30 and friday with a slight chance was rain over the weekend. >> of course there is. the sharks lost game one. were they just worn out? we'll hear from the players about the
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>> hope you join me at nine clock. coming up a woman who woke up in time to launch her 15 minutes of fame. >> aviation first tonight at
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11:00. first international flight pured by the sun. ulary - larry is here. >> they ran out of gas last night in the finals with vancouver. they have two full days was rest. sharks coming off a draining seven series in with detroit . it seemed like the tank. it is empty. it was like dogs trying to chase down cars on the freeway and the canucks were in the cars. players said it was not fatigue. >> it was more mental focus. we played the way we played in the second and let them pin us down. it has nothing to do with the fact we went sevengames. >> we have to change and come in and try to win on wednesday .
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we have to play better and that is going to be our focus. >> you can use a rest. >> and rest not a factor . is it glass half empty or half full? offense ranked 27th out of 30th . opener of the two-game miniset with the angels. offense could ever get going they would have a better record than the current 20-20 . cocan crisp . need more of that and his thoughts now on facing the angels. >> we have teetered with the 500 line. with them coming in, it is a good ball club and revisions are good. go out there and keep scrapping and hopefully good things happen for us. >> and giants in denver tonight. tim is pitching and good strike out stuff . defense, miguel tajada and
6:56 pm
down for an out . that is third inning of a scoreless game. wild pitch and races home and he is safe. right now giants lead one-nothing in the fifth. conthey will play the home teams off campus and starting with a season opener after candlestick park. he played in fresnostate . got a lot of respect from the bulldogs. >> and i love fresno, and the people and the associations i had there and my first and foremost thought and my passion. >> and first time i was back in candlestick park. i was in the early 90s and the grass is in great shape. you don't need it play on many grass fields anymore. >> and stage one was cancelled
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because of snow in tahoe and stage two . ran an abreviated 50 miles it is 122 miles from auburn to modesto . this guy is really athletic knuckle head. he losed security and from the born experiment. he is climbing up the wall and scampers up the glass. he was -grass. he was in shape. >> and in jail. >> thank you, larry. >> that's it for this edition of abc sevennews. >> have a great night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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