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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 17, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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that's what's making news in this is a live look downtown san francisco. we have a few sprinkles falling this morning. don't forget that umbrella today. more rain is on the way. not only today and tomorrow but possibly this weekend. >> and in addition to the wet roads you are also going to be dealing with windy conditions for your drive to work this morning. high wind advisory issued for the bay bridge. here is a live shot of the benicia bridge and san mateo bridge. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san pablo where homeowners on a hillside are finding out the state and federal government aren't coming to their assistance. they are hoping a little good news from their local meteorologist -- mike? >> and bryan stow is back in the
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bay area six weeks after he suffered a severe brain injury. >> and bombshell between arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. she found out he fathered a child with member of their household staff. >> i'm eric thomas. >> as you probably know we have a wet commute as you look outside. expect showers and damp roads and likely delays. >> we saw some of that driving in earlier. >> the steady rain is over and now we're dealing with showers and we'll have wave of showers throughout the next 24 hours. let's zoom down into the south bay. santa cruz mountains, pretty healthy showers and right at the san mateo bridge us a head over towards hayward. this is all moving from the southwest to the northeast. so the showers in the santa cruz mountains will spill into the
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santa clara valley and see more showers develop as the morning wears. on not only are the streets wet from last night but an additional light showers this morning. we'll see more in the afternoon hours. let's find out about the commute here is frances. >> here is a live shot of the san mateo bridge, windy conditions across the span and you'll find a windy ride across the bee shesh that sha bridge. they have issued a wind advisory. right now traffic is green so we don't have any accidents had the bay area but yesterday we had quite a few. i'll let you know when we have potential hot spots. >> eric: more rain is the last thing a group of homeowners living on a crumbling hillside in san pablo want to see and
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itself then they were getting from the city may be on shaky ground. >> reporter: san pablo city council last night voted not to -- decided not to decide what to do about the six homes on the slipping hillside. they want to see what the current storm does to the hillside. take a look what it has already done to the hillside, according to homeowners, the hill has slid five weex feet in the past six weeks. city council feels the brunt of the storms and sliding are over so they are considering lifting an emergency which could have led to state and federal money. the state and federal money just isn't going to be there. they are not going to be helping out. homeowners say that is not a certainty. they are still investigating it. until they are finished this
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emergency should still be in effect. >> outside the city council kind of punted on the issue. they will take it up again on june 6th to see what the hillside looks like after the storm goes through. they did offer a one time financial assistance package to the homeowners out here for $150,000 if they signed a waiver making the city no longer liable for anything else happens up here. but the homeowners didn't do that and now they are going to wait, council is going wait to see what the storm does. it will probably end up being in a court of law. >> los angeles police will hold a news conference to unveil new billboards to help capture two suspects in the severe beating of giants fan brian snow. 300 billboards are going up in southern california as part after massive effort to identify the men that beat stow. stow is now at san francisco
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general hospital after being transferred from los angeles. a team of specialists will monitor the recovery at the trauma center that specializes in brain injuries. >> our goal is to make sure he is stabled and make sure. when someone makes a transport like this in such a critical condition, there is often a little period of setback. >> stow is no longer in a medically induced coma. last week he showed minor movement in his arms and legs and opened his eyes. doctors say his recovery will take a year or longer. >> shocking revelations from arnold schwarzenegger about his recent separation from his wife. they say he admitted he fathered a child with a former long time household staff member more than a decade ago.
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shriver moved out of the mansion after learning about it a earlier in the year. he says he deserves the anger among family and friends and he takes full responsibility for the pain that he has caused maria and his children. >> a police officer caught in a contra costa corruption investigation. the f.b.i. spoke with 38-year-old lewis lombardi over the weekend. he as arrested that he sold drugs to informants. bomb lombardi was a member of county narcotics enforcement team headed by norman wielsch. he is charged with conspiracy to sell drugs. >> budget cuts may force the oakland police department to consider a sweeping organization of the main crime fighting unit.
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right he now they have three sprit units. under the proposal officers would work at all three categories, not just one. the head of the police union warns without specialized investigators property crimes would get lower priority because the focus would history sthoist violent crimes. no decision is expected until june. >> contra costa supervisors will consider an ordinance that will crack down on pet owners that can't control their animals. it would require microchipping of all stray dogs and cats. second time they are picked up they would have to be spayed or neutered before returned to their owners. >> caltrans is going to work on the bridge, it will affect eastbound traffic right at the toll plaza. they will be building a new
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connector to the bay bridge which is now under construction. the detour will not require a full bridge closure. >> we have a wind advisory out there. >> we saw the bridge advisory coming in this morning. >> it's because of the winds out of the southeast, running around 25 miles an hour. you can see the low spinning right here offshore. because of that spinning nature we'll continue to have breezy conditions today but also waves of showers moving through. a little bit of a lull as we talked about yesterday. it will be more showery in name of for the morning commute. it's the winds that could cause problems, gusting to the southeast at 22 miles an hour at san jose. only about 10 at sfo and i'm pretty sure it's not 161 miles an hour in napa. and antioch but low 50s so a
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mild morning again this afternoon. temperatures will flirt with record cold highs. you can see the upper 50s around half moon bay, san francisco, richmond and vallejo. everyone else around lotto to mid-50s. seven-day forecast, still think the showers will taper tomorrow early afternoon. wednesday evening, thursday and friday should be dry and a warming trend and a chance of showers have crept back into the forecast with cooler weather for saturday, sunday and monday. good morning. off to a rough start. >> sure enough. early morning accident approaching the caldecott tunnel. injuries have been reported. we need to keep an eye on this one because it could mean big delays. slowing to 43 miles an hour and
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one of the two left lanes are blocked. check out walnut creek, light southbound but again look out for the windy conditions across the benicia bridge and wind advisories around the bay bridge. live shot at toll plaza. like mike said, when he drove cross there is no ponding yet. >> it's 4:40. >> still ahead, taking a stand. bay area sports team that is about to do something that no other team has done. >> and who is the bay area's botox mom? new questions are raised since
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good morning, it's 4:42. you can see on the embarcadero, road are wet. talk about when the showers will
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end and wind advisories out this morning. san francisco giants have become the first professional sports team to take part of anti-homophobia video campaign. it raises awareness about einlt gay bullying. sobriety and hillary clinton have recorded videos so they have started an online petition to get the team on board. >> should the team to it does get better. there will be a watershed moment in sports. >> joining the campaign was an idea the team was already considering for its traditional night in august but they are try on do it sooner. >> a new twist involving the bay
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area's botox mom. according to abc news, teri campbell's daughter has been removed from the home. the story about the botox mom originated in the british tabloids and then a controversy erupted when she admitted giving her botox injections. the cousin now tells "abc 7 news" other paneling ewt moms got upset about the revelations and did the interview to encourage other mothers to stop. public outrage over her add digs migs prompted authorities to launch an investigation. >> i trust that interview happened i would trust the social workers judgment. again, the doctors we consulted with there is very serious risks to the kids that are subjected to botox injections. >> the cousin says the daughter
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has been placed with a close family friend after an agency took custody of her on saturday. >> coming up the security scare that has authorities on heightened alert as queen elizabeth makes a visit to ireland. >> and frightening glimpse of what could be the fire season ahead. wildfire that has forced an entire town to evacuate. >> it's gone from a pricy hotel suite to a jail cell for the head of imf. >> and pain and joy on graduation day for a meam whose son was in a san francicicicicii
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temperatures. you can see it moving up the eastern seaboard. flight arrival delays out of washington, d.c. and baltimore and flight arrival delays at sfo i would expect. track them away from the tv at this morning for the first time in a century a british monday ransack visiting southern ireland. dublin police found a bomb hidden in a luggage department as a hoax device discovered near the light rail system hours before the visit. more than 8,000 police have already shut down key roads in central dublin and erected pedestrian barricades. she is the first monarch to visit the republic of ireland. a man that earned a ph.d. of
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economics. john lipski was the number two man, his boss is being held bail in a new york jail on an attempted rape charge. john hendron has more. >> he went from a $3,000 hotel suite to rikers island jail. >> dominique strauss-kahn has been talked about the next president of france. instead he was in court unshaiw as the prosecutor accused him of sexually attacking a maid. he is head of the imf, this isn't the first time he has been accused of sexual misconduct. four years ago on a tv talk show she said he attacked her but never filed charges. this time the judge denied bail the lawyer says it's a mistake.
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>> he is innocent of these charges. the intention is to try and clear his name. >> wildfires in northern canada have forced the evacuation of nearly 7,000 people. remote community in alberta lost a third of the buildings when the winds shifted and sent the flames directly into town. it also blocked some of the highway that has swerved as evacuation routes. fortunately nobody was hurt or killed but residents are taking shelter 80 miles away. congresswoman gabrielle giffords chose the song that woke up the astronauts. her choice, beauty beautiful day by u-2. her husband is commanding the
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endeavour. endeavour which is on the final mission is carrying $2 billion worth of magnetic instruments. we don't have a clip but it's a beautiful day. >> 4:51. >> if you like gray sky, right? it's a beautiful day. >> i start off a little hoarse. that will get you out of it. >> looking to sutro tower and it's going to be quiet out there. live doppler 7 hd not picking up too much but you will run into scattered sprinkles throughout the morning commute and temperatures that are mild, upper 40s to low 50s.
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around the monterey bay, scattered showers and temperatures in the low 50s. inland, salinas, gilroy cooler at 48. waves of showers not only today but also tonight. cooler than average and that is two afternoons which means we could set cold-high temperatures records again. we should warm thursday and friday but a cooler weekend and chance of showers. it is an unusual may to get this many chances of rain. upper 50s to low 60s in most neighborhoods. as you head into the south bay and east bay valleys. we may hit the mid 50s. low 60s for the rest of the bay. inland, low to mid-60s. around the state anywhere, north of big sur, fresno and yosemite will be wet in the valley with snow in the mountains. palm springs and l.a. we'll have showers. so it looks like just about all of us will be wet at some time
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today. scattered nature of the showers. 52 in oakland and 51 in san jose. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. here is what we're watching this area of low pressure but look at the jetstream diving through this pattern, almost dome. these are the small areas of low pressure that will bring the storm into our forecast. we do have a chance of snow in the forecast. check with frances and they could have received up to 20 inches of snow right around donner pass elevation. here we are last night into the morning hours. i can see the rain break up. as we head into the afternoon showers more scattered showers. tonight we see another wave lingering through tomorrow morning and then by midday tomorrow, looks like we'll
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finally clear. totals could reach an and a half in the north bay mountains and rest of us up to three-quarters of an inch. just when the sun comes out and temperatures start to warm near normal another cold front rolls through brings us a chance for cooler weather for saturday and sunday and a breezy monday. update on that injury accident approaching the caldecott tunnel, it's still blocking the left lane. you notice how traffic moves at 70 miles an hour down to 34 as you approach the scene. they are trying to clear it for you. it looks like slowing only at the scene and no big delays. check out the bay bridge incline for you. wind advisory for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge gives a live shot. south bay, showers we're having in the south bay, roads look
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pretty good and no problems in the south bay. you can get the latest by going to and interstate 80 is open heading up to tahoe bund the closures on highway 50. click on the bay area traffic link for the details. >> it's now 4:55. >> a medical student who would have graduated this week is being honored with a posthumous degree. joe hernandez was beaten to death in a south of market nightclub. they released a video. it shows the attacker an asian male with a sleeve tattoo on his right arm. they have arrested tracy long on an assault charge. they say she attacked a friend of her hernandez with her high heel. his parents accepted the diploma at university. >> it's hard.
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he's suppose to be here today. >> the school is establishing a scholarship in joe her dan nan december's name. >> gun activists who support the right to carry open firearms has suffered a blow. state assembly has bill that would make it a misdemeanor to carry a gun in public. the bill would improve public safety while gun right advocates says it infringes on the constitutional right to bear arms. the measure now goes to the state senate. >> supervisors are expected to vote legislation that would allow interim mayor ed lee to get his job back. he wants to go back to being city administrator after his interim post ends in january. current law does not allow for a former mayor to take a paid city job within a one-year period. the proposal would make an
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exception for someone appointed mayor like lee. >> next, changing tactics in the fight against gang violence. controversial legal move that may be coming to an end in oakland. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san pablo where six homeowners are waking up this morning wondering if anybody is going to help them save their homes from sliding down this hillside. the news wasn't bad at city council meeting. >> and giants fan beaten a dodgers stadium comes back to the bay area. [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry.
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