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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, you are looking at a wet embarcadero. as we look downtown from the roof cam. we have light showers. i expect them to pick up in intensity. >> windy conditions across the several bridges. in addition to that we're following an injury accident approaching the caldecott tunnel. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san pablo where six homeowners on a shaky hillside are hearing the state and federal government can't help. what they heard from city council didn't inspire them either. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom. breaking news about maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger's marriage. schwarzenegger has made a
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shocking admission. we'll have the details. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> any gusty winds or wet roads? they could make the tuesday morning commute a challenge. >> and the afternoon commute. let's talk to mike and see. >> i think the evening commute. rain will be falling heavier and more widespread but wetness all over our roads during the overnight hours. here is the big picture and most of the wet weather around the dumbarton bridge and southward into the santa clara valley and into the santa cruz mountains. it's moving south-southwest to north-northeast so it could ride up to the sunol grade and hit livermore and altamont passes over the next 45 minutes. in you are traveling around, heading up to the sierra, the snow for now is starting to taper. let's talk about the morning
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commute. >> we are following an injury crash approaching the caldecott tunnel. check out the speed sensors. moving at 82 miles an hour and slowing to 38 at caldecott. so blocking a left lane, emergency crews and we'll keep and eye on this and see if a back-up develops. a live shot of san mateo bridge where you want to be extra careful this morning. you see the sign off to the right-hand side, high wind warning in place. there is blockbuster news this morning that may explain why arnold schwarzenegger and his wife have separated. amy hollyfield is tracking it from the newsroom. this happened right under maria shriver's knows nose. >> he admitted to favgs another a child with another woman.
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he released a statement to the newspaper acknowledging the child is his. he has apologized and asked the media be responsive in this difficult times. he says i understand and deserve the anger and disappointment among my friends and family. there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. the l.a. times is reporting that the child is that he fathered more than ten years ago before his run to office. the child's mother worked at the home for years and retired in january. shriver moved out of the mansion earlier this year after he told her the news. the couple has been married for 25 years. his behavior became an issue in his campaign for governor when when more than a dozen women
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complained he had groped them over the years. he apologized. shriver defended him even going on oprah to speak out on his behalf. it appears this latest development is too much for her to handle. they did contact the woman who he fathered the child with and they are not releasing her name. she left the family after 20 years on good terms. a spokesperson for shriver said she had no comment. this morning's wet weather is causing further fear foz are one san pablo neighborhood. homes are being threatened by a sliding hillside and the city is threatening to wruar their emergency declaration. terry mcsweeney is live in the neighborhood. >> it's getting very bitter. this morning's forecast taking on additional significance for the six homeowners on the
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hillside concerned about their homes slipping away. who is going to step up and help. they what they heard last night not encouraging at all. their homes have slipped in five feet in six weeks ever since the last big storm. last night the city council considered lifting the emergency declaration. they decided they are going to revisit the issue in june. it wants to lift it because they say the threat is over. there is not much chance of state or federal assistance. >> the state has denied it because they don't have fund and they have three or four emergencies on their hands right now. >> city is also pulling it off $150,000 worth of repairs to a privately owned hillside. homeowners refused to sign a waiver to release the city from liability but now the city is
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thinking about rescinding that offer. just about 5:06 now. this afternoon los angeles police will unveil new billboards to help capture two suspects responsible for the severe beating of bryan stow. 300 billboards are going up in southern california as part an effort to arrest the man that nearly beat stow to death. he was transferred from l.a. to san francisco general hospital yesterday. a.m. of specialists will monitor his recovery a trauma center that specialized in brain injuries. >> a santa cruz bowling alley held a tournament last night. if you would like to contribute to his fund, we have a link on our website. go to and look under see it on tv. >> oakland city council is s expected to decide whether the
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d.a. or police department should spend more month moaning money on gang injunctions. one is a standing injunction, 15 members in north oakland and one is in the fruitvale district awaiting a judge's decision. a law firm hired by the city attorney to pursue the fruitvale case has already been paid. it's unclear whether the police department will spend money to continue the enforcement. the trial of murder of chauncey bailey continue scheduled today. prosecutors rested their case on tuesday after presenting six weeks of testimony from dozens of witnesses. the defense called only a handful of witnesses. the lawyer needed extra time to find a missing witness before
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closing argument could begin. >> san francisco mayor is ordering a review on emergency communications after two failures. computer systems in employees vehicles were downed for five hours. they had to rely on back-up system for basic communications. they will meet with the emergency director this week to find out why the equipment failed. time to take a look at the weather forecast. we have rain in the morning. rain in the afternoon. we got all the rain you could want. >> and see if there is sunshine in between. >> i think so. that is definition of scattered showers. few peeks of sunshine but it's going to be cloudy with waves of showers. that is the bigger story. here is a look at some of the rain that falling down in the south bay. as you come out sunol grade down into san jose, campbell and heading out 17 into the santa
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cruz mountains around los gatos. as far as temperature change, los gatos, redwood city exactly the same but the rest of us 1-9 degrees warmer. so with this flow coming more west to east we're not seeing a lot of cold air. upper 40s to low 50s when you step out right now. with the clouds and rain that will keep our temperatures well below average, to low 60s, near record cold-high temperatures. around santa rosa and east bay valleys and fremont, palo alto southward we could have mid-50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, by tomorrow afternoon the rain is over. warm trend with more sunshine and this active pattern returns in time for the weekend with cooler conditions and a chance of showers saturday, sunday and monday. good morning. two injury accidents already this morning but i think this
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one approaching the caldecott tunnel is in the clearing stages. notice how the speed sensors are improving. westbound 24 the left lane is still blocked but this accident happened about 40 minutes ago. hopefully we'll hear from the chp it's been cleared and traffic slows down right as you approach the tunnel. other injury crash is leaving the bay area, around dixon avenue. and berkeley 80, looking good here where there is a wind advisory and check out south bay. that is where we saw light rain falling on live doppler, and damp and slick and be extra careful heading down to the south bay. >> still ahead, beware of exploding water mostly ons. the odd warning given in china. >> and something that is
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happening today that could make a taxi ride more expensive. >> have you checked your i.d. lately? the massive i.d. theft that could have victimized thousands. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, 5:13. i any we can agree the golden gate bridge looks a little wet because of a series of showers
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coming through and there is going to be more. san francisco could soon have the highest taxi rates in the country. municipal transportation agency will consider raising rates to 55 cents per minute. drivers could charge $2 to all dispatch requests and another 10 cents passed on to the fares for higher gas prices. >> police have arrested what they say may be part of an identity theft ring. a 44-year-old woman was using data stolen to forge checks, make fake social security cards, credit cards and driver's licenses. police and secret service agents confiscated blank checks, computers and what appeared to be data disk copiers from her
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hayward apartment. >> we think we're going to have a lot more victims but the loss will be dramatic. the point is, you don't find labs like this making this amount of material like this. >> she cashed bad checks worth about thousand dollars. she was arrested after police checked surveillance of some the transactions. >> they are speculating there could be more layoffs at hewlett-packard. they warn of another tough quarter which management needs to watch every penny and minimize all hiring hp shares have fallen 20% so in an unusual move, hp just minutes ago released an earnings report a day early. it shows a slight increase slightly above wall street expectations. we'll get more from the new york stock exchange at 6:45. >> a new cellphone survey shows
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sprint and nextel has made the biggest gains, sprint has the happiest subscribers along with verizon wireless. sprint used to show up dead last. it shows tentative declines with the two other major carriers at&t and t-mobile. >> it's no could joke a rash of explosions in china, what is exploding? waters melons, they are promoting chemical on their watermelon crop so they can make more money for the farmers and the result is exploding water mostly on ons. they are battling pesticides and fertilizers. >> hate to be person that has to clean up the exploding water melons. >> they wanted them to grow fashion. >> get gallagher over there.
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>> you think so. >> you know the comedian. >> as he ages he gets the self-exploding watermelon. >> do you remember gallagher? >> no. >> water melons and everything. let's move on. 5:17 and see the tarmac at sfo and flight arrivals. i was really run. i watched him in reruns. look at the temperatures outside. looking at upper 40s, low 50s, fremont 53 and half moon bay 54. monterey bay, low on mid.. it's damp outside and light showers any time. we should see an uptick in the afternoon hours and it will still be cool just like today
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and we'll get a warming trend but it's going to be cool again with more rain in the forecast. so far this has gotten us close to average. we'll be above today that will hold our temperatures in the upper 50s and see upper 50s around the south bay and east bay valleys and also north bay valleys. around the monterey bay, 59 and low 50s for rest of the bay. for tonight, upper 40s to near 50 degrees in most neighborhoods. slight cooler up in the north bay valleys with the mid to upper 40s there. here is a look what is going on. you definitely see the swirl, counterclockwise swirl of low pressure that is sitting offshore. as long as does, it's going to steer this moisture into our neighborhood. you see the series of fronts not only today but again for tonight and tomorrow morning riding on
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this jetstream that will push through. once we get passed that here is the area on the left side of screen of high pressure that will bring us the brief rest pitted from the rain. behind that on the extreme left side of screen you, see the next storm system already developing. here is what we're looking at, last night through this morning. rain will taper to showers and we'll see the showers pick up especially from 5:00 on through the overnight hours. it's going to be wet again for the morning commute and watch the drying trend as we head into friday afternoon. north bay mountains we could get an inch and a half. thursday and friday, the two completely dry days, only two and close to temperatures near normal. >> still tracking an injury
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crash approaching the caldecott tunnel. it's westbound 24 where traffic slows right at the scene and then slowing around 75 miles an hour around lafayette. if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza very windy conditions across the span but no ponding and wind advisories the at the san mateo bridge and benortheastern sha bridge. 101 and 880 interchange, headlights on northbound 101, roads look pretty good. and golden gate bridge where it's definitely damp as you make your way out of marin county but traffic is flowing well. get the latest information when you wanting to and click on your bay area link. twitter, google for gaga,
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remarkable start for one of the eclectic performers. >> and the branding of bin laden and a company that wants to mark market it. >> and the first international flight powered entirely by the rays of the sun. "america's money" brought to you by ally bank. grime from
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good morning, it's 5:22. live look out this morning, redwood city on 680, roads are not too wet. showers are moving in waves. so be forewarned, make will check out the action for the rest of the day and frances will talk about where the tough traffic spots are. speaking of action, a company has applied for a trademark on the name field team six the name of the navy seals that killed bin laden in pakistan. they filed the trademark after the raid. they wanted it for a range of products, toys, games and christmas stockings. companies have tried to trademark combatted after the war in iraq. they sony tried to trademark for shock and awe but disney owns
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abc7. for the first time a plane powered only by the sun completed an international flight. solar impulse took off from switzerland and made it to brussels. it draws energy from nearly 12,000 solar cells that power four ten horse powered motors. they hope it will inspire other people in the possibilities of pollution free travel. >> lady gaga is the first twitter user to get 10 million users. 10 million monsters, i'm speechless, we did it. it's a milestone for twitter which exploded in popularity since it started five years ago.
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>> she is keeping a good pace right there. next at 5:30. new plan for oakland police that some officers say some crimes might not get investigated. >> arnold schwarzenegger made a major admission overnight. real news behind miss split with maria shriver next. >> and a detour on the east span of bay bridge so the fast track. >> and you are traveling, 55 in st. louis and 56 in atlanta. cooler than average in most of country. that is because we have wet weather not only here on the west coast but also on the east coast causing flight departure delays out of d.c. and flight arrival delays out of philly and boston. check our flight tracker at
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live in the newsroom involving a twist involving the marriage of maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger. he has admitted fathering in child with another woman. >> here is a live look downtown san francisco, it's not raining right now but clouds could open up any moment and drop a little rain for your morning commute. rain will be more likely in the afternoon hours. you'll have to deal with slick reside and a wind advisory. windy conditions for the san mateo bridge and benicia bridge and update on an injury crash approaching the caldecott tunnel. >> bryan stow is back in the bay area six weeks after he suffered a severe brain injury. >> and there is word this
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morning that federal investigators have questioned a san ramon police officer caught in a contra costa corruption investigation. its wet one out there this tuesday. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> showers and three wind advisories. and what do you get? a tough commute. >> we have more rain on the way this afternoon. >> let's start with live doppler you can see, it's relatively quiet the showers we talked about did taper overnight. the best radar return coming off the sunol grade all way down to santa cruz and morgan hill and gilroy. these are moving from southwest to northeast at about 25-25 miles an hour. so wet weather will continue there. around the state pretty quiet. thunderstorm in chico and snow tapering around tahoe. a lot more rain in the forecast for this afternoon and for the
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weekend. here is frances with your traffic. >> this accident still reportedly blocking the left lane on westbound 24 approaching the caldecott tunnel. the speed sensor at the scene is 34 miles an hour. drive time from 680 to caldecott is nine, ten minutes. i want to show you another live shot, you can see what to expect. notice the camera is bouncing around. there is a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. former governor swarzenegger is apologizing this morning after admitting he fathered a child with a woman he employed for two decades. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: he says he did it and he says he is sorry. he told the l.a. times, he deserves criticism for this but his family does not. he hopes the media will leave his wife and children alone
5:32 am
during this difficult time. he says the l.a. times, quote, i understand, i deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among friends and family. there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. the l.a. times which is reporting that he fathered the child more than a decade ago before he ran for office for the first time. he came clean with shriver after he left office. she then moved out of the mansion. there was no mention of a love child. schwarzenegger even hinted an event that the couple could possibly reconcile. >> we both love each other very much. we are very fortunate that there are four extraordinary children. we are taking one day at a time. but the bottom line, i wanted to take this opportunity to thank you to all the great people for such great support.
5:33 am
>> the other woman retired in january, she left voluntarily and departed on good terms with the family. she did get a severance package. the newspaper is not revealing her identity. schwarzenegger says he has apologized to shriver and their children and spokesperson for sleiv says sheed she has no comment. los angeles police will hold a news conference this afternoon to unveil new billboards to help to help capture two suspects. 300 billboards are going up in southern california to help identify the men that beat bryan stow. stow is at san francisco general hospital. a team of specialists in brain injuries will monitor his recovery. >> our goal at this point is to
5:34 am
make sure he is stable and to really assess the situation. when someone makes a transport like this in such a critical condition there is often a little period of set back. >> stow is no longer in a medically induced coma but still unconscious. last week he showed minor i am movement in his arms and legs and opened his eyes. doctors say a recovery could take a year or more. >> federal investigators have reportedly questioned the san ramon police officer caught in a contra costa corruption investigation. according to the contra costa times the f.b.i. spoke with 38-year-old lewis lombardi over the weekend. he was arrested on charges he sold drugs to informants and took guns from police seizures. he was a member of narcotics enforcement team headed by norman wielsch. n while while and chris butler face numerous charges as part of a larger probe we've been reported on on conspiracy to
5:35 am
sell drugs they confiscated during raids. >> they are considering a sweeping reorganization of main crime fighting unit. right now the criminal investigative division that is three separate units. under the proposal, officers would work at all three categories and not just one. head of police union warns without specialized investigators, property crimes would tend to get more priority because the focus of the division would shift to violent crimes. no decision is expected until june. >> the contra costa county supervisors consider adopt an ordinance that will crack down on pet owners that can't control their animals. it would require microkhimg of all stray dogs and cats that are picked up. the second time they would have to be spayed or neutered. >> caltrans is planning major work on the bay bridge this coming memorial day weekend. it will affect eastbound traffic
5:36 am
right at the toll plaza. crews will construct temporary lanes as shown in this animation and build a connector to the new bay bridge now under construction. caltrans emphasizes the holiday detour won't be a full bridge closure. >> day three of amgen will go to modesto today. yesterday's start was moved to nevada city instead of squaw valley to get away from the snow. riders completed about 60 miles of racing before crossing the finish line in sacramento. tomorrow the race comes to the bay area. stage four takes riders from livermore to san jose and hopefully by then when it comes to the bay area the road will be dry, the rain will be out of here. >> mike? >> that is impressive. >> the last ten hours or so, the
5:37 am
low is spinning and lull we're dealing with right now before the next wave moves in during the mid-morning to midafternoon hours. i do believe by tomorrow afternoon the rain will be gone for all of us including those on the tour. take a look at the winds. look, eric, i can do it. gusting to 23. there are a few breezes out there from time to time. here we are at 8:00 in the morning, scattered showers around. temperatures remaining in the 40s and the 50s. by the time we get to lunch, more scattered showers. you see the coverage spreading. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. by 4:00 we should be in the mid-50s with more showers hanging around. let's take a look at the
5:38 am
accu-weather seven-day forecast. you might want to go barefoot today or tomorrow because of the wet weather. thursday and friday we'll see sunshine and warmer weather and cool again with more chances of wet weather. >> kristen is showing off. and westbound accident 24 approaching the caldecott, still out there. reportedly in the left lane we do have minor slowing right at the scene. not causing a big delay at this point but we'll let you know when things should clear up. check out another live shot for you. that is the only possible hot spotted this morning. 680 looks good in welcomed redwood city. and also walnut creek. and live shot of 280 interchange for you and roads are still a bit damp but highway 17 looks good coming out of the santa
5:39 am
cruz mountains. >> all right. frances. thanks a lot. it's 5:38. >> she can indeed cross her toes. >> still ahead, bay area sports team that is about to do something no other professional team has done to combat homophobia. >> and who is the botox mom? how welfare agentstststststststs
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. the san francisco giants will be the first professional sports team to participate in an anti-homophobia campaign titled, it gets better. it raises awareness about anti-gay bullying. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton have recorded videos and celebrities and google employees, giants fans have started an online petition to get the team on board. >> should the team make a video it does get better. giants may make a watershed moment for sports and be true giants of humanity. >> they say during the campaign came with the idea traditional
5:43 am
lbgt night in august but they are trying to do it sooner. >> a new twist involving the botox mom. the nine-year-old -- eight-year-old daughter has been taken from the home. the story originated in british tabloid in a "good morning america" interview the mom admitted giving her little girl regular botox injections for wrinkles. she said it helped her in beauty pageants. other pageant moms got upset about the revelations and they did the interview to stop. public outrage prompted san francisco authorities to launch a child welfare investigation that reveals she lives in a another part of bay area. >> i trust that interview that happened, i would trust the social workers judgment because again the reports from the
5:44 am
doctors that we consulted with indicated there is very serious risks to the kid who was subjected to botox injections. >> the cousin says the daughter has been placed with a close family friend after a different agency took custody of her on saturday. >> palo alto's hewlett-packard ard faces cost cutting measures. >> and security scare has authorities on heightened alert as queen elizabeth makes a visit to ireland this morning. >> and it could be the fire season ahead. a wildfire that has forced a town to evacuate. >> and pain and joy on graduation day for a family whose son was killed in a san francisco nightclub fight.
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welcome back. time for the california forecast is 5:47. radar is pretty active across most of the state. as we head into the afternoon hours, expect it to get more intense. rain not only in southern california but pretty much from big sur northward and we'll still have higher elevation snows. temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. cold 43 in tahoe. here is eric. this morning for the first
5:48 am
time in a century a british monarch is visiting southern ireland but a bomb scare almost derailed the trip. they found a bomb hidden in a bus and hoax device before the visit started. 8,000 police officers have set up barricades. queen elizabeth is the first monarch to visit there since it gained independence. >> wildfires in northern canada have forced the evacuation of nearly 7,000 people. the remote community in alberta lost one-third of the buildings on sunday when the winds shifted and sent the flames directly into town. 20 square mile wildfire also blocked some of the highways that shared evacuation routes. residents are taking shelter at
5:49 am
the next nearest town 20 miles away. >> gabrielle giffords chose the song that woke up the astronauts their first full day in space. beautiful day by. you 2. the crew will spend their day close in on the international space station and inspeg go the craft for launch damage. endeavour is carrying a $2 billion magnetic instrument that will seek out anti-matter and dark energy in the universe. dark clouds out there this morning. and they may be with us this afternoon. >> more rain in the afternoon hours. kind of in between systems. you can see wetness on the roads this morning and few scattered sprinkles is possible for your morning commute. as we look at the traffic coming in from marin county on the golden gate bridge. let's take a look at our temperatures.
5:50 am
what we'll see cloudy conditions showing some of the moisture still lingering in the air in the form of fog from time to time. upper 40s to upper 50s and slightly warmer around fremont and half moon bay. monterey bay we have temperatures in the low to mid-50s. inland, upper 40s to low 50s for slsz. waves of showers through tonight and cooler than average the next two afternoons, warming for thursday and friday. then cooler again this weekend with another round of showers possible. today, record cold-high temperatures, it will threaten a few them. upper 50s through low 60s through most of the bay. napa and santa rosa, low to mid-60s. monterey at 59. everybody else around the bay in the low 60s. as you head inland, you may hit 64 for the warm spot in gilroy.
5:51 am
we got the game in last night. with the angels and a's. 7:05 first pitch. it will be cool, 57 dropping down to 54 degrees. during the overnight hours, we'll see the showers taper and temperature is will be cooler than this morning. mid to upper 40s in inland valleys to low 50s around the bay shore and out to the coast. here is a look at the satellite and radar and you can see pronounced jetstream pushing the series of fronts our eight that is what it makes it so unusual. we get a couple chances of rain but not a sporm any pattern where it could last five out of next seven days. >> here we are at 9:00 this morning, scattered showers and watch as they develop in more intensity in coverage as we head towards 5:00. during the evening hours, heaviest rain, overnight there is the cold front and clearing trend by tomorrow morning that will completely clear us out by noon tomorrow. if you have any plans tomorrow
5:52 am
afternoon or evening, everything will be wet from the morning rain. up to an inch and a half in the north bay mountains. accu-weather seven-day forecast, just when the sunshine comes out temperatures warm back to spring levels, it gets cooler than average again with chance of showers saturday and breezy sunday and monday. have a great day. can't believe all that rain. >> better news now. year accident approaching caldecott has been cleared. no delays at all. look out for mini conditions across the san mateo bridge this morning. all through the bay bridge and benicia bridge where wind warnings have been posted. no major accidents to show you around the bay area. we will show you another live shot in millbrae, so you will encounter damp roads and slick conditions. headlights looking good past sfo and mike is expecting weather-related delays. also check out 101 in san
5:53 am
rafael. it does looks like it could be a bit wet but southbound traffic is flowing well out of novato. go to for bay area traffic. tough times for palo alto hewlett-packard. >> here is jane king. >> good morning, walmart says customers are still worried about prices. hewlett-packard is fighting the cutting its earnings. they announced a day early urging management to check every penny. and some of the biggest banks are under investigation again. source says the attorney general is looking at bank of america, goldman sachs and morgan stanley made in the mortgage mess. good news if you are looking for student loans.
5:54 am
cutting rates. rates vary according to your credit score. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. a medical student who would have graduated this week is being honored with a posthumous degree. joe hernandez was beaten to death in south of market in january. they released video that shows the attacker an asian male with a tattoo on his right arm. they have arrested tracy long of san jose on an assault charge. they say she attacked a friend of hernandez with her high heels. the parents accepted the diploma at a ceremony. >> it's going to be hard. he is supposed to be here today. the school is establishing a
5:55 am
scholarship in his name. activists who support the right to carry unloaded firearms have suffered a blow. they have approved a bill to make it a misdemeanor to carry an unloaded gun in public. supporters say the bill will improve public safety while gun rights advocates say it infringes on their rights to carry arms. >> and audit reveals that pg&e did not use all the money it was authorized to spend on the replacing the gas pipeline. jackie speier says over a 12-year period. they spent $138 million less than authorized for pipeline upgrades. the company is now spending millions to make tests. pg&e says they wants to enhance their pipeline safety.
5:56 am
they say the puc should have been more diligent on keeping tabs on their activities. >> san francisco supervisors are expected to vote for legislation that would allow ed lee to get his old job back. he has made it known he would like to go back to city administrator. current law does not allow for a former mayor to take a paid city job within a one-year period. the proposal being considered today would provide an exception for someone who is appointed mayor like ed lee. >> just ahead at 6:00, a computer problem be blamed on a sewage spill. >> and woman involved in one of the biggest identity theft out of a one bedroom apartment in the east bay. >> schwarzenegger has admitted to having an affair and fathering a child. who is the other woman? we'll have details after the break.
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