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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good mornrn life. >> good morning, i'm amy hollyfield. live in the newsroom. ronald mcdonald's job might be in jeopardy. about 550 people want the mascot to be fired and they want to take happy meals with him. >> and the woman who says he had schwarzenegger's child is identified. >> and the san francisco giant return to dodgers stadium for the first time bryan stow was nearly beat to death. >> here is a live look outside san francisco. the winds are sustained and
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bring drier weather in the forecast. stale chance of a shower. i'll show you where. >> and mike, is there is still a wind advisory for the bay bridge this morning. you'll find one port benicia bridge, as well. >> good morning. it was raining at might house as i left but as soon as i left it stopped raining. it didn't rain anywhere along the way. it should be inside the studio right now. >> i'm kristen sze. for another day, may showers following across the bay area specifically where eric is and high wind voluntarilys. >> lighted at the end of the tunnel. >> here is a look. it's picking up some of the lighter showers but definitely is a seeing some of the heavier showers that is moving away from us. south in the south bay from
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amgen tour, where it's going to, it's raining pretty heavily right now. few showers into the santa cruz mountains. over in the east bay valleys, all is quiet on the radar and a few light sprinkles showing up in the north bay. just to give you an idea of the drying trend you can see a lot of this stuff is moving away from the southeast. pockets of sunshine and a drying trend to develop and one more chance of showers. i'll have the forecast later. >> the ride into contra costa county, from the benicia bridge you want to be careful. no problems across the carquinez bridge, it's raining everywhere, both hands on the wheel. live shot for you this morning, it's off to a fairly good start and traffic is light as you make your way south bound and toward
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highway 24. >> newspapers are carrying a special mcdonald's ad that the fans of ronald mcdonald won't like what it has to say. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom. >> ronald mcdonald has enemies. they posted a letter in the san francisco examiner and five other newspapers blaming marketing as part of the problem of child obesity. it's asking that mcdonald's stop marketing junk food to kids and retire ronald mcdonald. it was organized by watchdog group corporate accountability international but mcdonald's is fighting back. they released a statement to the wall street journal saying the company is committed to responsible advertising. the happy meals offer choice and
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variety and portions just for kids. in fact the strir is fighting back at the political level. l.a. times is reporting that restaurants are successfully keeping happy meals but here in san francisco, local leaders were happy to get rid of happy meals toys. but other lawmakers have not been as successful. attempts have failed in other places under the influence of lobbyists for fast food restaurants. restaurant advocates, after toys were banned they feared the idea would be picked up quickly so they launched an aggressive fight to keep the toys and parents decide what the kids eat. so it may seem child's play but the fight is on. >> this morning, we now know the
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identity of a woman arnold schwarzenegger had a baby with out of wedlock. she reportedly worked as a housekeeper and assistant for more than 20 years. their son is a 13-year-old boy now. they say the news won't have any permanent effect on the governor's future political or entertainment pursuits. lisa amin gulezian spoke with one of his top aides. >> very little information is coming from california's former first couple now that the world knows about arnold schwarzenegger's affair and he fathered a baby more than a decade ago. shawn worked on a senior level with schwarzenegger including the 2003 recall campaign when several women accused him of groping and sexual harassment. >> the voters didn't care. they wanted schwarzenegger to come in and help stabilize the
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state. >> he said this during an interview with peter jennings. >> three on four days before and all these women want to have an apology, isn't it odd. you can figure it out for yourself. >> eight years later, the trusted advisor he is not totally surprised by the governor's past. >> in the hollywood lifestyle they come to stretch the boundaries and get in trouble. hollywood life i don't see it as a surprise. >> an assistant professor melinda jackson isn't so sure the voters would become governor had they known truth? >> if this information had known people had seen it more of a betrail and what that tells people about the trustworthiness of person.
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>> lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> the oakland city council has voted to continue funding the controversial gang injunction in parts of the city. last night they voted 4-3 in favor of directing police and city enforcing the injunctions, one forebids from associating one another and second involves the fruitvale district. doctors in san francisco are expected to provide an update on a condition of giants fan bryan stow later this morning. meanwhile, extra security will be on hand when the giants return to play at dodgers stadium tonight. it will be the first trip back to l.a. since he was snow was visually attacked back in march. they have received more than 500 leads. investigators say they strongly
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think that a tip a young woman had was driving a car after the assault. there was a jersey similar to one she was wearing. they have doubled the reward to $200,000 to find the suspects. >> the public defender has released a video had a shows police misconduct. it shows police misconduct. an officer can be seen walking walking in and appears to walk out with a laptop and camera. a similar incident involving some of the same officers. police chief says the officers have been reassigned to other duties while the incidents are being investigated. >> race pa fans are gearing up for stage four of the amgen tour cycle race. 11:45 a.m. started livermore is
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the first time its staged starting point. pliv more spent $50,000 to host the race. city expects to recoup the costs of hotel revenues from the event. today's stage four will cover about 80 miles and wind up in san jose around 3:00 p.m. the timing of the storm's departure. >> who can we ask about that? who? >> oh, mike! >> hi. >> i'll give you are my opinion. here is a look at the at the satellite and radar. drying in the overnight hours and we have a curl in the atmosphere and best rain returns on the radar right where the amgen is going through the aiablo range but i think it will
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be partly sunny. let's talk about the breezes out there. west wind at 21 at sfo, gusting to 23 at hayward. about 17 in oakland. 12 at half moon bay and 13 at san jose. fastest wind speed will be around sfo and oakland right now. they help keep the temperature up, mid to upper 40s around los gatos and rest of us in lotto 50s. as we head into the afternoon hours, an isolated shower is possible between livermore and san jose, better chance of seeing a scattered shower in the north bay. temperatures are m warmer than last couple of days. low to mid-50s throughout the bay and mid to upper 50s in the inlands. stray shower is possible, 59 in monterey. mid to upper 50s for the rest of bay and inland. accu-weather seven-day forecast, completely dry tomorrow and friday and sea breeze will bring us slightly cooler weather and a small chance of a random shower but nothing to change plans over
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for sunday. good morning. it's going pretty well. we haven't seen as many accidents this morning but we do have road work across the dumbarton bridge. you'll find the right lane blocked for retrofitting work until about 6:00 this morning, traffic is getting by okay. 101 looks good, 880 is fine as you make your way through fremont, no delays and check out the san mateo bridge and traffic is flowing well. camera is shaking a little bit but there is no wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. >> how high do gas prices have to go before you started cutting back? >> and why a conservative group is calling for parents to boycotted harvey
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good morning. we're coming up on 4:44. a live look at the embarcadero. traffic there this time of the morning and bay bridge, traffic moving along. keep in mind there is a high wind advisory on that bridge and the benicia bridge and other bridges not so affected. more news. a conservative group is urging parents to keep their children home if school celebrates harvey milk day. a poll it conducted about harvey milk day. the group survey claims that 75 am of californians don't support a day to honor him. social activists are worry that public school teachers will celebrate without the consent of parents. >> he could come home and say look i'm not going to be
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cross-dressing but i believe in same-sex marriage. where did you learn this? it's because of the harvey milk construction we got today. >> it was signed into law by a republican governor. who he is history. milk was elected in 1977 to the san francisco board of supervisors. in 2009 established may 22nd as date to honor him. >> if you knew instantly how much pollutants your car was spewing out would it change your driving habits? laura anthony has a report. >> reporter: a researcher is using gps device to get information into how he is driving. >> that information could change behave. >> it tells how much gas he is
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using and whether his car is emitting too many pollutants. >> you don't want to accelerate too fast and coast to a stop. >> it's called eco driving. it's called a eco navigator made in china by a company that has an office in redwood city. >> there are displays that shows how much gas they are using and also a score card that gives you a score as to how your driving compares to either other drivers of the same car or perhaps a fleet wide rating. >> reporter: when it comes to fuel economy it's not about how hard you push on the gas pedal, something as simple as opening a window make a difference. >> but will a driver make better decisions? that is what researchers are
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trying to figure out. they installed the eco navigate they are a fleet of cars in the bay area and study the results. >> kristen: if you want to know but you kind of don't want to know. >> eric: and some of our driving habits around here. not talking about anybody had in particular. a dangerous chemical shows up. >> and northern california soldier now accused in a shocking murder shooting civilians for sport. >> and next the expensive pay load the shuttle is zblivg and coffee and your health and surprising newer study it may give you a healthy jolololololol
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is that it breaks the flea life cycle -- killing adults, eggs, and larvae. and it keeps killing fleas and ticks all month long. that's why it's the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. unleash a complete killing force in every dose of frontline plus. welcome back. here is a look at the high temperatures. dallas at 86.
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55 in new york. mid to upper 60s around seattle and portland. weather is a little more active. we have severe weather in colorado, kansas and oklahoma. right now we have flight arrival delays into boston and that is it. check out flight tracker at to find out the latest. >> eric: it's 4:50. army prosecutors have charged a vacaville man in a plot to murder afghan civilians for kicks. the staff sergeant played a big part that conducted patrols in kandahar province. they are accused of finding isolated men pretending they posed a threat and killing them with guns or grenades. discipline can break down when soldiers aren't sure of their mission. >> there is no reason for this kind of conduct. i would suspect there may be
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other instances like this. the longer they were there, the more these problems will surface. >> he attended a buckingham charter school back in 2001 and 2002. he is not charged with killing with civilians but he is charged with solicitation to commit premeditated murder and planting evidence. gabrielle giffords will undergo surgery to replace a section of her skull removed after she was shot in the head in january. giffords was critically wounded when a gunman opened fire at a political event. they say the procedure is relatively simple and recovery time is usually a day or two. she watched mark kelly launch into space aboard space shuttle endeavour. >> the endeavour docked with the space station. it arrived this morning 220
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miles above earth. the pay load includes a $2 billion most expensive science experiment ever to fly in orbit. you are looking at live pictures from the shuttle. commander mark kelly and his five astronauts are scheduled to spend nearly two weeks at the space station. that experiment will look for things like anti-matter and dark energy up there. we'll get into that later. and energy level is higher than it should be. there is something throughout something called dark energy. >> kristen: we're learn so much from that. >> eric: did you wake up after i got through. i heard snoring over here. >> i it was noisy but now it's quieter. if you are heading out, you can
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going to see residual moisture and we are coming up on 4:53 and here is a live look back from back to emeryville. now extreme sections of contra costa and higher el vialgsdz around the santa clara valley. most of that is moving to the southeast and away from us. so the longer you can wait the more likely your morning commute will be dry. mid to upper 40s, napa and santa rosa, low to mid 50s for the rest of us. if you are leaving right now, a full house. gilroy, watsonville and monterey at 51. salinas at 52. we'll have a than isolated shower today but more of us will see sunshine and see warmer temperatures. warmer afternoons will spill in tomorrow and friday's forecast will be cooler. storm system passes us to the north, random some shower will develop to the north.
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even though we're warmer than yesterday but five to ten degrees cooler than average with mid to upper 60s in the south bay. heading along the peninsula, low to mid-50s and made noid upper 50s at daly city at 56. mid to upper 60s through the north bay valleys. breezy at your beaches and only mid-50s on the east bay shore. go with partly cloudy conditions and low to mid-60s and isolated showers that develop in the north bay this afternoon, one or two may stray in the east bay valleys. otherwise, partly cloudy and mid to upper 60s for you. around the monterey bay, monterey and carmel upper 50s and stray shower around sincerely and hollister this afternoon. stray showers are possible from chico and sacramento and still have snow but the winter storm warning will expire this morning. it's interesting how much weather is going to fall around tahoe and rain around l.a. and
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58. tonight, with the clearing out there, fog will form and temperatures will drop into the mid and upper 40s. we're watching this area of low pressure and extension of energy with it that is bringing us those showers and pushing them down to the south and east. all is pretty quiet. you can see the sunshine developing by noon and showers developing across the north bay, once the sun sets, here comes the warmer weather for thursday and friday and then the breezes will bring us cooler conditions saturday and sunday. have a great day. >> bay bridge toll plaza, delay free but wind advisories for benicia bridge. also looking good through berkeley. headlights moving westbound. no trouble for the north bay, commuters heading toward the golden gate bridge and another live shot in the south bay.
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this is at 280 interchange. just ahead there is rolling street closures for the amgen tour. in san jose, street closures go from 2:30 to 4:00 and look out for them alum rock road. get more details by going to our website. >> kristen: it's 4:56. >> this morning, many parents are concerned about the results of a new study. 80% of baby products they studied contain toxic or untested flame retardants that could have health problems. products tested environmental science and technology include car seats, pillows and changing pads and strollers. one-third of the products contain a chemical that was removed from baby pajamas in 1970s because of cancer concerns.
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the companies say -- >> it might keep the doctor away. a new study men who drinks more or six cups of coffee a day over two decades were 60% more likely not to develop prostate cancer. coffee is also associated with a lower risk of diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver. >> and to pay day. next at 5:00, why he is cashing in on hundreds of thousands of dollars of unused sick pay. >> live in livermore where stage four of the amgern tour kicks off this morning.
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people here talking about it and city is wagering about $50,000 on it. >> eric: very latest on the arnold schwarzenegger love child scandal, why maria
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