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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 19, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning. >> bin laden's final message, his last recording just released. plus a list of would-be terrorists revealed and the worldwide man hunt to find them. tarmac trouble. a close daal at chicago o'hair with the vice president's jet in the middle. and the saga unfolds. new details this morning, why did arnold schwarzenegger reveal his double life now? good morning. we are following several new developments in the sex assault case against a global banking titan. dominique strauss-kahn resigned as the head of the imf. >> we're seeing his mug shot for the first time in resigning dsk
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as he's known in france and said he wanted to devote all his strength, time and energy to proving his innocence. defense attorneys make another appeal for bail later today. in exchange for freedom, dsk is offering to be confined to his daughter's new york apartment under 24-hour monitoring. that's in addition to a $1 million cash bond. we'll have more on his chances for release later this morning on "good morning america." and also the other big story, the voice of osama bin laden has been heard once again. the tape of the al qaeda leader recorded days just before his death has now surfaced. >> and there is new and alarming information from documents taken from his compound. john hendren is joining us from washington with the latest. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, rob, good morning, peggy. the files have triggered an urgent man hunt and turns out the most secretive terrorist named his operatives one by one in the files recovered by navy s.e.a.l.s. in a voice from the grave, osama
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bin laden delivered one final message. "my muslim people, we watch closely that is going on in the world today" the voice on the tape says "revery joyce with your rejoicing and your pride." that message praising the arabs in tunisia is to be the same as navy s.e.a.l.s found and u.s. officialed discovered the names and phone numbers of suspected al qaeda operatives in the huge cache of documents at the compound. those could simply be codes or nicknames. still, valuable clues. >> they were able to identify some of the folks involved in the 9/11 case because of nicknames. >> reporter: red lights are blinking all over the intelligence community as agents scramble to track down those operatives. >> they have to find the people who would carry carry out the plot. >> reporter: find them and quickly. bin lad bin laden's compound revealed new references to possible attacks on or before the tenth
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anniversary of his triumph four months from now. >> one of the best guesses would be that he would do it not exactly on 9/11, that maybe before 9/11. >> reporter: the possibilities are multiple and harrowing. >> it may not be a single attack the size of 9/11, but multiple smaller attacks coordinated. >> reporter: al qaeda historically plots months or in the case of 9/11, years ahead of time. agents are searching travel records and a special task force at cia headquarters is working 24-7 on the bin laden files looking for a plot that may already be in motion. rob and peggy? >> and also, john, on the related topic today the president will give a major speech about the raich world. what is obama expected to say? >> reporter: we understand he's going to talk about how the arab spring allows the u.s. to play a new role transitioning from a military role to a political role there and he also has new initiatives to help tunisia and egypt transition to democracy.
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one thing he'll do that may be more controversial he won't call for al assad to go but talk about new sanctions for that country, one of the few where the arab spring has not been allowed to flourish. rob and peggy. >> john, thank you for that live report. in chicago, federal investigators are looking into a close call involving two commuter jets. it happened earlier this week at o'hair airport just moments after a plane carrying vice president joe biden touched down. more now from our lisa stark. >> reporter: chicago o'hare is the nation's second busiest airport. but on monday flights stopped briefly while the vice president flew in for the swearing in of chicago's new mayor. the close call involving two regional jets came some eight minutes after joe biden had landed when the airport was once again up and running. both planes were united express flights. one with 29 passengers arriving from michigan. the other, 50 passengers departing for buffalo.
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the arriving jet was cleared to land on one runway, but it had to fly over another runway to do that. on the second runway another controller had cleared the other jet to depart putting the planes on a possible commission course. controllers realized the mistake, ordered the arriving pilots to abort their landing and go around, which they did. still, aviation sources say the pilot may have ended up as close as 300 feet above and 400 feet behind that departing jet. the faa says the vice president was never in danger, and his arrival played no role in the mishap. they and the ntsb are trying to figure out what went wrong. lisa stark, abc news, washington. a tanker plane crashed and burst into flames in southern california. the accident happened as the aircraft tried to take off from point mugu naval base and chop pilots described the scene. >> it appears to be a total loss.
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looks like the roof of the fuselage has melted in on itself. this thing could explode and there have been explosions already. there may be more. that jet fuel continues to burn. >> dramatic images. the three crew members on board were lucky to escape with only minor injuries. the mothers of two american hikers held in iran on spy charges are now on a hunger strike. it was one year ago today that the mothers of shane bauer and josh fattal were allowed to visit their sons in iran. they have been held without trial since their arrest 21 months ago. believed to be fasting in protest. nasa is keeping a close eye on the thermal tiles covering "endeavour." they spotted nicks and gouges in photos taken before it docked with the international space station. for now nasa says there is no cause for concern but astronauts may use a boom this weekend in order to get a better look. amazing images there. now for this morning's weather from around the nation we're taking a look at some severe storms west of dallas up to oklahoma city.
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wichita, also. southern nebraska and scattered showers and thunderstorms across the upper midwest. up to a foot of mountain snow? the rockies and showers with heavy downpours at times from north carolina into new england and the ohio valley. >> 70s from new york to atlanta. while miami heats up to 90. 80s meanwhile, in new orleans and dallas. 72 in kansas city. 69 in omaha and 65 in chicago. phoenix hit 78. salt lake city, 55 and seattle, 70. and coming up, a big apology after an airline reuses the flight numbers from september 11th. >> plus, new details about arnold schwarzenegger's double life. did the mother of his child force him to come clean? and step aside, oprah. there is a new number one in sh showbiz. who can it be?
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chrysler is close to repaying uncle sam. they reportedly are ready to refinance 7.5 billion in loans from the u.s. and canadian governments and will pay them off next tuesday. details of the repayment plan will be finalized later this morning. shares of linkedin go on sale for the first time this morning. already a hit. the $45 price for the job networking site is at the high end of what was forecast. the site's now valued at $4 billion. that is the highest for a u.s. internet company since google went public seven years ago. most overseas markets are up.
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tokyo's nikkei average was off. the hang seng was up and in london the ftse opened higher as well. nic nasdaq is up. united airlines is apologizing for reusing flight numbers used on 9/11. it was a result with their merger with continental but a spokesman does admit they should have caught it. what is this, move over, oprah. "forbes" magazine says lady gaga is the most powerful celebrity. she didn't earn as much as oprah but has 32 million facebook fans and 10 million twitter followers. justin bieber made the list for the first time coming in third. well, the biebs is on the list -- >> lady gaga will perform on "good morning america" a week from friday kicking off the summer concert series. >> that should be a very big show. well, coming up next tiger
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woods does something he's never done before. >> how a kindergartener brought 18 bags of heroin to school. >> unbelievable. also, were there signs that arnold schwarzenegger had a secret child? that's coming up. pooches and puppies, we are fed up with being fed on. we demand k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas and ticks, it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. so let's put our paws down in protest. no fetching, no friendship till we all get k9 advantix ii. join us at [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. now use the best suncare recommended most by dermatologists. neutrogena®, with technologies like helioplex... it provides the highest average spf and unsurpassed uva protection. get the best. neutrogena®.
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while i took refuge from the pollen that made me sneeze. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. a philadelphia street is littered with debris after a rare tornado sent people running for cover. the small twister destroyed an auto body shop and damaged several other businesses. it was on the ground for about 15 seconds. only minor injuries there were reported. very unusual. >> uh-huh. now a look at the morning's road conditions, wet on i-35 from des moines to dallas. snow and ice on parts of i-25 and i-70 in the rockies and wet from maine to virginia and expect rain on i-80 from new york over to cleveland. if you're heading to the airport, airport delays are possible from boston to d.c. also in kansas city and denver. well, the story everyone is talking about still one of the big questions surrounding the
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scandalous collapse of maria shriver's marriage to arnold schwarzenegger is why are all the sordid details just coming out now? >> hard to believe. radaron line and "star" magazine are reporting that schwarzenegger and the woman who gave birth had a fight recently and threatened to go public with the details. that's when he decided to come clean. more now from david wright. >> reporter: two families under one roof. granted a sprawling roof. here's maria shriver, pregnant with schwarzenegger's youngest son christopher. here's mildred patty baena, the housekeeper pregnant with a son younger still. birth records show her son was born less than a week after christopher schwarzenegger, so close in age that in a christmas photo taken in 2000 and obtained by tmz, there is arnold, there's the housekeeper but the little boy on her knee could be christopher or could be her son.
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arnold's secret son. mildred baena worked during her pregnancy meaning that the two women must have more than just crossed paths in that brentwood mansion. before they were pregnant, while they were pregnant and after. schwarzenegger's kids probably knew their half-brother and were none the wiser. as for the women in arnold's life, one knew his secret, the other didn't. tough to imagine pulling it off let alone pulling it off for 14 years. baena filed for separation from her husband three weeks after her son was born. on the birth certificate she had listed her then husband as the boy's father but in the court filing less than a month later, for the dissolution of marriage she checked the box stating that she and her husband had no children together. irreconcilable differences was the reason given. schwarzenegger did offer financial support. last spring the week he voted in
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the california primary for his successor, his housekeeper was buying this $270,000 retirement home in the affluent polo club neighborhood in bakersfield. >> that 's their house over there. >> reporter: we met the next-door neighbor. she told us the local realtor couldn't help gossiping that the buyer had some help with the financing. >> she said, well, we're just waiting for the money now that arnold is buying the property for one of his staff that is retiring. >> reporter: most of all she just feels sorry for the boy. >> he is the innocent one in this whole thing. >> and she says best she can tell he had no idea that this man was actually his dad. he always acted like he was just his mom's boss. i'm david wright in bakersfield. and a couple of other notes on this continuing saga, pima county magazine reports maria
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shriver has hired a high-profile divorce attorney though hasn't decided whether to end her 25-year marriage. why is she living in a hotel? she asked schwarzenegger to leave but he refused. the mystery of that little boy whose body was found dumped along a main roadside has been solved with his mother's arrest. julianne mccrery admitted to killing her son by giving him too much cough syrup. he died from asphyxiation. heartbroken people in the town where he was found came together last night holding a vigil to mourn the loss. and police in pittsburgh are now warning parents to check their children's backpacks after a 7-year-old boy brought 178 bags of heroin to school. the boy handed out some of the bags to his friends. each containing enough heroin to kill a small child. police are now trying to find out where the boy got the drug. >> how scary is w census new census figures show the seven-year itch lives on. couples who break up typically separate after about seven years
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of marriage and then divorce about a year later. but the census also shows that overall the divorce rate is finally leveling off after decades of rising. tiger woods is about to lose his place among the world's top ten golfers. rankings due out next week will show that woods has slipped to number 11 missing the top ten for the first time since 1997. although "forbes" still ranks him as the top sports celebrity in star power. the latest highlights from espn news. >> top of the morning to you. cole wright with your espn news update. up one game to none on the miami heat. derrick rose and bulls looking up to go-0 the times. first quarter, rose getting in the lane, going high off the glass, game all squared, 15 each. seconds left in the first, deng has a buzzer beater. count it. by 7 and the mad house rocking. third quarter, lebron, ripping and rolling. finishing off with the foul. heat up 7 after his shot from the stripe. fourth quarter, bulls down 2.
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rose drive, finds tajura gibson, holds on but the ball -- game tied at 73. james, he would take over late in this one. the heat, they would go on to get the win, 85-75. the series all tied 1 apiece. the vancouver canucks at home were looking out to a-0 lead. christopher higgins. lamp lit. third period, canucks on the power play, mason raymond to higgins, scoring from the slot. canucks, it was a 4-2 advantage for them. less than 9 to go in this one,sedin, brotherly love all around, they win this one, 7-3. that'll do it for your espn news update but don't forget for the latest on the sports scene check out the highlight express. well, coming up next, road to recovery. what could be gabrielle giffords' final surgery.
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audiotape recorded days before his death has now surfaced online today. it comes as u.s. officials work urgently to track down the names of suspected al qaeda operatives found in bin laden's documents at his compound. president obama is expected to vigorously defend new sanctions against syria's leader when addresses the state department. he is also expected to announce new aid for egypt and tunisia to show the u.s. supports democratic changes there. doctors say that congressman gabby giffords is doing well after surgery to repair a hole in her skull. the hospital will update her condition later on today and explain what's next in her recovery. the mississippi river is expected to crest in vicksburg today just over 57 feet. that is lower than expected, though, but residents may have to cope with high water levels until july. also, forecasters are going to let us know how stormy they expect the next six months to be. the 2011 hurricane season follows the busiest one on record. other forecasters have said that they are expecting another above
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next on abc7 news -- developing news. one sent dead, another injured at a neighborhood still blocked off after oakland police open fire. we're live with the latest. pg&e offers a new warning after regulators propose a plan to force the utility to further lower the pressure on the gas lines. while the company says that could put customers at risk. mike will have the forecast. >> yeah, it looks like it will be dry for the foreseeable future. we'll talk about a warming trend and finally this morning, a fairy tale finish to a wedding proposal straight out of the movies or at least the movie theater. >> talk about pressure on guys looking to propose.
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a young man in georgia came up with a very elaborate way to pop the question. it involved light, camera and plenty of action. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> love story so true it couldn't have been written. >> i know how much she means to me. i know how much you love her. i know she's in your heart. >> there comes a time when every father lets his little girl go. >> i just want you to know that i love her too and i am by no means trying to steal her away from you. i'd like to have your blessing, sir. may i have your daughter's hand in marriage. >> you have my permission for her hand in marriage. i would love to have you as a son-in-law. >> coming this winter from
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universal studios, "making the movies jealous." >> what are you waiting for? ♪ >> virginia lee, since our second date i always said we'd be making the movies jealous. you mean everything to me and i meant that. would you give me the honor and will you marry me? >> bravo. [ cheers and applause ] >> raising the bar for all of us making it difficult. >> talk about pressure. want to see the whole thing. see it on youtube. everybody is watching that right now. >> all right.


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