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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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one is dead at the hands of police. a third suspect in custody. we'll have details coming up in a live report. >> here, we are looking at the sunrise. it comes over the east bay hills from sutro tower in san francisco. notice a few low clouds. high pressure is bringing the marine layer back. i'm expecting a lot of sunshine and dry weather throughout the forecast. an update coming your way. >> almost accident-free this morning. we have enjoyed a quiet and easy commute. live on the bay bridge toll plaza. absolutely delay-free. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, 6:00 a.m. thank you for joining us. no rain out there to be found. isn't that cool? i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news right now, oakland police have a neighborhood blocked off after officers shot two suspect suspects late last night. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live at the scene with the latest. >> this incident happened 10:30 last night, at least that is when it began. onward lane looking to -- on ward lane, to curan avenue.
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the investigation continues. the media is kept back a good 100 yards from where the shooting took place. look at the pictures from the aftermath of the shooting. 10:30 last night, oakland police and reportedly drug enforcement agents were out here involved in an operation, not commenting on that. two oakland police officers opened fire, killing one man. gravely wounding a second man. who was taken to the alameda county hospital. again in grave condition. the oakland swat team was called out. a couple of hours later, 12:30 this morning, a third suspect was found. he was hiding under a tree in the backyard of the house where the shooting took place. in the backyard of a house, where according to police a number of weapons were recovered. one weapon was recovered on the roof of the building down there on curan avenue. oakland p.d. not explaining the operation. not really even confirming that drug enforcement agents were involved in this. they do say one person is dead. one wounded. a third suspect in custody this morning. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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>> terry, thank you very much. just about 6:02. an autopsy on a man found buried in his backyard in february has not determined what killed him. novato police tell abc7 news they can't rule out homicide in the death of 74-year-old dale smith. investigators searched smith's home and eventually found his body under a barbecue pit. attorney for his wife said he died of natural clauses. they said the autopsy didn't show obvious sign of trauma and the toxicology report didn't detect poisoning. >> there are new signs that the separation of governor schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver will be permanent. "people" magazine is reporting that shriver hired a los angeles divorce lawyer. she hired the attorney after arnold schwarzenegger revealed he had an affair and a child with former family employee mildred patricia baena. baena who retired in january lives in the four-bedroom house in bakersfield with her four children including the now 13-year-old boy
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fathered by the former governor. the "new york times" reports that schwarzenegger, himself, made the $50,000 down payment for the house. the scandal not only led to schwarzenegger's resignation but may lead to other scandals. gloria allred is going to represent an actress who says she had annual trips with schwarzenegger to body build building event in ohio. u.c. students may be warned they may have higher tuition if the governor's plan doesn't pan out. the in-state tuition may climb 32% for the 2012 year. if the university system has to cut $1 billion from the budget. that increase would mean the california residents would pay nearly $14,700 in annual tuition. which doesn't even include
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room, board and campus fees. a major engineering feat this morning, as the final piece of the massive new bay bridge tower is put in place. the crowning glory, if you will, that serves an important function. abc7's amy hollyfield is live on treasure island to show us what is going on. amy? >> reporter: eric, this will complete the tower. can you imagine if that was your office today? they will be working 500 feet above the water today. taking on a project so enormous, it will make history. this is such a big undertaking, they held a dress rehearsal last month. caltrans officials shot video of their team practicing. lifting the 960,000-pound, bridge cable saddle. they will move it in place for real today. it will sit on top of the bay bridge's single anchor suspension tower. the cable saddle is the largest one in the world. so it will go in history book and carry the bridge mile-long, single loop cable over the top of the tower.
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another milestone in the road toward completing the new eastern span. it is scheduled to open at the end of 2013. live on treasure island, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thanks a lot. 6:05. what did you notice in the weather behind amy? >> well, it's dry, but it's still a little bit gray for now. we have clouds out there. mike is promising a nice change, right? >> going to see the sun. here comes the sun! >> absolutely. high pressure. putting a little bit of a cap on the atmosphere. that's why we are seeing the marine layer, clouds redevelop this morning. but they will dissipate rather quickly during the morning. we'll have a lot of sunshine this afternoon. it's going to be dry today for not only the morning commute, but also the afternoon commute. check out the calm conditions around the bay area. we do have a light breeze out of the southwest. 6 miles per hour at s.f.o. 8 at oakland. 12 at fairfield. concord, 6 miles per hour out of the south. light northwesterly wind at napa. breath at 3 miles per hour. take a look at the temperatures. low to mid-50s. san francisco.
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oakland, concord, fairfield, half moon bay. 57 in antioch. the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 40s. our destination, closer to average today. not quite there in most areas, but definitely warmer than yesterday. we have upper 60s to low 70s around the bay shore. low 70s in the south bay. 69 at san rafael. mid-70s in napa and santa rosa. east bay valley warm to mid-to-upper 70s. notice the clouds along the peninsula coast. half moon bay, 60. san francisco is 64 degrees. head to the monterey bay. temperatures here. 60s in santa cruz, watsonville and salinas. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- just as warm tomorrow. in the cold front that passes to the north and starts chipping away at the warm weather by sunday and monday when it's windy outside. the temperatures four to eight degrees cooler than today. once the winds subside. the heat comes back. or the warmth, i should say, for tuesday and wednesday. good morning, frances. >> good morning. that is the accuweather seven-day forecast we have been waiting for, for a long
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time. also you can enjoy very, very nice commute this morning. here is 680 in walnut creek. traffic is still flowing well. the only spot where it's slow right now is westbound 4 and antioch. so nothing out of the ordinary. but this 680 ride looks good all the way down through the sunol grade. we will check out the south bay for you and show you the 101 and 880 interchange. headlights are north 101. that is 880 southbound. 101 is fine in north bay. live shot shows you traffic is light out of novato. no problems at all on, on the peninsula. this is an easy ride out there. >> i like it when she sounds happy like that. don't you? >> hmm-mm. >> 6:07. thank you, frances. >> still ahead -- profitable rapture, plus the dire warning sparking huge donations for a bay area religious group. this is what we're talking about. the billboard. >> and were they distracted by the vice president? the air traffic control
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i'm not just looking for deals, i'm looking for the hottest fashion. hot -- hot, hot. i get a lot of ideas just walking around the city, checking people out. it's like a fashion show out there. then, it's all about the deal. i negotiate directly with designers... so you get the savings. you know, the smartest fashionistas-- are really maxxinistas! t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. good morning. 6:11 on the abc7 morning news. maybe the signature of the weather this morning is what you don't see. you don't see any rain out there. you don't see any wet roads. you will see the sun later today. that's what mike says. he will tell you more about that, coming up. >> have you seen the billboards? you know, a minister and his
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oakland based non-profit family radio group attracted millions of dollars in worldwide donations by proclaiming the world is coming to an end this weekend. saturday. you can see his message on giant billboards by the bay bridge in interstate 80. minister herald camping has been spreading the word worldwide from the family radio station on hegenberger road. he talked about the upcoming apocalypse to abc7 news by phone the other night. >> it happens to be we are the generation at the end whether we like it or not. it's absolutely going to happen. >> camping claims that based on his complex biblical arithmetic, a progressive earthquake will rat the world on saturday and -- rat the world on saturday and the faithful will be lifted to heaven. critics say he is making a mockery of christianity. and an atheist group saying its members may hold a celebration on sunday if the minister is wrong. >> what about 2012? we have competing things
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like that now i guess. 6:12 is the time. three crew members escape with minor injuries when a jet that refuels military planes burst in flames in southern california. the tanker, military version of boeing 707, crashed on take-off from the naval air station in ventura county, about 60 miles northwest of los angeles. the plane had about 150,000 pounds of jet fuel on board. the national transportation safety board has launched an investigation in the crash. >> the f.a.a. says error by air traffic controller almost caused a midair collision at the chicago o'hare airport. it happened in confusion after a plane carrying vice president joe biden arrived monday. moments later, a sky west jet with 29 people on board seconds away from touching down, at the same time an express jet plane rolled toward take-off in the first plane's path. the "washington post" quotes the air traffic control
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recording, one saying oh, expletive! the angry express jet pilot says what the -- expletive -- was that? "what was that?" "sorry," complied the controller. it was only avoided because air traffic controller supervisor saw what was happening and ordered the sky west plane to avoid landing. that's the first time i had to read a story where i had to say "expletive" actually a couple times on air. >> you can decide at home which expletive you want to put in there. o'hare is a busy air space. if you ever listen to united airlines channel 9, you will hear a lot of stuff there. yes, i'm geeky enough to do that. 6:14. mike, he has the forecast. >> i'm scared to listen to that. that might happen. i might hear expletives. >> after the delays at s.f.o., not today. >> it looks nice outside. we have clouds rolling in because the marine layer is back thanks to the sinking air under high pressure. coming up on 6:15.
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looking for mount tamalpais. some of the clouds rolling over the marin headlands and punching through golden gate. by the afternoon hours they will stick to the peninsula coast. the rest of us will have sunshine and warmer weather. take a look at temperatures right now. low 50s around san francisco, oakland, half moon bay. antioch, warm spot at 67. everybody else in mid-to-upper 40s. monterey bay, we have watsonville, salinas and monterey. and the low to mid-50s. inland, gilroy, 40. santa cruz, 44 degrees. our highlights, sunshine, the warmer temperatures this afternoon. breezes to windy conditions this weekend. that will make it not as warm as today. especially saturday, sunday and monday. no mention of rain. still a slight chance of sprinkle along the coast. this is minimal, taken it out of the forecast. 24-hour temperature change. san jose, fremont and concord, four to six degrees warmer. santa rosa sees the biggest jump thanks to the 14 hours
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and 19 minutes of sunshine. a ten-degree increase in the afternoon temperatures today. low to mid-70s in the south bay. sunnyvale and santa clara. 71 degrees. we have the same temperatures in los altos and mountain view. northbound on the peninsula, drop to 64 on millbrae. upper 50s to near 60 along the coast with clouds and breezy conditions. we will see more sunshine around downtown south san francisco and saucelito. low to mid-60s. san rafael at 69. low to mid-70s the farther north you head. in the northern valleys. sunshine at the beaches. but breezy and cool with the upper 50s. 70, leading the charge. castro valley and fremont to warmer temperatures. everybody else on the east bay shore, mid-to-upper 60s. the temperatures are closer to average in the east bay valleys with the sunshine. mid-to-upper 70s. we will start around 58 in carmel. warm to 67 in santa cruz. warm more as you head inland. gilroy, 76 degrees. morgan hill 75. going to coliseum today.
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12:35. first game this week we don't worry about rain. sunshine, we have to worry about getting burnt. jumping up to 68 degrees. heading out tomorrow morning, more clouds along the coast and more marine layer clouds spilling to the bay shore. upper 40s to low 50s in those areas. mid-to-upper 40s in north bay valleys. here is what we are watching. one low pulling away and taking all of that unusually wet weather. we had four days in a row of rain. in may. now high pressure is taking over. it will be stubborn. it will push the jetstream well north. this cold front will come by us. sideswipe us with the winds this weekend. but all of the rain, it looks like it will stay north and to our east. tomorrow, just as warm as today. temperatures a few degrees cooler saturday. a couple of more degrees of cooling on sunday. and couple of more on monday. mon looks to be the coolest. probably the windiest day in the forecast. slightly warmer for tuesday and wednesday. not as breezy as sunday and monday. hope you have a great day.
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frances? >> okay. if not, you have at least a great commute. it's been so nice this morning. check out the bay bridge toll plaza. still delay-free. and it's also good ride across the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic on the right. you will have no trouble on 880. heading through hayward right now or 101 through san mateo. also for north bay commuters, nice shot here of the golden gate bridge. it's gray out there. mike says it will be nice and sunny today. here are the slow spots for you. it's actually only one. lone tree way to 242 out of antioch, 23 minutes. there was an earlier accident eastbound 4 at railroad. it has never blocked any lanes. we're checking out the drive-time northbound 85, south bay from 101 to highway 17. only ten minutes. it's also only 28 minutes. so there is pockets where under the speed limit on south 101 out of santa rosa to novato. mass transit systems report nothing delays. and you can now refill your clipper card at bart ticket
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stations. just go to for the latest and click on the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. 6:19. from a pop legend to a drowsy chaperon. abc7's don sanchez has it all in "what's hot." ♪ ♪ >> a legend in performance. prince and his welcome to america tour at h.p. pavilion tonight and saturday evening. >> yesterday, you asked me if i think about you during the day. >> new voices to be heard in the finals of the youth speaks poetry competition. saturday night in davies hall. >> i don't care if you die. ♪ >> the drowsy chaperon is a throw-back to the wild and crazy musicals of the '20s and '30s. laughs and fun in the hill barn theater. ♪ ♪ >> sheryl crow and john foggerty make music in sonoma jazz in sonoma. music around the plaza this weekend. ♪ ♪
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>> festival season begins. the kickoff is this weekend with a la carte and arts celebrating the arts in mountain view. check out modern and contemporary art at the san francisco art fair in fort mason. ♪ >> the grace cathedral men and boys choir presents a spring concert of modern american hymns sunday at 3:00. performance, dance, music, opera for two weeks in the san francisco international arts festival in many locations. ♪ ♪ >> reliving the '40s at a uso style dance. they play the historic park in the museum saturday night. don sanchez, abc7 news. 6:20 now. coming up, finding friends who fly. how social networking could be your new ticket to traveling on private jets. sure, pulling the mold, miew, and grime from
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6:24. a quick fix this morning for a big problem with google's android operating system. recently, researchers found a security hole that affected nearly all android phones. the flaw could have allowed a hacker to access and edit a user's google contacts and calendar on open wi-fi networks. google says the fix will roll out to all android phones automatically over the next few days. meanwhile, a new app is offering iphone 4 users an
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extra level of security called recognize me. it scans your face using the phone front-facing camera. you can't use the phone until you pass the test. this app will be available in the app store in the next few weeks for about $7. have you wanted to fly a private jet? social networking may be able to help. a company called social flights is now allowing people to organize flights for any group of friends. the company says depending on the size of the group, the flights can cost as little as $400 per person. social flight says it's also offering a feature that will help you find an unfilled seat on somebody else's private flight. the flights run $150 each way. >> wow! all right. 6:25. still ahead at 6:30 -- cat nap. the stunning kitten crime that has a bay area spca asking for your help this morning. pg&e offers a new warning after regulators propose a plan to force the utility to further lower the pressure in its gas lines. why the company says that
6:26 am
could put customers at risk. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where eight hours after a double shooting we still have a very active crime scene here. police did the shooting. two people hit, one dead. details coming up in a live report. >> if you are traveling east today, denver, laguardia, newark and philadelphia. experiencing flight arrival delays. pacific flights? our flight tracker has it. now, give you a sneak peek of the new 4:00 p.m. newscast with larry beil and carolyn johnson. it won't hit your tv until thursday. but you can catch it streaming live at 4:00 p.m. today on check it out. [ male announcer ] everywhere your pet goes
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. 6:30. trading has begun on wall street. look who rang the opening bell. silicon valley and wall street watching the initial public offering from mountain view based linked-in. officially, the first u.s. social networking company to go public. also stock futures rose after the government said a new claims for unemployment benefit fell more than expected last week, dropping 29,000 and suggesting that the job market is slowly recovering. so we'll go live to the new york stock exchange with the latest news coming up in 15 minutes. >> right now, this news for you. all night and all morning, oakland police kept several
6:31 am
streets blocked off as they investigate a deadly shooting involving their officers. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in the neighborhood. terry? >> yeah, keep in mind, this, the shooting happened at 10:30 last night. as you see behind me, the scene is still active here. off tow truck to take -- you have a tow truck waiting to take something away. fire truck in front of that. just had a couple of folks watching down the area. watching off driveways and the street. where the shooting occurred. we saw officers loading a becomes of something in the back -- box of something in the back of the squad car. this is the aftermath of the shooting that took place 10:30. oakland police and reportedly drug enforcement agents were involved in some operati operation. oakland p.d. aren't talking about it. they opened fire, killing a man and gravely wounding another. the second man taken to alameda county hospital. 12:30, two hours after the
6:32 am
shooting a third suspect was found out here hiding under a tree in the backyard of one of the homes out here. a number of weapons were recovered from the scene, including one strangely enough on the roof of one of the buildings. oakland p.d. not explaining the operation the officers were involved in. they are just saying that one of the persons shot by oakland p.d. is dead. another in bad condition. third in custody. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. 6:32. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood and peninsula congresswoman jackie speier will visit san bruno this afternoon. they want to see the rupture site where last september gas line exploded killing eight people and destroying dozens of homes. meantime, pg&e is warning state regulators cutting pressure any further from the utilities natural gas pipelines could severely interrupt service to some of the customers. the california public utility commission directed pg&e to reduce pressure by
6:33 am
20% in ten of the gas transmission lines. following the san bruno blast. now, regulators considering asking for even bigger reductions. >> the contra costa county health department is waiting for the test results from the richmond hope center where an employee died from legionnaires' disease. health officials say the disease is triggered when they breathe in steam or water vapor that can be fatal between 5 and 30% of the time. contra costa averages ten cases a year. legionnaires' disease is not contagious but similar bacteria made a worker sick in 2008. the center is open pending test results. >> the giant fan brutally beaten in the season opener in los angeles is slowly showing signs of improvement. bryan stow has been back in the bay area since monday. neurosurgeons are trying to bring him out of a coma. doctors say he opened his
6:34 am
eyes and hasn't had a seizure since arriving in san francisco. last night, his father and sister spoke publicly about what he is going through. >> it hurts to see him lying there. not responsive to a lot of things. >> just wondering if he can hear us in there and if he is fighting his way back. >> there was a heavy police presence at dodger stadium where giants returned to play for the first time since stow was attacked. a special taidum office has been set up. fans can report anything they might know about the attack there. >> the santa cruz spca says someone stole a kitten from her shelter in live oak yesterday. mousey is the name of the kitten. it's believed a man and woman visiting the shelter took the 8-week-old kitten and made off with the spca director iphone. mousey wasn't ready for adoption yet because she needs veterinarian's
6:35 am
evaluation. the sheriff's department is investigating the case. 69-year-old man died after he was pulled from floodwaters near downtown vicksburg in mississippi. his drowning is believed to be first death related to flooding along the river. mississippi crested in vicksburg in the last hour. 14 feet above flood stage. downstream in louisiana, officials released more water through a spillway near the town of crust springs to prevent flooding in new orleans and more populated area. nearly 5,000 people have been displaced by fooding in mississippi. thousands more are expected to be evacuated in the next few hours. officials say it could be weeks before the river level goes back down. >> there is talk of what will happen when fresh water meets the gulf water. and sea life. they can't live in fresh water. 6:35. check the weather forecast with mike.
6:36 am
>> thank you very much. good morning. take a look at the satellite and radar. notice the drying trend. for the first time in four days we do not have rain in the forecast. it looks like well, it could be five days. the temperatures are cooler. otherwise we are one to seven degrees cooler because most of the night was cloud free. if clouds rolling in as the marine layer is back, high pressure and sinking air. trapping the moisture and creating clouds. they will move in the bay through 8:00. they will keep temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s everywhere. by noon, all of that retreats to the coast and hangs out along the peninsula coast. while the north bay beaches start to see sunshine. thanks to the northwesterly wind. upper 50s to near 60 along the coast in san francisco. low to mid-60s in bay shore and south bay. upper 6s to low 70s
6:37 am
temperature inland. by 4:00, the same inland neighborhoods in the low to mid-70s. around the bay, mid-to-upper 60s. same in the south bay. fog along the peninsula coast keeping half moon bay at 58. san francisco at 61. look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. just as warm tomorrow, but then the breezes start to come in. the cold front pushes through the neighborhood. it doesn't bring rain but it does bring winds, temperatures are 4 to 8 degrees cooler monday. is this the first accident of the morning? >> this is in hayward. three cars are blocking a lane and they need a flat bed tow truck. there is yellow spots where traffic is under 40 miles per hour. expect a slow ride from 238. elsewhere, though, it's been pretty good still. check out the bay bridge toll plaza. only backed up for the fast track lane toward the end of the parking lot. metering lights are actually on. no delays for cash-paying lanes now. interstate 80 in berkeley. still faring well.
6:38 am
more congestion. traffic is moving slow from carquinez bridge and vallejo and fairfield as you make your way toward the maze. check out the commute on the peninsula. northbound 101 from s.f.o. looking great to san francisco. out of san francisco, you won't find any delays southbound at this point. all the way down peninsula to south bay where we have a live shot of the light traffic at the 280/17 interchange. northbound 280 and highway 17 from the santa cruz mountains. >> thank you. 6:38. cashing in on linked-in. the i.p.o. of the bay area company called the biggest thing to hit wall street since google. trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. first up, though, a live look at the big board. dow is up 53 points. >> latest on an amazing engineering feat 200 miles
6:39 am
above earth overnight. new cause for concern aboard space shuttle "endeavor." >> new protest from the mothers of two u.c. berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran. >> weeks after the death, osama bin laden's voice is heard once again. i'm john hendrin in washington and i have more coming up. they are set to make history today at the bay bridge. i'm amy hollyfield. live on treasure island. i'll tell you all about it coming up.
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welcome back. 6:43. look at how quiet live doppler 7 h.d. is across the entire state. sunshine and warmer weather, just about everywhere. a few clouds around big sur. eureka is 58. 70s, fresno, sacramento. 82 in chico. a warm spot with palm springs. afternoon sunshine at san diego and l.a., at the mid-to-upper 60s. how about tahoe? 53. yosemite, 70. kristen? >> thank you. 6:43. hours from now, president obama will give a major speech about the future of the middle east and north africa. it follows a series of major uprisings in egypt, libya, tunisia, syria and other countries. together the movement is being called the arab spring. senior white house official says the president will outline how the u.s. will
6:44 am
offer new financial alsup -- financial support to nations with democratic aspirations. the president is expected to support the economic sanctions against the leaders who crack down on the pro-democracy protesters. mr. obama will announce new aid packages for egypt and tunisia, those seen as model for the democratic revolution. >> more than two weeks after his death, osama bin laden's last audiotape released by al-qaeda. reportedly made a week before bin laden's death and it was meant to showcase bin laden reflection on uprising in tunisia. john hendrin has more. >> in a voice from the grave, osama bin laden delivered one final message. "my muslim people, we watch closely what is going on in the world today," the voice on the tape says. "rerejoice with your re -- we rejoice with your revoice and your pride." that message is believed to be the same recording found
6:45 am
in bin laden's compound. they've discovered name and phone number operation mushtarak -- phone numbers of operatives. they are valuable clues. >> they were able to identify some of the folks involved in the 9/11 case. because of nicknames. >> red lights are blinking all over the intelligence community as agents scramble to track down operatives. >> they have to find people who carried out the plot that bin laden dictated to the operative. >> it revealed his interest in launching new attack on or before the tenth anniversary of his greatest terror triumph. just four months from now. >> one of the best guesses would be that he would do it not exactly on 9/11, that maybe before 9/11. >> the possibilities are multiple and harrowing. >> it may not be a single attack. the size of 9/11, but
6:46 am
multiple smaller attacks coordinated. >> al-qaeda historically plots months or in the case of 9/11, years ahead of time. agents are searching travel records and special task force at cia headquarters is working 24/7 on the bin laden files looking for a plot that may already be in motion. john hendrin, abc news, washington. this morning, the mothers of two u.s. hikers held in iran since 2009 say they will begin a hunger strike in solidarity with their sons. shane bauer and josh fattal's mothers last saw their sons a year ago in iran. they say they believe their sons have been fasting since the trial on espionage charges was again delayed last week. the iranian lawyer says he is asked to meet his client and inquired as to why the latest delay. the mothers say they expect sarah shourd to join the hunger strike on saturday. today, the biggest question on wall street is are you linked in? because has
6:47 am
become the first american social network to go public. >> could set a bench mark. check in with bloomberg reporter jane king from the new york stock exchange with how it's going. jane? >> hi, eric, kristen. good morning. we haven't seen any trades yet take place. but we expect them to open nearly double yesterday's offer price. that would be $75, $80. this is after investors bought chunks of the stock at $45 each yesterday. that is $4 billion total. linked in said publicly the proceeds from the stock sale will be used to fund existing operations or by other companies or technologies. some investors may buy the stock thinking that linked in will be bought out. we had the acquisition of microsoft showing how important the brand name companies with devoted followers are. it should be interesting. all of this with speculation about facebook possibly going public. the networking sites have users that the advertisers want. exciting to see all this mup
6:48 am
chasing the stocks here that we haven't seen in quite some time, the american companies. investors chasing stocks overall. bigger than expected drop in weekly jobless claim. still above 400,000 so still pretty weak but we are trading higher this morning. the silicon valley index is up slightly at the moment. sea of red for chip makers. intel, applied materials. analyst at goldman sachs cutting rating on shares of all of them to sell. speaking of tablet computer it's the apple store tenth anniversary today. there are rumors of activity at apple stores with the overnight shift scheduled for weekend and apple stores getting serious deliveries. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. bloomberg business report news. still no trade on linked in. we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you, jane. 6:48 now. this morning, the astronauts on board the international space station completed the number one objective of their mission and it didn't take long at all. they successfully hoisted a
6:49 am
cosmic ray detector from "endeavor" for installation on the space station. the $2 billion alpha magnetic spectrometer will study the invisible universe for the life of the space station. meantime, back in mission control, engineers are analyzing several areas of damage on "endeavor's" belly. nasa wants to make certain the shuttle is safe to come home in two weeks. >> all right. we are seeing sunshine out there this morning. we've got a few, we have the marine layer out there as well. >> anytime you get high pressure, it compresses the atmosphere, and traps the moisture. there you go, the marine layer cloud. they are rolling across san francisco right now. pushing through the golden gate and trying to head to the east bay valleys. good thing, though, a shallow layer in the sunshine. very strong. once it warms the ground and starts to overturn the atmosphere, the clouds will retreat back to peninsula coast by noon. take a look at the temperatures. they are cooler than yesterday. as we talked about. due to the lack of clouds. most of the night. coolest in around napa and livermore. 42 degrees there.
6:50 am
mid-to-upper 40s. until you get to half moon bay. san francisco, oakland and antioch. where we are in the 50s. 51 at monterey to 51 at watsonville. 44 at santa cruz and gilroy is 40 degrees. sunshine and warmer. that is the number one highlight for this afternoon's weather. it will be breezy to windy over the weekend. we just went ahead and took rain out of the forecast. such a small part of it, as most of us won't be affected. maybe drizzle along the coast sunday morning. not as warm with the cold front. the cold front is coming through, but it doesn't create rain. it creates wind. it brings us cooler conditions. but that is over the weekend. for today, we're warming up around two to ten degrees. that gets us closer to average. napa right on. a few degrees shy around oakland and san francisco. one. three degrees shy in livermore. san jose and redwood city, four to six degrees cooler than average. sunshine 5:57. set at 8:16. before it does, we will hit the mid-to-upper 70s with
6:51 am
sunshine in the east bay valleys. we'll make a run to 70 in castro valley and fremont. the rest of the east bay shore in mid-to-upper 60s. south bay, low to mid-70s with san jose and cupertino at 72 degrees. peninsula will start around 70, around palo alto and drop to the upper 60s. san mateo, redwood city, menlo park. 64 in millbrae. with the clouds along the coast, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. downtown, south san francisco, saucelito, low to mid-60s. san rafael, 69. low to mid-70s through north bay valley. breezy, sunny, only upper 50s at your beaches. we'll have near 60 at monterey and carmel. mid-to-upper 60s for monterey bay. heading to the game today, twins. only a two-game series. sunny and mild. 12:35, first pitch. warming to 68 degrees. tonight, we'll have clouds more so around the bay and to the coast. mid-to-upper 40s for most neighborhood. near 50 in san francisco, oakland and also out toward antioch. here is your high pressure taking over.
6:52 am
notice the jetstream or the storm track up north. that cold front will bring us the breezes and the temperatures about 4 to 8 degrees cooler by monday. again, most of the rain will miss us. tuesday and wednesday, calmer and warmer. have a great day. frances has an update. >> well, the accident in hayward has been cleared but it's slow now in southbound 880. there is some little pocket of heavy traffic from 238, making your way toward "a" street. new injury accident reported northbound, 880 in oakland at 23rd avenue. on the off-ramp. that could cause a backup on northbound 880, itself. we will keep an eye on that one for you. san mateo bridge, still looking good across the span. westbound traffic is on the right. just past the toll plaza. we'll also check out a live shot of the golden gate bridge for you. it's still a nice ride this morning. as you make your way out of marin county. trouble-free to san francisco. we will check out the south bay. and everything checks in
6:53 am
okay here. this is north 101. 880 across your screen. you won't find any problems on 880 in the south bay. 101 looks good all the way up to san francisco. traffic conditions when you want them by going to our website click on the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances, thanks. president obama's 2012 campaign staff has now turned the fuss over his birth certificate to a fashion statement. the obama campaign is now selling t-shirts on website that show the president's face on the front, along with the words "made in the usa." on the back is an image of the president's birth certificate from hawaii. the one the white house released in april in hopes of quashing accusations that mr. obama is not a natural born u.s. citizen. the shirt is available for donation of at least $25. 6:53 now. recapping the top stories. police kept oakland neighborhood closed off all night after officers shot
6:54 am
two suspects late last night. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in oakland. terry, you've just gotten new information for us. >> yeah. it just confirmed with the oakland homicide investigators that a second person has died. both of them were shot by oakland police out here. about 10:30 last night. take a look at evidence being towed away a short time ago. four-door sedan with a right rear window blown out. escorted out of the neighborhood near 35th avenue and coolidge by oakland police. also, oakland firefighters out here washing down the scene. short time before that, washing the blood off the street. out here. onward lane. near curan avenue. oakland p.d. here at 10:30. the two officers opened fire. there was some kind of an operation going on. two officers opened fire. both were taken to alameda county hospital. one was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. another one was pronounced
6:55 am
dead a while after that. two hours later, 12:30 this morning, officers were out here and they found a third person, a third suspect hiding out here. he is in custody. we have two people dead. one person is in custody. and oakland p.d. with an announcement later this morning. we like to hope that we have for you on midday at 11:00 this morning. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. for another top story of the morning go to amy hollyfield. good morning, amy. >> good morning, terry. crews are set to make history at the bay bridge this morning. they will be working on finishing the suspension tower. they will work 500 feet above the water. taking on a project so enormous it will make history. this is such a big undertaking, they had to have a dress reer is sal last month -- dress rehearsal last month. caltrans shot video of the team practicing, lifting the 96 0,000-pound bridge saddle. they will move it in place for real. sit on top of the single
6:56 am
anchor suspension tower. the cable saddle is the largest one in the world. that's why the land in history books with this one. it will carry the bridge's mile-long, single looped cable over the top of the tower. so another milestone on the road toward completing this massive project. bridge is, the new bridge is expected to open at the end of 2013. live on treasure island, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. she looks so pretty with the sun hitting her hair just so. >> she does indeed. nice to have the sun back. >> all right. final check of weather and traffic. mike? >> start with the live doppler7 h.d. show you what a difference 24 hours can make. there is nothing on it today. there won't be. so, rain-free forecast coming at you with temperatures on the increase. we'll have 60 at half moon bay with clouds. mid-to-upper 60s through most of the bay shore. fremont, palo alto, southward in the south bay. low to mid-70s. mid-70s in north bay valley. mid-to-upper 70s with the warmest weather in the east bay valley. now tonight, we will see more clouds as high pressure will keep a cap on the
6:57 am
atmosphere again. most of those clouds will be around the bay shore. and out to the coast. we'll be in the 40s again. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- today and tomorrow, probably the warmest two days as cooling trend starts saturday. 5 to 10 degrees cooler by monday. frances? >> mike, the beautiful sun you saw hitting amy's hair is blocking the bay bridge toll plaza camera where there are no delays. we show you interstate 80 in berkeley. where traffic is flowing westbound. it has been a nice commute this morning. an injury accident in oakland that could cause delays northbound at 880. 23rd avenue off-ramp. they are trying to clear that now. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> join us for midday news at 11:00. have a great day.
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