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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  May 19, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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krispy kreme donuts. overnight, they were both $8 million, turning some of the top executives and private investors into multimillionaires. >> this is a great time to be looking for money and it is not only institutional money, it is the public. and when those two entities are aligned good things happen. >> reporter: linkedin is the first of the privately held social companies to go public. next in line twitter and facebook. their time could be near. >> these are very valuable companies. they are making cash, they have strong business models. i think we are at a stage now where i guess social media has matured. >> linkin's soaring stock price gives hope to the plethora in silicon valley that hope to achieve the same success. companies such as ichart. >> it will bring no more attenn
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to the tech sector again. there are a lot of great companies that are doing quite well in the traditional area of silicon valley. >> or could this be another bubble in the making that could burst later? analysts say linkedin made over $15 million last year and has over 100 million user. its strong initial public offering allows investors to cash out and reinvest capital in new startups. >> the company plans to forego a profit this year to invest more heavily in product and technology development. in mountain view, david louie, abc 7 news. linkedin helped lift the rest of the market today. the dow jones rose 45 points. the nasdaq added 8. the s&p 500 up almost three. transportation secretary ray lahood came to the bay area after meeting with victims of the san bruno pipeline disaster he is promising to redouble efforts to increase the safety of the nation's oil and gas
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pipeline system. he also toured a pg&e replacement project. >> the replacement project here on irving at 15th is not related to the san bruno explosion. it was planned before that. but it is about pipeline safety. the reason behind lahood's visit. transportation secretary ray lahood and the head of the pipeline safety and hazardous materials safety agency cynthia quarterman, came to san bruno, invited by representative jackie spear to see the crater created by the explosion and the empty lots where 38 homes once stood and 8 people die. >> there is some things we can do administratively and we will work with the congress woman and a couple of senators that have introduced a good bill. >> reporter: after that, the pg&e president chris johns led a tour of a gas distribution replacement project in the sunset district where 8-inch cast iron pipes from the 190s are being replaced with
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polyethylene pipes. it is what the media was not allowed to see, a meeting with survivors of the explosion is what is most important to lahood. >> my heart is filled with sadness after meeting with the families. i don't recall in my 35 years of public service when i have ever felt as sad as i do today. >> reporter: the ntsb report on the probable cause of the rupture is expected in august, the same time that lahood has promised new regulations tightening up pipeline safety. >> we need to fix america's pipeline system. >> reporter: lahood said he is doing what he can to help push through new legislation including a bill authored by spear. >> public officials entrusted with the responsibility to protect our communities can never forget the lives lost, the lives scared, and the town ravaged. >> reporter: the mayor said that until today, he was afraid that the san bruno disaster might be foregotten. >> it is migratest fear that
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the hole gets filled and street paveed and someone comes up to me in four or five years and says did you have a fire here awhile ago. if there was ever a doubt in anybody's mind this is not a national issue, it was dispelled today. >> among the changes, lahood is calling for an increase in civil penalties for safety violations, increasing the number of safety professionals monitoring the nation's system and closing the loopholes pipeline operators use to evade safety regulations. live in the sunset district, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. crews spent the day working to clean up a fuel spill in the marina on the southern end of san francisco bay in santa clara county. the fuel is coming from an abandoned barge that parentally tilted in low tide. the coast guard says a kayaker spotted the sheen on the water and called it in. investigators term the barge had 750-gallons of fuel in if
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but they do not know exactly how much spilled in the water. the family of one of two east bay men shot and killed by oakland police last night is demanding answers. they were stopped by police along the 3000 block of curran avenue. police say the men emerged with weapons and confronted police. two of the-were shot and killed. another suspect was arrested a short time later. police say they recovered two guns. witnesses say the guns were found in a cloth on the home. jackson's mother spoke with abc 7 news. >> i want justice. i want to know what really happened. he didn't have no gun or nothing on him. and it don't make no sense. they said they found the guns on the roof, how did they have a gun on the roof and how could they be shooting and guns on the roof? >> in a written statement police explained they received a tip that jackson and his companions were planning a
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violent crime. investigators called the suspects gang affiliated. in plans made to prosecute whoever was running an east brothel. two suspects appeared in court today. the judge granted welsh more freedom to travel outside the county to tend to family issues. he also ordered welsh, lombardi and two others back to court next month to answer charges that have now attracted the attention of the fbi. >> the federal government is involved, i assume their corruption unit is involved with this to see what is going on in this particular case and i imagine to see if it is more far reaching than this county. >> welsh, lombardi and private investigator christopher butler are accused of stealing and selling drug evidence, possession of illegal weapons and embezzling money. butler also claims he conspired with welsh to run a brothel at a pleasant hill massage parlor.
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>> there is not going be any type of charges in terms of that issue any time soon that i know of. >> also, butler and former danville officer are charged with setting up several men on drunk driving charges. defense attorneys for former members of oakland's black muslim bakery made their final arguments in the chauncey bailey murder trial. here is abc 7's cecilia vega. >> reporter: the leader of your black muslim bakery had no reason to order chauncey bailey's assassination, that was the closing argument usef's lawyer made before an oakland jill. he said the bankruptcy of public record and allegations that usef bay senior molested minors was old news. the lawyer told the jury it is not a significant motive, it is not a secret that usef didn't
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like mr. bailey. bailey's brother calls the case a slam dunk. >> i underand it that it is the attorney's job to defend everyone, everyone has a right but it is just ridiculous. >> the lawyer says the d.a. trying to demonize him by showing the jury videos of this liquor store vandalism and a secret police recording where he laughs about bailey be the shot in the head. bailey's admitted shooter. lawyers for the bakery associate accused of driving the murder getaway car told the jury to ignore every word of it. he told the jury mr. broussard is a stone cold murderer, somebody that almost does it for sport. in a plea deal, broussard will serve 25 years fo.
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outside the court his lawyer couldn't may why broussard would have wanted bailey dead. >> who knows why he did. i don't know if he did it because he thought it would score him some points. >> bailey's family wants justice to be served. >> everybody has a mother, you know, and so you know, even bays. i spoke it his mother. she is a nice lady and that is her son regardless. everybody is affected. >> reporter: the jury could begin deliberations next week. cecilia vega, abc 7 news. cal trans is making good progress tonight on a key element of the new bay bridge project. they have been slowly hoisting a 450-ton saddle to the top of the suspension tower. it will support the giant steel cables that will hold up the roadway on either side of the tower. this is a live picture from sky 7 hd and you can see the progress they made. the saddle is now near the top of the tower and it will take some time to place it in just the right spot.
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it is a delicate dangerous operation. it is so critical that they rehearsed it last month on land. they hope to have it ready to go by 7:00 p.m. people who live and work near the embarcadero felt some shaking today. not an earthquake but vibrations from four sets of massive steel pilings being driven into the foot of pier 15. part of the construction project for the new exploratorium. shaking the nerves of those nearby. >> we felt noise and the vie belmont stakes. vibration. we thought we had a mini earthquake. >> the piles are separating the pier from the land. it is really an important event for stablizing the new building. >> each piling stretches 140 feet and will be driven into the sea floor to a depth of 120 feet. still ahead here tonight on abc
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7 news at 6 -- six people indicted in a multimillion dollars south bay mortgage scheme. it is just the kind of thing that brought down the economy. the una bomber makes headlines again. why federal authorities are looking at him for the tylenol poisonings of 30 years ago. >> new at 6:30, the bay area man president obama turned to before making an important speech on the middle east today. more warm weather for the week's end but the weekend could be a different story. i'm spencer christian. i'll have the forecast. z
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the una bomber is back in
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the news. this time government agents are investigating whether ted kaczinski is response eastbound for the tylenol poisonings of the 1980s that killed several people. the fbi wants to obtain dna from kaczinski and several others. kaczinski has refused to give a dna sample unless the government cancels an auction of his personal belongings. a former assistant u.s. attorney who followed the case says the government is justified in investigating kaczinski. >> there is no doubt that he is a suspect in every significant murder that remains unsolved. he should be a suspec suspect e us his dna. >> the auction of kaczinski's belongings is continuing as scheduled. uc blocked the nomination of li -- the senate blocked the
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nomination of liu. president obama nominated lied u to a seat on the san francisco based 9th circuit court of appeals. the 40-year-old son of taiwanese immigrants supports same-sex marriage and affirmative action. a gilroy man may end up spending the rest of his life in prison for killing his girlfriend's puppy. bud ruiz has been charged a spousal battery and animal cruelty for throwing the 6 week old chihuahua across the room during an argument. he has four prior assault convictions so could get a life sentence under california's three strikes law. green energy advocated protested cuts to go solar's $5 million budget. it would be slashed by 20%. they believe that will put people out of work.
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the real issue now is before the city's public utilities commission. the puc points out that despite proposed cuts the program will still receive more than $4 million when the new fiscal year starts. and the state assembly today unanimously approved legislation making it ease over for nonprofits to take over the operation of california parks in response to last week's announcement that $33 million in budget cuts would force the state to close 70 of california's 278 parks, beaches and historic areas as of july 2012. park officials say they would seek public and private the partnerships to keep some open. 20 more leopard sharks washed up dead, this time in richardson bay. the auto bon center and sanctuary sent us these pictures of dead leopard sharks. officials have notice bizarre behavior in the sharks such as bumping into pilings and standing themselves on rocks.
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low is a linity in thlow salinm the rains is said to be one of the causes. kids adopt a beach cleanup contribution they picked up every piece of trash they could spot, focusing on the little scraps that birds and fish can mistake for food. at the cleanup, the kids got together and arranged themselves in the shape of a giant bat ray and spelled out the phrase turn the tide. how cute is that. >> very cool. and great weather for them today, spence. fantastic. most locations warmed up 7 to 12 degrees above yesterday's high temperatures and just going to keep on being glorious right on through tomorrow. things cool down over the weekend. we will get to that late over, a a live pure from the sky 7 hd. looking back at the tower you can see we have low clouds and fog at the coast and that kept
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temperatures, well, on the mild to cool side near the coast today. but we certainly had quite a warm-up inland and around the bay. let's take a look at some of today's highs. antioch a high of 80 o degrees. 11 degrees higher than yesterday's high. concord, 81 today. 11 degrees higher. 12 degrees higher at clear lake. you get the picture. all around the bay area it was warmer than yesterday. even at the coast. high of 61 half moon bay. 2 degrees higher than yesterday's high. these are current temperature readings. 77 right now in antioch. 75 fairfield and at santa rosa. 73 san rafael. 66 mountaineer view. 58 here in san francisco. check out the highlights. mostly clear with coastal clouds. tonight, mostly sunny again tomorrow. no rain thus far. low clouds and fog sort of held on along the coastline south of the golden gate but the north coast was clear and the inland areas were nice and sunny. we will get another sunny and mild day tomorrow from the ridge of high pressure as the
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satellite radar composite image shows but things change a little bit as we get into the weekend we get more of a sea breeze developing and cooler air pushing in. cooler and breezier for the weekend. again, we do expect it to be dry. overnight tonight, a few clouds around mainly near the coast. low temperatures drop into the mid to upper 40s or right around 50 in some locations. 51 oakland. 50 san francisco. a little cooler off in the inland north bay. low to mid 40s there. then tomorrow in the south bay, sunny skies. high temperatures up to 73 at san jose. cupertino 74. 68 san mateo. 72 palo alto and mountain view. mid up toker 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 63 degrees some. 59 in the sunset district. north bay highs mid up toker 70s as well. 76 santa rosa. 77 clover dale. the near east bay highs of 67. and oakland and hayward.
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70 castro valley and fremont. 76 concord. 75 walnut creek and pleasantton. antioch, 78. 79 brentwood. monterey bay. 68 santa cruz. 77 inland at gilroy and 75 at morgan hill. and this is the accuweather seven-day forecast. pleasant day on saturday as well. temperatures drop off a tad. the coolest days of the forecast period will be sunday and monday. inland highs around 70 both days. breezy the two days as well. mid 60s around the bay. mid 50s on the coast. but then we will start to warm up midweek next week again and by next thursday we will see high temperatures back up to the 80-degree mark in the inland areas. spring is trying to assert itself. >> exactly. >> still to come, johnny depp's return as captain jack sparrow. >> don sanchez tells us why he
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thinks the next installment of pirates of the caribbean is the
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juicy johnsonville sausage. made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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six people are facing charges as part of a multimillion dollars mortgage fraud scheme in san jose. the defendants most real estate agents i accused of targeting low income buyers by arranging $40 million in loans that never should have been made. while the government is going after the small players, some believe it is also time to zero
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in on banks and wall street. >> the schemes were conducted by two real estate agents from century 21 golden hills in san jose. long gone, another real estate agency occupies that state. according to the u.s. attorney's offense this is what transpired from 2004 through 2007. a scheme like many others in america that caused the collapse of the housing market. low income families buying their piece of the american dream were sold a house they could not afford. the realtors got their commissions and everybody was happy. the buyers were also referred to the broker in this case today a closed business. the broker would find an adjustable mortgage that the buyers could afford for a year or two and broker got her commission and everybody was happy. the bank's financed the home and sold the mortgage to a third-party. the bank got their money and everybody was happy. that is until the interest
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rates shot through the roof. the couple could not afford to pay the note, and the mortgage holder foreclosed. in 2007, california was third in mortgage fraud behind new york and florida. mortgage broker jed lane has seen a change. >> the money lenders have pulled back quite a bit. there are far fewer. private money is almost gone from the market and the criteria is also very tight. far fewer people are getting loans in the first place. >> bruce kane says the obama administration wants to show it is going after low level anonymous people and nailing the big fish has to be next on the president's agenda. >> having one or two major prosecutions at a high level of people that really were either criminally or civilly responsible for the tremendous collapse of the housing market i think that would be important politically for them to sort of
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burnish their image as a defender of main street. >> reporter: in san jose, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. on the serious charges in the 42 count indictment could result in 30 years in prison and a million dollars fine. new at 6:30, president obama celebrates the arab spring by announcing some major middle east policy changes. coming up, you will hear from the local expert he consulted first. all the players that were involved to one extent or another dropped the ball here. >> and the heartbreaking story of an east bay teenager who lost her life in foster care. stay with us. another half hour of news in añ
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good evening, once again. today the president delivered a major foreign policy speech on historic changes in the middle east. the reaction from that part of the world was swift and stern.
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political reporter mark matthews is here with what the president had to say and the reaction to it. >> there were at least two parts to the speech today and the first he outlined his administration's response to the arab spring. the president came to the state department to mark an historic push for democracy taking place throughout the middle east. >> the people of the region have achieved more change in 6 months than terrorists have accomplished in decades. >> president obama promising to forgive a billion dollars in loans in egypt and said the u.s. would look to encourage enterprise zones to encourage private investment. >> it will be the policy of the united states to promote reform across the region and support transitions to democracy. >> the chair of the largest network of arab american high tech executives watched the speech. >> i believe the first part left the youth absolutely delighted. everything that he said was so inspiring and wonderful. >> he. >> reporter: he says the president's speechwriters even consulted with him.
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when the president began talking about the israeli palestinian conflict, the reaction was quite different. >> will probably be viewed with a great deal of skepticism and jusjustifiably so. >> the united states believes that negotiations should result in two states with permanent borders. >> reporter: the president said the borders should be based on 1967 lines and the offense of israel's prime minister immediately tweeted u.s. commitments made to israel in 2004 relate to israel not having to withdraw to the 1967 lines which are both indefensible and leave major israeli population centers beyond those lines. at link tv in san francisco producers watched reaction from arab stations in the middle east. >> for the most part a lot of disappointment with the speech. a lot of people are saying that it is the same old rhetoric that we have been hearing for a long time, nothing new really.
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>> reporter: we have a link to link tv at abc 7 and tomorrow, israeli prime ben get to tell thets gets president what he thinks when makes a visit to the white house it. mass been nearly three years since jasmin davis was killed and as vic lee reports she might still be alive today if the system hadn't failed her. >> reporter: jasmin davis was 15 when she was beat ton death. she lived at this home in antioch with her twin brother and their foster mother. police called it a house of horrors. >> beatings of both children with carpet tacks, with sticks, rods that ended up breaking in the course of beating. >> reporter: on september 2, 2008 police found the dead
6:33 pm
teenager and her brother in their feces and urine soaked bedroom. they looked starved and emaciated. >> they were about 80-pounds. it was as if they had just come out of a concentration camp. it was that bad. >> the twins foster mother an aunt has been charged with jasmin's murder. the court appointed lawyer for jasmin's surviving brother. these are pictures of the twins when they were little. jasmin's brother turned 18 this year. in this abc 7 exclusive interview kessler told us the system failed jasmin. >> those that were involved with the oversight of the children, court system, all of the players that were involved to one extent or the other dropped the ball here. >> reporter: he says it began with a san francisco human services agency which placed the twins with shamika davis when they were infants. >> difficult to read the case
6:34 pm
notes and the police reports and all that knowing that our agency had a role in this. >> trent heads the human services agency and agrees with kessler that the social worker lied and even ignored warning signs that may have saved jasmin's life. >> they are not doing their job, it is difficult for the system to respond. and in this particular case there were falsified case notes, there were questionable visiting practices and the kids were in the home. >> foster children are required to have annual physicals but there was no mention of medical exams in the social worker's case file. >> i tell you if there was any doctor who saw the children the way they looked or even half as bad as the way they looked there would have been a mandatory report to the authorities. >> reporter: case workers usually make monthly visits to check on foster children. in jasmin's case, the visits were rolled back to twice a year because the case worker never reported problems. even ignoring the children's complaints that they were
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getting "whuppings." kessler says the case worker's supervisors should have been more vigilant. >> there is a systemic flaw and problem with the system where this can happen again and again. >> jasmin enrolled at antioch high school the year before she died even though she never attended classes. but the case worker wrote reports saying jasmin was going to school. >> one in particular for jasmin said oh, she has about a c average, she is doing well. and this was at a time when she wasn't even in school. she was being locked in a closet. >> kessler says the antioch unified school district also failed jasmin by not following up on her truancy. they have instituted more checks and balances to make sure that this tragedy never happens again. >> human services requires case workers to make unannounced visits every month without
6:36 pm
exception. >> in addition, we upgraded our technology to enable supervisors and middle managers and managers to be able to monitor at the case load level whether or not visits are being held monthly and medical appointments are being followed through on and school attendance verify. >> kessler sued the agency and the antioch unified school district on behalf of jasmin's brother. school officials declined to be interviewed but abc 7 learned they settled for $750,000. san francisco settled for $4 million. one of the largest settlements ever by the city for foster child negligence. vic lee, abc 7 news. the social worker in the case retired during the investigation. she was also named in that lawsuit. the city's settlement covered her liability. well, still coming up here tonight, the former head of the international monetary fund wins his release from jail. >> after one more night in custody on a new york rape charge.
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>> brian: the summer blockbuster movie season launches at midnight tonight with pirates of the caribbean on strange tides. the fourth film in the popular series and pla perhaps the bese yet. don sanchez has his review on the isle. >> the latest pirates chapter is as much fun as the first time you took the pirate's ride at disneyland.
6:40 pm
>> you haven't seen. >> i'm sorry, could you repeat the question? >> johnny depp is searching for the fountain of youth but so is penelope cruz. she is black beard's daughter, the notorious pirate. this is less dark than the last one. >> is that it? >> i think so. >> part of the journey involves mermaids, the amphibious creatures seem charming at first and then turn vicious. it could be a bit scary for young kids. you know what i like? they held back on the cgi overkill. but a lot of the film is aa. tribute ttribute to the work ot people. >> everyone will not be doing it again. >> reporter: they have even gotten into the film here in the bay area. a good time, very funny and
6:41 pm
finally script you can follow and johnny depp met his match in a newly found relative of mine. >> that's right. cousins. you see, her real name is penelope cruz sanchez. she decided we were related and i'm not going to knock that. i will say it is the best of all of the pirates films and the producer tells me they are working on number five. this one i give three quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez did, abc 7 news and we will see you on the isle. still to come tonight a michael finney 7 on your side
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former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss khan is expected to be released from jail tomorrow. he was indicted to on 7 felony counts including a first-degree sexual crime. he must wear an electronic monitoring device and remain confined to a new york city
6:45 pm
apartment. abc news learnd that hotel key card records and security cameras support the made's claim of being in the room at the time that she says' attacked her. you may have seen the ads for commemorative $2 bills. in fact, the government doesn't issue commemorative paper monitor i, just coins. what she saw was money from marketing company. why she was charged for a lot more than what she ordered. >> reporter: michelle and her family love going to yellowstone national park. >> waterfalls, canyons wildlife. >> this tv ad caught her eye. the new england mint was offering $2 bills commemorating the national parks including yellowstone. just $10 the ad said for a real $2 bill with a colorful illustration of the park. >> it was a good price and i thought it would be a nice present for my husband.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: the ad says the bills are the extremely rare and normally cost $30 each. >> i figured it was a collectionor's item and i was buying it from the u.s. government. >> michelle called the number and immediately was put into an automated ordering system. she ordered the yellowstone bills and then the recording prompted her to buy more items. >> asked if i wanted to order the grand canyon. i said no. and then it said do you want five consecutive yellowstone bills and i said no and it went on and on with all of the other items. >> michelle says the prompts odd. stop so she hung up. days later health expert package arrived and to her surprise it was stuffed with items she did not order. >> the five consecutive yellowstone bills and five consecutive grand canyon bills. >> the company billed her $185 in all. michelle called, returned the unwanted items and demanded a refund. >> i did not hear anything back and so that is when i contacted 7 on your side. >> we looked into the matter and found dozens of similar
6:47 pm
complaints online. customers saying they, too, were charged for items they didn't order. the better business bureau has received 281 complaints about new england mint's parent company over the past three years. turns out it as marketing company and takes real $2 bills and covers them with a layer of colored plastic. so are they collector's items? >> the colorized notes are considered damaged to the serious collector. >> reporter: san francisco currency dealer says enhanced $2 bills are worth $2. >> and when people come in with this type of merchandise, it is surprising to them that it is not worth more. >> reporter: a federal law says it is a crime to mutilate currency. however, the new england mint says it is enhancing the bills and not damaging them. u.s. secret service which enforces the currency laws would not comment on whether the company's practices of altering and selling the bills is legal or not.
6:48 pm
the president of new england mint's parent company says the bills are perfectly legal. he did not respond to our request for an on camera interview but said there is nothing illegal about enhancing u.s. currency. i'm a business and entitled to sell a collector item at any price i want. we believe we created a beautiful $2 bill with national parks on them. as for billing for things customers can not order. he says many customers order things on the phone and forget what they ordered and are shocked to see the bill a few weeks later. new england mint did provide michelle a refund of $147 for items she didn't want. michelle says the bills she did order are an interesting souvenir. >> i guess i will keep it and have lots of stories to tell about it. >> reporter: despite 281 complaints the better business bureau gives the parent company
6:49 pm
an a plus rating due to the fact that they have made efforts to respond to each complaint. how about a little weather enhancement. the time lapse from the high definition mount tam camera. a finger of fog and clouds moving through the golden gate there. high temperatures tomorrow statewide under mainly sunny conditions with the possible exception of eureka. 71 at yosemite. tomorrow, sunny skies. mild conditions. inland high mid to upper 70s. uupper 60s to 70s near the bay. here is is the accuweather seven-day forecast. two more mild days coming our way before a cooldown occurs on sunday and monday. breezy those two days. we warm up again on tuesday, wednesday and thursday.
6:50 pm
back up to 80 degrees in the warmest inland location. >> this is the spring weather we have been waiting for. thank you, spencer. oprah goes off the air after four more episodes. before she signs off she will reflect on the legacy she leaves behind. next week, i will host a special called oprah looks back 25 years of the oprah winfrey show. you can see it here next tuesday night at 7:30. oprah's final show airs the following day at 4:00. a big week this week. um-h'm. larry beil is up next and tonight he will show us why the tonight he will show us why the a stands forkin
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you can see
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it seems like everyone wants to know how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. join me on cable channel 13 to see how a sense of humor crashed a government website. on abc 7, the mommy makeover. a new surgical option for women after pregnancy. all coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. someone got hurt here playing for the a's. >> several have suggested it is our fault that he got hurt. tyson ross after only 7 pitches today.
6:54 pm
we had the big profile yesterday. he got hurt in the first inning against the twins. check us out pregame. dan is the one posing. geogonzalez and david dejesus. makes one more pitch and had to leave with a strained left oblique. it is unclear how long he will be out. the a's bullpen with the task of getting 27 outs and that is not much fun. in the second, blast are percy. that was just his second hit of the year. in the fifth, justin morneau off breslow. minnesota pouring it on. in the 8. trevor with a three-run shot of his own. 11-1 the final. the a's open inner league play tomorrow night with the giants in san francisco. a's legend reggie jackson appeared on 7 live today with
6:55 pm
brian copeland and talked about his failed bid a few years ago to buy the a's along with the team's future? future in oakland. >> at that time things didn't work out. that is one of the dreams i have do you think the a's can stay in oakland? >> it will be tough if they don't get a new facility. i hope they get one there. i still have a home in oakland and i played there and love the town and the people. >> if you can't beat 'em, beat 'em up. the sharks tryd that in vancouver. it didn't work. they are now down 2-0 in the series. game three tomorrow night in the tank. things fell apart for the sharks in the third period. they kept getting called for pennalties. a tripping there. five pennalties by himself. the sharks like his intensity but he was out of control in this game. >> i guess the runs the fine line and the refs have been on to that and you definitely have
6:56 pm
to take a look at your game and watch out in certain areas but when walks that line on the right-side he is a great player for us. >> there is going to be tess and in the conference finals it is that much more intense. the good thing about playoffs is we play again tomorrow. >> former cal star deshawn jackson is back in the bay area visiting schools talking to kids about dealing with bullying and handling conflicts without violence. he wanted to speak to students in oakland because jackson can empathize with the adversity they face in and out of school. >> i went up to inglewood. it is kind of the same obstacles in life. people aren't really motivated and they don't have a vision. i wanted to come here first to really let them know. >> great job. deshawn jackson there. the accusations continue to mount against 7-time tour de
6:57 pm
france champion lance armstrong. his former teammate tyler hamilton is the late toast claim that armstrong was blood doping. his attorney says he -- armstrong's attorney says hamilton is lying to sell a book. peter sag get in the green. chris warner maintains his 1:15 lead. >> thanks, larry. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. for larry beil and spencer christian, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time as always. always. hope to see you here again at wow, you look great! thanks! it's this new wish yourself thin program. i just wish it and it happens. it's probably those fiber one bars you're eating.
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