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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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here is a live look at the embarcadero where it's dry right now. but tracking rain with live doppler 7 h.d., just now moving in the north bay. i'll show you where. >> all right. even though the rain hasn't quite arrived yet, there is already a serious injury accident in the santa rosa area. i have details coming up. a live shot, though. contra costa county, looking good in walnut creek. i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. new developments in the case of bryan stow. the giants' fan in critical condition after being beaten in dodger stadium. the case against his alleged attacker. is it falling apart? and the stow family suing the dodgers. those stories on the way. >> protesters will be at chevron headquarters in san ramon this morning. when the oil giant holds an annual shareholder meeting. they're under fire for
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contamination produced in the oil drilling operation in south america. >> more tornadoes rip apart homes and businesses in the midwest. a tiny town in arkansas is the latest target of the twisters. another rough night for the midwest. thank you for joining us on wednesday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. we don't have anything severe, but the rain that mike has been warning us about is moving in the bay area as we speak. >> north bay should be seeing light rain in kind now. what about the rest of us, mike? >> a great question. the rest of us will get it probably after the commute. but the north bay, you are going to get it during the heart of the morning commute. here we are, the northwestern section of sonoma county. you can already see healthy radar returns showing up around the ranch to fort ross and cloverdale. all of this is moving slowly to the southeast. everybody else is quiet right now. we'll see an increase in clouds, increase in moisture by 7:00. in the north bay. the rest of us, 7:00 around the bay itself, light rain. noon in the south bay.
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but this system is going to lose a lot of its strength as it heads southeast across the bay. the heaviest rain will fall in the north bay. find out about the traffic. frances? >> all right, mike. that's where we have injury accident early this morning. north 101 at todd. it happened an hour ago. the person was trapped. you do have emergency crews at the scene. however, it's early enough that the traffic is getting by. you won't have any problems for most commuters heading southbound. in fact, we have a live shot, as you make your way through san rafael. so traffic is flowing well out of novato to san francisco. so far, no major problems elsewhere. kristen? >> all right, frances. thanks a lot. 4:32. a critical day today for the man suspected of beating bryan stow. the giants' fan attacked at dodger stadium on their opening day. the alleged attacker goes before a police line-up today. abc7's terry mcsweeney joins us live from the newsroom with doubts the suspect's defense is casting.
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>> reporter: 31-year-old giovanni ramirez remains in custody but on a parole violation. he's not charged with the beating of bryan stow. some say they can prove ramirez was nowhere near dodger stadium when the beating took place. he was arrested sunday in connection with the march 31 beating of 42-year-old bryan stow. of santa rosa, in the parking lot of dodger stadium following the season opener. prosecutors met with l.a. police departments to review the case and decided they didn't have enough to charge ramirez. there are a number of witnesses who can testify that ramirez was elsewhere that night. with stow in critical condition at san francisco general the family filed suit against the dodgers saying the financially troubled team was skimping on security the night of the attack. >> what we have seen what happened on dodger stadium, they cut on security. they knocked the security budget, eliminated all the people that used to be out there doing security. what do you think is going to happen? >> reporter: the attorney claims it took ten minutes
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for help to arrive after the attack on stow. dodgers say they will vigorously defend themselves in court. the stows say if they win in court they want to reimburse everyone who gave to relief fund, except for barry bonds who doesn't want to be reimbursed. he gave college scholarships to both of the stow children. a police officer arrested earlier this month with an ongoing investigation in police corruption in contra costa county is no longer employed by the city. the media partner "contra costa times" says san ramon's police chief would not say whether a 38-year-old louis lombardi was fired or fined. he was arrested on charges he took drug, cash, and weapons from the police says sures. authorities say the crimes occurred when he was member of the county enforcement team headed by norman welsh. welsh and a former private investigator chris butler accused of selling drugs
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stolen there police evidence. in a few hours, they will resume the search for a missing danville teenager. 15-year-old allison baylis has not been seen by her family since monday morning. and the team may have felt isolate and upset. police say the bike that she was riding was found at crissy field. helicopters searched for above. authorities are reviewing footage from the bridge security camera. a vigil is planned for 7:00 tonight at danville congregationm church. >> this morning, the protesters are expected to be at chevron headquarters in san ramon where the oil company is holding a stockholders meeting. on monday, several protesters were arrested after three repelled down the richmond-san rafael bridge to unfurl a 50-foot anti-chevron banner. the demonstrators want chevron to clean up waste left behind by oil drilling
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in the amazon in south america. this morning's meeting is the first since chevron was found guilty by a court in equador of massive oil contamination in the amazon. . if you smell natural gas in mountain view today it's likely from a section of pipeline that pg&e is venting from tests it began this month. residents have been notified about the venting and service will not be interrupted. meanwhile, pg&e is using robotic camera to look into a northern section of the same pipeline that exploded in san bruno last september. three miles of line 132 in south san francisco are now being inspected. it's the first time anyone looked inside the pipe since it was installed in 1948. pg&e is looking for problems with welds. federal investigators believe multiple faulty welds was a factor in the pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. dozens of deadly tornadoes touched down overnight in three states. at least 13 people were killed in oklahoma, kansas, and arkansas.
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these latest storms hit days after a massive tornado tore up joplin, missouri, killing 122 people. and the search for the missing continues today. letter -- abc's john hendren has the latest. >> reporter: new spate of twisters swept in ravaging the landslide of oklahoma city. some homes were turned to rubble, killing several residents. others right next door stood nearly untouched. >> the house here, we had a three-car garage. two-story, garage apartment. silo, another house. my wife's new car was in the garage. it's in the tree. >> oklahoma governor mare -- mary fall season warning people to stay out of harm's way. in joplin, missouri, another somber day, as the residents continue to pull survivors from the rubble. 122 people were killed there in the deadliest twister in
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the u.s. in more than 60 years. >> it doesn't look the same. >> the search continues for 1500 still missing. steven is look for his wife. >> i heard her scream and then it collapsed on us. >> that is the end of it. >> family looks for 12-year-old boy. the parents are in the hospital. >> last seen in a bathtub. we have not located the bathtub. we're trying to find any information. >> rescue workers are looking for survivors before turning it in to recovery mission. john hendren, abc news. the time is 4:38. we'll check weather but as mike tells us more about tornadoes. my wife took a call from her sister last night who lives in joplin, missouri.
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her apartment complex was damaged by the big tornado. as they're talking, another tornado warning siren started so. it was a frazzled night for them. fortunately, no more damage at her place. it was scary. >> what a relief. >> yeah. >> you have to tell me how she rode it out later on. right now, check in with mike to talk about our weather. rain in and just about here. on the cuff. >> the rain is. it will play havoc in the north bay. when the sirens go off in san francisco around noon today, just remember that's what it sounds like a lot to these people. but the clouds are a lot darker and it's a lot scarier. when those go off, think about that possibly and what happened in joplin. happening in the south again south. southwest to northeast is the apparent storm system. but this will slide in with
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the cold front. this is going to dump most of the rain in the north bay. taper considerably to the south bay. you may not get anything measurable. low to mid-60s in most neighborhood. may hit upper 60s to east bay and morgan hill. hollister and gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- we have scattered showers tonight. what they do is reinforce the cold air to keep the temperatures below average saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. >> early morning fatal accident in san francisco. so, as you come off the golden gate bridge and head to lombard eastbound, you may find lanes blocked near pierce. you make your way to downtown san francisco area. we'll keep you posted on this. to let you know when lanes are reopened. at todd road, the left lane is still blocked but it's not impacted at this point.
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closed from 121 to vallejo at 5:00. another 20 miments. a full freeway closure again. closed from loveridge to summersville until 5:30 this morning. detours in place. >> thank you. 4:41. >> still ahead, the warning going out for anyone going for a stroll in a bay area community. >> saving granny. oak tree gets reprieve. >> caught on tape. the video police hope
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good morning. wednesday. live look outside. 4:43. this is the embarcadero at san francisco, where you can see the road looks dry right now. may get a little damp later today. actually, not too long this morning. we'll talk to mike about the light rain that is moving in and out of here quickly.
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check in with frances to see be the trouble spots are. there are some already this morning. solano county detectives are turning to surveillance video to help solve a double murder. sheriff department released this video of two men they consider person of interest in the case. it was taken inside an oakland restaurant on the night of the murder two weeks ago. about an hour after this video was taken, the two men they were with, were found shot near vallejo. the man in the white shirt has either a mole or a tattoo near his right eye. >> it looks like the new 669 area code going in the 408 zone may only apply to new numbers. santa clara county supervisors voted to keep the area code unchanged for existing numbers. using an overlay method is intended to prevent cost of existing businesses to change phone numbers. the state p.u.c. has to approve the overlay plan. it appears a
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300-year-old valley oak tree nicknamed "granny" will not be chopped down. the "chronicle" reports the san francisco public utility commission is holding meetings to see if tunnelling under the tree is an option. it could cost extra $500,000. last week, neighborhood activists rallied around the tree in menlo park after learning it was going to be cut down to make way for a water pipeline as part of the hetch hetchy system upgrade. speaking of trees, marin county. the park officials warn of explosion of rattlesnakes in the open space area of the state park. the county park chief says crews building the 680 trail ne near tera linda have seen many brought out by the population of their prey -- rodents. the snakes like tall grass, rock and wood trails. be careful hiking in the woods from novato to mount tam. it's 4:45 now. coming up, the serious legal trouble one-time presidential candidate john edwards is in.
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>> surprising source who may have ousted arnold schwarzenegger's secret love child. >> errors by air traffic controllers take a big jump, and the head of their union says he knows why. >> bay area researchers make a connection between walking and chances of surviving a potentially deadly disease in menenenenenenenenenenenenenen
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welcome back. the temperatures across the country, warm and humid from st. louis, new york city, southward. dry and hot in phoenix at 96. cooling in seattle and portland. mid-to-upper 50s. let's head to the midwest and south. that's where you see that yellow. a line of severe weather is going to break out again this afternoon. that low spinning through kansas will cause dangerous storms to develop. watch out for delays in the area. >> mike, thanks a lot. 4:48. former presidential candidate john edwards could
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soon find himself under federal prosecution. stemming from an affair with his campaign videographer. abc news is reporting that the justice department okayed a prosecution based on campaign finance law violations. they are looking into whether donations were illegal. he fathered a daughter with hunter before the 2008 presidential campaign. the man accused of a mass shooting in arizona is set to return to federal court in tucson today for a mental competency hearing. jared loughner is charged with killing six people january 8 and woulding 13 others including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he pleaded not guilty. today's hearing will determine if loughner is sane enough to stand trial. two psychiatrists examined it. increase in the number of errors by air traffic controllers is due partially to new hires who need training, according to the head of the air traffic controllers union. paul renaldi testified in a
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senate hearing and said trainees are placing a serious strain on the air traffic system. he says the increase can be attributed to better detection and reporting. he points out the use of new technology that can detect minimum distance violations and new program that encourages controllers to disclose errors. overall errors where planes came too close to each other increased by 53% between 2009 and 2010. two astronauts are spacewalking again outside the international space station. the third spacewalk of the shuttle endeavor's final voyage. this time, astronauts andrew foistal and mike fink are working outside the complex to install cables to provide more power the russian side of the space station. they will hook up attachment for the robotic arm. one more spacewalk is planned. shuttle crew is set to return to earth june 1. after that, "endeavor" will be retired.
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if you're going for walk in our area of the earth it could be damp and cool. >> everybody is cooler than average because of the cold front. mainly the north bay will see measurable amount of rain. it will taper as the storm system moves southeast across the bay area. rain in may. it usually is not a lot. this one won't be. north bay, congratulations. you won't need sprink -- you will need sprinklers for a day or two, but the rest of us, don't turn them on. san francisco. market street as we peek to the east from sutro tower. i have looped the last three hours of the radar on mount st. helena. the cell is moving northeast. the line moving east, southeast. it look like it will stay in the north bay for the morning commute. running from upper 40s to low 50s.
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watsonville, 51. everybody else, even inland upper 40s. light rain to showers. we have light rain this morning. scattered showers are possible. scattered showers are possible thursday and friday. they won't amount to much but they're out there. breezy, cool and dry. temperatures in the south bay today. all of us are 5 to 10 degrees below average with the mid-to-upper 60s here. low to mid-60s on the peninsula. head to the coast, mid-to-upper 50s downtown. about 61 degrees. saucelito, north bay beaches. the mid-to-upper 50s. low to mid-60s in your valley. we have low to mid-60s throughout the east bay shore. these are afternoon temperatures and the sky conditions because rain will be over by 2:00. same thing, morgan hill, gilroy, hollister. if you are going to the game tonight with the marlin. a stray shower is possible. i wouldn't count on it.
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go to game and enjoy. 58 to 55 degrees. look at the cold front that is bearing down from the gulf of alaska. moving northwest to southeast. because of that, it will push most rain in north bay by 5 to 7:00. rain most of us between 9:00 and noon and noon and 3:00. it falls apart to nothing by the time we get to south bay. a look at the scattered showers in the evening hours. tomorrow, all is dry. we may not get anything measurable. up to a tenth on the peninsula. a quarter in the north bay. your accuweather seven-day forecast -- look at those temperatures. some of us should be near 80 now. stuck in the low to mid-70s. upper 60s to low 70 across the bay. across the board at the beaches. >> good morning. >> take you to the problem spot again. in the santa rosa area. north 101 and todd road. the left lane is blocked from a major injury accident
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that happened over an hour ago. an hour-and-a-half now. check out the drive times, both northbound and southbound. they're close. i tells you that maybe a minute delay in northbound direction because of the injury accident. but southbound still looks good out of santa rosa. highway 37. novato. 27 minutes. a heads up, no service once again on the alameda harbor bay ferry. due to the damaged dock. again, they had hoped to reopen everything today but that's not the case. keep you posted on that. we'll take you outside quickly and show you a live shot of golden gate bridge. the traffic is light here. there hay be lane closure on lombard at pierce coming off the bridge due to earlier fatal pedestrian accident. get the latest traffic information anytime. go to eric? >> frances, thanks a lot. 4:54. there are reports this morning that a source close to home linked the
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information that led to stories about arnold schwarzenegger's love child. website tmz says schwarzenegger's estranged wife maria shriver was the source of the information that the former california governor fathered a child with a family housekeeper. another website radar online says shriver hired a private detective to find out if schwarzenegger has any more kids born out of wedlock. researchers at stanford say the march earthquake and tsunami in japan was the result of a flip-flop fault motion they have never seen before. the magnitude 9 quake ruptured twice. first toward the west and then toward the east. the double rupture did major damage to the ocean floor and amplified the signs of a tsunami. until now it's something that researchers have only seen in computer simulation. they're in the sure how many other faults are capable of a double eruption. the japan quake killed more than 15,000 people. today, a free fingerprint your child event is held in presidio as part of national
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missing children's day. law enforcement officers will be at the walt disney family museum to take fingerprints and put them on cards given to parents to keep. in addition, life touch will make free photo identification cards for kids. officials say in the event of an amber alert, law enforcement can get the information from the cards to agencies across the state within 15 minutes of a child's first reported missing. for more information, go to our website click on see it on tv. men listen up. taking brisk walk can benefit prostate cancer sufferers by researchers. they say taking brisk walk on a regular basis can lower the risk for disease progression, as well as increase or decrease the chances of dying from the disease. risk-walking at a pace of 3-mile-per-hour or faster. the city's author says men who walked briskly for three hours per week had a greatest benefit. the report is in june 1
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issue of "cancer research." next on abc7 news at 5:00 -- union busting in san jose. >> danville girl is still missing. despite a massive search around the golden gate bridge. i'm amy hollyfield. i have a live update coming up. >> another round of severe weather hammers the midwest. coming up, the threat of even more destruction facing people in the region this morning.
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