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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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force. >> i don't have anything else to say. >> there's nothing else to say. good morning. i'm frances. overturned crash was reported on the upper deck of the bay bridge. temporarily blocking all lanes. they're now saying it's a spin-out. c.h.p. is en route now. we'll keep an eye on the backup. traffic is getting through at this point. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the san francisco hall of justice, where dozens of drug cases are expected to be dropped today. all because of surveillance video allegedly showing police acting like criminals. there are two sides to this story. we'll have them both coming up in a live report. >> also this morning, the judge hearing dozens of lawsuits against pg&e in the san bruno disaster says he wants to put the cases on the fast track for quick resolution. >> here is a live look from downtown san francisco and the bay bridge.
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see, not raining here yet. but scattered showers are still possible this morning. we'll talk about a breezy, cool holiday forecast. >> giants' catcher buster posey faces surgery to repair the damage from a collision at home plate. he will be out for at least six to eight weeks. and possibly the entire season. >> that's not what you want to hear about the best young catcher in baseball. >> yeah, disappointing to a lot of fans. we'll keep following that. 4:31. i'm kristen sze. >> eric thomas. the public defender is expected to release more video showing police behaving badly. two dozen drug cases may have to be dropped because of previous videos. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco with the details for us. terry? >> reporter: yeah, public defend defender releasing more videos today. all with the same basic plot. that is police breaking the law.
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look at the surveillance video he says shows just that. he says it shows plain-clothes officers stealing a laptop and camera bag at hotel room of drug dealer and then they lied to cover it up. today, the d.a.'s office is expected to announce 26 cases are being dismissed. police union spokesman counters that argument and says it makes no sense. here's both sides. >> the district attorney decided rather than to try the case to dismiss it because of the credibility of the officers is called in question. >> they are not going to steal a laptop computer that is eight years old that belongs to a speeder in the tenderloin. >> adachi is reviewing many cases but they could be refiled depending what is proven against the officers. also today, adachi promises more video, question of the police activity and new allegation of theft and illegal search. this video coming out this
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afternoon. the case is expected to be dropped this morning. live at the hall of justice, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. authorities recovered a large gun collision stolen from a gilroy home. they say the suspects tied up and tortured the owner in the theft. they found the weapons under the floorboard of the san jose apartment that belongs to a suspect in the robbery. they recovered stolen jewelry. investigators say three men broke in the 59-year-old victim's home in early february. police say they tortured him until he gave up the combination to his safe. this morning, the 77-year-old man accused of being a serial killer is scheduled to enter a plea on four murder charges in marin county superior court. joseph naso is representing himself. earlier in week, the prosecutors gave him 5600 pages of discovery material. he is charged with killing four women, one each in marrin and contra costa counties between 1977-1994. investigators also believe naso may be responsible for
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other murders across the country. assault against muni drivers in san francisco are on the rise so far this year. there have been 35 adult cases against muni operators through april. the "san francisco examiner" report if assaults continues at this pace, muni would end up the year with 17% increase. the union that represents the transit operators say rider hostility against them increased. noticeably since they have been engaged in contract talks with the transportation agency. muni officials say they are working with the police department to monitor crime. the san mateo county judge handling more than 70 civil lawsuits filed against pg&e over last september's pipeline explosion in san bruno is pledging to give priority to the cases. the lawsuits have been stacking up since the september 9 blast and fire that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the judge met with more than two dozen attorneys for the plaintiffs and for the company yesterday to go over procedural issues. another meeting is scheduled for june 30. the judge says lawsuits
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brought against the company by shareholders will have to be heard after those filed by victims and their families. it's 4:34. tonight the giants will be in milwaukee beginning a seven-game road trip without star catcher buster posey. yesterday, the giants announced posey has a fractured fibula and will likely have surgery on three torn ligaments in his ankle next week following wednesday night's violent collision at home plate. the team says posey will miss at least six to eight weeks but are not yet counting out a return this season. here is abc7's wayne freedman with more. >> reporter: baseball is a game of averages. highs and lows of 162 games, the numbers have their say. then we get the occasionm anomaly. this would be one of those. if it were any other player on any other team, baseball might not be buzzing, but this was buster posey, last season's national league rookie of the year. world series champion. hero in san francisco.
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some have higher profiles than others and posey versus scott cousins is destined to become one of them. manager bruce bochy told reporters he would like to see a rule change protecting catchers. >> there are so many catchers that have gotten hurt at homeplate. a lot of time, it shortens their career or even ended their career. the way guys come in now maybe we need to consider it. >> i don't think it was a malicious act. but i think, i'm sure, i heard he didn't sleep well. that's great. in some ways that means he is a good guy. he has emotions. >> reporter: from the ballpark, wayne freedman, abc7 news. 4:36 now. some bay area students are among the many fans sending posey their best wishes. >> dear buster posey, when you broke your ankle, our school was a total madhouse. what is your favorite thing to do? go, giants! >> get well soon. >> now that was just one of the get well wishes sent by the first grade class of
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covenant of sacred heart school. the teacher will deliver them to the giants. >> my son says he is still going to wear his buster posey jersey. >> why not? >> solidarity. >> he is coming back. just a pothole in the road. >> totally. 4:37. >> potholes, don't know about those, but i know we may have rain which could put a wripgle in your commute. when is that coming? >> it could pop up anytime in the next couple of hours. right now, the clouds are just gathering. most of the showers are up north. it wasn't a great chance we'd see some this morning. very isolated. wanted to let you know they were there or they could be. right now, don't worry about them. if you are heading out, 46 in los gatos. 48 in santa rosa. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. by the afternoon hours, the temperatures are starting a little bit warmer this morning. one to four degrees. it will be slightly warmer than yesterday by one to four degrees. we'll still be in the upper 50s along the coast with the low to mid-60s throughout the bay shore. upper 60s in the south bay and north bay, upper 60s to
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low 70s heading inland. in the east bay. down around the monterey bay, mixture of sunshine and clouds. 60 at monterey. upper 60s to rest of the bay. 65 in salinas. inland neighborhoods, morgan hill, gilroy and hollister, low to mid-70s. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- there is a chance of a shower. i mean it's so small. i hate to even mention it. since it's a holiday weekend, we'll put it in there, especially if you are going to be north of bay area. or in the north bay. sunday, breezy. cooler than average. then, it will be cooler than average monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. no rain after that. good morning, frances. you have an update? >> yeah, mike. there is a serious accident reported on the bay bridge, where they said overturned, all lanes blocked. turned out the be a spin-out. they cleared it. c.h.p. at the scene. everything is off to the city streets in san francisco. so westbound as you make your way out of oakland, no problems at all. and that means we're not going to expect much of a backup at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. which, of course, is really light right now. i think we'll have that live shot for you. now, heads up. if you are heading to the golden gate bridge you notice there has been the roadwork. it's reduced down to one lane again as you approach the span. we'll keep track of the delays this morning. don't forget, critical mass bike ride tonight at justin herman plaza. that leaves at 6:00 p.m. making for a tough memorial get-away weekend commute. eric, kristen? >> yeah. a lot of things going on there. frances, thanks a lot. 4:39. >> still ahead a judge makes a key ruling in a court case that stirred new emotional pain for hundreds of bay area families. >> giovanni ramirez is and was and has been our primary suspect on the stow beating. >> also ahead -- l.a. police reject the alibi of the man under arrest in the beating of the giants fan bryan stow. >> i don't know how to do this. >> and why a passenger was forced to grab the controls
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of an airplane.
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you can see
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good friday morning. 4:42 on the abc7 morning news. a live look at the portion of the bay bridge. frances has been telling us about a spin-out up there this morning that has been having a bit of an effect on traffic. but not the effect it would have if it had been the original accident that went out, which was an overturn. it turned out not to be that. frances is keeping track of traffic around the area as we get to the holiday weekend. she will have more. mike with weather coming up. los angeles police chief charlie beck says he is confident they have the right person in the beating of san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. the d.a.'s office hasn't filed charges yet against 31-year-old giovanni ramirez. police arrested him last weekend on a parole violation. ramirez says he wasn't even
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at the game. but beck says the result of a line-up suggest otherwise. >> giovanni ramirez is and was and has been our primary suspect on the stow beating. we continue down that road in our preparation of presenting a case to the district attorney in the near future. >> i think he is the wrong guy. i really do. we have told them what our alibi is. we invite them to check it out. >> what is the alibi? >> the alibi is he was with his daughter at the time. other people will be able to testify that he was not that -- as to where he was and certainly not at the game. >> police continue to search for two others in the attack on stow who remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. on sunday, dedication ceremony planned for memorial of the victims of the jonestown massacre. yesterday a judge blocked a
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suit that would have blocked four plaques containing the names of the people who died at jonestown. a southern california who lost 27 relatives in the incident wanted to block the memorial and take jim jones' name off the plaques. memorial was installed at oakland's evergreen cemetery earlier this month. jones founded the people's temple in san francisco and moved it to guyana where he forced hundreds of followers to commit suicide. newly released tapes show frightening rescue of a woman who never flown before. it happened a week ago in colorado skies at 16,000 feet. the woman was forced to suddenly try to land a small plane after her husband fell unconscious at the controls. listen in on her calls for help. the crew of a nearby comerable plane who suspects the pilot is suffering from lack of oxygen try to help her get the aircraft to a lower altitude. >> autopilot is on. you might be able to do it
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counterclockwise to deflect a lower altitude. >> we're going down. i have don't know where. >> as the plan descended, the woman's husband regained consciousness, thankfully and safely landed the plane in farmington, new mexico. you can only imagine the fear. >> mm-hmm. it's 4:45 now. coming up, mending fences in pakistan. secretary of state hillary clinton makes a vow to try to ease the fury over the osama bin laden raid. >> new candidate may enter the field from alaska. or is it arizona? i'm john hendren in washington. i'll have more on that coming up. >> plus, just how well do you know the rules of the road? eric? the eye-opening results of a nationwide driving test. pretty interesting. >> hmm. the man behind facebook makes a major lifestyle change. up next, why mark zuckerberg wants to get personal with the meat he eats. [ female announcer ] most women in america
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4:48. look how warm it is. first time we have seen it, 101 in phoenix. but mid-to-upper 50s in seattle and portland. we have departure delays in newark but everybody else on time. in the holiday weekend, use the flight tracker 24/7. bottom of the front page. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:48. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is in pakistan trying to reassure pakistani leaders of the u.s. support in the wake of the osama bin laden raid. clinton and joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mullen met with pakistan's president and other officials at the tense session today. it's meant to repaired badly frayed relations after the killing of bin laden in pakistan this month. clinton says the u.s. maintains very strong support for the relationship with pakistan, but clinton and mullen showed pakistan it must show renewed
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commitment to eradicate safe-haven for militants or usa aid to pakistan could dwindle. the republican presidential field are filling out. mitt romney and michele bachmann are expected to announce their plans next week. and as john hendren reports there are signs of a run from a former governor of alaska. >> sarah palin shows the signs of a second coming. a bus. don't call it a campaign bus. there is the house. newly bought $1.7 million estate in arizona, which just happens to be more accessible for a candidate than alaska. there is the upcoming movie. >> not a single drop of oil. >> then there is this -- >> the fire in the belly, it's there! >> republican voters seem to want new candidates. polls show nearly half are unhappy with the current 2012 field. abc7 news learned this week michele bachmann and mitt romney will announce they're in and join a field that includes newt gingrich
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attacked by his own party criticizing a medicare plan. tim pawlenty and john huntsman. just is intriguing is who is not running. mike huckabee. and indiana governor mitch daniels who says he loves his country, he just loves his family more. >> republican leaders are so unhappy some are considering drafting g.o.p. standard bearers like texas governor rick perry, new jersey governor chris christie and even former florida governor jeb bush. john hendren, abc news, washington. one of yosemite's popular vantage points will reopen at noon in time for the memorial day weekend. many people hope to get a better view of waterfalls like these from grasher point. the road to glacier point has been closed due to heavy snow. visitors say this is assen impressive as the falls have been for 15 years thanks to all the snow we've had this past winter. >> all that run-off. >> all right, mr. mike nicco. tell us about the rain. >> it's nothing out there right now.
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to talk about. but it could develop in the last couple of hours. we'll make sure to show you where it is and where it's going. possibility of a scattered shower in the forecast through noon today. you can see the clouds gathering over san francisco. as we look back to the west from emeryville. talk about the temperatures. that will affect more of us. 48 in santa rosa. 46 in los gatos. low to mid-60s. the clouds keep the temperatures up compared to yesterday morning. mid-to-upper 40s. gilroy, santa cruz. 50 at monterey and 52 in salinas. we have fading showers and clouds this afternoon. cool breezes throughout the holiday weekend. and the extended forecast, i don't see any summer heat anytime soon. start over in the east bay. we have upper 60s to low 70s today. mostly sunny sky. mostly sunny along the east bay shore with low to mid-60s here. mostly sunny in the south bay. upper 60s to 70 in los gatos. partly cloudy. low to mid-60s in peninsula. mid-to-upper 50s on the coast and downtown san francisco where it's 60 today. through the north bay valley, mostly sunny.
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mid-to-upper 60s for you. mid-to-upper 60s at your beaches. partly sunny at monterey bay. 58 in carmel. 59 in pacific grove. we have upper 60s for the rest of the bay. upper 60s to low 70s inland. game at the coliseum tonight. it will be a 7:05 game. the temperature will be around 62 degrees. dropping down to 57 as the orioles are in town. tomorrow's game, fireworks game out at the coliseum. for tonight, you can see the clearing sky, temperatures cooler this morning. mid-to-upper 40s inland. to 50 in san francisco, oakland and antioch. take a look at what is happening today. another front drawing near on this unusual situation for this jetstream, unusual placement. activity should be well north for the canadian border. since it's so close, it will push the system to the north. they're going to bring us a glancing blow. whether it is a chance of a scattered shower this morning as the front falls apart and moves on through
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or another chance as we head toward tomorrow. i think that is mainly going to stay to the north also. out over the ocean. i want to let you know it's there in case you see dark clouds coming toward your picnic, barbecue or whatever you may be doing this holiday weekend. know for sure it will be breezy for all of us, cooler than average saturday and sunday. the breezes taper but the temperatures remain cooler than average monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. have a great and safe weekend. frances with an update. >> all right, mike. start off with good news. the accident on the bay bridge has been cleared. everything is fine heading to san francisco from the east bay. but if you are heading to san francisco, from the golden gate bridge, there is still some roadwork out there. southbound 101. where traffic is reduced to one lane as you make your way to the north end of the span. the last couple of days they had roadwork scheduled until 5:00. so we will keep you posted on this to make sure that the lanes reopen and it's not causing a big delay i think at this point. and also, check out the live
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shot of the san mateo bridge. the lens has been cleaned. it's looking clear here. as well as traffic westbound out of hayward. now, just a heads up. for bart riders. right now, on a regular schedule. no delays. but this weekend, you need to plan on 20- to 40-minute delays for special maintenance work in the transbay tube. and amy hollyfield is coming up soon and she will have more details. of course, you can get the latest by going to our website kristen? >> all right, frances, thanks a lot. 4:54. two naughts made history this -- two astronauts made history as the time spacewalker of the nasa 30-year shuttle program. they connected a 50-foot boom to international space station. they are the last shuttle crew members to perform a spacewalk. all future spacewalk including the final shuttle voyage will be performed by
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full-time space shuttle residents. mark kelly is expected to speak from space later today with his wife gabrielle giffords as she continues her recovery. you can get a glimpse of "endeavor" and the international space station in 20 minutes from now. don't miss the opportunity. they will pass over the bay area at 5:15 and look like a bright star over the southwest. look at the skies. >> a new study suggests that many california drivers would fail a driving test if they took it today. they rank the california drivers 34th in the nation for driving knowledge. when making right or left turns, a driver should signal how many feet before the turn? 100 feet?
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50 feet? 25 feet? >> 50. >> or five feet. >> what did you say? >> 50. >> sorry, it's 100 feet. ahhhh! you can find the entire test on the website under see it on tv. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is taking on a new challenge. he vows to eat only what he kills. zuckerberg says he is determined to get more in touch with his food. the 27-year-old internet billionaire has already killed a lobster. that's the easy one. pig and a goat. he posted a picture of a chicken with a list of dishes. his guide is a palo alto chef who introduced him to nearby farms. he told "fortune" magazine -- "i think people forget a living being has to die for you to eat meat. my goal revolves around not letting me forget that and being thankful for what i had." i assume he didn't friend
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the animal first before killing it. >> friended ted nugget first since he kills his meat before he eats it. >> he will get attention for this, i'm sure. next on abc7 news at 5:00 -- travelers hitting the road finally get a break. where they there will be less pain at the pump. >> we'll go live to oakland for more at the bart planned holiday weekend closure of part of the transbay tube that frances has been talking about. what it could mean for anyone crossing the bay. >> explosive situation at a california high school. coming up, the teacher police say was responsible for evacuation and the trouble she's been in before.
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