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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney. at the san francisco hall of justice, where doesps of suspected drug dealers are expected to be released today. a new video is going to be released all tied to allegations that a handful of cops have been behaving like crooks. the story coming up in a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. getting around the bay area is going to be tricky this weekend. we've got some important information when it comes to transportation for you. straight ahead. >> all is quiet over the bay area right now. the clouds are gathering. eventually a shower or two may develop for your morning commute. when they do, i will show you where they are with live doppler7 h.d. where they're going, and whether it has any effect on the weekend. >> if you are heading toward the bay bridge no, trouble. there was an earlier crash.
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delay-free right now. plus i'll have an update on roadwork heading to the golden gate bridge coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's a friday morning. 5:01 a.m. we thank you so much for joining us. yeah, there is a holiday, too, involved in this. i'm eric thomas. >> yeah, i'm kristen sze. with the holiday, we have some traffic issues to talk about. enjoy the detour-free bay bridge commute this morning because it won't be the case this weekend. caltrans is closing some lanes to do work. meantime, if you are hoping to cross the bay on bart there could be delays from as well. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in oakland at the 12th street bart station. amy? >> yeah, if you are staying in town this weekend, it could be tough for you to navigate your way around the bay. they're hoping this is the memorial day weekend, that the smallest number of people will be impacted. let's start with bart. bart has to do some major repair work on its track to some of the electric cables. they will have to close the track and the transbay tube. they will start tonight and work in the overnight hours.
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this weekend, and next. the biggest impact will be on those who ride the fremont and dublin lines going in to san francisco. here is what you need to know. take your normal line, but you have to get off at the 12th street oakland bart station. and then you've got to transfer. that is the most important information you need. 12th street in oakland, transfer. you are looking at a ten-minute delay if you do this. if you miss that connection, you are facing probably a 20-minute delay. they think about 10 to 15,000 people each day will have the suffer through this. which sounds like a lot of people but it's the smallest number of people that they could hit with this, since it's in the overnight hours on holiday weekend and again next weekend. that is underground. above ground, you're not immune to this. you have problems, too. bay bridge. caltrans will shut down some of the eastbound lanes from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. saturday and sunday. caltrans needs to reconfigure its new eastern span in the oakland
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touchdown area. so that is just west of the toll plaza. so delays above ground. under ground, it will be hard to escape hit the weekend. if you want more information on this, really, specific info, we have it broken down for you. on your website. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right, amy. thank you very much. 5:03 now. if you are hitting the road this weekend for memorial day, you will get a little bit of relief at the pump. triple-a says the national average for unleaded regular is $3.81 a gallon. 9 cents less than it was a week ago. here in san francisco, the average price for a gal listen of regular is $4.18. experts expect prices to continue to decrease because of decreased demand. >> today, san francisco's district attorney will drop dozens more drug cases with possibly hundreds more to follow. after the public defender released surveillance video raising question about the conduct of plain clothes
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police officer. we can expect new video to come out today. terry mcsweeney is live at the hall of justice with the latest, terry? >> the new video is expected to show what the old video allegedly shows. that is, police behaving like criminals. according to the public defenders office. take a look at the video released three weeks ago. that came out of the public defender jeff adachi's office. it is expected to result in 26 drug cases dismissed today at the hall of justice. they could be refiled. keep that in mind. the video allegedly shows officers stealing a laptop and camera bag. jeff adachi saying that there was a perjury involved. excessive force. illegal searches. but the police union president said the district attorney dismissing 26 cases does not mean officers are guilty of anything. >> as a union, we're forced to get them attorneys because there is allegations. the attorneys are obviously going to tell the cops hey you can't comment on the cases. you're under investigation. so of course they're going to throw the cases out. >> our office is now
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reviewing over 6,000 cases involving these police officers and other officers who are involved in conducting illegal searches. so this is big. this is huge. >> adachi on the attack, releasing a video at 1:00 this afternoon. we just heard, reviewing thousands of cases look for police breaking the law. the videos coming out today. new accusation of theft and illegal search. and police report that do not match up with the video. the first thing, 9:00 this morning, we're in court. a couple dozen drug suspects expected to be released. then at 1:00 this afternoon, whole new set of videos. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> all right, thank you. 5:05. san jose's police union is claiming the city failed to ask for all the money it could have from washington to save police jobs. the deadline to apply for funding from the federal government cops program passed on wednesday. san jose applied for funding to pay the salaries of ten
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officers. the union believes the city manager could have applied to save 53 jobs. >> so the city manager's office goes ahead and makes a decision without even consulting with the councilmembers. and the last time i checked, i always thought councilmembers were the ones that made the important decisions within a city. >> the problem with these grants is they require local funding. a local match. and we can only afford so many. that is a question of how much money we can come up with to cover the local share. >> mayor chuck reed says the grant from the 53 jobs would have required the city to spend $15 million in matching funds. and reed says the city just doesn't have that money. oakland police are hoping surveillance video they released will help catch the four men that killed a local gardener. look here. torres was working on the front of a home on 34th avenue when the four men approached him. police believe they argued and one of the men shot and killed torres. they may have robbed him as well. some witnesses say torres
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was shot in the back. police describe the four men in surveillance video as persons of interest. bart is buying more tasers to equip each officer with his or her own device. they currently have 60 tasers. bart officers say owning a taser would increase familiarity and confidence in the weapon. they say the taser is needed as a less than lethal option. bart has a troubled history with the taser in 2009. former bart police officer johannes mehserle shot and killed unarmed passenger oscar grant at the fruitvale bart station. mehserle testified he mistook the taser for gun and he didn't have proper training. a central california chemistry teacher is in jail on charges of storing explosives in her classroom. 34-year-old jeffia honduras was arrested at her home in merced county town of atwater yesterday. she is held on $500,000 bail. 1100 students were evacuated from livingston high school after the teacher led
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authorities to her classroom where the explosives were found. a hazmat team and bomb squad detonated it behind the school. excited students and worried parents watched. >> it's call for concern but i feel that the hazmat and the school authorities -- [inaudible ] >> it's huhndorf's second arrest. she was charged monday on suspicion of child endangerment for helping three students injection chloroform. >> wow! let's check in with mike to get a look at the forecast for the holiday weekend. >> we're supposed to see the international space station pass over in seven minutes. will it be clear enough? >> for some of us it will be. for those along the coast, the clouds are coming from the west to east. still, so the farther you are to east and south, more likely you will be able to see it. it's quick.
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it goes across like an airplane. you have to be out there and know what you are finding and track it. a small dial in the sky. look at live doppler7 radar. most rain to the north. still a chance of stray shower in the forecast through noon. right now, it's calm outside. our fastest wind all the way to fairfield. this is only ten miles per hour. most of us either calm or three to five miles per hour. not too breezy this morning. we have 48 in santa rosa, 46 in los gatos. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. by the afternoon hours, temperatures are close to yesterday. if not warmer. upper 50s along the coast. low to mid-60s in bay shore. upper 60s in south bay and north bay. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast -- another storm will dance around us tomorrow. stray shower is possible. for the most part it will be dry, nothing to worry about. the breezes will be the big story and cooler than average weather over the holiday weekend. frances? >> mike, an accident was reported in the oakland maze. but now they actually think it's eastbound coming off the bay brim. past the toll plaza.
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not causing any problems. so, we thought we'd take a look at the maze anyway. westbound 80 is flowing well, making your way toward the bay bridge. you can see eastbound 80 coming out of the maze is light this time of the morning. we'll head to the golden gate bridge once again. it's been a tough commute this past week with some of the roadwork there. heading southbound. we checked with the golden gate bridge authorities and they say all the roadwork has been cleared. so lanes look open. in fact, we saw bridge crews change the lane configuration as well. we have four lanes southbound. again, mass transit systems reporting no delays but do look out for the big delays that amy hollyfield, abc7 news -- that amy hollyfield mentioned traveling through the tube on bart. >> thank you. 5:10. still ahead, the privacy warning going out this morning if you use a popular internet browser. >> also, the search for survivors becomes a search for victims in the midwest. >> u.s. and britain get in a spat over a fee involving
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president obama's motorcade. >> actor ashton kutcher takes a big interest. that's next. sure, pulling the mold, miew, and grime from
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:13. good morning. more than 225 residents of joplin, missouri, remain unaccounted for this morning as the town digs out after a devastating tornado. this video shows the tornado speed and power when it
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ripped through the southwestern missouri city on sunday. the family who lives in the home where this was shot survived. it has taken days to identify many of the 125 people who were killed. local officials believe some of the folks who were unaccounted for may have left joplin and haven't been contacted yet. president obama signed a four-year extension of the patriot act. congress passed it wednesday with hours to spare before parts of the law expired. the extension allow law enforcement officials to monitor lone wolf suspects who aren't connected to known terrorist group. and allow access to business transactions. president obama is headed to poland. officials say the rich countries and the international lenders are aiming to provide $40 billion in funding for arab
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countries trying to establish free democracies. >> we discussed the enormous opportunity and challenges presented by the arab spring. shortly will be discussing in depth how we can fully support countries like egypt and tunisia. not only as they transition to democracy and ensuring that the democratic transition is accompanied by the economic growth. >> they say the breakdown by country and timetables are still under discussion. the u.s. government says it should haven't to pay a congestion fee for president obama's limo when it drove through the street of central london. you can see it got stuck on a curb in ireland this week. drivers face a ten pound per day charge when they enter central london. automatic scanners captured the president's license plate, as they would for any other car. the u.s. believes congestion fees are a tax that foreign
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governments are exempt from paying. the mayor of london disagrees. and wants the u.s. to pay. >> california's public utilities commission approved a new rate structure for pg&e. which will lower electrical rates for some of the biggest energy users. pg&e rate structure divides residential structures to four pricing levels or tiers. the system is designed to reward customers who conserve. fourth tier customers, those using the most power will pay less. but you also won't need to use as much power under the new plan to enter in the third tier. that could result in more customers hit with surcharges. hackers have apparently found a flaw in microsoft's internet explorer web browse they're could leave your computer open to an attack. an italian security expert says the problem can occur when you drag and drop within the i.e. browser. that can open your system to something called cookie jacking. websites use cookies to identify and keep track of you online. with this flaw, a hacker could hijack the cookie and
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get information like your user name, password and other information. microsoft says it doesn't consider this problem to be high-risk. actor, producer, twitter god ashton kutcher can add another title to the resume. ininvestment advisor. he has invested in and will advise a san francisco base start-up. abc7 did a story on the website that allows people to list their apartments, sailboat or cars to rent out to travelers. ashton kutcher is behind a custom twitter app called a-plus. marketers say he sets new standard for brand engagement through technology, using social networking and reality tv to connect to consumers. he sent out a twit saying where are you going for memorial day weekend? better yes, where are you staying and do you have the link to air b&b? he's good at using that. >> hope he doesn't get punked. >> let's check in with mike
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to look at the forecast. >> the showers won't punk us. >> exactly. >> 5:18. look at s.f.o. the flight arrival delays. the clouds while there are a few out there, they're not thick. they won't have to change the landing pattern because of it. we have flight arrival delays in other airports. we'll get it to you here in ten minutes, on the flight tracker. you can check that out, too. move on and talk about the temperatures. running in the mid-to-upper 40s. los gatos and santa rosa. warmer for the rest of us. low to mid-50s. around the willie monroe bay, and inland. we have the mid-to-upper -- or the upper 40s to low 50s. around gilroy. we have the mid-40s. the highlights. what showers develop will fade rather quickly today. so will the clouds. look for it to be bright this afternoon. cool breezes. we have those all weekend. i don't see sign of summer heat on the way. people are saying we'd like 80s for the holiday weekend. probably not going to happen. not here.
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maybe farther south. mid-to-upper 50s through the south bay. maybe hit 70 and low los gatos. we have a few clouds lingering from the morning showers. saucelito, bunched up together around 60 degrees. north bay beaches, the mid-to-upper 50s. notice where it's breezy. at the coast. we have low to mid-60s, east bay shore. 62 in richmond. 65 in fremont and castro. mid-to-upper 60s for the san ramon valley to livermore. low 70s pittsburgh to brentwood. upper 60s for most of the monterey bay. carmel, pacific grove or mont mont -- mont mont, 60 degrees. and going to coliseum. orioles in up to. 62 dropping to 57. tomorrow's game is a fireworks game. let's move on and talk about the lows tonight.
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only san francisco, oakland, antioch holding to 50. the rest of us in the 40s. we are watching a series of storms that are several hundred miles farther south than they should be. the jetstream should be along the canadian border but because it's the california border we're clipped by the storms. because of that, we could have a scattered shower chance. not only this morning, but again over the weekend. mainly saturday. the storms like today's will stay north. cooler than average, all seven days even when we don't have the threat of a shower. good morning, frances. >> good morning. i want to take you around the bay area. though we had earlier accidents it's a gad ride almost everywhere. look at san rafael. headlights move southbound. blinking vehicle there to the right-hand side.
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traffic is light op 280 and northbound 17 from the santa cruz mountains. looking great. notice the camera shot. 680 in walnut creek, nice ride through contra costa county. as most drivers head southbound get the latest traffic conditions when you want by going to the website >> thank you. next, latte with your sub. a change that could come to a sand witch shop. >> a northern california sees someone breaking in his home. how he alerted mom at work without calling police. >> they won't tell anyone if the baby is a he or she. the parents' whose experiment isn't sitting well with experts. cccccccccccccc
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5:24. you may soon get a latte with your foot long. subway is developing cafes that serve sandwiches and coffee drink in a cozy setting with comfy chairs and fireplaces. they will test it in 15 cities nationwide. there is already one cafe in alexandria, virginia. no word if they will open in the bay area. 11-year-old san joaquin county boy used facebook when three kids tried to burglarize his home. noah armstrong said he saws the teenagers enter his house last week and he was upstairs on the laptop.
5:25 am
he sent mom a facebook message saying, "come home, hurry please. they might steal my bike." he hid in the bathtub. his mom was at work but her co-worker was on facebook and told her what was going on. >> i posted it. i told my mom a message to come home because the kids were in the backyard. >> i stood outside by the gate and i yelled at the window. i seen one large kid running out of the door. practically jumped over the bikes. right by me and out the gate. >> the police caught two of the three teens and took them to juvenile hall. noah couldn't call 911 for help because they don't have a land line at the house, just cell phone. being a typical 11-year-old, he didn't know where his cell phone was. a couple in toronto is causing real controversy for refusing to divulge the baby's gender. the parents of storm said
5:26 am
they are not telling anyone beyond the siblings whether storm is a by or girl. the parents say they want to allow the baby to develop without being influenced by gender stereotypes. behavioral experts are skeptical and say the parents are using the baby as an experiment. probably not the last time we'll hear this controversy. >> i'm sure. >> yeah. 5:26. next at 5:30 -- getting the guns back. the big break in a major south bay gun theft case. >> if you are staying in town and hoping for a quiet, simple weekend, it will be tough. getting around the bay is tough, not because tourists will be in your way. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland and i'll have a full report explains this coming up. next at 5:30, the new numbers showing muni drivers may have a good drivers to fear their passengers. >> a look at the high temperatures today. notice where it's coolest around seattle and portland. upper 50s there. almost double that around phoenix. 101. it's getting sticky along the east coast.
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mid-to-upper 80s. that is where we could have severe thunderstorms today. also, right around joplin, missouri, again. only delays in new york. flight tracker has specific notes for you to take.
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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield. live at oakland at the bart 12th street station which will be important to you if you are trying to navigate your way around the bay this weekend. transportation detours you need to know about. also this morning, the judge hearing dozens of lawsu lawsuits of pg&e in the san bruno disaster. he says he wants to put the case on fast track for quick resolution. clouds building over the bay area right now. it's mostly dry but we have a threat of shower until noon.
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it looks like a breezy cool weekend. i have the forecast. >> all right. no delays right now at the bay bridge toll plaza, but i will tell you why things could be extra slow for the get-away friday traffic this evening. giants' catcher buster posey faces surgery to prepare the damage from a collision at home plate. he will be out for at least six to eight weeks. possibly the entire season. 5:30 on friday. good morning. thanks for ending your week with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> getting across the bay could be more complicated this holiday weekend. a detour is going to affect the bay bridge drivers. if you try to avoid that by taking bart, you could face longer delays. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at 12th street bart with the good news. amy? >> reporter: issues no matter where you go. we're at the 12th street bart station for a reason. if you remember one thing from this report, remember 12th street bart station in oakland. this is where you need to transfer to get around this. most people, the most people
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who will be impacted take the dublin and fremont lines. you will need to stop. take the normal line, but stop at the 12th street station and transfer if you want in the city. they are shutting down a track in the transbay tube. in the overnight hours this weekend. and next weekend. they have to repair a cable damaged in a fire in december. >> this is really necessary. it's an emergency repair contract. we have to fix some cabling. that is the third rail. god forbid we should have failure in the cabling. it would mean no service through the transbay tube when we are trying to carry hundreds of thousands of riders through the tube in the week. >> those of you in cars, well, you have an issue to contend with, too. caltrain will shut down some of the eastbound lanes on the bay bridge from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. saturday and sunday. caltrain needs to reconfigure lane at the eastern span oakland
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touchdown west of the toll plaza. no, there will be delays above ground, below ground, any way you look at it you have issues this weekend. they're doing it in the overnight hours of the holiday weekend in the hopes you won't feel too much pain from this. if you want more details, more specifics, go to our website we have it all there for you. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right. amy, thanks a lot. today, san francisco's public defender says he is set to release more surveillance video that raises question about the conduct of plain clothes police officers. the previous videos will force prosecutors to drop 26 cases today and possibly hundreds more. it stems from allegations by public defender jeff adachi, he is accusing a handful of officers of stealing from drug suspects. department spokesperson told us it's the department's understanding that the cases are not dismissed outright. they say they could be brought back pending the outcome of the investigation in the officers. authorities recovered a
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large gun collection stolen from a gilroy home. police say the suspect's tied up and tortured the owner in the theft. santa clara county sheriff deputies found the weapons under the floorboard of a san jose apartment that belongs to a suspect in the robbery. they also recovered stolen jewelry. investigators say three men broke in the 59-year-old victim's home back in early february. police say they tortured him until he gave up the combination to his gun safe. this morning, the 77-year-old man accused of being a serial killer is scheduled to enter a plea on four murder charges in marin county in the superior courtroom. joseph naso is charged with killing four women, including one each in marin and contra costa counties between 1977-'94. investigators believe naso may be responsible for other murders across the country. assaults against muni drivers in san francisco are on the rise so far this year. there have been 35 assault
5:34 am
cases against muni operators, through april of this year. the "san francisco examiner" reports if assault continue at this pace, muni would end the year with 17% increase. the union that represents transit operators says rider hostility against them increased since they have been engaged in contract talks with the transportation agency. muni officials say they're working with the police department to monitor crime. the san mateo county judge handling more than 70 civil lawsuits filed against pg&e over last september's pipeline explosion is pledging to give priority to cases. the lawsuits have been stacking up since the september 9 blast and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes in san bruno. the judge met with more than two dozen attorneys for plaintiff and the company yesterday to go over procedural issues. another meeting is scheduled for june 30. the judge says lawsuits brought against pg&e by shareholders will have to be heard after those filed by victims and their families. >> it's 5:34.
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tonight, the giants are in milwaukee, beginning a seven-game road trip without their star catcher buster posey. yesterday, the giants announced that posey has a fractured fibula and will likely have surgery on three torn ligaments and his ankle next week following wednesday night violent collision at home plate. the team says posey will miss at least six to eight weeks. here is abc7's wayne freedman. >> scherholtz has the best arm. >> reporter: baseball is a game of averages. highs and lows of 162 games, the numbers have their say. then we get the occasional anomaly. this would be one of those. if it were any other player on any other team, baseball might not be buzzing. but this was buster posey. last season's national league rookie of the year, world series champion, hero in san francisco. some replays have higher profiles than others and posey versus scott cousins is destined to become one of them. giants manager bruce bochy told reporters he would like to see a rule change
5:36 am
protecting catchers. >> i think there are so many catchers that have gotten hurt at home plate. shorten their career or even ended their career. the way guys come in now, maybe we need to consider it. >> i don't think it was a malicious act. but i think that i'm sure, cousins, i heard he didn't sleep well. that's great. in some ways that means he is a good guy, he has emotions. >> in from the ballpark, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> ewith wish buster all the best. want to get you back on the field, buddy. >> we really, really do. all right. 5:36 now. we would like to see sun, but this morning you have to con tepid possibly -- contend with possibly a few showers. >> possible. that's the key. possible and light. they are staying to the north. that's where the jetstream is now. temporarily pushed north. taking the storm track with it. but it will come back down toward us over the next couple of hours. we may have an isolated shower through the lunch
5:37 am
hour. noon at best. temperatures because of the increase in the clouds, they're warmer this morning. anywhere from one to seven degrees. seven at half moon bay. one in san francisco, redwood city. fremont, mountain view, santa rosa. same temperature in los gatos. take a look at how the day will break down. 8:00 this morning, we have a better chance of seeing one of the stray showers. most of us cloudy, temperatures in the 40s and 50s like now. by noon, we will see a break in the cloud cover. sunshine is punching holes in it. net how it's retreating. temperatures in the low to mid-60s everywhere, except for coast and santa rosa. mid-to-upper 50s. by 4:00, partly cloudy to mostly sunny as you head inland. the clouds along the coast will keep you in the upper 50s to near 60 in san francisco. low to mid-60s throughout the bay at 4:00. mid-to-upper 60s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- isolated shower is possible saturday. another storm system passes us to the north. what it does is keeps us breezy over the holiday weekend. and cooler than average. in fact, the temperatures all seven days are cooler
5:38 am
than average. hi, frances. >> hi, mike. i want to show you another angle of the bay bridge toll plaza. this is from the emeryville camera to the tolls. you can see what the backup is, which is not much at this point in the morning. however, things will be busy getting out and through san francisco, especially for get-away holiday commute before memorial day weekend. with a critical mass bike ride scheduled to leave justin hermann plaza at 6:00 this evening. plan on extra time. try to leave before 3:00 or after 7:00. it's usually a lot better. also, mass transit systems report nothing delays, especially for bart right now. but do plan on big delays this weekend as amy hollyfield just mentioned. eric, kristen? >> thank you. didn't see much of a backup of the toll plaza but there was a tractor-trailer sitting there. don't know why that was. 5:38. still ahead, a judge makes a key ruling in a court case that stirred new emotional pain for hundreds of bay area families.
5:39 am
>> giovanni ramirez is and was and has been our primary suspect on the stow beating. >> also ahead, l.a. police reject the alibi of the man under arrest in the beating of giants' fan bryan stow. >> i don't know how to do this. >> why a passenger who had never flown before was forced to grab the controls of a plane.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. 5:42. astronauts are busy up on the international space station doing a little work after they finished a spacewalk overnight. san jose native greg chamitoff, one of two astronauts who made history as the time spacewalkers of nasa's 30-year shuttle program this morning. cool stuff. >> hard to tell who that is in the shot. but since we know mark kelly, the shuttle commanderer, gabrielle giffords' husband has a shaved head, it could be him. >> make him turn around. >> turn around! too late. 5:42. los angeles police chief charlie beck says he is confident they have the right person in the beating of the san francisco giants fan bryan stow. the d.a. office hasn't filed charges against 31-year-old giovanni ramirez. police arrested him last week on a parole violation.
5:43 am
ramirez says he wasn't even at the game. but beck says the results of a line-up suggest otherwise. >> giovanni ramirez is and was and has been the primary suspect on the stow beating. we have continue down that road in our preparation of presenting a case to the district attorney in the near future. >> i think he is the wrong guy. i really do. we told them what the alibi is and invite them to check it out. >> what is the alibi? >> he was with his daughter at the time. other people will be able to testify that he was not at -- as to where he was, certainly not at the game. >> police continue to search for two others in the attack on stow. who remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. >> on sunday, dedication ceremony is planned for a controversial memorial to victims of the 1978 jonestown massacre. yesterday, superior court judge denied a suit that would have blocked the
5:44 am
unveiling of four plaques containing the names of the 918 people who died at jonestown. a pastor who lost 27 relatives wanted to block it and take jim jones' name off the memorial. it was installed at the oakland evergreen cemetery this month. he founded the people's temple of san francisco and moved it to guyana and forced hundreds of followers to commit suicide. newly released cockpit recordings help show frightening midair rescue of southern california woman who never thrown before. it happened a week ago in the colorado skies at 16,000 feet. the woman was forced to suddenly try to land the small plane after her husband lost consciousness at the control. listening in on her call for help, crew of nearby commercial plane suspected the pilot suffering from lack of oxygen tried to help her get the aircraft to a lower altitude.
5:45 am
>> you might be able to do it counterclockwise and get to a lower altitude. >> we're going down. i don't know where. >> the as the plane descended, the woman's husband regained consciousness and landed the plane in farmington, new mexico. you do want to get under 8,000 feet to breathe normally, around 16,000. you do need oxygen. >> right. 5:45. angry birds are looking to hit the big time in hollywood. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> also, mending fences in pakistan. secretary of state hillary clinton makes a vow to try to ease the furry over the osama bin laden raid. is there plus, just how well do you think the rules of the road, the eye-opening result of a nationwide driving test. >> and man behind facebook makes a major lifestyle change. up next, why mark zuckerberg wants to get personal with the meat he eats. we'll explain.
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. hi, welcome back. 5:48. there are a few radar returns across the northern part of the state. it's where the rain will stay except for a stray chance down here. we have temperatures in the low 70s around chico, sacramento and big sur. if you are heading to los angeles, 78 today. look at the sierra forecast. rain is possible tomorrow.
5:49 am
even in the highest elevations that could turn in to snow. kristen? >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. 5:48. this morning, the c.i.a. struck a deal allowing them to examine what is left of the compound where osama bin laden was killed. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan trying to reassure pakistani leaders of u.s. support in the wake of the obama-bin laden raid. clinton and joint chief chairman mike mullen met today to refray the badly frayed relations of killing of bin laden in pakistan this month. clinton says the u.s. maintains very strong support for the relationship with pakistan. but clinton and mullen told pakistan it must show renewed commitment to eradicate safe-havens for militants or u.s. aid to pakistan could dwindle. one of yosemite's popular vantage point will reopen today at noon. many hope to get better view of waterfalls like these
5:50 am
from glacier point. the road to glacier point has been closed since winter due to heavy snow. park rangers and regular visitors say this is the most impressive the falls have been in at least 15 years thanks to all the snow we picked up this winter. thousands of fans are packing new york central park to see a free concert by none other than lady gaga. many of the fans camped out for days to get a spot close to the stage. for the start of "good morning america's" summer concert series. it just started a short time ago. >> c'mon, let's go! [ singing ] ♪ i want your love ♪ i want your revenge ♪ you and me could have a bad romance ♪ >> you can see more of the concert which includes costume changes and a grand gaga entrance. you can't miss that. it's on "good morning america." it's coming up after the newscast at 7:00. wow! >> i started to wear that to work today but i'm glad i didn't. we would have clashed obviously. >> right.
5:51 am
>> it's a little damp for that, too. >> yeah. well. you know, it may be. we may have rain coming in. >> may. that is the key. not everybody is going to see some. it's isolated. mainly in the morning hours today. take a look and show us clouds that continue to thicken over the bay area this morning. 5:51. good morning. take a look at the temperatures. they are staying steady thanks to the cloud cover. upper 40s, santa rosa, mid-40s in los gatos. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. leaving and santa cruz and watsonville. the cool spot is 46. fading showers and clouds today. that is the first highlight. we have a lot of sunshine this afternoon. cool breezes through the weekend. and the extented forecast, out even seven days can't find the summer heat. temperatures in the east bay valley, from pittsburg to brentwood and it includes fairfield in that. low 70s. everybody else in mid-to-upper 60s. we have to low to mid-60s on
5:52 am
the east bay shore. maybe a few more clouds for you than in the valley. south bay, mostly sunny. upper 60s to 70 in los gatos. san jose and cupertino around 68 degrees. we have low to mid-60s on the peninsula today. you can see a few more clouds around san mateo and millbrae. on the coast, clouds in the atch hours. daly city only 56 today. downtown san francisco, four degrees warmer at 60. we will be in the mid-to-upper 50s from bodega bay and stinson beach. we have 70 in calistoga. as we head down in to the monterey bay, we have 60 at monterey. 59 in pacific grove. 58 in carmel. upper 60s for rest of the bay. upper 60s to low 70s for morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. a game at the coliseum tonight. 7:05, the first pitch. it will be sunny and then eventually mild and dark. sun sets around 8:20 this evening. 62 dropping down to 57 degrees. all right. for tonight, notice the lack of clouds and how much
5:53 am
cooler it is. most of us in the mid-to-upper 40s. except for san francisco, oakland, antioch around 50. here is the set-up for now and through the weekend. we have a storm track that is to our north. that is pushing these unusually active systems our way. they should be up over the u.s.-canadian border. this is moving to the north this morning. that is why we barely have a chance of a scattered shower, as it moves through. last night, you can see the showers to the north. new they will develop over the bay, as the clouds continue to thicken. then by noon, they are gone. we have another system behind that, which will if to the north once again. but it could push a stray somehower to the neighborhood saturday. don't change plans. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, without breezes the temperatures are still below average. no sign of summer heat in the forecast. enjoy the weekend. frances? >> mike, everything is quiet at this point. but you need to know about big plans for weekend and possibly big delays.
5:54 am
right now, no delays reported on bart. but there will be delays this weekend due to major maintenance work in the transbay tube. amy hollyfield will have details. they're saying to expect delays of 20 to 40 minutes if you have to travel through the transbay tube on bart this weekend. also, delay-free right now across the bay bridge. but this evening, critical mass bike ride. that leaves justin hermann plaza at 6:00. also eastbound direction, as you come off the bay bridge. amy hollyfield will have more details on this. but they are changing the lane configuration and the lanes may be blocked eastbound overnight. saturday night. sunday night. if you are headed toward s.f.o., 101 is looking good through san bruno. this major accidents to slow you down. of course if that changes, we post it on the website eric, kristen? >> thank you very much. 5:54. >> major car companies are honoring the nation's military with special deals
5:55 am
this memorial day weekend. >> jane king has the morning bloomberg business report. >> good morning. auto makers are honoring the men and women of the u.s. military with discounts. for example, active and reserve members looking to buy nissan or infinity vehicle can take advantage of a fixed discount, $150off invoice price. general motors say it will expand the $750 military discount to spouses and retirees until the end of the month. speaking of hitting the road, national pump prices close to $4. "usa today" says some hotels are looking to get one up on the competition offering the fuel-related discounts. the deals range from gas gift cards to free hotel night. no surprise here, the romeo angry bird is a household name. whether you play the game or not. bloomberg news says they are getting so popular they are trying to bank off of everything from toys to t-shirt. they hired an agent to help boost chances in hollywood. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business
5:56 am
report. new study suggesting that many california drivers would fail a written driving test if they had to take it again today. the study by gmac insurance ranks california drivers 34th in the nation for their driving knowledge. 22% of california drivers surveyed failed the test. now among the questions when making right or left turns the driver should signal how many feet before the turn? 100 feet? 50 feet? 25 feet or 5 feet? >> 100 feet. >> you know the answer now. >> i didn't know it an hour ago but now i do. >> you can find the entire test on the website around see it on t. >> -- under see it on tv. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is taking on an unusual challenge. he vows to eat only what he kills. zuckerberg says he is determined to get more in touch with his food. the 27-year-old internet billionaire has already killed a lobster, a pig, and a goat. he posted a photo of a chicken on his facebook page with list of the dishes he
5:57 am
made from it. zuckerberg's guide is well-known palo alto chef jesse cool who introduced him to nearby farmers. he told "fortune" magazine -- "i think many people forget a living being has to die for you to eat meat, so my goal revolves around not letting myself forget that and being thankful for what i have." >> somehow, i think peta is not going to like that on facebook. >> yeah. i have don't know. the tough thing, you don't want to get to know your animal too well and then say bye-bye. >> right. 5:57. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- if you use bart or the bay bridge you could expect big changes to affect the travel plans. >> why they're accusing city leaders of missing a chance to save dozens of police jobs in the bay area biggest city. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the san francisco hall of justice where the dozens of drug suspects are expected to walk free, because of the surveillance video allegedly showing a couple of police officers acting like
5:58 am
criminals and this afternoon, more video is scheduled to be released. i have the story coming up in a live report.
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