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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live at the san francisco hall of justice, where dozens of drug cases are expected to be dismissed today, because of surveillance video allegedly showing police breaking the law.
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more video is expected this afternoon. the story coming up in a live report. >> here is a live look from downtown san francisco. clouds are gathering. still waiting for them to drop some rain. not showing up on live doppler7 h.d. radar yet but when it does i'll show where is it and where it's going. it looks like it will be out of here for the weekend. >> i'll tell you no delays right now around the bay area. with a live shot of 680 in walnut creek. but there are potential delays coming up this weekend. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. i will have information transportation for you to help navigate around the bay this weekend. it will be a bit of an obstacle course. >> frances and amy made the point. it could be tough this weekend. all details on why coming up. thank you for joining us on friday. 6:01. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> hours from now, san francisco district attorney will drop felony drug cases and there could be hundreds more to follow. it comes after a public defender raised surveillance
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video raising questions about the conduct of the plain clothes police officers and another video on the way. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live at the hall of justice. terry? >> public defender jeff adachi says he is reviewing thousands of cases, all because of surveillance video that they have come upon, showing a handful of police officers allegedly stealing evidence during drug busts and then lying to cover it up. take a look at the video release a few weeks ago leading to what will happen today. according to adachi it shows the plain clothes officers stealing a laptop and camera bag at the hotel room of drug dealer. adachi says the officers went on and purgered themselves to cover it up. today, the d.a. office is expected to announce 26 cases are being dismissed. but a police union spokesman countered their argument saying it really makes no sense. here is both sides. >> the district attorney has decided rather than to try the cases, to dismiss it because the credibility of the officers is obviously called in to question.
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>> they are not going to steal a laptop compute they're is eight years old that delongs to a speeder in the tenderloin. >> adachi is reviewing many cases but the two dozen cases being dropped today and any others could be refiled. depending on what is proven against the officers. also today, adachi promising more videos of questionable police activity. new allegation of theft and illegal activity by police in another matter. that is coming out at 1:00 this afternoon. the cases are expected to be dismissed at 9:00 this morning. live at san francisco, hall of justice, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. oakland police are hoping surveillance video they release will help them find four men who killed a local gardener. look here. 42-year-old antonio torres was working near the front of the home on 34th avenue when the four men approached him. police believe they argued and one of the me shot and killed torres. they may have robbed him as well. some witnesses say torres was shot in back.
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police describe the four men in the surveillance video as person of interest. if your holiday plans involve bart or bay bridge, you should expect delays apt detours. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us now from an oakland bart station with more on all of that. amy? >> it will not run through the transbay tube, they will shut down a track. what you need the know is you will probably transfer here at the 12th street station here in oakland. bart officials say they realize this is a hassle. that's why they scheduled it for holiday weekend in the overnight hours. they estimate it will impact 10,000 to 15,000 people a day to do this. they are doing this to repair a cable. this is an emergency repair. if they didn't do it, they say it could cause bigger problems. the work will take place this weekend and next weekend in the overnight hours. people who need to pay the most attention to this are those using the dublin and fremont line. for you, it's important that you make that transfer.
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>> they need to make that transfer expeditiously. because in some cases, they have three to five minutes. to catch a train to and from san francisco. if they miss that train, we're on a 20-minute headway on sunday. that means they have an extra 20 minutes to wait. >> bart is not the only agency that sees memorial day as a good opportunity to do work. caltrans will also take this time to work on the bay bridge. they're moving some eastbound lanes creating a new detour so they will close some eastbound lanes from 8:00 to 5:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow night and sunday night. above ground, below ground, whatever way you look at if it you want to get around the bay this weekend you have to pay attention to the detours. we have much more information, much more specifics on the website reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you so much. well, you won't be alone on the roads. if you are one of the
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estimated 35 million people hitting the roads this memorial day weekend. you can expect a bit of relief at the pump. triple-a says the national average for unleaded regular gas is $3.81 a gallon. that is 9 cents less than a week ago. in san francisco, the average price for a gallon of regular is $4.18. san jose's police union is claiming the city failed to ask for all the money it could have from washington to save police jobs. the deadline for applying for funding from the federal government's cops program passed on wednesday. san jose applied for funding to pay the salaries of ten police officers. the union believes the city manager could have applied to save 53 jobs. >> so, the city manager's office goes ahead and makes a decision, without especially consulting with the councilmembers -- without even consulting with the councilmembers. the last time i checked i thought councilmembers were the one that made important decisions within the city. >> the problem with these grants is they require local funding, a local match. we can only afford so many.
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and that is a question of how much money we can come up with to cover the local share. >> chuck reed says the grant for the 53 jobs would have required the city to spend $15 million in matching funds. reed says the city doesn't have that money. 6:07. >> vallejo city leaders will begin cracking down on two dozen unregulated medical marijuana clubs in the city. this week, they ordered local law enforcement to begin what they call enhanced enforcement against the unregulated densepiry. they are developing a plan to tax, regulate and limit number of clubs operating in the city. bart is buying 130 more tasers to equip each officer with his or her own device. the transit agency currently has 60 tasers. they say it will increase familiarity and confidence in the weapon. they say the taser needed as a less than lethal option. bart has a troubled history with the taser as you remember in 2009.
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former bart police officer johannes mehserle shot and killed unarmed passenger oscar grant at the fruitvale station. mehserle testified he mistook the taser for his gun and he didn't have the proper training. the 60 tasers they have now you check out on a case-by-case basis. that's part of the problem. 6:08. you are probably looking ahead to the memorial day weekend and how the weather will look. do we have a chance for showers? >> there is a holiday weekend, mike? >> actually. it's supposed to kick off summer. supposed to. >> easy to miss right now. >> yes. good morning, everybody. a look at the live doppler7 h.d. we are seeing here that there are scattered showers up across the northern section of california. they haven't made it down to us yet. but the clouds are getting thicker by the moment. good news, it's calm outside. fastest winds are running around 5 to 7 miles per hour. the temperatures are mild. low to mid-50s until you get to santa rosa and los gatos with mid-to-upper 40s. by the afternoon hours, we'll see clouds break.
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some will break out. and temperatures, well, they will be well below average. low to mid-60s around the bay shore. mid-to-upper 60s in south bay and north bay. upper 60s to low 70s in the east bay. if we get showers, it will be between now and noon. around the monterey bay, we have partly cloudy conditions. temperatures 60 in mont mont. upper 60s to low 70s for the rest of the bay and inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- it looks breezy this weekend. then cooler than average all seven days. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. traffic is looking great this morning. i want to show a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, delay free. again, you heard amy's report. if you are at an eastbound back to oakland saturday, overnight, or sunday overnight. plan on some delays with the eastbound lane closure in effect from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. we'll also check out the san mateo bridge. that could be an alternate for you saturday and sunday. traffic is flowing well right now. of course, we might see those bart delays again this weekend as well.
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as they work in the transbay tube for maintenance work for that power supply cable that amy was talking about. the golden gate bridge no, roadwork at all. it was cleared at 5:00 this morning heading southbound. a good ride out of marin county. eric, kristen? >> all right, frances. thanks a lot. 6:10. >> just ahead, north korea makes a big announcement about an american that the country has been detaining for six months. >> the california chemistry teacher now accused of giving students a dangerous drug and then getting a visit from the bomb squad. after we me dqa diyoú floor look brand new,
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6:13 on the abc7 morning
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news. you can see the cloud cover there looking from the emeryville cam, is that right, folks? toward i guess the north and, you know, and the west. mike says there is a chance of rain this morning. a chance. but it won't be for everyone. we will take a look and see -- you say south? okay. south. >> well, on the right. it's going south, but it's really westbound, right? that is the confusing part of it. >> okay. >> it's friday. no worries, it's all good. get to more news. this morning, north korea announced it will free an american it has been holding for the past six months. eddie june was arrested in november. officials would only say he was accused of committing a serious crime against north korea. others said he was arrested for proselytizing. north korea officials decided to free him for humanitarian reasons. central california chemistry teacher is now in jail on charges of stores explosives in the classroom.
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34-year-old japhia huhndorf was arrested at her atwater home yesterday. bail set at $500,000. about 1,100 students were evacuated from livingston high school, after teacher led authorities to the classroom where the explosives were found. hazardous materials team and bomb squad detonated the material in a field behind the school. excited students and worried parents and teachers watched. >> it's always constant concern. i do feel with the hazmat and the fire and police department and school authorities are bringing it under control right now. >> it was huhndorf's second arrest this week. she was charged monday on suspicion of child endangerment for allegedly helped three students ingest chloroform. thousands of california schools are eligible for state funding to make urgent seismic upgrades. as we told you last month, iteam report with our media partner california watch, 7,500 school buildings are in need of earthquake upgrades. under a complicated formula
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only 20 qualified for state fund something far now. the state allegation board approved new rules to make every building in need of repair eligible for $200 million bond fund that was approved by voters five years ago. 6:16. mike has a look at weather. >> cloudy look. look at that. >> rain dance. >> sunshine on a cloudy day. >> we don't need a rain dance. we have plenty without the dancing. >> you sure? we are well above average everywhere except for san jose. that could be an issue with the bucket down there. we won't get into that right now. the ever-thickening the clouds from the east on the roof cam. a few sprinkles are possible. even a light shower heading toward the noon hour. after that, all bets are off as we head to the holiday weekend. let's talk temperatures. they are just not moving with the cloud cover. low to mid-50s everywhere. mid-to-upper 40s around los
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gatos and santa rosa. around monterey bay, we have monterey and inland to salinas. low 50s. everybody else in mid-to-upper 40s. as far as the highlights, we have fading showers and clouds. we'll see sunshine. late this afternoon. ought to be a real nice friday night sunset. all right. cool breezes. we have those all weekend. even once those stop, the extented forecast still shows no sign of summer. we are supposed to kick off summer this weekend. just not going to happen. at least as far as the weather is concerned. all right. we have upper 60s to near 70 in south bay. partly cloudy sky. cupertino 68 degrees. on the peninsula, few clouds lingering around millbrae and san mateo. a lot of sunshine elsewhere. low to mid-60s for you. at the coast, we have mid-to-upper 50s. near 60 degrees downtown, south san francisco, saucelito. then we will drop down to mid-to-upper 50s on your beaches in the north bay. over to the valley, though, we have for the most part mid-to-upper 60s. east bay shore, low to mid-60s. some of the cooler weather here.
6:18 am
as you head to east bay, san ramon valley. and out toward livermore. mid-to-upper 60s. highway 4, pittsburgh, antioch and brentwood. as far as monterey and carmel, the cool spot down here. they will be this weekend. near 60. low 70s gilroy and morgan hill. we have a game, should be at the coliseum. wrong movie loaded. orioles are in town. it should be clear, 62, dropping to 57. lack of clouds means most of us in the 50s tonight. look at what is happening upstairs. we have a front coming close to us as the active jetstream sits near us. should be over the canadian border. it's not. we have nothing to cancel any plans over. enjoy the holiday weekend. it's just going to be cooler than average. frances? >> enjoy the commute as well right now. i can't find any accidents to slow you down. so we start off with a look
6:19 am
at the east shore freeway. westbound traffic is looking good. yes, we are looking north this time. even though traffic is technically flowing westbound on interstate 80. bay bridge toll plaza. and also, we head to 680 in walnut creek. southbound traffic is on the right. looking light, all the way through the san ramon valley. and sunol grade. north bay commute, also nice this morning. it's southbound there, as you make your way out of novato. down to the golden gate bridge. drive-time is 19 minutes. in the south bay, you won't encounter any problems or delays. northbound 101, 880 right across your screen. but this evening, look out for extra traffic in san francisco. for the critical mass bike ride, which leaves justin hermann plaza at 6:00. they'll bike through the city streets. mass transit systems report nothing delay. bart report nothing delays as well. you can find out about the big delays expected this weekend on bart and heading across the bay bridge.
6:20 am
eastbound overnight. saturday and sunday. by going to our website eric, kristen? >> you sure can, frances. thank you very much. 6:20. >> coming up, going goo-goo for gaga. the concert that has hundreds of people camping out in new york central
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welcome back. 6:23.
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11-year-old san joaquin boy found a new use for facebook. he used the social network to get help when three kids tried to burglarize his home. noah armstrong says he saw the teenage boys enter his home while he was upstairs on the laptop. he sent his mom a facebook message saying come home, hurry, please. they might steal my bike. he then hid in the bathtub. his mother was at work but her coworker was on facebook and told her what was happening. >> i posted it on facebook. i sent my mom a message to come home. because of the kids that the backyard. >> i stood outside by the gate and yelled up to the window, "noah, who is in the house?" i seen a large kid running out the backdoor. practically jumped over the deck, the bikes, right by me and out the gate. >> they caught two of the three teens. noah couldn't call 911 because they don't have a land line, just cell phones.
6:25 am
typical these days. being a normal 11-year-old he didn't know where his cell phone was. >> thousands of fans spent all night gathering in central park and new york this morning to see a free concert by lady gaga. in fact, some of the fans camped out for days to get a spot close to the stage. the performance is the kickoff event for "good morning america's" summer concert series. it got underway about an hour ago. >> c'mon! ♪ i want your loving ♪ and i want your revenge ♪ you and me can have a bad romance ♪ >> just whetted your appetite, didn't we? you can see much more of the concert, which includes several costume changes and of course a grand gaga entrance. on "good morning america," coming up after our newscast at 7:00. so all you little monsters, get ready. >> 6:30. coming up, rider rage. the new numbers showing muni drivers may have a good reason to fear passengers. >> getting the guns back. a big break in a major south
6:26 am
bay theft case. >> i'm amy hollyfield live at the 12th street bart station in oakland. this station could play a major role this your life this weekend. i'll explain coming up. >> check out the airport delays. s.f.o., 52-minute flight arrival delays because of the gathering clouds. we have delays getting out of houston this morning. check out the flight tracker this holiday weekend if you are traveling by air. fxfxfxfxfxñ
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld
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there it is. opening bell. stock market appears headed for a slightly higher opening after a report showed americans' income edged up last month. commerce department says personal income and spending rose in april along with what economists expected. now that the bell has rung, we will go live to the new york stock exchange for an update in 15 minutes. >> all right. this morning enjoy the detour-free bay bridge commute, because that won't be the case this weekend. caltrans is closing some lanes to do work. meantime, if you hope to cross the bay on bart, there could be delays there as well. amy hollyfield is live in oakland at the 12th street bart station to tell us all about it. >> we're at the 12th street station for a reason. if you remember one thing from this report, this is what i want you to remember. the 12th street station. this is where you are going to transfer to get around the mess this weekend. the people who will be the most impacted are those on the dublin-fremont line.
6:31 am
take your normal line, but you have to stop at 12th and transfer to get in to the city or down to the peninsula. they're shutting down a track in the transbay tube overnight, in the overnight hours this weekend and next weekend. they have to repair a cable that was damaged in a fire in december. >> this is really necessary. it's actually an emergency repair contract. we have to fix some cabling. that feeds the third rail. god forbid we should have a failure in the cabling. it would mean basically no service through the transbay tube when we are trying to carry hundreds of thousands of riders through the tube in the week. >> those of you in cars, well, you have an issue to con tond -- contend with. caltrans will shut down lanes this weekend. they need to reconfigure lanes at the eastern span oakland touchdown. that's just west of the toll plaza. there will be delays above ground, underground this weekend. you name it.
6:32 am
there will be a problem. in the overnight hours. they hope it will lessen the people miserable from this. if you need more information or specifics, go to the website. we have broken it down for you there. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. 6:32 now. >> authorities have recovered a large gun collection stolen from a gilroy home. police say the suspects tied up andor chuned the order in the theft. they found the weapons under the floorboard of a san jose apartment that belongs to the suspect in a robbery. they recovered stolen jewelry. investigators say three men broke in the 59-year-old victim's home in early february. police say they tortured the man until he gave up the combination to his gun safe. this morning, the 77-year-old man accused of being a serial killer is scheduled to enter a plea on four murder charges in marin county superior court. joseph naso is representing himself. earlier in week, prosecutors gave him more than 5600
6:33 am
pages of discovery material. naso is charged with killing four women, one each in marin and contra costa county between 1977-1994. investigators believe naso may be responsible for other murders across the country. assaults against muni drivers in san francisco are on the rise so far this year. there have been 35 assault cases against muni operators through april of this year. the "san francisco examiner" reports if the assault continue another this page, muni would end the year with a 17% increase. union that represents the transit operator says rider hos silty increased since -- hostility increased since transportation talks. muni officials say that are working with the police department to monitor crime. los angeles police chief charlie beck says he is confident they have the right person in the beating of san francisco giants fan bryan stow. the d.a.'s office hasn't filed charges yet against 31-year-old giovanni
6:34 am
ramirez. police arrested him last weekend on a parole violation. ramirez says he wasn't at the game. and beck says the result of the line-up is enough. >> giovanni ramirez is the and has been the primary suspect in the stow beating. we have continue to present a case to the district attorney in the near future. >> i think he is the wrong guy. i really do. i think we have told them what the alibi is, we inveet them to check it out. >> what is it? >> he was with his daughter at the time. and other people will testify that he was not at -- as to where he was and certainly not at the game. >> police continue to search for two others in the attack on stow who is in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. the san mateo county judge handling more than 70 civil lawsuits filed against pg&e over last september's pipeline explosion in san bruno is pledging to give priority to the cases.
6:35 am
lawsuits have been stacking up since the september 9 blast and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. judge met with more than two dozen attorneys for the plaintiffs and for company yet to go over procedural issue. another meeting scheduled for june 30. the judge says lawsuits brought against pg&e by shareholders will have to be heard after those filed by the victims and families. >> this evening, the giants begin a seven-game road trip in milwaukee without their star catcher buster posey. yesterday, the giants announced posey had a fractured fibula and will have surgery on three torn ligments in the left ankle next week following wednesday night's jarring collision you saw there at home plate. the team says posey will miss at least six to eight weeks. not yet counting out a return this season. we certainly hope so. the giants set up an online get well buster greeting card. if you would like to sign it, we have a link on the web site.
6:36 am
click on see it on tv. two astronauts made history as the time spacewalkers as nasa final shuttlewalk program. mike fincke and greg chamitoff connected a 50-foot boom to the international space station. chamitoff grew up in san jose. these are the last shuttle crew members to perform a spacewalk. all future spacewalks including the time shuttle voyage this sum her be performed by full-time space station residents. meantime, the shuttle endeavor commanderer mark kelly is expected to speak today later with his wife gabrielle giffords as she continues her recovery from january's shooting rampage in tucson. this morning, we in the bay area got a rare glimpse of the shuttle and international space station from ground. it was visible for 5:15 this morning. if you missed it, you will get one more chance assuming the skies are clear. it should be visible again at 4:27 sunday morning.
6:37 am
it will look like a bright star approaching from the southwest. yeah. let us know if you were able to see it. i put out a tweet and nobody responded so far. i have understand it's difficult. a few clouds throughout as well. >> yeah. got any pictures we'd love to see them as well. 6:37. check in with mike for a look at the forecast. >> my bet is on christopher colubiquibe? he always sends us the pictures. it bet he has got if it he is out there. >> i remember him. like the four-syllable last name. cool name. >> if we get it, it will be from him. good morning. we made it to friday. watching showered notice how they are moving northeast away from us. there is a chance of the ever-thickening clouds we're dealing with now. it may drop a sprinkle or two in the morning commute and up to 11:00. all right. talk about the winds. they're quiet this morning. most of them less than ten miles per hour. not too much of a breeze right now. temperatures because of the clouds are up. low to mid-50s.
6:38 am
just about everywhere. 49 in los gatos. let's break down today. seeing the clouds, hanging around. by the afternoon hours, look at this. low to mid-60s around the bay shore. mid-to-upper 60s inland. even 70 around antioch. once we get past noon hour in monterey bay, it looks like chance of showers are over. you will see temperatures 60 in monterey, upper 60s to rest of the bay and low 70s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- stray shower possible tomorrow with another storm system passing north. the big story is breezy and cooler than average. even once the summer officially starts, it's still cooler than average. frances? >> can't find any delays yet right now. so here is the bray bridge toll plaza. but you heard amy hollyfield say if you are heading eastbound start night or sunday night, with some of the lanes closed we could see some delays heading back to oakland for the memorial day weekend. san mateo bridge could be an alternate at that point. traffic is fine. westbound is on the right. more congested than the
6:39 am
eastbound side. golden gate bridge looking great. you see clouds mike was talking about in the background. in the south bay, it's smooth sailing at the 280 and 17 interchange. through the interchange. northbound 280 heading to the bottom of the screen. northbound 17 in the santa cruz mountains. mass transit system report nothing delays. but again, you heard amy's report. there could be potential delay of up to even 40 minutes for transbay tube riders this weekend. because of the maintenance work. eric, kristen? >> all right. thank you very much. 6:39. >> that means trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here is a live look at the big board. dow right now is up 54 points. >> plus, bay area billionaire makes a curious announcement about his dinner choices. the interesting decision made by facebook founder mark zuckerberg. >> i don't know how to do this. >> the scary circumstances that forced a person with no
6:40 am
experience whatsoever to grab the controls of a plane. we'll show you what happened. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the san francisco hall of justice where two dozen drug cases are expected to be dismissed this morning. all because surveillance video showing police breaking the law. more videos are expected to be released this afternoon. story coming up in a live story coming up in a live repopopopopopopopopopopopopopopo
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6:44 on friday. live doppler7 h.d. quiet except for up around the northern section of our state. bordering oregon. talk about the forecast. that's where most of the rain will stay. low 70 for chico, sacramento, big sur. upper 70s, fresno. near 80 in los angeles. heading to the sierra, a chance of rain tomorrow. in tahoe. it will clear out with temperatures in the upper 40 to mid-50s. yosemite should see more sunshine throughout the holiday weekend. with low to upper 60s. >> thank you very much. >> we are getting a perspective on a frightening drama of skies over colorado. san bernadino woman who never flown a plane before was forced to try to land a small plane after her husband passed out at the controls. the cockpit tapes were just
6:45 am
released and abc's lisa stark has the white-knuckle story. >> i'm trying to get it on autopilot. i have don't know how to do this. >> that is a frantic voice of a woman whose 70-year-old husband is falling unconscious at the control of the small plane. flying in clouds at 16,000 feet. she has never flown a plane before. >> i can't tell what is going on. >> listening in is the crew of a nearby commercial plane and suspects the pilot is suffering from a lack of oxygen. the crew jumps in with critical advice on how to get the plane to a lower altitude. >> autopilot is on. the altitude selection, might be able to turn it counterclockwise to get to a lower altitude. >> we are going down. i don't know where. >> on the ground, denver air traffic control, charlie war, a 22-year veteran. he knows he must get the plane turned around. it's heading straight toward the mountains. >> you're better off heading
6:46 am
toward the southeast. >> all right. >> they apparently were using the plane's oxygen system as required, but it did not seem to be helping. there is a last resort. the aircraft is equipped with an emergency parachute which can lower the plane to the ground. it's not necessary. as the plane descends, the pilot begins to come back to life, woozy but combative. [ inaudible ] >> i am not totally -- [inaudible ] >> the controller convinces the man he must put the plane on the ground. the controller, the commercial pilots hold their breath, as the plane touches down in farmington, new mexico. >> mid-air rescue, mission accomplished. lisa stark, abc news, houston. 6:46 now. >> pay pal wants to take google to court over the mobile payment technology and block buster is taking a
6:47 am
page from the rival. >> bloomberg's jane king has more from the new york stock exchange with this. good morning. >> good morning. well, blockbuster wants you to make at it blockbuster night once again. it's jumping on the 99 cent rental game for movies, now owned by dish network. starting today, participating locations will drop the price of older movies to under a buck. new releases will cost between $2 and $3. the pricing model is a way to get astep ahead of competitors. red fox, since it gets many flicks 28 day ahead of them. google being sued by pay pal. pay pal says a former employee brought over to the business. they have no comment and say they haven't received a copy of the suit. yesterday, google unveiled the mobile service to let consumers pay with tap of cell phone. check on numbers so far today. positive numbers. the dow is up 50 points.
6:48 am
we're trading in the green across the board. the silicon valley index up but just barely fair. yesterday there was a big hearing in washington over at&t's takever of t-mobile. the california public utilities commission voted to repair a potential review of the deal. the deal is under a lot of scrutiny by lawmakers. they say it could raise prices for consumers and possibly lead to job cuts. lastly, you may have experienced problems on skype lately. service has been restored as the number of users were unable to sign on to the service. i.p. says it had to do with a corruption issue with certain operating systems like lenix, windows and mcintosh. >> have a great weekend. >> thank you. 6:48. >> one of yosemite's most popular vantage points will reopen today at noon just in time for the memorial day weekend. many hope to gate better view of waterfalls like these from glacier point. the road has been closed since winter due to heavy snow.
6:49 am
park rangers and regular visitors say this is the most impressive the falls have been in at least 15 years. thanks to all the snow they received this winter. yep. not melting terribly quickly i guess, since it's been so cool. >> it will be cold in the water. that is something we have to worry about this time of year. you could get caught in the water. cause hypothermia. >> right. >> look outside and see what is going on here. we have water possible. it could be chilly water, too. falling out of the clouds. right now, a sprinkle at best. still holding on to the possibility of a shower out of these. before the noon hour. and then it look like it will clear this afternoon. we'll have a gorgeous friday evening. as far as the temperatures, we still have one hold-out in the 40s. los gatos barely at 49 degrees. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. monterey, upper 40s to 50 in salinas. the threat of a shower will fade along with the clouds. we have plenty of sunshine this afternoon and through the early evening hours. cool breezes come in to keep temperatures below average.
6:50 am
though we are trying to kick off summer not going to feel like it. in the extended, i can't find summer heat there. ever. the temperatures never reach 80 degrees. in fact, we barely reach 70 degrees today in the east bay valley. pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood, fairfield. everybody else in mid-upper 60s. temperatures today are running 5 to 10 degrees cooler than average. we have low to mid-60s on the east bay shore. with a partly cloudy sky. it will be mostly sunny in the south bay with the upper 60s and near 70. we have saratoga and campbell at 69. low to mid-60s on the peninsula. partly cloudy. 65 in redwood city. lingering clouds along the coast. mid-to-upper 50s for you. downtown, south san francisco and saucelito, lumped around 60 degrees. the north bay coast around the mid-to-upper 50s. inland mid-to-upper 60s. 60 around monterey. upper 60s to low 70s for rest of the bay and inland. if you head to coliseum, game against the orioles. 7:05. it starts off sunny and mild. 62. it ends up partly cloudy.
6:51 am
67. tomorrow's game they have the fireworks. tonight, clear skies and cooler than this morning. all of us in the 40s except for san francisco, oakland, antioch, around 50. the cold front that is slowly sinking in to northern california. on this unusually active jetstream that should be up over the canadian border. because it's so close, we will have the storms passing just to the north. bringing us a chance of a scattered hower today. and another one tomorrow. that will stay over the ocean. you can see here that the front will move through quietly. and then by lunchtime, all bets are off for the shower. don't change plans just because there is a stray shower over the ocean on saturday. it's breezy. that is the big story for the weekend. other big story, cooler than average temperatures all seven days. have a great and safe weekend. frances? >> a new crash reported at 680 and mission boulevard but it's not blocking lanes. i don't think it will cause trouble. c.h.p. is en route. i want to show you the good commute heading through san bruno. so if you are catching a flight from memorial day weekend, no trouble on 101
6:52 am
northbound heading toward san francisco. past s.f.o. southbound looks good to mountain view as well. check out 680 in walnut creek. it's light. very friday light out there. right now. southbound traffic looking good here on the right-hand side toward highway 24. bay bridge toll plaza, absolutely delay-free. but there could be some delays this evening. due to the critical mass bike ride leaving justin hermann plaza at 6:00. you heard amy talk about overnight lane closures saturday and sunday. you may want to consider san mateo bridge as an alternate if you are heading to the east bay. ten minutes late. bart and other mass transit report nothing delays right now. you can stay up to date on the weekend delays anytime by going to our website
6:53 am
kristen? >> all right. thanks a lot. listen to this one. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is taking on an unusual new challenge. he is now about to eat only what he kills. zuckerberg says he is determined to get more in touch with his food. the 27-year-old internet billionaire has already killed a lobster, pig and a goat. he has also posted a photo of a chicken on the facebook page with a list of dishes he made from it. zuckerberg's guide is well-known palo alto chef jesse cool who is his neighbor. she introduced him to nearby farmers. he told "fortune" magazine, "i think people forget a living being has to die for you to eat meat. so my goal revolves around not letting myself forget that and be thankful for what i have." you probably wonder when he goes to restaurants. he says he orders vegetarian out. he doesn't want to eat the meat if he didn't kill it. >> interesting perspective. 6:53 now. recapping the top stories. san francisco's d.a. is expected to drop dozens of drug cases today because of
6:54 am
videos raising questions about police conduct. >> abc7's terry mcsweeney is live at the hall of justice with more on that and the new video we expect today. terry? >> yeah. the result of video released three weeks ago is what will happen at 9:00 this morning. 26 drug cases thrown out because the videos allegedly show police breaking the law. take a look at the video we're talking about. this is from a few weeks ago. it resulted in today's dismissal. public defender jeff adachi saying this shows police stealing a laptop and other items from a drug dealer's hotel room. police union president gary delainna says it doesn't make sense that an officer would ris about career to steal an 8-year-old computer in this case. adachi called a news conference this afternoon to release another video showing alleged police misconduct. a new accusation of theft and illegal search. adachi says hundreds of cases could be affected. he is taking a look at thousands of cases to see if there are any more which need to be taken to court.
6:55 am
live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. another top story of the morning, go to amy hollyfield who is a great reporter and apparently this morning a great traffic director. amy? >> reporter: i am a traffic director for this weekend, terry. there are going to be transportation issues this weekend. on bart, they have to shut down a track on the transbay terminal through the tube. so you are going to have some issues there. you are going to need to transfer here at the 12th street station. bart officials say they realize this is a hassle. that's why they scheduled it for holiday weekend and overnight hours. they estimate it will impact 10,000 to 15,000 people each day. they are doing this to repair a cable. emergency repair. if they didn't do it, they say it could cause bigger problems. the work will take place this weekend and next weekend. people who need to pay attention the most are those who use dublin and fremont lines. you will need to transfer at the 12th street station in oakland if you are going to san francisco, or the peninsula. there will also be issues on
6:56 am
the bay bridge. caltrans will be moving eastbound lanes. they will be creating a new detour. so they will close some eastbound lanes from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow night and sunday night. above ground, underground, there are going to be issues this weekend. if you need more details, we have them on the website reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. have a great holiday weekend! kristen, eric, mike, have a great weekend. and frances. >> thanks a lot. 6:56. >> it does look like the weekend is starting out on a cloudy note. i bet there are some delays at s.f.o. mike? >> yeah. 52-minute flight arrival delays at s.f.o. good morning. check out the flight tracker at live doppler7 h.d. picking up some sprinkles up around sonoma county. still think between now and about noon we could have sprinkles even a light shower. once we get past that, it will be clearer this afternoon with sunshine. right now it's mild. low to mid-50s. 49 in los gatos. by the afternoon hour, still cooler than average even
6:57 am
with a lot of sunshine. low to mid-60s around the bay shore, mid-to-upper 60s in the inland neighborhoods. do not look for summer in this forecast. temperatures below average all seven days. frances? >> we are waiting for spring to show up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays right now. but again, you heard amy with the potential delays this weekend. on bart and also eastbound off the bay bridge. right now, there is a delay on ace train number three, which is running ten minutes late. heading toward the south bay. ace train number five is reporting no delays. >> go to our website for the latest. >> thank you. we have to push back getting out our plaid pants another week. >> that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> can i confess how i knew there were s.f.o. delays? i follow mike on twtwtwtwtwtwtww
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