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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you will go there live. and remembering a tragedy by preventing more. police looking for drunk drivers in the same spot where a little girl was killed. abc news begins in 60
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novato police honor a girl killed by a drunk driver two years ago tonight by setting up a dui checkpoint. there are dui checkpoint going up all over the bay area, but the one in novato has special significance to everyone who knew a little girl killed by a repeat offender. thomas roman is there live tonight. >> we are on san carlos way. in the intersection behind me is where a man riding a motorcycle with multiple duh i's hit and killed 9-year-old melody and maimed her father. that was two years ago. and tonight marin county
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officers have set up a dui checkpoint in hopes to prevent anything like this from happening again. marin county police caught this man with an open container in his are car. he was caught in the dui checkpoint. officers set up the checkpoint in honor of melody. it was two years ago today that a motorist rammed into the father and daughter on san marin drive. he says he has the memory fixed in his mind and heart. >> we were walking across the street in a crosswalk and holding hands and mowed down by a drunk driver. >> he says his daughter was murdered by edward schaefer who at the time was convicted by multiple duh i's. -- dui's. he says every step is a reminder of his loss. >> and i can forget about it. but walking is not easy. it doesn't come naturally. my physical injuries are with me and a daily reminder. >> they asked for permission
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to use melody's name and picture for the checkpoint. >> this checkpoint is in honor of melody and her life, and to bring awareness and education and also to deter drunk driving in novato and in marin county. >> dozens of cars lined up for the checkpoint. licenses are checked and drivers are asked if they were drinking. this family had an unlicensed driver at the wheel and they were taken out of their car and the vehicle towed away. he hopes the dui checkpoint can save the life of someone else's child. he and his wife are trying to get on with their lives. >> my wife and i had a baby six months ago, a boy. he has brought a lot of you have l. he makes us a family of four again. it doesn't bring melody back, but it helps to rebuild our lives. >> officers were hoping to check 1200 to 2,000 cars through the checkpoint.
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tonight kicks off sobriety checkpoint throughout the state in preparation for the long memorial day weekend. thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. the state assembly passed a bill that would set guidelines for dui checkpoint. supporters say too many checkpoint are being used to make a profit by impounding cars of illegal immigrants and unlicensed drivers. the new law would require police conduct check checkpoint in areas where drunk driving is a problem. it prohibits police from impounding cars if a licensed driver can pick it up. in oakland, one man is under arrest after a short, but high speed car chase. he is suspected it of rob -- robberies and they are trying to link him to another crime hours before. lisa amin gulezian has the latest. >> oakland police are still trying to figure this whole thing out. but investigators do confirm they arrested a man in connection with two pharmacy robberies. and they are also still trying
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to figure out if the same man is tied to a sexual assault in the oakland hills early this morning. >> this is the man oakland police arrested after a high speed chase that ended at west street and mcarthur boulevard. >> when i looked out the window, this gray car buzzed by. >> police started chasing the suspect because it matched the description of a get away car used after an armed robbery in oak lands. -- oakland. when officers tried to pull the car over, this is what happened. >> he was trying to turn left, but at the second arrow he started sliding and got to the gravel and lost control and jumped the curb. he jumped up and hit the pole here. >> he jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the yard. >> and that's where police found him. they found bottles of medicine in his car, and medication taken from one of the
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pharmacys that was robbed. while police gathered evidence, a sexual assault investigator arrived on the scene. earlier today a woman was sexually assaulted during a home invasion robbery on milton avenue in the oakland hills. >> we look at suspects that are involved in different crimes because of information we receive. >> i don't know that for sure, but it is a possibility. >> the attack happened at around 3:00 a.m. while the woman's husband and two children were in the house. there have been several burglaries in the neighborhood recently. this homeowner didn't want to be identified. >> we are still oakland, and what goes on a mile down the road affects us. and for people to think we are living in a bubble is not right. we are still concerned citizens. >> abc7 has learned police asked a woman to take part in a photo lineup of the robbery suspect. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thanks.
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five seniors missed tonight's senior prom at so cal high school in santa cruz county after administrators accused them of being white supremecists. symbols of racism have appeared. other united states dents include hateful graffiti and swastikas around the campus. administrators took action when five seniors wore white t-shirts in their class picture. it violated the gang policy. >> we don't want people affiliated with gangs or hate groups. it is a problem. it is a problem if those students are intimidating other students. >> they thought it was a joke, and then it got out of hand, and they didn't realize how it offended people, and they should have known people. -- they should have known better. >> they fear an off campus white supremecist group might have tried to recruit students. a high school teacher from merced county is charged with
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keeping explosives in her classroom and helping kids inhale a dangerous chemical. the prosecutors accuse 34-year-d hundorf of making nitro glis ride in her classroom while students are present. a bomb squad and a hazardous materials team removed the dangerous chemical from her classroom yesterday. the bomb squad detonated that material behind the campus. as you can see here, after 1100 students were evacuated, police first arrested them on child endangerment charges on monday after police say she helped three students get high by sniffing color -- chlroroform. hackers broke into lockheed-martin. a spokesman for lockheed would not discuss the threat, but the hackers were able to get through security systems by creating electronic keys similar to this one. it is not clear what data if any was stolen. but lockheed and other
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military con tractors -- contractors currently used in battle and iraq and afghanistan. there is sensitive material at stake here. >> many will hit the road this memorial day weekend. perhaps you will, but the high prices at the pump will keep a lot of folks close to home. across the united states drivers pay $3.81 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. but here in the bay area, we pay some of the nation's highest prices traditionally. $4.06 in oakland and san jose, and $4.17 in san francisco. triple-a expects people to travel this weekend, but they might stay with relatives and friends instead of a hotel. they may also take day trips instead of overnight vacations. the economy at large has to be factored into all of those considerations. a family budget is not just about gas prices. it is about what other costs they have going on. >> american households spent
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on average $369 last month on gas. two years ago they spent $201, significant increase. families now spend more filling up than they do on cars, clothes or recreation. there are ways to save, however. here is a tip, fill up your tank on friday. gas stations will add a penny here or there or week, it turns out most gas stations raise their prices the most on saturdays. so friday might be a good time to fill up to save some money. that could be your best bet. and get off the beaten path. researchers say if you drive about one mile off a highway exit you will find gas 11% cheaper on average. of course you will use more gas to get to the gas station, but you can save. and finally, buy gas at discounters like costco. costco is president aring big profits last -- is reporting big profits on their gas because the prices are
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attractive to drivers. a lot more to bring you, crossing the bay. why this week may be more challenging than most. and fire season begins in california. the firefighters who are bat lig a huge wildfire in -- battling a huge wildfire in southern california right now. and north koreans free an american they held for six months. all of that is coming up. and then on "nightline." >> is college worth it? the billionaire co-founder of paypal says why he is paying students to drop out of college. and breeders claim to have brought a genetic cousin of the zebra back from
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fuel up, rock on. very well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a chevy cruze eco for around $159 a month. or qualified buyers can get no monthly payments for 3 months. fuel economy based on epa estimates. deferred payments offer ends may 31st. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to crossing the bay may require a bit more patience this weekend. some even say a boat. detours on the bay bridge and bart repair work will result in delays. abc7's laura anthony explains the work and the impact. >> whether by train or car, getting between the east bay and san francisco this weekend will be a bit more challenging. >> we are going to be shutting down. >> work will begin after the last train on friday, saturday and sunday night. it will then go to the
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following afternoon. riders can expect delays up to 40 minutes. bart will close one track to repair a cable that was damaged in a fire in december. >> what that means is that the pittsburgh bay point to san francisco airport trains in both directions will have to share the remaining track through the trans bay tube. >> bart riders will have to transfer at the 12th street station in oakland to get to and from san francisco. those who choose to use the bay bridge instead will experience detours eastbound this weekend. from 8 p.m. to 5 p.m. friday and saturday cal trans will close some eastbound lanes on the approach to oakland as crews put the finishing touches on a lane reconfigure ration. >> after this weekend traffic is going to be detoured in this fashion here where we will be moving things to the south. it is an easier turf. it is a change. >> this is an illustration
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that shows what the arraign -- alignment is today. >> the app for ipad and the iphone shows the before and the after animation. drivers should not expect any sig can't delays. >> in this instance, the affect on the bay bridge traffic is going to be minimal. it was a holiday weekend. we have chosen hours that shouldn't conflict with traffic. >> we showed you a bit of the bay bridge explorer. that is the new app that cal trans launched. users can also get a view as if they were driving across the bring in a car -- across the bridge in a car. thousands have downloaded the app. laura anthony. an american held by north korea for oflf a year is returning. they are boarding a flight and he is with an envoy. he was arrested in november and accused of a serious
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crime. the koreans never said what that was, but they say he was accused of spreading christianity. nothing was promised in exchange for the man's released, but he is heading home. a wind-driven wildfire threatens 100 homes in southern california this evening. the fire started early this afternoon near lake isabella in kern county. that's 110 miles north of los angeles. the u.s. forest service reports it has burned 200 acres so far and voluntary evacuations are in place. they are keeping the firefighting helicopters on the ground, but crews have been able to fly to air rail tanker plane -- to aerial tanker planes. that is a reminder of the fire season to come, but elsewhere in the state, it still looks like winter in some respects. squaw valley and several other resorts operate on the weekend and they are running more lifts than usual. squall value had three feet of
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fresh snow last week on top of a 14-foot base. so you can ski this memorial day weekend on some pretty good snow. what is the forecast going to be around the state and the bay area? meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sandhya, no snow, but it is cooler than we expect. >> yeah. here in the bay area we will see unusually cool conditions this time of year. but by now, you are probably used to it. may has been an unusually cool month. as you look at what it looked hike this afternoon, we had a cold front come through this morning. it dropped a little rain in the north bay and pacifica. once the cold front fell apart, we enjoyed this. high definition emeryville camera, plenty of sun. temperatures ranges -- ranging from the upper 50s to the low 70s, well below average for this time of year. and not much is going to inning cha. it will remain cooler than normal for the springtime. temperatures in the 50s and a few clouds around. chance of showers and becoming mostly sunny on sunday. and clouds return on memorial
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day. so here is the set up for the satellite and radar showing you yet another cold trough. it is going drop down and pick up some moisture. it will bring us the possibility of some showers. the jet stream is again going to dive down pretty far south for this time of year. this is more of a winter-like set up than what we see in the springtime. which is why we are looking at the chance for showers on your saturday afternoon and your evening. in the sierra nevada it will mean snow. if you are a skier or snowboarder, there is fresh powder coming your way. the snow level coming down to 5,000 feet heading into sunday morningment they are expecting 4 to 8 inches above 8500 foot elevation. the temperatures are mid40s saturday and low 40s on sunday, and it is a dryer, warmer forecast on memorial day. if you are traveling tomorrow around the state definitely showers developing to the north. 65 in chico and scattered
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showers by the afternoon, and this is where you need to go to get the heat. 90 in las vegas, palm springs 93, los angeles sunshine in the afternoon, 74 degrees tomorrow. in the bay area, a couple clouds around. numbers in the mid40s to the low 50s. and as you look at your afternoon readings, it is going to be one of those days where you see quite a bit of cloud cover threatening the skies. could see a few showers. 66 in the south bay and 67 for you in san jose, saratoga. the low to upper 60s. lossal toes, 67 degrees tomorrow. a sweater or jacket will do as it will be a breezy and cool afternoon. 56 degrees in half moon bay. also in the sunset district, downtown san francisco, 59 degrees, and if you will be in the north bay, carry the umbrellas. best possibility toward petaluma. 62 in san rafael.
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if you are in the east bay, you are in the low 60s. 63 in oakland. in the inland areas, this is where it is pretty noticible. it is not springtime weather. 64 in livermore and 66 in concord. bymemorial day you are close to 80 degrees if not right at 80 in places like livermore. 60 in monterey. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast it is going to be partly wet, partly sunny. if you are looking atmemorialday, it is fine. a little cooler than normal. a slight chance of showers monday night. hopefully by then your plans are done and really not much change happening here. >> pretty steady temperatures. >> just a few degree change. >> thank you very much. coming up next, dinasaurs come to life in the bay area this weekend. where to find these life-like creatures. stay with us.
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the golden gate bridge opened 74 years ago today, and now the countdown started in ernest for next year's 75th celebration. the plans include building a more welcoming visitor's center at the san francisco end, but there won't be a bridge walk as there was for the 50th anniversary as
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there was in 1987. if you are looking for something fun to do over the holiday weekend, check out the lawrence halve science in berkeley. look at the size of that thing. the life-sized t rex is part of an exhibit that is called "dinasaurs unearthed." the dye gnaw sorz roar and stomp before your very eyes. and there is an area where kids can do their own archiologist dig. it runs until next january. it is pretty cool. and if you want fee so many, stay tune -- fear fume, stay tuned. >> did you see those kids? >> they say it is fake, but i don't know. >> the last thing the giants need now is another collision at the plate. especially with the twins' fielder barreling home.
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the surprise hero in milwaukee next in sports.
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the giants went to milwaukee still depressed over
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the loss of buster posey. but one swing of the bat brought them back to life. he started the week in single-a ball. he was rolling in the cash tonight. he leaves one over the plate and weeks deposits it in the outfield. it is 2-0 brewers. the giants down 3-1. and crawford grew up in pleasanton. a short stop in the future and the future is now. a grand slam and the giants were up 5-3. bases loaded and mccoy and a single to left. no, no, not another collision at the plate. eli white side takes the brunt of it and holds on the crawford is welcomed to the biggs with a pie in the face. dallas brayden is hurt, but raising awareness about skin cancer prevention. the game is tied at two and two on for baltimore. he is bad guererro.
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but pennington is even bader. a diving stop to stop the double play. geo gonzalez fired up and not figuring in the decision. sweeney delivers and it is one of oakland's five hits with two outs in the game. welling ham and aloha. a's roll 6-2 and their second straight victory. another day and another upset at the french open. the two seed in the women's side is out. and today the top seed followed her out the door. number one, but has never won a grand slam event. and she made sure she wasn't doing this one. she takes the first set. she crushes number one. 6-1, 6-3 and advancing to the fourth round. boston and tampa bay. look out. steven stamp cos took a puck off the face and left the ice bloody and came back. he is tough.
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the only goal of the game and the bruins headed to the stanley cup finals for the first time in 21 years. gate one is wednesday in vancouver. college softball and stanford and alabama and the rubber match in the super regional. riley down the line off the glove of melissa. that was the only run of the game. alabama wins it 1-0 and are head together college softball world series. you have to see florida and oregon gator hitting two homers today. her best highlight was here. watch the car driving by and gets smashed. the long foul ball and incoming. it knocked off the sideview. she apologized in her post game conference. not much to apologize are to. she hit two homers and they won it 9-1. >> that's this edition. for larry beil and sandhya patel. thank you for watching and have a safe and happy holiday
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