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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 28, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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in the news this saturday morning, oakland police investigate the connection of the suspect in a break-in and sexual assault and man arrested yesterday. and agencies are cracking down on drunk drivers this memorial day weekend. >> get set for a cool and breezy weekend with showers possible today. >> good morning. a man suspected of committing two robberies is under arrest after leading police on a brief high-speed chase. police are looking into whether he is involved in another violent crime that occurred yesterday morning. lisa amin gulezian reports. >> this is the man oakland police arrested after a high-speed chase that ended at west street and macarthur
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boulevard. >> it was like -- when i looked out the window, gray car. i said my god, what is going on. >> he started chasing the suspect because it matched the description of a getaway car at than armed robbery in a pharmacy. when officers tried to pull the car over, this is what happened. >> he was trying to turn left. but at the second, he started flying and got to this gravel and lost control. jumped up and hit the pole here. >> he jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the yard. >> that is where they found him. they found bottles of medicine, medication that was taken from one of pharmacies that was robbed. also earlier a woman was sexually assaulted during a home invasion robbery. >> we look at suspects involved
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in different crimes because that is information we receive. >> i don't know that for sure but it's a possibility. >> the attack happened around 3:00 a.m. while the woman's husband and two children were in the house. there have been several burglaries in the neighborhood. this homeowner didn't want to be birthday. >> we're still oakland and it's still a mile down the road so people think we are living in the balbosas probably not right. >> oakland police will take a line-up of the suspects. >> police agencies are cracking down on drunk drivers and enforcing the seat belt law. in novato. one checkpoint had special significance who know a little girl by a repeat offender.
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>> marin county police caught this man with an open container in the car, no license and no insurance. they set up this checkpoint in memory of a little girl. a motorist rammed into a father and daughter. an officer says he has memories fixed in his mind and his heart. >> we were mowed down by a drunk driver. >> his daughter was murdered by edward schaffer who at the time had been qualified of multiple duismts. >> i try to forget about it but walking is not easy. so, yeah, my visible injuries is daily reminder. >> they asked for his her submission to use the picture for the check pointed. >> this checkpoint we're having in novato is in honor of melody
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and her life and to bring awareness and education and also to deter drunk driving in novato and in marin county. >> dozens of cars lined up for the check points, licenses are checked and drivers are asked if they had been drinking. >> like this family were taken out of the car and the vehicle was towed away. he says he hopes check points like this can help the life of someone's else's child. >> my wife and i had a baby, six months ago, a boy. he has brought a lot of love. it doesn't bring melody back. we try to rebuild back our family. >> the check points, sobriety checkpoints all throughout the state in preparation for a long memorial day weekend. speaking of checkpoints. state assembly has passed a bill
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that has set guidelines for check points. too many check points are being used to make a profit by impound go cars by illegal immigrants and unlicensed drivers. new law would require police conduct check points where drunk introduce driving is a problem. many americans will hit the roads this memorial day weekend. high prices at the pump will keep many at home. drivers pay an average of 3.81 for a gallon of unleaded regular gas. here 4.06 in san jose and how about 4.17 in san francisco. aaa expects many people to travel this weekend but they might stay with relatives and friends. they also might take day trips. >> the economy at large has to be factored into all those considerations because a family budget is not just about gas prices, it's about what other
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costs they have going on. >> and putting things in perspectives, american households spend $369 last month on gas. two years ago they were spending about $200. they spend more filling up then they spend on cars, clothes or recreation, according to aaa. >> five seniors missed their prom in santa cruz county after administrators accused of them of being white supremacists. these photos show students giving nazi salutes and swastikas also appeared around the campus. they took action where five seniors wore white t-shirts. >> we don't want kids affiliated with any gang or hate group. it's particularly a problem if students are intimidating other
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students. >> i thought it was a joke. it got really out of hand and it offended people. really should have known better. >> they say a white supremacist from off campus might have tried to recruit the students. >> a teacher is charged with keeping explosives in her classroom. they accused her of keeping hazardous materials. they removed it from the classroom on thursday. explosive technicians came out and detonated the material behind the campus after 1100 students were evacuated. police first arrested them on child endangerment charges they say she helped three students to sniff klor form.
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lockheed martin, a spokesman would not discuss the threat but hackers were able to get through security systems by creating electronic keys. it's not the clear what data was stolen. lockheed and other military contracts store sensitive data currently used in battle in iraq and afghanistan. >> and delays you might encounter this memorial day weekend. and the great skiing conditions in the sierra and what is in the sierra and what is supposed to be announcer: when your eyes are smiling, you're smiling. be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently
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crossing the bay may require a bit more patience this weekend detours on the bridge and work on the transbay tube will result in delays.
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laura anthony explains the work and impact. >> whether by train or car, getting between the east bay this weekend will be a bit more challenging. >> we'll be shutting down the transbay tube. >> work will begin friday, saturday and sunday night and extend into the following afternoon. riders can expect delays up to 40 minutes. bart will repair a tube that to a cable that was damaged back in december. >> what that means, they had have to share the remaining tracks in the tube. >> bart riders will have to transfer at the 12th street station in oakland to get to and from san francisco. >> those that choose to use the bay bridge will experience detours eastbound this weekend, from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. caltrans will slow some
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eastbound lanes on the approach to oakland as crews finish the finishing touches. >> traffic is going to be detoured where we're going to be moving things to the south. it's an easier curve. it should be easier to navigate. >> this is an illustration what the alignment is today. >> the bay bridge explorer for ipad and iphone shows the before and after animation. drivers should not expect any significant delays. >> in this instance, the effect on the bay bridge traffic is going to be pretty minimal. it's a holiday weekend which traditionally is busy for us and we have chosen hours that shouldn't conflict with traffic as much. >> we have shown bay bridge explorer the app they launched year this month. they can get a view as if they were driving across the bridge,
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60,000 people have downloaded that app in a little more than a week. >> plans to extend the bart line into livermore will hit a bump when the livermore city council is compelled to act on yas roots i initiative to keep bart on 580. they opposing a bart station has qualified as a ballot measure. so on june 13 the city council will have to take one of three actions that can adopt the measure, put night a citywide vote or request further study. they previously endorsed bart's plan. it feels more like winter than anything approaching the unofficial beginning of summer. squaw valley and several other resorts often operate but this year they are running more lifts than usual. squaw valley had three feet of fresh snow on top of a 14 foot
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base. according to lisa, maybe they are going to be open more runs because they have more snow coming. >> we need to change the official start of summer. we're going to have rain across the day. sunny and emeryville, temperatures in the 50s and about half a foot of snow or better in the mountains. your forecast is coming up. >> also next, another collision at home, the last thing the giants needed especially with one barreling home. larry beil has more in3q
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welcome back on this saturday morning. 8:17-a gorgeous shot looking out at the bay bridge. we got some clouds there and there is more on the way. lisa will explain all that in a couple of minutes. >> death toll in joplin missouri is up to 139 people after the massive tornado. search continues for 150 people still missing. some 90 people originally on the list have been found alive. matt gutman reports there are signs of.
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>> every these are terrifying few seconds after the tornado. >> he found them alive but many others weren't so lucky. as the search continues, joplin is slowly coming back. the sound of rebirth. mangled trees being cut back. skeletons of buildings being hauled away and new construction. >> we are thankful for our lives. >> about 500 dogs have been taken to this spca center. >> just last night as we were walking in, randy's reunion with lucy. miranda had feared the worst. >> anybody alive?
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>> this amazing scene in oklahoma, a dog finds a fellow canine very much alive. >> after a few days, many of the animals will migrate back to where their homes were. >> exactly what nathan did after a tornado, crawling for weeks on a pair of broken legs just to return to his old back porch. tomorrow, president obama will tour the devastation and attend a memorial service in joplin. >> golden gate bridge opened 74 years ago yesterday and now the countdown has started for next year's 75th anniversary celebration. they unveiled a logo. you can see a whole lot of it around the bay area. make a more welcoming visiting center but they there won't be a bridge walk as there was for the
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50th anniversary 1987. i was on that walk back in 1987. there i am with the white hat. it was amazing, truly amazing. that was something. people down here know how to party. >> not you. >> rain or shine. >> but you are going to see rain in the north bay in san francisco but still sunshine in the sutro camera. westerly wind blowing at the beach and southwesterly winds out ahead of a cold front. you see the drops on the lens there. 56 in oakland, 53 in san francisco and 55 in livermore and the winds definitely a factor with the system behind the system. so temperatures as much as 10 degrees below average, gusty winds 10-25 miles an hour.
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we're talking about a chance of showers throughout the morning and the afternoon. we'll be behind the system tomorrow. sunny and maybe a couple of degrees warmer and another system heads our way late on memorial day. live doppler 7 hd you notice around inverness, a few showers. further south, getting ready to push into sausalito and off the coast here. if you are traveling over the golden gate bridge, watch out you could see some wet payment out there and even on the beaches. it's going to be a cool day. you notice the showers offshore there. a cold area of low pressure and making inroads in california. pretty good thunderstorms around cape mendocino. we will see snow in the mountains by 5:00 today, it will be falling. that is why we have a winter weather advisory through 5:00 today through 5:00 tomorrow with
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half a foot of snow. up to ten inches above 7,000 feet. slick roadways and chain controls. numbers hopefully making it into the who's but difficult traveling if you of headed up that way. if you want to wait monday when the system is well to the east. today only in the 60s in the south bay. we're going to add in a chance of showers, as well. breezy conditions all up and down the san mateo coast with temperatures only in the 50s there. 54 in menlo park. highs in the mid-60s for late may. 59 today and in the north bay. you are about 12 degrees below the average in santa rosa. 66 with showers headed your way. near east bay, breezy, chance of showers in berkeley at 61. 63 in fremont and out over the hills, we'll have these southwesterly winds keep the winds howling and temperatures feeling much, much cooler than average. low 60s in dublin.
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seven-day forecast, here is the first system. we get behind it tomorrow. some sunshine and another system comes our way memorial day. >> and the rain is, do you cancel picnics or do you go ahead with them? >> yeah, it's a holiday. >> the giants will go for a second straight win with johnathon sanchez taking the mound. they had an unexpected source. here is larry beil. >> still depressed over the loss of buster posey, brandon crawford brought the team back to life. crawford started from san jose. if you are betting on italian you are rolling in cash. tim lincecum rolling along until ricky weeks put one into deep
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center, 2-0 brewers and meet the kid, brandon crawford, short stop of the future. the future is now. he is first big league hit. giants up 5-3. bases loaded. single to left. cody ross, it's not another conclusion collision, he hangs on. crawford, gets a pie in the face it's all good for the giants, they win 5-4. >> a's and orioles, dallas brayden raising awareness about skin cancer prevention. this is a diving stop. he saves a one and gonzalez is fired up. in the shikth, still tied at 2. sweeney delivers one of five
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two-out hits. and solo shot. his eighth of the year. a's roll 6-2. >> another day and another upset on the red clay in the french open. number two winning seed k kleis kleis is out. and daniel la, big forehand winner. she takes that the first set. match point. clips the net and crushes number one. they advanced to the fourth round. >> to the ice, boston and contaminate about a bay. takes a puck in the face. scoreless in the third. david to nathan horton and that is your on only goal of the game. 1-0, bruins headed to the
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stanley cup finals for the first time in 21 years, game one wednesday in vancouver. >> in college softball, stanford and alabama, down the line off the glove of 43 lisa and jackie, 1-0 and that is the only run. alabama wins 1-0 and headed to the colleges softball world series. how about florida and oregon, two homers but best highlighted, incoming, smashed a car with a long side ball. knocked off the side view mirror on that vehicle. should he apologize in a post game press conference. not much else for the gated teors feel sorry about that. stay with this game. 9-1. that is a wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be with all your highlights. have a great holiday weekend everybody. i'm larry beil.
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next at 8:30, police in campbell are still looking for a man that say beat a three-year-old girl and left her for dead in a rolled up carpet. also a seafood scam, why the fish you order may not be the z
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this morning president obama is in poland meeting with the president there. he arrived in warsaw to a formal welcoming ceremony. poland, he says, is a leader around the world and he wants countries to use their experience to establish democracys in north african ka and other places. >> here in this neighborhood we still have challenges. we discussed in particular, the
8:30 am
unacceptable situation in belarus. the president there has shown a total disregard for democratic values, the rule of law and human rights to his own people. in his brutal crackdown included the conviction and sentencing for presidential candidates that challenged him. >> camp bill police are crediting a young teenager to help save a life. police have been looking for him for three weeks. a three-year-old girl was left for dead rolled up in the carpet. now, the latest of the investigation. >> 35-year-old george rodriguez is on the loose. he beat up his three-year-old daughter. the little girl was found with a black eye, bruises on her face and stomach in this garage. police now say it was the
8:31 am
suspect's son, a 15-year-old boy living in the house who discovered the little girl in rolled up carpet. they say they were are picked up by a friend and taken to her mother. 15-year-old troubled by his discovery eventually called police, but by then the girl's mother had disappeared with the child. two days later the little girl and their mother were found near a shopping center parking lot. this is police on may 11th after finding them. >> it's an area where we had some information she may have had some friends in that area and so they developed some leads that she was possibly going to this particular parking lot. >> a neighbor says she is not surprised. police had been to the house in the past. >> it's kind of like hopoe the fence to tell them come out. it's happened numerous times. >> it's very unfortunate.
8:32 am
it's a beautiful little girl. they do have some issues in that that neighborhood. >> the mother is in custody but rodriguez has not been found. >> meanwhile, police say the little girl is in protective custody. in campbell, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> former state assemblyman and former mayor ira ruskin is stepping down from politic to fight a brain tumor. doctors discovered the tumor and removed 95% of it during emergency surgery. while it is not curable. they say it is containable. the 67-year-old peninsula politician was looking at a possible run for state senate next year. pg&e crews are digging down to a natural gas transmission line in newark getting ready to start pressure testing.
8:33 am
the tests are similar to those conducted in antioch and mountain view. state regulators ordered the tests to make sure there won't be another are rupture like the deadly explosion in san bruno in december. pg&e has been briefed by phone and by mail. when it comes to seafood, conservation groups you can be fooled about what you are eating. some concerned scientists or sounding an alarm that fish fraud is not only bad for consumers but it's dangerous to fish populations. wayne freedman has more on the problem and who is fishing for solutions. >> it is fish in a restaurant and in many cases, eating it is an act of faith. >> are you sure it's yellow tail? >> that is what they tell me. >> at here you can bank on it but by a group they question fda
8:34 am
may have left them slip in this country. >> they have fallen down on the job of enforcing against non-health related problems. >> call of it is found outside the countries and that means a whole range. >> you see this, there is one like it on every fish allowing the chef to trace its history. >> it will take you directly to the website which will have a link to the story behind the fish and how it was caught. >> critics believe every fish deserves this level of accountability. it's similar especially after the fins and scales are gone leaving too much uncertainty.
8:35 am
>> people could be unknowingly eating endangered species. >> it all tastes the same. >> isn't fish, fish? >> unfortunately not. >> maybe a fish on only once a fish once we establish it's pedigree. wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." >> maybe the big story for the three-day weekend is weather. there is a little bit of couple things out there. >> i'll say it rain. it's offshore but beach boardwalk, santa cruz, doesn't look too bad. temperatures in the 50s. there are clouds around, highs in the 60s, there is a chance down there, too. i'll have the forecast next. >> also ahead, a local history lesson, leaders of a indian tribe return to the bay area to
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welcome back. 8:37. saturday morning, a from sutro at downtown san francisco. you can tell from that shot, but you see the haze in san francisco leading to some rain. not a lot. not a big washout. >> we have seen a change since sunrise, it was nice and clear. raindrops on some of the cameras. as we head outside this morning, sierra nevada, winter weather advisory for up to ten inches of snow through tomorrow evening. half a foot possibly lower elevations so it's going to be tough going if you are headed up there. i would say go now. you can see hazy but we will be looking at winds kicking up today. mid-50s in oakland. winds out of the southwest for
8:39 am
the most part but they are gusting, here in oakland and at the airport. half moon bay, 5 miles an hour and we're going to have northwesterly winds, as well. chances of showers in of afternoon hours and more sunshine with breezy winds and clouds return for our holiday on monday. live doppler 7 hd, notice the activity. it's offshore but also rotating right into san francisco right now. here is a look at daly city and downtown where the showers are pushing off over the bay bridge. so be careful. it's going to be wet from time to time. breezy from time to time. there will be passing showers throughout the day today. best chance of rain is in the morning hours. you'll notice further south, san mateo coast, still wet weather, perhaps headed your way because an area of low pressure and seasonally bli strong. poised to the north and west of us, not only bringing bay area
8:40 am
rain showers, but tahoe, mountain snow. here is the set up for the rest of the day with a winter weather advisory. 5:00 today, 2-6 inches below 7,000 feet and up to 9 inches above 7,000 feet. 80 and 50 will be impacted and chain controls at sierra crest. back here we'll be looking at numbers very cold there and chilly with numbers in the 40s. overnight lows in the upper 20s for sunday morning. you notice the cloud cover, chance of showers, including san mateo, palo alto with mid-50s at half moon bay. breezy winds out of southwest gusting to over 30 miles an hour at times. 59 in downtown and in the north bay, showers already around santa rosa and cloverdale, 62 in vallejo. breezy and cool and 63 in oakland as well as fremont and out over the hills, maybe a
8:41 am
couple of degrees warmer but still it will be raw day in dublin. 63 today and down by the monterey bay, chance of showers for the evening hours, 60 there. seven-day forecast, this system rotates through this evening and then tomorrow, we've got sunshine to enjoy. breezy winds, another system bringing a chance by memorial day in the afternoon right through tuesday. these things come in quick and change and now we have the rain downtown. >> we have a shot from the roof cam near the ferry building, we will see a couple drops falling. we got a couple of drops falling down here, 900 front see seat, thanks lisa. >> for thousands of years, ilonni indians called the bay area home. but members will return to san francisco to tell their story.
8:42 am
cheryl jennings reports. >> 73-year-old is actively keeping alive the traditions of ace ancestors for future generations because many people think they don't exist anymore. members of the tribe will perform in the ethnic dance festival this summer. >> it's very important to us. our main thing is for people to know that we're still here. >> i caught up with him at a studio in san francisco where he and his family were part of a photo shoot for part of the festival. he and his ancestors were among the indigenous people of northern california. different tribes around the san francisco bay area to the central valley but beginning in the late 1700's their world changed when outsiders came in and refused to allow them to practice their religion. they converted them to
8:43 am
christianity and many were forced into servitude. everybody wanted their valuable land. >> the stan yards came in here with the mission system and then the mexicans took over after that when they won their war with spain. then the americans came in and that devastated us more and then the 49ers came in with the gold mining. >> it was such a terrible time many denied their heritage. >> they would rather claim being mexican. >> they were almost extinct by the early 1880s. but they stayed together here. 2,000 now live in pomona, california. >> we have tribal meetings and we have youth council meetings. >> they can trace their family history back for centuries.
8:44 am
>> we went as a group and we stayed as a group all this time. we have our lineage and records and marriage records. that has what kept us together. >> this is 1811. this the grandfather? >> here is the ancestors, a man named by of andreas. >> his great father was baptized at mission dolores. >> the inside is similar to the way it looks like during the baptism. they have the private huts built by the tribe. the chief would like to bring them home closer to the ancestors and he wants to leave a legacy for them. >> in the meantime, they have experienced an important piece of history. when the chief and his family visit san francisco for the ethnic dance festival.
8:45 am
the tribe opens a five week dance festival at san francisco city hall for the rest of their schedule and documentary on them there is a link at 2. "abc 7 news." >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> three children open their first saving accounts to find out that bank fees ate up all their money. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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you are looking at live picture atop mount sutro. you can see a cargo ship underneath the golden gate bridge. we have sunshine there in the richmond and other parts of the
8:48 am
city where going back. presidio heights, clouds are taking over. a couple of drops of rain. we've got it all going on right now. as lisa called. >> america is about as stressed out as it was last year. 40% of people say they are stressed a lot of day. where are people least stressed hawaii. about 30% say they are stress add lot of day. wyoming is second least stressed state, north and south dakota, and california came in 18th. west and northeast have the highest level of stress. san francisco mother wanted to teach her kids the value of saving money so she took them to a bank to open their very first saving account. lesson learned was not the one they had expected.
8:49 am
here is 7 on your side michael finney with their story. it was had a milestone in their lives when leslie smart took her three children to the bank to open their first saving account. >> the idea was saving money and it will grow. >> it was exciting to be in the bank. i have my own money. >> they brought their piggy banks and opened accounts at bank of america back in 2007. >> first time, i only had $2. that was money gotten from a cookie sale. i got money from my birthday or christmas. >> the mom said they they kept it there it would grow. they went in january to deposit christmas banks and banking reality it. >> basically my account was gone and i was losing money and not gaining money. >> my bank account was gone and
8:50 am
it wasn't there anymore. >> instead of growing their money had been shrinking. they say the accounts didn't exist anymore. >> of course, they existed. kids haven't taken out a single deposit. >> bank fees had kicked in after one year and slowly drained the accounts at the rate of $3 per month per child in 2008 increasing $5 per month in 2009. his $16 account disappeared the quick-e. >> it was kind of shocking to me. i always heard a lot of good things about banks but it was the first time i experienced that. >> banks should do the opposite and give interest. >> only one that faithfully deposited money, still had $191 in her account out of $323 in
8:51 am
deposits. leslie says the bank didn't warn her about the fees. she assumed there would be none because the children's accounts were linked to hers. >> there are more fees and harder to avoid. >> a nonprofit is calling for new laws requiring banks to explain all fees clearly to its customers. currently they must inform only those that ask. >> i'm sure she wouldn't have chosen a savings account. >> they asked bank about the kids' money and bank of america does employ ways to avoid fees for children's accounts. we can't verify what was communicated four years ago to help determine the type of account the customer opened for they are chin. it's the responsibility of the customer to regularly review bank statements to keep on top of account activity. however, after we got involved, bank of america did restore the
8:52 am
children's money, $310 in all and gave each child $50 to help rebuild their savings. we appreciate bank of america restoring the children's money. they didn't have to do that. as for the kids, they learned a valuable lesson, read your statement. >> coming up next. the founder of the grateful dead now you can hear bob weir live now you can hear bob weir live [music playing]
8:53 am
confidence available in color. depend® colors for women. looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. depend®. good morning. great day.
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[music playing] confidence available in color. depend® colors for women. looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. depend®. good morning. great day. >> here are the numbers from last night mega millions drawing. mega number is 10. one ticket sold in texas matched all six numbers to win the jackpot. >> one of founders of the grateful dead have expanded into new technology. bob weir has built a studio where live performances are sent directly into your home.
8:55 am
don sanchez takes us inside. ♪ ♪ >> this is music and video first, a live performance in hd and audio from tri-studios. a show on the internet directly to your home. creation of music legend bob weir. >> i wanted to build the ultimate playground for a musician. >> one of the founders of the grateful dead have created studios where bands can rehearse and perform. >> what we're beginning to see the future of music is live. we can do it in your living room. we can bring a more intimate experience than anywhere else. >> it's a revolution ear technology that changes the acoustics of the room, led by microphones in the ceiling. >> the room sounds like that. >> that is dead. >> he controls it on an ipad.
8:56 am
>> we have a cathedral. >> it's invaluable when creating a piece of music and who shows up, sammy hagar. >> through the microphones, what they are hearing in the room, it's in the software. >> and results are astonishing. >> can it be better than this? >> no. >> there will be more shows that will be possible at the time on tri studios website. >> what can you do to make this better? >> nothing. >> it embraces the concept and he is touring this summer. >> the challenges is always, what are you going to do with it? >> looks like he found an answer. we have more information on the schedules of live broadcasts
8:57 am
at click click on see it on tv. if you are looking for something fun to, do check out the lawrence science hall in berkeley. be careful. life sized t-rex is part of an exhibit dinosaurs unearth had. they stomp before your eyes and kids can do their own dig. and exhibit runs until next january. big story for any weekend at all is the weather. >> we have some rain out there. in the east bay and san francisco, emeryville looks pretty good with partly cloudy skies but take a look at live doppler 7 hd and you see the area of rain around 580 a, l, 680. mix district drying out right now.
8:58 am
elsewhere off the san mateo coast we still have a few showers that will rotate through. here is the main rain, well to the north of us. we're on the tail end of this system. it's going to keep it cool, breezy, scattered showers at times throughout the day. best chance in the morning hours and possibility exists through the evening thundershowers, as well. not until tomorrow we get behind the system and see more sunshine and another chance on memorial day. >> thanks for joining us. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. stay connected 24/7 at stay connected 24/7 at
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