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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 28, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight on "world news," breaking news, the hard landing in atlanta, a delta jet blows a tire, the landing gear catching fire. passengers evacuated using emergency slides. our aviation correspondent is here. >> sara! together, the man behind the camera frantically searching for loved ones after the twister. he's reunited with his entire family. tonight, that man getting married. collision course, the play that ended the career for young star. tonight, a new debate. should one key rule of baseball be changed? secrets of the deep revealed 300 years later. we take you on board involving the stunning find involving the pirate blackbeard. summers past. as america ushers in the unofficial start of summer, vintage images uncovered. recognize these faces?
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good evening on this saturday. we begin tonight with breaking news from atlanta. some harrowing moments a short time ago for passengers aboard a delta flight. landing at the airport there. the plane blew a tire as it touched down, a hard landing that caused the brakes to catch fire. passengers were forced to make an emergency evacuation as fire crews raced on to the tarmac. lisa stark joins us. she's been working her contacts. what are you learning tonight? >> reporter: passengers tell us the pilot did an amazing job. there were scary moments in atlanta. flight from pittsburgh to atlanta, 2284, came in for a landing. the tire blew. apparently it caused the brakes to overheat. they caught on fire. passengers came down the emergency slides.
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43 passengers and five crew on the fire crews rushed out and put out the blaze. we were told by the faa there were three minor injuries, luckily no one badly hurt. passengers taken off the terminal and the mechanics are very closely examining that delta jet. >> down the chute. minor injuries. luckily there. a question about the tires. any idea how old they were? >> we do not. i asked delta what about the tires? what about the brakes? we don't know yet, but you can bet the mechanics will be looking into that. we're going to turn to the tornado zone where it's been nearly a week since the tornado took so many lives in joplin, missouri. the death toll rose today making this the deadliest year for tornados since 1950. it was last night we showed you that video captured by a man searching frantically for loved ones. after a terrifying search, he found them. tonight, that man is getting married. matt gutman has the happy ending
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in joplin, missouri tonight. good evening, matt. >> good evening, david. there was a happy ending and a new beginning for that couple. as we speak, aaron cox who took that incredible video is saying his vows to his bride, one of a few bright spots we saw here today. boarding up windows, clear debris, even jabbing needles. volunteers are swarming all over this town. they found messages left by survivors. we're okay. god saved us. god bless joplin. but so many here did not survive. for officials, it's been a day of grim arithmetic. the past two days, they whittled down the number of missing from 1300 to 105 and identified 52 victims. >> i spent almost four hours at the morgue yesterday. it's a very respectful process. >> reporter: the process of identifying the dead has just begun. among the latest, 18-year-old will norton literally ripped from his father's grasp as they huddled in the car. >> mark held him as tight as he
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could. the wind tore him out of the sun roof. >> reporter: there are the missing like dee ann heyward. >> the roof was peeled back. what we didn't like was that the seat belt was still buckled. we figured rescue teams would have cut it. >> reporter: she had gone to get pizza. her daughter, christina, 14, still clutches that flier we've seen all over town. kaleb, he still wears the graduation ring he got that night. >> still wear it. >> i still wear it. >> why? >> just, i don't know, i like it a lot more now, because maybe it gives me hope. >> reporter: remember aaron cox searching for his sister after the twister? >> sara? >> today cameras taking very different images. aaron in a tux and his bride in that dress. >> there is still stuff to celebrate and hopefully everyone is able to have a good time tonight. we'll take it one night at a time and tomorrow we can work on
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picking up the pieces again. >> reporter: mike and sara were there too. perfectly safe. >> finally having a good day. >> that's right. >> reporter: incidentally, mike and sara are also getting married this summer. sara told me there's nothing quite like a near death experience to cement your love for someone. >> two happy endings where we need them. matt, thanks. all of us who were in joplin this week won't forget, that giant twister erasing an entire landscape. homes wiped out as far as we could see. what you could not erase is the heart of the people, now determined to give to one another to get their town and their lives back. erin hayes has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: firefighter, kyle howard, spent the first days after the tornado rescuing people. finally made his way to his home where his wife and sons had survived the twister. he hoped to salvage what he could, not sure where to start. >> our room, son's room, other son's room.
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>> reporter: up the driveway came firefighters he had never met before from kansas. they know how hope can evaporate in something like this, so they brought hope with them. >> it's not harder for the firemen. they usually help people and to be so helpless, it's a change. >> they call these things acts of god which doesn't make sense, but you see acts of god when people come together. and help each other. >> reporter: small gestures matter much, a friend to be there, help to go and gather what's left. >> i want it back. >> that's what you find. it's just little pieces and you go with the memories that those pieces are putting back together. >> reporter: under the rubble, a treasured pet found by a neighbor. >> it's really good. a bright spot in a horrible day. >> reporter: when help comes, hope grows. >> as crazy as it sounds, it made us a little bit closer, that we all huddled together and made it. >> reporter: tim owen is closer
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to his neighbors and friends that helped him through this. he plans to rebuild right back here with them. >> we're going to build a different type, bigger basement. >> reporter: they are finding that with help from one another, they can see beyond all of this to every good reason for hope. >> one more note from joplin, this one hopeful as well. a dog trained to find disaster victims was walking amid the rubble and made a different discovery. rescuers digging through debris, the trapped victim was not a person but another dog. the trainer said this dog coming out a lesson to all of us. never to give up hope in the rescue. we move on tonight to memorial day weekend and the climb of gasoline prices, but tonight americans are determined to hit the road anyway as our economy slowly recovers. 31 million americans are traveling on the highways. david kerley on the economic signals being sent with so many americans choosing to travel instead of staying home.
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david, good evening. >> reporter: all americans on the road despite the high gas prices. basically these drivers have learned how to cope. like so many, the chang family of new york headed to see family in virginia decided that despite high prices, driving was the best option, even with a one-month-old baby in the car. >> as much as gas is, it's still the cheapest way to go, so we drove. >> reporter: while the average price for a gallon of gas is now $3.80, drivers are still paying $1.05 per gallon more than they did last year. >> they want a vacation, if it costs more than they like, there are other ways to save that money on the trip. >> reporter: in fact aaa estimates that travelers will spend 12% less on the rest of their vacation, just 700 bucks instead of 800. >> trying to stock up without going out and eating. staying in the room mostly or at the river or pool. >> reporter: there's something
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else the experts say is driving americans to travel. remember this? the long, cold, snowy winter. >> thank god. i've been waiting for this for four or five months now. just to get back out on the beach. >> reporter: getting to the beach or grandpa's house may mean picnics instead of restaurants to make up for the pain at the pump. >> it still hurts to pay this much per gallon. 50 bucks and you only got a half a tank of gas. >> reporter: they should be home now with the baby at grandpa's house. one surprising note. 11% more people are flying more this year than last year. their plane tickets were cheaper they said, than buying all the gas. >> good signs there too. nice to see the traffic moving well. david, thanks. we do turn overseas this evening to the long delayed plans to bring one of europe's war criminals to justice. ratco mladic will face an international court. today a powerful image as the families he destroyed remembered. here's christiane amanpour.
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>> reporter: 19 years ago, this bridge was covered not with flowers but with blood. today, the widows of ratco mladic's victims came back to mourn their husbands and sons who were murdered and thrown from this bridge in may 1992. this part of eastern bosnia suffered some of the bloodiest crimes of the war. where muslim men were murdered and muslim women were raped in a campaign of genocide labeled ethnic cleansing. the widows come here every year, but this is special. because they say the murderer is finally behind bars. now a frail old man, ratco mladic was captured in serbia this week, a far cry from the war time commander who held so many at his mercy and his whim. on monday, mladic already indicted on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity will be taken to the international court in hague to face those
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charges, including those stemming from the most notorious massacre of the war at srebrenica. after mladic's men stormed that small town in the summer of '95, he and his soldiers entered afterwards and handed out candy to the children and promised their mothers that there was nothing to fear. the men and the boys they were told were just going to be taken away for questioning. but when the cameras were turned off, women were raped and the men and the boys, more than 7,000 of them, were taken to open fields where they were shot, execution style, and buried in mass graves. mladic would always claim he was fighting for the freedom of the serbian people. it was a fiction that he passed down to his own children. >> we know that he's innocent. >> reporter: mladic's lawyer says like his predecessors, his client does not recognize the hague tribunal and does not feel
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guilty. >> christiane amanpour joins us. she's preparing for "this week." as you pointed out, the widows have come every year, finally, this year justice. your thoughts after reporting on these families for so long? >> reporter: the families from all over bosnia have been demanding justice since the war ended and those crimes were committed. i think the special thing about this is that it is a good month for international justice. at the beginning of the month, osama bin laden was caught and delivered summary justice for the crimes that he committed. now, the most wanted war criminal in europe has been caught. no matter how many years he lived on the lam, his home videos have shown out with friends, playing cards, conspiracy of silence keeping him protected. no matter how long it takes, i think the world is at a place where the procedures are in place that you cannot continue to commit such crimes with impunity. >> thanks christiane.
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christiane will have much more tomorrow morning. on politics, she'll sit down with tim pawlenty and mitch daniels as the race for president heats up. that's tomorrow morning on abc's "this week." this evening, we turn to the middle east where egypt eased restrictions at its border with gaza lifting the blockade when palestinian militants seized control in 2007. israel opposed today's move fearing more weapons will be smuggled into gaza. the reopening is one more sign of egypt's deteriorating relationship with israel since the ouster of hosni mubarak. back in this country tonight, a passing to report. an enormously influential poet, gil scott heron who was called the godfather of rap, even though that was not what he called himself. it's been 40 years since gil scott heron gained fame. the revolution will not be televised. >> the revolution will put you in the driver's seat. >> the revolution will not be televised. the revolution will be no rerun, brothers.
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the revolution will be live. >> scott heron's mixture of politics, percussion and poetry helped laid the groundwork for rap. he called it bluesology, he became a cult figure and criticized violent rap lyrics. he rejected the title of godfather of rap but pictured himself somewhat of a pioneer. >> that's what most people are. they're behind me. they came behind me and they're following me good. >> gil scott heron was 62 years old. still ahead as we continue on "world news." saturday night, collisions at home plate. as we usher in summer, should one of payable's key rules be changed? also a remarkable find in the atlantic right off the coast of north carolina. we'll take you on board tonight to see the anchor lifted up from blackbeard's ship. on this memorial day weekend, some familiar faces celebrating summers past.
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this has been medifacts for biotene. for many americans, watching a baseball game will be one of the rituals for the memorial day weekend. one of the game's best young catchers will not be on the field after he was hurt in a dramatic collision. this collision, the injury that followed has now ignited an emotional debate. should one of the rules of baseball be changed? here's barbara pinto. >> reporter: it was the play that changed everything. the winning run for the florida marlins. >> coming to the plate is cousins and he scored. he clobbers posey. you sure hope posey is okay. >> reporter: the agonizing season ending injury for rookie of the year, buster posey. the violent collision. should the rule allow the dramatic plays be changed? >> there are so many catchers at home plate that missed a lot of time, shorten their career or even ended their career.
5:48 pm
the way guys come in that maybe we need to consider it. >> reporter: bob boone an assistant gm with the washington nationals disagrees. >> we don't want guys to get hurt but it's part of the action of the game. >> reporter: just how safe is the catcher at the plate? espn rigged this dummy with sensors to find out. the impact 18 miles per hour, more than 3200 pounds of force. that's harder than a blind side football hit. with much less pads padding. the results can be devastating the season ending for the carlos santana and pete rose barreling over ray fosse. fosse's shoulder was never the same. the millions of fans that watch these games have fundamental change to america's pastime. >> people come to the game and want to see excitement. if players are putting themselves out there and taking
5:49 pm
a risk, it can be exciting. >> hit 'em, knock 'em down. do whatever you got to do. tackle the guy. play old time baseball. it shows the kids give 150%. play the game. >> reporter: does the game of baseball need to redefine fate. barbara pinto, abc news, chicago. when we come back tonight, we'll take you on board diving into the atlantic tonight, pulling up a 300-year-old relic of the notorious blackbeard the pirate. choice for my patients with an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem. today we have pradaxa to reduce the risk of a stroke caused by a clot. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regular blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs
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this memorial day weekend, there will be something missing from the sky. the navy's famed blue angels. they have been grounded. they were scheduled to fly in new jersey. the commander has decided to leave the team. the commander took himself out because of a maneuver last weekend in which he and his team flew lower than is considered safe. tonight we're getting a closer look at what archeologists have pulled off the coast of north carolina. the first anchor from what's believed to be the wreck of the pirate blackbeard's ship. they used a pulley system of straps and ropes to pull up that first major artifact. at 11 feet four inches long and arms seven feet across covered in shells and sand.
5:53 pm
its weight, 2500 to 3,000 pounds. >> this is blackbeard's ship. the most famous pirate in history. the one name everybody recognizes when you mention it. i would say this is incredibly priceless. >> reporter: the shipwreck was discovered 15 years ago. it was nearly 300 years ago, 1717, when blackbeard captured a ship. he was captured and killed five months after his ship sank. >> mutiny. >> reporter: blackbeard makes an appearance in the latest pirates of the caribbean. for this team, the larger drama is playing out in the atlantic. comparing the careful operation here to a game of pickup sticks that will continue after their success this week. >> just to see it, you know, just raise up, it was unbelievable. >> reporter: the artifacts they've retrieved so far will be on display in a couple of weeks at the north carolina maritime museum. when we come back on this weekend, the unofficial start of summer, american images of
5:54 pm
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for a 30-tablet free trial offer, rita hayworth. saturday night, a the unofficial start of summer, we took note of some images on "the daily beast" website that took us back to a time gone by. this evening we thought we would take you back, showing american favorites and how they welcomed the days of summer. rita hayworth taking a bite, she ushered in summer on the beach. summer romance, humphrey bogart. lauren bacall. they set sail and tied the knot later that year. ginger without fred and suntan lotion on the beach. an umbrella on the golf course, audrey hepburn.
5:58 pm
that famous image of elizabeth taylor. recognize norma jean baker. later bombshell, marilyn monroe. and a rocking summer with elvis presley. performance on "american bandstand" taking place a few months earlier. and finally, a warm summer night on coney island. that's the broadcast for tonight. we're always online at don't forget "good morning america" with dan and bianna i'll see you back here tomorrow night. good night.
5:59 pm
>> alan: good evening. everyone. if you're hitting the road for the long weekend, be ware. caltrans has closed one lane on the eastbound side of the bay bridge as crews gear up for construction of the new eastern span. here more on the construction and whether delays are expected. >> reporter: we don't know about delays expect it right now in tumors tumors tumors of -- in terms of construction because it's raining. but these lanes are going to be shifted to the south so caltrans can work on the new bridge. this will probably cause some delays tonight to anyone coming into oakland. if you're traveling on the bay bridge after 8:00 p.m., you'll notice a


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