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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 30, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where two people were shot and killed last night. a third is in critical condition. police are investigating whether the shootings happened in the middle of the sideshow. >> two murders in san jose over the weekend put this year's homicide count above all of last year. >> there is a live look, downtown san francisco, where it's going to be try for memorial day. we'll round out the weekend on a dry note. but it looks like a couple of chances of rain come back in the forecast. >> okay. even though traffic is light for this holiday, with the live shot of the bay bridge. there is a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. i'll update you on the mass transit schedule for today. >> also, missing nursing student police in the east
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bay are asking for your help in finding new clues. >> all right. 4:30 on memorial day monday. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin in oakland where police are looking for the person or people who opened fire in a block fire. two people were killed and a woman is in critical condition. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the oakland police department. amy? >> police are still working the case. they are trying to figure out if a sideshow was going on at the time of the shootings. two people told abc7 news they saw a sideshow. one person told us that he called police repeatedly, but they never came to help. this all started out as a block party. and turned deadly around 9:20 last night. that's when two people were shot and killed. a man and a woman. and a third victim also a woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no arrests were made. the three victims were in a
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car when they were shot. sideshows often turn violent. the show involves people showing off their cars and turning doughnuts and speeding in the streets. police cracked down on them. appear to eradicated them. last summer the chief announced there hadn't been any all summer. residents say there was one last night. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning, san jose police are investigating the city's 21 and 22nd homicide of the year. this is especially troubling because the city only had 20 homicides in all of last year. two murders in three days means san jose has now exceeded. a mother of five was shot and killed saturday night. the recent hammed on 4,000 block -- happened 4000 block of ambler way where they found a mother killed behind the wheel of her mercedes benz. the passenger in the car,
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believed to be her nephew was shot for gunshots wound. the family believes it was case of mistaken identity. but they're investigating whether the attack was somehow gang-related. a shooting case less than 24 hours after the city's 21st homicide. a stabbing that killed an 18-year-old man. it happened saturday morning . the family and friends are identifying him as vincent trans lee. no word of suspect in that attack. hayward police are asking for the public's help locating a 26-year-old nursing student who disappeared on friday under mysterious circumstances. seven investigators are working on the case trying to find michele le. abc7's lilian kim has more. >> reporter: hayward police don't know if michele le took off without telling someone or something bad happened to her. the 26-year-old nursing student was last seen friday at kaiser hospital where she
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was doing the clinical rotation. 7:00 p.m. during her break she told a fellow student she had to run to her car. >> she grabbed her keys and cell phone and left the rest of her belongings there and went to her car. that was the last time we saw her. >> reporter: investigators say none of it make sense since le told the nursing students she was heading to reno with a friend after the shift was over. le parked in the kaiser parking structure, according to a spokesperson is monitored by security guards. there are also security cameras throughout the garage. a quick scan of the video turned up nothing. for le's car, investigators found it the next day on ponderosa court, half a mile from the hospital. >> any clues in the car? >> nothing at all. as a matter of fact, the car was secured. which is further indication that whoever left the car there cared about the car. again, a puzzler to us. >> reporter: investigators tried tracking le's whereabouts using cell phone towers. while oakland, union city and fremont came up as
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possible locations, police again found nothing. le is a student at the samuel merit university in san mateo. according to her friends and fellow students they have no reason to believe she is the type to disappear without letting anyone know. >> there is no psychiatric or mental issues that might indicate to us that she left on her own accord. >> currently, there is nothing that indicates else wise either. >> investigators say they're no longer able to track le's cell phone. they believe it's been turned off or the battery is dead. anyone with information in the case is urged to call hayward police. in hayward, lilian kim, abc7 news. 4:35. the c.h.p.'s crackdown on drunk drivers continues tonight. so far, the c.h.p. says the dui arrests and traffic deaths are down this memorial day weekend. c.h.p. officers arrested 897 drivers for dui. in the bay area from friday evening through 6:00 a.m. yesterday. last year, at the same time, the c.h.p. made 1,029 dui
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arrests. statewide, traffic deaths over the holiday weekend are also down this year from seven in 2010 to just one so far this holiday. the c.h.p. will continue its maximum enforcement effort through midnight tomorrow. bart is on a sunday schedule on the memorial day holiday but you can still see possible delays of between 20 and 40 minutes because of ongoing work inside the transbay tube. the transit agency shut down one of two tracks in the tube overnight. to perform maintenance and repairs on cables that provide power to the system. trains will be limited on trips through the tube until 2:30 this afternoon. passengers on the san francisco side who want to get to fremont and dublin will have to take a pittsburgh bay point train across the tube and transfer at the 12th street station to go to fremont and dublin. space shuttle "endeavor" and the crew are orbiting the earth set to land in florida on wednesday. shuttle undocked from the space station last night after a 12-day maintenance
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mission. it will be retired to the california science center, a museum in los angeles. atlantis will close out the 30-year-old shuttle program with a final cargo run to space station scheduled for july. 4:37 now. it is memorial day. the day we remember the soldiers and sailors and the airmen who gave their lives and service to their country. it is also as we know a day where people get out and enjoy themselves. >> it's become a tradition of late. if you are going to do that, mike, there shouldn't be problems. just a little on the cool side, of course. >> breezy along the coast. and through the san bruno gap. s.f.o. is reporting wind gusts right now at around 30 to 35-mile-per-hour. watching clouds develop along the coast. they're going to override the neighborhood over the next hour or. so wake up to cloudy conditions. and then once those past, sunshine this afternoon. temperatures probably cooler than yesterday because of the cloud cover this morning. there are the winds at s.f.o. gusting up to 30. 17 in half moon bay.
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12 at livermore. 12 at fairfield. everybody else below 10 miles per hour. isolated area of gusty winds. temperatures in the upper 40s in north bay valley. all the way down the peninsula from san francisco to redwood city. over toward fremont and los gatos. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. as we break down the morning, we may have a little drizzle along the coast due to the increase in the marine layer clouds. upper 40s to 50 degrees. you can see by noon how quickly we get sunshine, mid-to-upper 50s throughout the bay. low 60s inland about noon. 4:00 this afternoon. upper 50s along the coast to san francisco and low to mid-60s for the rest of us. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- we have showers. possible tomorrow. again, mainly north on wednesday. once they pass we have warming for june. still not summer like in this forecast. good morning, frances. >> i can't believe we're still seeing the showers. and you might find some of the isolated gusty wind mike talked about across the san mateo bridge where there is a wind advisory in effect.
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you want to be careful across the span. also for the memorial holiday, there is no service on ace train. a.c. transit, bart, caltrain, muni and some ferries are running on a holiday schedule. but there is no service on the alameda harbor bay ferry today. we have an accident in south bay, northbound 85 blocking the fremont off-ramp. it's still out there. looks like from an overnight crash. you can see the traffic is flowing well on the freeway. it's holiday light out there right now. eric, kristen? >> all right. thanks a lot. 4:39. >> still ahead, some of the bay area memorial day services to remember the service me and women who gave their lives. >> the bay area racer who almost won the indy 500. he practically had the checkered flag in sight. you see there, oh, he took a nasty turn at the end. we'll tell you the whole stststststststststststststststst
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happy monday, memorial day. embarcadero, all quiet. not many people awake at this hour. not many cars eler this. you can see it's clear and dry. should you be needing to get anywhere today, there shouldn't be problems as far as the rain is concerned. it's still cool. mike will check in with them to see if there is any more chance of rain this week. also, how the temperatures will shape up coming right up. frances will cover bart delays likely because of the work in the transbay tube. as we honor the men and women who died serving their country on this memorial day, several ceremonies will be held around the bay area including a massive ceremony, san francisco national cemetery in the presidio. more than 2,500 people are expected to attend, including san francisco mayor ed lee. in walnut creek, fallen soldiers will be honored at civic park. in san jose, united veterans
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council of santa clara county will hold an event at oak hill memorial park. hundreds of marines and sailors met this weekend at land's end for the uss san francisco ceremony. [ bagpipes ] >> the event honored the 100 sailors and seven marines who were killed at the battle of quta canal. the uss san francisco is a heavy cruiser built at the naval yard and took part in the battle. he was a first major offenses by allied forces against japan. state senator leland yee attended the service with politicians and veterans. . one of the most spectacular finishes in history at the indy 500 in the 100 anniversary run on sunday. it was a heart-breaking one also for saucelito's j.r. hildebrandt. with four laps to go, the 23-year-old rookie took the lead. he was just one turn away from indy glory. just one turn. look what happens. he hits the wall.
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just a half-mile from the finish. dan wheldon avoids him and takes the checkered flag for the second win. hildebrandt limps in and finishes second. >> i knew the guy behind me were coming. i don't want to stop and go through turn four and have them back up on me. we were super tight on fuel. i got up there and pushed up in the wall. >> whel don wins after being runner up the last two years and says it was a tough break for hildebrandt. but he should be consoled by the second place prize money about $1 million. he can have the bottle of milk to drink next year. that is tradition after you win the indy 500. >> exactly. danica patrick had a good showing, too. she was driving there as well. exciting race. 4:44. coming up, what is driving the cost of your summer vacation sky high. >> plus, pop star kingston is hospitalized in florida. we tell you about his
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serious boating accident. the president's promise to the people of tornado-ravaged joplin,
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welcome back. a look at the california forecast. throw it out there in case you're traveling. it's quiet except for rain in eureka. country as a whole. look how hot from east of the rockie, 86 in minneapolis. 90 new york. warmer there than miami. see severe weather possible from oklahoma city, kansas city and minneapolis. right now our flight departure delays are out of new york. check out the flight tracker, here is kristen. >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. 4:47. military officials say islamic militants have taken control of two cities in southern yemen. the militants reportedly seized banks, government offices and security headquarters. yemeni president is facing growing opposition after the three-decade rule. and warned that the militants will take over the country if he steps down.
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his political opponents say the uprising is a ploy. violence broke out in yemen last week after saleh refused to follow through on the promise to resign. defense contractor lockheed martin now admits it was the target of a significant and tenacious cyber attack. both lockheed and department of security insist the attack was thwarted -- their word -- before critical data was stolen. in a statement, lockheed martin said it detected the may 21 attack almost immediately and took counter measures. the company says no customer program or employee personal data was compromised. authorities in joplin, missouri, are still trying to identify victims and volunteers are coming through neighborhoods. one week after the deadliest tornado to strike the u.s. in decades. president obama consoled the community in a sunday memorial service. abc stephanie cy has more. >> reporter: president obama got the first hand look at
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the tornado that ripped through joplin, missouri, a week ago. he assured victims, some that lost everything, the country was behind them. >> this is not just your tragedy. this is a national tragedy. and that means there will be a national response. >> he told family, the government will do everything possible to help with search and rescue as well as rebuilding. he praised all the volunteers who have come out to help. residents expressed the same gratitude. >> every road i drive down, the volunteers are on every corner. people are just bringing stuff by the truckload. it's more than i could have ever imagined that people would do. it's been absolutely amazing. >> so far, more than 140 bodies have been recovered. hundreds have been injured and dozens more still unaccounted for. at a memorial service to remember the victims, missouri governor jane nixon promised joplin will rise from the rubble. >> together we can and we will rebuild. upon a granite foundation of
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faith. >> what we build on, the hallow ground will be a living monument to those we lost. >> the president reiterated his promise of help. >> the cameras may leave and the spotlight may shift but we'll be with you every step of the way until joplin is restore and the community is back on its feet. we're not going anywhere. >> stephanie sy, abc news. residents in michigan are cleaning up the damage left by high winds and a possible tornado that swept through the state on sunday. one of the hardest hit area was vicksburg in kalamazoo county. they say the storm was quick and unexpected with wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour that ripped property apart. the winds also knocked down trees and power lines in the city of battle creek. no word yet if the michigan storm caused any fatalities or injuries. >> any confirmation whether it was a tornado? >> no. they usually go out the next
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day. they do believe it was a tornado. there was a tornado watch out at the time for those folks. hopefully it has a little bit of warning. at least they knew conditions were favorable for the tornado. >> at home, we have the own storm. end of may, june around the corner. we have rain in the forecast. but not for today. good morning, everybody, on memorial day. waking up to increasing cloud cover. the marine layer is returning. the onshore flow is bringing a nice thick cloud deck back to the neighborhood that will help make today cooler than yesterday. take a look at the temperature if you are leaving the house. los gatos, redwood city, san francisco, all the north bay valley in the upper 40s. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. around the monterey bay, low to mid-50s for monterey, inland and salinas. the cool spot, farther inland. 42 at gilroy. start in the east bay. we talk about 70 in brentwood. that's as warm as it gets anywhere today. upper 60s for everybody else. over on the east bay shore, we have the low to mid-60s
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here. with san leandro and fremont. some of the warmer spots at 66. in the south bay, we have mid-to-upper 60s like 67 in san jose and saratoga. again, the temperatures are running five to ten degrees cooler than average. low to mid-60s through most of the peninsula. palo alto and the upper 60s. breezy with upper 50s along the coast, until daly city. 56 degrees today. downtown, south san francisco and saucelito. low to mid-60s. mid-to-upper 60s through the north bay valley. upper 50s at your beaches. around the monterey bay, heading to carmel and pacific grove, upper 60s. mid-50s for the rest of the bay. upper 60s to near 70 inland. is that my coffee you just brought in? thank you! thank you! all right. 60, today. yankees in town. remember it will sell out and cost you a little more. it's a premium game. talk about what is happening tonight. you can already see some of the rain starting to fall down.
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mid-to-upper 40s in the north bay valleys. upper 40s to low 50s for the rest of us. as we look at the cold front bearing down, guess where it is coming from? gulf of alaska again. not a lot of moisture with the system. you wouldn't expect much this time of the year. but just enough to cause a chance of showers for all of us tuesday. probably in the north bay on wednesday. all right. here we are. at 7:00. you can see the clouds increasing for the next couple of hours. high clouds below, as the storm start to develop. around 7:00. in mendocino county. during the night, we could have waves of light showers move through the north bay. look at 7:00 this morning, rest of us are dealing with the drizzle and light showers. continue until noon. it could fade away for a while before we see redevelop in the the overnight hours in the north bay and along the coast. again, in the north bay wednesday afternoon. rainfall amounts are rather light. tenth to quarter of an inch in north bay. the rest of us around a tenth. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- what the showers do is
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reinforce the cold air. tuesday and wednesday. it lingers in thursday. but friday, saturday and sunday, dry and warmer. temperatures are still behind where we should be for this time of the year. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. no traffic trouble right now. things are great across the bay bridge. everything has been open. the roadwork they tried to get done over the weekend is all completed. but of course for the holiday, might encounter some delays if you take mass transit. on bart. we are talking about the transbay tube, the power cable repair. so you need to transfer trains if you are taking the transbay tube. that could cause up to 40-minute delays. they're operating on a sunday schedule. that adds to it as well. no service on caltrain. muni and vta on sunday schedule for memorial day. going outside, show you a live shot. 280 and highway 17. traffic is light. there is still a crash nearby, northbound 85 at fremont off-ramp. also, contra costa county is fine this morning. very good ride southbound
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here toward highway 24. you can get the traffic information when you want by going to our website >> thanks a lot. as you know, memorial day is the traditional start of the summer travel season. if you are planning to fly, prepare to pay more. airline fuel costs soared this year. 48% increase. that's why the airlines have hiked their fares seven times this year. it doesn't appear they'll head back down anytime soon. despite the higher fares, though, the sales of airline tickets are up 1.5% this year. singer sean kingston is in a miami hospital this morning after crashing a jet ski in a bridge. investigators say the 21-year-old hip-hop singer was operating the jet ski with a female passenger when it slammed in the bridge. both of them were thrown in the water. passing boater pulled them out and they were rushed to a trauma center. kingston's record label spokesman says he is stabilize but won't say any more about the condition. at this point police say it
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doesn't appear that alcohol played any role. kingston rose to fame with the 2007 hit "beautiful girls." . forget the food pyramid you learned about in school. new symbol for healthy eating guidelines are a plate. this week, the obama administration will unveil the revamped symbol, unlike the food pyramid the plate will be sliced to four separate wedges for the basic food groups. fruit, vegetables, grains and protein. next to the plate will be a smaller circle for dairy. the new symbol underscores the obama administration central goal to get people to fill half of the plate with fruits and vegetables. hollywood is enjoying the holiday hangover. the second hangover. "hangover part 2" was the winner at the weekend box office, the sequel earned $86 million in the opening window. "kung fu panda 2" came in second. rounding out the top three johnny depp's "pirates of
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the caribbean: on stranger tides." they're on course to set new revenue record for four-day memorial weekend. next on abc7 news at 5:00 -- the arrest of a con artist police say targeted excons. >> hayward police continue their search for a nursing student who went missing three days ago. i'm nick smith. i'll have a live report. search in gilroy this morning for a missing teenager who was visiting from out of state. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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