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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 30, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where a block party turned violent. two people were kill and a third was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> good morning, i'm nick smith life in hayward where police continue a search for a nursing student that went missing three days ago. i'll have a live report. we are watching the sea breeze to bring in clouds and make for cooler day around the bay. as we end may and start june, a couple of chances of rain in the forecast. >> live shot, bay bridge toll plaza no, delays here. or in either direction. all the roadwork has been gone. i'll have the mass transit holiday schedule coming up. 30 years later, a controversial memorial to the victims of the 1978 jonestown massacre gets
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dedicated in oakland. good morning. it's just about 5:01 on this memorial day. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping the news, oakland homicide investigators are looking for the gunman responsible for a bloodbath at a block party. two people are dead and one other is critically wounded. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the oakland police department. amy, was this linked to a sideshow? >> reporter: that is what residents are saying, kristen. it started as a block party but turned violent at 9:20 last night. two people were shot and killed. a man and a woman. a third victim was also shot. a woman. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. it happened at 88th and international. police say they were all sitting in a car when they were shot. witnesses in the area told abc7 the sideshow was going on at the time of the shootings. police haven't confirmed that. but officials have been focussed on bringing an end to sideshows which often do turn violent. last summer they reported
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had been a sideshow-free summer. but this year, residents say it looks like they're back. they say there was one last night. they called police. trying to get help. they say that it turned violent. no arrests were made in last night's shootings and police haven't commented on whether there was a sideshow going on. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. 5:02 now. police need new leads in the disappearance of a nursing student last seen doing her rounds at a kaiser hospital in hayward three days ago. they're hoping the public will provide the information they need. abc7's nick smith is live at kaiser hayward with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police don't know if michele took off without telling anyone where she was going or something bad happened to her. she was last seen friday at kaiser hospital in hayward where she was doing clinical rotations. it was 7:00 p.m. during her break when she told a fellow student she had to run down to her car.
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le parked in the kaiser hospital parking structure which according to a kaiser spokesperson is monitored by security guards. there are security cameras throughout the garage. police say a quick scan of the video turned up nothing. as for le's car, the police found it next day on ponderosa court a half-mile from the hospital. >> we look, flyovers by the helicopter. we haven't found anything. at all. that leads us one direction or another that tells us this is, you know, a foul play incident or anything. >> investigators try tracking the whereabouts, using the cell phone towers. while oakland, union city and fremont came up as possible locations, police again found nothing. they're asking anyone with information to contact the hayward police department. again, she has been missing since friday. right now, police don't know what happened. we're live in hayward, nick
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smith, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. police in gilroy are searching for 15-year-old boy who hasn't been seen since saturday. he is from arizona. family members say he was vilsing relatives in -- visiting relatives in gilroy when he got in a disagreement and left. they're particularly worried about the teenager needs regular medication. he doesn't know the area but he could be heading to another relative in newark. anyone with information should call the gilroy police department. a controversial memorial dedicated to those who died in jonestown more than three decades ago was unveiled in oakland. it stirred protest because the plaque bears the name of the people's founder jim jones. cecila vega has more. >> reporter: it's the first time many of the survivors have seen each other since the jonestown massacre 32 years ago. >> my sister, got my mother into it. my mother because of us being underage, she brought us into it. >> herbert newell made it out alive.
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11 family members did not. they're buried here in the east oakland cemetery. there are 436 former members of the people's temple buried here. family members say evergreen cemetery agreed to bury them when no other cemetery would. for years, they were nameless in a simple grave until today. when the memorial plaque bearing names of 918 people who died in jonestown were revealed. >> now everyone has a name. you know, to mark the death. >> but there is one name some did not want to see engraved at all. people temple founder jim jones. a southern california pastor who lost 27 family members in jonestown sued to block the memorial. last week, a superior court judge cited with group of supporters, including jim jones' son saying the service should go on with jones' name etched in stone. for here, the suicide tarnishes the otherwise
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happy memories from life on the commune in guyana. >> unfortunately, jim jones became a mad man and he is destroyed all those lives. >> leslie wilson escaped jonestown but lost 14 family members. she doesn't mind jones' name on the memorial next to the others. >> the first step for me, he was forgiving jim jones. >> faces of those who died in jonestown, may seem like distant memories but not for this group. >> i wanted to say goodbye. now i can. bye, mom, bye uncle jim and bye my beautiful children. >> in oakland, cecila ve ga, abc7 news. as we wait for the camera, i want to let you know thousands of scouts and other volunteers have now continued a memorial day weekend tradition that dates back more than 50 years.
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>> there we go. they spent part of the weekend placing american flags in each of the 138,000 graves at san bruno golden gate national cemetery. golden gate, one of the largest national cemeteries is the final resting place for several medal of honor winners with congressman leo ryan and world war ii hero admiral chester nimitz. >> we should mention that congressman ryan was investigating the people's temple when he was slain in guyana. that is the reason he's at the national cemetery there. 5:07 is our time on this memorial day. why don't we check out what the forecast will look like. >> looking breezy today. what do you think? cool, too. >> definitely cooler than yesterday. the sea breeze is back and bringing the clouds back in the neighborhoods right now. good morning to you on monday morning. we still have upper 40s to low 50s everywhere. mountain view, the exception, about 53 degrees. as we head to the afternoon hours. even though we're warmer in
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most areas right now. that's because the clouds trap the heat in. clouds will also keep the sun from warming the ground. that's why i think we will be 1 to 3 degrees cooler. breezy, along the coast with the temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 in san francisco. we have mid-to-upper 60s throughout the bay shore and north bay valleys. upper 60s in the east bay valley. if you are around monterey bay today, monterey around 60. breezy around the bay with mid-60 for rest of the bay and salinas. take a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast -- tomorrow is the last day of may. we have a pretty good chance of scattered showers. the chance will linger to wednesday which is june 1. it will be much less and mainly over the north bay. once we get past that, temperatures still cooler than average in the afternoon through this weekend. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. there is still a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. be careful driving across the span. there are quite a few cars
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out on the road. but not necessarily people going to work. it seems like they were still out to the night before. the new crash has been reported in palo alto. southbound 101 at university, where a car drove right in a pole. so they are sending an bla ambulance there. the traffic is so light they're getting by without problems. holiday no, service on ace train today. a.c. transit. bart. caltrain. muni operating on a sunday schedule. some ferries are also on a holiday schedule. but there is no service for alameda harbor bay ferry. eric, kristen? >> thank youment -- thank you. 5:09. when will it end another round of weather. >> michigan is hit this time. still ahead -- the san francisco convention for wild women. [ female announcer ] a revolutionary conditioner from dove.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:12. good morning. yemeni airplanes are conducting airstrikes in one of two southern cities held by islamic militants, while soldiers loyal to yemen's embattled president stormed a protest camp killing 20 people. yesterday, the islamic militant seized banks, government offices and security headquarters. yemeni's president facing a growing opposition after his three-decade rule has warned that militants would take
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over the country if he steps dow down. it could be early warning sign for president obama re-election campaign. number of registered democrats have fallen in key states carried by mr. obama in 2008. democratic party registration soared prior to the 2008 election. in florida, pennsylvania, north carolina, iowa and nevada. since then, the number of registered democrats in the states declined leaving the president with a challenge of reignited supporters for 2012. shortly after 7:00, the president is expected to introduce martin dempsey as the choice to lead the joints chief of staff. sources tell the "associated press," the accomplished iraq war veteran will succeed navy admiral mike mullen whose term ends. the announcement will be made in a white house rose garden ceremony. residents in michigan are cleaning up the damage left behind by high winds and possible tornado that swept through the state on sunday. one of the hardest hit areas
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was vicksburg in kalamazoo county. they say the storm was quick and unexpected with wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour. which ripped property apart. the winds knocked down trees and power lines in the city of battle creek. no word yet if the michigan storm called any fatalities or injuries. 5:14. we want to turn our attention to our weather for this memorial day weekend. tail end. do we have any more showers coming? can you hold them off after the barbecues are done? >> i can do that. personally, or i'll come over to your house or hold the umbrella. >> okay. you're sure of that. awesome. >> brought out the -- >> no. it doesn't feel that warm. i'm not that crazy. go outside to show what is going on this morning. coming up on 5:14. kicking off summer. i looked at the extended forecast and i still haven't found any heat. as long as we don't have heat, severe weather will
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continue to erupt east of the rockies. a seesaw. we're colder than average. they're warmer than average. a look at the clouds gathering as marine layer tries to return to the bay area this morning. some of the high clouds ahead of the next system bringing us scattered showers start. look at the temperatures. if you are leaving the house right now, upper 40s. to low 50s. around the monterey bay, inland, we have mid-to-upper 40s to low 50s to mid-50s from monterey and salinas. partly cloudy. slightly cooler today than yesterday. thanks to the clouds. scattered showers tomorrow and wednesday. so we close out may and open up june on a wet note for some of us. dry and cooler than average throughout the seven-day forecast. that goes into the weekend. here is what we are seeing happen now. the clouds are increasing through the next couple of hours. especially around the bay. and to the south bay. then we have a nice sea breeze to keep our temperatures well below average. from 50s at the coast.
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60s around the bay. we may touch a 70 or two heading in the inland valley. it will be tough. down in the south bay, we will get close in los gatos at 69. everybody else in the mid-to-upper 60s. along the peninsula today, we start at 67 at palo alto. drop to 62 at millbrae. where it's breezy. breezy along the coast to the mid-to-upper 50s. downtown south san francisco, low 60s. but from saucelito all the way through santa rosa and calistoga, mid-to-upper 60s. the areas, santa rosa and near 70. close at 69. we have mid-to-upper 50s at the beaches. then we have the mid-60s throughout the east bay shore. 63 to 66 degrees. slightly warmer in the east bay valley. we'll start 66 in dublin. stop at 70. and brentwood. around the monterey bay, 60 at monterey. mid-60s for everybody else. upper 60s to 70 inland. a nice day to head to a game at the coliseum. especially the yankees in time. 1:05 first pitch. partly cloudy. 60. warming up to 64 degrees.
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tonight, temperature will be warmer than this morning. most of lus be stuck in the upper 40s to low 50s. you can see the rain developing right there. that is the rain that is going to turn in to scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. better chance of scattered showers in the north bay on wednesday. once it passes, the pattern doesn't change much. temperatures remain about five to ten degrees cooler than average around the bay and inland. have a great day. frances? >> mike, if you are catching a flight and heading to s.f.o. you can expect a nice ride getting there. of course if you are heading to new york, mike mentioned flight delays heading out to the new york area. but look at traffic. very light northbound. barely any cars right now making your way toward s.f.o. and san francisco. it's pretty quiet everywhere else. >> a live shot of the golden gate bridge. quiet commute for marin county commuters. but there are a couple of accidents throughout reported. southbound 101 at university. ambulance is responding to that one.
5:18 am
and one lane is blocked. traffic is getting by at 72-mile-per-hour. the earlier crash northbound 85 at the fremont off-ramp. has been cleared. no problems now in south bay. you can get the latest traffic information. and mass transit schedules for the holiday by going to our website kristen? >> all right, frances. thanks a lot. bay area man has been arrested accused of scamming nearly 1,000 recently released inmates. 24-year-old michael moynahan is accused of posing as bail bondsman. officers say he called the newly released inmates and tells them their bail amount has been increased and they will be rearrested if they don't pay up. moynahan denies the allegation. the sheriff detective says they have several recorded phone conversation proving that monahan posed as an officer. >> he contacted agencies and jails in 42 states that we know of at this point. >> moynahan is in custody in the sacramento county jail
5:19 am
awaiting charges. it's just about 5:19 now. a major defense contractor gets hit by hackers. but did they get access to any sensitive information? >> older women with younger men. it's the bay area cougar convention. we take you there next.
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good morning. 5:22 on memorial day monday. we're taking a live look at the bay bridge incline. the traffic is light as you might imagine. a few clouds out there. what will the temperatures look like. when will we see showers again. we'll talk to mike about that. we'll see if there are any bumps in the road with traffic coming up. defense contractor lockheed martin admits it was the target of what officials call a significant and tenacious cyber attack. lockheed and homeland security insist the attack was thwarted before any critical data was stolen. in a statement, lockheed martin said it detected the may 21 hack almost immediately and took counter measures. it took no top secret military data or employee personal data has been compromised. >> older women when joy the company of younger men came
5:23 am
together for what they call the cougar convention in south san francisco last night. several 20-something guys showed up to meet women in their 40s and beyond. organizers say relationships between older women and younger men are breaking century-old stereotypes. >> these relationships, older women and younger men are coming together for choice and independence, not dependency. so an adversarial model, a metaphor doesn't apply. >> the evening featured advice on dating and keeping your mate happy. i guess age doesn't really matter in that regard. the same rules probably apply. the young men in attendance also called "cubs" got a chance to vote on miss cougar california. oh! [ laughter ] >> i don't think there is anything for me to say about that. >> that's -- >> i'm moving on. 5:23. >> next at 5:30 --
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[ no audio ] >> also next at 5:30 -- two murders in san jose this weekend signal an alarming trend in one of america's safest cities. >> it sure looks like summer east of rockies. look at the 80s and 90s. it's hot, humid and it is going to storm in some areas. especially the upper midwest to the high plains. right now, we have flight departure delays in new york. we will probably have flight arrival delays in sfo. check them out with the flight tracker
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i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where a block party turned violent. two people were killed. a third was taken to the
5:27 am
hospital. in critical condition. >> have you seen michele le? the nursing student vanished without a trace this weekend. baffling hayward police. good morning, the big story weather wise, the marine layer trying to set clouds in the sky. that will keep us cooler than average today. in the secondary headlines, we still have showers in the forecast. even though june is two days away. >> no delays at all across the bay bridge in either direction. but for the memorial holiday, i'll have your mass transit schedule. >> the shuttle crew heads home. the final chapter of endeavor's final mission. good morning. 5:27 on monday, memorial day. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a woman is hospitalized in critical condition this morning, she is the only survivor of three people gunned down in oakland last night. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in the oakland police department with more on the search for the killer.
5:28 am
amy? >> reporter: police are trying to figure out if a side show was going on at the time of the shooting. two people who live in the area told abc7 news they saw a sideshow going on. and one said he repeatedly called police but they never came. this started as a block party. it turned deadly around 9:15. at 88 and international boulevard. three people were shot. two of them killed, a man and a woman. a third victim, also a woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no arrests have been made. the three victims were in a car when they were shot. sideshows have a history of turning violent. the show involves people showing off their cars and turning doughnuts and speeding. a police crackdown appeared to have eradicated them. last summer the chief announcer had been no sideshows but residents say there was one last night. it turned deadly. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. this morning, san jose police are investigating the
5:29 am
city's 21st and 22nd homicide of the year. that is especially troubling because the city only had 20 homicides in all of last year. the most recent murder happened saturday night on the 4,000 block of ambler way where they found a 35-year-old mother of five shot and killed behind the wheel of her mercedes benz. a passenger in the car believed to be the woman's nephew was treated for multiple gunshot wounds. the woman's family believes it was case of mistaken identity but they are investigating whether the attack was somewhat gang-related. the shooting came 24 hours after the city's 21st homicide. a stabbing that killed an 18-year-old man. it happened early saturday morning on schulte drive in east san jose. police are not releasing the victim's name but the family and friends identified him as vincent tran lee. no word of motive or suspect in that attack. 5:29 now. this morning, some are saying the suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow would have been caught sooner if someone had taken
5:30 am
the time to enter critical information into the state's computerized parolee data base. the "examiner" reports while there was a picture of the suspect and parolee giovanni ramirez in the system, details about his tear-drop tattoo and tattoos on his neck were never put in the system. it was those details that ultimately led a parole agent to identify ramirez as a suspect. ramirez was ultimately arrested by police eight days ago for the opening day attack on stow outside dodger stadium. police are still looking for a second suspect. and a woman who drove them away from the scene on the night of the attack. stow was from the santa cruz area and remains in san francisco general hospital in critical condition. stow's family's website states blood clots formed in stow's legs and doctors are very slowly weaning him off of the fourth seizure medication. the family expects stow to be off the medication sometime this week. police are trying to locate a mursing student who
5:31 am
disa -- nursing student who disappeared friday under mysterious circumstances. michele le was last seen doing clinical rounds at kaiser hospital and left to take a break around 7:00 p.m. she never returned. investigators say she had her cell phone with her when she left. calls to her home, calls to her rather have gone unanswered. she is a student at samuel merit university and investigators say michelle told classmates she was planning to drive to reno to visit friends. police found a car a few blocks away from a hospital. >> any clues in the car? >> nothing at all. >> as a matter of fact, the car was secured. which is further indication that whoever left the car there cared about the car. again, puzzler to us. >> family and friends say it's not likely to disappear without telling anyone where she's going. >> bart is operating on a sunday schedule on this memorial day holiday. the agency is warning riders looking to cross the bay that they could see possible delays of 20 to 40 minutes
5:32 am
because of ongoing work inside the transbay tube. the transit agency shut down one of two tracks to perform maintenance and repair to cable that provide power to the system. it will be limited on trips through the tube until 2:30 this afternoon. passengers on the san francisco side who want to get to fremont and dublin will have to take a pittsburg-bay point train across the tube and transfer at the 12th street station to fremont and dublin. space shuttle "endeavor" and the crew are set to land in florida early on wednesday. the shuttle undocked from the international space station last night after a 12-day maintenance mission. "endeavor" will have racked up 123 million miles by flight's end beginning with the first journey in 1992. it will be retired to a museum in los angeles. atlantis will close out nasa's 30-year-old shuttle program with a final cargo run to the space station in july. 5:32 now. take a look outside. looks cloudy to start
5:33 am
memorial day, huh? >> yeah. june is only a couple of days away. we have rain in the forecast. nothing unusual about that, right, mike? >> nothing unusual at all. just a typical spring in to california to global warming. everybody else is getting warmer. we're getting colder. look at the radar. i say that tongue firmly in cheek. clouds are rotating in the neighborhood as the system draws near. trying to re-establish the marine layer. the reason we are seeing the clouds and the gusty winds around s.f.o. up to 21 miles per hour. everybody else, 16 or even lower, like calm in novato and santa rosa. not a windy morning but isolated spots it's out there. the temperatures are either the same or one to seven degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. because of the cloud cover. the exception is san jose. it's the cloud cover that will keep us cooler. as we head to the afternoon hours. here you are.
5:34 am
drizzle along the san mateo county coast, or santa cruz mountains if you want to say that it way in the morning hours. by noon, you can see the clouds evaporate. we go with the partly sunny conditions and the mid-to-upper 50s. by the afternoon hours we will go with partly cloudy. we'll be in the upper 50s along the coast and san francisco. low to mid-60s through the bay shore and south bay. mid-to-upper 60s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- the showers are possible tomorrow. mainly in the north bay on wednesday. then for the beginning of june, it's dry. temperatures are cooler than average. good morning, frances. >> good morning. mike. it's quiet on the roads. there is a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. you will need to be a little extra careful across the span this morning. of course kristen mentioned the possible bart delays because they're running on a sunday schedule for memorial day. there is no service on ace train today. caltrain, sam tram and muni and v.t.a. operating on a sunday schedule. so, keep that in mind. if you plan to go around town on mass transit this
5:35 am
morning. eric, kristen? >> all right. thank you very much. the time is 5:35. let's make it. >> still ahead -- remembering the fallen. look at how the bay area is remembering the troops at memorial day. and what you need to know to participate. >> also, the bay area racer who almost nearly but not quite won the indy 500. >> right now, memorial day observed. this is a live picture from arlington national cemetery where the families are remembering their loved ones. who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. ♪
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when they saw how much more beautiful their skin looked they had only one question... ♪ new dove visible care creme body wash. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld 5:38 on memorial day. the waters there, crystal clear. since it's a holiday, there are a lot of things closed that you should know about. federal, state and local courts. many city and county offices. banks, post offices, schools and public transit on the holiday schedule for the most part. frances will tell you more about that coming up. >> as you say today is a day to honor men and women who died serving the country. several ceremonies are held today. starting with national
5:39 am
cemetery in the presidio. more than 2,500 people are expected to attend including the san francisco mayor ed lee. in walnut creek, fallen soldiers are honored at civic park. in san jose, united veterans county will hold an event at oak hill memorial park at 11:00 a.m. hundreds of marines and sailors met this weekend near land's end for the annual uss san francisco ceremon ceremony. [ bagpipe ] the event honors 100 sailors and seven marines killed at a battle in world war ii. the san francisco was a heavy cruiser built at the mair island navy yard. it took part in the battle that was the first major offensive by the allied forces against japan. state senator lee attended the service with other politicians and veterans. >> did you see it yesterday? it was one of the most spectacular finishes in the history of the indianapolis 500 in the 100 anniversary sunday. it was also a heart-breaking
5:40 am
one for saucelito's own j.r. hildebrandt. with four laps to go, the 23-year-old rookie out of saucelito took the lead. it was one turn. that was the last turn. one turn from glory when disaster struck. dan whedlon takes the flag. hildebrandt's car limps in finishing second. >> i knew the guys behind me for coming. i don't want to stop going through turn four and have the guys back up on me. we were super tight on fuel. went to the high side. pushed up in the wall. >> finally wins after being runner up the past two years and said it was a tough break for hildebrandt. but we should be consoled by second place prize money, not so bad. $1 million. >> buy your own milk for $1 million. >> you can buy your own cow, your own farm. >> your own farm. >> congratulations. 5:40 now.
5:41 am
microsoft previewing the new operating system for tablet computers. the bloomberg business report ahead. >> also, what is driving the cost of your summer vacation sky high. >> pop star sean kingston hospitalized in florida. we will tell you about his serious boating accident. president obama's promise to people of tornado-ravaged joplin, missouri. of oats, raisin medley.
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welcome back. here is a look at live doppler7 h.d. notice how quiet it is across the state today. look at the forecast. that will not last. scattered showers will develop around eureka. and probably in the higher elevation around chico. we'll have low 70s, chico and sacramento and big sur. 79 in fresno. 53 in tahoe. you want heat? head to palm springs. near 100 there. >> thank you. 5:44. it is memorial day. where we honor service men and women who made sacrifices both physical and mental. some veterans who come home with post traumatic stress disorder have to relearn things we don't think about like driving without seeing and reacting to threats everywhere. >> before he went off to the iraq war, army veteran
5:45 am
victor took driving for granted. but not any more. >> i notice when i drive through neighborhoods, i'm always looking on rooftops and over bridges. i don't think that will ever go away. hyper vigilance wherever i'm at. >> in iraq, that hyper vigilance was the difference between life and death. humvee drivers were taught to scan for snipers and rocket propelled grenade and roadside bomb and avoid being boxed in. if there was a threat, don't stop. >> over there, we kept going. now convoy, the r.o.e. rules of engagement, not stop. >> victor came back to san jose with post traumatic stress syndrome and demands from his fiancee he control his temper behind the wheel. that led him to this program at the v.a. medical center in palo alto. >> most often, they are coming to see me because the family member or loved one has been in an accident
5:46 am
where they were forced to see me. or family or someone else reported. they are driving aggressively. they are getting angry real quick. >> mark's program at the v.a. medical center is designed to get veterans safely back on the road. that starts with an evaluation of their behavior behind the wheel. possible trickers that would force a soldier into a fight or flight reaction. >> easy on the gas. >> whoa! >> stop. >> this simulator time allows soldiers to work through stressful situations, without the risk of anyone getting hurt. >> where is my anxiety getting up, or heart rate up? what caused that? oh, there is a guy on a cell phone. a truck next to me. i feel boxed in. >> when the baseline is established there is time on the road. routes get more complex and frustrated. coping strategies are taught. >> need to calm down more. be able to relax when you drive. >> if we can think of alternative options in our
5:47 am
minds we can then feel empathy instead of anger or aggression. >> so the driver's training is only one part of a total mental health treatment program that includes therapy. victor says with the driver training now he is getting fewer complaints from his girlfriend about his driving. starting tomorrow, seismic metro fitting work begins on the west side of the golden gate bridge to make it a challenge for bicyclists and pedestrians that will have to share the east walkway. on busy days, more than 6,000 cyclists and 10,000 pedestrians use the bridge sidewalks. marin independent journal reports bikers have had exclusive use of the west side for six hours a day in the week and most of the weekend. from tomorrow until september, cyclists must move to the east side with pedestrians. that walkway is only 10 feet wide in most places and narrows down to 5-1/2 feet near the span's pylons. >> 5:47 now. time to check in with mike. and see what the weather is like this memorial day and talk about the rain we could have.
5:48 am
wait, did i say that? >> yeah. rain tomorrow and probably wednesday also. that is june 1. it looks like it's a pattern. it hasn't changed whatsoever. 5:48 this morning. today looks threatening. the low clouds and the marine layer trying to return. the high clouds are from the system that is coming in tomorrow and bringing us the scattered showers. so, let's talk about the temperatures outside. we're running in the upper 40s to low 50s everywhere. except for oakland at 53 degrees. head to monterey bay, watsonville and santa cruz. inland, mid-to-upper 40s. warmer around salinas. low to mid-50s. highlights, partly cloudy. slightly cooler today. thanks to the stranger sea breeze. scattered showers tomorrow and wednesday. dry, cooler than average all the way through the weekend. today, we may make 70 in brentwood. the rest of the east bay in the mid-to-upper 60s. east bay shore.
5:49 am
mid-60s for you. san leandro and fremont at 66. near 70 in los gatos. everybody else in mid-to-upper 60s in the south bay. on peninsula, start in the upper 60s at palo alto and drop to mid-60s at san mateo. low 60s in gilroy. breezy along the coast. we'll see sunshine and mid-to-upper 50s for you. near 60 in downtown south san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s throughout the north bay valleys. upper 50s at your beaches. we'll be near 50 monterey, pacific grove, carmel. mid-60s for the rest of the bay. inland, upper 60s. going to the game, 1:05 first pitch at the coliseum as the yankees are in town. partly cloudy. warming to 64 degrees. tonight, look at rain starting to develop. temperatures running in the mid-to-upper 40s in the north bay valley. upper 40 to low 50s for the rest of us. it ought to be slightly warmer tomorrow morning thanks to the cloud cover. look how fast the cold front is driving toward us on this jetstream that is going up
5:50 am
to canada. grabbing cold air. bringing it with it. and moisture. a chance of showers. tuesday and lesser extent on wednesday. here we are at 7:00, we see cloud cover hanging around. high clouds moving in during the afternoon hours. chance of showers develop after the sunsets mainly in the north bay. by tomorrow morning, it moves over the heart of the bay. scattered showers for the commute back to work tomorrow. in the afternoon hours, you will see a little lull and another push develops around 6:00. sunset fade away by wednesday morning. pretty quiet wednesday afternoon. you can see the best chances to the north and east of our neighborhood. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. it will happen wednesday, all of us will be cool again. probably the coolest of the seven-day forecast. thursday we see a small rebound and that small rebound in temperatures will continue friday, saturday and sunday. have a great day. frances? >> all right, mike. for holiday no, service on the ace train today. and bart is operating on a
5:51 am
sunday schedule. in addition to that, you have to transfer. if you are going through the transbay tube. that's why we've been seeing delays up to 40 minutes. caltrain, sam tram, muni and v.t.a. running on a sunday schedule today. if you are heading in toward san francisco, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you won't encounter any delays, but you will need to bring your quarters with you. they will be enforcing the parking meters today. it's also quiet across the golden gate bridge. in fact, you'll barely see any car making way southbound. that is a northbound car now. no trouble either in the south bay. in fact, we have a couple of accidents. but they haven't slowed anyone down at all. you can get more traffic information when you want. and the mass transit schedule by going to our website eric, kristen? >> thanks a lot. 5:51. look at the stories we're following this morning. police in oakland are investigating a shooting that left two people dead.
5:52 am
police say a block party for the east bay dragon motorcycle club turned violent and someone shot at three people killing a man and woman and critically injuring another woman. police are trying to locate a nursing student who disappeared friday under mysterious circumstances. 26-year-old michele le was last seen doing clinical rounds at kaiser hospital in hayward and left for a break at 7:00 and never returned. they found the car a few blocks away at the hospital. memorial day is the traditional start of the summer travel season. if you are planning to fly, prepare to pay more. airline fuel costs soared this year. 48% increase. that is why the airlines hiked their fares seven times this year. it doesn't appear they'll head down soon. despite the higher fares, sales of airline tickets are up 1.5% this year. microsoft is previewing the new operating system for tablet computers and workers have had a hard time taking vacation. >> debra costrin has more.
5:53 am
>> good morning. stock market is closed on the memorial day holiday. this week, all eyes are on microsoft. the company will preview the windows operating system for tablet computers. microsoft is in a hurry to adapt windows to better support devices with the ipad. the operating system won't be out until next year, but microsoft is eager to show it's moving forward. hoping to generate demand from the computer maker and chip suppliers. the website four genius says is offering deals on range of smart phones. amazon wireless is offering sale prices on 20 4g phones but they require contract. looking for major economic news on tuesday. the case-shiller price index measuring the home prices comes out. wednesday, auto makers release figure on may vehicle sales. friday, big one. the labor department is out with may unemployment numbers and economists
5:54 am
telling bloomberg that the unemployment rate will likely fall to 8.9%. recent career builder survey of over 5,000 full-time employees finds one out of four cannot afford to take a vacation. that is up from 21% last year. while 12% of those surveys say they can't afford to take a vacation but they don't have plans to take one this year. that is business. at the new york stock exchange, i'm debra costrin with the bloomberg business report. 5:54 now. singer sean kingston is in a miami hospital this morning. after crashes a jet ski to a bridge. investigators say the 21-year-old hip-hop singer was driving the jet ski with a female passenger when it hit a bridge. both of them were thrown in the water. passing boater pulled them out and they were rushed to a trauma center. kingston record label spokesman said he is stabilize but won't say more about the condition. police say at this point it doesn't appear that alcohol played a role. kingston rose to fame with the 2007 hit "beautiful girls." . forget the food pyramid you learned about in school.
5:55 am
the new symbol for healthy eating guidelines will be a plate. this week, the obama administration will unveil revamped symbol. unlike the food pyramid, the plate is sliced to four wedges for the basic food group. fruit, vegetables, grain, protein. next to the plate is a smaller circle for dairy. the symbol underscores the obama administration central goal to get people to fill half of their plate with fruits and vegetables. hollywood is having a hangover again. an enjoying it. "hang over part 2" was the winner at the box office this weekend. sequel took in $86 million in the opening weekend. animated kung fu panda 2 was second with $48 million. featuring the voices of jack black and angelina jolie. rounding out the top three, johnny depp's "pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides" which learned $40 million. the totals are on course to set a new revenue record for the four-day memorial day weekend. 5:55. just ahead on abc7 news at
5:56 am
6:00 -- the big change pg&e wants to make to your power pole and why some worry it could lead to dangerous changes in gas pipeline. >> plus, information that authorities had that could have led to a quicker arrest in the bryan stow beating case. and the mistake that kept that information from most police agencies. three people were shot in oakland last night. police are looking into what they were doing right before the shooting. i'm amy hollyfield. i have a live report coming up.
5:57 am
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this is a live shot looking southeast from downtown san francisco. see the marine layer clouds coming back in to the forecast. not those i'm worried about for rain. they come in the forecast tomorrow and wednesday. i'll have an update. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where a block party turned violent. two people were shot and killed. third person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> i'm nick smith in hayward, where police continue their search for 26-year-old nursing student who went missing three days ago. i'll have a live report. >> all right, delay-free, heading in or out of san francisco. the live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is holiday light. but you will still need feed the meters in san francisco. >> the meters in san francisco? working on a holiday? who would have


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