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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 30, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the skid marks are evidence of a tumultuous evidence from a block party. >> three people were shot and two people have died and new information on the victims. amy is live at the sane on international boulevard. amy? >> reporter: all the victims are in their 20s. police one of the names. 28-year-old latoyay kenny and
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there is still evidence of what happened last night. here on the sidewalk where the shooting happened hadn't been completely clean but residents decided to clean it up themselves. over on international boulevard you can see plenty of skid marks where the cars were doing the donuts for a side show. >> as the block party that spilled over from a party of a nearby park. hundreds of people were gathered at 88th and international boulevard. >> it was a nice time. everybody was having fun. when you mix alcohol and drugs, you never know what is going to happen. >> they say it turned into a side show with cars spinning out in the middle of the intersection and someone started shooting. >> when the smoke cleared and everybody started scattering it was two people that were dead. it was surreal. >> this woman knew one of the victims, 28-year-old latoya of union city.
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she did not want her face shown on tv. >> it's unbelievable. >> police haven't released the name of the man that was killed saying he was from san leandro. the woman is in the hospital is also in the san leandro. it happened in front of a east bay dragon motorcycle headquarters. the woman was click dwoik say they were not involved in the incident. >> this happens every year but the activity on sunday, what happened yesterday had nothing to do with them. >> there have now been 47 homicides in oakland this year up from 35 from last year. young people say they would like to see city leaders to do more to help prevent crime. >> this san epidemic. we have people on the ground talking and showing the people they really care about it. right now, we don't see the love. >> reporter: no arrests have been made from last night's shootings.
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the other two victims, the man who was killed, his name has not been released and there is a woman who is in the hospital in critical condition. police are looking for new leads in the disappearance of a nursing student who was last seen rounds at kaiser hospital in hayward. she vanished on friday. she took a break at the hospital and never returned. investigators say le had her cellphone when she left but she hasn't answered any calls. she told classmates she was planning to drive to roeno to visit friends for the holiday but police found her car a hatch mile away from the hospitalize. they say the clues lead to confusion. >> any clues at all? >> nothing at all. the car, which is further indication that whoever left the car cared about the car. again, a puzzle to us.
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>> family and friends say it's not likely to disappear without telling people where she is going. >> president obama and first lady paid tribute beauty to the men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. [ "taps" playing ] >> the first couple visited arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. after that the president took part at memorial amplitheater along with mike mullen and defense secretary robert gates. mr. obama urged americans to honor troops sacrificed. >> that is what we memorialize today. that spirit that says send me, no matter what the mission, send me no matter the risk. send me no matter how great the sacrifice i'm called to make.
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>> here in the bay area, communities are paying tribute to our veterans. walnut creek is remembering fallen soldiers. >> good morning, the service behind me is one of many happening throughout the bay area, like you said, is zbeind not only to honor the men and women that are serving but those that are currently go missing. >> music and a presentation of colors started the memorial day service not only designed to recognize those that have decided for service to their country but also those that remain missing. >> since 2010 on and with a change of congressional mandate for our0's we are now actively pursuing. that is approximately --.
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>> the majority of missing soldiers served do you recall world war ii. there are 8003 soldiers missing from the korean war. 127 from the cold war and 1,693 from the vietnam war. they call eight ritual for the living. >> it's just a way to remember them and thank them for what they've done. i've done the best i can. i fortunately survived but i still remember them. ♪ >> reporter: memorial day began as way to recognize union soldiers who died during the civil war but after world war one, it was expanded to include all men and women who died in any military action or in war. in walnut creek, nick smith, "abc 7 news." >> mark matthews is live at san francisco's presidio.
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>> a ceremony is just now beginning. there was a parade earlier about 10:30 this morning. let me show you pictures of that. this particular ceremony is commemorating the 70th anniversary into world war ii. 400,000 americans died in that war. this the 70th anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. it's a very somber time at san francisco's national smeochb. a major general u.s. marine corps retired is going to be delivering remarks. i asked him for a preview. >> every memorial day i think that anybody that has led marines, in my case and sailors in combated we always reflected on those young men that died carrying out our orders. i remember the very first marine that was killed what i told him to do. i swore i would never forget him
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and i would never forget any marine that was killed under my orders. so i have a diary of the dead, i review the names and try to remember them all. >> reporter: very heartfelt, very appropriate remarks on this day. vfw commander is master of ceremonies and i heard him talking about what was like when america entered world war ii. he said it was a wonderful time to be an american because the country was united. tonight on "abc 7 news" at 6:00 we'll be talking with americans about a divided nation very, divided according to the latest poll numbers and america's support or lack of support for the war in afghanistan. that will be coming up later today. >> u.s. troops fighting in afghanistan are taking time to
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remember their fallen comrades. they prayed and held flag raising ceremonies to recognize 1400 troops killed the last decade. other troops held ceremonies and they focused on those that have died but those also that still serve. >> my family and all the other families, the loved ones here, i just know we're spending the weekend here. >> they are holding ceremonies honoring 4,000 troops that died in iraq. under an agreement u.s. troops must end that country by the end of the year. >> brand-new chief of the starm of army will be leaving that post after a few months to become the top uniformed or at the pentagon. president obama chose him to be joint chiefs of staff. he replaced george casey.
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he called the new general one of the most respected and combatted tested generals during a speech in the rose garden. he replaces mike mull than that has served chair. he will retire in september. pg&e says it could take 12 hours to are repair all the utility poles. the poles still block part of hillsdale avenue. only one of the nine poles that snapped in half is actually a pg&e power pole. the others are telephone poles. there is no word why the driver lost control. two people inside ended up in the hospital which is no surprise when you see how thick those poles are and how fast the collision must have been. hackers break into a tv network's website.
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phony story masquerading as news. >> and learning to drive, bay
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this memorial day we honor men and women that have made sacrifices, but all are not physical. imagine learning how to redrive but where you were driving was war zone.
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>> before he went off to the iraq war, army veteran victor alkentar took driving for grand but not anymore. >> i'm looking on rooftops and over bridges. i don't think that will ever go away. hyper vigilance wherever i'm at. >> in iraq, that hyper vigilance was the difference between life and death. humvee drivers were taught to scan for snipers and rocket propelled grenades to and to avoid being boxed in and if there was threat, don't stop. >> you just kept going, nonstop convoy. >> victor came back to san jose with posttraumatic stress syndrome and demands from his fiance that he control his temper behind the wheel. that led to him th program at v.a. center in palo alto.
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>> they are coming to see me because they have been in an accident and they are forced to see me or the family has reported -- they are just driving aggressively. mark's program at the v.a. medical center is designed to get better and safely get back on the road. that starts with an evaluation behind the wheel and possible triggers that would force a soldier in a fight or flight reaction. this simulator time allows soldiers to work through stressful situations without the risk of getting hurt. >> anxiety and what causes that. it's a cellphone or a truck next to me i feel boxed. >> once the baseline is established there is time on the road, routes that get more complex and frustrating and coping strategies are taught. >> being taught to calm down more and just relax while you
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drive. >> if we can think of alternative options in mind we can feel empathy instead of anger or aggression. >> of course, the driver training is one part of the mental health treatment program, that includes therapy. he is getting fewer complaints from his girlfriend about his driving. >> that is always a good thing. mike nicco is ahead with the holiday forecast. >> it may be difficult later tonight and tomorrow. rain is in the forecast. 18 flight arrival delays into sfo. >> sports and energy drinks, not the same thing. if you don't know the difference your child could pay the consequences. a final farewell what the shuttle endeavour did for the last
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you can see2fúep
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after we me dúa diyoú floor look brand new, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? yes. yes it does. ♪call 1-800-steemer. endeavour setting her sails one last time, departing from the international space station. after 12 missions to the orbiting complex. >> and there it is. the final time.
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the shuttle undocked from the space station after 12-day maintenance mission. it took a victory lap around the station and checked the station. it will be treortd a museum in los angeles. shuttle atlantis will fly the final launch in july. >> let's check in with mike with a look at the forecast. and more about the rain that we're not supposed to be having this time of year. >> we're going to drop it on you wednesday, which is june 1st. take a look what is going outside. clouds look impressive but they are going to be scattered about. we'll call it partially sunny. what they mainly do is you'll wanted to huddle around the barbecue. most of us running in the upper
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50s. sameening for santa cruz but the rest of the monterey bay and inland, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. highlights, partly sunny and cool today. scattered showers not only tomorrow and into wednesday and dry and cooler than average during the weekend. so the cool weather hangs around for the first week of june. for today, 70 in brentwood, everybody else in the east bay valleys, mid to upper 60s. we'll have mid-50s throughout the east bay shore with san leandro and fremont around 56. down in the south bay, mid to upper 50s for you. los gatos, 69 degrees and 67 in palo alto dropping down to 62 in millbrae as you head northbound. breezy along the coast. downtown san francisco, low 50s. north bay beaches, 50s and breezy and inland mid to upper 50s. monterey bay, mostly everybody in the mid-60s.
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on inland we'll have mid-60s to around 70. gilroy, if you are heading to the coliseum, partially cloudy around 50. around the state, 91 for the warm spot in palm springs, 76 in l.a. and same thing for fresno and 70 in sacramento. tahoe, 52 and eureka and showers. those showers slide southward. you can see them taking over our neighborhoods but tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the mid 40s to around 50 degrees. this cold front that is responsible, look how it's coming straight down from alaska and the showers come in as quickly as tonight. let's talk about a time frame. at noon today, high clouds streaming ahead of the system. by 7:00 this evening, all is type. once we get around midnight to 2:00, leading edge moves in. north bay, sonoma county coast
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and been thechb by 7:00 tomorrow all of us dealing with light showers. then it fades away by noon and a few more will pop up in the afternoon but the most part. heaviest will fall in the afternoon or morning. drizzle along the coast and isolated shower is possible wednesday afternoon. rainfall amounts, probably less than a tenth of an ych, maybe a quarter of an inch in the north bay. on. there is a warning about energy drinks and sports drinks like gatorade. researchers say there is a big difference between energy drinks with a lot of sugar and caffeine and sports drinks that come with electrolytes. kids should never have energy drinks. it would rob them the calcium they would otherwise consume with milk. they should have sports drinks after long vigorous exercise but
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otherwise water is best. pbs officials hackers have cracked the network's website. they posted a phony story claiming tupac was alive and living in new zealand. he was shot and killed in las vegas back in 1996. a group calling itself losec posted other links taunting the network. >> alaskan airlines is going high-tech. they have received approval to replace the manuals with ipads. they will free up space and carry-on bags for the pilots and lighten the load of more than 20 pounds. alaska is the first line to try using the ipads. >> probably not the last.
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