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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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have been shot in a case of mistaken identity. >> president obama paid tribute to the men and women of the armed forces in a ceremon net arlington national cemetery. president obama laid a wreath. he said the nation owes a debt to the fallen heroes. a somber president said it was important to honor their sacrifice and the unimaginable void felt by the family they leave behind. >> the grief so many of you carry in your are the hearts is a grief i cannot know. this day it is about you and the fallen heroes you loved. >> earlier the president hosted a white house breakfast for families of those killed in combat. >> the avenue of the flags is
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now a 40 yearr tradition in the cemetery. each flag is donated by a family member and has on it the name of the man or woman who served in war. many of them shared their memories. >> i have two brothers whose flags i brought and they served at the same time in the korean conflict. it is great to come here and pay tribute to those who served and gave their life for our country. >> there were a number of world war ii and vietnam veterans and along with those from iraq and afghanistan. 191 band honored members of the band to the national cemetery there today. historic military vehicles drove along the parade route
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lined with american flags. later in the commemoration ceremony a wreath was laid next to a pair of empty boot to remember those lost in service. >> and in walnut creek, the focus on those who went to war and are still missing and never returned. the annual memorial ceremony remembers the sacrifices they made. many are veterans and they recalled fallen comrades and also the mia's whose remains are yet to be located. >> since 2010, with the change in congressional mandate for our office. we are actively pursuing and that is approximately 73,000 still missing. >> the majority of the missing
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served in world war ii. >> oakland a's paid a tribute to honor men and women. as the players took to the field against the new york yankees, first order of business was a salute to the bravest of uniforms. heather ishimaru brings us the emotional line up. >> players wore caps from soldiers in kuwait. a marine on the mound. it is a day when uniforms mixed and match. dayton mcconnle was back from afghanistan and asked to throw the pitch to injured a's pitcher who appeared in head to toe camoflage. mcconnel has been back in california for a month. >> you have baseball experience? >> i played when i was younger. hopefully i am good enough to throw out the ball. >> are you nervous? >> a little bit.
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after afghanistan you are a marine you can't be nervous. >> it is a different nervous. and his pitch was high and outside. >> thank you sergeant for your service to our country. >> and fans could help support the troops by donating to a san ramon base troop which every month sends two tons was supplies to troops over seas. >> there is a need over there and sometimes we can get it there faster than a branch of service can for the front line guys. no red tape and no change much command. >> the 10 year old wrote a note to go alongg with the shipment. >> what is memorial day for you? >> that, too, and also in remembrance of the troop that is served our country. >> memorial day was not forgotten at this game.
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heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >> and if you would like to join that danville group on the mission go to abc you will find a link to help find out how to help them. >> american troops remembered their fallen comradeses today. they recognized 1400 troops kill in combat in the past decade. they are honoring 4000 troops that died in combat in iraq. an agreement between washington and baghdad, u.s. troops must leave that country by the end of the year. >> family members read names of the flight 93 memorial. it was the san francisco bound airline jet that crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. passengers stopped the hijacking by storming the cockpit. union city memorial is in
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sugarlanding park . bears the names and home towns of each of the crew members and passengers on board of that jet. >> there is a frantic search for a missing college student. >> she vanished without a trace. michelle lee was last seen in kaiser hospital in hayward. vick lee has the latest on the search. >> police are tight-lipped about the investigation and so are friends and family members who tell us that police asked them not to talk to reporters. >> the university where michelle lee was enrolled spoke to us about their concerns. >> the disappearance affected all of us. class mates and teachers. >> michelle lee is expected to graduate with a nursing degree from a small private school based in oakland. the 26 year old student is
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enrolled in the campus. >> michelle is beautiful and bright and intelligent young lady and in an accelerated nursing program and enjoying studying to become a nurse. >> lee's aunt in san diego said who live in viet nam was told about the disappearance. lee grow up in san francisco and moved to the bay area after high school f. police have leads they are not talking about them . neither are the close frens who came to see if there is any news. >> this is what we know about the young woman who was missing since friday night. she was last seen 7:00 at kaiser student where she is in a mentoring program. she said she had to go to her car which is parked here in the hospital garage and then she disappeared. police scanned garage security
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video and saw nothing that would help. they found her car a half mile on pond rosa court half mile from the hospital. they tried to track the cell phone. union city and fremont came up. in the meantime they are trying to keep students sav. safe. >> ask for security when they are leaving the building. >> abc 7 news learned that michelle lee's father was briefed about the disappearance. he live in viet nam and en route to san francisco. she has a brother who lives in the bay area. unfortunatelyy this mystery deepens. vick lee, abc sevennews. >> thank you very much. >> the story about rapper
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tupack - tupac shaker . service interrupted, a driver plows through nine utility poles in the south bay. >> hi, everyone. you know, the end of may and early june, having a lot in common. cool and wet weather. we'll have the 7 day outlook coming up.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> san jose police believe that a teen's drunk driving toppled nine utilitiy poles in san jose. it happened 2:00 on hillsdale avenue. the crash triggered power and telephone out ages in the
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area. the officer arrested the 17 year old on suspicion of drunk driving. the 17 year old passenger suffered minor injuries in the crash. >> pbs executives said hockers posted a phony story that dead rapper tupac shaker was alive and living in new zealand. the group claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was retaliation for a front line investigation. they posted log in information . posted drink to a video taunting the network. >> there will be changes to pedestrian and light traffic on the golden gate bridge starting tomorrow. >> westbound sidewalk will close as part of the bridge's retrofit project.
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that means pedestrian and bicyclist will share the cross walk. they will have acess from sunrise to sunset. the westbound sidewalk is expected to reopen in september. >> this is the last day to comment on the plan to keep dogs on leashes in the golden gate area. it will affect those on ocean beach and johnathon bloomm reports. dogs run free and in and out of the trail . the dog owners think that is just fine. >> it is a great place to pay. beach and path ways and field. and now he is upset that the national park service wants to require leashes for dogs in the recreation area including the favorite spot for him and others. >> it allows the dogs to get
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the exercise. they are urban dogs. >> dog owners are vocal and organized. leading that san francisco visor. >> this is a pet project for you. >> weiner drafted a resolution opposing the restriction that goes too far. >> 80 or 90 percent reduction in the area where people can walk the dogs off leash. it is unreasonable. >> they want to balance the enjoyment with dog lovers and those who don't love dogs so much. a woman who breeds them thinks that they are a good idea. >> it is a safety hazard and needs to be the responsibility of the pet owner. >> her friend knows that first hand. >> i had to school my dog up
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that because of an aggressive dog. >> when they poop. they cover it with sand and leave it. >> abc 7 news. >> and nutritionist recommend that children and teens stay away from drinking energy and sports drinks. researchers point out the difference between energy drinks with a lot of sugar and caffeine and sports that come with electrolytes. they shouldn't have energy drinks . they rob children of the calcium. >> and sports drinks. kids should only occasionally use them after long vigorous exercise. the concern is that carbs increase obesity in the young. drinking water is always the best option. >> the study is in the journal of pediast ricks. >> and a new agency aimed at stopping mortage credit carted
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abuse is under attack. >> it is supposed to open up shop in july. michael fenny is here with more. >> the new agency that might not ever be. the consumer protection bureau considered the center piece of the reform. the president has yet to nominate anyone to run the agency. republicans are threatening to block it unless drastic changes are made to the agency. they are set to pass three bills that would weaken the consumer union that is needed to stream line regulations that are overseen by seven different agencies and create new consumer protections when necessary. >> with respect to predator lending it took 10 years to come up with something that protects consumers and even
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that was too little, too late. they will be on the cutting edge on what impacts consumers . >> republican bills require a bipartisan commission and approve the director instead of a democratic controlled senate . make it easier for the decisions to be dumped. a third bill would prohibit the new agency from getting off of the ground until the senate approves a director. >> a rental car bill will be bruced to stop rental car agencies from renting out cars that haven't been fixed. two sisters died after the car caught fire. it was recalled but not taken out of the fleet. they allow the recalls for less serious safety issues to be left on the road.
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federal regulators say there is not and such thing . a similar bill is working its way through the california legislature. >> air fares are shooting up and that doesn't seem to be grounding passengers. airline fuel coasts are up 48 percent and on average. airlines have hiked their fares 7 times . >> they are struggling with those fuel prices. >> space shuttle endeavor started its journey after undocking from the international space station. endeavor's crew of six enjoyed a victory lap around the station. the astronauts spent more than len days there. nasa expects endeavor to return on wednesday morning. the ship will head to a museum in los angeles. atlantis by the way will fly the space shuttle program's
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final mission coming up in july. >> that will truly be an end of an era. >> we'll talk about things on terra firma. >> wind and coolie. >> we saw the forecast. >> it looks like it will continue. this is the unusual start of summer. >> supposed to be. we have pretty clouds to show you. how is that for memorial day . emeryville. we are looking a higher clouds and sunshine around the bay. if you can stand the gusty on shore winds. temperatures cooler than yesterday and sierra nevada, four-nine inches of snow saturday night . snow showers in the forecast for june 1st. in the sierra, nevada. it is getting strange around here. temperatures right now are in the cool side . upper 50s in ran fran .
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59 in half moon bay . 64 in san jose . 64 in napa. >> winds are gusty and we have winds droub in from an area of low pressure . up to 25 miles per hour . winds in san jose . half moon bay at sevenmiles per hour. here are the highlights. showers will be overnight . cooler air is in place and thunderstorms are possible on wednesday . first weekend of june, it is looking wet. you will notice that the clouds thind out. if you didn't have time to enjoy the sunshine and in fact, with the breezy wind. temperatures are struggling to make it to the upper 60s. this is what is to come. anurpt level trop.
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that will spread the rape for the morning commut . notice after 11:00. you wet in sonoma county . sweeping through the east bay. showers from the peninsula and doup by the santa pruse -- cruz . that will bring showers and spotty in nature. we could see the possibility of thunderstorms, the higher elevations that see those cumulus build up. it is an unstable day. wednesday, and then a break on thursday. upper 40s, 30s to 50s . remember the showers moving in after midnight . in the south bay 56 for santa clara . mostly cloudy and redwood, 56 . breezy not getting out of the
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50s. dally city 56 . average highs 64 . over the hills, we are talking scen in danville and down by the monterey bay. chance was showers and 65 in. we have a chance was a thunderstorm and break thursday and friday . i can't believe it myself. graduation time and june, and i mean, you know. >> it is strange. >> just ahead. bay area rose -- >> why people think they are getting burned by the solar power rebate program. we'll be right back.
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♪call 1-800-steemer. >> there are a lot of on the road at this hour as people
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return from the memorial day weekend it is slow going on the golden gate bridge. it was a mess yesterday with all of the holiday traffic and here is a live look at the bay area toll plasa and there is a bit of a back up. fast track lanes are running smooth . here is i-80. east shore freeway. not bad. certainly for a memorial day holiday, it is moving along good. and crews have been shifting the eastbound lane of the bay area bridge. crews wrapped up work yesterday to move the eastbound lanes a little bit to the south where the eastern existing extends . they call it the oakland touchdown. it will get workers enough space create the spain - span to toll plas a. more to come here at 5:00.
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note note ♪ >> whew. singing the blues this memorial day. >> and the local festival setting the holiday tone. we'll be right back.
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>> new tonight at 6:00. ♪ >> the somber song means so much for those who served. we'll have more on the effort to keep the tradition of taps alive. back to dan and karina . >> thank you. and world news with diane sawyer is next. i am karina rusk . and i am dan ashley.


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