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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 16, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning. >> washington's fr targeting itn citizens who helped the u.s. making news in america this morning. >> washington's fresh anger at pakistan after targeting its own citizens who helped the u.s. with the bin laden raid. and only abc is learning more from secrets bin laden left behind. hack attack. first the senate's website, now the cia's is the latest to be brought down by online assailants. and hockey violence off the ice. vancouver fans erupt in anger over losing the stanley cup to boston. good morning. official word from al qaeda this morning, osama bin laden's longtime lieutenant has taken command. >> egyptian born
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ayman al zawahiri is now vowing to pick up where he left off to attack the u.s. >> the cia learned how such an attack might take place after sifting through information from bin laden's pakistan compound. we'll have those details ahead in a "good morning america" exclusive. and inside pakistan this morning, the government is still so embarrassed by the u.s. commando raid to take down bin laden that it's cracking down on some of its own citizens. john hendren joins us now from washington with the very latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, peggy. good morning, daniel. pakistan gets $2 billion a year in u.s. ai in u.s. aid, but after the pakistani government rounded up and arrested several of those who helped the cia find osama bin laden, several lawmakers on capitol hill are asking, why? for the crew of the "uss carl vinson" who buried osama bin laden at sea -- >> how are you doing, baby? >> reporter: -- it was a relief-filled homecoming. >> i was scared for all their lives. >> it absolutely is historic and we're proud of that. >> reporter: for the informants who helped the cia hunt down the al qaeda leader, it was another story. the man would owned the safe house the cia used to monitor
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bin laden detained. the man would reported those coming and going to the secret compound, also detained by the pakistani government supposedly a u.s. ally. that prompted the understatement of the day. >> our relationship with pakistan is extremely important. it is also complicated. >> reporter: on capitol hill there was outrage. >> how long do we support governments that lie to us? >> most governments lie to each other. that's the way business gets done. >> do they also -- do they also arrest the people that help us when they say they're allies? >> sometimes. sometimes. >> not often. >> and sometimes they send people to spy on us and they're our close allies. >> reporter: rooting out the enemy in pakistan may now be harder than ever. >> if the united states doesn't have local pakistani informants, then it's going to be very, very difficult for the united states to stage operations inside pakistan. and that's exactly what the
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pakistani government wants. >> reporter: with the u.s. handing over control of the war in neighboring afghanistan by 2014, gates says at least there is an end in sight. daniel andll right, >> all right, john, thank you very much live from washington this morning. while the group that claims it recently attacked nintendo, sony and the government's website is at it again. the site says they have no classified data and there was no impact to operations. it was back to normal in just over two hours. the group responsible casays thr purpose is to show how vulnerable major went sites are. >> they're forcing something of a showdown over u.s. military action in libya. they're suing the president claiming he needed the okay from congress to commit u.s. forces to the fight against moammar gadhafi. at obama administration says no thunderstorms is needed. another key issue plaguing president obama is how to fix the economy and new polls indicate voters are frustrated.
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the latest numbers show the president's overall job performance dropped to 49% from 52% last month and more than half, 54% don't approve of the way he's handling the economy. the fate of congressman anthony weiner is the subject of a high-level meeting of house democrats today. they are considering how to handle his sexting scandal all the while hoping that weiner will resign. meanwhile, former porn star ginger lee is saying that weiner asked her to lie. she never she never sexted with weiner. these are the mug shots of former presidential candidate john edwards. they were taken after his indictment this month for allegedly using campaign funds to help cover up his extramarital affair. edwards has pleaded not guilty to six felony counts. congresswoman gabby giffords is waking up in her own home for the first time since she was shot in the head five months ago. being at home with her husband, mark kelly, could stimulate her recovery. she still struggles with
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speaking and walking and she will continue intensive therapy on an outpatient basis. a tiny town in southwestern iowa is hoping for the best as swollen rivers head its way. the residents will have to wait to see if a makeshift levee will safeguard their homes. barbara pinto has more. >> reporter: this is ground zero in the battle to save this town. machine and machinery have been working around the clock here to build this levee. all of this good iowa farm soil is now this town's last line of defense. the only barrier between hamburg and the wall of water headed this way. towns up and down the swollen missouri river are bracing for record flooding this season. many here, hundreds have already left town worried about what they'll find when they get back. now, this levee has got to hold. if it doesn't, much of this town could be submerged under ten feet of water. so the prayer is that this levee holds through this flooding for weeks, even months, the water
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could be high pore that long. >> well, parts of the southeast are cleaning up after getting pummeled by a violent line of storms. winds topping 70 miles an hour overturned campers blowing one of them close to the highway ramp. some 200,000 people lost power in the atlanta area and also carolinas. >> all right, speaking of weather, here is your morning forecast from around the nation. another stormy day with high winds, hail and a chance of tornados around jacksonville, savannah, raleigh, charleston, west virginia and d.c. look for severe weather from denver to amarillo, texas. showers around chicago, detroit, the eastern great lakes and northern new england. thunderstorms from salt lake city to helena, montana. >> 65 degrees in billings, 94 in albuquerque ken a sizzling 104 in phoenix. 94 for the victory parade in dallas. mostly 80s in the northeast. 93 in miami. the casey anthony trial begins a new phase but will she take the stand?
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>> then buyer beware. newly recalled cars showing up on used car lots. a rather tough night in vancouver. unfortunately, drunken, angry hockey fans take to the streets after the stanley cup finals.
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the financial and political crisis in greece jolted investors around the world after riots erupted in athens over new budget cuts. there are fears that greece
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could default on its debt. it could set off crises in other debt-ridden countries such as portugal and ireland and threaten european's banking system. all of that in turn could hurt american exports. asian stocks are being hammered by the greek crisis. tokyo's nikkei average dropped about 153 points today. hong kong's hang seng is off about 400. in london the ftse opened lower and the dow lost 179 points yesterday and the nasdaq index was down 47. foreclosure filings are at their lowest rate in 4 1/2 years. unfortunately, that's not good news. realtytrak says it's because it is taking longer to process delinquent mortgages and means the market will remain depressed longer because more foreclosed will hit the market later. the iced car that you bought may have been called but never repaired. even if the dealer is aware of the problem, there's no requirement it be fixed or that
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buyers be told about the recall. >> well, this weak economy is being blamed for a dmriening u.s. birth rate. preliminary figures from the centers for disease control say only 4 million babies were born last year, down 3% from the year before. the birth rate hit an all-time high four years ago just as the recession began. >> and talk about your dream job. i think we're both ready to sign up. the retail mattress strain sleepese is look for a snooze director. >> done. >> someone to sleep around on different mattresses and blog and tweet about them. i guess they have to wake up to do that. it only pays $10 an hour but at least you won't be fired for sleeping on the job. promoted probably. >> that sounds like quality time right there. amen. sign me up. coming up next, lord stanley's cup headed b boston. boston. sorry about that, daniel. we'll have all of the highlights. >> or lowlights depending where you're from. the latest studies on whether or not you can make up for lost sleep on the weekend. how about this for an excuse, the gps made me do it. one driver puts this mercedes
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[ female announcer ] like switching to one a day women's -- a complete multivitamin with more calcium and vitamin d than centrum to support bone and breast health. now available in small, easy to swallow petites. well, taking a look at your morning road conditions wet on i-95 from richmond to jacksonville. on i-20 from augusta to the carolinas. also onnism-10 from tallahassee to mobile and rain drenches 70 and 80 into western pennsylvania. >> if you're flying airport delays are possible in charlotte, detroit, kansas city, denver and salt lake city. well, the casey anthony trial enters a new phase today after the prosecution wrapped up its case. >> now anthony's attorneys will get a chance to defend their client who could face the death penalty if she's convicted of killing her 2-year-old daughter. ashleigh banfield is covering the trial. >> reporter: it's been a grueling 30 days of trial for cindy anthony who on one hand is faced with defense lawyers who
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are claiming her husband is a child molester and prosecutors who paint her daughter as a baby murderer. they turned from ee motions to forensics including pieces of a tusk sealed in canisters for three years and investigators said they contained the smell of death which her defense team shot down as junk science but the forensic evidence kept coming. a strand of hair believed to be caylee's that showed signs of decomposition, again, the defense called foul. casey's lawyer even took on the chemist who found traces of a knockout drug chloroform in the trunk of casey's car. >> you can find it in any number of household item, correct. >> it has been detected in household cleaning agents and other item, yes. >> reporter: also in the trunk, a bag of garbage containing a used cleaning agent but that garbage became a problem as it contained evidence of bugs
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attracted to decomposition. the same kind of bulges that were found on caylee's remains. and also troubling for the defense the search history on the anthony fam computer. >> found the word chloroform. >> neck breaking. >> reporter: there were searches made months before little caylee disappeared. although the defense claims caylee drowned accidentally, doctor gee, a famous tv medical examiner said there was little chance of that. >> even if being put in a bag is very big red flag for homicide and duct tape attached anywhere to the child's face is to me indication of a homicide. >> reporter: their final witness, casey's tattoo artist who inked this, an italian expression that may speak volumes of her grief. its literal translation, beautiful life, perhaps an ode to her child. the colloquial child, the good life, perhaps an ode to her
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freedom. this is ashleigh banfield in orlando. a montana couple is accused of giving their 1-year-old orange juice laced in methamphetamine. it was left out after a party and didn't know it was spiked with meth. child protective services became involved and tested the wild who did test positive for meth. the parents admit not taking the child to the hospital because they didn't want to get in e tee the tenant of this detroit house was apparently not very happy with her landlord. witnesses say she chained a pickup truck to the house and hit the gas leaving the place in utter ruins. for now ras you might expect, the woman is unlikely to get any of her security deposit back. here's a story of technology gone bad, let's say. three women were visiting bellevue, washington, for a conference and they say they were just following directions from their gps late at night trying to get back to their hotel and instead drove their rented mercedes suv down a boot ramp and into a swamp. they're fine. not sure about the gps. >> my hometown.
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research from a just completed annual meeting on sleep finds a weekend of long rest cannot make up for lost sleep during the week and our brains are still impaired but we don't feel as sleepy. healthy marriage depends more her go on her good night's sleep than his. wives who took longer to fall asleep reported more difficulties with their spouses the next day but when the men got less sleep they reported better interactions with their spouse. better to be a little on the groggy side when you have to, you know, have those discussion sflsz maybe i should get some sleep right now before i go home. >> all lacking in sleep around here. now some sports and the unfortunate aftermath of last night's stanley cup decider that took place in vancouver and then this. >> fans have a fitful sleep. tens of thousands on the streets followsing the canucks' loss to the bruins in a minority acting as the mayor said disgracefully. these are the bad apples in the bunch. >> for the game highlights let's talk to will selva at espn news.
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>> good morning. and they are celebrating in the streets of boston. they finally get their coveted stanley cup. luongo trying to tan in the way, tim thomas, focused. pouring water prior to the game so he was trying to pump up his team. maybe it worked. bergeron, 1-0 lead. second period, canucks down 1-0. b burrows and denied by zdeno chara. team effort. chara, thomas, all making the save. second period, bruins up, 1-0. marchand gave possession, wraps around the net for the goal. the bruins go up now, 2-0. under three minutes to go in the second period, canucks on the power play. bergeron tripped up by ehroff sending him into the net for the goal. he couldn't stop the puck nor
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could he stop the human being. bruins with the 3-0 lead and the rout was on. the stanley cup getting a nice polish as we head to the third period. just over 12 minutes to go. bruins up 3-0. sedin, his shot, saved by thomas. henrik, not. wasn't any better. just over 3 minutes to go, kevin bieksa, one of his 37 saves and the bruins go on to win, 4-0 and are stanley cup champions on the ice celebrating with his teammate, the goalies shake hands and the conn smythe trophy winner is thomas, your mvp. that will do it with this espn news update. i'm will selva. >> nice season. >> well, coming up next the stories we'll be following today. stay with us. finally, there's a choice for my patients with an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused
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we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. and now a look ahead at the stories we'll be watching on this thursday. al qaeda has officially named osama bin laden's right-hand man as chief of the terror network. ayman al zawahiri is now vowing to continue bin laden's campaign to bring down the u.s. combing through information recovered from his pakistan compound, the cia now says that it may know where such an attack is being planned. the exclusive details are ahead on "good morning america." congressman anthony weiner's sexting scandal is what bring democratic leaders in the house
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together today. they're considering what can be done about ending what they're calling a distraction. more and more democratic members are calling on weiner to simply resign. and the u.s. open golf championship begins this morning at the congressional golf club in bethesda, maryland, outside of washington and the game's this one out asplayer tiger he recovers from an injury. american phil mickelson is among the favorites. in other sports news, more jubilation in the streets of dallas as they celebrate their first ever nba championship. 250,000 fans are expected to turn out for the parade to salute the mavs. coming up later on "good morning america," the inside story on this hugely popular web video showing a lioness trying to maybe eat this cute little boy. what is really happening here. looks sort of frightening. >> it has a happy ending, we assure you. >> for some of you your local news is next. it looks like a kid's book
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up next at 4:30. a college football star is in jail this morning, the wardrobe malfunction on an airplane. state lawmakers approve a 11th hour budget. >> and it's about 5-12 degree temperature drop and we're not back to the cooling well, we are both new parents. >> yes. >> we've definitely been frustrated a time or two especially trying to put those temperamental little kids to
4:28 am
bed. there are times when only an obscenity will do but usually you don't admit to that. >> now there had a bedtime book that feels your pain. here's david wright. >> reporter: when your kids refuse to count sheep and at bedtime decide not to sleep try as you might to turn out the light it's enough to make any mom bleep. >> it starts with a lot of sleepless nights and one night after putting my daughter vivian to bed. >> reporter: hence this four-letter lull laby meant to shock by adam mansbach. >> i posted on facebook as a joke, look out for my forthcoming children's book, "go the "f" to sleep." i didn't say "f" and a couple of weeks later a few more times to my friends i sat down and actually wrote the book in probably two sittings. >> the cats nestle close to their kittens. >> reporter: little wonder his book has gained traction even
4:29 am
though we can play just a frack. >> all the kids from day care -- >> reporter: the cadence and drawing so sweet and so cloying and that voice, yes, it's samuel l. jackson. >> hell, no, you can't go to the bathroom. you know where you can go, go the bleep to sleep. >> reporter: the video viral. it was even a book. mansbach says it is not meant for kid. >> it even says on the back, "don't read this book to children." >> reporter: but for parents -- >> everybody who picks up the book knows exactly where it's coming from getting e-mails from parents saying they're much less alone. >> reporter: with every cute little verse. >> go the [ bleep ] to


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