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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  June 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> alan: chaos on a crowded san francisco police. five people shot in what policee
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>> alan: a rung gunfight breaks out on a crowded street in san francisco's ten kerr loin -- tenderloin neighbor. bullets for flying. it happened at 6:00 near u.n. plaza. and here's the latest. >> reporter: as you can manage this area of market and jones was packed with people at 6:15 when this occurred. witness says when the gunfight started people panicked and scattered everywhere. >> seven shots, loud, popping cracks. >> reporter: police say at least two gunmen shot at each other as they crossed market street.
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that's where adam durand was when shots and panic broke out. >> i was in the california bakery, i heard several shots ring out and two girls ran into the bakery. one ran out of her shoes. >> this video shows a victim being placed in an planes. five people were shot. all in the lower extremities and none of the wounds is life-threatening. >> he wasn't moaning or anything, just in shock laying there. >> police were adamant this was a gang shooting and nothing else. >> gang-related. we have one gun in custody. and one possible suspect being dough takenned. we are doing a cold show. at it an ongoing investigation. >> police arrested the man just after the shooting. the youth ran right past him. >> standing right here, ran by me, ran to the gate, and seen him toss twice and throw something inside the gate. >> police searched the area and
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trash for a gun that the suspect was believed to have thrown away. the stood the suspect in the street while witnesses witnesser police cars drove by to see if they could identify him as the gunman. a similar scene on another street. suspects detained and one by one witnesses taken by in cars. more than a dozen bullet cases were all over market and jones. we just learned from police that three of those people who were wounded were unintended victims. police say they had nothing to do with the gunmen, the police tell us they have one person in custody, one firearm that hey -- may have beenout, but no suspects or witnesses -- well, they have witnesses but no motive at this point. reporting live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> alan: a 90-year-old driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake and crashed into a san
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jose nursing home today, killing an elderly woman and injuring six others. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> i just heard a really big noise, and when i turned around to look, the car was already halfway through the wall and just kept moving forward and hit quite a lot of the residents, and it was pretty scary. >> reporter: 9:45 a.m. and the fitness class just started for amberwood gardens most vulnerable residents, elderly suffering from alzheimer's and dementia. suddenly a 90-year-old visitor crashed into the room while trying to park her car. investigators found no obvious problems with the car. >> a lot of screaming and yelling because a lot of them didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: then the realization that self people were hurt, some self receive herely, few hours ago a woman with dementia died from her
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injuries. >> sad for anybody but more so i just talked to her yesterday afternoon, and i'm sure my staff will be devastated. >> reporter: there was so much chaos, emergency crews call for backup. jokes i feel really bad. >> reporter: visiting family and friends were on illinois -- edge when the offend out. >> everybody says calm down, it isn't that bad. >> this woman's father lives here. though he wasn't in the room where the car crashed, she worries about safety. >> they shouldn't even have parking there right in front of a window. shouldn't have no parking there at all. >> didn't like unsafe. more like a very bizarre occurrence. i don't think there was anything wrong with the way the fa sill was set up. just one of those bad days, unfortunately. >> san jose police say that no charms will be filed against the
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driver and that this has been ruled an accident. mean ymca, therapists will be here at the facility tomorrow to speak with people involved in the crash. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7. >> alan: authorities in nevada are confirming six fatilities after a semi truck plowed interest an emeryville bound train yesterday. crews were finally able to get inside the wreckage of the train but the cars have been unstable and badly damaged, making it difficult to con adult -- conduct a thorough search. we spoke to some passengers as they arrived last night at the emeryville station. >> people screaming, trying to get out, and he smoke is rolling towards the back and that's where we were, and we were trying to keep ahead of the smoke. and people just kept -- nice orderly way, kept walking to the become and getting out as fast as they could.
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some went through the windows. >> alan: the truck driver and an amtrak engineer are among the confirmed dead, but 28 people are still unaccounted for. investigateyears say they found skidmarks near the train crossing, leading them to believe the driver tried to avoid hitting the train. >> a passerby found the body of a partially decome posted man today in the al alameda creek. the police haven't identified the man and are not sure how he died. the search resumed this weekend for a missing nursing student, michelle le. it's been near lay month since she disappeared from kaiser hospital in hayward. more than hundred volunteers searched the area. le's family hired a private investigator, despite the fact the police have classified the disappearance as a homicide. they have been no arrests.
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a football game in pacifica was played in honor of a murdered team member today. 21 year david henderson was playing for the semiprofessional pacifica islanders when he was shot in may. he was taken off life support on june 6th. today friends and family held a fundraiser for henderson. all proceeds go to the family. he graduated from lincoln high school and helped the islanders make the playoffs. >> i seen him come from nothing and go to something and it's like i was proud of him. >> everybody keeping him alive. >> alan: it's pink saturday in san francisco. the unofficial -- on the eve of the san francisco pride parade. the march ended in the heart of the castro. the sisters of perpetual indull generals -- indulgence has been
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hosting the pared since 1968. >> arch is going to march downmark market street tomorrow inspired by new york. >> organizers say the parade is going to be as big as it's ever been. it start at 10:30 tomorrow morning at market and beale and ends at market and eighth street. the pink try ang fell -- try ang fell -- triangle debuted today. the group, the friends of the pitching triangle, have placed it on top of twin peeks before every pride parade since 1995. >> people living in the mission district of san francisco took to the streets tonight to sell
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operate mexico's victory of the united states in the gold cup. [chanting] >> alan: police were called in to keep an eye on the celebration but turned out to be peaceful. people poured out of weres -- bars after the game to celebrate. it was the second straight fold cup for mexico. after 16eers on the run, james "whitey" bulger has been arrested. now we're learning a little more about his life on the run. >> the vice-president stumps for president obama. while a new pole finds which republican candidate iowa voters prefer. >> leigh: high there, i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. low clouds pushing back in over the bay, and you can see from this live shot here from the high definition east bay cam, a fuzzy picture out there. get ready for warmer temperatures tomorrow, and would you believe, there is a chance
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of showers returning to the bay area next week. he'll take a lock at the seven-day forecast coming
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: james white wherey -- james "whitey" bulger is in a boston jail cell. and we're learning more about his life on the run for 16 years. >> the infamous mob boss and old fbi informant may be back in the arms of the law, but one question looms, will he talk? >> he's ready to do and there are other tb fbi agents who
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aren't sleeping well. >> somebody out there committing capital crimes, murder, and they're still acting as informants, that's not a'll si that should be practiced. >> reporter: two late for the families of bulgers victims who faced in person they have revial -- revield for so long. >> the guy that murdered my father, it's never easy. >> reporter: back in santa monica, a picture is emerging of a man who neighbors say gave them gifts and worried about their personal safety but it was his affection for dogs that gave a neighbor a glimpse of something far darker. >> he told me anybody who would put a dog in the dumpster should be shot in the head. >> his new digs are a world away from the california beach. his new home, this detention
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center in boston, where he is isolated 3 hours -- 23 hours a day. >> alan: vice-president joe biden hit the cam wayne trail -- campaign tropical -- campaign trail today. >> it is not only smart but he has a backbone like a ram rod and when america's interests are at stake, he is willing to risk everything about himself to protect america, and he did it and it was his decision. >> alan: biden praised the president's economic policy, saying they saved thousands of jobs and pulled the country back from the brink of a depression. >> a new iowa poll shows mitt romney leading among the state's likely g.o.p. voters. it shows rom -- romney getting
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23% of the vote, but michelle bachmann is right on his heels, getting 22% of the vote. she is expected to officially launch her campaign on monday. leigh glaser is here, and believe it out or not, chance of rain. >> leigh: a little late in the season to talk about this, but if the forecast models hang true, there's a chance. here's a live lock from our high definition tamalpais camera, and it looked like there are blackout zones and that's where the pockets of fog and low cloudiness are moving inled, especially over the bay. we have clear skies in antioch. you're still holding a little heat from earlier in the day. 64. 57 in napa. 54 in san francisco. a low dense overcast. half moon bay, 55. 58 in san jose. fremont, you're clear, 58 degrees. here's a look at the highlights.
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continue with the low cloudiness overnight, pushing in through the coast and the bay. warmer the next few days, and then there's that chance of some showers of all things as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. here's a look at the overnight lows. low fog and develop with the westerly winds, so 55 for oakland tonight. 52 for napa. where at it clear, such as clovedale, you'll dip down into the 40s. 53 for morganil. here's a look at the setup, at least for tonight. we have a strong area of high pressure, low pressure, to the east of us and that's creating those strong onshore winds. so any low cloudiness and fog off the coast, the winds will moved it in through the bay overnight. we have to deal with it in the morning. on tomorrow, the high will
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really start to build in, and temperatures as the low clouds and fog thin or burn off, that's going to translate into warmer temperatures for the entire bay area on sunday and monday. you see his right sneer this is the system that could possibly bring us some showers as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. i'm going to good ahead and punch this forecast model to 7:00 a.m. tuesday morning. this is what we see typically in january. and you can see as we head through the course of the day on tuesday, by tuesday night, extreme north bay communities picking up the showers, and then looks like wednesday, much of the bay area may get wet. so keep that in mine if you're painting your home outside, dog some roof work, anything that needs to be comfort up. we'll update the forecast model tomorrow. just fyi, be prepared for that. highs for tomorrow, 78 in san jose. 80, campbell. 78 for palo alto. look at the sunshine breaking out tomorrow.
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67 in downtown san francisco. if you're heading to infinn raceway in sonoma system, 81. 72 for oakland. fremont, 7 5. antioch, 86. 83 for concord. 70 for santa cruz. the seven-day forecast, warm things up a few degreess and monday. thicken the clouds up tuesday. watch and wait to see if the low brings us a chance of showers tuesday night and wednesday. then we warm back up into the 890s just in time for the 4 of july weekend. >> alan: talk to shu. good news for bay area baseball fans. >> a rare occasion when our local guys win on the same day. great pitching and defense. your game-winning plays coming up next in sports. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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>> mike: a similar formula, pitching and defense. matt cain was dealing. sanchez was placed on the didn't l. with left biceps tend tendinitis and barry zito was reactive saidded. in the sixth, masterson, take a seat. cain was able with six k's and seven shutout innings. bottom seven, scoreless. cain helps his own effort. after a walk to load the bases. in relief, tony zipp balking. that's the only run of the game and the giants winishing felt good. got a good rhythm and trying to work both sighs of -- sides of e
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plate. >> they scored the right time. and more often than not when your startert outlasts the other starter, you're going to win. >> mike: give up then beard. a's and philly. see ya. solo shot ties the game. trevor cahill pitched well. got help from the defense. watch conner jackson. gets on his horse. great grab. a cal alum. in the fourth, the clutch two-out single scores cocoa crisp. -- phillies with the trying run at the played but nice turn by weeks at second. the a's hold on for a 4-1 victory. the united states is always trying to prove they can hang with the world's best in soccer.
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today in pass -- pasadena, they had their chances but this is too good. mexico makes up a two-goal deficit. world-class soccer as we continue. new w w w w w w w w w .
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brrrbb... makes you feel ageless. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak. >> mike: was we wait for the world soccer cup to continue. the united states and the mexico meeting for the first straight year. americans got off to a great start. bradly for the header. u.s. up 1-0. 15 mints later, it's 2-0 looking good for u.s.a. but in the second, the second gel goal of the game. now one of the best goals you'll ever seem toying with howard, and the touch on the chip shot. unbelievable. le sick is my daughter would
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say. mexico captures their second straight gold cup with the 4-2 victory. >> the first saturday at wimbledoned a all he big guns on the grasscourt. federer and joke have -- djokovc move on. nadal in the battle of lefties. nadal would cruise in the third. wins in straight sets. nadal will play del potro on monday. also today, soderling in trouble against the 18-year-old australian. in the third, soderling with the ace but not enough. watch the youngster. a straight sets victory. the youngest player to reach the fourth round out wimbledon in 21 years. women's third round. serena williams, first set, the
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big serve and then the nasty forehand winner. match point. same deal. big serve. even bigger forehand. serena rolls. sharapova and coast knee -- woes naki advance. >> to the links. travelers championship, cantlay shot a record yesterday. today, cards a 1 over. that's four back of your leader. fredrick jacobson. has the one-stroke lead over bryce moulder. >> san jose earthquakes and galaxy tie. nascar at infineon. highlights at five. won't be thunder you hear in sonoma. it will be nascar. it's a loud event.
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>> alan: that concludes another broadcast of abc-7 news. the next newscast tomorrow morning at 5:00.
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