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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  June 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and a tragic crash at a san jose nursing home. >> good morning, temperatures in the 50s. the sun is is up. a slightly warmer afternoon today. thank you, lisa. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. five people are in the hospital this morning after a gun battle erupted last night along market street in san francisco. some of the victims were simply caught in the crossfire. it appeared around 6:00 at market and jones street near un plaza. abc news picks it up. >> seven shots. they were loud, popping cracks. >> reporter: san francisco police say at least two men shot at each other as they crossed from this store to the bakery. that's where adam was when shots and panic broke out. >> i was sitting in the bakery, i heard two shots ring out and two girls ran into the bakery. one ran out of her shoes and
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they were so scared. >> this shows one of the victims being placed in an ambulance. in all five people were shot, all in the lower extremities and none of the wounds is life-threatening. durand saw a wounded man on the sidewalk. >> he wasn't meaning or seemed to be in shock. just laying there. >> police were adamant this was a gang shooting and nothing else. >> it is gang-related. we have one gun in custody and one possible suspect. it's an on going investigation. >> police detained this young man on harrison and door street after the shooting. >> we were standing right here. he ran by me. ran through the gate and i seen him toss twice with a hand motion twice and throw something inside the gate. >> police searched the area and trash for a gun that the suspect believed to have known away. they stood the suspect in the street while witnesses and other police cars drove by to see if they could identified him as a gunman. a similar scene played out on mission and 11th street. here as many as 8 juveniles were
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detained and one by one shown to witnesses and police cars. police combed market street for evidence and witnesses this evening. more than a dozen bullet cases -- casings were all over market and jones. police say three of the wounded were unintended victims, that is they had nothing to do with the individual shooting. they have one individual in custody, one firearem that may have been used in the shooting, but they have no motive. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. in fran, i'm thomas ramos, abc7 news. >> a danville teenager is in critical condition this morning after a sand tunnel collapsed on him and a friend during a beach outing yesterday. the 17-year-old was buried headfirst in six feet of sand for about 15 minutes before he was dug out by life guards. doctors sedated him and removed sand from his esophagus. that second teenager was pulled from about a foot below the surface and has already been
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released from the hospital. both boys were visiting sunset state beach near watsonville with a group near danville creek side community church. grief counselors will spend time today with residents and staff at a nursing home in san jose, one day after a horrible car accident. police believe a 90-year-old driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake before crashing into the building. one died, six others are hospitalized. lisa amin guleziam explains. >> i just heard a really big noise and when i turned around to look at it, the car was halfway through the wall and moved forward and hit quite a few of the residents. it was pretty scary. >> reporter: it was 9:45a.m. and seated fitness class just started for the most vulnerable residents, the elderly suffering from awlsheim speakers dementia.
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suddenly a 90-year-old visitor crashed into the room while trying to park her car. they found no obvious problems with the car. >> there was a lot of screaming, a lot of yelling because a lot of them didn't know what was going on other than the noise. >> reporter: then the realization that several people were hurt, some severely. an 88-year-old woman with dimensiona died from her injuries. >> sad for anybody, but more so because i just talk to her yesterday afternoon and i'm sure all my staff in there is going to be devastated. >> reporter: there was so much chaos, crews called for backup. a total of six ambulances showed up. >> i feel really bad. >> visiting family and friends were on edge when they found out what happened. >> everyone said to calm down, it wasn't that bad, but her wheelchair is demolished. >> this woman didn't want to be identified. her father lives here. though he wasn't in the room when the car crashed, she now worries about his safety. >> they could have done a lot of stuff. they could have put barriers
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there. they shouldn't even have parking there, right in front of a window. they should not have no parking there at all. >> it didn't like it was an unsafe scene, it was just a very bizarre occurrence. i don't think there was anything wrong with the way the facility was set up, it was just one of those bad days, unfortunately. >> san jose police said no charges will be filed against the driver and that this has been ruled an accident. in san jose, lisa amin guleziam, abc7 news. more than two dozen people remain accounted for after friday's collision between a big rig and amtrak train in the nevada desert. the official death toll in the crash spans at 6. at least 20 others are injured. the count comes after investigators combed through burned-out passenger cars for the first time yesterday. it appears the truck led a convoy of three big rigs. the other drivers slowed as they prepared to stop at the crossing.
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federal investigators say the lead truck skidded approaching the crossing, but never stopped. >> vehicle factors, this team focuses on vehicle records, the truck equipment, whether the systems are all functioning properly, whether there are any recording devices that can provide data on the mechanical operation of the vessel -- the vehicle. >> the dead include the truck's driver, an amtrak conductor, loretta lee of south lake toe huh also died. lee used to live in concord. the ntsb suspects some of the people unaccounted forgot off as scheduled stops before train crashed. investigators say that factor makes it harder to keep an exact passenger count onboard trains. a passerby found the body of a partially decomposed body in fremont this weekend. it was near the 880 underpass at lowry road and alverado
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boulevard. man has not been identified. they aren't sure how he died. the search resumed this weekend for missing nursing student michelle le. more than 100 volunteers searched the area around the keiser hospital in hayward where she was last seen. tomorrow marks a month since she disappeared from the hospital parking garage. her family has hired a private investigators, despite the fact hayward police are convinced she was murdered. officers say they have identified dozens persons of interest. so far no arrests have been made. the san francisco pride pay -- parade starts at 10:30 this morning. the unofficial street party started yesterday, peek -- it was called pink saturday. it kicked off with a march that ended in the heart of castro. they have organized the party
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since 1998. friday's decision legalizing same-sex marriage in new york state is adding to this year's pride celebration. >> everyone is going to march down market street celebrating equality in new york, and more inspired than ever to get marriage equality back in california. >> despite the financial difficulties of the past year, organizers of this year's pride parade say it's going to be as big as ever. the pink triangle returns to twin peaks to commemorate gay pride week. it's a tribute to the gay victims of the holocaust who were forced by their nazi captors to wear the pink triangle. it's been in every parade since 1995. it's made up of thousands of steal spikes that anchor 175 sections of pink canvas. up next, notorious mobster, james whitey bulger, will face justice in court after hiding out in california the past 16 years. now we will learn more about his
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life on the run and who finally provided the tip that gave him up. and the vice president stumped for the president, while a new poll shows which republican candidate is standing out in iowa.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. and the vice president stumped for the president, while a new poll shows which republican candidate is standing out in iowa. >> vice president biden spoke this weekend for the president. >> he's not only smart, but he has a backbone like a ram rod, and when america's interest is at stake, he's willing to risk everything about himself to protect america, and he did it and it was his decision.
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biden also praised the president's economic policy, saying they have saved thousands of jobs and pulled the country back from the brink of a depression. republicans would certainly disagree and here's how a new iowa poll showing their campaign stacking up in that key state. mitt romney is leading among iowa's likely gop voters. the poll was conducted by the des moines register. it shows romney getting 23% of the gop vote, but tea party favorite, michelle bachman, is right on his heels. the minnesota congresswoman gets 22% of the vote. bachman is expected to have officially launch her campaign tomorrow. notorious mobster, whitey james bulger, is back behind bars in boston. as he settled in we are learning more about his life on the run for the past 16 years. abc's rob nelson spoke to
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neighbors and some old friends. >> reporter: an old informant may be back in the eyes of the law, but one question looms, will he talk? >> he's ready to do it, and there are fbi agents who aren't sleeping well at all. >> he is due back in court and many are wondering if he will take down anyone with him, from old accomplices to the people and fbi agents who protected him for years. >> you have someone out there committing capital crimes, murder, they are still acting as informants, it's not a policy that should be practiced. >> too late for the family of his victims, who finally faced him in person. >> it was a sickening feeling in my stomach seeing him. the guy who murdered my father, it's never, ever an easy thing. >> back in california where he hid out for years, more complicated pictures are emerging of a man who some neighbors say gave them gifts and worried about their personal
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safety, giving one a flash flight for late night walks and another fixed his bike. but there was something far darker. >> i found my dog in a dumpster at 8 weeks old and he told me anyone who put a dog in a dumpster should be shot in the head. his new home, this detention center outside boston where he is under tight security and isolated 23 hours a day. >> that was abc rob nelson reporting. now the fbi says a tipster who led federal agents to bulger's santa monica apartment recognized the mob boss and girlfriend from a recent tv campaign. an fbi spokesman said the tipster called the agency after seeing commercials, particularly women, to be on the lookout for his girlfriend, katheryn greg. lisa is here. how are you doing this morning? >> good. either end of our work week looks warmer. the middle?
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well, glad you asked. we have unusually strong area of low pressure headed our way. he will explain next. >> i love those clouds. wow. and also next, the latest from north dakota where thousands of homes are threatened by a flooding river that is cresting today.
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>> there is a bit of good news for the residents of flood-ravaged minor, north dakota. the flood projection have been lowered for the souris river by nearly two feet. it's expected to crest early this morning but it's still likely to be 12 feet above flood stage. the national guard is shoring up levies, hoping the city can ride out the high watermark without losing any more homes and businesses. about 11,000 people have been ordered to evacuate. more than 4,000 homes have been flooded. >> our meteorologist, lisa, is here to talk about our weather. that's so pretty back there. >> yeah, we do have the sun up this morning and just a shallow deck of low clouds. we are getting some sunshine downtown. the clouds have filled in around the bay. the view from lake tahoe shows a clear shot. we will see numbers there climb into the 60s and 70s today. by the middle of the week we are
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looking at some thunderstorms and a cool air mass for wednesday in the sierra nevada. back home, boy, this is a nice-looking view with the sun setting today at 8:36. so it will be a warmer afternoon around here. we will have the sea breeze. it will back off a little bit, though. 52 redwood city, 54 mountain view and san jose, with mid-50s up toward the delta. 57 in antioch. we are looking at the low clouds this morning. as they peel back, we will see a warmer afternoon. an area of low pressure arrives midweek. late tuesday begins the chance of showers into wednesday. the cooler air with us throughout the middle of the week and rebounding quickly after that in terms of warmer temperatures. with sunshine today and earlier burn off, we will see 80s in the inland valleys. a few in the santa clara region. more 70s around the bay. the near east bay will be warming up on the order of five degrees or so. it's high pressure, a fair weather maker buildling into the east pacific, allowing a little
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more of a northerly push. but still with an afternoon sea breeze we will see temperatures in the 60s at the coast. up to the north and west, that's a strong area of low pressure, and as the high begins to back off, we will begin to see changes midweek. enjoy the weather today. tomorrow looking pretty nights, as well. more 90s for sacramento, fresno, 107 in palm springs, 72347 los angeles. so fast forwarding to midday on tuesday, we will see a few more clouds around the day. then by late tuesday night into early wednesday, the setup looks fairly consistent with the forecast models showing perhaps a little bit of shower activity, possibility of a thunderstorm on wednesday. 76 in sunyvale. how about of 80 in san mateo. feeling more like mid-to late june. 67 san francisco. look for 81 sonoma. 71 by the water in vallejo and
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74. concord, low 80s. 82 walnut creek. monterey bay, 72 and 72 in watsonville. the look ahead, we will see the numbers warm up a bit today and stay that way tomorrow and a few more clouds on tuesday and wednesday. it will be cooler, maybe some thunderstorms. and beyond that it looks like we will get back into summer. >> yeah. we were talking about 4th of july weekend coming up next weekend, at least leading to the 4th of july it should be nice. >> right. and you aren't going to ask me about the 4th forecast yet? >> i always do want you to really try to zero in there. >> yes. but like you said, leading up to it it looks warmer. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. lots of great events this weekend. tennis from wimbledon. and mexico versus the u.s. in gold cup soccer. here's sioux starting things off.
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yesterday the pitcher matt cain was dealing. speaking of dealing, pitcher john sanders was placed dl with a left bicep tendonitis. beautiful day on the bay. cleveland in town. sailing through the indians lineup. the fourth he is swinging. in the fifth, of justin masterson can take a seat. bottom of the seven, still scoreless. seven shutout innings along with three hits. cain helps his own cost. up the middle. and the second error of the inning. after the walk to load the bases, tony sipp in relief and he balks. and miguel tejada comes over from third and that's the only run of the game. giants win it, 1-0. >> felt good. stu was putting out good pitches and we were in rig them and working both sides of the plate, trying to keep those guys off balance. and we were trying to get ahead in strikes. >> regardless of scoring, they scored at the right time. more often than not when your starter outlasts the other starter, regardless of what the
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game entails, you are going to win. >> all right. a's and phillies trying to snap a three game slide. the top three a's down 1. adam takes care of that one. see ya. solo shot and we are tied at one. trevor cahill pitched very well and got help from the defense. bottom of the frame, and connor jackson robbed chase utley. a great catch. he's a cal alum. now in the fourth scott sizemore coming up with a clutch two-out single. that scores coco crisp, 2-1, a's. phillies with tieing run at the plate but they get him to ground into the double play to end it. nice turn at second and the a's hold on for a 4-1 victory. well, yesterday in pasadena, mexico and the united states battled for the gold cup. meeting for the gold cup the third straight year and the americans got off to a great start. michael bradley is there for the header. usa up 1-0. 15 minutes later, dempsey finds donovan in the box.
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donovan, a substitute, finds the back of the net. 2-0. mexico ties it up in the first half. then the second, pablo bends one past tim howard. second goal of the game. it's now 3-2. later in the half, one of the best goals you ever see. santos just toying with howard. and look at the touch on the chip shot. sick! mexico captures their second straight gold cup with the 4-2 victory. the first saturday at wimbledon had the big guys on the court. they advance to the fourth round. top-seed and defending champ, rafael adel, resuming his match yesterday. battle of lefties. second set tie break. rips across with the forehand winner and adel up 2 sets to none. he would cruise in the frame. and he will meet peltrow on monday. this wouldn't be enough on match
6:25 am
point. tomek, a straight set victory. he's the youngest player to reach the fourth round at wimbledon in 21 years. women's third round, two-time defending champion, serena williams taking on kirilenko. the nasty forehand winner. she would win the set. we go to match point. same recipe. also the big serve and even bigger forehand. serena rolls in straight sets.: the travelers championship. amateur record 60 shot on friday. the 19-year-old yesterday burriss the birdie on 11. carson is 12-under. 4 back of the leader, fredrik, he was on fire. from well off the green he rams it home. 7-under 63. he's 16 under and has the one streak lead going into today's center round.
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the earth quakes and la battles to the scoreless tie. the saber cats get hammered by cleveland, they fall to 5-9. nascar, the 350 today at infineon. those highlights at five. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> up next at 6:30, a celebration erupts in san francisco after mexico's gold cup victory, michael just told you about. we will take you to the mission district street party next. and those pesky potholes that trash your car. next, a new survey shows where the bay area's worst problems exist. you can see
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 6:28. bay area roads are a mess with potholes. you've probably hit one. the newest bay area pothole report says things are getting worse. this year's survey shows the worst roads are in rio vista,
6:29 am
sonoma county, remarks spur, and oranda. there you see the rest of the top ten. more from abc7s transportation reporter, heather. >> reporter: this is the view from inside a pothole that might more aptly be called a sinkhole. up the street a swath of loose rock prompted this resident to post a note, letting neighbors know public works has been asked to fix it. across the bay area poor pavement area is a hazard to cars, bicyclists and transportation riders. >> oh, it's pretty bad. there are some days that he we are driving in the buses that it's really shaky. it's something obviously we've fallen behind on. >> the metropolitan transportation commission annual pothole report rates local roads on a scale of 1 to 100. for the second year in a row, the bay area average is stalled a at a lackluster 66. they said the regional target is
6:30 am
75 and the rate of deterioration accelerates dramatically at 60. >> a dollar spent at 75, for instance, is going to cost five dollars for more extensive repair once it falls below 70. we are at a very critical stage at pavement quality. >> residents of oakland, which is among the worst, will envy the neighboring town where the dreamy new blacktop was paid for in large part by voters who approved a half cent sales tax increase in 2008. right across the border in richmond, also the worst on the report, a stretch of carlson boulevard is being replaced. >> carlson is as bad as it gets, i think. i haven't noticed it being too bad in richmond. carlson is really a standout. >> pothole repair has traditionally been paid for with gas tax but that hasn't gone up in 17 years. they have found one solution. >> would you be willing to pay more to fix your pavement? >> certainly.
6:31 am
>> something i can specifically see being done as opposed to wastefulness, i would be more than happy to pay. >> the mtc said in order to bring the entire bay area up to good quality pavement would require tripling current spending from about $350 million to $1 billion annually. in oakland, heather, abc7 news. people living in san francisco's mission district took to the streets last night to celebrate mexico's soccer victory in the gold cup. [chanting] >> people poored out of the bars after the game to celebrate mexico's 4-2 victory. police were called in to keep an eye on things, but everything was peaceful. the game was played at the rose bowl in pasadena. it was the second straight gold cup for mexico.
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>> a football game in pacifica was played in honor of a murdered teen member. the 21-year-old david anderson was playing for the semi professional pacific islanders when he was shot in the bay area last month. he was taken off life support on june 6th. friends and family held that football game as a fundraiser this weekend at the high school. all proceeds from the event are going to his family. >> he came from nothing to be something. and i'm glad that everyone is keeping his spirit alive. i was proud of him. >> police still don't have a motive or suspect in henderson's murder. >> a lead being cancer organization is funding new research here in the bay area, focusing on an especially deadly form of breast cancer. it takes a heavy toll on younger women, as well as latinos and
6:33 am
african americans. >> you see a spider? >> she cherishes every moment with her young family. nearly two years ago she was giving her daughters a shower when she made an unnerving discovery. >> i reached across and brushed against my breast with my hand and i felt something hard and alarm bells went off. >> the diagnosis was triple negative breast cancer. an aggressive form of the disease that often strikes younger women. it has a particularly high mortality rate among african-american women. >> obviously i was completely blind-sided and shocked. i was 31 years old at the time. >> the triple negative refers to the three common protiens that chemotherapy drugs zero in on to shrink or to kill the tumor. without those targets the disease can be difficult to treat. so she opted for an experimental drug, now in clinical trial. >> for me it worked. i mean, we will see long-term, of course. but it worked really well during treatment. my tumor shrunk by about 95%. >> doctors say the effect of new cancer drugs on triple negative breast cancer are still unpredictable.
6:34 am
what works for one woman may not work for another. so major research projects are now underway to better understand the disease. >> and this has really been over the last few months very new. the goal is to really try to understand how to parse out or separate out triple negative cancer into its real biological roots. because only going down that route that we are really going to individualize cancer research. >> she's part of the team that's just been reward add $6 million grant from the susan g komen foundation. she said they are looking at classes of immune cells called macrophages that may help the tumors grow. >> we are hoping we can move the mac crow page blockers relatively soon into the treatment of early stage breast cancer to cure more women with this aggressive form of the
6:35 am
disease. >> in the meantime lisa has started a nonprofit called triple step, which has already raised more than a quarter million dollars. >> i think i just decided i was going to fight this no matter what. i have two beautiful babies. and we have links to triple steps and also the susan g komen foundation. go to our website, click on "see it on tv." the group offers a wealth of information for breast cancer patients and their families. >> lisa is here to talk about the weather. she doesn't want to say anything about the 4th of july. that's too far ahead. >> we could see some fog. how about that? >> okay. [laughter] >> i could have guessed that. >> exactly. at this point we are kind of guessing that far out because what we know for sure is the next couple of days, and right now you are looking at a few clouds around, but they are parting quickly. we will see more sun today. a warmer afternoon. details on the next seven days next. >> looking forward to that. and the anniversary ever the
6:36 am
historic fire that destroyed san francisco's sutro baths is coming up. that nearly forgotten story is next.
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welcome back a live picture of the golden gate bridge. hey, slow down, folks there. is a speed limit there. you can see a lot of fog, but that is going to lift as the morning goes on. good morning to everyone. those in town celebrating gay pride, good morning to you. nice weather on tap for the activities today. lisa will be along very shortly. >> they have been overfished but they have been repeatedly kicked out of their natural breeding ground, but california's endangered coho salmon are making a comeback, thanks to
6:39 am
efforts to reburbish their habitat. jonathan went along as a new batch of fish were released in devil's creek. >> reporter: these young salmon may have spin the first six months of their lives at a hatchery, but they will spend the rest of their lives in the wild. state workers load up the salmon in these 60-pound backpacks filled with water and mike up -- hike up the wooded banks of devil creek. this is private property, and the owner, nancy summers, bought it with one goal to turn it back into a habitat for endangered species like coho salmon. >> this is a big commitment. >> it is. >> why make such a commitment? >> because i really believe in it. >> nancy has the help of the army corps of engineers, who will help pay for the repopulation. but to do it they have to undo what years of logging and mining on this property left behind. years ago loggers left huge chunks of redwood like that one lying all over the property. now that redwood has become the
6:40 am
basis for the new coho salmon habitat. this one has actually been bolted to the tree next to it. the giant logs create good hiding places for the young coho salmon to feed and keep the gravel they need to spawn from getting washed away. >> the exciting thing is that the habitat rest drags is working. >> working so well, nancy and her husband shot this video of a wild coho salmon who swam up from the ocean to spawn. that means they are making it from the ocean and surviving. >> very gratifying. a lot of hard work. >> there's more left to do. out of the thousands of young salmon being released here, only 4% will ever see the ocean. if one out of 100 makes it back here to spawn, biologists will call it a monumental success. in sonoma county, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> looks nice there in sonoma county. and i guess the weather is going to hold? >> yes. we will warm up today. tomorrow looks good, too.
6:41 am
but by the middle of the week some changes. it's sunny out there below the deck of low clouds. you see the sutro tower poking out. the low clouds dissipating quickly this morning, quicker than yesterday. that will lead to a warmer afternoon and the first couple days of the work week. 355 concord, upper 40s in santa rosa. low clouds are patchy. it will lead to a warmer afternoon. then we see a chance of showers come our way in the until late tuesday. extra clouds around wednesday with a cooler air mass around the bay. but that quickly lifts on out. we are looking at a patch of cloud around the san mateo coast, keeping numbers in the upper 50s this afternoon. elsewhere we are in the 70s in the near east bay. coming out of the 60s near oakland. newark warming up and 80s returning for parts of the santa clara valleys and to the north as well. it's because high pressure is building in out ahead of a
6:42 am
system that will bring a pretty decent change the middle of the week. so enjoy today. tomorrow we have a quicker burn off. we do have the shallow marine layer and a lot of sunshine today. temperatures will be almost near average today, with highs in the triple digits. hot in vegas and palm springs. 84 yosemite. it will be dry for the next few days, but the mountains, things will be changing midweek there. and also here. we are fast forwarding to 1:00 in the afternoon on tuesday. we will see a few extra crowds, but it's by tuesday night that this rain here wants to get a little closer to the bay area. with it we could see the possibility of some showers and a thunderstorm by the afternoon. early morning hours on wednesday. today, though, out ahead of the system, more warm or mild with numbers around the bay in the mid-70s. elsewhere 80 in campbell and saratoga. 77 in red wood city. about 60 today in pacifica with
6:43 am
some afternoon sunshine. upper 60s. so a beautiful day today downtown and in the north bay notice the range. we have low 60s. 84 clear lake, 74 for you in union city and newark with numbers here in the low 70s. so a nice mild afternoon. much warmer here today with numbers in the low 80s. 83 danville. down by the monterey bay it will take extra time to clear here, maybe about 11:00. then we will see a cool afternoon, 64 in monterey. the forecast for today and tomorrow it looks very pleasant. tuesday, it won't be until the evening house where we will see increasing clouds and possibility of this rain. if we see it in the north bay, it weekly exits on wednesday. and then to the holiday weekend it could be warmer. >> sounds good. thank you, lisa. san francisco has an anniversary coming up. it commemorates a fire many have long forgotten. but as abc7s wade freedman
6:44 am
reports, what remains of it will last for generations. >> reporter: it is one of those place that is san francisco hardly thinks about it. if they do, they take it to granted. the remains of the suit bath house at ocean beach. >> ruins. >> like rome. i've never been to rome. >> if history had gone according to plan we would see condos or apartments in this spot. but 45 years ago this week there was a giant fire here that destroyed the building but saved the place in its own same way. >> it was doomed. it was going down. the was just the final touch for the fire. >> james smith is an author and expert about san francisco's lost landmarks. he and former restaurant owner, gimenez, are two of the ever-more rare people who actually remember the splendor that once stood here. >> it was wonderful. spent all day in there for ten
6:45 am
cents. >> it was like an old victorian home expanded a thousand times. >> back in 1895, the mayor sutro spent $1 million of his own money for the gift to the city. he built the bath house as a populous palace. thousands came every day. >> it was the first time people had lease you are time and they wanted something to do. >> the sutro baths stood four stories at all with grand staircases and museums and seating for 5,000 people to watch swimming expeditions. >> they had a hot pool, a medium pool and a cold pool and a diving pool. >> for decades the place thrived but time and circumstances took their toll, as they almost always do. by the early 1960 the sutro bath house chosed. it was nothing more than a shell after building down there. then a developer moved in, hoping to build apartments, but he found the demolition process to be more complicated, more dangerous and more expensive than anticipated, which made the
6:46 am
fire even more suspicious. >> it just enveloped interior because there was no much wood. there was no way to stop the fire, and no one wanted to. >> no one proved arson but it refocused people on the old bath house. it went from derelict to burned darling almost overnight. >> because to see it torn down was one thing. to see it burn down, all of a sudden it became a shrine. >> those apartments never did come to pass. the city turned these ruins over to the golden gate national recreation area and that's how they will remain. as urban archeology slowly is eroding it from the salt, and endless waves of tourists. from the sutro bath house, wade freedman, abc7 news. >> don't go away. 7 on your side next. >> iphones were a tool for the visually impaired, until they received an upgrade. i'm michael finney.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> welcome back, it's 6:49. good morning. this is a live look at one of our landmarks, coyt towers, a tribute to the area's firefighters. a little history for the last sunday in the month. thank you for joining us and watching the abc7 sunday morning news. well, people who own one, absolutely love their i-phone. it's a pretty cool little device. but for the visually impaired, the phones are a lot more than that, they are actually a lifeline. but a recent app upgrade has caused problems.
6:50 am
here's 7 on your side, michael finney. >> for todd the simple act of reading is a huge challenge. he's legally blind and can hardly see these huge letters. >> everything is a haze and the more you get away, everything disappears in the haze. >> while the world was clamoring for smartphones the last few years, todd was left squinting at their tiny screens until one day he tried apple's i-phone. >> the zoom feature on the i-phone, it was like a miracle to me. it opened up a whole new world to me. >> he discovered the zoom features that magnifies letters up to five times normal size. big enough for todd to send the first text message of his life. >> i thought, oh, my god, i can see the screen. i can text message, i can go online, i can send an e-mail, i can do anything that a normal person can do. >> reporter: he used the zoom for two years, until one day a routine apple software update changed everything. key strokes started going crazy.
6:51 am
>> it started adding all these extra letters when you would try to do it. pop-ups. >> he shows us what happens. >> i'm trying to type, hey, this is todd. >> hey, this is todd, comes out as this jibberish. typing "what's going on" gives more jibberish. even his name comes out with extra words in it. >> i context anymore, i can't go to apps that need a password. i spent an hour typing one sentence one time. >> he felt his world closing off again so he went to the apple store. the company gave him a brand new phone but that phone did the same thing. >> nothing happening. i decided to call 7 on your side. >> we contacted apple. it said indeed there is a problem with the zoom feature. it's because apple upgraded the zoom to make it easier to move the screen for reading. that works well, but it resulted in these unintended key strokes. so apple is now working on a fix that should be ready by the
6:52 am
fall. >> i felt great, actually. i feel like someone is finally listening to me. >> apple declined an on-camera interview, but told us this feature is very important to its customers, and the company is committed to making it work perfectly. the zoom is one of several features on the i-phone that make is possibly for the visually impaired to use all those apps. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> up next, a performance artist who is amazing to watch. he will create a piece for don sanchez that unfolds right before your eyes.
6:53 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. 9, 16, 27, 34, 45. the meganumber 21. no one got all six numbers correct, so the jackpot grows to at least $42 million for wednesday's drawing.
6:55 am
if you missed england's royal wedding, don't worry, you still have time to enjoy monaco's royal nuptials. prince albert ii will marry charlene wittstock in a civil ceremony on friday, with a religious ceremony the next day. she is 20 years younger than her husband-to-be. albert is the son of prince ranier iii and the late grace kelly. >> he is marrying with the hopes of fathering a legitimate mit heir. and he has acknowledged fathering two children out of wedlock. >> there is explosive art. called art in action. using just his hands he created portrait of john lennon. for arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez, and he did it in less than 4 1/2 minutes. >> he combines shapes and colors with music. brian olson can change a large,
6:56 am
blank canvas into a work of art in minutes. >> they can experience what they would normally see on a gallery wall. what's that creative process that i go through? >> let us begin. the music is john lennon. imagine the image of lennon. he will use both of his hands to create the work. >> when i'm using brushes i have three brushes in each hand so i'm able to blend color, i'm able to enhance skin tone and create layers very quickly. >> brian began his professional career more than a dozen years ago. a lot of his work is on his website. he believes his art can inspire people to let go, take chances, be creative. >> it's a moment in time. it's a creative expression. that's what i'm trying to share with my audience. ice not what you do, it's the way that you do it that makes you an artist. sort of take this experience, this energy, apply it to your own life and be an artist. >> the song is ending. but look at this?
6:57 am
he finished the work in less than 4 1/2 minutes. >> my challenges are where can i take this from here? what's the next level? >> nice meeting you, thanks very much. [laughter] >> oops! in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> i love that! that's great. >> yeah. >> weather is an art, as well, isn't it, lisa? >> yeah, it is. we've got some pretty pictures this morning with the clouds and the sun out there. this peak showing the marine layer. it is dissipating quickly this morning. we will see more sunshine. still a sea breeze but with an earlier burn off we are warming up. 27 oakland, 75 fremont. look for low to mid-80s as you head east, east of the tunnel. 83 concord. 83 in morgan hill, and further to the north around santa rosa. 57 san francisco. that's about five degrees warmer than yesterday. even at the coast we will be warming up. it was only 58 yesterday in monterey. with that, we will see today,
6:58 am
tomorrow, pretty good out there. but increasing clouds on tuesday. cooler weather as an unseasonably area of low pressure visits us tuesday. that could lead to a chance of showers and thunderstorms into wednesday. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. i'm carolyn. along with lisa. good morning america is next. [ female announcer ] choosing a toothbrush can be a game of chance. for dentists, the choice is clear. fact is, more dental professionals brush with an oral-b toothbrush than any other brush. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use, oral-b.
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