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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  June 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in city histry. union members took a 10% cut saving 156 jobs but it wasn't enough to save everyone. >> this is a slap in the face of all officers here. disheartening the. >> mayor blames costs that left city leader was no win options. >> i'm not happy, nobody is happy here, we should be hiring officers. >> the message is that fewer officers will mean more crime. there has been 28 mufrders so far this year, more than all of last year, and gang violence on the rise. >> people are going to commit crimes here in san jose. and they know here not here anymore. >> the police chief says he'll restructure the department to put more officers on patrol. some have signed on with other agencies, others are still looking.
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>> i am just going to do everything i can and take care of our family autos if able to rehire officers mirea says she'd be happy to stand in that line. >> i love the city of san jose and the community. this is home. >> and many of those officers including mirea have signed up to be reserve officers and volunteering their time 16 hours per month, hoping that retirement could result in job openings. >> and the oakland city council has been meeting behind closed doors try to agree on a budget there. it's come down to a final budget. the city is facing a $58 million short fall. the counsel agreed to sell the convention center for $28
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million, and it's union workers have tentative lay agreed to more than $30 million in concession autos we do see how bad it s it's better for to us make concessions now instead of fog bankrupt, that didn't skbnt for anyone, including citizens of oakland. >> cuts to services will be shelfed but there will be painful cuts. 200 workers would be laid off. the rest accepting 15 furlough days per year. after the first of the year, the fire stations could have rotating closure autos just about every program you can think of in the state budget took hits but there is good news out of this. >> well, democrats were able to pass a budget without republicans because of new vote powers given last year. that and a dock in pay sped up the process. bottom line is that no new
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taxes. in fact, your sales pax tax and vehicle fees goring down tomorrow. -- going down tomorrow. >> this is the first ontime budget since i've been governor. >> governor brown joked about an ontime budget, the $86 billion plan was no laughing matter. it pairs down state services and brings general fund spending to its lowest since early 70s. nearly one quarter of the funding to uc and c su. have been splashed -- slashed. 70 state parks state slait forward closure. the poor and elderly will have to live on less cash aid. >> these are a tough, hard decisions. and going forward californian goesing to have to think hard about what is it that we want? >> the first choice was to ask voters if they want to extend the tax hikes to save services. but after months of arm
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twisting governor brown could not convince two republicans in each house to go along. >> this is a victory for the people. >> republicans celebrated the end of the hikes, marking it freedom from higher taxes day. they estimate the california household will be able to keep a thousand dollars per tax year. >> this is much-needed relieve eleven. the result of assembly republicans standing together to protect the only special interest group we represent. >> businesses hope californians spend extra money. >> there are people standing on the side lines waiting for sales tax to go down. this will help the business. >> democrats say there is a price to having more money in your pocket. and less for state coffers. >> in terms of us to be able to deliver a service there is a negative there.
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>> governor brown used a veto men to make more cuts today, eliminating commission chz means layoffs are head incoming months. he reduced fund together high speed rail project. >> you're about to save money on what you buy. california sales tax goesing down by 1% at midnight that. is when the temporary increase expires. the state expects to lose about $4.5 billion because of this change but most californians will save a few cents on a slice of pizza or small items. many people have now delayed major purchases like a car or big appliance to save more. >> tomorrow this car you'd save $428 without negotiation. >> i don't think a lot of people are buying expensive items these days. i have tox my stove burned out. >> and retailers have to
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reprogram tonight so customers will be charged correct sales tax tomorrow. >> several laws and changes will go into affect at midnight z authority owners will be required to install carbon monoxide detectors in homes and condoes and hotel rooms. and stickers like this will no longer give drivers a free pass in the carpool lane when they don't have enough passengers to drive there. and polls -- tolls going up at the golden gate bridge for truckers, people pulling trailers and any vehicle with three or more axls. drivers can go to traffic school but violations will be remaining on their records. and the state will require all students entering 7th through 12th grade to get an adolescent whooping cough shot before attending classes next year. >> california teachers delighted with legislation blocking them from layoffs
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this upcoming year saying school districts must assume funding this year as last, requiring them to maintain staffing and program levels protecting from a trigger cut that could hit k-12 districts if projections fall short. officials say that will make it difficult to manage finances and negotiate with teacher autos lock heed martin announcing it would double cuts announced two weeks ago and says 1500 more jobs will be lost and the company due to changing business environment. those cuts hitting higher paid workers at the main jernts in california, texas and georgia, two weeks after the company cut 1200 job autos and san francisco police intend to have open conversation more often, the police chief held a town hall in response to yesterday's shootings on goff and eddy streets giving the
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people in attendance a chance to learn about the wanted parole, shot by police, here is a picture, the 38-year-old. they got information about the weapon that's he was carrying when firing at police. >> when we have an officer involved shooting we want to have a meeting in the community within a week to 10 days of the shooting. >> he is being treated for injuries at mission emergency hospital. >> los angeles detectives in san francisco looking for a teenager from india who went missing last week. the 15-year-old speaks only behindy and limited english, last seen in front of a radisson hotel near the university of southern california june 23, part of a group of about 30 people in the u.s. on an educational tour. the group had returned to the hotel but sing remained
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outside alone apparently to snap pictures, police believe he's still in the country. >> we have his passport flagged and haven't had an indication he left the country with the passport. >> investigators do not believe foul play was involved. >> and the family of a restaurant manager found murdered in 2008 wants to raise the afwhard his killing. he was a night manager at tgi friday's restaurant in san nayo a fellow employee found him dead inside of the restaurant. the case is unsolved. this tuesday, his family and friends hope to boost the reward to $40,000 for information about his killings. >> and amtrak is taking a nevada trucking company to court because one big rig crashed into a train last week. six people died including the conductor and other driver.
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and 20 others were injured. accusing the company of not properly training the driver turning out to have a spotty driving record. amtrak attendant was hurt and is suing the trucking company. >> emergency crews on the scene of a major train derailment. officials say 20 carriers left the tracks as you can see. the freight train carrying vehicles from a ford truck plant heading from louisville to florida. the derailed cars have blocked main highway there, highway 1020. there have not been reports of injuries or evacuations. the train carrying hazardous materials derailed four years ago in the same place. >> a nigerian national accused of sneaking aboard a flight has a history of not paying for his transportation. and he was detained on friday
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wh. questioned he presented a day old boarding pass which wasn't in his name. after questioning, the agents let him go saying he didn't pose an immediate threat. wednesday, he tried to board another flight to atlanta again, using a bogus boarding pass and arrested. >> we got a report saying we should be looking for loen wolf type terrorists. >> virgin airlines admits the staff missed an alert and is reviewing training policies. records show he was arrested in wait for not paying fare on a metro train. >> and coming up, the reason ferry service well shut down tomorrow. >> that time of the year.
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there is a dangers of fire works, even save and sane sign. >> temperatures trending up. i'll have your hot holiday forecast coming up. >> and it's research that could revolutionize medicine. researchers work to make e coli bacteria perform like a computer.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. golden gate ferries will not sail tomorrow because of a one day strike by tickets agents. the yun yaints to stop the district from replacing thepg with ticket vending machines and plans to run regular bus service between north bay and san francisco tomorrow. and ferry riders can use their clipper cards to pay for bus fare tomorrow. >> marijuana farms near mount
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tam were raided today in an operation. authorities say elicit farms continued to be found in and around the water shed. 18,000 immature plants were seized today. much of the area is remote and it makes it a prime location for growers. those elicit grows also bring with them damage to the land, clear cutting, removeal of the plants and use of kauftic materials. it's all common practice. >> giants fan brian stow had a set back in his recovery from a traumatic brain injure he suffered after being beaten outside dodger stadium in march. doctors report his fever spiked this morning, forcing surgeons to delay an operation to insert a shunt to help relieve pressure. doctors put him back on antibiotics. he appears to acknowledge his family when asked if he wanted to squeeze an object with his left hand. >> scientists at uchl c san
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francisco are hoping to revolutionize medicine with a bacteria notorious for causing food poisoning. they're engineering e coli bacteria to behalf in -- behave in a way to allow living cells to be programmed to act like a computer. >> imagine if the intelligence of a computer computer could be applied to building blocks of life. >> what we're try dog is to be able to prachl a living cell. >> biologists are learning to program cells to bee naif a way that may lead to medicines activated only when sensing disease. >> it can take different input, perform logical operations and output functions. and this might be if a, do b like a computer, a cell can be reprogrammed and that is with
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novel function autos we're focused into two major directions now. one to turn the programming language for life into something that looks very much like a programming language for a computer. where someone who is a genetic engineer can wrote code in the way an engineer at google is programming one of their applications. >> scientists taking it further, programming biological circuits, army that's can take on complex tasks. >> there are advances made in the last decade focused on reprogramming an individual cell. you can engineer multiple cells and have it interact to now create diverse cell autos the colony of choice is e coli, famous for a destructive force,
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food poisoning. but successful research could make cells be applied at all levels of engineering. scientists hope the same circuits allowing a smart plant to be created could be inserted into bio fuels or human cells. >> and we know the 4th of july is fast approaching, firefighters highlighting potential dangers of fire works and this morning, they showed how easy it is to start with legal fire works. three cities in alameda county do allow sale and use of safe and sane fire work buzz you still have been be vigilant. 9,000 people are treated for injuries every year. >> and we talk bit into the abstract but it happens to
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people. >> right. >> a guy twont my church, older man blinded as a young man, completely blind because of fire work autos you can't stress that. >> be careful. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. >> going to be steamy inland. people have been asking for heat. where is the heat? is it coming? it's coming and coming for a stretch. there is is a butte of live picture, and skies clear. another live picture, looking towards golden gate bridge and there is is a satellite picture showing this cleared away with a lonely patch that. is all we're going see
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tonight. it's been a warmer day this afternoon and we'll continue to see temperatures trending up. there is 70s and 80s and take a look at this compared to 24 hours ago, we're running 15 degrees warmer z also in san rafael, up seven in oakland. san francisco, two degrees warmer. and so there is is a warming trend so looking forward to a hot holiday weekend f you don't like heat very a place for you to go. talking about that in just a moment. temperatures into 50s and we'll see patches of fog around half moon bay tonight z we're not expecting a wide spread marine layer this, is just signaling change in the forecast there. is low pressure go -- high
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pressure going to provide with us a string of hot days inland. i mean seven days of hot weather inland. so will feel like summer. he tomorrow morning, patches of fog and the sun is out. temperatures into 90s inland. and everyone else in between that range. there is san jose, 85. 88 in los gatos, nice day on the peninsula. low 80s for palo alto and mountain view. there is downtown san francisco, back up to 71. and north bay, temperatures coming up about five degrees in places like santa rosa. 89 tomorrow. and there is kofltaler areas into 60s. there is 94 in brentwood.
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around monterey bay, 76 in santa cruz, here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-60s to mid-90s tomorrow, we can continue with warm up. there is a hot holiday weekend. and temperatures along the coastline with a breeze still enough of a sea breeze, mid 60s to low 70s with a dip. just a little dip, okay, on 4th of july. there is bayside and inland communities, beautiful weather and clear skies z beyond that, temperatures into 60s to 90s range. >> great. thank you. >> and still ahead 21 rescued bunnies looking for two dozen places to call home.
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>> and a draw matic impact climate change could have soon
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you'll be glad to know nearly two dozen rabbits are getting the care they need. >> and they were stacked on top of each other in small cages and forced to urinate on one another. >> this left some of the rabbits with physical problem autos this is a baby rabbit. not very old but her belly is quite swollen. and her legs are slightly deformed. >> and the animal shelter is looking for good homes for the bunnies so they'll make good
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pets. >> saying they quickly learn to use litter box autos they're quiet and cute. >> stay with us, back in a moment. úiúiúiúiúiúiúiúiúiéç;ç;
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new tonight at 6:00 they're talking in oakland and there is some progress in talks to reach a budget deal before midnight. we're live with more on just how much they've come. and also, more on that monster machine bore the longest tunnel ever dug in the san francisco bay. and a painful advance in stanford that could cut back on surgical scarring. it's coming up at 6:00. and prince william and kate are in canada for their first official overseas trip. >> they wanted in ottowa today, laid a wreath at the national war memorial. >> they're going to open the calgary stampede and hand out flags to new citizen autos then, heading to los angeles


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