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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  July 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the call came in last night for a drunk, wobbley man standing on the platform two. officers arrived at 9:45. a confrontation took place, and officers suffered a minor sut can you tell on his arm, one minute after walking on to the platform, shots were fired. >> within a minute, they reported shots fired. the suspect down, shots and one officer was armed with a taser. the chief dmot say why did he not use it. >> at this point i can't answer that question. and the taser is a tool. >> bart won't identify the officers but the agency did volume lun tear their rates, white and asian. the suspect was white. authorities still don't know his identity. police found a broken bottle
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and two knifes at the scene. the chief says officer dz not walk in firing. >> want to make sure the public knows that no bart police officers are not overly aggressive. they're out there doing their job. trying to make the system safe. >> as many as three people on the platform witnessed what happened. and like the agency's last high profile officer involved shooting it was caught on camera. police say a lot changed since former bart officer mehserle shot and killed oscar grant, including more, and better, officer training. >> this time we're out in front of this. if we don't know the answer, we can't release the answer we'll tell why we're not releasing information. >> and two officers on paid leave, and in addition to an independent bart officer that this shooting is being investigated by san francisco
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police department. abc 7 news. >> thank you. and right now there is a crowd gathering in san francisco for the city's annual 4th of july fire works show. but the big question tonight is, will the weather cooperate? spencer, what is the answer? >> short answer is or the of. and there is some coastal fog and it will be present tonight, but it's a shallow marine layer, most fire works are occurring about 500 foot level. you'll be tibl see this thin, shallow layer, you'll be tibl see fire works at lower height z those that go up to a thousand feet should be visible. so there is temperatures that are mild. around the bay, clear skies and visibility should be nice and displays taking place
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around the bay. farther inland, clear skies, warm conditions and temperatures into 70s and the no problem with visibility there z tahoe, mostly clear skies, again, good viewing for tonight's fire works. >> and the rej taigs dried out quickly this, afternoon, crews are on patrol making sure people follow the law, and don't set off fire works. wayne freedman is live in the oakland hills, wayne? >> and they're doing it diligently. we're in hiller highlands where it's significant they change the sign that reads fire danger, went from moderate to high. and 4th of july turns out to be the biggest fire day in history. they were out in force today. >> good morning, i'm with the oakland fire department. >> you're looking at a har hard-working man on the 4th of
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july. make that a hard working fire department. they went door to door, inspecting hundreds of residents for excess vegetation that might burn. >> is it cheaper to fix it or get fined?. >> cheaper to fix it this is an example. dead ivy, jamie found it less than 100 feet from fire station 7. >> it acts as a fuel and a ladder that takes any sort of fire right foo the building. that is why this has to be removed. >> and on this day, the fire department made a show of force in streets and on mountain roads. this is no time or place for illegal fire works. >> we have found rolled up on fire autos when the oakland hills burned in 1991, he watched, feeling almost powerless. home that's used to be here popped like firecrackers in
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the heat. >> i saw trees, homes, other vegetation exploding into flames. >> you mean explode something. >> actually, instantly, thing that's where not burning explosively burning. ways in the fire storm, it's a situation i'd never seen before. walls of flame. many houses on fire, more houses on fire than were not on fire. and the thoughts came to my mind, people will die today. >> 25 people did die that day. more reason for going door to door on a 4th of july holiday. especially on a 4th of july holiday. >> you have to respect the potential that is here for fire. >> and that is something to think about on this daichl people are going to be putting fire works up in the air, not worried about where they land. those restrictions are 10 feet, no wood nork trees within 10 feet of houses. if you live on a down slope, 30 feet of bare brush down to
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the ground below the house. and that is a good idea my where. >> cuts in the struggling economy caused a number of cities to scale back this year's 4th of july festivities, specialsly fireworks displays. and in morgan hill, they're making it one to remember. >> there are people volunteering their time. many communities start with a parade like this one, then, crowds go their separate ways. >> we're going to go to the party. there is going to be food and we're going to do fire works there too,. >> the action picks up where parade leaves off. nearly 100 classic cars on display. >> there are a lot of sponsors
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get awards and everything. >> and to many, it seems this celebration gets better every year. >> it's patriotic here and it's great. we come every year. >> the 4th of july festivities are organized and paid for by a community group called idc. independence day celebration. >> it's a independent group, we're all volunteers and we work all year long to earn money to do this through donation autos it takes 14,000ses today put on the display this, year, 800 pounds of fire works will explode over community park. michael feldman has been producing the shows for 27 years, and is ready to thrill the crowd. >> most information is pro pry teary. it's a competitive business,
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we're shooting up four inch diameter shelves we have roman candles. it's a spectacular show. >> since they don't relie on the city to help fund the festivities, it's up to the community to make sure the birthday party wendz a with a bang. >> i think morgan hill has one of the best shows in the bay area and there is a live band and it's fantastic. >> it lasts 18 minutes and half of the explosions taking place in the final minute for the finale. >> thank you, and we have some breaking news live from sky 7. you can see a fire in an apartment complex that broke out around 4:30 this afternoon in the 4900 block of commerce boulevard. at this point we don't know of injuries or how many people
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are impacted. >> two dozen people are with out a place to live after a fire wept through three apartment buildings this morning. the fire broke out around 5:30 in the garage of a building on mission street and quickly spread to the buildings on both sides and took crews more than an hour to put it out. one resident was treated for smoke inhalation and a fire fighter injured one of his eyes. and investigators trying to figure out if illegal fire works sparked a fire that destroy 37 rental cars, take a look at the fire after it sharted -- started around 2:30 this afternoon. and guests say they heard something that sounded like firecrackers, one man said he thought nudge are of it until hearing the commotion that followed. >> i heard a car take off. i looked out of the window and
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i seen the big fire. the grass started on fire, then, fires just started to burn. >> this is this wind so bad, it took off. >> investigators will be looking for more evidence. >> a combattive prisoner being blamed for a rollover accident this morning. police say the officer lost control of the car after the prisoner, being transported to a jail in martinez began spitting on him while trying to block the man's spit the officer veered off the road, and hit another car. four people were taken to the hospital. >> and preparations underway for nasa's final space shuttle flight. a bay area native will be on board what. he's saying about the last journey coming up. >> and clearing up some of the confusion about mammograms, locals come up with more, new detailed guidelines when the news continues.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. after 30 years, the shuttle program comes to a close with the launch of four astronauts, and they were given american flags. they'll are riding on atlantic, taking more than 200 astronauts into space. and for bay area native rex wallheim it will be the third shuttle mission. >> such a pleasure to come down here, have you a rocket on the pad with your stuff loaded on it. >> the final flight will deliver a year's worth of supplies to the international
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space station. launch is set for 8:26 our time, friday morning. >> the secret service plans to investigate the hacking of fox's political twitter account after someone tweet that had the president, barack obama had been assassinated. hackers broke into the fox news politic as kt early today, leaving a series of six tweets reporting that the president had been shot to death in iowa. in a statement posted on its web site, fox news called tweets false and malicious and fox says it's asking twitter to conduct its own investigation. >> and hackers hit apple's site, the group posted 27 names with their enkrifted pass words on the web site. users are advised to change their pass words. apple not commenting on the breech. >> now, there have been heated debate in recent years over how often and what age women should begin having mammograms. now researchers here believe
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there is a system that could help women make the best decision. like a lot of women jack lynn had a mammogram at age 40, wasn't swayed by a study suggesting most don't need screening until age 50. >> i'd rather have it. it's great they do it early because if something is there and wrong, they can catch it early on. >> now, a study by ucsf has come down on jack lynn's side but with a twist. >> we found that how often a woman should have a mammogram depends on the risk of getting breast cancer. there is an area of density that is dense tissue. >> the doctor and his colleagues examined various risk factors, researchers suggested women with less fatty breast tissue are at a higher risk of cancer. >> the more tissue a breast
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has the greater the chance some of the cells will result in breast cancer. and that is probably the reason that breast density is a such a strong risk factor. >> the denser tissue visible as whiter, solid-looking patches and says radiologies can rate the density on a scale of 1-4. but in order to gather that kind of information, the research team issued a key recommendation that women should have a base line mammogram at age 40. the results can then be used to create a personalized screening plan based on a woman's physiology and family history. women at higher risk may opt for mammograms everyone to two years and low risk women, less frequent screening as voiding unnecessary biopsy autos we hope that this is widely adopted because it is simple, and makes sense. get a mammogram at age 40 to
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help determine the risk. once you know the risk you can make decisions whether to continue mammograms. >> he says the system would give patients more power to weigh options. >> i think it would be great as long as they do have statistics to show it work autos breast density is only part of the formula. and they weigh whether she's had a previous biopsy. >> the question is whether this fog is going affect the fire works display. >> no concern about inland fire works displays but there is fog at the coast that is coming through the golden gate there. is concern in san francisco. you can see there is with fire works occurring at 500 feet, if you're looking at fire
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works officials say there is good viewing. those that go a little bit higher should be still visible through this thin in, cases broken, marine layer. let's take a look at current conditions, temperatures low to mid 90s and that is pretty warm. 95 degrees in antioch. and there is 80s in other locations. 70s around the bay. 64 here in san francisco. 4 hour temperature change shows every location is down a few degrees from this hour last night, redwood city 18 degrees warmer at this time last night than now. and there is a bit of a drop off. temperatures rebounding tomorrow, cooling begins on wednesday. and area wide, continuing throughout the weekend. so there is fog at the coast with a nice flow clearing way some of the fog and a sea breeze which brought
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temperatures down from yesterday's level. and there is some fog around the bay and coast and there won't be that cooling sea breeze so will warm up tomorrow, even on the coast. 90s up to about 100 tomorrow. low temperatures tonight, mild, quite mild, mainly mid to upper 50s around the bay and there is some low to mid-60s inland. high temperatures tomorrow, sunny skies, ranging from 88 in santa clara to 92 in sarah to goa. mainly 80s on the peninsula. and there is mid-60s on the coast. 73 downtown tomorrow, 67 in the sunset district. numerous low 90s tomorrow and 11 in yuk kaia.
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upper 70s tomorrow, and we'll see upper 90s to about 100 in brentwood. there is 70s in the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. starting to cool down wednesday, then, cooling occurring thursday and friday. friday, and throughout the weekend looking at highs only into mid-80s which is below average, mid-70s around the bay. upper 50s on the coast. >> and coming up a mind troop with a message, and they're not keeping this silent. a tradition celebrates 52 years.
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a group of motorcycle riders took off on a quest to raise funds for breast cancer research. the author is participating in all 40 days of the journey, ending in wyoming, interviewing women who survived the disease and plans to write a book about their ordeals. the group encourages motorcycle riders to form their own rides and raise money and wareness about breast cancer. >> this 4th of july is opening day for san francisco mim troop, beginning of the 52 season. the political satire group is presenting 2012, the musical for a few thousand friends in dolores park. among them is don sanchez.
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>> this san francisco mim troop continues bold theater. from beginnings, the troop has taken an unflinching look at the headlines and set them in its sights. this comedy is called 2012, the musical. the year of the election, financial crisis, the end of the mayan calendar. >> we're so focused on meteors and there is stuff we're missioning. things we can do something about. and this is a play with music meant to inspire the audience. >> you want to get stuff that is going to be punchy.
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few people hear songs more than once. >> the troop has become a tradition. they won a ton ai. ward in 1987, gaining respect. this is about labels. to mim, means to mimic. there is no silence here this, is political theater. this has been a collective where everyone does everything. >> this goes into that truck. and you head on out. everybody here, only actors they're their own roady autos they hit the road and the show will play through september 26th. >> the search continues for a bay area group whose boat cap sized in the sea of cortez. >> i'm just really glad he's okay. >> one man managed to make it to shore. next at 6:30 his family talks about the ordeal. a group of activists trying to get the gaza are
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stuck in greece what. greek off the is offering to abort the mission. >> what it takes to makes san francisco fire works display so
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>> a bay area man struggles to reach the shore after the sport fishing boat he's on cap sizes. good evening, every one.. >> that boat cap sized early yesterday morning during a flash storm in the sea of cortez about 60 miles south. abc 7 is live in san ramone, where one of the missing passengers lives. david? >> all of the neighbors on this quiet cul-de-sac are hoping for the best. a friend and neighbor, don lee survived the accident.
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several cars here belong to friends of lee who went on the ill-fated trip. it was not easy getting ashore. it was the dark of night. the boat tossed the passengers into the storm-tossed seas and shore was two miles away. >> some of the people in the water made to it shore by swimming and walked to town and alerted the mexico navy. >> the 43-year-old michael ng clung on to an ice chest for floatation, later trying to swim to shore but couldn't make it because of the strong currents. >> they had life jackets on and didn't have time to put on life jackets. he is a strong swimmer. >> the storm apparently generated stronger winds than expected. >> one official said the storm generated gusts. it's believed one large swell lifted the eric, then a larger
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one caused it to cap size. there were hopes of spotting survivors in the water from 300 feet. despite a day-long mission, no one was found. the eric has air conditioned cabins and there is ship board dining and the excursion costs $800 per person. for the wife of michael ng a call was good news. >> he says i'm fine and okay. i just needed to give you word that things are rolling and people are still miss sog they're looking for them. >> skpf add together somber mood is word the mexican army and navy say they're preparing to switch from rescue to recovery mode. it's been 40 hours since the people went messing -- missing. >> and thank you, david n just hours, fire works will light up the sky over the bay area. but the big question is how much will the fog interfere? you're looking at a live
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picture now from san francisco to the right of the screen in the middle there, you can see top of one of the golden gate bridge towers, spencer christian has been keeping an eye on this for us. >> you can see this is a shallow marine layer. and it's in the main body only about 700 feet deep. we're looking at now is shallower. pushing through the golden gate tonight, into the area where the fire works will occur there should are good viewing. this is going to be broken and patchy meaning visibility should be pretty g it will be mild, temperatures into 50s. and there is clear skies and no visibility there and inland,
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no clouds and fog. tahoe, under mostly clear skies good, viewing. and there is and san francisco fire works spectacular promises to light up the night sky. tonight will be set off in two locations from a barge in the bay, and aquatic park near pier 39. today, crews were busy loading the mortar was different-sized shells, take a look. the show has 10,000 visual affects and begins around 9:30 along the water front. the event will cause several street closures around fisherman's wharf. these include the marina boulevard exit starting at 8:30 tonight. also sections of jefferson street and embarcadero will be closed until tuesday morning. fisherman's wharf will be closed from bay street to
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vanness avenue. so plan accordingly. >> and crowds are already making their way to the water front to celebrate independence day with a bang. abc 7 is near the high street pier. we understand 200,000 people are expected to come out for that display. >> looking like a good start for them. the party underway. you're going to hear music going on for hours. there are still hundreds of people here and with this warm, clear weather they may get more than that. people have been streaming in from around the bay area to head here to see these fire works today. this is where thousands are streaming in.
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most of the crowd has opted to take public transportation into the area instead of paying a $40 fee that dot the water front. traffic became gridlocked this afternoon. the embarcadero has been jammed with cars since about 4:00 p.m. most of the jam caused by many streets that are already closed in the area. and dorothy has doum see for the first time. >> someone there has a boat. they've invited to us come to wacht fire works. >> the family from concord has decided to make today a family outing. >> just to have a great time, spend time with the family. we don't see each other much. seem to have a good time. >> the spirit for the 4th has not been lost. >> this is great to celebrate. >> what a wonderful country we live in. how nice it was people got our independence for us.
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and if you're planning to come into the area, we advise you click on go to abc 7 and click on see it on tvz check out where the street closures are. you might want to come in on public transportation. and that does make it tricky. crews scrambled to control a fire that spread to two homes this afternoon, investigators looking into the possibility of fire began in a shed, perhaps intentionally. firefighters spent the afternoon making sure there is no danger of reignition. and there is heat wore down firefighters. >> bay area activists on a humanitarian mission have been blocked from leaving a greek port. the vessel is carrying a group of americans trying to breech israel's sea blockade.
6:37 pm
greek authorities intercepted over the weekend preventing it from leaving a port in crete today. greece banned the boat from leaving citing security concerns after a flow tilla was raid bid forces last year. the greek foreign ministry is offering to deliver the aid the activists wants to take to gaza. >> the bay area is on the forefront of a growing movement called urban forestry. >> taking a look at how people are giving new live to wood gathered from city landscaping and local yards, coming up. tt+ñ%
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the u.s. troops in afghanistan celebrated independence day by reenlisting in the army. general david petraeus visited the soldiers on the last 4th of july in uniform before becoming cia director. senator john mccain also joined forces to celebrate the 4th. the president announced plans to bring 10,000 troops home by year's end. >> and there is a growing movement turning neighborhood trees destined for mulch into one of a kind works of art. a growing number of carpenters are responsible for the rebirth. >> this tree in oakland has to be cut down because it's undermining a retaining wall.
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trimmers will chip the branches but the biggest parts of the tree will be spared from the firewood pile, ending up in this lumber yard. >> it's like opening up a novel. there is stuff you don't expect and learn about. >> this master kor pen ter sees beauty in this wood. he owns joinry structures taking trees and urban settings, ages wood, then mills it. the resulting timber will be turned into homes, furniture and restaurants. >> and all of us go, there is a story. it grows around people z people do things to it. they climb it and drive nails into it. and they cutoff the limbs. it makes wood have a lot of character. >> it's part of a growing movement and in maying there was the first urban wood
6:42 pm
conference here in the presidio, bringing together experts, zpiz wood work dwrorz educate them about the urban forest and to talk about the all the in a tiff uses for wood gathered from local yard autos we can see urban wood coming through the city and it shouldn't be it's being chipped up and turned into mulch which are used. and there is a table. >> this allows and the biggest trees are often treated like garden plants, well taken care oof sam cheryl came from ohio, wrote the book on harvesting urban timber. >> there is now wri believe we're going to have the products of the industry. >> it started in seattle,
6:43 pm
expanding to three stores on the west coast, specializing in wood from local communities. >> people are becoming a little more conscious about the product they buy. they want something well made and hand made. and they want something green. >> and there is is a table that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. you're investing in a work of art. >> yes, you are. ahead, korean wave sweeping the west coast. >> i went to make a friend. >> growing global influence of a nation that underwent
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you can seettttttttttt
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i new push by the white house to pass a southern free trade deal is about to begin. it's a tough sell. the consul general here feels it's because many here and around the world just don't know enough about korea. abc 7's cheryl jennings reports he set out to change that recently with an unusual dip pro matic effort.
6:47 pm
-- diplomatic effort. >> this is a hands on lesson in san francisco. they guided guests in learning how to make the national dish, kim chee. >> i want to make a friend with kim chee. >> food is one of the important feel meals to promote cultural diplomacy and letting people around the world know more about the culture of my country. >> we can learn other country's cultures and we can share information. >> she and her husband are using this event as part of the larger goal to educate others about south korea. and diplomats came to learn. >> china and japan, two countries so well known to the
6:48 pm
united states but in compared to that, the korea is less, you know, known to the people in this united states. >> and the counsel general says his country. >> the first country in the world and started from there. >> you've seen the products exported from korea making it an economic power house. >> now, we are -- have become between 10th and 15th largest economy in this world. >> the high speed rail is a technical marvel, now they're bidding to build california's system. and south korea was the first emerging nation to host the g 20 summit. gathering in seoul to talk about the global economy. and then, there is the cultural movement something called the korean wave.
6:49 pm
>> this is contemp rarey cultures including pop music, drama and movie. >> south korea wants to wlend the best of the past with a dynamic future in every arena. it begin was their beloved kim chee and gracious hospitality. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> cheryl says now there is so much interest in south korea that several schools are offering programs to teach the korean language. >> interesting. time for a last check of the forecast. it's warming up tomorrow. >> it is. a little bit of a cool down start agent 5:00 in the morning we'll see a little bit of fog at the coast. goitsing to burn back nicely and will remain much of the day. tomorrow will be absent that cooling sea breeze today, so temperatures will rise at the coast into mid-60s, 70s to 80s around the bay and up to 100 tomorrow. high temperatures will shape
6:50 pm
up to 100 in clear lake. and 99 in fairfield. and 98 in concord so we'll have toasty weather tomorrow, down south a little bit, 98 in morgan hill. 70s around the bare. here is the accu-weather forecast. pointing out tonight we should be able to see fire works in san francisco with a shallow marine layer. viewing should be pretty good. fire works will be visible through a thin haze, tomorrow, hot inland. warmer around the bay and on the coast getting cooler later into the weekend by. week's end, we'll be below average with temperatures inland only into mid-80s. >> but no sflain. >> no rain. >> thank you. >> and coming up gentlemen, start your enzyme autos see if joey chestnut makes it win
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coming up at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, cable channel 13, we've seen a lot of fire works this holiday, but nothing like this.
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and this is giving a rocket eye view. >> then at 11:00 here on abc 7, cure for aging, why a jin activities says humans can soon live 150 years or longer. >> and that is wild and it's 4th of july, meaning baseball, hot dog autos you don't want to see me at 150 years old. >> we don't. >> but al davis, wishing him an happy 82nd birthday z there is seven games from the all star break. kicking off with a four-game set against the padres and there is tim lincecum trailing 2-0 in the 5th. jason barlow scoring for a 3-0 lead. and there is one launched towards the mean returning to earth, there is a two-run shot, his 8th of the year, then fun
6:55 pm
begins out on the water. the guy on the board. swimming. going get it. he gets by the boat. come on! and there is a where you can say cheese, i don't think that is what he said there is one off the landing and 5-3, your final. good news is that bruce bocci, the g men well rep sented with four pitchers. matt cane, and the feel good story of the year, pitcher ryan voguelsong going to the all star game. and there is barbecue, burgers and 4th of july, as american as it gets. and there is is bottom nd,
6:56 pm
kurt suz yuky, this is a roped single to left. there is a score 1-0, oakland. and mccarthy, grew a fast ball, heavy lumber on that hit. solo homer to right center and the game is tied. next inning, brendan ryan running on the pitch. justin smoke rips it down the right field line. he'll score the game-winning run. >> we're this close to winning. it's not like, you know, we get into a position and do nothing you know? this is a games we've come back to make it a 1-run game. we do. >> and tour de france underway, stage three today, 123 mile flat from this town. they've heard my friends, to western britain, still in france. check out the tractors and atvs creating the giant
6:57 pm
bicycle that. is maigz or what? tour leader four and there is a is turning it into a sprint for the finish for first teammate. and joey chestnut won on coney island today. the 27-year-old downing 62 dogs in 10 minutes. and six off the record of 68 that. is 20,000 calories but worth 10 grand. he pulled away winning by nine dogs. and that is a wrap. >> we're out of time, everyone. >> good night for now. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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