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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney. there is still hope for seven missing americans off the waters of mexico. their fishing boat capsized sunday morning and why there is still hope. here is a live look at sfo this morning. we have some fog around the bay area. i don't think there are any flight delays. we'll talk about the warming trend and dropping back the seasonal temperatures by the weekend. report of an accident on the upper deck. >> you can see traffic getting through the toll plaza pretty good. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. it's july 5th and may be hotter than it was yesterday.
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>> hard to believe when you look at the temperatures right now. much cooler than they were this time yesterday. in fact ten degrees cooler in concord, 78 in antioch, about 5 in san francisco, that is because the sea breeze is back and see the fog around the bay area. that will return to the coast as an offshore wind will develop that will pull the heat into the central valley. east bay valleys will lap up to the upper 90s. also around clearlake and ukiah, mid 90s in the north bay. closer you get to the water the cooler you'll be, oakland is 78, half moon bay 65. first we'll toss it to danielle. we are dealings with an accident in san mateo. chp has issued a sig alerted, southbound 101 just past highway 92. three left lanes are currently
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blocked at this time. traffic is able to use the right lane to get past the scene of that crash. over the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light but we are getting reports of an accident on the upper deck. this is just at treasure island. it does have the left lane blocked there. a very busy night and morning for firefighters, house and apartment fires and likely caused by 4th of july celebrations. amy hollyfield is live in berkeley where an apartment building burned. >> reporter: we have several fires but amazing pictures here in berkeley. the roof of an apartment building caught fire. sky 7 caught these flijs up above for us. you can see how enormous the fire was. it did burn the roof. investigators say it's too early whether to say fireworks caused
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this. none was hurt. let's take a look further east. fighters dealt with half a dozen fires. the sky over east contra costa county lit up with illegal fireworks. a lot of them last night. they also had a lot of fires on the ground. this is bay point. no injuries were reported from the fires, no structures were burned and again it's too early to say whether fireworks were to blame, but would it quite a coincidence if all this happened on july the 4th. >> a lot of fireworks out. fire marshals are trying to determine what the cause of the fires are. obviously that is one of the reasons we try -- we don't have safe and sane fireworks here in the county. they are illegal and that is one of the reasons we're not going to have fires. fires do have a handle on all the fires. they are all contained or even put out and no major damage has been reported.
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they have dealt with incredibly huge fires overnight. we are waiting for pictures to come in from brentwood, more fires out there. pictures will be coming into our newsroom any minute. stay with us we'll have more to tell you, a very busy night for fighters. >> oakland's police and fire department tried to stop residents from setting off illegal fireworks last night. city skies were filled with explosives. the oakland fire department hoped the presence of two dozen fire engine woz curtail activity. sporadic booms continued through the night including flourishes of professional grade fireworks. as of late last night, no serious incidents had been reported in oakland but in concord, 4th of july celebrations sent one man to the hospital with what reported to be a traumatic injury to his hand. rescuers are expanding
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instead of calling off a search for seven american tourists after a fishing boat capsized in baja, mexico. terry mcsweeney is there with the stories. >> boat suddenly upside-down on off the waters of baja, california. they think some of the seven missing might still be alive because the air and water temperatures are warm. 48 hours later, one american has been confirmed dead but 19 have been rescued. they grabbed on to coolers as they waited up to 16-18 hours to be rescued. take a look at this animation now. a sudden violent storm about 2:30 in the morning, there were hurricane-force winds, a large swell flipped over the boat setting 43 tourists and crew members into the waters. a survivor from san francisco
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was interviewed by "good morning america." >> we heard yelling and my brother got up and heard somebody say, get out, get out. a guy was saying, help me, help me. the water is already over his head. >> he was out with three of his brothers, one whom is missing. this is an annual 4th of july fishing trip. initial reports say the search may be called off. instead it's being expanded, saying the operator of the sports fishing boat has had their license suspended. in sonoma county, authorities have recovered the body of a man swept into the russian river. firefighters say she was pushing a woman in an inflatable raft when he slipped off the sandbar and monte rio beach.
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the woman was pulled out of the river and firefighters recessed for several hours and found the body. that stretch of the river is dangerous. >> right out of it, through the ripple, it drops off to ten feet so they get swept out and walking around in the shallow water and they fall, current takes themselves right out in the deep stuff and started screaming. >> crews searching for the man rescued four children that were swept out by the strong current. >> bart's board member says she is troubled with what happened in the fatal shooting involving bart police. the police chief officers academy in defense of their lives when they shot a man on a train platform in san francisco. they say when officers approached the suspect she confronted them with a knifepoint within a minute of arriving on the platform, they shot the suspect. one of the officers was cut on
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his arm by glass. just about 5:089 on this tuesday morning. hot temperatures ahead of us later on today. starting off cooler. >> we got a little fog in san francisco this morning. >> the sea breeze dropped the temperatures a few degrees. it has moved into deeper parts of the bay area but you can see it's very shallow and be easy to eradicate and back at the coast around 10:00 or 11:00. that will set the stage for a very warm inland afternoon. you can see the winds are not that strong, sfo at 8 miles an hour. 5 in oakland. 6 in half moon bay. livermore, 3. so it's not a strong push like the 20-25 mile-an-hour winds we 0 a typical summer morning. 51 in half moon bay. san francisco, oakland, redwood city in the upper 50s.
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everybody else in the 60s. all eyes on the east bay as we flirt with hundred degrees in many neighborhoods with low to mid 90s in the north bay valleys clearlake and ukiah, hundred. 78 in oakland. san francisco, 73. 65 in half moon bay. monterey bay, clouds clinging to monterey, 68. mid to upper 70s in santa cruz and salinas. seven-day forecast, the heat peaks today and it tapers significantly. temperatures back to average by friday and throughout the weekend. good morning, danielle. >> chp has issued a sig alert for an injury crash southbound 101 past highway 92, three left lanes shall blocked. it's pretty early so the back-up is minimal and able to use those right lanes to get past the scene of that crash. let's head on out to berkeley.
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live look at 80 at university. those headlights are headed in the westbound direction as you make your way on over to the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is light. we did have an earlier accident on the upper deck that bridge crews were able to get that off at treasure island. things are looking good. it only took a few years, but vice president joe biden joins the twitter generation. his first tweet. >> and we'll tell you about it. and new research that could ago long way to tell women how often they should get mammograms. >> and who is this skilled pilot showing his stuff. >> you forgot dark. >> it's prince william. >> --ing. ?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?xx [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's 5:13 now. an apple website has been hit by hackers. a group has posted two dozen user names and passwords that were taken from apple's server. they say there could be further attacks on apple.
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company is not commenting on the breach. >> joe biden is going to have work on paring down his words now that he officially on twitter. he is now officially as vp. he says to think of the troops in battle. it will be written by his staff. >> and the shortcuts. >> and most followed user on google plus may surprise you. facebook chief mark zuckerberg has more than 21,000 followers, topping autousers. google plus spokesman says it's easy to explain why the competition is leading, he says he has the most friends in the world. he is has been the subject of a popular movie and he is better
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looking than larry. >> there has been debate or how often women should get mammograms. researchers believe they have a city that could help women make the best decisions. carolyn johnson has more. >> reporter: like a lot of women jacqueline had her first mammogram at age 40. she wasn't swayed by a government task force that suggest women don't need breast screening until age 50. >> think they do it early because it's something that if there is anything wrong they catch. >> it a new study by california pacific medical center in san francisco has come down on her side but with a twist. >> we found that how often a woman should have a mammogram depends on her risk of getting breast cancer. there is an area of density, dense tissue. >> the doctor and his colleagues
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examined various risk factors including breast density. women with fatty tissue are at higher risk. >> the more tissue, the greater the chance some of the tissues will result in breast cancer. that is probably some of the reason that breast cancer is a strong risk. the denser tissue is visible as more solid looking patches. radiologists can rate the dense it on a scale of one to four and four the highest. >> in order to interpret that kind of information the team issued a key recommendation that women should have a baseline mammogram at the age of 40. >> it can create a screening plan based on woman's physiology and family history. women with higher risk could opt for more mammograms.
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we hope that this is widely adopted because it's simple and makes sense. get a mammogram at age 40 to help determine your risk. once you know your risk you can make decisions about whether to continue mammograms. >> he says the system will give patients like jacqueline more power to weigh their options. >> i think as long as they do have statistics to show that it works. she wants to be clear, breast density is only part of the formula. they want to go through her history and whether she had a previous biopsy. not one size fits all. the forecast is going to be what it's going to be. microclimates in effect
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today. you got to travel around and find a way to get there. here it is at 5:18. clouds are punching through as we look down from mount tamalpais. how fast they are moving in west to east and they are tg stg to take over. one last vantage point, vollmer peak, looking at some of the clouds developing along your shoreline. notice once it's out over the cool water, clouds have a hard time staichk. let's talk about the -- sustaining. >> we have a lot of upper 50s. los gatos up in the north bay. low to mid-60s elsewhere. monterey bay, temperatures are more unified in the low to mid 50s. hottest day is today and hottest temperatures will be inland. it will be cooler at the coast. that is where you could go if you wanted to find relief and
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then a more summer type pattern. we had a lot of wild swings into early july. we'll settle down to morning clouds, afternoon sunshine and seasonal temperatures over the weekend. the clouds will fill in the bay during the 5:00 to 9:00 hour and then they start retreating back to the coast and then hang out with a partly sunny sky and 60s. a lot of 70s and 80s around bay and triple-digits as you head inland. quite a temperature spread around the south bay, los gatos at 94. you have a big spread on the peninsula, 86 in palo alto. low to mid-60s around the coast. downtown san francisco and sausalito a little more sunshine for you, 88 in san rafael. clearlake, hundred.
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east bay shore, sea breeze will keep berkeley, richmond in the 70s and farther south, low to mid-80s. no influence as all from the sea breeze. mid to upper 90s to hundred in brentwood. in monterey. to even near 90 in gilroy and morgan hill. again over in the coliseum, mariners and a's, clear and pretty comfortable, 74 dropping down to a cool 61. then over at at&t park, ten minutes later, we're taking on the padres, clouds will roll in, 65 down to 60 degrees. 50s and 60s tonight with clouds mainly at the coast. look for those to be prevalent every morning in the forecast as the sea breeze kicks in and temperatures are around 8-16 degrees cooler by saturday. have a great day. heading back to san mateo, sig alert for an injury crash on southbound 101. three left lanes remain blocked
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at this time. let's take a check of your drive times. things are starting to get sluggish from 205 out towards the dublin interchange. 13 minute ride out of antioch from highway 4 from lone tree way to 242 and southbound 101, 80 split down to highway 92. 18-minute ride. live look at walnut creek, 680, taillights are headed in the southbound direction and traffic moves well through there. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light if you are headed into the city this morning. for the latest traffic, go to and click on the bay area traffic link,. next, the unusual prison break scheme that sounds like a bad movie. hinted, it didn't works. >> and prince william puts his helicopter piloting skills to
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the test during a visit to a military base.y bunker. ababababc
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. it's 5:24. a ten foot bronze statue of president ronald reagan is now adorning london. [ applause ] it was commissioned by the reagan memorial fund trust to mark hundred years since the president's birth. condoleezza rice was on hand for yesterday's unveiling. she was representing nancy reagan. it stands outside the u.s. embassy.
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a woman is under arrest this morning for trying to sneak a suit case of contraband out of a mexican prison. contraband was her common in law husband. they stopped the woman while she was pulling a wheeled suitcase. officers opened the suitcase and they found the man curled up in a fetal position. he was serving 20 years for illegal weapons possession and he is probably going to serve more for a prison break. >> prince william and kate are touring canada and stopped for helicopter training. he a pilot for the british royal air force. he completed his first ever water landing. canada is the only country that trains peiltsd in the emergency landing. they competed in a dragon boat race. everywhere they are go they are greeted by adoring fans.
5:26 am
and william spoke in french and english to address the crowd. >> i want to give this generous welcome. [ speaking french ] and many of his stops the royal pair have made a point to meet the crowds and shaking hands. they leave canada for a three-day trip to california on friday. >> next at 5:30, the key decision expected today that will push plans for the 49er stadium another step forward. >> and illegal fireworks light up the streets in oakland. >> check out the temperatures across the country. it is warm everywhere, coolest is 81 in seattle, warmest 107 in phoenix. good news, all of our airports
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still running on time but severe weather is possible around denver, kansas city, minneapolis and chicago. check out flight tracker at
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. there is hope for a rescue, off the waters of mexico. their boat capsized sunday morning and rescue effort is being expanded 48 hours later. >> check out the beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge. we will have some real heat to talk about. triple-digits and obviously not in others. when you will cool also. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's busy but the metering lights are still off.
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hope you had a fantastic 4th of july. welcome back. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> it a thrilling 4th of july. hot dogs? >> two, not joey chestnut style. >> so you enjoyed two hot dogs but let's check in with mike with the forecast. back to the as i remember pattern, fog and stuff and hot in others. >> definitely check it out. we're going to be in the 60s along the coast. 70s around san francisco. clouds will keep parts of the bay cooler but if you head down to the south and away from the clouds, you can see the upper 80s to low 90s in the south bay. north bay, low to mid 90s. east bay valleys, hottest today, even though cool this morning, we're going to flirt with mid to upper 90s and possibly triple-digits. our top story, bay area firefighters were busy using
5:31 am
their skills to battle building fires and shifting gears to put out grass fires before they grew out of control. amy hollyfield is live in berkeley. could fireworks have been behind some of these fires? >> reporter: fireworks, barbecues and there were several fires on the ground all over the bay area especially in the east bay. let's start with the pictures from berkeley, incredible images of a huge apartment fire, it started last night. just the rooftop burned which could indicate that fireworks were to blame. fighters say it's too early to say. sky 7 was overhead to capture the incredibly large this fire was. it happened at cal ka traz and king street. no one was hurt. it's too early to say if fireworks were definitely to blame. check out further east at bay point, firefighters dealt with half a dozen grass fires.
5:32 am
they came as illegal fireworks lit up the sky. firefighters say they can't say whether fireworks were to blame but they received several complaints. nobody was hurt in the fires but putting them out was quite a drain on resources. >> yes, we've got multiple units at each one of these. they have been very busy this evening, moving units from central county all the way to the west side. a lot of assisting agencies, cal fire, east bay regional park units are out. so we've had a lot of assistance, as well. and take a look at these pictures from brentwood. these are just coming in. might not have been fireworks to blame for this one but a barbecue grill. two homes burned, they didn't burn to the ground but suffered serious damage. this call came in at 2:40 this
5:33 am
morning and firefighters are looking whether the grill is to blame for this one. no one was hurt. a advise v busy night all over the bay area. but no serious injuries were reported. red cross is helping 12 families left homeless when fire swept through an apartment building in rohnert park. it took firefighters more than an hour to bring the fire under control. sky 7 flew overhead as they battled to control the flames. one firefighter was treated for heat related injuries. investigators are still trying to determine how the fire started. oakland police and fire departments tried to stop residents from setting off illegal fireworks last night but once again the sky was filled with explosions. they opened hoped two dozen fire engines would curtail the activity but it didn't.
5:34 am
booms continued through the night and were actually appreciated by some onlookers. >> if you are a responsible parent and you have been doing it for so many years, have fun. its in safe environment, away from dry grass and kids, have fun. >> as of late last night, no serious incidents involving fireworks were involved. but one man went to the hospital with a traumatic injury to his hand. mexican rescuers are stepping up efforts to find seven american tourists lost at sea after their fishing boat capsized in the gulf of california with many bay area residents on board. terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> air and water temperatures are warm, conditions are ripe for survival for the missing americans.
5:35 am
so mexican army and state officials are going to expand the search. they are missing seven tourists. one american has been confirmed dead but 19 have been rescued as all 16 mexican crew members. they grabbed on coolers and life vests as some waited more than 18 hours to be rescued. it happened on sunday morning, a sudden storm appeared out of nowhere. a large swell flipped over the irik sending 43 tourists and crew members into the waters. >> we were awakened and alerted that the ship was sinking. extremely large winds and water contributed to the dangerous conditions. >> reporter: a police officer with the contra costa community college district and other bay area residents on the boat were from novato and san ramon. search might be called off last night but they expanded. it's an annual event, each
5:36 am
person paying $800 for the weeklong excursion. we're learning more about the, is that forced a pilot of a small plane to make an emergency landing on interstate 280 near woodside. cessna came down in the northbound lanes north of farm hill road. the plane's landing gear struck the back of a mercedes coupe. a new engine had been installed in the aircraft. the pilot was on a test flight out of san carlos airport when the engine quit. neither the pilot nor the very surprised driver of mercedes were injured. >> a plan to build a new 49er stadium in santa clara is moving forward and they are considering several proposals. they are expected to talk about the next phase of design work that includes subcontractors that would work on construction,
5:37 am
luxury boxes and participation of a concessionaire that involved food and beverages. time to check the weather forecast. >> time to check in with mike. >> take look at the forecast, mike? 6. >> there you are. >> you don't think nobody was watching. >> not compared to today today. >> check on what is going on. storm track is well to the north but the microclimates that are really going to affect our weather today as spread 60s at the coast to triple-digits inland. winds, you can see where the fog is rolling through the golden gate and pushing through the san bruno gap. oakland about 5 miles an hour
5:38 am
and 10 miles an hour in fairfield. it's brought cooler weather this morning, everywhere from 1-89 degrees cooler, except for fremont at zero and santa rosa, 2-5 degrees warmer. how does that translate? started in the morning and show you the clouds are thicker around the bay, keeping us in the 50s and 60s but once we get to noon, look at the heat, already te89 in antioch. 86 in san jose, 72 in oakland, 70 in san francisco and 85 in santa rosa. by 4:00, look at the coast, clouds and cooler conditions, 65 at half moon bay, 70 in san francisco, not bad at oakland, 77 and 88 in san jose, mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. near 90 in santa rosa. seven-day forecast, today is the hottest day bikers the weekend temperatures back where they should be. upper 50s around the coast, mid-80s inland. good morning, mike. things are looking better for
5:39 am
san mateo. that earlier accident southbound 101 past highway 92. chp has cancelled their sig alert, all lanes have been reopened after three lanes were blocked for over an hour. now everything is back on the shoulder. speeds are going to be at the limit as you make your way through there. live look at 101 and traffic is moving well in both directions. checking in with mass transit, bart, caltrain, bart checking in problem free. still ahead, chilling details about the ordeal survivors of a deadly amtrak collision in nevada had to go through. >> countdown clock begins ticking for the last shuttle launch. we'll hear from an astronaut
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discover aveeno [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too? positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks. aveeno tinted moisturizers. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor welcome back. there are new details about the fiery crash involving a big rig truck and amtrak train in the nevada desert. it comes from a second train attendant who has filed a lawsuit in the accident. lana anderson says she was trying to lead passengers out but their escape route was blocked. six people were killed.
5:43 am
she had to double back and jump down to the rocky rail bed below. attorneys are trying to determine whether the doors on the baggage car should have been locked. >> count down begins for friday's dead had launch of space shuttle atlantis. one of the astronauts was born in redwood city and grew up in san carlos. he talked about the last flight of atlantis. >> we are bringing a year's worth of supplies up to the space station. so we're going to get it situated and stocked up to give the commercial providers time to get their vehicles ready to go. liftoff ask scheduled for 8:26 on friday morning. this will be the last ever space shuttle mission. >> new technology could make your house keys obsolete. bloomberg is coming up.
5:44 am
>> and genetics versus environment, a major discovery that could radically change the way autism is prevented and treated. >> new prediction a huge sea of debris of the earthquake and tsunami will reach california. >> the race against weather, crews trying to clean up an oil spill threatening one of the most pristine waterways.
5:45 am
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welcome back. here is a look at live doppler across the state. scattered showers and thunderstorms across southern california where they are going to stay. tahoe 85. triple-digits, sacramento, fresno, palm springs and vegas. l.a., 82. a little milder around san diego 72 and clouds in big sur. it's 5:47. >> stanford researchers say environmental factors play a larger role in causing autism. the study suggests what happens during pregnancy may trigger the condition. lyanne melendez explains. kevin has always suspected there could be non-genetic factors in autism. his son is six years old and was diagnosed several years ago. >> those of us that have
5:48 am
children like this hope usually to find a cure or at least a cause so that fewer and fewer children are subject to this. >> reporter: a new study suggests environmental factors must also be involved. nearly 200 sets of twins were assessed. keep in mind that identical twins share the same set of genes, so if one twin as a disorder the other one will, too. >> basically, one has autism the other one has autism. >> the doctor knew it wasn't always true with identical twins or fraternal twins. his study the largest ever of twins proved environmental factors played a larger role than previously thought. his study concluded that they account for 38 ps and environmental accounts for 62%.
5:49 am
what are the environmental factors are they talking about? but it seems something could be happening very early on or during the pregnancy. >> medication during pregnancy, toxins during pregnancy, infections, things luke this, i would start to look at. >> epstein would like to see more research. what would be better, more funding, more studies, better insurance coverage. every day is a battle. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." the authors say researchers have been focusing on childhood vaccines for childhood autism. they believe researchers should move on and study other factors. >> a breakthrough is near in discovering a relative fountain of youth. they say within his own lifetime
5:50 am
doctors could have all the tools to cure aging. he says that gene and stem cell therapies could be used as treatments, he calls it preventative air is yeah tricks. -- >> geriatrics. >> staying young. >> wearing sunscreen. >> that prevents wrinkles. >> and lots of non-alcohol can fluids, keep away from the heat. >> 5:50 this morning, holiday is overrm and start drinking water again. one of hottest areas, east bay valleys, many cities and thermometers may reach triple-digits this afternoon. talk about our temperatures.
5:51 am
we're still in the 50s in fairfield and antioch, livermore and san jose. everybody else in the 50s. pretty mild. low to mid-50s around monterey and inland. hottest day in this forecast cycle will hit our inland neighborhoods today. if you need comfort, go to the coast if you can, that is ber we'll be cooler. cooling trend begins tomorrow and typical summer pattern, afternoon sunshine and temperatures where we should be i would say early to middle parts of july. fremont, one degree warmer, same with santa rosa, concord, 2, only and san jose, four degrees warmer. san francisco will jump up about 6 degrees. east bay valleys, 100 in brentwood, everybody in officially in the 90s. stay in the 70s around richmond and berkeley and oakland and hercules, farther south, less
5:52 am
likely you are to get that breeze. 80 in san leandro and 87 degrees in fremont. near the water, cooler and sunnyvale, mid-80s and you hit 89 in san jose and farther away from the water and hit 94 in los gatos. breeze through the san bruno gap 76 and low the mid-80s for the rest of peninsula. 87 in the sunset. south san francisco, even towards sausalito, more sunshine and mid-70s. 88 in san rafael and low to mid 90s in the north bay valleys. 68 in monterey and 78 in santa cruz and even hundred in morgan hill and gilroy. couple of games but both teams are in town. clear and comfortable at coliseum, 74 dropping down to 61 as the a's take on the mariners. 15 minutes later we have the game over in san francisco where padres and giants are playing. a little cooler and even some
5:53 am
clouds, 55 dropping down to 60 degrees. you can see the clouds roll in tonight and the could cooling effect with 50 degree temperatures around the bay out to the coast. 49 in santa rosa and inland into the south bay, still have 50s. check out these temperatures and how they dropped about 2-6 degrees every day. then when you add it up, its dramatic 8-16 degree drop by saturday. roadways are looking good right now. no major hot spots. live look at san mateo bridge, taillights are headed out of hayward out to foster city in the left direction. heading over to the golden gate bridge, things are moving well in both directions. a little foggy but things at the limit as you make your way across the span. over the bay bridge toll plaza, it's starting to get a bit busy but metering lights are still off if you are headed in the city.
5:54 am
westbound 580 from 205 out to the dublin interchange, about a 25-minute ride. for the latest traffic go to and click on the bay area traffic link. good advice. it's 5:54. >> and most recent credit scores you may be pleasantly surprised. >> here is jane king. >> good morning, if you are looking for a loan for a house or car, you may be luck. it's the highest it's been in four years for credit. google looking to take on the feds. they have hired a dozen lobbying firms to defend itself from anti-trust litigation. >> and apple, a group of computer hackers posted a document that contains user names and passwords. >> and sun valley, big
5:55 am
billionaire warren buffett, they are meeting to discuss to assets to the slow down in the economy. greece continues to be a focus, warning they may get a default warning. >> smart phones are getting smarter. more people are using them to unlock doors at hotels and "new york times" sairz a number of businesses from companies to carmakers are betting it on the future. for homeowners to unlock their front doors miles from their home. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> scientists say wreckage from japan's tsunami in march is expected to reach the hawaiian islands by next spring and hit beaches in california as early as 2013.
5:56 am
the tsunami washed tons of debris into the ocean. some of the debris is moving ten miles of day. furniture and parts of cars is moving toward the u.s. and raising concerns about environmental headache. >> in montana the initial cleanup along the yellowstone river could be tested today as rising water is making it harder for exxon mobil to get to areas that was damaged by an oil spill. national weather service predicts the yellowstone river swelling from the hot summer weather will peak at billings this afternoon. the pipeline burst from a refinery upstream from billings. exxon mobil says up to 42,000 of gallon oozed into the river before the leak could be tapped. >> just ahead at 6:00, the search continues for as many as seven bay area men in the sea of
5:57 am
cortez. 4th of july kept firefighters very busy yesterday. i'll have an update on all the fires up next. these sweehoney clustery things have fiber?
5:58 am
fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone.
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