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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield. live in the east bay where firefighters are finally getting a breather after a busy night of fires. i'll have a live report. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom, seven american tourists, some from northern california are missing off of mexico after their fishing boat capsized. i'll show you why the tourists could still be alive 48 hours later coming up in a live report. >> here is a look at warm sunshine, it's going to be hot inland and cool around the bay. i'll break it down for you and when the cooler weather will reach inland neighborhoods. traffic is moving well and metering lights are still off. it's july 5th, hope your 4th was very good. >> it was really good. two hot dogs and some hot temperatures but today it's going to get hotter.
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>> let's check in with mike. starting off with fog this morning. >> absolutely, fog this morning and that means, it's not going to be hot everywhere. if you take a look at the 24-hour temperature change, it's going to be minimum around fremont, santa rosa, concord a little bit warmer and oakland, san jose and san francisco, 4-6 degrees warmer. temperatures today, san francisco and oakland, pretty mild mid to upper 70s. as you head away from the water, fremont and san jose, in the upper 80s to mid on upper 90s around santa rosa and concord. some areas could see triple-digits. it could be the last day of this heat. it was very busy night for bay area firefighters, house fire, apartment fires and grass fires caused by 4th of july celebrations. amy hollyfield is live in berkeley where an apartment building burned.
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>> reporter: what a wild night. let's start in berkeley. check out the images from berkeley, a huge apartment fire last night. the roof started burning at 11:10 at alcatraz and king streets. it was an enormous fire. big flames coming out of that roof. it's too early to stay whether fireworks were to blame. check out these images from over in brentwood, two homes caught fire. firefighters think it was the barbecue grill, no one was hurt. the victims from one of homes had only been there about three weeks had just moved in. they had unfortunately been through this before. >> very scary. we were able to get out in time. we know the neighbors were able to help us. it was a second fire we've had. so it burned down and the fire department responded really fast
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>> reporter: just incredible. now check out what they were dealing with out in the county. east contra costa county, lots of grass fires, half a dozen. the skies lit up with illegal fireworks so a lot of them on the ground there were a lost fires. this is in bay point. no injuries were reported from these fires and no structures were burned but again, firefighters say it's too early whether fireworks was to blame but it would be quite a coincidence that it just happened on 4th of july. they got several complaints of illegal fireworks. they have a handle on all the fires and no major injuries to report, but definitely a big drain on resources and firefighters say this is why they are again fireworks are
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anything east contra costa county. >> fire departments tried to stop residents from setting off illegal fireworks but city skies were filled with explosion. they hoped the presence of two dozen fire engines would curtail illegal activity but they didn't. sporadic booms continued through the night including flurry ishs of professional grade fireworks. as of late last night, no serious incidents involving fireworks had been reported in oakland but in concord, 4th of july celebration sent a man the hospital with a traumatic injury to his hand. the mexican navy and u.s. coastguard are holding out hope they will find more survivors from that sunken fishing boat off of baja. seven people are still unaccounted for and bay area link to all of this. terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: a terrifying story a boat upside-down in the water.
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mexican authorities think some of the seven might still be alive is because the air and water temperatures are still warm. one american has been confirmed dead but 19 have been rescued, and all 16 mexican crew members. they grabbed on anything they could find as they waited for 18 hours for their rescue. a sudden violent storm, mexican officials say there were hurricane-force winds. a large swell flipped over the erik swamping the vessel sending them into the water. a survivor of san francisco was interviewed by "good morning america." >> you could hear the yelling and my brother got up and heard somebody saying, get out. they were yelling, help me, help me. water is already up to his head.
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>> other survivors are from the east bay and north bay. one of the missing is the fiance of a woman that lived in plainhart. the search might have been called off last night but now it's being expanded. mexican navy is extending 60 miles deeper into the gulf after searching by airplane and helicopter and finding nothing. in sonoma county, authorities have recovered a body of a man swept into the russian river. they say he was pushing a woman in a raft when he slipped from the beach. firefighters searched for several hours and finally found his body late last night. they say the stretch of the river is dangerous. it's six to eight inches deep and right out of it, it drops off to ten feet or so.
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so they get swept out and they are walking around in the shallow water and they fall. current takes them out and can't swim. crews searching for the man rescued, four children were also swept out by the strong current. mike, seeking out water with the temperatures but v be very careful. >> inland is very different from the coast. >> microclimates really come into play. we could have a 40-degree spread. good morning to you as you head back to work this morning. we do have clouds, but notice the dry air and offshore winds in the upper parts of the atmosphere. coast and parts of the bay get undercut by the sea breeze. temperatures are cooler than yesterday. more the 50s around fairfield, antioch, fremont and san jose, everybody else in the 50s. by the afternoon hours, you see
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the clouds along coast, 55 at half moon bay, 73 in san francisco, 78 in oakland, so those are the areas that will be affected by the clouds and sea breeze. farther south, warmer it gets, mid to upper 80s down to palo alto down to san jose. san rafael and santa rosa at 93. east bay valleys, sea breeze can't get over the height of the east bay hills. you are in the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. morgan hill, gilroy and 92 at hollister. clouds keep monterey at about 68. >> it will be cooler everywhere just about every day by friday into saturday, temperatures to work average about 8-15 degrees cooler. good morning, danielle. >> good morning. we're going to start off with a live look at the golden gate bridge, it's very foggy out there but speeds are moving at the limit as you make your way in and out of the city. no major hot spots this morning.
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let's take a look at drive times westbound 580 from 205 from the dublin interchange, building up about 24 minutes. westbound highway 4 from antioch 242, a 15-minute ride. from the carquinez bridge toward the maze about 18 minute trip. just ahead, joining the social networking world, joe biden makes his first tweet. >> and clearing up1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ
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you can see
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6:13. the vice president joe biden working on paring down his words. he sent us out his first tweet asking americans to take time on the 4th of july to think of the troops in battle. he is known for his verbal gaffes but his twitter feed will be written by his staff which is typical of a lot of leaders. >> what age should begin having mammograms to casino for breast cancer. they believe they have a system that could make a best decision. carolyn johnson has more. >> like a lot of women, jacqueline had her first mammogram at age 40.
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she wasn't swayed by a recommendation that suggested most women don't need it until age 50. >> i would rather have it. i think it's great to do it early because if there is something wrong they catch it early on. >> now, a new study has come down on jacqueline's side but with a twist. >> we found how often a woman should have a mammogram depends on the risk of getting breast cancer. there is an area of density. >> he and his colleagues examined various risk factors, including density. with higher density is at higher risk. >> greater chance that some of the cells and tissues will result in breast cancer. that is probably the breast cancer is strong risk for breast
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cancer. >> the denser tissue is visible as more solid looking patches. raid yol jists can rate it on one to four, one being the lowest density and four the highest. >> but to get that information, the bay area research team issued a key recommendation that women should have a baseline mammogram at age 40. >> they can make a screening plan based on woman's history. women with higher risk can opt to get it every two years but lower risk women can have less screenings that come with overscreening. >> we hope this is widely adopted because it's simple and makes sense. get a mammogram at age 40 to help determine your risks. once you know your risks you can make decisions about whether to continue mammograms. >> he says the system would give patients more power to weigh their options.
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>> i think it would be great as long as they do have statistics to show that it works. they say to be clear, breast density is part of the formula. they weigh the history in the family and whether she had a previous biopsy. i hope you enjoyed your 4th of july but now it's the 5th of july. >> a little more fog you can see in the san bruno gap one of low lying valleys that allows some of the cooler weather coming in from the ocean and some of the fog rolling in through that neighborhood. beautiful picture this morning from sutro tower. let's talk about the temperatures. you see the coolest along the coast. half moon bay, 48 degrees and visibility less than half a mile. be careful there. san francisco 52 and we have mid to upper 50s until you get to fairfield, livermore and mountain view and san jose. low clouds and fog around the
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monterey bay and inland with low to mid-50s. highlights for this forecast cycle, hottest day inland today, you want cool weather, head to the coast. cooling trend begins at some time for all of us. by the weekend we are close to seasonal temperature regime and cloud-sun pattern with morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. let's talk about today and how high it's going to be. a little warmer than average, redwood city, 2 degrees warmer. only 5. livermore at 11:00. but what we have is a lot of warm air right above the surface. right now it's getting undercut by the sea breeze. once the sun overturns the atmosphere by heating the ground and that air rising, you can see how quickly the sun comes out. clouds are back to the coast and look at that warm air talk over, 80s and 90s away from the sea breeze. down in the south bay, a little
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bit of a breeze coming off the bay, sunnyvale in the 80s. 89 in san jose, 94 in lx. through san bruno, 76 but less influenced the farther south you head down the peninsula. to 86 in palo alto. mid to upper 60s along the coast with partially sunny sky. more sunshine on the bay side, downtown san francisco and sausalito and mid to upper 70s. 88 in san rafael until you get to clearlake, near hundred for you and 38 degrees cooler at bodega bay at 62. >> richmond and berkeley and hercules in the 70s. farther south, low to mid-80s. in the east bay valleys, upper 90s. 100 in morgan hill and clouds in monterey, 68. a's game starts at 7:05 and clear and comfortable conditions 74 but kind of cool, 61 by the
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end of the game. giants, we started ten minutes later, taking on the padres, it will be cooler, 65 down to 60 degrees. good news, today will be hottest day, it cools significantly tonight. once again, 50s and 60s. >> we lose about two to six degrees every day through saturday and then we'll hang in the upper 50s along the coast. mid-70s and around the bay, mid-80s inland through the weekend. your morning commute is off to a great start this morning. live look at san rafael, 101 at lucas valley, headlights are headed in the southbound commute direction. here is a live look at golden gate bridge, still foggy out there but speeds are moving at the limit as you make your way in and out of the city. in berkeley, live look at 80 at university, those headlights are headed in the westbound direction.
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speeds are at the limit but it's getting a bit busy. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are still off, traffic is lighted as you make your way on in to san francisco. for the latest go to and click on the bay area traffic link. coming up, prince william shows off his piloting skills during a stop on the royal [ man ] did we get anything good?
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it's 6:23. good morning, prince william and kate are touring canada's northwest territories after taking time off for some helicopter training. prince william is a pilot for the british air force. he made a water landing. later the royal couple competing in a friendly dragon boat race. everywhere they go they are greeted by adistortion fans. william spoke in french and english to address the crowd. >> this wonderful and generous welcome,. [ speaking french ] but many of his staff say that they have made it a point to go out and meet the crowds.
6:25 am
>> he sounded pretty good. >> still ahead, latest on an apartment building fire in berkeley that forced residents out of their homes. >> and a bart board member questions why police officers shot and called man at san francisco's civic center station. i'm terry mcsweeney with the latest information off baja california after a deadly first, boat accident. i'll explain in a live report. >> good news if you are traveling by plane, all major airports running on time. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed up to past the west grand overcrossing. ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, it's 6:29 the did i after 4th of july. we're moments away from the opening bell after the long holiday weekend with dow fresh off of a larges gain. today the government is expected
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to report.... [ bell ringing ] >> later this week the labor department will release the unemployment rate for june. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange for the latest. first this story. rescuers are holding out hope they will find more survivors from that sunken fishing boat off of baja. seven people are still unaccounted for and there is a strong link to all this. fer terrify is live in the newsroom with more on that. many of folks in this disastrous fishing trip are from the bay area but still hope for more survivors because the air and water temperatures are very warm down there. mexican officials are expanding their rescue efforts for the missing 7 tourists. one american has been confirmed dead but 19 have been rescued as all 16 mexican crew members. they grabbed on to coolers and others wore life vests. it happened 2:30 sunday morning, sudden storm appeared.
6:31 am
this is what is believed to have happened. a large swell turned the vessel into the water sending crew members and passengers into the water. >> they were alerted the ship was sinking. extremely strong winds created dangerous conditions. >> other bay area residents from why from novato and san ramon. initially search was going to be called off but instead the rescue effort is being expanded. fishing trip is an annual event and participants had previously spent the night on shore and took day fishing trips but this year, for the first time, they decided to sleep on the boat. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." only's police and fire departments tried to stop residents from setting off
6:32 am
illegal fireworks. oakland fire department had hoped the presence of two dozen fire engines would curtail illegal activity but they didn't. sporadic booms continued through the night including flourishes of professional grade fireworks that were appreciated by onlookers. >> we are responsible parents. we've been doing it for so many years to have fun. we do it in a safe environment, away from dry grass and kids and have fun. >> as of late last night, no serious incidents involving fireworks had been reported in oakland. >> in concord, a man suffered a traumatic injury to his hand because of fireworks. it happened at olivera road. paramedics rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was treated for his injuries. >> some dramatic pictures to show you from a late night fire, they captured a video of a fire
6:33 am
at a berkeley apartment building on alcatraz avenue on king street. it begin at 11:00 last night. the roof of the building was fully engulfed in flames. firefighters told abc7 the apartment building was occupied but no one was injured. the cause of the fire still under investigation. they are helping 12 families left homeless after fire swept through an apartment building. it took firefighters more than an hour to bring it under control yesterday in renart park. fire crews and three neighboring cities battled to control these flames. one firefighter was treated for heat related injuries. investigators are still trying to determine how the fire started. a bart board member she expects more information to come light about the fatal shooting involving bart police. contra costa times reports that she says he is troubled that everything happened so quickly.
6:34 am
bart's chief of police says his officers acted in defense of their lives when they shot a man on a train platform at the sichk center station in san francisco. the chief says when officers approached the suspect he confronted them with a knife and a bottle. within a minute of arriving on the platform, they say one of the officers shot the suspect. the guy is armed with a knife and used as bottle as a weapon. one of our officers are injured. they used the force that they felt was necessary in defense of their lives. >> the suspect was taken to san francisco general where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. we're learning more about the circumstances of a small plane making an emergency landing on 280. cessna came down in the northbound lanes north of farm hill road. the plane's landing gear struck
6:35 am
the back of a mercedes coupe. a new engine had been installed in the aircraft. they say the pilot was on a test flight from nearby airport to test the engine. nobody was injured. >> a plan to build a new 49er stadium is moving forward with a meeting to consider several proposals. they are expected to talk about the next phase of work on the project, design work. includes the selection of subcontractors who would work on construction, marketing and sales of luxury boxes and the participation of a concessionaire, involving food, beverage and merchandise. >> dozens of squatters are occupying a vacant building in the mission strict dr. . they are trying to draw attention to the housing. homes not jails organized the rally. 43-unit building was once the sierra hotel but it hasn't been
6:36 am
used for almost two decades. some 10,000 people in san francisco are sleeping on the street. the census shows there are 32,000 vacant units in the city. >> something i've been curious, how high did mike turn up his a.c.. >> probably not as high as you. >> let's see. >> 74. >> you beat me. >> i couldn't stand it. usually i keep it on 77 or 78. >> probable the hottest day inland but it will be the hottest and cooling trend so the way. good morning to you. here is a look what is going on. pretty much nothing, you can see the monsoon and moisture bringing to southern california and the direction it's moving is pushing heat into the inland neighborhoods. the sea breeze is coming in from
6:37 am
sfo about 6 miles an hour, about 8 in fairfield. so it's fairly calm this morning. we step outside and look at various cams and see the fog rolling in. that is why from 1-6 degrees cooler today or at least this morning, fremont and half moon bay, santa rosa, slightly warmer. microclimate, big in the forecast, not so much in the morning, we're all homogenized in the overnight hours but the sun is up and going to unevenly heat the bay area. to 92 degrees by noon. 4:00, mid to upper 90 as in the east bay valleys. not santa rosa. 88 in san jose, mid to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco. temperatures just keep tumbling all the way till saturday when they are back to average which is about 8-16 degrees cooler than yesterday. headed over to livermore
6:38 am
where we have an accident westbound 580 at the livermore truck stalls. involving two big rigs, chp is on the scene, this will definitely not help your ride as you make your way 205 out to the dublin interchange. speeds as low as 33 miles an hour at this time. let's take a live look at san mateo bridge, those taillights are headed in the westbound direction from hayward up to foster city. over the bay bridge toll plaza, they put the metering lights on just about ten minutes ago, build-up is already to the 880 overcrossing. thanks so much. our time is 6:38. >> trading underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange but as we can see here, big board, dow is starting off down 22 points. >> also new reach out of stanford, changing assumptions about the cause of autism.
6:39 am
>> and sea of debris washed away from japan from the tsunami, itititititititititititititititit
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welcome back. 6:42 on this tuesday after a holiday. we still have fog, fireworks drown in southern california in the form of thunderstorms.
6:43 am
usually hot around palm springs, 107 and scattered showers yosemite, 88, tahoe at 85. still blistering hot in hundred in sacramento. big sur around 77. san diego, a comfortable 76. thank you very much. a french novelist says she is filing a criminal complaint in paris today claiming former imf chief did straws straws tried rape her. she claims he tried to assault her in 2002. she is only now filing the complaint because she wants to see justice done. he is denying the accusation. in new york, a judge released him without bail last week on charges that he sexually assaulted a hotel maid. created built of the accuser is now in question. >> the countdown for scheduled launch of space shuttle atlantis. crew arrived in florida, one of
6:44 am
the astronauts, mission specialist was born in redwood city and grew up in san carlos. he talked to abc7 about the last flight of atlantis. >> the main thing we're bringing a year's supplies up to the space station. we need to get it stocked up to give the commercial providers time to get their vehicles ready to go and resupply the space station. liftoff is scheduled for 8:26 on friday morning. this will be the last space shuttle mission. stanford researchers say environmental factors play a larger role in causing autism. new study largest ever in twins concluded that genes account for 38% of autism risk while the environment accounts for 62%. lead researcher say vaccines have been the focus but there is very little evidence to support a link. instead, he would like to focus
6:45 am
on pregnancy. what affects the pregnancy, toxins during pregnancy, infections, i would start to look at. the study is published in the archives of general psychiatry. autism doctors and patient advocates it could have a significant impact on research into the disorder. a london scientist says a breakthrough is near in discovering the relative fountain of youth. within his own lifetime, doctors could have all the tools to cure aging. he studied anti-aging medicines, gene and stem cell therapies could repair lifelong cell damage. critics called the theory pseudoscience. others say it's intriguing but yet to be tested. >> google has shut down the realtime search service. they want to integrate realtime
6:46 am
with its own social networking project which is called google plus. >> pentagon is going high-tech and mark zuckerberg is going to be interviewed by bill gates. >> that is a lot of money up there. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on all this. >> no doubt about it. the meeting of the minds, hundreds of executives headed to idaho for sun valley conference, henry bloget says bill gates will interview facebook mark zuckerberg and both were harvard dropouts with phenomenal start-ups on their resumes. trading this morning, coming back from a long weekend, slightly lower across the board. silicon valley index trading higher. los angeles international trying to the take the crown from san francisco in terms of
6:47 am
international fliers. more have been shunning the conditions at lax and opting to fly to san francisco instead. so los angeles is planning the first major expansion. fuel efficiency is priority. automakers may plan to use more aluminum instead of steel to make it lighter but aluminum costs more so it could mean higher prices. pentagon, big fan of devices, more than $39 million on ipads and ipad was introduced in march of last year. the army, navy and marines are testing the devices for use in planes as well as battlefields. >> they are usually out in front on tracking devices and stuff.
6:48 am
>> if it's good enough for them. it's good enough for my five-year-old. >> he those. >> he likes to play with the grownups but get outside and enjoy the weather while it's relatively cool. >> sun. good news, not a spare-the-air day. east bay valleys, bay area air quality management district has revised their forecast and they think it's going to be okay. they'll let us know later this afternoon if they have to revise it again. beautiful picture from volume mr. peak across the east bay hills and valleys. take a look the temperatures, 48 at half moon bay. 65 in antioch. a little bit cooler this morning. low to mid 50s around the monterey bay and inland, lot more fog and low clouds. it will be the hottest day in this forecast cycle.
6:49 am
coolest at the coast today, cooling trend, it will hit all neighborhoods away from the coast beginning tomorrow and settle into a seasonal temperature pattern and cloud-sun pattern giving way to afternoon sunshine. we'll have to drop a lost temperatures. but today we're up a little bit, fremont, santa rosa, one degree, oakland, 4. san francisco jumped 6 degrees before the sun sets at 8:35. east bay valleys, look at brentwood, red hot 100 right there. rest of to mid to upper 90s. over on the east bay shore, a tale of two areas from richmond at 72 to oakland at 78 then no sea breeze, low to mid-80s in the southern sections. mid-80s around sunnyvale to 90 in campbell to 94 in los gatos. big spread on the peninsula, breezes shooting flu through the san bruno gap but san mateo
6:50 am
southward, low to mid-80s. ai around the coast, mid to upper 60s mid to upper 70s downtown san francisco and sausalito. 85 in san rafael. if you keep going north to clearlake, triple-digits there around morgan hill and getting close to gilroy, 99, hollister, 92. 68 in monterey and more sunshine 78 in santa cruz. a lot of sunshine in the a's game and then temperatures will drop rapidly from 74 to 61. giants against the padres, 65 dropping down to 60. tonight's temperatures still pretty mild with a lot of 50s and 60s. santa rosa at 49. but expect us to see more 50s during the overnight hours as the afternoon will drop also. look at this, about 2-6 degrees, we drop tomorrow and friday a
6:51 am
couple of degrees saturday, sunday and monday. mid-70s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. check out this beautiful picture of a sunset along the beach. we would like to see more of those and description of where you are and who you are and send them to us. upload them to ureport or e-mail them to us. here is danielle. the holiday is over. everyone is headed back to work. live look out to berkeley, this the east shore freeway at university, headlights are headed in the westbound direction as you make your way over to the maze. live looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and traffic is backing up to the 880 overcrossing. we do have an accident in the east bay, westbound 580 at the livermore truck scales. servicing off to the right shoulder but sensors are showing very slow speeds around 30 miles an hour.
6:52 am
if you you wanted to brave the roadways, check in with mass transit, bart, caltrain, muni all checking in problem free, go to scientists using computer models say wreckage from japan's earthquake is expected to reach the hawaiian islands by next spring and may hit beaches in california as early as 2013. the tsunami washed millions of tons of debris into the ocean. some of the debris is moving east at roughly ten miles a day. everything from furniture to parts of homes and cars is moving steadily towards the u.s. and is raising concerns about a potential environmental headache. in japan, the country's new disaster reconstruction minister resigned today. he made remarks considered offensive.
6:53 am
media reports say he refused to shake hands with one of the governors of the hardest hit areas and threatened to withhold aid. he said he would not help communities that didn't good ideas on rebuilding. >> in montana the initial cleanup along the yellowstone river could be tested as rising water makes it harder for exxon mobil to get to areas damaged by the crude spill by a company pipeline. national weather service predicts the yellowstone river swelling with mountain snow melts from the hot summer weather will peak at billings this afternoon. the 12-inch pipeline burst last friday from a refinery upstream from billings. exxon mobil up to 42,000 gallons of crude oozed into the legendary river before the leak was capped. company officials acknowledge the scope of the leak could extend far beyond the stretch of the river of ten miles they originally estimated. >> burned homes and gutted roofs
6:54 am
and acres of scorched grass. it was a hectic 4th of july for firefighters. >> some of the blazes were sparked by fireworks. >> reporter: and it was really busy in the east bay, a quick tour of the area, let's start in berkeley. check out these amazing pictures of the apartment fire. it started around 11:10 p.m. the roof caught fire. this is an apartment building at alcatraz and king street. it was just the roof but it's too early to say that fireworks were to blame. then further east, half a dozen grass fires, this is all out in east contra costa county. the skies were lit up with illegal fireworks. there were a lot of them and a lot of fires on the ground. this is mainly out on the bay point area. no injuries reported there. no structures burned and again,
6:55 am
firefighters say it's too early whether fireworks were to blame but it would be quite a coincidence that it happened just on 4th of july. and then two house fires in brentwood, not fireworks this time but they think the barbecue grill is to blame. no injuries but very busy firefighters overnight especially in the east bay. other top story is being covered by terry mcsweeney. he is in our newsroom. what do you got for us? >> the story is taking place waters off of baja, california. a fishing boat sank. one tourist is confirmed dead, 19 have been rescued. as of all, 16 mexican crew members survived. they grabbed on to coolers and life vests as they waited 18 hours to have been rescued.
6:56 am
this is what believed to have happened. a large swell swamped the erik sending 43 tourists and crew members into the waters, victims from all parts of the bay area. the stories are heartbreaking. four brothers were on board and one man is missing. they are holding on hope he will be found alive. this is an annual fishing trip. this year, they decided to sleep on that boat for the first time. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." time for a final check on weather and traffic. >> we're seeing a temperature spread. good morning to you, 48 in half moon bay to 65 in antioch next spread will get bigger during the afternoon hours, 55 in half moon bay to near hundred in antioch. east bay valleys, it will be the hottest day this week with mid to upper 90s. a little calmer as you get near
6:57 am
the bay, 78 in oakland and 73 in san francisco and cooler weather everywhere starting tomorrow. if you are headed over to the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll be in good company, traffic is backed up and metering lights are on and traffic is backed up to the maze. >> thank you for joining us for this edition of abc morning news. >> we'll be back with an update at 7:24. have a great day and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> get out and enjoy that sun. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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